πŸ’ͺSOMETHING is always better than NOTHING! πŸ’ͺ For example if you only have 10-15 min still go for it! Go hard and do what you can! Don't wait for LATER to get in a "full" workout because "later" rarely happens! (Right mommas!?!?) πŸ‘‰ Maybe it takes you 3 ×10 min sessions to get a 30 min workout in...but the key is you DID it! ;) Just Saying!! Not speaking from experience or anything. . My workouts ALWAYS go as planned! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
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Many of us start our days alone with God, and then there are those of us that have sweet morning companions. Pets, little early riser kiddos, or husbands. Who is rising early with you? #hellomornings #focused15 #godplanmove #repost from @citrusholly with @repostapp --- I always start my day long before the sun with a dog's head heavy in my Indian-style lap. Documenting small details of my day today. Sorry for the overload! #hmseekinghim #OneDayHH #hellomornings #fannypricefish
onedayhh - hmseekinghim - focused15 - godplanmove - repost - hellomornings - fannypricefish -
citrusholly : Awww. Thanks for the repost!
iamjoymoy - mess2masterpiece - katie_roemer - just_be_clay -
Think on this verse this morning and throughout this day. How great is our God! Do you count everything else a loss compared to his great love? #hellomornings #focused15 #godplanmove #biblestudy
biblestudy - focused15 - hellomornings - godplanmove -
islandregency - mideastmom - lesliefrancis88 - aleshablessed -
We can fear many things, starting something new, fear of failure, and many more! But having faith makes things possible! Let your faith be stronger than your fears because faith can move mountains! Mathew 17:20
godisgood - wahm - fitsisters - momoffive - fitnessjourney - twinmom - jesus - quotes - faithcanmovemountains - stayathomemom - homeschooling - momoffour - postnatal - busymom - faith - postpregnancy - believe - hellomornings - fitsistersforlife - godisawesome - motherhood - christianmom - goodmorning - fitwives - fitmoms - weightlossjourney - hope -
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wintripang : Haleluya! Nothing impossible for God.
dreamwrapsforyou : Love it!
jeffriesandra - hbswicked - oliviagrist - veronicaaaag -
Good morning #hellomorningsbelles! β˜€οΈ I'm up and at it early this morning and it feels so good after a rocky week of late and sleepless nights (and a midnight hubby airport pickup), my schedule has been OFF. Thankful each day is wrapped in grace, and completely NEW! @brownz71 has committed to getting up with me so we both can get time in The Word and some quiet time to connect before heading out in a million directions. Loving this time with him. ❀️ #hellomornings @hellomornings
hellomorningsbelles - hellomornings -
tarahenery : Oh I wish I could get up in the morning. It truly makes all the difference. I set the alarm for 6 and press snooze until 7:15. It's so frustrating. I guess I'll keep trying. #homeeducator #morecoffee
fancytravels : You're so brave. I could never ever do what you do. The level of selflessness and patience it takes to be a mom and a be a great mom like you is astounding. Thanks for adding good humans to the world.
enzoandkate : @tarahenery That is totally me! I love when I get up and see the difference it makes in my attitude and my day, but I struggle with wanting quiet evening time, and I'm a night owl big time. But lately I've hit a wall. I'm exhausted at night but don't go to bed, and my mornings are like bombs going off left and right. (Plus my awful attitude)..... Something has to give! Every day is a new day, aren't you glad?! ☺️ (I missed saying hi to you last night! πŸ‘‹)
enzoandkate : @fancytravels You are way too sweet. It's a work in progress for sure! My failure days just teach me what needs to change, and lately, that's a whole heck of a lot!! πŸ˜‚
enzoandkate : @sweetannas Josh brought me an updated San Fran mug! β˜•οΈπŸ’•πŸ˜
sweetannas : I saw that! Good job @brownz71! πŸ‘
teneniel : I'm not a night owl but I totally have the same problem. I don't go to bed and then suddenly I get un tired and can't sleep. Duuuuumb Val!
tarahenery : @enzoandkate Missed you too. Wow what a powerful video. I was skeptical about whether i was going to get much out of the study after the first night but last night knocked my socks off. I think it will continue to get better and better and having images of God surround us makes it that much more revealing. We have a Lot to learn from people like Jerry and GG who are so mature in the word.
laaur3n_ - gretagamble - mylifeofamomof2 - msberry_8 -
He's got mad reading skills. #hellomornings #lovinghimatthree
lovinghimatthree - hellomornings -
victorialeighoneal : I love "lellow duck" ;)
jen6197 - donna_lou_lou - amishbarbie - texheather -
It's Wellness Wednesday for #HelloMornings! My plan was to snag an infographic showing benefits of drinking water. [[Go do a Google search and you will see the plethora of images and benefits available!]] I looked at a few, even took a screenshot of one, then this image jumped out at me. Clean water is a blessing and a luxury. I know I take it for granted far too often. I'm not here to judge bottle vs tap just offering food for thought. And offering a gentle reminder to thank God for every clean drop of water that falls from your faucet today. xoxo #HMSeekingHim
hmseekinghim - hellomornings -
appleandi : @awisenanpie @cmdunnam @ddurow @amycr44 @amyclaryblog @trinajean @citrusholly
appleandi : @stefpepperling @lindawdale @mrslindo @myhappyhomestead @mzcgrl @mrsbeccakelly @beckyfit29
ashleyredburn : Love this! I'm on the Daniel Fast right now and oh my..,water. So thankful for it!!
ddurow : I always feel so much better when I make an effort to drink the water my body needs. Thanks for the reminder.
sierra_postma - awisenanpie - five.stars - areseigh242 -
I always start my day long before the sun with a dog's head heavy in my Indian-style lap. Documenting small details of my day today. Sorry for the overload! #hmseekinghim #OneDayHH #hellomornings #fannypricefish
onedayhh - hmseekinghim - hellomornings - fannypricefish -
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Good #HelloMornings! Look at the "muskels" on these two! It's #wellnesswednesday. What's your favorite way to move? #HelloMorningsBelles #GodPlanMove
hellomorningsbelles - wellnesswednesday - hellomornings - godplanmove -
mrsbeccakelly : Yoga...but I somehow hurt myself this week, and yoga may be out of the question today. Sad! Anyway, that skirt! I love it!
msberry_8 : I like running outside...but I'm still at that point where running for a few minutes is hard and then I walk :-).
blessedgratefulmamma : I'm just learning to love running. I can only run 5 minutes at a time. I'm doing couch to 5k app and it's really helping to strengthen me.
kellytastical : They are too darn cute! My exercise is plaguing tag or helping my oldest practice riding her bike without training wheels. I want to try some weight training though.
onatalieolsen : @mrsbeccakelly Take the time to heal that injury! I like yoga, too, but I do it at home, because I fall over a lot! Do you take a class?
toaprettylife : I go to a gym that does a 30 minute boxing/kickboxing circuit. Although I haven't gone lately because of the headache. It is so fun and challenging! And my kids think I'm cool with my boxing gloves ;-)
appleandi : Oh my word. "I fall over a lot!" I love your honesty!!! Take it easy @mrsbeccakelly. I miss ballet. Since we put an area rug in our kitchen I have no where to dance so now I walk/run.
onatalieolsen : @toaprettylife I bet your kids think you are so tough! I'd love to give kickboxing a try sometime!
cmdunnam - msberry_8 - modernelectricity - kellytastical -
#hmgrow #hellomornings day 13! And a happy 5th birthday to my oldest son.
hmgrow - hellomornings -
studchic1 - malaikaray - chambsvacc - marygeorge -
The waiting is hard, but it's worth it! #shereadstruth #hellomornings #hmjoyfull
shereadstruth - hmjoyfull - hellomornings -
susiemm413 : πŸ™‹Hi @hedd_somewhere Good Morning! Thanks for posting these She reads truth posts. I wrote a poem entitled "waiting on The Lord" and posted it on my blog a few days ago. That was hard to tap publish.😜 Oh the lessons God gives us on waiting. πŸ™Œβ€οΈ Oh, I meant to ask you: Are you still doing PT? Hope you're able to Run after/with those Kiddos now! πŸ˜‰ and hope your week is going well after a Great weekend away with your Husband. Have a JOYfull Day! Kisses for the Sweet Kiddos. {πŸ’žHUGs} πŸ’šLove Ya! :)
hedd_somewhere : Yep, @susiemm413 still doing PT. It's a slow process. But doing much better!
susiemm413 - beandkeepbeing - dlmiddle - kaydione_ -
A little blustery #hellomornings #hellomorningsaustralia
hellomorningsaustralia - hellomornings -
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My husband & I have been awake since 3am. (Not by choice) so here's to my quiet time before kids are home, my devotion & another cup of black tea. #hellomornings #hmcGO #bible #tazotea
hmcgo - tazotea - hellomornings - bible -
islandregency : Praying for you! (Been there recently!!) So glad you could get in some quiet time during your day.
1gracenpeace - islandregency - sandracardenas111 - mayuhhf -
Like and comment below if you want to get healthy THROUGH the holidays! πŸŽƒπŸŽ„β›„πŸŽ‰πŸŽƒπŸŽ„πŸŽ‰πŸŽƒπŸŽ„πŸŽ‰πŸŽƒπŸŽ„πŸŽ‰β›„ FINALLY!! A chance to tell you more about the awesomeness of this November/December challenge group! Whoo hoo!!! Here are JUST A FEW of the highlights (so i don't overwhelm you with amazingness!) FITNESS β˜†workouts around 30 min (can't wait to help you a program that fits YOUR needs) NUTRITION β˜†easy to follow meal plan β˜†daily dose of DENSE SUPERFOOD nutrition. .The easiest and healthiest meal of the day.. Shakeology! (Total game changer..trust me!) ACCOUNTABILITY β˜†Priviate Facebook Group You will be surrounded by others women that are on the same journey as you! This is huge! The encouragement, motivation and accountability will make a huge impact on your success. And I am your personal coach and I am here to walk WITH you through the process! I can't wait! ;) BUT the HUGE BONUS is my friend and coaching mentor @michellelmyers of Myers Cross Training AND @beyondfitmom of Beyondfit Physiques will be partnering with me to make this the FAT LOSS and Fitness challenge group that you DO NOT want to miss! Both of these two woman have a LARGE LIST of reasons you should be thrilled to work with them.. but for now will just say they are both Passionate about health and fitness, have hearts to help others, and each a mom to 2 lil boys! Purchase is required for this as I want to make sure you have all the tools needed to set you up for success! Leave your email address below if you want more info!
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michellelmyers : Love! Pumpkin pudge is too funny....and true! Can't wait for this group!
beyondfitmom : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ it will be a great month!! Can't wait to get to know all the challenge ladies!! 😘
itworks523 : Lovely!
lesleyb12 - jamieekellum - leahbeahig - bell_dandiee -
Do you have a favorite mug or cup? I love the one shared in this post! Thanks! #Repost from @sissyscreations with @repostapp --- Week 3 of #hellomornings I've also been reading Our Daily Bread readings. I'm really enjoying this bible study! #hellomorningsbelles #biblestudy
hellomorningsbelles - biblestudy - hellomornings - repost -
toaprettylife : Yes! Mine has a quote from C. S. Lewis on it, and features in a few of my Hello Mornings posts.
sissyscreations : Thanks this cup is one of my favorites! @hellomornings
iamjoymoy : My HelloMornings mug, of course! πŸ˜Šβ˜•
christina_danley - analisaroche - mrsfrymire - gretlouise -
I'm having one of those days. A day where I can't seem to catch my breath or check my compass to see which way I need to go. This picture was ready for #HMSeekingHim, but my post wasn't. Some days #HelloMornings is more like HelloAfternoon or even HelloBedtime! If your day is anything like mine grab your bag of grace-confetti and start your party! God's love isn't based on us checking off our agenda, it's just His love. Simple and always there for us!!! Whatever your day looks like He is with us pouring out love. He also gives us gifts. Tell me what spiritual gift the Holy Spirit had given you.
hmseekinghim - hellomornings -
awisenanpie : I love that! "Grace confetti". And (((hugs))) to you, sweet friend. Praying your day gets better. And @amyclaryblog I'm sorry you're still sick. Praying you feel better soon.
awisenanpie : I think that I have the gift of encouragement. It's my heart to build people up and help them when I can. Good question.
marlenakerwin : I learned about buckets of grace over the summer after having macie
ashleyredburn : I love you! Your writing - even in these short Instagram posts are always so beautiful and mean so much! Thanks for the encouragement. Starting my party now!!
appleandi : @amyclaryblog how are you feeling today?
appleandi : @awisenanpie I love your encouragement!!!
appleandi : @marlenakerwin God is standing with those buckets in hand, we just need to grab them! xoxo
appleandi : @ashleyredburn I love you!!! Thank you for your words. Now party on! xoxo
sierra_postma - vmarie2584 - maddalena70 - beckyfit29 -
We may not change over night but we can make a decision to change our direction overnight! And that's the first step! It is hard & it takes time! Get comfortable being slightly uncomfortable because stepping out of our comfort zone is where we will grow!
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fitsistersforlife : #hope #faith #comfortzone #goals #goodmorning #weightlossjourney #Godisawesome #godisgood #stayathomemom #wahm #busymom #christianmom #fitmoms #motherhood #momoffour #homeschooling #fitwives #fitsisters #postnatal #postpregnancy#twinmom #hellomornings #fitnessjourney #fitsistersforlife #quotes #Jesus#momoffive
skinnyyou : Wow!
kamilahbeltran - arcowrapgirl - rovikids - rockieschick22 -
Attitude is everything! If you think you can, you are right. If you think you can't, you are right. Stay positive! I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (‭Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭13‬ KJV)
godisgood - wahm - fitsisters - momoffive - jesus - quotes - attitude - purpose - stayathomemom - homeschooling - goodmorning - postnatal - busymom - postpregnancy - keeperofthehome - faithful - god - fitsistersforlife - godisfaithful - godisawesome - motherhood - christianmom - hellomornings - fitwives - fitmoms - hope - goals -
thejennifergriffith : #hope #God #attitude #goals #goodmorning #faithful #Godisawesome #godisgood #stayathomemom #wahm #busymom #christianmom #fitmoms #motherhood #Godisfaithful #homeschooling #fitwives #fitsisters #postnatal #postpregnancy#purpose #hellomornings #keeperofthehome #fitsistersforlife #quotes #Jesus#momoffive
joinrewithmike24 : Beautiful!
jeffriesandra - getconnectedministry - rovikids - thedelectablemissrobinson -
My son isn't happy about having to wake up while it is still dark. But I think the view on the walk to school is worth it. #hellomorningsbelles #hellomornings
hellomorningsbelles - hellomornings -
onatalieolsen - armelinnaa - msberry_8 - julierohryeg -
Refusing to feel guilty for sleeping in (day 2) as I'm still fighting this cold. Still did my #hellomornings first thing though #hmcmg
hmcmg - hellomornings -
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Up and out before the break of dawn, but made time for the King! Matt 12 #hellomornings #hmcmg #early #cloudy #sunrise
early - hmcmg - sunrise - cloudy - hellomornings -
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I'm exhausted today. I got up at my usual time, grabbed my coffee and my favorite blanket, and read my devotional. I was ready to pull out my Bible study but couldn't keep my eyes open. I ended up dozing off and sleeping a few more minutes. Not what I had planned, but sometimes we have to listen to our bodies and rest. #hellomornings #hmcmg #lampandlight
hmcmg - lampandlight - hellomornings -
kellyliberto - wendytoledo - pjpausch - sharppaynes -
This plant from my garden is called snakeroot. I thought it's name was appropriate to our reading today...The highlighted verses in Matthew 12:35-36 hit close to home for me, how about you? I know I am usually sharp tongued and showing my true colors to those closest to me-the same ones who I am trying to raise up in kindness and grace-meanwhile, with others I can be so aloof the words come out all wrong. As I go forward in my day today I will pray- Psalm 141:2 Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips. And recall- Ephesians 4:29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. How do you remember to avoid careless speech? I could use the advice. #hellomornings #hellomorningsbelles #fallgarden
fallgarden - hellomorningsbelles - hellomornings -
onatalieolsen : @armelinnaa @msberry_8 @blessedgratefulmamma @operationbrickhouse @bwillis814 @toaprettylife @enzoandkate
onatalieolsen : @jacquegarner @ohheyitsj @kellytastical @sarahrlacour @megobego @shalomksg @mas_21_sun
blessedgratefulmamma : Oh my yes! It hit home and did my other devotionals I read too. Time to do some work!!!
toaprettylife : @onatalieolsen You must have a gorgeous garden! I love seeing the photos you've been sharing. Those verses hit home for me too.
shalomksg : Thank you for leading our Hello Mornings group. It is a blessing to be "in it together!" ☺️#hellomorningsbelles
onatalieolsen : @shalomksg πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š
msberry_8 - runningmomof5melody - modernelectricity - ohheyitsj -
Day 12 #hmgrow #hellomornings please check in and let me know what you are hoping for today.
hmgrow - hellomornings -
sarahsimplyput - fattycornersquilts - dssewtique - kajujean -
Pink and greys having a drink this morning #reticoverspray #galahs #galahsofinstagram #hellomornings #hellomorningsaustralia
galahs - galahsofinstagram - reticoverspray - hellomornings - hellomorningsaustralia -
mshanhun : They are all pretty young by the looks and hanging around with some juvenile maggies
nietis - keh1978 - rapunzel247 - bobbysgirlforever -
It is the beginning of week 3! We hope you had a beautiful start! #hellomornings #godplanmove #focused15 #accountability #biblestudy #planning #exercize
planning - focused15 - exercize - godplanmove - accountability - hellomornings - biblestudy -
tiffanylaynefashion : That is a beautiful edit! This program is awesome and life changing and so simple! Thank you!!!
rbryanna - townsendhouse1 - 4daenelt - mgcmom -
We can't expect different results if we keep doing what we are doing! Monday is a great time to change it up.. New week! Laundry piled up and can't seem to get caught up on the weekend? Missed your workouts because the baby's schedule changed? Not seeing changes in your waist line? Get frustrated with your toddler every time you go to the store? If so change something! Just ONE thing! Doesn't have to be all at once. But we do have to grow! Why not choose today! New week.. perfect opportunity to make it what you want! ;)
boymom - helloexercise - love - healthyfam - faithandfitness - cleaneating - insideoutfit - fitmom - mobsociety - healthytoddler - thrivemoms - fitlife - nofear - strongmom - healthy - athlete - bodyafterbaby - weightloss - babywearing - firstthingsfirst - modsquad - inspiredtoaction - girlmom - momof2 - team - activemom - toddler - healthymom - hellomornings -
jannarhobson : #fitmom #fitlife #insideoutfit #faithandfitness #love #nofear #activemom #babywearing #healthyfam #healthymom #bodyafterbaby #thrivemoms #inspiredtoaction #hellomornings #helloexercise #momof2 #weightloss #boymom #girlmom #toddler #healthytoddler #inspiredtoaction #firstthingsfirst #cleaneating #healthy #strongmom #mobsociety #modsquad #athlete #team
bell_dandiee : Nice!
iamjoymoy : #babysteps #GodPlanMove #habits πŸ‘Š
megger221 : Love it!
lesleyb12 - dare.edna2015 - wholesomelivingwithjenny - bell_dandiee -
Yesterday was an ugly day for me; so full of anxiety, stress and tears. I was overwhelmed by all of the things that bide for my time, attention, and affection. I'm not a stranger to these feelings. There seems to be a cyclical nature to this pattern in my life where I find myself overwhelmed by the choices I've made... too much on my plate... expecting too much of myself. I cried out to God in between tears- praying that'd he'd give me wisdom, discernment, and determination to fix the hole I'd dug for myself...to make the hard decisions and cut back to the most important things in my life. This pruning will be painful but it is necessary if I truly want my life to reflect my priorities and my loved ones to feel their importance to me. So this morning's bible reading was a very timely reminder to me for this uphill battle that I'm fighting. When it's all feeling to hard and I want to just turn back to my old habits and quit-- remember...go to Him... He will give me rest... peace...and encouragement. #hellomornings #hmseekinghim
hmseekinghim - hellomornings -
trinajean : @awisenanpie Right back at ya (((hugs))).
aimeek73 : Good for you friend. There is fruit after pruning.
bravebohemian : Big squeezy hug from me πŸ’ž
megleighjohnson : God never fails❀️
blondejules7 : Thank you!!!!
myhappyhomestead : πŸ’•yessss- thank you for this!!! I too have been climbing an uphill battle - rely on him more and me less- he will give us rest ❀️
appleandi : That painful pruning is hard but necessary. Praying you will have clear direction for the Holy Spirit where to stay and where to let go. Hugs to you, my friend!
trinajean : @aimeek73 @bravebohemian @megleighjohnson @appleandi Thank you all for the encouragement 😘!
kristinpippin - annakate01 - bravebohemian - megleighjohnson -
Slept in a bit today so #hellomornings became #hellopumpbreak. (Matthew 11) #hmcmg
hmcmg - hellopumpbreak - hellomornings -
bizalicious : Needed that today. Thank you
tiredmommytales : Doesn't it feel good to read that @bizalicious? Hope all is well with you and the kiddos! Miss you!
bizalicious : Miss you, too!!
bizalicious - mrsplemons51504 - jenny.gordon.566 - elizabethhuval -
Really needed to hear the message of rest today since I slept in an extra 30 min but managed to fit in ch. 11 before work with my furry companion. #hellomornings #hmcmg #latergram
hmcmg - latergram - hellomornings -
tiredmommytales - megtingle - kduff517 - mrsplemons51504 -
Happy Monday! Smile and try something new;)
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momma_at_home_ - hbswicked - shakomomma - imlauree -
Sometimes we don't feel like starting & wait to be motivated first! But motivation will kick in once we make the decision to start! Then it will be easier to keep going! 😊
wahm - fitsisters - momoffive - workout - juststart - jesus - quotes - healthychoices - purpose - stayathomemom - faithful - homeschooling - weightloss - postnatal - busymom - postpregnancy - keeperofthehome - monday - hellomornings - motivate - fitsistersforlife - godisawesome - motherhood - christianmom - goodmorning - eatclean - fitmoms - fitnessjourney - hope - fitwives -
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Week 3 of #hellomornings I've also been reading Our Daily Bread readings. I'm really enjoying this bible study! #hellomorningsbelles #biblestudy
hellomorningsbelles - hellomornings - biblestudy -
aprilliz73 : I am interested in that!
sissyscreations : I will send you an email w the link:)
sissyscreations : @aprilliz73
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