I don't remember children books from my time sounding this awesome...or having such a coolish cover.
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Best series's in the worl #scottpilgrim #blackbutler #heckwherethebadkidsgo #pendragon #themysteriousbenedictsociety #themazerunner lol I rly need to.stop reading these kinds of books
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we_sing_for_change : @marylin
we_sing_for_change : @_meyrin_
we_sing_for_change : I like ur pic
_meyrin_ : @the_voiceof_revolution I'm partial to Black Butler myself.....*giggles* I wonder why? *smiles*
we_sing_for_change : Do u like the anime or manga better @_meyrin_ ik ther almost the same but some ppl have preference
_meyrin_ : Well for me I love the manga. It has so many arcs and characters that the anime left out. But I love the anime as well. I'm partial to Sebastians English dubbed voice.... *swoons* @the_voiceof_revolution
we_sing_for_change : I was readin the manga first but the store stopped after issue five so I watched all of the anime and then lost interest when they brought it back lol sebastians voice hhas been in so many thngs @_meyrin_
we_sing_for_change : Or at least I think @_meyrin_ - shama_lama -
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