Okay.. I pigged out yesterday as you all know from my pizza post! Back to lean meat and veggies and brown rice 😁 I feel soo much better when I eat well! #healthy #change #eatforfuel #eatforthebodyyouwant #travel #hoteling #healthyontheroad
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billyboyle39 : I'm with ya on that.
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Stocked up for my week in DallasπŸ˜πŸπŸ‹πŸŠπŸŒΏ #healthyontheroad
healthyontheroad -
janacokestyle : Ha! You went back! Did you get the almond milk? That was delicious!
alyssaramirezxo : I didn't, I got the green juices and the apple carrot cucumber orange juice! I went to lyfe kitchen too! @janacokestyle
janacokestyle : Yummy! There's a Lyfe in Irvine! Glad you liked the place. ☺️
julianrivera : You should be going with us tomorrow
alyssaramirezxo : I wish😭 @julianrivera have fun!
julianrivera : We will πŸ‘»
tee_weemie11 : Hi you. Miss your face. Hope all is well. xoxoxo
tee_weemie11 - karynalpizar_ - destiinee - graciegalvez -
#latergram to my first meal in #costarica called: casado - a traditional CR dish. #holiday #glutenfree #vegan #vegetarian #holistic #holisticnutritionist #Vancouver #nutritionist #nutrition #wellness #travel #eatingontheroad #healthyontheroad #wanderlust #globetrotter #glutenfreetravel #vegantravel
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getzpeter : love love love it!!
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New favorite combo ab move - inspired by a hotel workout. Use your abs to control the transition between Russian twists and straight leg crunches. #abs #healthyontheroad #fitness
abs - healthyontheroad - fitness -
sarahlagen : Those look real hard!!! : Russian twists are on of my favorite exercise πŸ‘πŸ‘
asweatlife : @sarahlagen they're serious πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
konradkucharski - rach728 - melixsevs - am_i_nutz -
#Repost @asweatlife with @repostapp.
Can't eat healthy on the road? False. We're talking about traveling and staying healthy with a little help from @amberharmony9 and @pumpnshred. (Link in profile) #healthyontheroad #fiteats
healthyontheroad - fiteats - repost -
picnikaustin : Nice!
ris212 - picnikaustin - 2slick_rick - moezneek -
Can't eat healthy on the road? False. We're talking about traveling and staying healthy with a little help from @amberharmony9 and @pumpnshred. (Link in profile) #healthyontheroad #fiteats
healthyontheroad - fiteats -
taylorjorager : Amen! It's doable, just takes some prep!
pumpnshred : Great post! πŸ‘
pumpnshred - kkfolsom - lindsayvannelli - alawless3 -
I'm very particular about food. For example, I prefer to eat dinner between 7:30 and 8pm. Tonight I had a meeting at 7:30 which means I could either eat super early and get hungry later tonight or eat a snack and have a later dinner. I chose option two. In my meeting with chia pudding so I can avoid the refreshments. Don't get me wrong, the fried chicken and donuts are beyond tempting but as long as I have something else to eat, I'll be fine!! #wheatfree #glutenfree #gmofree #nutfree #soyfree #dairyfree #eatclean #cleaneats #healthyeats #healthfoodie #fitfood #fitnessfoodie #refinedsugarfree #collegeeats #healthyonthego #healthyontheroad #bananadiet #banana #thechiaco #chia #chiapudding
soyfree - healthyeats - dairyfree - bananadiet - refinedsugarfree - thechiaco - chiapudding - cleaneats - nutfree - wheatfree - chia - glutenfree - healthyontheroad - healthyonthego - gmofree - healthfoodie - eatclean - collegeeats - fitfood - banana - fitnessfoodie -
tiink3r : Yummy
tiink3r : And ewwwk fried chicken is soooo foul and sooooo tasty lol
__estela__ - danaikadzere - whygowithout - marylandlaserfatloss -
Just tried the Hollywood Fit bowl with a lime Caesar dressing and spaghetti squash at Ciccio Cali in Florida. Omg, it is to die for! #glutenfree #proteinbowl #protein #hollywoodfit #cicciocali #spaghettisquash #healthymeal #healthyontheroad #healthcoachadventures #healthcoach #mytummyishappy #fitfam #nutrition #florida #foodporn #instahealth #instapic #instadaily #ineedtomovehere
nutrition - hollywoodfit - fitfam - foodporn - instapic - instahealth - spaghettisquash - proteinbowl - mytummyishappy - healthcoachadventures - instadaily - ineedtomovehere - glutenfree - cicciocali - healthyontheroad - florida - healthymeal - healthcoach - protein -
sherojaz92 : I want !!
fitnessrox : @sherojaz92 ❀️
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We have an entire day on the road...but we're always prepared!!! Two snacks and lunch for all four of us! Making due in the car... Lunch is turkey burger patties, bell peppers and rice cakes. Snack is the usual and ever so amazing beverage mix w/rice cake and almonds. We love our meal plans! #healthyontheroad #healthcoach #healthymomof2 #healthyfamilyof4 #healthykids #fitlife #fitfamily #mealprep #mealplanapproved #bestlifeever #getresults #zeroexcuses #healthyandhappy #ilovefood #level10results #momswithmuscles
fitfamily - level10results - mealprep - healthyfamilyof4 - healthykids - ilovefood - healthyontheroad - getresults - momswithmuscles - fitlife - mealplanapproved - healthcoach - healthyandhappy - bestlifeever - healthymomof2 - zeroexcuses -
happyoilingwithlaura : Like it!
kristinapril_fitness : How do you like ricecakes? :) I wanna try them
berger_14 : @kristinapril_fitness I love rice cakes, but I only eat the Lundberg brand. I find them at sprouts. They're the best. I'm kind of a rice cake snob now. Lol
kristinapril_fitness : I need to try them!!
stayfit_eat_well : I LOVE this! I try to do the same when I know I'm going to be out for a while with my 2 girls. May I ask what those green/white containers are? @berger_14
berger_14 : @stayfit_eat_well the container w/green lids is a gostack. You can buy them online or at bed bath and beyond. I filled mine with my supplements and almonds for an easy portable snack
berger_14 : @stayfit_eat_well that's a gostack. You can buy them online or at bed bath and beyond. I fill mine with my supplements and almonds for a perfectly portable snack!
stayfit_eat_well : @berger_14 it sounds Aweaome! I'll definitely need to go check them out. πŸ‘Œβ˜ΊοΈ
grimeselizabeth1 - heatherhifler - dee_sherman11 - mhiggins3 -
In-house registered dietitian, @pattyduffey is talking staying healthy on vacation and how you can enjoy her favorite snack, avocado toast, five ways. #lunchbunch #healthyontheroad
healthyontheroad - lunchbunch -
jlyndre : @debeltz22 5 ways! We can mix it up! :)
debeltz22 : @jlyndre yummmπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹!! I am not a big egg person, but I have try that one!
katiefullofherself - forsonthethrower - kanderley - kaypdee -
Packed some cut coconut and quinoa salad for the drive to Vegas. #healthyontheroad #DSE2015 #wholefoods #healthysnack #healthymeal #biztrip #vegas #pregame #scenicview #nutrition #fitfam #instahealth #healthyfats #protein
nutrition - healthyfats - fitfam - pregame - biztrip - healthyontheroad - instahealth - healthymeal - vegas - wholefoods - healthysnack - dse2015 - scenicview - protein -
shapeurdestiny : Good idea!
fitnessrox : @shapeurdestiny 😜
elysiawalton : πŸ‘
xsnightclub_pauls_guestlist3 - free_vip_guestlist_vegas_ - free_vip_guestlist_ - boatbarcrawl -
"What the heck is that?" My little @angeljuicer being handled by security at the airportπŸ™Š #healthytravel #greentravel #coldpressed #healthyontheroad #angeljuicer
angeljuicer - coldpressed - healthyontheroad - greentravel - healthytravel -
hsmb22 : @fruityhabits haha, how did she go? Safely on board? X
instapressed : Cheeeee!
angeljuicer : Ohhh noooo! What a crime!
amyriehlman : Cool!
hildetsmith - revolution_arts - angeljuicer - hsmb22 -
And #GoodMorning, #postworkout #bigAssSalad!! Yes, salad for breakfast! I whipped this beauty up right in my hotel room - so easy and delicious - #kale massaged with avocado and lemon, topped with steamed eggplant, raw beets, beans and hemp seeds. πŸ’šπŸ™ŒπŸŒ±
cleandiet - allhailtokale - eatyourgreens - veganmusclefood - healthyfats - kale - beprepared - itsalifestyle - healthyeats - postworkout - failtoplanplantofail - nooil - unprocessed - eatforhealth - kalesalad - plantstrongontheroad - nutritarian - saladisthemaindish - psotr - bigasssalad - eatplants - noexcuses - plantbaseddiet - healthyontheroad - healthyforlife - wholefood - planahead - fitfood - goodmorning - wholefoods -
healthy_mindbody : #plantStrongOnTheRoad #psotr #healthyEats #noExcuses #cleanDiet #wholefood #wholeFoods #fitFood #planAhead #bePrepared #failToPlanPlanToFail #unprocessed #eatPlants #saladIsTheMainDish #nutritarian #noOil #healthyFats #kaleSalad #allHailToKale #healthyOnTheRoad
healthy_mindbody : #eatForHealth #itsALifestyle #healthyForLife #veganMuscleFood
healthy_mindbody : #eatYourGreens #plantBasedDiet
alaina_digs : Cool!
fit_mom_inspiration : Great!
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Rise and shine!!!! Getting ready for Day 2 of the Arnold! #breakfast #nomnom #strawberry #delicious #mostimportantmeal #healthyontheroad
strawberry - delicious - breakfast - healthyontheroad - mostimportantmeal - nomnom -
khairun_nisa - lemony_ade - ivy_weru - maddie_curtis15 -
'My 11 Tips to Eat Healthy On the Go' (in Dutch) is now online on @womenshealthnl Link up In profile. #womenshealthnl #womenshealth #fitgirls #healthysnacks #gezondonderweg #healthyontheroad #healthyonthego #travelwell #eathealthywhiletravelling
eathealthywhiletravelling - gezondonderweg - healthyontheroad - healthyonthego - travelwell - fitgirls - womenshealth - healthysnacks - womenshealthnl -
suuz2505 : Super leuk artikel! @chantalsoeters
chantalsoeters : Dankje @suuz2505
fitnessther : Leuk! πŸ‘πŸ˜„
chantalsoeters : Dankjewel @fitnessther
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Arrived to Santiago de Compostela after walking 250km in 10 days! No words to explain this magical moment... πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ #caminodesantiago πŸ’œ / Chegada ontem a Santiago de Compostela depois de andar 250km em 10 dias com o meu amor! Não há palavras para descrever a magia deste momento... πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
walking - peace - caminodesantiago - healthylife - spiritualgrowth - camino - benaturalwithines - love - meditation - happiness - bodyandmind - magic - santiagodecompostela - travel - healthyontheroad - happylife - spirituality - pictureoftheday - picoftheday -
benaturalwithines : #benaturalwithines #bodyandmind #travel #santiagodecompostela #camino #walking #happiness #magic #love #healthyontheroad #healthylife #spirituality #spiritualgrowth #meditation #peace #happylife #picoftheday #pictureoftheday
tatinersessian : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
joana_fontinha : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ
lidiamleandro : @klenicy
klenicy : My dream @lidiamleandro
lidiamleandro : 10 dias! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @klenicy 😘😘😘
goodvibeclub : I think you would love the good vibe club. Raising the frequency 😌 😌
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Eating healthy while traveling is easy when there's a #wholefoods nearby. The wine and dark chocolate are (of course) for antioxidants. #healthyeating #wineandchocolate #healthyontheroad #whatimeating
wineandchocolate - wholefoods - healthyontheroad - healthyeating - whatimeating -
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start date: March 5th! #iamdoingthewhole30 #whole30compliant #whole30approved #health #lifestylechanges #travellife #healthyontheroad #travelingpaleo
travellife - whole30compliant - healthyontheroad - travelingpaleo - lifestylechanges - whole30approved - health - iamdoingthewhole30 -
avdyevafrantsiskahl : Follow @juliancamarena 😍
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Snack on the roadβœŒπŸš—πŸš—πŸš— #cleaneatingrecipes #cleanrecipes #healthyeating #youarewhatyoueat #porridge #healthyontheroad #food #foodblogger #instafood
porridge - foodblogger - youarewhatyoueat - food - healthyontheroad - cleanrecipes - instafood - cleaneatingrecipes - healthyeating -
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Yoga at the top of the mountain with wind and birds as my background music... πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ #caminodesantiago πŸ’œ 100km in 4 days! Just started day 5! Have a beautiful and peaceful day everyone! ✨✨✨
namaste - peace - caminodesantiago - healthylife - spiritualgrowth - zen - benaturalwithines - yogaeverydamnday - meditation - bodyandmind - yoga - portugal - travel - healthyontheroad - happylife - pictureoftheday - yogagirl - serradalabruja - picoftheday -
benaturalwithines : #benaturalwithines #bodyandmind #travel #serradalabruja #portugal #healthyontheroad #healthylife #spiritualgrowth #yoga #meditation #yogagirl #yogaeverydamnday #meditation #namaste #zen #peace #happylife #picoftheday #pictureoftheday
an1__ : πŸ’™
invogue_blog : Linda!!! πŸ™
comfortsoul : Love it!
yoga__h : Lovely!
eyefocus : it's what you should be
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Kale chip prep.
nutrition - nomadlife - wanderlust - homeiswhereyouparkit - tinykitchen - healthyontheroad - tinyliving - wanderers - healthy - liveauthentic - kalechips - rvers - arrownaut - livesimple - athomeontheroad -
thearrownaut : #tinyliving #tinykitchen #homeiswhereyouparkit #healthyontheroad #healthy #nutrition #kalechips #wanderlust #nomadlife #rvers #wanderers #athomeontheroad #liveauthentic #livesimple #arrownaut
mission_lawler : Nice!
haulinoats5 : Very cool!
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This morning's #healthyairportfood brought to you by CIBO gourmet.... Wish I could eat this all over again!! Made of organic ingredients that include rolled oats, cacao nibs and espresso beans.... Freakin' A-mazing. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ Leaving IDEA PT conference inspired and deliciously fueled! 😝😝😝 #healthyeats #healthyonthego #ideapti #healthyontheroad #travel #yum #oats
healthyeats - healthyairportfood - oats - travel - healthyontheroad - healthyonthego - ideapti - yum -
ambella : Awesome!
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A question we get a lot, especially from those who know I'm finishing up nutrition school on the road, is, "How difficult is it to eat healthy on the road?" Honestly, it's not too tough at all! The scale of cooking is much smaller, because our oven is only slightly larger than an EZ-bake oven and we haver very limited counter/prep space. So, we try to prep as much as possible at once to reduce the amount of dishes we have to wash to save water. Every few days I make a big batch of plain quinoa and chop up a bunch of veggies to store in the (mini) fridge and then we can throw together an easy meal. Breakfast this morning : scrambled eggs with quinoa and red pepper, hummus, greens, avocado, and onion on a tortilla. Yum!
rvlife - nutrition - nutritionschool - healthy - tinykitchen - healthyontheroad - nomadliving - tinyliving - weloveourveggies - arrownaut - mealprep -
thearrownaut : #nutritionschool #healthyontheroad #mealprep #nomadliving #tinykitchen #tinyliving #healthy #nutrition #rvlife #weloveourveggies #arrownaut
_taramay : Looks so good! Quinoa is the best πŸ‘Œ
thearrownaut : @_taramay agreed! Quinoa is totally the best!
kaiyamarieb : #quinoa It rocks!
haulinoats5 : Lovely!
danrolph10 - jan_odell - _taramay - dennis_fowler -
26.5km done!!! 😍 We just had the most delicious dinner full of amazing local veggies and now it's time to relax because tomorrow we have more 30km to walk! #caminodesantiago πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
bodyandmind - caminodesantiago - eatforhealth - healthylife - localfood - spiritualgrowth - healthydinner - cleaneating - healthychoices - organicfood - vegan - benaturalwithines - superfoods - healthytips - fitfam - plantbasedprotein - plantbased - healingfoods - travel - healthyontheroad - nourishing - eatclean - fitfoodie - bestofvegan - plantpower - wholefoods - healthyliving -
a_ritarodrigues : Boa caminhada Nez! Beijinho grande
psychicsoulhealer : Hey, I want to invite you to check out my page, Psychic Soul Healer, and if you like it follow me! Much love! : Há mtos anos que ando para fazer o caminho de Santiago, muita sorte no caminho que corra tudo bem!! πŸ™
lovesuperfoods : Superfoods xxx
zen_monkey_ : Nice!
spicetox : <3
aroundthorntonpark : Beautiful!
tineyspark_fitness : Love it!
alexandrafigueiredo3 - - anamcclelland - luisagnunes -
On the train heading to the north of Portugal with this delicious salad for lunch! πŸ’š Tomorrow I'm starting a 250km walk until Santiago de Compostela with my love that will last 11 days. I´m doing the Camino de Santiago. This route is a form of retreat for spiritual growth and a big physical challenge. πŸ™ Wish me luck! πŸ€ I will keep you posted! 😍 / No comboio a caminho do Porto com esta saladinha maravilhosa! πŸ’š Amanhã começo uma caminhada de 250km até Santiago de Compostela com o meu amor que irá demorar 11 dias. Vou fazer o Caminho de Santiago que é uma forma de retiro para crescimento espiritual e um grande desafio físico. πŸ™ Desejem-me sorte! πŸ€ Vou dando novidades! 😍
bodyandmind - caminodesantiago - eatforhealth - healthylife - spiritualgrowth - rawvegan - cleaneating - healthylunch - healthychoices - vegan - benaturalwithines - superfoods - healthytips - fitfam - plantbasedprotein - rawvegansalad - plantbased - healingfoods - travel - healthyontheroad - iinselfie - nourishing - lunchbox - eatclean - fitfoodie - bestofvegan - plantpower - wholefoods - healthyliving -
benaturalwithines : @cleanasabean @cre8ive_soul @vivarisellc 😍😍😍
tanitawithlove : Good luck
verabenavente : Good luck :)
verabenavente : Good luck ;)
sarapina93 : Such a good luck! I ❀️youuu
benaturalwithines : Thank you @tanitawithlove @verabenavente @sarapina93 ❀️❀️❀️
caminodesantiagopage : Good luck!! It will be An amazing adventure you will never forget! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
getpaidtovaca : Nice pic πŸ‘Œ if you're looking for another stream of income I'd like for you to join my team, just check out my profile if your interested :)
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I'm finding out that you can be fit on the road. I woke up early this morning and hit up the hotel's fitness center. Then, I bypassed the free waffles in favor of a more complete breakfast. Also, side note, this hotel has Stevia mixed in with their sweetner selection. Score! I normally have a few stevia packets in my purse but I forgot to pack some for this trip. Lucky find! #TIU #TIUteam #LYB2015 #BCW #100byVDay #HealthyOnTheRoad @karenakatrina @toneitup
bcw - 100byvday - tiu - tiuteam - healthyontheroad - lyb2015 -
corbers_tiu - monicadavtiu - shelby_sue_tiu - tiu_bish -
At least 50% of my life is spent living in hotels out of a suitcase (well a couple suitcases if I'm honest, lol)! I've been traveling for work for just over 2 years. When I first started, I lived it up and treated every new destination as a vacation-eating whatever I want(ate out 3+ times a day EVERYday-and while you can find healthier alternatives while dining out, I'm terrible at it. I get tempted too easily by everything else on the menu!), drinking nearly every night, no physical activity whatsoever. It took me several months before I realized I couldn't live that way forever. I had easily gained over 20 pounds in just the first few months of traveling. I finally woke up one day and decided it was time to change. I didn't have a strategy for eating healthier while on the road. I always said "how can I do that...I don't have a stove, I don't have an oven/microwave, I only have a mini fridge and don't even always get that." But somehow I've made it work for the past year and a half. Trust me when I say it is NOT always the easiest thing to do. I'm constantly tempted to just grab something quick before/after work, and I'm def not perfect I do still eat out often and don't always make the best choices when I do so. BUT what I have found to work for me while I'm on the road is to travel with a few things that help make it easier to be away from home and a kitchen(I honestly LOVE to cook so being away from a kitchen is tough!)...I travel with an extra suitcase just for my kitchen essentials. It typically includes a blender, electric skillet, tupperware, knives, silverware, ziplock bags, spices/seasonings, cutting board, and a few other random things... I forgot my big knife and cutting board on this trip and decided to go without my blender, but with what I did have I spent forever today doing a little meal prep for the rest of the week! First meal prep of 2015! Been slacking big time so far this year and these last few months honestly but not giving up! Anyways, moral to this essayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚if you want something bad enough, you'll do whatever you have to to make it happen! It takes hard work and dedication on this lifestyle, but I promise you it's worth it! πŸ‘‡
chelsieportier : @lucye82 @grinder_sol @specialk2929 @myfunfitfreelife @fitkimpossible wahh thank ladies!! @hourglasspiration haha love you!! I sure try! It ain't always easy living out a suitcase but I sure try my best to make it work! @elbandit82 YES!! I've been falling off for months now, like shit even tonight after doing all this today, I went out to dinner with friends... It's so damn difficult but you can do it!! We got this!!
chelsieportier : @lys_pta girl im trying! Nothing like it used to be, I totally have fallen off these last few months but working on getting back to where I was! @moss4art girl I try my best! Trust me when I say I have months of total SHIT then I'll have great months/weeks, it's so crazy! But that's what makes it a lifestyle right?! We got this!! @myfunfitfreelife @fitkimpossible Ahh thank you ladies!! Love yall! 😘😘 @christie2387 girl those 5 months off had me so off track, I didn't prep/plan anything.. Which is probably why I have stayed stagnant the entire time but it's about that time to step it up!! Hope you're still in the game! Miss you!
krazykrisp : Dedication right there!!! Everything looks amazing! Can you please meal prep for me? Hahahaha! I need to get off my ass and do some serious cooking.
christie2387 : Girl I understand falling off the wagon because I haven't been in the game for a while. But got an awesome trainer/workout friend so I think I'm on my way again. And I miss you too!!
kandilandi : Getting back to your badassness!! πŸ˜‰
kalialashay : It all sounds delish!!!!!
mamarazza : Teach me your ways obi wan!!!
lunagaia : #dedication πŸ‘Œ πŸ’• πŸ’•
bittersweet_chicagofit - jen_ggc - mamarazza - rrazo2 -
Salad on the road! On my way to #capitalhoops games at #canadiantirecentre ! #salad #kale #romaine #carrots #sundriedtomatoes #cherrytomatoes #celery #bellpeppers #healthyontheroad #roadtrip #healthyliving #vegan #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #fullyraw #nofilter
fullyraw - carrots - vegan - cherrytomatoes - romaine - canadiantirecentre - kale - sundriedtomatoes - capitalhoops - salad - vegansofig - healthyontheroad - roadtrip - celery - bellpeppers - veganfoodshare - nofilter - healthyliving -
samandahealthcoach : So yummy
mamandou10 : Looks so colourful and healthy!!!
c.hunt2015 - isabelle__dion - chloegiroux - wackovegan -
HealthyHappyHungry#healthyontheroad#almondmilk#coconut#raspberries#banana#superfoods#maca#bijenpollen#healthyfood#healthybreakfast# happyfriday#loveitπŸ’š
healthyfood - loveitπŸ’š - bijenpollen - healthybreakfast - healthyontheroad - coconut - banana - raspberries - maca - superfoods - almondmilk -
ste_bjorn : Zet maar eentje foto doet echt zin krijgen!! Zonder twijfel, ik word een vaste klant!! πŸ‘―
wholefoodmommy - raspberryteas - - delph_vb -
Misto Salad with dressing on the side. #healthyontheroad @fitgirlsguide #28dayjumpstart
healthyontheroad - 28dayjumpstart -
fitgirl_maleficent : Good for you!! Healthy on vacay!! Have fun!!
nutfreequeen - j.fitgram - hrt_skipd_beet - fitgirlneen -
Agh another reason I love San Fran airport, sexy green smoothies on arrival! (kale|cucumber|greenapple|ginger) #jetfuel #greensmoothie #healthyontheroad #fraiche #crewlife #nutrientpacked #wholeandhappy #healthcoach
greensmoothie - nutrientpacked - jetfuel - crewlife - healthyontheroad - healthcoach - wholeandhappy - fraiche -
healthgivinginspirations - leibanez13 - giselenova - therightgreens -
While weat bun grilled chicken breast with fruit bowl and water #healthyontheroad #dennysfitmenu #prettygood #igotthis #advocare #24dayChallenge
advocare - dennysfitmenu - 24daychallenge - healthyontheroad - igotthis - prettygood -
d_c_38 : That... Surprisingly looks good!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
shooter_1977 : It was surprisingly tasty @d_c_38
cody_gaddis - airmaye - megchelle87 - d_c_38 -
#cleaneating #healthyontheroad #worklife #probowl2015
probowl2015 - healthyontheroad - worklife - cleaneating -
heather__fox : You are missing a yummy sushi dinner
lflemming : I'm still working and this just arrived.
miflemm : @lflemming we had pizza too! That wine looks yummy πŸ˜‹
kelsearoo13 : Prouda you. πŸ‘Œ
dorielondon : Pizza, French fries, salad, a cookie and wine. God bless you Lauren Flemming πŸ‘Œ
katemcnamara : A girl after my own heart - πŸŸπŸ·πŸ•
karierenee : Dinner of champions.
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