This is what time I need to move the car in the morning.. #nofilter #headscratcher #taxdollarsatwork
headscratcher - nofilter - taxdollarsatwork -
kristinnstagram_ - alyss315 -
LET'S PLAY YU-GI-OH!?! But what about PEP BAND? #headscratcher #PEPBAND!!
headscratcher - pepband -
Preparations for #Halloween because it's my favorite #holiday! Just gotta figure out what I'm gonna do for the #haunted house:\ #HeadScratcher #fogmachinesready
headscratcher - haunted - holiday - halloween - fogmachinesready -
cookm_lifter - xoxxotabi - prodigy_the_chosen1 - yoshid18 -
#tbt its so difficult taking #selfies, its such hardwork...took these girls no kidding 20 plus minutes getting the shot they #travel#frankfurt#joke#funny#headscratcher#starbucks
funny - joke - travel - tbt - selfies - starbucks - headscratcher - frankfurt -
myytran81 : hahahaa
jennifer_hoho : Hahha exla tmrw?
myytran81 - koolseyy - _ghost_xxii_ - brugabriellle -
Bud Selig knows how to go out with style! #seniormoment #suave #giantsdynasty #octobertogether
headscratcher - suave - seniormoment - octobertogether - giantsdynasty -
vincentvanike : Congrats, Brother. What a series.
brybarrett : @ike_thompson thanks. I think Bud is confused why Mad Bum gets a 5 inning save not a win. #headscratcher
bmamma50 : I thought perhaps he was adjusting his toupe!
lilbluebird88 - chandlertids - haylienowell - lwestaby12 -
Why does tabasco come in a box? Lol
headscratcher -
smelin63 : #headscratcher
Enfield, CT Wendy's. Quote unquote wash hands? How am I supposed to take that!!! #headscratcher
headscratcher -
edimon1 : Take that as no more freaking Wendy's!! @ccruz0617
_mbam247 - jaecalz - jay5on_1987 - craezlady -
Feels good bro. #afrofordays #headscratcher #feelsgoodbro
headscratcher - afrofordays - feelsgoodbro -
chibi.allyss -
Prepare for the easiest afro... Ever! #headscratcher #curlyhairproblems #afrofordays
headscratcher - afrofordays - curlyhairproblems -
bellaklewis - chibi.allyss -
#hmmm #headscratcher #math #tacotuesday #ros #wellprobablyeatthemall @bnyhan
tacotuesday - headscratcher - wellprobablyeatthemall - ros - math - hmmm -
jschmiege28 - neivehanak - christiemrose - lizanondo -
πŸ‘ FOOD FOR THOUGHT#repost#truthserum#whatdoyouthink#humor#carrotatall#lookwhatifound#headscratcher#playonwords#foodforthought
carrotatall - stewing - humor - lmao - emocarrot - whatdoyouthink - emotions - lookwhatifound - truthserum - wtf - headscratcher - foodforthought - playonwords - humorinlife - repost -
fgregory87 : #emotions#emocarrot#stewing#wtf#lmao#humorinlife
therealdanhunt : @desert_chunks
jr_lagrone - maryellenimselakovic - lovellarmoussette - morse.isabelle2015 -
Its like a gift from the gods... #headscratcher #headmassager
headscratcher - headmassager -
april_lacey : @shatia_f where the hell can I get one? Lol lol
shatia_f : I found it at some beauty store next to pepboys on rt 1 in edison. It was worth the 4 dollars @april_lacey lol
bigtim985 - nettski14 - smokethesag - ratchet_rican -
I woulda swore it wasn't like that when i left...hmmm. #headscratcher
headscratcher -
sillykinsey -
Not sure what to make of my kids' 'toys'. #headscratcher #confusedfather
headscratcher - confusedfather -
susanitaoh - sp00nd - y_a_s_m_i_n_e_a -
Bailey looking confused.. "Am I a dog or rug?" Haha.
unconditonallove - loveofmylife - maltese - fluffywhitething - rugdog - bailey - sweetiepie - moping - headscratcher - mademyday - cheermeup -
pupsallday : Hey @insta_dogs you should feature this account!
caramelandvanilla : #unconditonallove #fluffywhitething #moping #bailey #rugdog #sweetiepie #maltese #mademyday #loveofmylife #headscratcher #cheermeup
kewyn15 - va_le_rie_lai - mohammedatek - mrswb -
That one time Cj took "enjoying a head scratch" to the next level. #headscratcher courtesy of @allieestewart 😍
headscratcher -
jessssyq : Lol awww ❀️
vjonesin : OMG those things feel amazing when someone else does it! He Probably died πŸ™ˆ
dcherneske - haysbiggs - aracelic_ - taylor_moorhead -
Sitting in my room bored as fuck. Need to be saved from this shit!!! πŸ˜΅πŸ”«#BOREDOMKILLS #TAKEMEAWAY #WHATTODO #HEADSCRATCHER #FLORIDABOY #MISSINGHOME #HOMESICK
floridaboy - boredomkills - missinghome - homesick - headscratcher - takemeaway - whattodo -
supermodelbarbs - comptonsfinest92 - arellano_grande - _brittsworld_ -
Evidently a visit to the #SheddAquarium gives people a hankerin' fer seafood? #unexpectedgiftshopfind #headscratcher
headscratcher - sheddaquarium - unexpectedgiftshopfind -
lschrock67 - amanda_mt89 -
That's a #headscratcher for this early but I like it #dontbeafraidtoask #questionswithnoanswers #natureholdsthekey
headscratcher - dontbeafraidtoask - questionswithnoanswers - natureholdsthekey -
alexamonroesydney -
This creepy fell-asleep-while-reading old lady manikin is supposed to make me want to buy modern lighting - can't decide if it's clever conceptual art or a really bad marketing decision - probably both. #HeadScratcher #MarketingFail #LostInTranslation #CantStopGiggling #Madrid
headscratcher - marketingfail - cantstopgiggling - madrid - lostintranslation -
kumakrew - devoyaji - manraik -
This was in my lunch today. Mmmm... #chickenyoga #headscratcher #trickortreat #smellmyfeet
headscratcher - smellmyfeet - chickenyoga - trickortreat -
megatronusx - glennmon - annalisarings -
headscratcher -
oaklandlayover - mcm1216 - leen_bean - miike510 -
There's nothing better in the world than getting your head scratched #HeadScratcher #Bae #VFT6 #BroncosPillowLurkinng
headscratcher - vft6 - bae - broncospillowlurkinng -
mdhoalcraft : You bought one of those??😳
mwhaley59 : @mdhoalcraft been had it
mdhoalcraft : I don't even believe you
marccymarcc - krog21 - coreywall2 - eimyb__ -
Yup, that about sums it up. #severecoldandflu #headscratcher #java #sweettea #hottea #yolo
headscratcher - java - sweettea - hottea - severecoldandflu - yolo -
kljohns10 : Praying you feel better <3
kayrayy_ : Thanks so much @kljohns10 πŸ’‹
awexum : Ew why are you at work? Stop infecting us
kayrayy_ : Gotta love the pressure of sales.....
efield3997 : Somebody needs their mommy's chicken noodle soup and tender loving care πŸ’•πŸ˜˜ Miss my Kelsey Renee 😞
kayrayy_ : Aww I totally agree, mama! Thanks for always taking care of me from afar β˜ΊοΈπŸ’‹ @efield3997
efield3997 : πŸ’‹πŸ’—πŸ˜˜
kayrayy_ : πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈ
kljohns10 - hall_elujahs - _kendrasmith_ - hayfield94 -
This seems like a strange place for a wheelchair. #headscratcher #befuddled
headscratcher - befuddled -
craigkubz : Miracles happened here.
wilson510 : It's deceased choir members coming back to visit you
donaldmingo : Maybe he's at the bottom of the second flight of stairs
stevo81989 - patriciaaundrea - brevenpole - marandaettawageshik -
Luggage? Check. Bikes? Check. Canvas? Check. Guitar? Check. Roof rack? Nahhh. Time for a road trip... #aintcare
bmwabuse - desperate - itllbefine - guitar - ridiculous - bmw - wtf - roadtrip - downforce - why - packed - rackenvy - canvas - itshouldhold - luggage - aintcare - bicycles - stuff - pile - artistic - headscratcher - tiedown - creative -
fuzzy.67 : Oh my.... I would NOT want to be behind that car! Crime scene waiting to happen πŸ˜ƒ
atomicpepper : #bmw #bmwabuse #why #desperate @yakimaracks #rackenvy #bicycles #luggage #guitar #canvas #pile #stuff #tiedown #packed #roadtrip #itshouldhold #itllbefine #headscratcher #wtf #ridiculous
xbrownx : Don't forget the sweet axe to play those tasty jams, and it's not canvas its downforce fabrics
atomicpepper : @xbrownx maybe it's a painting of a wing? #creative #artistic #downforce
atomicpepper : @fuzzy.67 but almost worth hanging around to watch the excitement haha
jwilliamp : When all ur money went on an x1
atomicpepper : @jwilliamp hahaha probably gets excellent maintenance also, right?
bikerides - g.diie - geneva.black2015 - mellowme17 -
Or maybe I'm the stupid one and everyone else is smart!! #headscratcher #puzzled #cantfigurethisoneout #stupid
headscratcher - cantfigurethisoneout - stupid - puzzled -
nazprincess : Exactly how I feel. Lol
lareina1983 - la_rubia_jay - kattcoll - _adriichanel -
Just found out why my suspension was rigid at yesterdays #D36 race. #Headscratcher #directv
d36 - headscratcher - directv -
coolcrazyredhead - mattwins18 - jaimzq - jackjack317 -
Lorin not making the #DJMAGTOP100 and #Hardwell is number 1 again #headscratcher #whatyathink πŸ˜•
headscratcher - djmagtop100 - hardwell - whatyathink -
kazimieramarie : @kurtalbz my husband #thoselocksthough
atticusgabriel : @johnny_resto your point 1 counters your 2nd point. And your 3rd point is straight ignorant. Pls be quite.
johnny_resto : @atticusgabriel no it doesn't lol first year entry for deorro and he is 19 ? Martin Garrix is #4 ? It's a joke. But bassnectar, skrillex, and other of that stuff is stupid. Head banging to edm πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ not 1 song hardwell produced sounds the same.
atticusgabriel : @johnny_resto so his sound changes sonically how does that make it better? When I listen to an artist I want to hear their personality in the track, not just random different shit because it's #edgy
johnny_resto : @atticusgabriel you obviously haven't listened to hardwell.. His melodies are the shit and in my opinion he deserves to be number 1 for years to come. I've listened to bassnectar and even seen him live and in my opinion his drops sound very similar it's like listening to the same drop just tweaked. Hardwell is very different from every other dj because he has his own sound.
johnny_resto : @atticusgabriel listen to his ultra 2013/2014 set and tell me people don't copy him
atticusgabriel : @emilycertain @johnny_resto there's a reason he was boo'd when he won both times. I can't hate on his melodies they are incredible but that doesn't discredit and other artist putting out incredible shows and tracks. And if you think Lorin's drops are the same, you may need to see a Otolaryngologist
johnny_resto : @atticusgabriel I watched it live and heard no booing lol. I guess people just like different stuff.
rachell_sun - ryfiki13 - shengadj - floasanocean -
I don't think I'll ever understand the need to check into church. Isn't it just between you and God? #headscratcher #dontgetit #unnecessary #sunday #questionoftheday
headscratcher - dontgetit - sunday - questionoftheday - unnecessary -
romanadonna : @bbb3512 #yes. It is between you and God, always. Church is just like going to visit a relative with the exception that you can receive the Communion which is God.. That is the only difference between praying at home. Or anyplace else and going to Church.
simplysmooth - romanadonna - momtality - kdesi11 -
"Sooo... what do ya wanna do about this wedding thing?" #headscratcher #dollarsigns #cantwejustelope #rickybettyshow #tahoe #secretcove #dayonthelake #decisionsdecisions #gopro #goproselfies @ricalbobby
dollarsigns - gopro - secretcove - cantwejustelope - goproselfies - decisionsdecisions - tahoe - headscratcher - dayonthelake - rickybettyshow -
ktrosemag : I live in Tahoe! It would have been nice to see you, next time
bettyk12 : We will back up there for another visit soon lady! And I'll hit you up @ktrosemag
goprovip - crossfitregulusreno - jodiecravens - mateus_casarin -
Cowboys got them Seahawks messed up they losing to the Rams #headscratcher
headscratcher -
ball_is_wife_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
_tannerdean : Crackheads
_.gonzales - nick_bengo28 - chloe_rocks101 - krich2016 -
Apparently its a legit thing! Happy International Sloth Day! What are they gonna think of next? #HeadScratcher
headscratcher -
maystarchild : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Has @donnab_78 seen this?πŸ’œβ€πŸ’œ
elskaliam : @maystarchild I bet @donnab_78 is already celebrating this enormous event. πŸ˜„
hairraiser : I was just gonna ask that!! @maystarchild πŸ’œπŸ’œ
donnab_78 : Oh! How did I not know about this?!?!?! Ha, I do love a Sloth. & like Sharks, they deserve their own week! @elskaliam @maystarchild @hairraiser
maystarchild : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€πŸ’œβ€
lilwahinegidget - random_tammie - soulfister - suzanne_candypants -
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