I am so grateful for the gift of another day! I pray you have a great day! Acknowledge and take to heart this day that the Lord is God in heaven above and on the earth below. There is no other. (‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭4‬:‭39‬ NIV)
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Because whether we think that we can or that we cannot we are usually right!😊 -Henry Ford
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We can learn a lot from our mistakes & failures! They also help us develop wisdom to get back up to do it better! Don't be afraid to fail. It's not by what we accomplish that matters, it's what we overcome in order to accomplish it!😊
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We all have so many things to be thankful for. What are you thankful for today? #hellomornings #godplanmove #focused15 #thankful #blessed #thankfulthursday
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helengullett : Amen! Forever praise!
dageauxsphoto : my amazing church family
sissyscreations : My family and a wonderful husband!
chelidee : My husband comes home from a business trip today.
focusedblessings : Breath! That I may Praise Him another day for ALL the ways He continually blesses me. 😊
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Don't let your worldly possessions become more important that Jesus! Matthew 19 #goodmorning #hellomornings #hmcmg #early #blessed
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It's thankful throwback Thursday - this is my maternal grandmother. I no longer have any grandparents alive but, they all live in my heart daily. I terribly miss them all but, the memories are oh so special. It's crazy to think when my oldest was born she had 4 grandparents, 7 great-grandparents, and 1 great, great grandmother who lived to be 105! We don't think of the things we do on a daily basis as being important but, some of my fondest memories simply involve sitting around kitchen tables, sharing traditional family meals (and, endless amounts of junk food 🙈), learning handicrafts, and running freely through their yards with not a care in the world. As parents and grandparents we are often tempted to 'try' and make great memories or 'buy' the perfect unforgettable gift. The truth is, we never fully know what eternal foot we are leaving behind - but, what I do know is this - I have been blessed! #hmseekinghim #throwback #1000gifts
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myhappyhomestead : #hellomornings #grandparents
simplyblessedmomma : So sweet and true!! I recently lost the last of my grandparents. Such wonderful memories!! ❤️
onatalieolsen : Lovely. I almost posted a picture of my Grandma today, too. She passed away last spring. She helped raise me after my father died, so she was incredibly dear and I am so grateful for her. The memories are all sweet and unforgettable.
daisyllama : Your girls look so much like you!!!
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Good #HelloMornings! Stop drop and be thankful! No mulling this over. Off the cuff, what are 3 things you are #thankful for today? #thankfulthursday #HelloMorningsBelles 1. For a warm bed to roll out of 2. For my husband who makes coffee before I get up 3. That today is #CSA pick up day! YESSS! Bonus: For this guy and his completely hilarious knock knock jokes. #tbt a week ago
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toaprettylife : I'm thankful for my brave daughter who is auditioning for everything possible this year. And for my son, who is a little shy, but also loving and funny and loud. And for my husband, who I miss dreadfully this week as he's out of town (although I'm REALLY enjoying not having to share a bathroom for the first time in my life!)
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#hmgrow #hellomornings Day 19!
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🙋Hi! I Hope that You will #BeEnCouraged as I was this morning. I just had to share this after I read a post by @onatalieolsen. (Please, be sure to click over to her post to read her #EnCouraging Heart-Words too!) She wrote a bit about "keeping a check on negative body talk today" and she also said "...these are a Stretch for me" and my Mind went to This: 🙋Yes! Our Stretch-marks are Beauty-marks from our Precious Gifts, our Children. 🙆Yes, my two Children have Stretched my Beyond my Imagination & left Beauty-marks on my Body and on my Life! 🙌 ❤️🙌Thanking God for my Stretch-marks! Have a JOYfull Day! {💞HUGs} 💚Love Ya! :) #HelloMornings #Moms #Children #BodyImage #selfTalk #hmPRAYers #hmJoyFull #BeautyMarks #StretchMarks
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onatalieolsen : Truth!
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//10.29.2014// In My #Cuppa // Resonating with me this morning is salvation. I drink my morning #cuppatea , organic hibiscus is the choice this morn, and quietly reflect on the scriptures that lead me and the hymns that reach me. // His love reaches me. // Near The Cross is the song of my heart today. // "Jesus, keep me near the cross, There a precious fountain. Free to all - a healing stream, Flows from Calvary's mountain." // Salvation is found ore an ore again when we drink of Christ Jesus. Drink up. // Acts 4:12 (GNV) "Neither is there salvation in any other: for among men there is given none other Name under heaven, whereby we must be saved." #nearerstill #hellomornings #wintersummitcircle
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mrscassanova : Love old hymns.... Beautiful.
susiemm413 : 🙋Good Morning @joyfulsocks Love this #Truth! And #Hymns! #nearerstill #YesLord! And I love your IG name! My #HelloMornings' group is called #hmJoyFull. Have a JOYfull Day! 💞😃💚
raethompson12 : Love this and your tea cup ♡
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Beautiful Lord, we ask for your presence to dwell among us as we seek you in our mornings. We want to gaze on your beauty as we sit at your feet. As we rise from our morning chairs and enter into the day ahead, we long for your presence and glory to be shown to those around us. Amen. #hellomornings #seekhim #focused15 #godplanmove #biblestudy
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susiemm413 : 🙋Amen! God🙏📖🙌🎶📝📒Plan📅✏️📥📤Move🚶🏃💃🙅🙆👯 LoL! ......Hey @hellomornings ☀️Good Morning! Thanks for the #HelloPrayer! Have a JOYfull Day! 💞😃💚Love Ya! :)
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For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. ~Matthew 18:20 (NIV) For my #HelloMornings : I am letting this Truth Soak into me mind, body, it will nourish even my Deepest Roots. "...There Am I With Them." Oh the Deep JOYFULLness of Knowing that I Know...I am Still And IN HIS PRESENCE. HIS: The I AM, My LORD, Keeper of My Soul, Light, KING, LOVE, Emanuel...Yes, GOD IS WITH US. "Be Still and Know that I Am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth." ~Psalm 46:10 This, Psalm 46:10, is a QUOTE by: The Most High, The LORD Almighty, God of Jacob, our fortress. Clap your hands, all you nations; Shout to God with cries of Joy. How Awesome is the LORD Most High, the Great King over all the earth! ~Psalm 47:1-2 (NIV) Blessings! Have a JOYfull Day! {💞HUGs} 💚Love Ya! :)
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susiemm413 : #BibleStudy #hmPRAYers #hmJoyFull #BeStill #KnowThatIamGod #PraiseTheLORD #ShoutsOfJOY
kathyschwanke : The song comes to mind, "clap your hands all you people, shout unto God with a voice of triumph!..." 👏🙌🙏
susiemm413 : @kathyschwanke 🎶Oh 🙋YES!!🎶 👏🙌🙏 😄 So Fun to Worship Our God together this Morning! 💞😃💚
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Set goals & keeping moving closer to them each day! It may get hard but just take little steps. Keep going & don't give up! You will see results! Let us not become weary in doing good,for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9
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fitsistersforlife : @thejennifergriffith @shanmariestewart
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susiemm413 : 👏👏👏❤️ @fitsistersforlife ☀️Have a JOYfull Day! 💞😃💚
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Best tree of the run today! #hellomornings #beautiful #ilovefall #japanesemaple
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susiemm413 : @em_heller 👏👍🍁 Thanks for sharing! Have a JOYfull Day! 💞😃💚 #HelloMornings
ediggidyman03 : @em_heller where was this?
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Thinking of my future daughter-in-law this morning. She will not hate me. #hellomornings
hellomornings -
carlyjo95 : Coming from a "future daughter in law"'s point of view, thank you 🙌
susiemm413 : 👏❤️ @eringandy Love it! Have a JOYfull Day! 💞😃💚 #HelloMornings
iamjoymoy : Yes!! Thank you! 😊
debbobski : Teach him young !
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His work is beautiful! #hellomornings
hellomornings -
susiemm413 : ☀️👏🙌 @monleighb Good #HelloMornings 💞😃💚
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Fear not. I may not know where this trail goes but I know who goes with me. #lifegiver #pastthetest #hellomornings
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susiemm413 : 👍 @juliecooperjbc 🙋Hi! Have a JOYfull Day! 💞😃💚
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Well hello, gorgeous morning. I don't know about you but I woke up so thankful for new mercies (especially in motherhood). Trusting that my God goes before and behind, faithfully guiding and equipping us for our today-calling.
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laragwilliams : #hellomornings #sunrise #newmercies #motherhood #faith #hope #1000gifts #love #journey #trust #morning #inspire
fruitnseason : I needed that reminder of God's omni-proximity {just made up a word}. Thanks, my friend. ❤️
wynneelder : 🙌
susiemm413 : 🙋Good #HelloMornings to You, @laragwilliams! Ha! The first word I said when I saw this photo was "Gorgeous!"🙌 God is a Wondrous Artist! Thanks for sharing your photos and Your ❤️Heart-Words! ☀️Have a JOYfull Day! {💞HUGs} 💚Love Ya! :)
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Good #HelloMornings. As beings made in the likeness of God, let's honor the Creator by showing respect for the bodies we have been given. What choice will you make today to praise God for your own "fearfully and wonderfully" made being? How can you acknowledge the beauty of God's creation in those around you? Make the choice with the most impact to your own circumstances today. Share here to encourage others. I'm choosing to keep check on negative thoughts about my body today and also making it my goal to give a compliment to a stranger-both of these are a stretch for me. (I'll post back for accountability sake!) #WellnessWednesday #HelloMorningsBelles
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msberry_8 : That's a great goal @onatalieolsen. I think I'll compliment a stranger as well. I can also send compliments/encouragements out to some friends today.
blessedgratefulmamma : I need to talk more positively about myself!
susiemm413 : Hi @onatalieolsen! Love this #Truth! And 🙋Good☀️ #HelloMornings to you Sweet Sister! I had a thought while reading this: my eyes jumped from "keep a check on negative thoughts about my body today..." To "these are a Stretch for me." And the image of your Lil' One in my mind... 🙋I thought: Yes! Our Stretch-marks are Beauty-marks from our Precious Gifts, Our Children! 🙆Yes, my 2 Children have Stretched me in ways beyond my Imagination & left their Beauty Marks on my Body and on my Life! 🙌Thanking God for My Stretch-Marks! 💐Thanks for sharing your Heart-Words & photos! ☀️Have a JOYfull Day! {💞HUGs} 💚Love Ya! :)
onatalieolsen : @blessedgratefulmamma yes! I do, too! Our kiddos are listening!
onatalieolsen : @susiemm413 thank you! I didn't even make that connection but it is so true!! I've certainly had to stretch in many ways (including physically) being a mom!
mas_21_sun : I love this challenge. I agree that God speaks of us to love others more than ourselves so I want to make a strangers day also. Our society is so caught up in technology and isolates themselves from communication with others that I feel it is so easy to put our head down and walk by. I want to smile and greet all those I walk by today. It may just make their day.
mas_21_sun : Also, wellness and respect for my body comes with my challenge to avoid sweets in my life for 2 months. You all are thinking that's crazy with the holidays but I was thinking and Jesus sacrificed his life for me, can I not sacrifice a few Christmas cookies until the new year? Healthy life...wish me luck
onatalieolsen : @mas_21_sun that's awesome! I'm going to stick with my stranger complimenting the rest of the week.
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This is the most beautiful verse. ❤️ #hellomornings #hmcmg #lampandlight
hmcmg - lampandlight - hellomornings -
helengullett : ❤️❤️❤️
onatalieolsen : One of the most personally meaningful to me!
mkfrostie : Amen! Pray without ceasing...
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Sometimes we fall off the beaten path - we workout less than we should - we eat all the foods we know we shouldn't- and, sometimes we are handed a set back that makes it impossible to reach our goal. Last #hellomornings challenge I tore my meniscus in my knee making my goal of working out down right impossible - this session I'm up and at umm 💃but, sometimes I'm lacking serious motivation. How do you motivate yourself after a set back? #hmseekinghim #workitwednesday
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livingbreathingbaking : I remember I need to stay healthy and energized for my little one 😊💪
myhappyhomestead : @livingbreathingbaking little ones are certainly a big motivation 💪🙌momma can't get sick - and, if mommas not happy no ones happy 😂😉#truestory
lindawdale : I have more setbacks than I would like because it's so easy to put all of our other daily responsibilities and family needs before our 'work out routines. Now that I only have one 'kid' at home it's so much easier to be selfish and grab those few moments of free time! #lifeofanemptynester #HMSeekingHim
marlenakerwin : I feel SO much better all the way around when I workout & eat good. So that motivates me. I also have free child care at my gym which I highly recommend to all moms to find
awisenanpie : It really helps to have a workout partner or someone who hold you accountable. My sister is that for me. 😊
bg2008 : I'm in my set back right now ! I devoured some Reese cups and now I feel better lol I might work out tomorrow !
perainox4 : You have to find something you love! I prefer dance classes at the gym, or even YouTube for exercise videos if I'm wanting to stay home. If you enjoy it you'll be motivated to get back to it! Also, sign up for a 5k. If you have something to train for you will make yourself do it!
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#hmgrow #hellomornings Day 18, ladies. I apologize for the late post; I had some technical difficulties this morning. Have a wonderful day.
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I ❤️ coffee! ☕️ Well....what I really love is those delicious speciality drinks that have more sugar and flavoring than they do coffee, but sadly they don't help me reach my goals. I have traded those in for coffee brewed at home and have stopped buying flavored coffee after looking at the ingredients. Now I buy 100% ground coffee and sprinkle ground cinnamon on top of it BEFORE I brew it. I put a little stevia extract or maple syrup to sweetened it and either almond milk or dark chocolate almond milk and it's amazing! How do you drink your coffee?
coffee - healthier - eatclean - hellomornings - cleaneating -
michelle_hight : #coffee #hellomornings #healthier #eatclean #cleaneating
dawnschulte : I am going to have to try this!
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Early work shift means I didn't have much time for #hellomornings so I wanted to take some time tonight and work through today's #SheReadsTruth. I think I'm really gonna like the #hospitality study. And I'm finding lots of grace as I letter in my #journalingbible. #journalingbiblecommunity ---------- Also of note- I am so excited because I placed an order for a Bible Cover and bag from @marine_parents and cannot wait to get it. Once it gets here I want to order more pouches from @valeriewieners for my crayons and colored pencils!!!
shereadstruth - journalingbible - journalingbiblecommunity - hellomornings - hospitality -
caroline_north : I am loving the hospitality study too! It's amazing how our view of hospitality has become so skewed.
abrandnewdawn2 : I'm loving the study too. Beautiful page 💗
heavensreef : Looks good- love my journaling Bible. @kristiembrey
hurrigator : I'm really enjoying the hospitality study too. Already I am learning how worldly my perspective on hospitality is.
juliecooperjbc - deaquelynn - revelationwellness - happyhome122284 -
#hmcGo #hellomornings
hmcgo - hellomornings -
iamjoymoy - 1gracenpeace - mrstarawarner -
We may not change over night but we can make a decision to change our direction overnight! And that's the first step! It can be hard & it will probably take time! But when we step out of our comfort zone is when we will begin see change & growth in our lives! Be comfortable being slightly uncomfortable!😊
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shanmariestewart : #faith #pray #devotions #sunrise #goodmorning #hellomornings #devotions #God #keepgrowing #mom #homeschoolmom #homeschoolkids #busymoms #faithfitnessfamily #fitsistersforlife #lifeofamom #educateathome #homeeducate #momoffour #momofmultiples #momlife #enjoythemoment #onedayatatime #sahm #stayathomemom #wahm
bobbijonorris : Wow!
myhappyhomestead : ❤️👍such truth!!
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It's a breakfast and quiet time in my car morning... #hellomornings #hmcmg #lampandlight
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Another day, another reminder to listen to Him. #habitbuilding #hmcmg #hellomornings
hmcmg - habitbuilding - hellomornings -
graceourmoments - kduff517 - msberry_8 - bwillis814 -
Good Morning Sun! #HelloMornings #NewMercies #nofilter
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Worship jam w/ Matthew 17 this morning. #hellomornings #hmcmg #early #leggo #worship #love
early - love - hmcmg - leggo - worship - hellomornings -
graceourmoments : Love that song!
lifeonlakeland - graceourmoments - annampowell - dtorres12096 -
One thing I dislike about myself is a tendency to be a worrier. I've tried hard over the last few years to separate myself from that persona, but it's still there. I'm glad to have a place to release my worries, but now I just have to work on putting them there and leaving them. What practical matters are worrying you? Lay them down at the feet of Jesus and let them go. I'll be laying them down with you in prayer. #HelloMornings #HelloMorningsBelles
hellomorningsbelles - hellomornings -
megobego : Amen!
beckynosbusch : Needed that
cmdunnam - amycr44 - lisadon8 - klizgill -
At a time when everything in the world seems to be half crazy - between volcano eruptions, ISIS, Ebola fears, school shootings, and the daily stresses of life it's no wonder anyone of us is still holding it together. Here's the thing - we can choose to ignore these things, live in fear, panic, or feel pity upon our life's current circumstances - or we can do. We can put our fears at the foot of the cross - we need not be called to a 3rd world country to serve or offer up help - there are plenty of people hurting in your own backyard. There are children who need food just down the street and homeless who have lost their jobs unable to provide for themselves or family's. We are given a choice everyday - the choice to ignore or make a difference. As we begin to enter into such a special time of year- I want to encourage you to stretch beyond your norm - place your fears at the foot of the cross and give unconditionally, serve others, and make a difference - even if that difference is only offering up a smile 😇it might just be the vary thing someone needed.
1000gifts - faithhopelove - hmseekinghim - makeadifference - hellomornings -
myhappyhomestead : @marlenakerwin 😘
jw311 : So true! It's nice to hear kind words from another! It gives me such hope and happiness!!!!!!! 😊
ashliewrites : 🙌🙌💛💛
grammy_yanara : 👍
brenditastearns : Totally agree!! Our own communities may be our very first mission field! (After our family of course)
awisenanpie : ❤️
snailsandponytails : This is so beautiful and so true. I say, Amen! ❤️❤️❤️
whenwereathome : Love this! I've been so stressed since the two soldiers were killed here and I have let the fear creep in. Focusing on loving others is a good distraction...and it helps others too. Thanks for the reminder. <3
maryheff - pdow64 - anayariconnolly - thetuckerbunch -
Alright #hellomornings I finally added the #move part. Trying to not despise small beginnings - the 1 mile that used to be a warm up is now hard enough on its own. It will get easier though! #hmgrow #godplanmove #1mile #getfit
hmgrow - getfit - godplanmove - move - wegotthis - hellomornings - 1mile -
awest3 : My elliptical and I have a love/hate relationship... My days always seem better when I push myself to do it though 😊 #getitgirl 💪
sarahsimplyput : @awest3 🙌 #wegotthis
josheleven11 - b.pearson2014 - iamjoymoy -
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