Convocation with this beauty @urban_lovee 😘 #hellojunioryear
hellojunioryear -
urban_lovee : 😘😘😘
natedogg49 : Jenna ur such a geek
jennachirico : @natedogg49 love you ❀️
natedogg49 : Love u too @jennachirico ❀
4000sketch - nikki_morgan27 - haileyy_craig - shannoncox15 -
good bye summerπŸ˜₯
beautiful - ilivewhereyouvacation - goodbyesummer - speedboatbeach - waves - laketahoe - fuckschool - california - hellojunioryear -
rikkipartain : #goodbyesummer #hellojunioryear #fuckschool #speedboatbeach #laketahoe #california #waves #beautiful #ilivewhereyouvacation
emmmmmmers : Oh this picture thooo πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
ohheyitssunshine : 😍😍
molliwalsleben - anaelleptr - nickjoslin - thenotoriousb.i.g.g.a.r -
Wasn't ready, but I finally got my hug from John Sexton!!! XD #NYUWelcomeWeek #j-sex #hellojunioryear
nyuwelcomeweek - j - hellojunioryear -
cristinadls563 : No fair!!
almontemelissa : You should have been in kimmel! He passed by and took pics with a bunch of us.
theoriginalpq - victoriasofiaennab - julia_qiao - _dangerous_person_ -
Obligatory #firstdayofschool and #ootd pic because majority of my classes are today! Let's get this upperclass train rolling! πŸ˜‰πŸ’πŸš‚ #college #hellojunioryear #fsu #hospitalitygirl #pinkandgold #prep
pinkandgold - firstdayofschool - college - fsu - ootd - hospitalitygirl - hellojunioryear - prep -
mariahwallis3 : Ew.... You look cute
jules9312 : Thank you sissy!! 😘 @mariahwallis3
candicedutton - ahoylavoy - jennypetty93 - alexisspivak -
First day of Junior Year. :) #byesummer #Hellojunioryear #leggo
leggo - byesummer - hellojunioryear -
probie1996 : I'm gonna miss bugging you everyday :)
michaelaeakin : You irrated the hell outta me dude
james_r_johnson - kerrigan_judy - probie1996 - karlie_madison69 -
Coffee with this goof because I only have two classes today πŸ™Œ #hellojunioryear
hellojunioryear -
heyyitsjared - bhperki - jillybean937 - vivecaaax -
Starting our junior year together! Love, love, l o v e her! πŸ’™ #ODU16 #hellojunioryear #monarchs
monarchs - odu16 - hellojunioryear -
m_farmmm : LOVE YOU 😍😘
jess_young94 - alexismetzgar - claire.bear.2004 - alexisalbright5 -
jewelster44's the day:3 #summerisover#hellojunioryear
summerisover - hellojunioryear -
shine_on_top : πŸ˜žπŸ’‹β€πŸ‘βœ‹
humble_story_ - juniorbenzant_ - panamaprincesa012 - rafael.q.m507 -
Well this summer has been nothing short of incredible! Made lifetime friendships, got out of my comfort zone, and saw a little bit more of the world in Ocean City, Maryland! Sad to see it go, but so ready for this next season of my life! #byesummer #hellojunioryear #cantbelieveit #geauxtigers
cantbelieveit - geauxtigers - byesummer - hellojunioryear -
jmjomackey - nickimgrif - ginnamercer - taylorboggess -
Honestly this summer was the best I've ever experienced. Now lets begin a new school and crush it! πŸ’ͺπŸ˜†πŸ˜€ #byebyesummber #hellojunioryear
byebyesummber - hellojunioryear -
jasminematta - chey_a_elli - axtoonn - bby_cal -
Last day of summer with this guy πŸ˜‹πŸ’™πŸΈ #hellojunioryear
hellojunioryear -
stacilyon_ : 😍😍😍😍😍
itseviebetch - alanabrooke1 - lee_kissel_ - druggieri1 -
Sad to say goodbye but so happy to be back here!πŸ’ž#goodbyesummer #hellojunioryear
goodbyesummer - hellojunioryear -
emmakmurphy : @phoebe.vatis I'm so glad you're back!!! I should be there in a week or two!
phoebe.vatis : @emmakmurphy can't wait to see you George! Hope you heal fast!
skater.charlotte : Is that boarding school?
phoebe.vatis : @skater.charlotte yes
figureskating_wahine - xiaohanzhan - shortlittlemormon - jessicajornaes -
Since school starts tomorrow.. Selfies from my last week of summer πŸ’ž #selfies#flipagram#lastweekofsummer#byebye#byesummer#pleasecomeback#hellojunioryear#helloschool#ihateyou#pleaseleave#likeforlike#loveit#likeit#brave#music#me#yep#mhm
brave - lastweekofsummer - loveit - flipagram - helloschool - selfies - pleasecomeback - pleaseleave - byebye - hellojunioryear - yep - me - mhm - likeit - ihateyou - music - byesummer - likeforlike -
diall19427409 - redneckbabe143 - jimrobidoux - kyley98 -
The #worst feeling in the world. #hellojunioryear
worst - hellojunioryear -
hirasaya93 : @sannaansarii tell me about it. I can't sleep till like 5am!
hirasaya93 : And I wanna watch shows and chill, not sit in classes :(
sannaansarii : IKR! There's so much to do. So many movies to watch. Urghh!
hirasaya93 : I still have to finish game of thrones :( @sannaansarii
sannaansarii : Which classes do you have tomorrow?
hirasaya93 : De, brand management and then managerial accounts.
sannaansarii : The next season won't be out until April next year, you have all the time in the world :p
hirasaya93 : I wanna finish all of it by this week! @sannaansarii. I started last week, just have season 4 left.
b.clicks - mirasad19 - ifrahmesiya - symaunus -
last night in h香ng kζΈ―ng with these girls πŸΈπŸ‰ #localschooldropouts #summersover #hellojunioryear #summer2014
localschooldropouts - summersover - summer2014 - hellojunioryear -
syasa - carman_ma - ngai_of_the_tiger - samming_ -
I wouldn't trade it for anything // #byesummer #hellojunioryear
byesummer - hellojunioryear -
omgmacy - vivss - andersonsuzi - oliviaaoram -
#tbt to brighter days and #dippindots #byebyesummer #hellojunioryear
dippindots - byebyesummer - tbt - hellojunioryear -
xsweetddalki - 6feetofjan - isaiah6559 - yyyoul -
#tbt to fun times with these girls! Can't wait to be with everyone so soon! #thebeSDT #goodbyesunmer #hellojunioryear β€οΈπŸ‘ŠπŸŽ‰
thebesdt - goodbyesunmer - tbt - hellojunioryear -
randapanda_12 : cuties!!!!
avitalbenson : Ahhhh πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
emilykeyess : Time for you to get here!!!!
ngg01 : ^^what Emily said‼️
noahsrour - blairlroth - roarlinsky - rebijord -
Just got a new haircut for the school year! #goodbyeafro #HelloJunioryear!
goodbyeafro - hellojunioryear -
abigaillmorrison - elisabethmorrison - matti.maee - rachell.nicolee -
First day of @matmat4444 sophomore year and my junior year! Cannot wait to make more memories with my bestfriend❀️❀️❀️❀️ #hellojunioryear #hellosophomoreyear
hellosophomoreyear - hellojunioryear -
marissa__johnson1 : Lake your so gorgeous ! 😍
lakelynteal : Well thank you!β˜ΊοΈπŸ™ˆ @princess__marissa_
ty5hemp - imkaileyy - allykat5467 - sarahcaroline04 -
🎢My sweet summer is gone🎢 #hellojunioryear #byesummer2k14 #Youwillbemissed #hollister #selfie #snapchat = davramenko
byesummer2k14 - hellojunioryear - hollister - selfie - youwillbemissed - snapchat -
dave_microwave : Definitely!!! @_get_active_ haha
julieshim_ : Is your sister or cousin named Christina? Well if it is, I'm very sorry about what happened to her in Brazil. @dave_microwave
dave_microwave : Yea,but what happened to her??? @julieshim_
julieshim_ : She went to brazil for a missioary thing and now shes missing... is she your sister? @dave_microwave
dave_microwave : Cousin @julieshim_
julieshim_ : Oh,ok, well I hope her dad finds her
dave_microwave : Me too @julieshim_
julieshim_ : Well thank God she's alive, but she wants to live in Brazil now cuz she found a guy there or something...guess she freaked everyone out for no reason :\ @dave_microwave
tara_ian - ryamal_00 - dianabzkn - danandrewss -
Only been back in Boston for 20 mins and obv already made my way down to the esplanade #hellojunioryear
hellojunioryear -
chandlerbordick : Wahhoooo this makes me happy
schmidtc : "Beach"
ath026 - schmidtc - beckybeth4 - abbi_leighton -
We live in cities you'll never see on screen. Not very pretty but we sure know how to run thingsπŸŒƒ.#preachinglorde #asian #ootn #Zara #summer2014 #goodbyesummer #hellojunioryear
goodbyesummer - summer2014 - asian - hellojunioryear - zara - preachinglorde - ootn -
muhdnazmiar : Fuyoooooo
xinxingtan : Lololol hai. #mintensity
wenchuan_lee : @itvern Lolll so Lorde. Do one for passion pit next :P (I get carried awayyyyyyy, carried awayyyyy)
weijingbob : Holysheeet
wenchuan_lee - milkingsheep - adrianasyaira - choonthye -
It's been a great summer glad to spend it with the people who make me most happy! It's been real summer 2K14✌️❀️ #hellojunioryear
hellojunioryear -
ashyytodd - shesacannon20 - hey_its_christen12 - makaylarogers17 -
new chapter. junior year. here i come ➸ #goodbyesummer #hellojunioryear #newchapter #byesummerstaff #workgrind #futurespeechtherapist #gnamakeit #workinghard #selfië
goodbyesummer - gnamakeit - futurespeechtherapist - byesummerstaff - newchapter - workgrind - hellojunioryear - workinghard - selfiΓ« -
fayemariiie : @elliemariiie 😍😍😍
itsmuhleeyuh - micah_hernandez52 - whill_rd4 - greenbrit -
A year can make such a difference #HelloJuniorYear
hellojunioryear -
emilyyyyjane : Gahhh y u look so pretty?!
alanakirks : @emilyyyyjane Awhhh, thank you!! And I have no idea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sparliecherry : You are soo gorgeous Alana
alanakirks : No you are @sparliecherry πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ˜˜
kennadyo : You're so pretty
alanakirks : Thank you Kennedy! πŸ’— @kennadyo
alanakirks : *kennady sorrrrryyy
esuep13 - kennadyo - kselbs7 - jamielynngough -
Just a few memories of Summer 2014! Sure gonna miss some of these people but start at my new school tomorrow! #byesummer #hellojunioryear
byesummer - hellojunioryear -
d33rslay3r : Hey I'm in there😊
kaylee_brooke156 : Duh! Couldn't leave you out(: @d33rslay3r
michelle_krutza : Omg send me that pic!
jordan_mcham_17 : Dude...I miss you!
kaylee_brooke156 : I miss you.. @jordan_mcham_17
jessesgirl_001 - shelby_lachelle - maria_dejesus17 - mmp_williams -
pleasebegood - hellojunioryear - goodbye - summer2k14 -
dani_brewster98 : This summer was filled with a lot of hard goodbyes or me but also some of the best and most unforgettable memories. So one last goodbye... Goodbye to summer 2k14. πŸ˜” Thank you to all of you that made this summer great. β˜€οΈπŸ’— #summer2k14 #goodbye #hellojunioryear #pleasebegood
khalphan - altynaimukaeva - realmissalexis - -
Summer don't leaveπŸ˜­πŸŒΊπŸ πŸ™ #dontwanttogoback #hellojunioryear #letsdothis
dontwanttogoback - letsdothis - hellojunioryear -
luciachiapet : Ur so cute 😘
ali343 : Daw not as cute as you πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ @takeiteasybreh
belucostogianis - akna222 - fahima_atr - david_yevenes -
The before and after of changing my hair back to normal/: Summer 2014 you were pretty chill, so not ready for school tomorrow. |Tell me were you're hiding your voodoo doll, because I can't control myself. I don't wanna stay, wanna run away, but I'm trapped under your spell.| #goodbyesummer2014 #hellojunioryear #summer #hairchange #newhair #hairdye #highschool #stupidprivateschool #selfie #before #after #5sos #5sosfam #5secondsofsummer #voodoodall
summer - 5sosfam - newhair - voodoodall - selfie - after - goodbyesummer2014 - hairdye - 5secondsofsummer - 5sos - hellojunioryear - stupidprivateschool - highschool - hairchange - before -
defying_gravity813 : Ok...I liked the old..but I really like ur hair that color too! Looks good!
smashme_ash : @defying_gravity813 aww thanks sarah!
jillian_lenczewski - zyc_bez_zalu - maggie_himmel - liizzy_galetto -
Saying goodbye to this stud right here has definitely been the hardest part of getting ready for my move back to Chapel Hill for junior year. The summer has flown by but it's been the best one yet thanks to my sweet #mcm. Can't wait to see what the school year has in store for both of us! πŸ’ž #lovehim #hellojunioryear
lovehim - mcm - hellojunioryear -
carsonlynne93 : Are you at red bull?!
sgdunc263 : We were, yeah! We had date night there!
midgetgibber - danjaaa17 - duhh_its_d - elizabeth.g24 -
This summer had it's ups and downs but all in all ... It was ok. I'm glad I got to spend time with my true friends. And I couldn't ask for better people in my life. Now here's a picture of caity and I from the fair. @danceandsoccergurl1998 #goodbyesummer2014 #hellojunioryear
goodbyesummer2014 - hellojunioryear -
cphscompliments - danceandsoccergurl1998 - ismail_liefde -
First day of school selfie #imstandingonthetoilet #imshort #hellojunioryear
imstandingonthetoilet - imshort - hellojunioryear -
sourcheese34 : Toilets selfies, classy! 😏🎩
meggiepoohkinz : @sourcheese34 Very classy πŸ‘ Pinkies out
xrstuvwxyzx - guccirabbi - larz_oakley - tyler16james -
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