This is an awesome #headscratcher !#unicornhorn #lookinscary #freaky #feelsgoodthough
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Pub riddles #headscratcher
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therealmrsbent : Something Deer.... #goingtoannoymeallday
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It's a real head scratcher
charolais - cow - beef - farming - ranch - nofo - mccall - longisland - northfork - eartag - cattle - headscratcher - ranching - thewoodlife - calf -
preszlerwoodshop : #headscratcher #cow #charolais #cattle #calf #ranch #northfork #nofo #longisland #mccall #thewoodlife #farming #ranching #beef #eartag
maristomart : Are you a farmer or a professional photographer? I don't understand)))
preszlerwoodshop : @maristomart πŸ˜€ LOL ...well maybe a bit of both...
maristomart : So, I think you are the mysterious manπŸ˜„
preszlerwoodshop : @maristomart πŸ˜€πŸ˜Ž
marnibeardsley : sweet
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#mood #headscratcher
headscratcher - mood -
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And so it begins.... The Offers! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ #headscratcher
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brandon_has_steez : 2016 maxima is πŸ”₯ go for it
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But why none of her ppls couldn't post the bond? After 3 whole days tho.. $500? Now they wanna get involved. 😐 #ADayLateAndADollarShort #HeadScratcher #PreventionIsBetterThanCure #RIPSandraBland #FamFirst #DoTheRightThing
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godlovespius : @caribbeanbee i have seen nothing conclusive to suggest murder. All these conspiracy theories aren't compelling. The fact is she was racially profiled, falsely arrested after refusing to put out her cigarette, imprisoned for resisting arrest, remanded in custody with 5k bail and at no point was able to get anyone that she knew to answer the phone over the course of 3 days and some change, and allegedly found deceased in her cell monday morning at 7:55am from an apparent suicide.
deja_duh : This meme is ignorance
godlovespius : @deja_duh expound pls
brandon.younger : I wholeheartedly agree with you @godlovespius
lynn_magnificent : Seems to me that if a Family member or good friend is an advocate and arrested, wouldn't that give them every reason to come to her attention IMMEDIATELY!? @godlovespius I work in Mental Health and depression in can be very hard to detect in many people. Based on the fact she didn't call her Family says a lot. Most people that are suicidal don't want to be a "bother" to their loved ones. Or if she did call her Sister or her Mother 3 days seems like a lifetime to someone who has never been in jail. The $500.00 to post her bail is nothing compared to funeral expenses!!! And her side Nigga needs his ass put on Blast!!!! So yea @godlovespius I agree with this post!!!
brandon.younger : @jasmine_menobrown @godlovespius the Texas police station just released 3 days of footage of Sandra in jail, even when she took her mugshot. It's crazy how people let the media control their way of thinking
godlovespius : without even doing their own research tho @Brandon.Younger
brandon.younger : No due diligence.
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Smirk or smile? #headscratcher
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juber_here : @anki_theatrocious..superbπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ’..πŸ‘
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Propane tanks on the outside of a moving vehicle seem like a good idea...#supersaturday #headscratcher #accidentwaitingtohappen #doitfortheprotein #fitness #gains #protein
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#headscratcher on the #salerack #nowonder #drinkcoffee anyway #savewater anyway #coffee β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ
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queen_bees_haus : I'd like to save water and drink coffee but it's seems you can't have one without the other #headscratcher is right
coffeecupandyou : Thank you for a great content
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That moment when you think you still love her 😭😴😴😴#headscratcher πŸ™‡πŸΎπŸ’­
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callme_kamii : Wow
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Wait a minute.... There are palm trees in New Jersey??? #treetrivia #palmtrees #headscratcher #downtheshore #longbranch #newjersey #beachlife
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davidjosephp : @audreypuente I am down there all the time. If I knew you were going to be there I would have taken a day trip today to hang out 😜
audreypuente : @ewlyd Oh no no! There were many more!
ianma859 : Shut the front door. #Fox5 #BikiniWeatherWomen
photostory2015 : Every Friday should be bikini weather night on FOX5NY.
shamdukes : Why are you so hot
fernandococha : So how hot is it going to be over the weekend ???
nickycuz : 😘😘😘😘😘
paddingtonpug : My daddy DJ's at Avenue!
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Vrschikasana | scorpion pose 🐜 #backtobackbends #ashtanga #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #headscratcher
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trendenser : πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
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Grass flip flops found in Ohio. #headscratcher #notsosure
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I'm one pampered pooch #headscratcher
bichonfrise - bichon - dogsofinstagram - dogstagram - headscratcher - bichonsofinstagram -
buddydelagnes : #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #bichon #bichonsofinstagram #bichonfrise
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#messy #drama #dramafree #why #chill #cuffing #really #black #confused #confusedface #headscratcher
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When you have a headache and no one will rub your head!! This thing is amazing😳😯#headache #headscratcher
headscratcher - headache -
hairbyla : Hey girl miss you!...
neysafaulkner : Miss you hope you are doing well @hairbyla
hairbyla : I'm doing good! Hope all is well with you
jillpriddy : Hi Neysa!!! You look exactly the same WTF LOL
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So do they change the flavor daily??? #headscratcher
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#flyfishing #headscratcher N. Umpqua fly water is a cruel mistress.
headscratcher - flyfishing -
mattneznanski : Steelhead are a cruel mistress. Did you figure it out?
jakedeglee : The head scratching picture came just after a solid grab. Hooked a 10" trout. So no...
jakedeglee : A possible steelie grab and a trout = a pretty good day for a guy like me! Found some good water I hadn't fished before.I'll probably wait until the water temps go down and they lift the 2pm fishing ban before I go bother the fish again.
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Already a deep thinker #headscratcher Mr Miles Teague McAlpin ❀️ Congrats @thebeastlybeast @matte_black He's perfect!
headscratcher -
hil_altman : Perfect @matte_black
hil_altman : Thank you for sharing @panther_moderns
hil_altman : Nice job congrats enjoy @thebeastlybeast
matthewmcalpin : Thank you! @panther_moderns @hil_altman
dannaleeb : @thebeastlybeast he is sooo cute!!!!!! I love him!! Congrats!!
stephshoemaker : So beautiful!! @thebeastlybeast @matthewmcalpin Congratulations and when can I meet him??? Xx
matthewmcalpin : Thank you! @stephshoemaker soon I hope xx
thebeastlybeast : Aww thank you!! @panther_moderns @hil_altman @dannaleeb @stephshoemaker 😘😘
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#HitsBlunt #RePost #BallIsLife #ReRePost #Humor #headscratcher
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bonitillasjr_23 : I'm done cuddy πŸ˜‚
neon_gypsy3 : @iamamagedoff 😁
iamamagedoff : Lmao @neon_gypsy3
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Best $1.90 ever spent. #headscratcher. my husband is a cat. Meow!
headscratcher -
esmitty01 : @dorotamonika88 it's freakin awesome
dorotamonika88 : Where did you buy it lol @esmitty01
esmitty01 : Impulse buy at forever21.
esmitty01 : @dorotamonika88
aprildawn5388 : I got 2 of those from Tyler's Nanny for xmas like 4 years ago. They creep me out!! I think she got them from the dollar store. You can have ours if you want! @esmitty01 @dorotamonika88
esmitty01 : But it feels so gooood. @aprildawn5388
kriistiin09 : I've been looking for one for months but I can't find them
esmitty01 : Oddly I got it at forever21 @kriistiin09
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#HeadScratcher #RIPCapitolHill #Seattle #CondoCurse | #35mm #Chernsicle #NoFilter #FILM #FixedLense #FilmsNotDead #CrossProcessed #ColorReversal #YashicaT4 #PointAndShoot #Kodak #Ektachrome #200ISO #ColorSlideFilm πŸ“· by ©HERNSICLE
fixedlense - crossprocessed - yashicat4 - ripcapitolhill - 35mm - 200iso - filmsnotdead - seattle - film - condocurse - chernsicle - colorreversal - kodak - pointandshoot - headscratcher - nofilter - colorslidefilm - ektachrome -
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I need a #headscratcher. I think this'll do... #scalpstimulation #myhandsaretired
headscratcher - myhandsaretired - scalpstimulation -
lidiasaysso -
If you thought trying to photograph these guys and get a decent shot with that tongue tie was almost impossible, imagine the daunting task of piercing them...told she would never be able to pierce her #tongue, we had a small window, a glimmer of hope, and a in the end a #venom placement all healed up and worth it in the end; courtesy of some hemostat juggling and hand curved sharps. Septum piercing not by me. #headscratcher #tonguepiercing #toratattoo #dontaskmetodothisagainforalongtime
venom - tonguepiercing - headscratcher - tongue - toratattoo - dontaskmetodothisagainforalongtime -
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Riddle of the Day! #ConundrumCentral #riddle #HeadScratcher #fun #think #BrainTeaser #WorkFlow #PicOfTheDay #awesome #like #amazing #love #IGers #Eureka #Nevada
riddle - nevada - love - like - workflow - awesome - picoftheday - eureka - conundrumcentral - headscratcher - amazing - igers - fun - brainteaser - think -
megan_protani : The word heavy?
alex_dancinglnw : Really good guess!! lol It works, but not exactly what I was looking for though. You pretty much have it though. @megan_protani
doubleduhh : Yvaeh???? Haha
_shvnice_ : Ton :)
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The point at which you think 'now I've got here, how do I get down?' #treeclimbing #headscratcher #splash
headscratcher - splash - treeclimbing -
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Big decisions to make in the next 6 weeks... #headscratcher
headscratcher -
trail_groupie : I get called that xx
coura88 : Awww an not just by me @trail_groupie hehw
coura88 : Xx
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Reminds me of that head scratcher contraption. #artinstallation #headscratcher
artinstallation - headscratcher -
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#headscratcher #theskylarkquiz #futurepedant
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Adios bro, get outta here. #lies #huh #headscratcher #saveit
headscratcher - lies - huh - saveit -
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Punch buggy no punch backs lol .... who left this in my drive way ??? #headscratcher
headscratcher -
_chrislo : Car
_jeanninee : Ohhhh ok
brick_city_evo : Pluck new ride
_chrislo : @brick_city_evo lol yeah shit got a big block in it lol
_chrislo : Its a evo killer lol
brick_city_evo : Word straight sleeper lol
jarlo_marz : Jeannine traded for her M πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ @_jeanninee
_jeanninee : Lmfao!!!!! @jarlo_marz
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My feelings of golf of late...#headscratcher
headscratcher -
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