Just trimmed 2 inches off my babygurls @generationrx_bitchhh beautiful hair....she's got so much hair on that head! As much as #cousinIt love my baby! #longhairdontcare #goodhair #nativeamerican #mexicanamerican #africanamerican #lovelylocks #hellalong #beautiful #crowningglory
cousinit - beautiful - nativeamerican - hellalong - longhairdontcare - crowningglory - mexicanamerican - lovelylocks - goodhair - africanamerican -
djmaddod - fitjill1129 - etchedmagazine -
11 packs (blackand gold), 5 hours, 2 combs, 1 mirror a single hair tie....and ya gurl is finished. #braidsRback #didthat #idomyown #protectivestyles #onabudget #hellalong #bunisgonnabeheavy #noworriesforamonth #onthego
bunisgonnabeheavy - onthego - noworriesforamonth - hellalong - idomyown - braidsrback - onabudget - protectivestyles - didthat -
neci2real : Can I get next?!
mahlizah : @neci2real hahaha yup!
neci2real : Ima need you to not live so far though! lol
mahlizah : @neci2real u not messin with galt? Haha
neci2real : Lol how far is that from the Bay? HELLA FAR!
b_to_the - stephanie_sayss - knarie_ - rolovethakid_will -
They say if you love something, let it go. If it comes back, then it's yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never meant to be..We always find our way back to eachother, even when we say we're done or we can't do this. It always seems like a lie. Maybe that's why we can't let go of eachother and maybe because we're meant to be. We have more ups and downs than a roller coaster but no matter the twist or turn we've always rode it out together through the good and bad. We've always been there for eachother when it counted especially if one of us needed the other. There's so many thoughts and emotions that run through my head when I look at her. There's so much about this girl I could say. So damn much. She can be an ass and she can be stubborn. Like very lol but she's also sweet and funny and such a beautiful girl inside and out. The best part is she's totally inlove with me. Whether that be a good or bad thing for her lol. I know I can be a brat and a big ass sometimes but like you said I'm your asshole and brat. I know I make stupid decisions and I put us through a lot of shit but somehow you still love me at the end of the day. We've gone through a lot in just about the 10 months I've known you. More than Id like to admit. Somehow we always end up stronger. I think everyone comes in your life for a reason, maybe to open your eyes to some things and well I'm glad you came into mine. Since I've met you we've helped eachother grow so much, as ppl and also as together. I think it's funny when ppl ask us what we are because we never know what to say and it may seem complicated to someone else but to us it's never been complicated because we know what we are and some ppl might not understand that but it's okay Bc they ain't us or ever will be. I love you with all my heart, body, soul and I'll never stop. I'll keep going till forever stops being forever. I'm inlove with you and I never thought I could love a person this much but you showed me I could. That takes something special and well you are special.. You're my wrinkly bunny, you're my anything and everything Chey... And I know I'll say it a million more times, I love you❀️🐰#wcw #lesbian #hellalong #whoknows
whoknows - lesbian - wcw - hellalong -
dsullivanx3 : Beautifully said! Love always finds a way and I am so thankful you have found yours! Love is never easy but two people working together, embracing the flaws, understanding not one person is flawless. I was with your parents the day you were born, as your mom was my best friend, and I am so proud of the young woman you have become!! @megzican297
megzican297 : I agree with that completely and thank you! ☺️ @dsullivanx3
carlycullerr_ - _goodenough4u - eb_lane_kennedy - caseyrenee59 -
Never planned on posting this but Jesus Christ I miss my nails. I literally get reminded of them everyday. #naturalnails #vibing #twothingsimmissing #hellalong
naturalnails - vibing - hellalong - twothingsimmissing -
mat_from_the_trap07 - vieuxsoul - philos.ophy - buossed -
#DesertPinesHighSchool #onTheField #ClassOf05 #walkingWithPeople ain't seen in #Years #WalkinonTheField #footballField #HellaLong 10 year #reunion #LasVegas #BornAndRaised #StayInSchool #doCoolShit #Live #love #TurnUp #TeamRyzeNgrind
bornandraised - love - walkingwithpeople - turnup - footballfield - hellalong - years - stayinschool - teamryzengrind - reunion - desertpineshighschool - classof05 - walkinonthefield - live - onthefield - docoolshit - lasvegas -
jessicalynnc13 - marmar992 - daliasperez - tomm_britt95 -
13 years being married isn't too long but being together for a total of 20 years is #hellalong, especially being with this guy! Happy anniversary my honey! Even though you irk me, irritate me, & drive me insane, I wouldn't have you any other way cuz you still make me happy, make me smile & the best still fricken spoil me! I love you till no end. Cheers to many many many more years to us cuz you're stuck with me! #est09241995 #tietheknot09242002 #20longyearsandstillspoilsme #treatsmelikeaqueen #hesMYbitchImeanKING @krisnlarry
tietheknot09242002 - est09241995 - hesmybitchimeanking - treatsmelikeaqueen - hellalong - 20longyearsandstillspoilsme -
ruebenkim : Happy Anniversary u guys... Cheehee πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸŽ‰
krisnlarry : Thanks cuzzin @ruebenkim
novaravaka808 : Happy Anniversary cousins❀️ @krisnlarry
krisnlarry : Thanks cuzzin. @novaravaka808
novaravaka808 : YW 😘 @krisnlarry
jga5 - edaboii - novaravaka808 - ruebenkim -
Hawaii loa was definitely one for the books, can't wait to conquer more! • #hawaiiiloaridge #hikes #hellalong #hiketotheclouds #oahu #mountains #clouds #trippy #explore #greatabyss #adventure #testyourcardio #andendurance #orlackthereof #whateveniscardio
mountains - clouds - testyourcardio - andendurance - whateveniscardio - hellalong - trippy - orlackthereof - hikes - explore - hiketotheclouds - adventure - hawaiiiloaridge - greatabyss - oahu -
kaena_hawaii : @lollyjaay oh man I got toeee up on the trail. Them mosquitoes killed me lol
lollyjaay : Really? Lol how unfortunate!@kaena_hawaii walking through the tall grass & fern things are what killed me
kaena_hawaii : @lollyjaay how long did u take
lollyjaay : I wanna say 3-4 hours @kaena_hawaii ...but it might've been 5, I can't remember exactly
kaena_hawaii : @lollyjaay lol nice.... Have u ever been to Maui? Or Kauai?
lollyjaay : Nope @kaena_hawaii
heady_clothing - h0txgirl - hannah_racicot - 808kaimanaz -
Since September 22, 2008.... 2.20898e8 seconds 3.68164e6 minutes 61360.7 hours 2556.7 days 365.242 weeks 84 months.... Happy 7 Years, love! ❀️ #hellalong #7years #happyanniversary #throwback
throwback - 7years - happyanniversary - hellalong -
itsakiremon : My best friend and her boyfriend share the exact same date.. Year and all! 😱
notorious_cam : #twins
duganlove : Thank you!!! @evita72601 @danibusta90 @carlosjgmorales
duganlove : @aa_lexis lol yeah this is when everyone though we were brother and sister smh lol thank you!
duganlove : Thanks so much @hellokeila !! ❀️❀️
duganlove : @jesskca89 lol typical good ol Erick lol
duganlove : @itsakiremon crazy!
duganlove : @notorious_cam right lol
danibusta90 - ashhleym - liiiizzzzzyyy - emjxnet -
I wonder how long this took to make... #hellalong #hellaintricate #hellaforgotwhereitsfrom
hellaintricate - hellalong - hellaforgotwhereitsfrom -
trip2usa : 🌹
jessica_krystal - trip2usa - sondify - missobrien01 -
sportsmom - hisname - slamdunk - homerun - hellalong - lol - sirmichaelmama - touchdown - nextstarup -
socalstitches : Amazing!
get.more.follllowers - 4eva_killamont - msbigbankhank -
I'll like a pic from hella long ago.. Be happy you get a extra likeπŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #nickiminaj #lurking #hellalong #theyknow #likeforlike #like #yourwelcome #behappy #extra #dontcomplain
dontcomplain - like - extra - behappy - hellalong - theyknow - likeforlike - nickiminaj - lurking - yourwelcome -
jakey_land - miss_soxie - agniblaze - nanda.39 -
Almost Time To Get #braidedup #hair gettin #hellalong #boo gotta put it up now ereyday!!! #prettyasshairandshit #banginonemhoes
hair - braidedup - boo - banginonemhoes - prettyasshairandshit - hellalong -
ma_g14 - drecloudz187 - domingo916 - meli_026 -
#gettinglongerhair #longhairdontcare #hellalong #lol
longhairdontcare - lol - hellalong - gettinglongerhair -
perkoverdado - treselfmade - spoiledndpretty - kaseymurdock -
When you #layonthefloor and #realize you've been staring at the ceiling fan for hella long..... like #hellalong
layonthefloor - hellalong - realize -
johnnywilk_and_boris - leoflores415 - noyola.giyo - rbell415 -
A #song on my #soundcloud πŸ‘ˆ#dope #rap#hiphop #dance#cali#beats#raw #bayarea#west#cookies #heem#ca #flows #bars#hooks#radio#film#art #love#studio #protools#twerk#fly #life#wet#talent
fly - cookies - art - song - dance - hooks - ca - bars - flows - hellalong - raw - beats - radio - rap - love - protools - soundcloud - talent - west - life - hiphop - bayarea - cali - twerk - film - wet - studio - dope - heem -
ronnierealtime : πŸ’πŸ‘³πŸ‘ƒπŸ’ͺπŸ‘€πŸ‘»πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ‘ŠβœŒ this called popthatbringitback one word lol #hellalong
ronnierealtime : You see how she brought it UP doe when I said tht
iamdeific : 😎
snotunes - godzilladigga - ronnierealtime - dorobuchilicious -
His and hers Google glasses. #workperks #WET #googleglass #dragonballz #vegita #itsover9000 #nerd #geeks #dorks #youarecoolifyouknowthesehashtags #hellalong
itsover9000 - youarecoolifyouknowthesehashtags - geeks - hellalong - workperks - googleglass - wet - dorks - vegita - nerd - dragonballz -
cp_motors : #loverNerds
yanyan_sobredo - nerd.patrol - heidornpt - scorp7575_rn -
Late post from Monday's 14 inning long Giants v. Dodgers game...Look at my tongue... #HELLAlong
hellalong -
bounceca - beast_lee - stress13 - wjeffp -
First draft of 2015 in the books. #livedraft #hellalong
livedraft - hellalong -
raeonidas : I'd destroy that draft
kaleialen28 : 🏈🏈🏈🏈
dormald10 : @victorious_j_o_e you coming next week for the ff bbq.
victorious_j_o_e : Lol, Not when I'm in the draft buddy @raeonidas
victorious_j_o_e : Probably not, too many things going on. Like planning my back to back championship party!! @dormald10
mangojam_n_gelly : Hey Compadre. I hope u didn't pick up Jordy Nelson!
eroc510 : What's your email bro? Gonna invite you to the league. @victorious_j_o_e
victorious_j_o_e : @eroc510
kell_nguyen - melvandorn - kaleialen28 - nevnatividad -
This was actually a pretty interesting game. Just happy to watch the Dodgers get defeated #Baseball #athleticsbaseball #Dodgers #10thInning #HellaLong #Oakland #
athleticsbaseball - dodgers - baseball - 10thinning - oakland - hellalong -
adan510 : So glade they did. Giant's need help from the As hopefully the As win tomorrow..
dodgerlandfan : Neat! πŸ‘Œgive us a follow! #gododgers
dmonroy13 - stealville - academiafs2012 - michiee_boo -
What did you do at 0330 this morning? #morning #towflow #work #instagood #instamood #perterbuilttowingapeterbuilt #peterbuilt #arcogas #hellalong @trav81889
perterbuilttowingapeterbuilt - work - hellalong - instagood - towflow - arcogas - morning - peterbuilt - instamood -
djdelucchi88 : I was drinking coffee....
bigcountry450 : @djdelucchi88 yea man I figured u were up already β˜•οΈπŸ©
djdelucchi88 : You know it!
malayamai - allllieeeee - pinkysteve - groundedvr6 -
I've been told "V" stands for victory. #somewherearoundmile65 #delirious #hellahot #hellalong #hellahard #townespass #badwater135 #badwater #V3redemtion #beyourselfbetruedrivehard
hellahard - beyourselfbetruedrivehard - delirious - hellalong - badwater - hellahot - badwater135 - townespass - v3redemtion - ballin - somewherearoundmile65 -
michellembarton : Eric - I was straight pimping #Vitargo #sorrynotsorry
jwjcc1 : Haha #ballin @michellembarton
upaflash : Depends on what way the palm is facing, can actually have a quite different meaning... 😁
hall3699 - nick_k_h - taniadaltonpt - jeff_dinkin -
Ice Cube son looks just like him he did his thing in Straight Outta Compton quite a performance from him he's just as talented as his pops keep up the good work! #deadgiveaway #likefatherlikeson
likefatherlikeson - conartist - hellalong - deadgiveaway -
pimpabutterfly_23 : Yea I enjoyed it I'll go see it again it was well written and captured everything I felt like I was at a NWA concert @ladyscrilla1
pimpabutterfly_23 : That's how a biopic is supposed to be
pimpabutterfly_23 : The movie made $56 million this weekend and it was on a $29 million budget @ladyscrilla1
ladyscrilla1 : Yes it was a good movie that Jerry needed his ass whooped..
pimpabutterfly_23 : The most talked about movie of the year everybody's been talking about it
ladyscrilla1 : That alot lol did Ice Cube produce it
pimpabutterfly_23 : Yea him and Dre and Tomica produced it
pimpabutterfly_23 : Jerry was a fuckin crook #conartist
ladyscrilla1 - karsouny - trapout.dabando - tammy.radford -
Look who's in the area ✊🏼😊 #3years #hellalong
3years - hellalong -
drizzydre_3 - sidneythao - kevinator__23 - neminicrede -
I think it's time to cut my hair again πŸ’‡ #Longhair#Hellalong#Haircut
longhair - haircut - hellalong -
rebeca___santos : DamnπŸ˜πŸ‘Š
hatefulziin - dodgerdogg88 - rebeca___santos - the1nonlywillis_ -
Is 7am yet??? This night has been hella long πŸšΌπŸ˜§πŸ¨πŸ˜‘πŸ©πŸ˜•πŸͺ⏳🚼 #NightshiftProblems #NightTime #IsIt7amYet #LaborBirth #OBT #CST #OBTTech #CST #NightLife #HellaLong #Smh
nighttime - nightshiftproblems - hellalong - obttech - laborbirth - nightlife - smh - cst - obt - isit7amyet -
steelmr6rngs4now : Good morning Beautiful Lady Happy Friday to you my Steelers sister hang in there it's almost 7, njoy your day&weekend
dieselgirl8316 : Good morning yourself, thank you and Happy Game Day.
internalquest : βœ”βœ”βœ”
vincegianfranco - shizzyraww - rome_noitaly - crumrashaad -
#tbt #amcrew @_charleslamb #nyctosf #hellalong #amaftermidnightnyc #skatelife #lifestyle
skatelife - lifestyle - nyctosf - amcrew - amaftermidnightnyc - tbt - hellalong -
brettsube : πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ @_charleslamb
elliotts_extras : Such a fun spot
uxanyc : @amaftermidnightnyc @_charleslamb ⚑️⚑️
staffordpreston - rogersatticus - sssjunya - kennyyasmin -
#Newport #1000s #newports #hellalong #icant #toogood
newports - newport - toogood - 1000s - hellalong - icant -
sop_wbr - crobalxo._ - salonfresh - dylanloft -
Wishing my #parents a #HappyAnniversary! #44Years #Wowza #HellaLong #MyRoleModels #LoveThem #ParentalUssie #AirplaneSelfie
airplaneselfie - parentalussie - wowza - hellalong - lovethem - parents - 44years - myrolemodels - happyanniversary -
minzjg : Happy anniversary Ite and Ate Mena. Love you guys!
maloujj : Happy anniversary to your parents. Airplane selfie? Where are they flying to?
michiezworld : This was an old pic Auntie Lourd! Lol, sorry for the confusion. I made my dad send me a selfie from the plane before they left to HI @maloujj
maloujj : Oh ok LOL, I thought they might have came back to Hawaii for their anniversary, i was gonna ask to meet up with us @michiezworld
mrsgetyofiton - gardge05 - _jrivera818 - christyandray -
The long and not so winding road. With @michellembarton. #badwater135 #badwater #lennonmccartney #beatles #beyourselfbetruedrivehard
badwater135 - beatles - beyourselfbetruedrivehard - lennonmccartney - thanku - hellalong - badwater -
itsglennwith2ns : Both of you are total badasses! πŸ’― % @jwjcc1 @michellembarton
keystonerunner : Man do those mountains ever getter closer while running that white line? 😧
michellembarton : #stormalert ⚑️
jwjcc1 : Haha. Storm is a brewin! @michellembarton #thanku
jwjcc1 : This valley looked like it wouldnt take long to get across. But i was wrong. #hellalong @keystonerunner
jwjcc1 : Thanks man i agree. @michellembarton is 1 tuff chick. @itsglennwith2ns
michellembarton : @jwjcc1 hella long is right #savage : Route 50? Been out there. Loneliest road in america
woodlingrunner - jet_sweets - taniadaltonpt - jeff_dinkin -
#dickhadmelike #thatssoraven #thatssome #hellalong #ohmy #hungryaf
thatssome - thatssoraven - ohmy - dickhadmelike - hellalong - hungryaf -
_sounbothered : @pretty_girl_shayy
hi.cuteness_ : @_sounbothered 😝😝😝
luishdez81 - karlaj_xo - keeping.up.with.cici - bellasap -
imagine you are #tomhanks waking up after being #castaway for #hellalong
tomhanks - hellalong - castaway -
annisamaraca : πŸ’–πŸ’•
omlivia - zo_jaq_ - thrifteen - ashleymarchovelle -
#LHDK #LOKZ #DREADED #DREADZ #DAYDREAMIN #WTF #ImaDoWhenIGetOut #Fwm #MarleyBaby @locology #PenInMyLokz #Fym #HellaLong
lokz - fwm - 2gether - imadowhenigetout - daydreamin - yu - dreadz - hellalong - lhdk - marleybaby - peninmylokz - wtf - 4got2tell - ilokkdthem - fym - dreaded -
_locology_ : If you'd like to be featured please send your pic and bio telling us a little about yourself and your loc journey via DM
kho5en1 : @splifanygalvan #4got2Tell #yu #ILokkdThem #2gether!!!!
kho5en1 : @spliffanygalvan #4got2Tell #yu #ILokkdThem #2gether!!!!
spliffanygalvan : So how many do you have now? How many did you lock together in each bunch?
_locology_ - blk_fries_ - tonio_tw - iamjustinparker -
Antonyyyyyy!!!! πŸ˜„πŸŽ“πŸ’• #seniorportraits #waiting #hellalong #classof2016 #antony #lovehim #seniors
seniors - waiting - seniorportraits - classof2016 - lovehim - antony - hellalong -
a.l.e.x.a.n.d.r.e.a.916 : Are they doing senior portraits all this week? I forgot to go yesterday.
mrs_magowan : I see Hong Kong kitty purse!!! Lol πŸ˜‚
future_mrspearce : Hahaha I thought the same thing when I posted it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @mrs_magowan
tony___romo_ldg : Omg. You spelt my name wrong.. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
future_mrspearce : No I spelled it right you spell it wrong lol @tony___romo_ldg
future_mrspearce : I fixed it now it's spelled wrong .-. @tony___romo_ldg
tony___romo_ldg : Thank you πŸ˜„πŸ˜†
future_mrspearce : Welcomeee πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜† @tony___romo_ldg
a.l.e.x.a.n.d.r.e.a.916 - lizzzyboo_53 - larrys.awk - umm.ashleigh -
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