Four generations having tea and scones for breakfast. Special morning and delicious food! What fun do you have planned this weekend? #HMSeekingHim #HelloMornings
hmseekinghim - hellomornings -
mrsbeccakelly : I'm planning on sleeping in tomorrow. Haven't gotten past that plan πŸ˜…
christydunnam : Headin' West! Colorado bound. Can't wait for the cooler temps. πŸ—»πŸ˜„
nataliekpt : We have a BBQ event at my husbands work and getting our house ready for our oldest daughters birthday next week:
nataliekpt : @christydunnam so jealous!
nataliekpt : @mrsbeccakelly that is always a good day!
awisenanpie : I am so looking forward to going to the fair tonight with dear friends.
awisenanpie : @appleandi @amycr44 @mrsbeccakelly @christydunnam @nataliekpt Have a great weekend! 😘
trinajean : Working in school plans...still ☺️
theknottedyogi - melissalrussell - creativecolourfuldreams - melissastormer -
How does God fit into your plans today? #hmcct #establishyourheart #hellomornings
establishyourheart - hmcct - hellomornings -
auriegood - jessrobpelk - jennik80 - skinny.29 -
#vod #hmcct #hellomornings
vod - hmcct - hellomornings -
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Have a beautiful weekend #HelloMorningsBelles ! Check in this Friday: What's it called where you are, soda or pop or something else? What's your favorite kind? --- We call it pop in Minnesota, I like a good soda fountain cherry coke, but I'm not really a pop drinker. Usually I reach for the LaCroix or coffee!How about you? #HelloMornings
hellomorningsbelles - hellomornings -
onatalieolsen : @rosieandruth @melissaaydelott @bwillis814 @birwin0126 @sissyscreations @cmcook80 @toaprettylife @enzoandkate
onatalieolsen : @teapotsandlipstick @jrn12 @ohheyitsj @lanettnett @manecita73 @mmm_kaykay @trayj
teapotsandlipstick : G'morning. I'm a "soda" person. Love Pepsi. But my Littles insisted I give it up. Like it's unhealthy or something. So have REALLY cut down this year. Lost 20 lbs and do actually feel better. Now I drink a lot of iced tea and Walmart ' s sparkling water. I do really like Lacroix lime too. β˜•πŸ΅
cmcook80 : Good morning. Here everything is lumped into soda or cokes, no matter what it is Pepsi or Coke! I don't drink them much but if I ever do I cold bottle diet Coke! I enjoy water with lemon πŸ‹ and decaf cofee all day longβ˜•β˜•
jrn12 : I've always called it Pop but have heard people call is soda around here too. My favorite is Dr. Pepper but am also trying to cut back. I've been drinking a lot of sweet tea lately
jrn12 - rozhawley - lbvancura - christydunnam -
Prayer isn't a manipulative tool we use to change God's will. Prayer is an intimate, powerful gift rooted in worship through which God's children call forth His good will onto this earth.
faith - inspire - power - motherhood - hellomornings - latergram - prayer - mobsociety - sunrise -
laragwilliams : #hellomornings #sunrise #prayer #power #faith #inspire #mobsociety #motherhood #latergram
onedaylighter : yes yes. heart posture is everything. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•
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Read / James 4 Write / James 4:10 Reflect / Look back over your notes from the week. What is your primary take away? #estyourheart #hellomornings
hellomornings - estyourheart -
christydunnam : @carleigh.dunnam
dlezmom - kevandem - doceescolha - 1gracenpeace -
Good #HelloMornings! W5:D5 πŸ™‹Well, #hmJoyFull We have Soared through another Week, So ONE WEEK To Go in This #EstablishYourHeart Session! πŸ’So, As You have Humbled yourself before The Lord, What Area Did You Find The Lord Lifting You UP In This Session!?! #GodPlanMove ~CheckIn❀️ & πŸ™ŒShare Your Praises! Have a JOYfull Day & Weekend! {BigSquishHUGSπŸ’ž} I Love Ya'all! Susie :) πŸ’š #HelloMorningsSisterhood #HelloPrayer #TheLordLiftsMeUp #HumbleYourSelfBeforeTheLord
establishyourheart - hellomorningssisterhood - humbleyourselfbeforethelord - godplanmove - helloprayer - thelordliftsmeup - hmjoyfull - hellomornings -
msmoozysopenhouse : @susiemm413 What has really stood out for me in this study was control over my words, forgiving others and humbling myself more. πŸ’•πŸŒΈ
susiemm413 : @msmoozysopenhouse Sounds Lovely. πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸ˜ƒπŸ’žπŸ’š
onatalieolsen - kelayvette - elisedalyparker - susiemm413 -
Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before Him with joyful song. What are you thankful for or praising God for today? #hellomornings #thankfulthursday
hellomornings - thankfulthursday -
sml912 : πŸ’›
lillesivm - just_be_clay - michelle_sepulveda - doceescolha -
#shespeakstruth #hellomornings #1000gifts #AP31W #Titus2 #Christian #Bible #God #faith #prayer #believe #spiritual #amen #hope #Christ #Jesus #trust #peace #faithful #grace #pray #praying #spirituality #jesuschrist #destiny #thankful
spiritual - christian - hellomornings - amen - 1000gifts - believe - jesus - thankful - bible - prayer - trust - grace - destiny - christ - jesuschrist - praying - faithful - pray - god - peace - spirituality - faith - titus2 - shespeakstruth - hope - ap31w -
carin_cathey : @jason_cathey
tdowning79 : Amen!!!
yarnsies : @got_tha_vizion
arete02 : @miguel.davis1
kanitrag : @k_g_duece8
heidicortez1 : Nice
jason_cathey - yarnsies - nicknick003 - djlnanna -
"After a difficult conversation with a hurting friend a while back, I realized none of my successes in life were of any use to her. Only my failures were helpful. Because hurting people don't need our polished bio. Hurting people need hope." | #asparrowsworth by @donnapyletx
asparrowsworth - hellomornings - koinonia_hm -
bransonmerrill : Y'all... I have been forced to eliminate coffee for a while. It seems that is what has been at the root of my stomach issues. I have to say... Tea is just not the same. Ugh.
bransonmerrill : #hellomornings #koinonia_hm
marquiscrocker : Was it caffeine that you had to eliminate? If so you can go decaf.
bransonmerrill : @marquiscrocker no it was coffee in general... Other caffeine doesn't seem to bother me but the very thought of coffee now makes me nauseous and I haven had any nausea since cutting it out. My husband says I was a coffee junkie who overdosed πŸ˜†
donnapyletx : πŸ™πŸ»
andreamkeenan : Can you drink chicory or dandelion root? I'm thinking about that myself.
erinloganwallen : Order some Moringa strawberry tea and sweeten with a dash of honey. Oh so good!! And orange citrus tea is great for a morning wake me up. Yeah I've had to learn how to deal without coffee too and it took me a bit to find teas I liked.
arkie1002 - megboggs - melissaaydelott - davettek -
With so much to be grateful for in life who stands out today? Take a moment to tell them before the sun sets today. #HMSeekingHim #HelloMornings
hmseekinghim - hellomornings -
appleandi : @amycr44 @andimae @appleandi @awisenanpie @b.bronson_ @christydunnam @ddurow @gazellegirl @lindawdale
appleandi : @mrsbeccakelly @mrsjulieawilson @myhappyhomstead @mzcgrl @nataliekpt @slb39 @tammymalone @trinajean
christydunnam : I'm thankful for you and @myhappyhomestead πŸ’“ Thank you for your faithfulness to this group and the love and encouragement y'all always give.
lindawdale : I agree @christydunnam! @appleandi & @myhappyhomestead rock! πŸ’• I am also thankful for 27 years of marriage to my man today!
christydunnam : That's awesome, @lindawdale Congratulations!!
nataliekpt : I am thankful for the great relationship I have with my girls! I am so blessed
ddurow - marquiscrocker - melissaaydelott - julie_kelchner -
"Jesus, thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit, which is the Living Water that quenches my soul and satisfies my deepest desires. Fill me to overflowing with Your Spirit, so I never have to thirst again for the temporary things this world tries to offer me. Let my heart spring up with Your love and joy from now and for eternity. In Jesus’ name, Amen." // Wow. This scripture from John 4 was on my heart last night (see my last IG post) and then it showed up on #first5 this morning. God has been speaking to me all week about the Holy Spirit and revealing more and more of my need to be filled up. The power, strength, joy, peace, love I need is all found right here in the Spirit. #scripture #hellomornings #holyspirit #prayer
prayer - scripture - first5 - hellomornings - holyspirit -
rachelreneereeves : JUST got done ready #first5 and loved it - also loved the additional scripture links they gave. I'm so grateful for this resource! ❀️
lifestylemerch : Praise the Lord. Psalm 16 is right there with it. Praise the Lord again haha!
homewiththeboys : @rachelreneereeves @jesslyn42 I agree! The app is so helpful and the words are full of Truth I need to hear right away in the morning! Have a lovely day, beautiful ladies!
homewiththeboys : @susiemm413 His timing is so perfect! Amen! Have a wonderful day, Susie!
homewiththeboys : @lifestylemerch Praise the Lord! Going to read Psalm 16 now - thank you!
lifestylemerch : Ya do it! Praise the Lord! Hahaha Joy in His presence & eternal pleasures at His right hand! Aw man! Praise the Lord! Hahaha
claireneill : πŸ’›
christylr : I'm loving #first5 and I love that you do, too! Yesterday's was so good it became a first30 after all the journaling I did. 😊
npessentialoils - soulscripts - thisiknowthisiknow - linzygeorge -
#vod #hmcct #hellomornings #establishyourheart
vod - establishyourheart - hmcct - hellomornings -
onatalieolsen - jill_sharp_ - oilynursenita - skinny.29 -
"Well, that wasn't the plan!" That statement sums up the afternoon and evening at my house yesterday, as well as the fact that I overslept this morning. What "not MY plan" circumstance can you give thanks for today? (James 4:13-15) #HelloMornings #HelloMorningsBelles #ThankfulThursday
hellomorningsbelles - hellomornings - thankfulthursday -
onatalieolsen : @melissaaydelott @rosieandruth @bwillis814 @sissyscreations @birwin0126 @cmcook80 @toaprettylife
onatalieolsen : @enzoandkate @teapotsandlipstick @trayj @jrn12 @ohheyitsj @lanettnett @mmm_kaykay @manecita73
onatalieolsen : I'm thankful for the extra rest and that even though my husband didn't get home until way after bedtime the kids were good and made the end of our day much easier for me.
manecita73 : Children would not go to bed and stay in bed last night. But grateful that my daughter was happy. As she said its summer holidays but she doesn't see me. She shared up and played with my hair and we had cuddles. So I'm thankful for the extra time with them last night x
melissaaydelott : We came to Europe on "vacation" but God had ministry prepared for us here. We have had the privilege of encouraging a church, praying for many, and sharing the gospel with three ladies today! His ways are higher than mineπŸ™
christydunnam - lanettnett - jrn12 - mmm_kaykay -
Good #HelloMornings! W5:D4. πŸ™†Oh Seriously Yes! πŸ‘Š These Verses. James 4:14-15. Wow. So #TruthFull! I had to read them over a few times and let them just Soak into my soul & the very marrow of my bones. "If it is the Lord's will, we will live and do this or that." James 4:14-15. πŸ’I am learning more and more just how much I need to be present in This Present Moment in God's Holy Presense & Trust the Lord, Who Does Know What Will Happen Tomorrow. I will Trust My Lord, Now, as I seek To Be in His Presence & Trust my Lord with Tomorrows that Are not yet mine. "If it be the Lord's will, we will live and do this or that." πŸ’So, Will You Be Present In The Lord's Presence and Trust Him? Have a JOYfull Day! πŸ™Prayers. {HUGsπŸ’ž} Love Ya! :) πŸ’š #hmJoyFull #EstablishYourHeart #HelloPrayer #HeartWords #ItsAllPerspective #TrustTheLord
establishyourheart - itsallperspective - heartwords - helloprayer - trustthelord - truthfull - hmjoyfull - hellomornings -
susiemm413 : πŸ™‹Hiya! @ideabackpack @gracefulempower @thehungryteacher @karikress @kristiembrey @dlmiddle @caroline_induetime @mgcmom @halbrook5
susiemm413 : πŸ™‹Hiya! @mommietay @msmoozysopenhouse @mrsderdz @jesswilbanks29 @jessie97 @lovemesomecole
msmoozysopenhouse : @susiemm413 MyNanny used to say "if the good Lords willing and the creek don't rise"..... Lol πŸ’• Only since I got older do I understand what that REALLY meant. πŸ™πŸ»
gracefulempower - jill_sharp_ - cagmomof2 - doceescolha -
Silau men #sun #sunrise #morning #hellomornings #selfies #men #today #goodtimes #nature #instadaily #jalanjalan #instapict #likes #instashoot
instashoot - nature - sun - men - goodtimes - morning - selfies - today - instapict - sunrise - instadaily - jalanjalan - hellomornings - likes -
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What's this wet stuff coming from the sky?#hellomornings #hellomorningsaustralia
hellomorningsaustralia - hellomornings -
mshanhun : My morning walk
jokoepke : Good on you for getting out still!
nietis - scrappingwonders - caravincens - jokoepke -
I really wanna go here. #lovelyhouse #hammok #lovelybathtub #likepicturebook #happy #hokkaido #biei I get up from a very big bed seeing nice view. Then I eat good sandwich, sausage and cheese and run on the grass. Then we are sure that today is so good! #goodnight #hellomornings #20150730 #l4l
lovelyhouse - l4l - lovelybathtub - likepicturebook - goodnight - biei - 20150730 - hammok - hokkaido - hellomornings - happy -
ymddesu : It's just fantasy!!haha
miyu3654 : @ymddesu I wanna go with u!!haha
ham_eeee - angelina_jorina - toshijiro42 - run_run0320 -
John 3 was the focus of the #first5 study today. As I meditated on this chapter and the idea of contentment I realized that discontentment caused by envy often leads me to be judgmental of those I'm comparing myself to. That's really not the kind of friend or leader I want to be. #WomenOfGod #WomenOfFaith #WomenInTheWord #christianlife #SheReadsTruth #SheSpeaksTruth #proverbs31 #HelloMornings
shereadstruth - proverbs31 - womenoffaith - womenofgod - christianlife - hellomornings - shespeakstruth - first5 - womenintheword -
thebloomerie : love this!
thebloomerie - cathyclinecc - claireneill - dailydisciples -
Read / James 4:13-17 Write / James 4:14 Reflect / How do you currently factor God into your daily plans? Long-term plans? #estyourheart #hellomornings
hellomornings - estyourheart -
axemines : I am so guilty of double mindedness
jojoeva - lillesivm - townsendhouse1 - crosstrainingcouture -
"A yes said to the Lord is impossible to qualify on earth because it is Kingdom business. It has eternal repercussions, soul-changing ripples that reach all the way to heaven's shore." @biblewilliams @shereadstruth // Just say yes to Him today. He will make the way possible. Trust Him, even when you don't see any results. #shereadstruth #womenintheword #womenoftheword #scripture #hellomornings
shereadstruth - womenoftheword - hellomornings - womenintheword - scripture -
hsmamaof6 : Yes...Amen
denise.reynolds.83 : Love the way you're repeatedly glorifying God! So glad I stumbled upon you, @homewiththeboys !!! You're already blessing me!
hoestekstt - thisiknowthisiknow - thisisyourstory_official - revealministry -
#hmcGO #hellomornings
hmcgo - hellomornings -
oilynursenita - islandregency -
Happy #WellnessWednesday Let's use today to take in more water! Both physically and spiritually. Being mindful of what goes in to our bodies and souls. |And let the one who believes in me drink. As the scripture has said, ‘Out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.' John 7:38| #HelloMornings #HelloMorningsBelles
hellomorningsbelles - hellomornings - wellnesswednesday -
onatalieolsen : @melissaaydelott @rosieandruth @bwillis814 @birwin0126 @cmcook80 @toaprettylife @enzoandkate
onatalieolsen : @teapotsandlipstick @jrn12 @ohheyitsj @trayj @lanettnett @manecita73 @mmm_kaykay
toaprettylife : My water bottle broke a few days's been hard for me to remember to drink water without it!
christydunnam - manecita73 - oilynursenita - mmm_kaykay -
Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye doubleminded. ~ James 4:8 Lord, cleanse our hearts and minds of sin. We draw closer to You today in Jesus name we pray, Amen! #hellomornings #perisistersinchrist
perisistersinchrist - hellomornings -
thisistatianna - kayleeleaannh - tiacts_inc - moraveccounseling -
Good #HelloMornings! W5:D3 #EstablishYourHeart #hmJoyFull Happy Wednesday to you. πŸ’So, What Wellness Goals are you working on today? Let's pray for One Another as we share & take action on our Individual Health Goals. Have a JOYfull Day! {SquishHUGsπŸ’ž} are Good Exercise so, {HUG} Someone Today!!πŸ’žπŸ˜‰πŸ˜„ {BIGsquishyHugsπŸ’ž} Love Ya! :) πŸ’š
establishyourheart - hmjoyfull - hellomornings -
cassondra_riner : πŸ’™ I love this!!
susiemm413 : πŸ™‹Hi @cassondra_riner Thanks! Have a JOYfull Day! πŸ’žπŸ˜ƒπŸ’š
cassondra_riner : Thank you so much @susiemm413!! You have a great day as well! πŸ’“
ideabackpack : Heading to hot yoga this morning. I'm just trying to be more consistent -establish the good habits in my life.
susiemm413 : @ideabackpack Good for you! I hear you. I'm trying to be more consistent too like establishing good habits & with doing my 'luke-warm' Yoga stretches.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„ ***πŸ’Had to go there! I hope you had a Good workout. πŸ’žπŸ˜ƒπŸ’š
gracefulempower - ideabackpack - lesliefrancis88 - cagmomof2 -
I remember when I had to pray every single day to be a patient wife and mother. I hated snapping at my husband and children out of frustration only to regret it later. All those months of prayer, surrender and Gods mercy made me the women I so desperately wanted to be. Life is so much better when you can patiently mother and love your husband. I am beyond blessed by how God has answered my prayers. Good night!! #shespeakstruth #hellomornings #1000gifts #AP31W #Titus2 #Christian #Bible #God #faith #prayer #believe #spiritual #amen #hope #Christ #Jesus #trust #peace #faithful #grace #pray #praying #spirituality #jesuschrist #destiny #thankful
spiritual - christian - hellomornings - amen - 1000gifts - believe - jesus - thankful - bible - prayer - trust - grace - destiny - christ - jesuschrist - praying - faithful - pray - god - peace - spirituality - faith - titus2 - shespeakstruth - hope - ap31w -
celestesstyles4less : #goals
adesignerathome : I'm still on this journey. You go girl!
beautyhwong : Superb!
bible_for_android - biblefree - sevenancientroots - home3kids -
This is how my kids have been earning time to use electronics this summer. It's been a great tool for handwriting practice and encouraging time in the Bible. On the blog:
destiny - life - christian - hellomornings - amen - 1000gifts - believe - jesus - thankful - meditate - prayer - meditation - trust - grace - knowledge - christ - jesuschrist - praying - faithful - bible - pray - god - guidance - faith - titus2 - shespeakstruth - hope - ap31w -
saidahwashington : #shespeakstruth #hellomornings #1000gifts #AP31W #Titus2 #Christian #Bible #God #faith #prayer #believe #amen #hope #Christ #Jesus #trust #faithful #grace #pray #praying #jesuschrist #destiny #thankful #knowledge #meditation #life #meditate #guidance
maria_antoinette : Love this!!!
refined_by_lola : πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ™ŒπŸΎ
couponingsuccess : Love this idea!
namastetribe : Perfect 🌞
oilynursenita : Great idea!!!
denise_cox62 - refined_by_lola - manyfr33f0ll00wersgeetn0w - vyogalife -
It's a Tuesday slow start for me. As in, "it's raining it's pouring the old momma wishes she was still snoring." What's your best trick for the 'wanna stay in my pjs kinda days'? Have you developed a new one these last few weeks? #HelloMorningsBelles #HelloMornings
hellomorningsbelles - hellomornings -
onatalieolsen : @melissaaydelott @rosieandruth @bwillis814 @sissyscreations @birwin0126 @cmcook80 @toaprettylife @enzoandkate
onatalieolsen : @teapotsandlipstick @jrn12 @trayj @ohheyitsj @lanettnett @manecita73 @mmm_kaykay
lisadon8 : Love the mug! Where from?
rosieandruth : I decide what absolutely has to get accomplished that day and then once it's done, I allow the rest of the day to relax. 😊
onatalieolsen : @rosieandruth I'm liking that idea! I think I need a day like that.
onatalieolsen : @lisadon8 It's from @mspclothing I love it cuz it is a heavy diner style!
sissyscreations : I'm with @rosieandruth I do what has to be done and put the rest off for tomorrow:)
christydunnam - mspclothing - boarder41 - skeasling -
My friend @laragwilliams asked a question in one of her books : what does delight look like. Delight is more than a happy feeling? Trust. Commit. Faithfulness. Waiting. Being still. These are active. They r hard. #psalms #journalingbible #illustratedfaith #lampandlight #womenoftheword #hellomornings #itssimplytuesday
lampandlight - womenoftheword - psalms - itssimplytuesday - illustratedfaith - journalingbible - hellomornings -
donnairvin1 : Needed this reminder this morning, as it seems one things after another is piling up.. trust, be still, fret not... are all things I am struggling to do the opposite of. thanks for sharing.
kcreatives : @donnairvin1 friend I am with you! Joining w you in these things!!
soulscripts : #soulscripts πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
donnairvin1 - thepointedlife - robin.chapman - iekelroaddesign -
Good morning! I was asked to share my thoughts on "Waiting" by my #perisistersinchrist this week. As I meditated on scripture and the things I've learned, I noticed many connections to my life experiences (for good or bad). I have shared my thoughts on my blog and will also comment on #periscope a little later today so look for it :) @OilyNurseNita @perisistersinchrist Praying that these things will be a blessing to you β™‘ #hellomornings James2:17-18
perisistersinchrist - periscope - hellomornings -
spoken__4 - mrs_kkaufman - lilnorm1 - dblessedone -
Take a moment a read the 3rd chapter of Philippians. Praying you will be encouraged as I was today. The “Verse of the Day:" 14 I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. #HMSeekingHim #HelloMornings
hmseekinghim - hellomornings -
appleandi : @amycr44 @andimae @awisenanpie @b.bronson_ @christydunnam @ddurow @gazellegirl @lindawdale
appleandi : @mrsbeccakelly @mrsjulieawilson @myhappyhomstead @mzcgrl @nataliekpt @slb39 @tammymalone @trinajean
mrsbeccakelly : πŸƒπŸ»πŸ†
amycr44 : Amen!
nataliekpt : Thank you @appleandi
christydunnam : Sometimes it's hard to press on. Thank you for the encouragement. ❀️
b.bronson_ : I just read it! ... WOW! V 12-16 and even through 21 were great! On Mondays I meet with some gals to go over our "How to Build and Enduring Marriage" book. Last night we talked about our goals for the week and challenged each other to focus on the goal to be better, to grow in Christ, to have a change in heart. Verse 13 "... Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead." We cannot change our past behaviors but we can change our future with Gods grace and strength in our life.
onatalieolsen - melissalrussell - angelarae63 - christinemary317 -
Read / James 4:1-6 Write / James 4:4 Reflect / In what ways might you be 'friends with the world?' #estyourheart #hellomornings
hellomornings - estyourheart -
gabyandco777 : @clarijuliet
gabyandco777 : @jsarai_
christydunnam : @carleigh.dunnam
just_be_clay - hedd_somewhere - esirmon - crosstrainingcouture -
So I asked my @koinonia_hm ladies to share inspiring insta accounts for our check-in today, and when I wrote that question I was thinking about the "big" names like authors and ministries. But then I thought about it, and the people who truly encourage me are everyday mamas living their lives for God. is someone who regularly touches my heart with her words of grace and her whole family's attitude of love. @joyfinderspath has a beautiful soul that she shares through her meditations on motherhood and simplicity. @hsing3kinder inspires me with her creativity and obvious love for the Lord. @teresa_cavanaugh is one of my very first Bible study sisters in Christ and I treasure her continued desire to dig into the Word and live it! Of course there are others, but these 4 stand out to me this morning. I am so thankful for the ways God has provided connections here during this season of life! (And the piano theme was coincidence that cracked me up... where is your piano picture, Teresa? Hahaha) #koinonia_hm #hellomornings #womenlivingwell
womenlivingwell - hellomornings - koinonia_hm - : Yes! The Lord is sweet. I'm glad He put us together in #HelloMornings so many years ago. We'll meet someday!
hsing3kinder : ❀️❀️
teresa_cavanaugh : Thank you, my dear friend and sister in Christ!! I feel the same way about your posts. I was just going through my drawers and shelves and came across a card you sent me. It still brings tears to my eyes and lifts my spirit. I don't have a piano though! I only know how to play "Mary had a little lamb" and "Happy Birthday" LOL!
teresa_cavanaugh - - ginareejoy - iamjoymoy -
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