#bucha #goodbelly
goodbelly - bucha - healthade -
theblondepossum : #healthade
rynoboom : @shiannerobertson
thugnificent714 -
beet! this makes my day 🌞
kombucha - love - fermented - healthade -
avelinefox : #healthade #kombucha #fermented #love
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Day 1 on my caffeine free life... @health-ade1 This is delicious!!! Drank this instead of coffee this morning, wish me luck πŸ˜‰ #nocoffeetoday #healthade #watermelon #breakfastontherun
nocoffeetoday - watermelon - breakfastontherun - healthade -
drayzee24 : Good luck to your loving family G!!
luvlaleissa : Lol!!! @drayzee24 I slowly cut back daily... Miss you G!!
luvlaleissa : @healthade
andrewby : My favorite!!!!! 😊
veronniebabe : Make your own! It's my fav!
healthade : Good luck! You've taken a real challenge--and those always end up GOOD right? You can do it!
terri_6blessings : I learned how to make my own with Veronica 's help. It is so easy and I live it!!!!
coresc : GOOD LUCK, Baby Jesus plzzZ HELP MY friend get away from Diet Pepsi. Amen!!!
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The Taste!
healthade -
redhe1990 : I want to go!!
charleschentv : Will u be there tomrw?? @williamfederico
dirtcobain : Presented by you ??
dirtcobain : Lol
williamfederico : @dirtcobain yea! Lol
missliutas : You are the best #healthade
williamfederico : @missliutas thanks for the Bday wish! I was planning on changing my shirt after set up...I got busy and got some love from #healthade fan so it stayed! I took a few press photos in it. I love @healthade !
healthade : We <3 you William! Happy birthday ;)
williamfederico - applebutter20 - liinabender - krisstean44 -
California brewed & bottled! Good stuff! @healthade1 #kombucha #healthade #organic #raw #vegan #glutenfree #kosher #pure #probiotic #gingerlemon #ginger #lemon #healthylife
organic - probiotic - healthylife - glutenfree - vegan - healthade - kosher - raw - gingerlemon - ginger - pure - lemon - kombucha -
shellster4peace : @healthade
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Surprises from @errrbodylovesryan. This boy liiiiiiiiikes me. 😍☺️😏
love - girlslovesurprises - kombucha - healthygut - bestboyfriend - healthade -
beautyandabeef : #kombucha #healthade #healthygut #love #girlslovesurprises #bestboyfriend
mynameisboring : 😌
bmartin18 - paleofoundation - mynameisboring - thisisrmn -
Hey @sashaperlraver I found this at the whole foods in woodland hills! Yum yum!
healthade -
fleurlux : My neck of the woods! βœ¨πŸ‘
sashaperlraver : Ahhhhh!!!! The best!!! Road trip! Road trip! Thank, Emilia πŸ‘πŸ‘
briennemichelle : They just have these out to is at @yellowconference ! They were one if our sponsors. :)
cdesalvo23 : The cayenne is my fav! Love it
sweetemiliajane : #healthade
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@healthade we love #pinkladyapple
pinkladyapple - healthade -
bikramyogarc : #healthade
jjbegonia -
So I'm sick 😜 came down with a head cold last night... but I'm working it in with my list of #blessings today. Today I'm listing my gratitude for my body! 1. My body's healing capabilities have always been pretty speedy, it's amazed me at times; like when I was 17 and got Strep Sepsis (strep in the blood), sepsis usually kills people, and definitely not common for teenagers! But thank goodness my body worked wonders with modern medicine and after a week in the hospital, I was OK to go home.! I'm hoping for a speedy recovery as well now, so I can get back to work, and my yogaaaβ™‘ 2. My body's strength capabilities! Ever since I was young I've always liked to think of myself as a pretty strong female. I've always been up for a challenge, especially physical! With #yoga now, I've found more #strength than ever! It's so exciting to see yourself/your body do #amazing things! When you #practice and #trainβ™‘ #Consistency is keyβ™‘ 3. Finally, #yoga has really brought new #selfawareness to my body inside and outβ™‘ I'm so grateful to be starting this journey nowβ™‘ Getting to really #rediscover some things, and #discover a whole bunch more! Remember to always carry your #practice with youβ™‘ #onandoffthemat #mindbodyandsoul β™‘ Goodnight everyone! Sleep wellβ™‘ #kombucha #healthade #raw #organic #probiotics #holistic #takecareofyourself
mindbodyandsoul - practice - discover - raw - train - onandoffthemat - organic - selfawareness - holistic - yoga - takecareofyourself - healthade - amazing - blessings - probiotics - consistency - kombucha - rediscover - strength -
rosecook425 : Like it!
bdaviyoga : πŸ‘πŸ‘Awesome thing to be grateful for! I've never seen this brand btw.
lvlvlvlvbaby : 😊 @wa_py
kiksoff : @bdaviyoga yea we just got it in my work, i like it! I've never seen it before either, maybe it's new? I think I heard they make a limited number of batches for each flavor of this kind or something. . Lol idk
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Spotted at Whole Foods Market Arroyo in #Pasadena: They now have @healthade #Kombucha. Let the battle of the booch begin. #WFMArroyo #probiotics #health #drinks #WholeFoods #HealthAde #raw #organic
battleofthebooch - organic - wfmarroyo - healthade - raw - pasadena - health - probiotics - kombucha - wholefoods - drinks -
jessebuynothing : Health aide is my favorite by far!
hmortensen : Never tried it.
thesvizzle : #battleofthebooch if you're gonna coin it, you better hash it.
jessicahamlinb : Haha, thanks, @thesvizzle!
jessicahamlinb : @jessebuynothing @hmortensen Had it @officialrfd 2nd birthday in #Pasadena and had a Health Ade cayenne cleanse today. Good stuff!!
jessicahamlinb : #battleofthebooch
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Here's to trying new things! #bloomyellow @healthadel #healthade #kombucha
kombucha - bloomyellow - healthade -
beautilitarian : @healthade
caseykleeb : @beautilitarian haha whoops... thanks! 😁
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Break time with #healthade tea 😊 #bloomyellow
conference - la - tea - healthade - yellowconference - breaktime - creative - bloomyellow -
crystalnicolephotography : #yellowconference #tea #breaktime #LA #creative #conference
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Drink break! Thanks to #healthade for the deliciousness! @yellowconference #bloomyellow
bloomyellow - healthade -
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#kombuchaprobs #healthade #cayennecleanse #knoelyoga
cayennecleanse - knoelyoga - kombuchaprobs - healthade -
streetheartyoga - lauraibusk -
🍡🍢WHAT IS KOMBUCHA🍢🍡 KOMBUCHA is a fermented tea drink that has probiotics in it . Kombucha starts off as tea and to it SCOBY (bacteria starter ) is added to it . The tea is fermented and sugar is added to it to feed the good bacteria . This is the same bacteria that you might have heard is in yogurt and good for your stomach . The probiotics in Kombucha are more bioavailabile than the ones found in capsules. Probiotics are good for your digestive system and gut health . This brand is excellent and tastes very good. #kombucha #gaps #paleo #health #primal #gut #guthealth #fitness #probiotics #aip #healthade
paleo - guthealth - primal - fitness - aip - healthade - gaps - health - gut - probiotics - kombucha -
chloecrescelle : yesssssss
fitgirluniversity : @chloecrescelle 😍😍
chloecrescelle : you have to try kombucha wine
fitgirluniversity : @chloecrescelle that exists ???
chloecrescelle : absolutely I personally think it tastes better too. check it out πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘»
fitgirluniversity : @chloecrescelle only if you drink it with me
chloecrescelle : um ABSOLUTELY
briannarenda - junogabrielle - edible_al - kiersten_khoury -
Addicted to this stuff!! #kombucha #pinkladyapple #healthade #goodforthebody #goodforthesoul #addicted #yumm
goodforthesoul - addicted - pinkladyapple - kombucha - healthade - yumm - goodforthebody -
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#Bethel #music and Carrot Kombucha while studying πŸ“–πŸŽΆπŸ·
bethel - drinkthis - enzymes - school - bubblytea - studytime - herbs - music - learn - naturopathy - probiotics - kombucha - healthade - antioxidants -
thrivingongreens : #naturopathy #school #studytime #enzymes #antioxidants #healthade #kombucha #drinkthis #probiotics #bubblytea #herbs #learn
cordyceps_official : Like it!
italemporium - this_isaddy - gasela321 - love_maciel -
Last few steps to getting myself healthy! I feel so much better since yesterday. I stopped at Rainbow Acres and picked up this amazing kombucha that was perfectly spicy. And then got a wellness shot with garlic, lemon, ginger, and cayenne πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ‘…πŸ”₯
spicy - healthy - wellness - healthade - garlic - pcos - clean - kombucha -
onefitcoconut : #healthade #spicy #garlic #healthy #wellness #kombucha #clean #pcos
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@healthade A Bubbly Probiotic 100% Raw Vegan and Gluten Free #friendlybacteria #organic #effervescent #healthade #bestkombuchaever
effervescent - friendlybacteria - bestkombuchaever - organic - healthade -
laurenelarsen : Yumm πŸ’•πŸ˜‹
trevorpp1994 : @jaceromero_
halii_by_harriet : Yum
lovesnax - addevejar - sivignyjulie - sandraeastham -
PROBIOTICS: get a daily dose from fermented foods or from my personal favorite @healthade kombucha! ☺️ They keep your digestion and immune system strong, which is essential to feeling strong, having clear SKIN, and keeping you calm and sane (yes, research now shows that the bacteria in your gut plays a HUGE role in your mood and brain activity). If you have had food poisoning, have taken antibiotics (ever!), have acne/psoriasis/eczema, are constipated (less than 1 BM daily), and/or have indigestion, you need probiotics! This kombucha is my favorite, all made w local, organic fruit and Non- GMO sugar (watch out cause most sugar is now GMO) - plus stored in a dark bottle to prevent damage to the good bacteria. #kombucha #fermentedfoods #healthade #skin #probiotics
kombucha - skin - probiotics - fermentedfoods - healthade -
redmodern : @sungtong @bohohippie4life
mossygram : Homemade is great too! !
familyforhealth : We ❀️ @healthade kombucha and it was crazy cool to see a #local #LA #kombucha all the way in #maui @manafoods!
sarahmacadams : What do you think of GT'S Kombucha?
theholykale : @sarahmacadams to be honest is doesn't make me feel as good as healthade - but it could b just me :)
aquaroses : @clintwares
clintwares : @aquaroses I think this would be good for us babe.
lizalizalizalizaaaa - kombuchakat - stetsonlyds - aquaroses -
Lunch #loitersquad #dtla #healthy #raw #vegan #healthade #livinggourmet #deepdishpizza #chapmanmarket #kombucha
chapmanmarket - healthy - dtla - vegan - healthade - raw - deepdishpizza - loitersquad - livinggourmet - kombucha -
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Afternoon kick! Cayenne Cleanse kombucha from @healthade #kombucha #cayenne #healthade #raw #probiotics #tea #ginger #fermentedfoods #vegan #cleanse #spice #ital @thetafari @italdontstop
tea - cayenne - ginger - healthade - raw - probiotics - vegan - ital - kombucha - cleanse - fermentedfoods - spice -
italdontstop : the best !!!
taffadactyl - probioticfoods - laurennikkiwann - _devan_ -
Tonight the hubs and I started yoga in our living room. After almost three years of crossfit this is WAY overdue. Excited to get some better flexibility and mobility. Anyways topping off the night with some @healthade Kombucha. Thanks again for the heads up @whole30newbie it's delicious!!! #kombucha #healthade #healthyliving #yoga #aewhole7 #whole30 #jessieswholerecipes
jessieswholerecipes - yoga - aewhole7 - kombucha - whole30 - healthyliving - healthade -
whole30newbie : Yay! So glad you were able to find it and that you like it. I love @healthade!
dynamicedge : Yay for yoga! Such a great compliment to CF.
hernewdress : :)
emfrentz - healthfest - theharmonyproject - alifedeeplyrooted -
God I'm a sucker for packaging. #thisbetterbegood
thisbetterbegood - healthade -
me0hmama : Alright it's dank
me0hmama : #healthade
dirtyjrd : I'm a sucker for any kind of kombucha.. love the stuff
me0hmama : @dirtyjrd me tooooo!! Homemade is the best
missrispare : #fermentlife
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Oh for the love of kombucha theres a beet flavored one!!! #kombuchawhore #801010 #rawvegan #healthade #healthy #vscocam
kombuchawhore - 801010 - healthy - vscocam - rawvegan - healthade -
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HEALTHβš“οΈADE #healthade#healthdrinks#larchmontfarmersmarket#larchmont#sunday#sunnyday#ν—¬μŠ€μ—μ΄λ“œ
sunday - larchmont - sunnyday - healthdrinks - larchmontfarmersmarket - ν—¬μŠ€μ—μ΄λ“œ - healthade -
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Breakfast taco bar. #quinoa #blackbeans #tempeh #guac #nom #cafegratitude #healthade #kombucha
nom - guac - tempeh - blackbeans - cafegratitude - healthade - quinoa - kombucha -
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How to have a good day: #yoga #healthade and #lornajane! Light shopping between classes...πŸ’—#active #love #loveyourself #loveyourskin #loveyourbody #habibibody #habibilife #habibibodyparty #habibi
loveyourskin - yoga - lornajane - loveyourself - habibibodyparty - habibilife - healthade - habibi - habibibody - active - love - loveyourbody -
lonni_22 - doisyanddam - la_petite_yogi - sherzza -
For all my kombucha lovers out there, this right here is a great one!🍎 #probiotictea #healthade #seasonalpress #pinkladyapple #organic #raw #coldpressed #natural #vegan #glutenfree #kosher #kombucha
organic - probiotictea - pinkladyapple - coldpressed - vegan - healthade - kosher - raw - seasonalpress - natural - kombucha - glutenfree -
awwdeee - dannycrutches - ayshutup - emilaineclanton -
@healthade is finally available in SF at Rainbow and Whole Foods! Thanks Daina, Justin et al for the delicious, high quality #kombucha. I love the secret Vytis. #healthade
kombucha - healthade -
healthade : Awesome!
rainbow_grocery : ✊
andered : Stuff has some punch. A 6.1 punch. Mother Nature have you a little present for your return :) #sfearthquake
pstemp - bigdavecamas - labailey26 - xiaolamei -
My favorite #kombucha + my new favorite #lacroix = my new favorite cocktail.πŸ‘ŒPerfect for this β˜€οΈday. Happy I got in a short workout on this busy Saturday. πŸ‘Š Headed to a bday party now! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚#healthade #favoritedrink #whole30approved #whole30newbie #whole9life #lifeafterwhole30
favoritedrink - healthade - lifeafterwhole30 - whole30approved - lacroix - whole9life - whole30newbie - kombucha -
jessieswholerecipes : Where did you find that Kombucha at. I'm looking to expand my horizons πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
whole30newbie : @jessieswholerecipes They're at my local farmers market and WF. It's seriously THE BEST. After trying this I couldn't drink the Synergy brand - tasted too syrupy and artificial. Where do you live? They're a smaller company and not everywhere. @healthade can you help my friend find you?
jessieswholerecipes : @whole30newbie I live in the Sac area of California. Our Whole Foods in Roseville is sadly disappointing. They really only sell the GT Kombucha and they have no paleo bar!! Just a bunch of tofu and salad and no sugar free bacon!! πŸ˜’πŸ˜›
kateelandgraf : That's my new favorite lacroix too!
healthade : @whole30newbie and @jessieswholerecipes we will be available at ALL @wholefoodsmarket stores in NorCal by the end of August!
jessieswholerecipes : Cool @healthade I'll be on the lookout :) thanks!!
whole30newbie : Yay! Happy to hear that @healthade. Sorry to hear about the sad state of your WF @jessieswholerecipes. 😣 I hope they get their act together soon. At least you'll be getting some @healthade soon. It's SO GOOD. I can't drink anything else any more!
whole30newbie : @healthade Any idea when you'll be in OC? I've bragged about you to some ppl down there. πŸ˜‰
bigdavecamas - practically_paleo_everyday - kari_s - dollyessfit -
The secret recipe.. πŸ‘½ #healthade #kombucha #justins #whatsreeses #dontpanicitsorganic
dontpanicitsorganic - kombucha - justins - whatsreeses - healthade -
tomatillo2x - alexismarieeeee - marcaaespuro - keybearer -
Trifecta #love #healthade #kombucha 😘
kombucha - love - healthade -
m.t.t_1 : @mzavip !!!!!
ninadmiller : Badass!
tudelan : @healthade
pmazzocco - chadtakara - shaye_shay - echakster -
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