안녕하세요 아침😊 #hellomornings ✌✌
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sim_gooon : @oh.jimin 굿모닝~좋은 아침
oh.jimin : @sim_gooon good morning 😊
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Walking in victory no matter the circumstances. #priceless #hellomornings
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#Repost @darcywiley with @repostapp. • • • Today in #RelentlessStudy, we meet a lesser known judge, but a very interesting one, nonetheless. God raises up a man named Ehud to remove the tyrant of Moab from power. But Ehud seems to get cold feet when he comes face to face with the enemy as he brings the people's tribute/tax to the palace. On his way home, though, he passes by an old, familiar place called Gilgal. Gilgal is a place of gathering, of remembrance, for the Israelites. This is the place where God first brought His people into the land and parted the waters of the Jordan like He had at the Red Sea all those years earlier. The Israelites set up twelve pillars of stone on the banks of the river to commemorate the day when they walked over the Jordan on dry ground. During difficult times, the people would gather again at this place to remember what God had done for them. They would fast, pray, and re-dedicate themselves. But in Judges 2, we find the people bypassing Gilgal where the Lord waits for them and going instead to a place called Bochim, which means "weeping." How many times do we wallow in our pain when the Lord stands ready to help us remember His love and mighty deeds? When the Israelites ignore God at Gilgal, He comes to their place of weeping. But as Gilgal is forgotten, the oppressors put up other pillars there...idols, in fact. As Ehud passes by these graven images in this place so sacred to his people, he gets fired up for the glory and praise of the one true God. And so he turns back toward the palace of king Eglon, the gluttonous tyrant, and determines to fulfill his mission to deliver the people. Idols began to take over the scene at Gilgal when the Israelites abandoned it. When we wallow in our tears, we leave our sacred spaces open to the claim of evil. What can you do today to commit yourself to meeting with God and celebrating the ways He has saved the day for you in the past? A gratitude/blessing journal? A prayer gathering? Writing songs or making art? A photo album or shelf of souvenirs to remind you of the ways God has rescued you? Rehearsing His goodness aligns our hearts with His purposes and sets us on mission.
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susiemm413 : I love that #RelentlessStudy of God's Relentless Love is Touching Hearts! Girls, @enny_jay @nastephens, I love your #HeartWords. Thanks for sharing them with me. They echo my own! 💁And Thanks @darcywiley for the Study & sharing these #HeartWord Posts! 😘+{HUGs💞} all around! Love Ya'all! :) 💚
darcywiley : @susiemm413 @nastephens @enny_jay it's a joy to think on these things with you all. Also, what resources/tools did you mark down today as ones you can use on mission? I said writing big or small, even encouraging some downtrodden friends with personal texts. I also want to do more intensive times of prayer with fellow believers to involve myself in issues across continents.
nastephens : @darcywiley @susiemm413 Confession, I am not part of #hellomornings this go round. Actually it's been a while. However, this post just spoke volumes to me. So often I'm guilty of living a 'goodness' gospel while wearing blinders to my own sin. And when I am convicted I go to the poor pitiful me places instead of humbly receiving His lavish grace. He's leading me to share His grace with others instead of the weighty chains of expectations or preconceived notions. To speak truth in love and encourage His people. Thanks again for the post!
enny_jay : @darcywiley my toolbox has been embarrassingly sparse of late because I unpacked and tucked away so many of my imperfect tools waiting on a newer, shinier version of them (me) to arrive. It's interesting because in life, we have really taken to making things last, mend what is broken, leave behind this mentality of everything being disposable, yet that is exactly the opposite of the way I was treating my God given gifts, myself. So, I opened my tool chest wide (aka my Spirit) and let the Light shine on so many darkened spaces the last couple of days. This study has broken me in such a beautiful way, already only 2 weeks in. That being said, the tools that I'm starting with are going to be prayer, arm chair warrior kind of commitment to it, not just the pray as others request, but spitting out prayers as it's the very breath of the word that keeps me living... Because let's be honest, it is; I want to encourage in a lit by the fire of the Holy Spirit my excitement is contagious kind of way; and I want to mentor to remind myself as much as others that I still have so much to offer, so much shine to share. I have a sneaking suspicion that as I start to allow the use of these imperfect tools again, that as I'm groping to find the intended one, other long forgotten tools will be excavated in beautiful fashion.
darcywiley : @nastephens this story of Gilgal, the place of remembrance has been coming up again and again for me, even before I wrote Relentless. I think our lives are meant to be an extension of Psalm 136, repeating the ways He has saved the day for us. Also, if you have time, I reflected more on Israel's stones of remembrance here --> http://messageinamasonjar.com/2015/05/11/stacking-stones-sedona/.
darcywiley : @enny_jay the biggest blessing is that we are co-laborers with the Lord and while no weapon formed against us will prosper, any weapon picked up to fight darkness WILL prosper because of the Lord's Spirit in us! It shows great trust in Him for you to open up the cupboards and drawers of your life to see what He might use. Even a kitchen knife can cut the darkness when you're blessing your loved ones or someone in need with a warm meal. :) So excited to hear how this study helps you step out of hiding. You will love the week about Gideon too!
enny_jay : @darcywiley I am very much looking forward to seeing how God fills the remainder of this study!
choki_art : ✌ ✨ 💙
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#SheReadsTruth #SRTdaniel #hellomornings #hmJoyFull
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Helping you get through the week! #hellomornings #jeremiah2911
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Good #HelloMornings Sisters!! W2:D4 #hmJoyFull "Follow me, for The Lord has delivered your enemies... into your hand." ~ Judges 3:28📖 #BibleStudy #RelentlessStudy 💁We are in a Battle. One Reason I do this #HelloMorningsChallenge is because I Need to #ArmorUp Each Morning. See: #Ephesians6 🙋So, What is One Reason You are Doing this HelloMornings Challenge? ☀️🙏📖✒️📔 Have a JOYfull Day! #Prayer 🙏 & {HUGs💞} Love Ya! Susie :) 💚 #HelloPrayer
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susiemm413 : 🙋You've been Prayed for. Just sayin'! 😉🙏😘 @kristiembrey @karikress @thehungryteacher @gracefulempower @ideabackpack @dlmiddle @msmoozysopenhouse
susiemm413 : 🙋You've been Prayed for. Just sayin'! 😉🙏😘 @lovemesomecole @jessie97 @mrsderdz @elmorebunch @lifeoncapilano @anitac2811 @amandayespinoza @iamjoymoy @hellomornings #HelloPrayer #HelloMorningsSisterhood
lifeoncapilano : My reason is a few things one I need to build my relationship with god and really read the bible with a purpose. The other is because I'm extremely scared of death, just thinking about it put me into a panic attack. I know if I had a solid relationship with God this worry and fear will be erased. #hellomornings #hellomorningchallenge #buildingmyrelationshipwithgod
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So much to be thankful for, last weekend my husband and I had a date. He took me to a restaurant with a patio covered in solar panels, which cast a gorgeous blue glow over all the tables. He had been the electrician who had wired the panels! It was so cool to tangibly enjoy his work and God's natural energy source, too. What experience from your week are you thankful for? #ThankfulThursday #HelloMornings #HelloMorningsBelles #sustainableenergy
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onatalieolsen : @melissaaydelott @rosieandruth @mrsrawls_8 @birwin0126 @cmcook80 @sissyscreations @toaprettylife @enzoandkate
onatalieolsen : @teapotsandlipstick @jrn12 @ohheyitsj @lanettnett @mmm_kaykay @manecita73 @trayj
melissaaydelott : I am thankful for the smiles and hugs of my 20 yr old son when we picked him up at the airport after not seeing him for 3 months. Welcome home @jackaydelott!
dreihaupt : 👏
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"May your roots go down deep in the soil of God's marvelous love." I love this theme throughout the bible. Roots. Vines and branches. Being planted by streams of water. As a visual learner, I adore life applications. And can we just stop and acknowledge verse 20?! Mmmm one of my favorites. 😍 "he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope." ❤️❤️❤️ #lampandlight #hellomornings #goodmorninggod #biblejournaling
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mamaeide : Amen!!!
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It's Thankful Thursday. Let's shout His praise! What characteristic of our Almighty God are you thankful for today? #hellomornings #thankfulthursday
hellomornings - thankfulthursday -
jaquinnmarie : His faithfulness. Always. It blows my mind.
kellyweezer : His bestfriendness- he always always always answers when we call out to him. His promises-- that are always yes and amen, His voice, ---because even if it is a correction, it means he cares about me and my little life, His trustworthiness--- because he never fails, His mercy, -- because wow do I need it
susiemm413 : 🙋Good #HelloMornings, @hellomornings @jaquinnmarie @kellyweezer! Love your ThankFullness! 💁I'm ThankFull for God being in our Side as we enter into Daily Battle & provides the Armor we need! Judges 3:28 & Ephesians 6. #ArmorUp #PrayerWarriors #hmJoyFull
kellyweezer : @susiemm413 :)
mariazematis : His presence. The day before the first day of school we had a storm that cleared the muggy air and a rainbow followed it. My son noticed it first! Another reminder of His presence through the storms of life.❤️
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Read / Judges 3:11-31 Write / Judges 3:15a Reflect / What resources do Ehud and Shamgar use to rescue Israel? #hellomornings #RelentlessStudy
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HE is able!!! Our job is to seek Him daily and walk in His ways. I love the ESV version of this verse, "Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen." Eph 3:20-21
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michelle_hight : #blessed #Heisable #seekHim #walkinHisways #thankful #hellomornings #faithandfitness #Godsword #healthylifestyle #happyhealthierme #Jesusandcoffee #lordchangeme
snicklein : Love this! ❤️
justtrain_ : 👌
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This is the morning scene I've been craving. #lampandlight #goodmorninggod #hellomornings
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snaszz_missions : Nice
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Sometimes the enemy of my heart likes to remind me of all the ways I transgress, pointing out all of my double faced hypocrisies and missteps. And sometimes the truth of that coils itself around and threatens to squeeze the joy, the hope, the life right out. But God is no grudge holder. Confession leads to the forgiveness and forgetting of our sin. "I, I am he who blots out your transgressions for my own sake, and I will not remember your sin." <----those are God's words. That's the truth that the enemy tries to hide beneath the steady whispers of accusation. Whatever baggage is dogging you today, whatever you've done that still stabs at your heart, confess it, and remember the truth: YOU ARE FORGIVEN. Jesus' own blood has covered your stain. And because of that you are FREE. #morningmeditations #byhisstripes #isaiah43
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kriscamealy : #womenleadingwell #womentoftheword #leadingandlovingit #hellomornings #gritandvirtue #pursuitcommunity #shereadstruth #thepointedlife #writetheword #forgiven #hope #Jesus
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#vod #Truth #hmcct #hellomornings #RelentlessStudy
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"Have you been offering your best to God, or is He getting your obligated leftovers? Are you giving from a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving? Our attitude, when giving to the Lord, matters greatly to Him—maybe even more than the gift itself." #first5app #hmcct #hellomornings
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#daha #bir #iriyim bu sabah, daha bi #büyük 😍 çok bilen ben'le #günaydın #goodmorning #happymorning #hellomornings 🙏 #üçeylül #ben bugün doğmuşum 🎂🎂🎂🎂
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#hellomornings #RelentlessStudy
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sissyscreations : @brittaneylima
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#SheReadsTruth #SRTdaniel #hmJoyFull #hellomornings
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"You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you." -St. Augustine #RelentlessStudy #HelloMornings @hellomornings
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Good☀️ #HelloMornings Sisters! W2:D3 #wellnesswednesday #hmJoyFull #RelentlessStudy 💁So, Are You Sleeping Well? God is #Relentless in His Loving Care of us. Do we Resist His Care and the Ways in which He knows we Need to be Taken Care of? Or do Actively Obey while we Rest in His Presence, Trusting Him because of Who He Is? Do we Sleep Well in the Dark Night, Knowing He does not slumber nor sleeps? And Knowing He Keeps His Promises. Every One. Every Time. The God who is The Master Designer, Created you, Cares about your Wellness & Knows what Needs Utmost Attention. Do we Ask our Designer & Creator God, what needs our Utmost Attention? I know I need a #PerspectiveShift This Morning. Prayer, Active Listening with Bible plus, Pen & Paper at Hand is Required of me. • • • 🌝🌞 Want to Maximize Your Mornings? Do You have This Practical HMC Resource: Free Copy of @inspiredtoaction's Ebook #MaximizeYourMornings!?! Find it at hellomornings.org. • • • ☀️Have a JOYfull Day! Prayers🙏 {SquishHUGs💞} Love Ya! Susie :) 💚 #HelloMorningsSisterhood #HaveaJOYfullDay!
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susiemm413 : 🙋You're Amazing!! @kristiembrey @lovemesomecole @dlmiddle @gracefulempower @thehungryteacher @mrsderdz @karikress @msmoozysopenhouse
susiemm413 : 🙋You're Amazing!! @ideabackpack @jessie97 @elmorebunch @anitac2811 @lifeoncapilano @amandayespinoza
amandayespinoza : YOU are the best @susiemm413
amandayespinoza : 😀😘❤️
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It was for freedom, and not just our own, that Christ set us free. Try as I may, my words, my efforts, my gifts, my offerings cannot produce change in my life, in others, in this world, void of God’s power. I know what it is like to toil and grow discouraged when I try in my own strength to make things happen. God reminds me, “It is not by your might and strength, and it is not by your power, position, or influence. It is by My Spirit. The people do not need more of you, they need more of Me. They do not need more ideas, theories, and philosophies. They need more of My anointing." The anointing breaks the yoke of bondage and sets the captive free. It is not the work that we do, or the offering that we bring, it is His power on the work and offering that multiplies it. It is not our words, but His power on the words that bring change in people’s lives. We would do well to draw in close and ask for God to pour out more of His anointing on us. Let us live in such a way that it will help another go free. {Galatians 5:1, Zechariah 4:6, Isaiah 10:27, 1 John 2:20} #pointeddevo by: Michele-Lyn Ault #thepointedlife
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thepointedlife : #morningdevotion #shereadstruth #gritandvirtue #womenintheword #womenlivingwell #womenwholead #propelwomen #first5 #bedeeplyrooted #chooselovely #holyspirit #pursuewhatislovely #makeithappen #pursuitcommunity #sheworkshisway #wellwateredwomen #hellomornings #goodmorninggirls
talmarita : Yess!! 🙌🙌
darlenesea : I needed that today, thanks
shanarhrose : Amen! So true! #becauseitsgoodtobereminded
shefindsfreedom : Wow this is beautiful!
opaljames : Love this❤️❤️❤️
wrappedinhislove : What powerful truth! His power. Amen! 💗 @thepointedlife
aliciavbowen : @_sun_luvver
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We need to tune our hearts to respond to God's gentle lovingkindness in times of peace. If we do not handle His good gifts well, we shouldn't be surprised when His severe mercy comes to shake us to our senses. #RelentlessStudy #HelloMornings @hellomornings
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Here. In the dancing light if morning. Devotion and scripture is read, Morning pages are written, and work is done. #vscocam #hellomornings #dothework #favoritecorner #thunderbolthouse #circusstories #circusadventures
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Happy #wellnesswednesday ! Apparently my body needed to sleep in and get extra rest today! How are you taking care of your physical self today? #HelloMornings #HelloMorningsBelles
hellomorningsbelles - hellomornings - wellnesswednesday -
melissaaydelott : I made it to the gym for a 6am class because we were up at 4am to pick up our son at the airport. He is home from his summer of fishing in Alaska. Thank you Jesus, for protecting him every day!
cmcook80 : Got going and went for a run this morning. Just getting back after nursing a bad knee. But it felt good. I love the turning of seasons. Fall is coming. God is good to give us bodies to care for.
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When your hair appt collides with your Heart appt...#BeautyInsideAndOut #HelloMornings #DevotionUnderTheDryer ##TheresAlwaysTime
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kbthebrave : Amen. Pick a host TODAY. {said with love} 😁😂
deezmom : I most certainly am!! {Received w Love}
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#vod #hmcct #hellomornings #RelentlessStudy
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iamjoymoy : Thx! I always need this reminder.
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"The enemy’s greatest desire is to separate you from God. And he will start that process the minute he separates you from God’s Word." Lysa Terkeurst #first5app #hmcct #hellomornings
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Really trying to be intentional how I spend my days this #hellomornings session...looking to unplug more, under-schedule (is that a word?), incorporate an arm work-out routine in my days, and challenging myself to always look for the good. What goals do you have going on these days?
mommasgoingcrazy - myhappyhomestead - hmseekinghim - growyourown - farmkids - hellomornings - eatlocal -
myhappyhomestead : @marlenakerwin *summer ... Lol not dinner break - now, that would be real nice!! No more dinners 😂😂
candiboyne : Ooh, yes Un-schedule...that is a word to me :) I am normally a very scheduled and routine oriented person. However, lately I feel challanged by the Lord to let a bit of it go, to be more flexable, to let loose of the reigns a bit and see the Lord work.
mrsbeccakelly : Prepping for a garage sale. So not fun!
adeltadawne : Making new goals.
marlenakerwin : I am too & for stuff to stop getting broken from wild board kids😱 @myhappyhomestead
christydunnam : Continuing on my mission to take better care of myself and add a few days of exercise in each week.
nataliekpt : I am not working at night. The best part of my job is my families but to provide for those families is a lot of extra paperwork that I don't always have time for. The people that suffer are my family and I don't want It to be them
nataliekpt : @candiboyne I am the same way. It is so hard but really rewarding
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#Truth -- “Now God has us where he wants us, with all the time in this world and the next to shower grace and kindness upon us in Christ Jesus. Saving is all his idea, and all his work. All we do is trust him enough to let him do it." (Ephesians 2:7-10) #prayTruth -- God, I thank you that you are the Savior! Saving is all your idea and all your work. All we need to do is trust you and let you do it. Help us as parents to remember that we are to plant the seeds, but it is you, Lord, it is YOU who makes those seeds grow. We cannot save our children, only you can. Today we surrender again the control we try to have over our children’s souls, and we trust you. We trust you, Lord, and we join you in the work that you are doing. #personalApplication -- ARE you trusting Him to save your child? Or do you keep picking up the reigns, trying to control situations and people and outcomes? Can you trust Jesus with your children? WILL you? #prayTruthKids {more at prayTruth.com}
praytruthkids - warroommovie - praytruth - familyministry - personalapplication - spiritualparenting - lovegodgreatly - thrivingfamily - hereadstruth - prayer - prayingparent - scriptureprayer - shereadstruth - goodmorninglord - prayingmom - warroom - truth - prayfirst - momsinprayer - hellomornings -
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I'm talkin' about the God who raises dead people and fed thousands with a boy's lunch. The God who pursues His enemies in order that He can show them mercy and life. There's nothing He looks at and says, "You know, this one is outside of My abilities. This thing is a little too hard for Me." Doesn't happen. Because He does impossible things. He works all things -- every. single. thing. -- together for the good of those who love Him. May He stir deep down faith in us today.
faith - hellomornings - morningrun - pray - hadalittlechurch - sunrise -
laragwilliams : #morningrun #hadalittlechurch #sunrise #hellomornings #faith #pray
christielacy : Yes!!!
marthakimball : 💕
brettashleybailey : Amen
carlyerankin : @sarahmckenney
mimijanechurch : Amen!!
purple.hibiscus : Amen
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Read / Judges 3:9-11 Write / Exodus 3:14 Reflect / What did the land/people receive as a result of Othniel's work? #hellomornings #RelentlessStudy
relentlessstudy - hellomornings -
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#goodmorning #goodstart #hellomornings #HelloMorningsSisterhood #HMCEnrich #love #rest #Bible
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mommajess : Perfect for my day!
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