So excited for the 4-week Bible study I will be releasing in a couple-ish weeks! (Prayers appreciated.) And so thankful for my husband who willingly took the kids for the day to give me some writing time. (Also, in other news, always say "yes" to mustard colored cords.)
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laragwilliams : Actually I got them last fall at Target @alycebass But I still love them.
alycebass : That's where I found my cardigan :)
laragwilliams : πŸ‘Š @alycebass
laurenwlutz : Happy news and happy pants. Good work!
thedarlingdukes : πŸ™Œ
sugah_b : I read Savoring Living Water, which led me to your blog posts about taking every thought captive and I just happened to click on the book cover. I believe NOTHING is coincidental. EVER. I love the blog posts I have read and I am pretty sure the book is amazing
sugah_b : I can't wait to get started
annmariealicia : Is that a special case for your iPad? What kind of keyboard?
iamjoymoy - scoteigh_j_ - alicia_wyland - thardy1972 -
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✨✨NEW ON THE BLOG✨✨ πŸ’WHAT ARE YOUR PAJAMAS TELLING YOUR HUSBAND?πŸ’ Are you in your pajamas? If so, go to the nearest full length mirror in your house and look at yourself for a moment. If your pajamas could talk, and had to describe your mood, what would they be saying to you? Now, ask yourself, what would they be saying to your husband? I started thinking about this when I began working on becoming the women of my husband dreams again. Over the years, my heart toward him had changed and his toward me as well. Arguments, being young parents, long work hours, debt and sleepless nights can turn a loving couple into enemies. I refused to spend the rest of my marriage not completely head over heels for my husband so this is what I decided. πŸ’READ MORE ON THE BLOG using the link in my bio or visit πŸ’
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angies_deco_adobe : You always have good posts. They really make me ponder and think about how he might be feelingl. Thank you.
saidahaproverbswife : Thank you @angies_deco_adobe ☺️
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Walked out the back door to see the horses and I walked right into part of this web ( the sun was so bright I didn't see it). Thankfully I didn't mess it up too much. Shortly after the spider fixed it's web and continued doing what spiders do. πŸ˜‰ #widn #whatimdoingnow @bumblingbav
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saviexplorer : #hellomornings
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guitar__master : That's soo cool!!;)))
bumblingbav : Great pic!!!! Reason why I hate being on the lead horse lol
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The light was lovely this mornin'
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We made it through another week! What did God teach you during your quiet time? Please share with us! #hellomornings #focused15 #godplanmove #fridaytakeaway #biblestudy
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mahryahg : Words are more than just words! #heartcheck
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Happy Friday!😊
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mistyshep4 : Love it!
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It's Friday! Have a great day! The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Psalm‬ ‭126‬:‭3‬
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victoryvictorymusic : The Holy Spirit is the center of my music please check it out!! !!
whitneydelong : 😌
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Well #HelloMornings didn't work out as planned today. I had a little buddy climb into bed this morning. Savoring this time before it's gone. I'll find a way to have #helloafternoon today!! #grace #hmgrow #sleepyhead #mylittlebuddy
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I've been a bad #hellomornings leader this week, y'all. Wednesday I wasn't feeling well, and yesterday was a busy day. Today I slept until 8:30 - 9 1/2 hours of sleep, then we made breakfast with my new waffle maker. Great way to start the weekend! #hmcmg
hmcmg - hellomornings -
mrszupke : Life happens! Hope you're feeling better.
graceourmoments : @mrszupke I'm feeling much better. Thanks!
lifeonlakeland : It's been a quiet week for #hmcmg glad you're feeling better!
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Last night I started a prayer journal. I attempted one a few years ago, but never committed to it. I'm giving it another go! I'm excited to see where it takes me in my prayer life. *CHIME IN* How do you use your prayer journal? How has it helped you? Do you structure yours a certain way?
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sugarandfabric : #shereadstruth #prayerjournal #lampandlight #coffeeandtheword #biblestudy #hellomornings
sugarandfabric : #GoodMorningGirls
littlemspicasso : 😍
liznwansi : I totally need to start one πŸ‘Œ
sugarandfabric : @liznwansi I'm enjoying it so far. It's another place for me to meet God. Also it's nice to go back and see where God has answered your prayers.
aliciasoul : This is awesome! You've inspired me to try this out πŸ˜ƒ
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Good morning! Matthew 15 - guard your heart, watch your words! #hellomornings #hmcmg #early #coffee #love #bible #quotes
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prayerapp : so nice! do you follow @instapray?
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Good morning!!!!! How fun is it that I get to share my birthday with my dear, #HMSeekingHim girls?!? I love relaxing and watching a good movie. I have my favorites, but I want to know what is your favorite film genre. I love slapstick comedy or period films. They both make my heart ::swoon:: #HelloMornings #eatadoughnutinmyhonor #partylikeitsmybirthdayalldaylong
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awisenanpie : Happy birthday to you! πŸŽΆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚
mrsbeccakelly : Happy Birthday! My gift to you would be a ride in a time machine...a trip back to the warren woods/Bernie Knapp days. Wouldn't that be freaking interesting? To answer your question, I've been dreaming of a day on the couch either watching all the HP movies or all the really old James Bond movies followed by all the Daniel Craig ones.
erikalynnz : Happy birthday!! Hope your day is full of donuts and smiles and kids that don't cry! 😊
ashleyredburn : Happy birthday!
kortneylane : happy happy happy🎈xo
kddenfeld : Happy birthday, cutie!
amym57 : Happy bday girl!!!
five.stars : Happy Birthday! 🌸
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Happy Friday, #HelloMorningsBelles! What is one truth that resonated with you from your study this week? #HelloMornings
hellomorningsbelles - hellomornings -
toaprettylife : To watch my attitude. Aka, my heart. I often struggle with negativity, selfishness, etc, and even if I don't always act on it, it still comes out in my words, lack of patience, etc.
onatalieolsen : I keep landing back at the Parable of the Sower. Every time so read it I find something new.
onatalieolsen : @toaprettylife Yes! I was particularly struck with The reaction of Jesus in Chapter 14, surely he wished to be alone and mourn John, but he not only served and healed the 5000, but he did so with compassion and love.
toaprettylife : @onatalieolsen That part made me stop and compare my attitude when I need some alone time with His.
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Day 15! Sorry for the late post! #hmgrow #hellomornings I'm focused 15;11 today - how about you?
hmgrow - hellomornings -
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It's been a stressful week & I haven't done #hellomornings each day I have read. Today I did it all & was reminded of the huge difference these 3 simple steps make #hmcmg #latergram
hmcmg - latergram - hellomornings -
tiredmommytales : It's been a rough week for #hellomornings here too. Glad you were able to catch up today! #hmcmg
mrszupke : Wow we're all in the same boat. Good job ladies.
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Jesus knew the importance of being alone with His Father. So much we can learn from on every page. #bible #matthew14 #hellomornings #hmcGO
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Choose to surround yourself with positive like minded people! Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!
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dreamwrapsforyou : Lovely!
viveylife : Love this!!
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If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves- Thomas Edison We will never know what we can accomplish if we don't at least try! We may amaze ourselves!😊
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insta_health_tips : Check out this account @motivapparelco
younique_makeupartist : Like it!
dennis_fowler : Cool 😊
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So true! Have a good day!😊
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imflawedperfectly : 😍
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Throwback Thankful Thursday! This is my mother-in-law, Jeanne. I'm beyond grateful for the mother she was raising my husband into the godly man he is today. Her legacy is beautiful and her memory is strong in our hearts. #HMSeekingHim girls be sure to share your picture with our hashtag. #HelloMornings #rememberingjeanneg
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appleandi : @myhappyhomestead @awisenanpie @cmdunnam @ddurow @citrusholly @trinajean @stefpepperling
appleandi : @mrsbeccakelly @beckyfit29 @mrslindo @lindawdale @mzcgrl @amyclaryblog @amycr44
jenrocho : Miss her so much!😞
melissalrussell : So beautiful. I miss her more than I can say!! Thank you for sharing her legacy!!
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Good morning! Matthew 14:14 #compassion #hellomornings #hmcmg #early #nofilter #beautifulcreation #praiseHim
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I come to McDonald's almost every weekday morning for an hour or so of true quiet. Possible the only one I'll get all day 😊 1 small coffee + 1 free refill is a small price for this time. I am NOT a morning person, but I have come to LOVE this time enough to motivate me to get out of bed early. I've been doing it for several months now, so they know how I like my coffee and have it ready before I'm up to the counter most mornings 😊 There's something *almost* magical about getting to my kids 2 cups of coffee ahead, having planned my day and spent time in the presence of Jesus. Grateful for a husband who is wiling/able to do the morning stuff for the big kids. Oh. And today I used Apple Pay for the first time. Woah. 😳 #OneDayHH #HelloMornings
onedayhh - hellomornings -
uniquelykarah : That's awesome!!!!
rebekahcharris : Love this. I long for time like that. I feel like no matter how early I get up, someone is waking up and joining me and needing breakfast and wanting Disney Jr on and needing something from me!!!
lubsyb : @rebekahcharris me too!!! That's why I have to leave 😊 even if they normally sleep till 6:45, if I stay home, they somehow sense it and wake up early. I love what @inspiredtoaction does too. If her kids get up early, they're allowed to come into her, but they still have to respect her quiet. She has a special spot of pillows where they can read their own Bibles. Obviously this doesn't work with little ones probably, but I love the idea.
inspiredtoaction : Oh, I love this!
iamjoymoy : This is awesome! #HelloMornings
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Words to live by. #ABeautifulMess #inspiredtoaction #goodthoughtthursday #hellomornings
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iamjoymoy -
Here's to "full cups" in every way today. Peace in the storm. Hope in what appears hopeless. And joy in what seems despairing. Only in Him. "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows." (Psalm 23:5)
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melpage215 : Thank you Lara for your encouraging words! I'm taking many more "purposeful pauses" this week because of you! Love & hugs to you my friend @laragwilliams! 😘
laragwilliams : Hugs to you @melpage215 😊
miguelhenrymusic : Great Shot!
kelley_grams : Amen. I need this.
melissa.juarez : @taskpeter
othejoys : Amen!
eilidh7720 : I love this! πŸ’•
stacyaverette : Amen.
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After two days sick in bed, I'm forcing myself to be up and at 'em this morning. Bub is enjoying the early morning cuddles. πŸ’• #hellomornings
hellomornings -
mr_mrs_ace : Get well soon!
candirellis - zekapeka85 - marilela1 - rachm23 -
Good #HelloMornings! Let's give thanks together today for the people who have influenced us. Who in your life can you give thanks for, and to, today? Share in the comments, and if you want, share a picture of them, too. I'm speaking this benediction over my best friend, here, and over you: The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26 #thankfulthursday #HelloMorningsBelles
hellomorningsbelles - hellomornings - thankfulthursday -
onatalieolsen : @armelinnaa @msberry_8 @blessedgratefulmamma @operationbrickhouse @bwillis814 @toaprettylife @enzoandkate
onatalieolsen : @jacquegarner @ohheyitsj @kellytastical @sarahrlacour @megobego @shalomksg @mas_21_sun
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We are often times quick to proclaim our faith and beliefs in Jesus but, how quickly we doubt when things get a little rocky. We question - "are these things truly meant for me", was I really called to this place or is this simply something we desire and are trying to control verses giving Him the reigns? This #hellomornings passage spoke loudly to me - it comes at a time where I have been filled with doubt, frustration, and at times anger- I have tried to control things rather than pass the reigns and I have tried to lead rather than follow. What I can tell you is this - He truly has a perfectly written every bit of our story when we fully trust and believe- from the whispers we heard in our childhood to the aching desires of adulthood - it's all a part of one whole. Our whole story! When we have little faith and doubt the story gets ugly, our minds become jumbled, and quite frankly we turn into a hot mess 😜- it looks like fear, anxiety, and worry. When our faith is big -we trust and follow - we can move mountains and God will reveal just one more piece to the beautiful you.... πŸ™πŸ’•#hmseekinghim #faith
faith - hmseekinghim - godsizeddream - 1000gifts - believe - hellomornings -
cmdunnam : Thank you. Gonna give it my best shot. Junior high kids are starting to wear me out. :/
amyclaryblog : Yes! I'm seeing His ideas play out because I chose to stop fighting and just let go. I stopped thinking and just started listening and saying "yes", without any clue where it would lead me. This season has been one of the busiest and most fulfilling seasons of my life. I'm loving His wild dreams for me. :) ❀️❀️
amycr44 : @myhappyhomestead so well said! Amen.
justapril7 : Good word! :)
khaynes01 : Love!πŸ’—
grammy_yanara : Thanks for this post :)
awisenanpie : ❀️
graceandwaves : So good.... Amen & thank you for this... πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
kortneylane - livingthelifeiwascalled - lindawdale - rowdywith4farm -
#hmgrow #hellomornings Day 14. #thankfulthursday I'm thankful for my sister, who is my best bud and now loves closer to me. Siblings are a wonderful thing
hmgrow - hellomornings - thankfulthursday -
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πŸ’ͺSOMETHING is always better than NOTHING! πŸ’ͺ For example if you only have 10-15 min still go for it! Go hard and do what you can! Don't wait for LATER to get in a "full" workout because "later" rarely happens! (Right mommas!?!?) πŸ‘‰ Maybe it takes you 3 ×10 min sessions to get a 30 min workout in...but the key is you DID it! ;) Just Saying!! Not speaking from experience or anything. . My workouts ALWAYS go as planned! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
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jannarhobson : #fitmom #fitlife #insideoutfit #faithandfitness #love #nofear #activemom #babywearing #healthyfam #healthymom #bodyafterbaby #thrivemoms #inspiredtoaction #hellomornings #helloexercise #momof2 #weightloss #boymom #girlmom #toddler #healthytoddler #homeworkout #cleaneating #healthy #strongmom #mobsociety #sweatybands #instafit #fatloss #challenge
jennymarie536 : Cool!
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Many of us start our days alone with God, and then there are those of us that have sweet morning companions. Pets, little early riser kiddos, or husbands. Who is rising early with you? #hellomornings #focused15 #godplanmove #repost from @citrusholly with @repostapp --- I always start my day long before the sun with a dog's head heavy in my Indian-style lap. Documenting small details of my day today. Sorry for the overload! #hmseekinghim #OneDayHH #hellomornings #fannypricefish
onedayhh - hmseekinghim - focused15 - godplanmove - repost - hellomornings - fannypricefish -
citrusholly : Awww. Thanks for the repost!
myhappyhomestead : Love it!! My little guy has joined me everyday at the ripe time of 5:15A 😁😱😜gah - time change is not going to be pretty
just_be_clay - mess2masterpiece - marquiscrocker - raesmom05 -
Think on this verse this morning and throughout this day. How great is our God! Do you count everything else a loss compared to his great love? #hellomornings #focused15 #godplanmove #biblestudy
biblestudy - focused15 - hellomornings - godplanmove -
mideastmom - lesliefrancis88 - aleshablessed - islandregency -
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