When a random walmart shopper compliments you on your new beard look??? πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜• #walmart #beard #firstworldproblems #headscratcher #hashtag
firstworldproblems - headscratcher - hashtag - walmart - beard -
barba_nero_ : @maestrosclassic @Beardthority salute! Beard is on point bro, check out the pages when you get a chance and enjoy the best product you'll ever be introduced to πŸ™
maestrosclassic : BeardThority Salute
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#HeadScratcher #GoodMorning
headscratcher - goodmorning -
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Full concentration required for the #worldbookday quiz boys?!? #headscratcher
headscratcher - worldbookday -
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Let the sorting and cataloging of the backdrops begin! We are on our way to have everything (backdrops, prosp, furniture) in a gallery on our website, soonish. #headscratcher #vscocam #backdrop #usnap
headscratcher - usnap - vscocam - backdrop -
jennanordin - putzash - _kelbell_13 - taytayadams4 -
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Dang, didn't see this coming... #buffalo #bills #shady #McCoy #trade #SC #surprise #eagles #headscratcher
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"Ooooo yeah that's the spot" 😜 #headmassager #goldenretriever #goldenretrieversofinstagram #ilovemydog #lovemygolden #welovegoldens #happygolden #seniorgolden #seniordog #dogaccount #goldenretrieveraccount #instadog #instagolden #goldenoftheday #dailygolden #dogoftheday #dogaram #aplacetolovedogs #doglover #pooch #pedigreedog #massage #headscratcher
dogaram - dailygolden - massage - dogaccount - happygolden - instadog - pooch - welovegoldens - dogoftheday - aplacetolovedogs - headmassager - goldenretrieveraccount - goldenretrieversofinstagram - ilovemydog - goldenoftheday - seniorgolden - doglover - seniordog - goldenretriever - lovemygolden - headscratcher - instagolden - pedigreedog -
garma54 : Haha, I use that on Tyler too, my daughter gave it for me and I use it in him!
leopuppylepp : Ooh, looks good, Jakey!
jakeythegolden : You should πŸ˜„ !! @sweetmanatee
jakeythegolden : He was hahaha πŸ˜„ @tinaclairemiller
jakeythegolden : Thank you @kotabear00 😊
jakeythegolden : Ha ha, great minds! ☺️ @garma54
jakeythegolden : Thanks @leopuppylepp 😊
juliebramwell : That's soo funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸΆπŸΎjakey your loving that! Must get one for blue πŸΆπŸ’•
cabokiki - peclam - wrigleythegolden - zefidaf -
When you accidentally delete an icon on your phone and you have no clue what it was. All you can do is stare at the empty space.... Gaahhhhh! πŸ˜”πŸ˜•πŸ˜― #headscratcher #firstworldproblems #samsung #note3
headscratcher - firstworldproblems - note3 - samsung -
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Supplí e il #grattatesta! #labrador #retriever #instagood #igers #ig_captures #photooftheday #picoftheday #awesome #awesome_shots #beautiful #doglover #dogoftheday #dog #dogstagram #dog #cuddle #cuddles #petstagram #pet_perfection #cane #labstagram #ilovemydog #pet_neo #enjoy #no_filter #love #coccole #headscratcher #headscratch
beautiful - petstagram - cane - love - labrador - awesome - cuddle - labstagram - coccole - headscratch - igers - awesome_shots - no_filter - dogoftheday - grattatesta - ig_captures - dogstagram - doglover - ilovemydog - cuddles - dog - instagood - enjoy - pet_perfection - headscratcher - pet_neo - retriever - picoftheday - photooftheday -
kiarasalus : @alberto_gerva ma.....si chiama suppli?????
the_real_sculco : @alberto_gerva @marthabomb chiamo fabio stoppa e vi denuncio a Striscia!!
marthabomb : Va che Fabio Stoppa è un altro.... @stoppi58 @the_real_sculco
alberto_gerva : @marthabomb non svelare al mondo che abbiamo fatto più tentativi!!
alberto_gerva : @kiarasalus si.. da piccola aveva un pancione enorme.. per cui.. :D
alberto_gerva : @the_real_sculco gratto la testa anche al gabibbo! E a @stoppi58 se vuole
marthabomb : @alberto_gerva ... tentativi? Quali tentativi? ! ♥
emimusco : Bellissimo! Facciamolo anche ad Asso!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‹
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score. #headscratcher #relaxing #thriftstore #sogood
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Pack of crazy teen girls just ate everything in the kichen and then... closed up? #headscratcher
headscratcher -
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So... Turns out I did have an Instagram account after all... For like, 3 YEARS. How did I forget this??? Wonder if I can merge the two... #headscratcher #seniormoment #blonditis
headscratcher - seniormoment - blonditis -
carolinegladstone -
#headscratcher hmmm!
headscratcher -
leblancjarrelyahoocom : I'm telling yah
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No #tigermom training here. Just her latest #toddlerobsession — picking up dice, reading the numbers aloud & dumping them into the trunk of her trike.🎲🍜🚲 #avayinlin #chopsticks #strongasiangenes #didthisherself #headscratcher #35monthsold
strongasiangenes - tigermom - 35monthsold - didthisherself - chopsticks - avayinlin - headscratcher - toddlerobsession -
daynadane : So funny! Great game.
lindabusschaert : @daynadane It was a good 15 mins of uninterrupted focused attention which is rare
tsangphoto - ladymcbeth5 - mrdavid_g - daynadane -
😐 #Women #Stop with the #Dumb shit ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ what kind of #Question is that ...like #Really !! #Flirt #Slap #Bye !!
question - stop - slap - flirt - women - dumb - bye - really -
mjs8809 : Amen. I was just talking about this yesterday lol
mjs8809 - edubbz23 - msjai4 - angiekaybb -
My little brother is temporarily home from his mission! Poor guy had a knee injury and plans to go back out as soon as he can. In the mean time, it's so fun to visit with my little bro! #missionary #ldsmission #saltiomexico #4moremonths!
headscratcher - saltiomexico - ldsmission - missionary - 4moremonths -
dallasgriffin1 : I'm not sure if your hash tag spells Saltillo correctly...but I could be wrong cuz apparently one other person has also made that same hash tag.
markieostler : #headscratcher @dallasgriffin1
jack_axx : Nice pic!
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All of the eye liner. All of the bronzer. Do I look Middle Eastern now? #auditionproblems #headscratcher
headscratcher - auditionproblems -
ctvwillo : Nope.
patrickdoss : Back to Agrabah?
khristinejbote : Yes u are you are perfect girl x @morethanonecher
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Well, seems that I've gone though another one of those appointments that yields more questions than answers *facepalm* According to my Dr., my MRI showed some herniated discs...however they are not near any nerves, therefore are not what would be causing the numbness in my arm & according to her, most people live with these types of herniated discs & are never the wiser. Because of the pain increase plus the numbness coming more frequently she wants me to go and see a neurologist. At this point she's wondering if there could be a much bigger issue & wants a specialists opinion. She also noticed that my heart rate was pretty elevated, 150bpm, but I was sitting. A few times this month my visiting nurse also noticed my heart rate being elevated, while I was feeling light headed & having shortness of breath. So my PCP is scheduling a 30 day heart monitor for me to be hooked up too and see what going on. On top of that, the thrush has come back, so I have to be super careful when around people since that means my immune system is compromised.πŸ˜‘ So answers...not reallyπŸ˜• Still have no idea what's going on with my arm and why it's experiencing more episodes of going numb and bad pain. Plus, I need to figure out what's going on with my heart & why my heart rate is elevating. *Le sigh* A break would so be nice right now, just an quick, easy, & on the dot answer once is all I ask for...and yet seems to be the one thing that escapes every spoonie everywhere. Well, I'm going home now, ready to put my feet up, curl up with Murray and a hot cup of cinnamon tea☺️ Hope you all are having a beautiful Friday, don't forget you're all awesomely amazingπŸ™ŒπŸ’œ #chronicpain #chronicillness #invisibleillness #headscratcher #noanswers #morequestions #drappt #craponacracker #IBS #Endo #Fibrofighter #PCOS #port #spoonie #spoonielife #spooniewarrior
chronicpain - spooniewarrior - spoonielife - pcos - morequestions - chronicillness - port - endo - spoonie - invisibleillness - drappt - fibrofighter - noanswers - headscratcher - ibs - craponacracker -
lifechallaccept : @judytasker That's really good to know. If the neurologist wants me to do that type of test I'm definitely going to suggest doing the test w/o needles. Thank you so much for letting me know about that hun, I really appreciate it☺️And thank you for the well wishes, I hope you're having a beautiful dayπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
lifechallaccept : @mysticstitches Thank you Sharon, hope you're having a beautiful dayβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’œ
judytasker : Just trying to help! The test I had is fairly simple and can give answers (ideally). I hope your day improves! πŸ’™ @lifechallaccept
lifechallaccept : @owlyfightinglyme Thank you Alei☺️ To be honest, I can't remember which what discs were herniated, just that they weren't the problem. Sometimes when so much new info is coming at me & I'm in a lot of pain I tend to forget some of it and I didn't have a second person with me today to try to help me with info I forget😣 Hope your having a good day hunπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
owlyfightinglyme : @lifechallaccept Is it in your neck? If so, I've had numbing issues in my right arm just from disc herniations in my neck. Glad you are getting more opinions soon. Hope you get lots of rest. Dr Appts are so draining. Especially in your weather I'm sure. Hugs! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š
oneluv559 : First he said it was because I had an upcoming surgery, but that was postponed and then I asked for it again he said it's not something he wanted to "keep me on" @lifechallaccept
cj_lapier : Sorry Hun, sucks when you're hoping for answers and instead get more questions. I have an incredible neuro at Brigham if you need a name, she's brilliant, attentive and kind. (She's chief of neuro-infectious diseases) Can also rec my cardio at Brigham, (she's chief of women's health). I'm praying you get answers soon. I have two herniated disks but they do impact my nerves. (And hurt like the blazes) luckily I have s good back orthopaedist, hugs @lifechallaccept
jereleneevonne : I agree... If you have herniated discs in your neck it can definitely cause numbness in your arms and hands. For some reason the drs don't like admitting that. They keep telling me mine is just my carpal tunnel. I have occipital neuralgia from the ruptured cervical discs and bone spurs. Sorry you're having this problem. Feel better πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’—
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I see a black and blue dress. @gidget214 sees white and gold. #wtf πŸ˜• #todaystrend #headscratcher #googleit
todaystrend - colorblind - wtf - headscratcher - googleit -
stechbb : @0h_ms ikr
stechbb : @bballer719 ya-I've not once seen this white and gold nonsense these fools are #colorblind
natenewsom : An hour ago I saw white and gold.... Now I see blue and black.....
stechbb : @natenewsom dude I wanna see white and gold I tried everything even my polarized oakleys lol
ryan_wells17 : White and gold
stechbb : @ryan_wells17 #colorblind mija
ryan_wells17 : Am I? πŸ˜‚
r8dermike79 : White n gold
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How exactly do these guys pass their physical? #BrainTeaser #HeadScratcher #Police and #PhysicalTest?!?!? πŸ˜‘πŸ˜Ά
headscratcher - brainteaser - police - physicaltest -
baran_qamar - ahmedmalick_official - hajayyyy -
headscratcher -
biggfoot562 : You follow him too πŸ‘
tdotkdot : @biggfoot562 hell yea. Dude be clownin
biggfoot562 : Hell yeah he do but wut i like the most is he be dropping some real spill from time to time.
prettykitti34 - kustomwithak -
And THIS! Somehow, gotta work it all out. #WitchHat #HeadScratcher #LookedGoodonPaper #framerlife #FramerProblems #WorkinProgess
headscratcher - framerlife - workinprogess - lookedgoodonpaper - witchhat - framerproblems -
trevorbaumgartner : @dumbasscarpenter the california would be if you stacked and sheathed the hip roof like the turret wasn't there. Then frame the turret in top of the sheathed roof where they intersect. It's a lot easier than stacking a live hip or valley.
b__scott : Gotcha @rjb_1969
trevorbaumgartner : @rjb_1969 I've also heard it called overframing
trevorbaumgartner : But never a layover.
rjb_1969 : @trevorbaumgartner @b__scott I know the term California because I'm a Californian! In New Mexico we call it an overframing like you had said. If you ask a New Mexican framer what a California is he will tell you it's a Cal corner. I do believe though that the term layover is an overframe roof. @dumbasscarpenter what is a layover?
b__scott : Ya I've heard them called "over stacks" also , but never anything else . Either way they make a nice easy solution πŸ‘ @rjb_1969
dumbasscarpenter : Layover is overframing I guess. Tomato, tahmato. @rjb_1969 Local idiom I suppose.
chgilliam83 : @dumbasscarpenter I'm sure it's all the same but we call them overbuilds
remodelingdude - jeon_brothers - theberg247 - agross1 -
This ladder's a great head scratcher! #ladder #cattree #alliecat #headscratcher #calico #catsofinstagram #fluffy
catsofinstagram - fluffy - headscratcher - alliecat - ladder - cattree - calico -
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The design equivalent of a Rubik's Cube #tvguide #tv #design #graphicdesign #layout #graphics #puzzle #headscratcher #gettingthere #howsmallcanyougo
gettingthere - layout - tv - puzzle - howsmallcanyougo - design - tvguide - graphics - headscratcher - graphicdesign -
joefordham - mlalancaster - justsomejordy - laura.johnson.s -
Just chef things. #thiseventwaslastweek #headscratcher #hopetheHealthdeptLadydontcom
headscratcher - thiseventwaslastweek - hopethehealthdeptladydontcom -
bethanythebethany - mellenkiller -
It's a "coffee maker" guys. Seriously. #jokes #dealwithit #comedy #heh #mysides #huehuehue #darkhumor #wow #headscratcher #icanteven #craigslist
icanteven - craigslist - darkhumor - wow - mysides - dealwithit - jokes - huehuehue - headscratcher - comedy - heh -
kreativ31 - shadyville_nyc - eeshb00sh - _fuxk.no_ -
THAT'S. THE. SPOT. #headscratcher #heavypetting #itchy
headscratcher - itchy - heavypetting -
janet.sam.x - thehotmessof735 - broganisraunch -
headscratcher -
mohayira - sheffsmith - stephanie7656 -
I got the keeey... Just can't figure out which door πŸ”‘πŸ‘#toomanydoors #newhome #headscratcher #moving
headscratcher - moving - newhome - toomanydoors -
lotti08x - lugg - john.turner1 - susiemc100 -
Wtf is goin on in the world #smh #headscratcher #lmao #watchoutladies #catfishin
headscratcher - catfishin - watchoutladies - lmao - smh -
diamonddenese : That's 2 different people
alejandra_alcazar : Wtf
j.3w : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
___badiie__ : Who cares
djbassblacc : Lol you would if is was you dude @___badiie__
___badiie__ : Nahh let em be
asiasamone : @geena_alixx
asiasamone : @ummkeesh
bitcheebyray - kika_di89 - queso_cheezee - iam_thenelly -
Art. #MoMA #modernart #headscratcher #toomuch #visual #isthatpoo
isthatpoo - headscratcher - moma - visual - toomuch - modernart -
sharonwauchob : πŸ’š
b3duran - parmenterjacalyn - 333heureux - karvel0308 -
English pool, world rules, red balls in play...what would you do? #pool #englishpool #sport #cuesport #tactics #headscratcher #winning #scottgunvstaz
scottgunvstaz - englishpool - tactics - winning - cuesport - headscratcher - sport - pool -
imadavenaire4life : :) @davenwilson
jayeshp31 : Has he got two shots
kushalio : @jayeshp31 nope, just one visit
jayeshp31 : In that case he's aiming the wrong way and get lucky
kushalio : @jayeshp31 remember deliberate fouls are allowed (i.e. 2 visits for opponent but not loss of frame), he is deliberately hitting the yellow...
anna_molee - _x_nishi_x_ - aniskup - dilesha.t16 -
My new best friend! #heady #headscratcher
headscratcher - heady -
plant_a_don : A must hve
dabcity710 : I got 1 too my boy gave me one and man that bitch helps like a muthafucka for migraines and neck tension too its just relaxing @curbsideconcentrates
jessegrows - stoned_ninja - mo_one_tdv - krispy303 -
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