Went on a bit of a ride today with @ddelany there were highs and real big lows but good thing dev was able to work extra hard to get me home thanks bud! Haha #tourdeokanagan #anarchistmountain #hellclimb #headwindfromhell #getawaysticks #notgettingawayanywhere
anarchistmountain - notgettingawayanywhere - getawaysticks - hellclimb - tourdeokanagan - headwindfromhell -
haawk : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ #waytogodad
chefowenfoster : That's mega
chefowenfoster : Cred
chefowenfoster : #legit
sarahhopemaecarter : Sweet!! My favourite hill climb in the OK. Nice job boys๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿšด๐Ÿป
timmyinthewell : Nice work!
shanerah : Ya bud
sydneygormley : #machines
cheeseburgerpav - devonsamson - cartwrightfive - sdleigh13 -
Fly into the sky ! ใƒ’ใƒซใ‚ฏใƒฉใ‚คใƒ ใ‚‚ๅบฆใ‚’่ถ…ใˆใ‚‹ใจ่กŒใ็€ใๅ…ˆใฏๅคฉ็ฉบใ‹ใ€‚Taxiใ‚„Wild Speedใ‚‚ใ ใ„ใŸใ„ๆœ€ๅพŒใฏ็ฉบใ‚’้ฃ›ใถใ€‚#้ขจๅผตๆž—้“ #ๆฟ€ๅ‚ #hellclimb #wolvh
ๆฟ€ๅ‚ - hellclimb - wolvh - ้ขจๅผตๆž—้“ -
k_____m_____ - kata_ya_ma - fabri_burton -
Race day. 19 degrees and beautiful outside. Challenging and fun run. Glad to be warm again! #getoutside #outdoors #nature #explore #adventure #run #running #fitmom #fitness #raceday #hellclimb #blueridgeoutdoors #myblueridge #sunrise #Virginia #neverstopexploring #fluffyclouds
run - nature - fitness - virginia - fitmom - myblueridge - explore - getoutside - adventure - raceday - sunrise - neverstopexploring - running - blueridgeoutdoors - outdoors - hellclimb - fluffyclouds -
adventures_of_annie : Thank you, @trishka_b! Race is over and I am already warm at home. ๐Ÿ˜Š
fit_healthy_mom2 : Greatpic : ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ
nikitamarie_fitness : nice work!
fitmamaof6 : awesome :)
naturally.amy - carlysedgwick - whirl_up_sea - sandrinatiger -
There's an EAI under there somewhere I think. #dasradklub #Bridgestone #EAI #hellclimb
eai - hellclimb - bridgestone - dasradklub -
monkdagola : #GrimeScene
lew_andowski - golden2620 - powleo_ - gamekeepermanz -
Suicide Mission #HellClimb #healthy #MechanicalAnimal #dumb #staymedicated #happiness #gift #wonder #Stoned
mechanicalanimal - gift - healthy - staymedicated - dumb - stoned - hellclimb - happiness - wonder -
tidurduluan : Tong bari hitut tam
viadewis : Jiwa kemonyetannya ughhh!
feryfaujia : Tam bagi kontak @oktam_arif
monicashanaz - bellamutiaa - viadewis - _mr.frankenstein_ -
Went exploring this morning but I probably shouldn't have gone this way: the "track" turned into an overgrown gorse-infested hike-a-bike mission over 500m of altitude gain. Going down, though, well that's a different story. ๐Ÿ˜› #mtb #christchurch #hellclimb
mtb - hellclimb - christchurch -
watchboximages : @makkreative you are going to need some lessons on "how to stand your bike up on its own" from the master @ikapture ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ“ท
kamowilliams : Seat post height much?? @makkreative
makkreative : @kamowilliams I needed all the leverage I could get up that bloody hill ๐Ÿ˜‚
paul27m - kimmayy_g - lois_santome - briggsy_259 -
#nzrocks #hellclimb
hellclimb - nzrocks -
mooncomoon : That Place Looks Awesome
jamesdramey - glutenfreedouchebag - electriceunice - dalemcdale -
San Jaun Trail #mtb #teamextreme #clevelandnationalforest #hellclimb #prettymuchpro
mtb - clevelandnationalforest - teamextreme - prettymuchpro - hellclimb -
volumeken : @ctk667 @kyrie009
demondirt : Great pic!.. We would love to see you in Demon protective gear, maybe you're interested in joining our team... Email me (Ricky) for more info. #Demonsaves.
minskavikt : Wow! Haha, looks awesome! ๐Ÿ‘Œ
idangel : ๐Ÿ™Œ
jesco_james - chrisdangergranger - mildredcrespi - samu_figueroa -
Congrats to Luke for taking the win for the 'bros' at this year's Hell climb, the final fixed gear race in a busy Bristol calendar. National standard Rob took the 'pro' win in the pink & blue too! #DASRADKLUB #DRK13 #BRISTOL #CYCLING #FOREVERPEDALLING #HAVINGFUNONBIKES #RIDEANDDISCOVER #HELLCLIMB #HELLCLIMB2014
hellclimb2014 - foreverpedalling - cycling - rideanddiscover - drk13 - bristol - dasradklub - hellclimb - havingfunonbikes -
borek1993 : Really good ride from @lpenny95 !!!
bristoljim - js_lee6601 - welshyorker - cyclelikeagirl -
Finally took the win in the #hellclimb after a few years trying. Well done @lpenny95 winning the bros category! #fixedgear #hillclimb #racing #cinelli #dasradklub #mash #hellclimb2014
hellclimb2014 - cinelli - hillclimb - mash - dasradklub - hellclimb - racing - fixedgear -
borek1993 : Thanks @davideleoni for pictures!
dave_noakes : Well done dude!
corbah_usa : What filter is this?
fcpcoffee : Good job buddy!
davideleoni : @borek1993 Washington a pleasure, sure easier than climb the hell with a fixes gear ;)
davideleoni : Was a not Washington
hanisek_18 - horrrro - antoine_di_chiara - ledomtours -
Highlight of the #hellclimb was getting a mince pie stuffed in my arse crack #singlespeed #hillclimb #dundry
dundry - hellclimb - hillclimb - singlespeed -
fixationlondon : Good stuff! If you have a moment take a look at our profile, loads of great bike shots for a new brand being launched later this year! Cheers!
briscyclerist - vickipickle - harrisonscasual - spharellweare -
This guy @borek1993 turned up late, took the win and the #GiletOfPower #HellClimb #FixedGear #cyclingshit #242 #WeekendWinner #UpUpUp #Bristol #ForeverPedalling
upupup - foreverpedalling - weekendwinner - cyclingshit - bristol - 242 - hellclimb - giletofpower - fixedgear -
borek1993 : Cheers dude
clay_bs7 : hell yes. very cool.
gamekeepermanz : #RADSATANRIDES
stephenbb - borek1993 - booomu - gamekeepermanz -
Today I cycled up a big #hill dressed like a #banana in the freezing cold, and got pelted with #MincePies thanks @bobbyjhoops #MakeLikeABanana #HellClimb #FixedGear #HillClimb #Race #Cycling #cyclingshit #Bristol #Dundry #UpUpUp #ForeverPedalling
upupup - foreverpedalling - cycling - hillclimb - dundry - stolenfrominstagram - cyclingshit - race - makelikeabanana - hill - bristol - mincepies - hellclimb - banana - fixedgear -
monkdagola : #StolenFromInstagram sorry @briscyclerist
iamacreativ : Cool!
waynefixed - darealchung - fxdfshn -
Best dressed man went to @monkdagola at the #hellclimb today #banana #split
hellclimb - banana - split -
golden2620 : haha chuckling my arse off here :)
xbeardxloverx : Dat (yellow) ass!:-P
dubonab1ke : That made me laugh!!! Brilliant
chris.ridesbikes - bbtpingu - gageandfamous - izzyrennie -
Post #hellclimb & #xmasdo recovery meal #meaty #cheesy
hellclimb - xmasdo - cheesy - meaty -
briscyclerist - jonesy_eurocartel - vagseany - roryray1 -
Action Shot. #hellclimb #hellclimb2014 #fixedgear #fixie #fixedforwinter #dundry #bristol #cycling #bristolsouthcc #cycling
hellclimb2014 - cycling - bristol - dundry - bristolsouthcc - fixedgear - fixie - hellclimb - fixedforwinter -
briscyclerist : So good
satchandfable - _alfronce_ - 1gearbikes - fxdfshn -
Loving The Climb. #hellclimb #hellclimb2014 #hillclimbing #dundry #trackdopouts #tdo #bristol #fixedgear
hellclimb2014 - tdo - trackdopouts - dundry - hillclimbing - bristol - hellclimb - fixedgear -
prince_rock : Official club fly catcher ๐Ÿ˜Š
briscyclerist : @edtrotman your and @zapp_kirsty IG game is on point ๐Ÿ‘Œ
zapp_kirsty : @briscyclerist thanks Cuff!! But you don't have to pretend that Ed's are good...
edtrotman : @briscyclerist @zapp_kirsty ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜›
melissagreen09rffr : hi. i am single. lets chat? follow me or add me kik sexydiva909
champsys - littletravellingfeat - prince_rock - moyatommy -
First #hillclimb completed, came dead last. So happy, I won a bell. Thanks to @briscyclerist and @agirlandabicycle for organising it, keen to ride more! #hellclimb
hellclimb - hillclimb -
briscyclerist : Cheers for coming mate!
rob_tadman : Are you naked in the reflection of your new bell?!
red.gloved.rider : Good eyes @rob_tadman
briscyclerist - agirlandabicycle -
GEDDON @borek1993 #hellclimb #vscocam
hellclimb - vscocam -
ginger_wheels : Shame im in devon for this
zapp_kirsty : @ginger_wheels thought i might have seen ya!!
agirlandabicycle - alwaysapleasure - edtrotman - sophierosenaps -
#hellclimb #smasher #trackdropouts
hellclimb - trackdropouts - smasher -
kat_moochy - edtrotman -
Hell Climb. #thegiletofpower #hellclimb #hellclimb2014 #bristol #fixedgear #fixie #fixedforwinter #cycling
hellclimb2014 - cycling - bristol - thegiletofpower - fixedforwinter - fixie - hellclimb - fixedgear -
chrispunk : When's this?
edtrotman : @chrispunk today!
reiniseizenbardis - ghost_in_the_spoke - littletravellingfeat - fcpcoffee -
Alright then, let's do this. Do I get a prize for having the oldest bike? #hellclimb #bristol #singlespeed #fixiebike #viscount
singlespeed - hellclimb - fixiebike - bristol - viscount -
borek1993 - jingq0111 - gageandfamous - spsharron -
Crazy bitch be climbing hills! Ok, so we're hosting this years Hell Climb and won't be competing, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. As the only girl that rode this last year I plead for you to get up, get your bike and ride up a hill. If that's not enough there's mince pies and a pub at the top ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™‹ #hellclimb #hills #hillclimb #hat #fixed #bristol #blonde #girlswhoride #crazyface #hatehills #rideyourbike #havealaugh #agirlandabicycle
havealaugh - hatehills - hills - crazyface - rideyourbike - girlswhoride - bristol - hellclimb - blonde - fixed - hat - agirlandabicycle - hillclimb -
gamma.rayz : @agirlandabicycle where/when is this x
agirlandabicycle : Haha it's today @gamma.rayz! Hell Climb in Bristol up to Dundry :)
gamma.rayz : @agirlandabicycle ahhhh rubbish if I had known I would have popped down! Direct train from where I am to Bristol!! X
kezzzzer : My car can barely make that hill let alone my bike ๐Ÿ˜‚ fair play to anyone doing it #mentalists
vanjastace : rad
davidthompson54 : @gofastergaby one for you perhaps?
imacandrego : I like to get such hoodie
velo_creek - galazio_teras - huntbikes -
Race prep for @katiemack10 now! Never waste a good book #workshop #hellclimb #spintowin #dolan #fixie
hellclimb - workshop - fixie - spintowin - dolan -
izzyrennie : @briscyclerist ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜€
borek1993 : whats the book for???
briscyclerist : @izzyrennie ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿšต๐Ÿ’จ
briscyclerist : @borek1993 gotta get that chain tension and wheel alignment ๐Ÿ‘Œ
izzyrennie : @borek1993 @briscyclerist you can push me up at the end!
briscyclerist : @izzyrennie I'm sure u won't need it!
borek1993 : @izzyrennie you will smash it!
monkdagola : @briscyclerist #CuffsCycleHire #SoLols #ActualDude
adshh - chris.ridesbikes - gageandfamous - littletravellingfeat -
Tightest of clearances for @monkdagola #hellclimb machine tomorrow and remember #bikes are for #riding not polishing! #getoutthere #fixed #hillclimb #continentaltyres
bikes - hillclimb - riding - hellclimb - fixed - continentaltyres - getoutthere -
ginger_wheels : Same as my cervelo lol
briscyclerist : @ginger_wheels u in Bristol with a track bike tomorrow? Hell Climb from Highridge on to Dundry at 12zzz
ginger_wheels : @briscyclerist dont own one atm will be in bristol mon - fri then back up in jan for good
mattridgway : Smash it big man x
briscyclerist : @mattridgway @agirlandabicycle and I are organising mate so just shouting go and eating mince pies for me ๐Ÿ’ช
briscyclerist : @ginger_wheels fair enough mate! Bristol is the place to be.
dexternorley : @briscyclerist rizzla paper gap!!
beardedsprocket : Ooof!
arcadebrand - mantasfitness - gageandfamous - chris.ridesbikes -
Last minute spoke cards for tomorrow's Hell Climb! Sign on from 11:30am, firs rider off at 12:01. It's a hill climb, 1.6 miles long. Grab a hand out 3/4 of the way up to bag yourself a prize. 3 categories; pros, bros and hoes! #hellclimb #fixie #hillclimb #singlespeed #onegear #hills #climbing #spokecards #artwork #diy #bristol
climbing - hillclimb - spokecards - diy - bristol - artwork - hellclimb - onegear - singlespeed - fixie - hills -
jakobkuehne94 : great picture!
f.stopper : Working so can't make it!
schwinning_ : nice photo!
carolinecrookeswest - k.wassermann - 1gearbikes - fxdfshn -
Huge thank you to @roadccdave for sorting us out with some awesome spot prizes for the Hell Climb this Sunday! #hellclimb #hillclimb #prizes #roadcc #cycling #onegear #hill #bristol #wiggle #castelli #lezyne #cyclingsocks #cyclingcap #nuun #pump #musette #hellclimb2014
roadcc - hillclimb - cyclingcap - lezyne - wiggle - prizes - onegear - castelli - hellclimb2014 - cycling - pump - nuun - hill - bristol - hellclimb - musette - cyclingsocks -
edtrotman : Top Bloke!
nuunguatemala - stitch_mi_lane - sambb18 -
My first training for my first #hellclimb rained off.
hellclimb -
nick_clare : Wimp
mike_arme - pedrogranjalopes -
It's on, check out the 'Hell Climb 2014' FB page is live so add yourselves/anybody else to it! #hellclimb #fixed #fixie #bristol
hellclimb - fixed - bristol - fixie -
briscyclerist : @katiemack10 u need to gt on this!
katiemack10 : @briscyclerist I don't own a fixie!
briscyclerist : @agirlandabicycle might have a spare one.....
agirlandabicycle : Yep, borrow mine @katiemack10. Can pop it round later in the week of you wanted to get used to it a bit beforehand! Do it for the girls ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ™…
katiemack10 : @briscyclerist @agirlandabicycle Well don't you two have it all thought through! Let me go scope the climb out on Wednesday after school before i agree to anything.
james_thebarber_turnor - katiemack10 - the_steve_ - cmbkofficial -
#HellClimb is approaching. Finished the poster last night. #BikeRace #HillClimb #Cycling #FixedGear #UpUpUp #Rad #DoAClimb check checkout Facebook event for details #CovetedJacket
bikerace - upupup - rad - cycling - hillclimb - doaclimb - hellclimb - covetedjacket - fixedgear -
constant_changes : Does it say 14? Next Sunday?
briscyclerist : @constant_changes yea next Sunday! Minimal notice but hopefully everyone will be up for it!
constant_changes : As always I'd love to make it but once again doubt I will :(
monkdagola : @constant_changes many shame, such sad
pro_tour_cycling : Cool!
pro_tour_cycling : Sweet!
pro_tour_cycling : Awesome!
pro_tour_cycling : Nice!
golden2620 - fcpcoffee - cagliarifixed - constant_changes -
It's coming #hellclimb #upupup shout out to @monkdagola for the artwork. One gear, one climb and the jacket is up for grabs!
hellclimb - upupup -
borek1993 : GILET OF POWER
jonsteel24 : Good work @monkdagola ๐Ÿ‘บ
beardedsprocket - monkdagola - ryanxjames - xbeardxloverx -
Myself and @agirlandabicycle havecyaken on #hellclimb from @hamiltonwheelers this year. Get the date in the diary more info on the way! #fixed #bristol #upupup
hellclimb - fixed - bristol - upupup -
bobbyjhoops : I still have a load of hollar for a dollar handup dollar bills from last year somewhere!
briscyclerist : @bobbyjhoops are you around? Could be requesting your services again this year!
bobbyjhoops : I think so. Need to run it past the boss, as it's the day after her bday. I think she's workin though, so don't foresee any issues.
briscyclerist : Ok mate cheers! Anything planned for the old girl?! Haha.
minii_jenn : Yes! Lunch in town at 2pm on the 13th. Venue TBC.
coopeskona - lluuccyy85 - xbeardxloverx - dexter_yo -
It's not over ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿšฒ #hellclimb #dundry #fixedgear #singlespeed #hillclimb
singlespeed - hellclimb - fixedgear - dundry - hillclimb -
jonsteel24 : #hellclimbiscoming
borek1993 : Oh hellllll yeah.
golden2620 : day after hammer, awww yeah!
briscyclerist : @golden2620 fixed gear double header!
danalford : @borek1993 oh hell no!! I though I'd seen the back of hill climbing for a while!!
borek1993 : Ha, me too. I have taken my mega hill climb machine apart too. :-(
fixationlondon : Good stuff! If you have a moment take a look at our profile, loads of great bike shots for a new brand being launched later this year! Cheers!
chris.ridesbikes - pedallinggear - pellapella - gamekeepermanz -
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