The older albums are always the BEST! πŸŽΆπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ #keane #chaseandstatus #headautomatica #justified ✌️
headautomatica - keane - chaseandstatus - justified -
megan_rogerssxx - rachel_paynexx - freyarose._ - nin.a_rose -
Just got to the gym. Time to skwat & pull. #headautomatica #decadence #squats #sumodeadlift #gym #fit #fitness #gymmusic
fit - squats - headautomatica - sumodeadlift - fitness - gym - gymmusic - decadence -
power_lifting : Forgot this band existed "beating hearts baby" was my jam in middle school
supervillain909 : @power_lifting yessir!
biggb27 - fetteroni - fitchicksonly - lisa_fromtarget -
I Like Vinyl. Why? Black Friday Shopping In Pajama Pants, At Home. #cityandcolour #headautomatica #smashingpumpkins #movingmountains #alanismorissette #sublime #thewans
movingmountains - thewans - cityandcolour - headautomatica - smashingpumpkins - alanismorissette - sublime -
katiemaemc : Can we just talk about Sublime album though.... @destroythestaircases
efcoast - violentphlegm76 - jtwagner67 - endurancefiend -
"We used to look up at the sky and wonder about our place in the stars, not we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt " #inspiration #Interstellar #headautomatica #pimpmymacaroni #biscuittime #100daysofdave #day96
100daysofdave - day96 - pimpmymacaroni - biscuittime - headautomatica - interstellar - inspiration -
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Can't resist this 30-day music challenge (thanks a lot @yodoggodoy...). Day 1: song that makes you happy. Beating Hearts Baby by Head Automatica. I was introduced to this band my freshman year of college. This song gets me goin! For whatever reason, it is instant energy for me. Happiness in my ears, and great for the nostalgia. #music #headautomatica #challenge #happy
headautomatica - music - challenge - happy -
yodoggodoy : @jillianalise Yass! I'm excited to see your picks, hipster! =D
jillianalise : Hello everyone, my name is Jillian. I've been a hipster for four years. I like to wear knit hats and flannel shirts with shorts, and I get irrationally upset when Taylor Swift promotes a band I like.
cynthiaarenaee - seannawwar - yodoggodoy -
Deltron3030 #dantheautomator #headautomatica #kidkoala #uebelundgefaehrlich #deltron3030
deltron3030 - headautomatica - uebelundgefaehrlich - kidkoala - dantheautomator -
sanframerlin : :) One Love @merlinmoonmusic
magomerlin6 : lol @merlinmoonmusic
kde0o - ingwapetersen - takanocaca - alfromscotland -
Today's jam. What happened to these guys? #headautomatica
headautomatica -
fal_jordan : Glassjaw got back together. Haha
magomerlin6 : peace and love @merlinmoonmusic
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Because dance party. Fuck you. #headautomatica #icantthinkofagoodhashtag
headautomatica - icantthinkofagoodhashtag -
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A lot of old gig tickets..#milburn #gunsnroses #wearescientists #billytalent #bonjovi #foofighters - only bought this ticket to see #thestrokes #kanyewest #kubichek #themotorettes #headautomatica - lot of #
themotorettes - gunsnroses - kubichek - thestrokes - wearescientists - kanyewest - foofighters - bonjovi - headautomatica - milburn - billytalent -
feelthejoe : Billy T! Last night before I went of to uni, memories and shit
gemhanlon - aliza_discover - alease_newyork - shapezoid87 -
#headautomatica #beatingheartbaby
headautomatica - beatingheartbaby -
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#pickupline #bandaid #fallingforyou #bands #blackveilbrides #headautomatica #babylonzoo #tpau #lovethisphoto
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#bestfriend #derp #eyelinertho #wings #goodmood #walkingonsunshine #babylonzoo #tpau #headautomatica #ye
walkingonsunshine - goodmood - bestfriend - eyelinertho - headautomatica - ye - derp - babylonzoo - wings - tpau -
muzzamil_khattak : You Look Fab @lucy_betts :)
lucy_betts : Cheers:) @muzzamil_khattak
magomerlin6 : lol @merlinmoonmusic
_sara.c_99 - thegirlwithglasses257 - radman.tahsildoust - muzzamil_khattak -
Rocking out to old school Head Automatica on the way to Leeds! Another 40 miles to go! #headautomatica #rockingout #roadtrip #leeds
rockingout - headautomatica - leeds - roadtrip -
magomerlin6 : Rock n roll! @merlinmoonmusic
calvintai - magomerlin6 -
Baby is this love Foreal? Let me in your arms to feel, the beating of your heart baby. The beating of your heart baby (beating hearts baby) 🎡 #youtuber #youtubechannel #youtube #freshman #vlogs #highscool #vlogger #songs #music #hearts #beatingheartsbaby #headautomatica #LookDudeIts2InTheMorningAndImBoredSoChillOutOk
highscool - youtubechannel - headautomatica - youtube - vlogs - music - lookdudeits2inthemorningandimboredsochilloutok - beatingheartsbaby - freshman - hearts - youtuber - vlogger - songs -
thehyphenate : nice
freshman.vlogs : Nice enough to subscribe? @thehyphenate
rockjacobs : Good shot!
sosdesignz : need a graphic designer come check my Instagram out !!
magomerlin6 : Rock n roll! @merlinmoonmusic - fjclothingco - m_dayce22 - wind_alert -
#glassjaw #worshipandtribute #firstpress #limitedvinyl #vinyl #vinyljunkie #1gg3 #headautomatica #easytiger #colorfilm #longisland #newyork
longisland - 1gg3 - newyork - headautomatica - limitedvinyl - vinyljunkie - colorfilm - firstpress - glassjaw - worshipandtribute - easytiger - vinyl -
marsbungle : Ape can't trust manπŸ‘Š @johnnyreverse
marsbungle : I know it man-I first heard gj on my 18th birthday-they opened for Deftones at the tabernacle in Atlanta and I was blown away.I got eyewtkas the next week-been a fan every since.I really like the color film project too-killer 80's sound. @johnnyreverse
emilgb : Glassjaw πŸ’“
raaaaaaaaeeeeee : 😍😍😍
magomerlin6 : Flawless! @merlinmoonmusic
zack_alvey : I'm super jealous of this.
marsbungle : Great album! @zack_alvey
zack_alvey : Dude, one of my desert island albums for sure. @marsbungle
dobbs1989_2ndpower - brown__cow - konakai2003 - beatsandblood -
#HeadAutomatica 7inch picture disk 'beating heart baby' Didn't realise this was a remix single when I ordered it so I'm a bit gutted. It's from their 2007 UK tour, I went to this but don't remember this being on sale. #vinyl #glassjaw
headautomatica - vinyl - glassjaw -
madrid_spacestation : How does the El-P mix sound? I have a Beating Heart single w/ Candy Warhol...
punkrock_vinyl : @madrid_spacestation thats the one I thought I was getting. Haven't listened to it yet. It only arrived yesterday.
girlwolf - aidan_sin - rob_bee - pedroglo -
Oldie πŸ˜‚ #cathousedays #headautomatica #beatinghearts #love #oldschool #2k6
2k6 - love - beatinghearts - oldschool - headautomatica - cathousedays -
punkrock_vinyl - hazelhutton - magomerlin6 -
Listening to this old fav brings back memories 😊 @b_anikaluckman #tbt #headautomatica #beatingheartbaby
headautomatica - beatingheartbaby - tbt -
shaycovingtonxo : Ohhhh shitttt <3333
paulette_youil : Baby is this love for real! @tarynmariestiless 😚😚
tarynmariestiless : Hahaha @shaycovingtonxo we used to jam to this in your corolla❀️ @paulette_youil "let me on your arms to feel, the beating of your heart baby" 😘
b_anikaluckman : I so remember this!
tarynmariestiless : @b_anikaluckman blasting this in your black civic to summer school going into freshman year.
xtinebulgozdi - britt_norton - shaycovingtonxo - thatfishkid -
I have always loved Head Automatica. @darylpalumbocc is the man! #headautomatica
headautomatica -
walker_texas_strudel : # beatingheartsbaby
thekidtid : @walker_texas_strudel I love that song!
punkrock_vinyl - thehannahgore - walker_texas_strudel - randybrenton -
When I'm not standing up playing, I'm in this chair. The one piece of furniture that has followed me from my childhood. #kastrupmusic #alexpardee #zerofriends #alisdk #ananova #incubus #deftones #glassjaw #theapextheory #thechroniclesofisrafel #headautomatica #bevarchristiania #creativeseat #makingmusic
makingmusic - alisdk - zerofriends - deftones - thechroniclesofisrafel - bevarchristiania - theapextheory - creativeseat - incubus - kastrupmusic - glassjaw - headautomatica - ananova - alexpardee -
bonzo_van_halen : Hey man, I was rockin that ananova sticker for the longest!
anyaleeds : Omg zero friends....
kastrupmusic : @bonzo_van_halen that's awesome man, thank you! You should check out my new sound at
kastrupmusic : @anyaleeds I know crazy right. I still have a shirt and that sticker from an art gallery that we all went to in Melrose way back. First time I met you with Alex. Big fan of the art:)
bonzo_van_halen : I got it the first day it came out. You got my 1.29 and I'm a happy customer
bonzo_van_halen : When's the next song coming out
kastrupmusic : Nice @bonzo_van_halen !!! Happy to hear you got the song and enjoy it. The second song was released on Halloween called "History Repeats" and is available now. I also put up a "making of" video on YouTube that gives a vibe of the recording sessions. Can see that on my website. Gonna release the next song in late December.
talnts : Cool page! You'd be perfect for Talnts! Please email your name to so we can send you an invite email at launch. Thanks and hope you join
punkrock_vinyl - kevinhagan - magomerlin6 - thedirtiestlittlerainbow -
Head automatica #headautomatica
headautomatica -
pasxowoodwork - analog_head - riskiabkusuma - daisycici -
Farewell old overworn, fading and stained band t-shirts. You've served me well #closureinmoscow #headautomatica #takingbacksunday
takingbacksunday - headautomatica - closureinmoscow -
punkrock_vinyl - thekingisdeaduk - marcusadelaide - jd369 -
United Nations - The Constellation Room - Santa Ana, CA /// #unitednations #unitednationsband #un #geoffrickly #thursday #thursdayband #glassjaw #converge #allpigsmustdie #pianosbecometheteeth #acidtiger #thelovekill #headautomatica #everybandever #ronaldregan #regan ?
glassjaw - converge - pianosbecometheteeth - unitednations - thelovekill - unitednationsband - headautomatica - thursday - geoffrickly - everybandever - allpigsmustdie - acidtiger - regan - un - ronaldregan - thursdayband -
johnxperez : what lens are you using @iriscon
iriscon : 24-70 it's the perfect lens for shows. I'm probably going wide on this one because he was so close.
johnxperez : mrk 1 or 2? im looking to get the mrk 2 soon.
iriscon : @johnxperez 1 it's pretty heavy but it gets the job done.
drewwilkinson : Dude such an incredible photo. You have a gift
iriscon : @drewwilkinson thanks man I hope to get quite a few more of you guys when you're out here. Like "a gift" I can share with you guys.
xin_ke : :) @CHOIIOO
peninsula_holding_co - magomerlin6 - lknzn - girlwolf -
Just ordered on of these for a fiver from @banquetrecords Beating heart baby by #Headautomatica on 7inch picture disk. Fucking classic 2 left. Just saying #vinyl #glassjaw
headautomatica - vinyl - glassjaw -
gazzo : Daaaamn!
yeahthatskot : Boom! Thanks for the heads up. Looks like I got the last one
punkrock_vinyl : @yeahthatskot 🍻
kevinhagan - vinyleveryday - jacknhiggins - unicornicus_ -
#feelgoodfriday #headautomatica #attheapeedofayellowbullet #beatingheartbaby #flashbackfriday #2004
attheapeedofayellowbullet - beatingheartbaby - 2004 - headautomatica - feelgoodfriday - flashbackfriday -
theeddiemcfly : Classic
therealjamese : Dang old school.
punkrock_vinyl - therealjamese - theeddiemcfly - magomerlin6 -
iPhone Playlist for the most of my 2014 #headautomatica #makedoandmend #thedangeroussummer #deafhavana #paramore #malloryknox #uselessid #theflatliners #hildamay #athornforeveryheart #apologiesihavenone #smokeorfire #redcityradio #astpai #wearetheocean #youmeatsix
wearetheocean - paramore - makedoandmend - uselessid - thedangeroussummer - malloryknox - hildamay - theflatliners - youmeatsix - astpai - deafhavana - headautomatica - apologiesihavenone - athornforeveryheart - redcityradio - smokeorfire -
pj_shepherd : You should really check out the new @astpai - fucking awesome!
cindykuper : @pj_shepherd Yes, already did! They keep getting better don't they!
punkrock_vinyl - wearewander - ciarabiffyclyro123 - jared_upto11 -
baby is this love for real? let me in your arms to feel the beating of your heart, baby #headautomatica
headautomatica -
maggalol - alex_tszyeung - charlinexcx - jusika0710 -
Drive-By Bukkake 😎 #life #dbb #darylscreeping #redcorner #silverlining #1gg3 #1eightto0 #headautomatica #unitednations
darylscreeping - redcorner - 1gg3 - headautomatica - dbb - life - unitednations - silverlining - 1eightto0 -
michelleslattery95 - mommabastard - nickleesees - mattmangione -
Who remember this. ... #2004 #headautomatica #goodtunes #old #vsocam #vsco #goodtimes
old - 2004 - vsocam - goodtunes - headautomatica - vsco - goodtimes -
carfalconi : Love this album
yourmotherhasinsta : Still listen to this album pretty often!
pabloamoretti : I'm going to start as well ... @yourmotherhasinsta
carfalconi - alishajrafi - stillflik - popiel_ -
This came on and made me feel nostalgic. I wish the dude from #HeadAutomatica would stop being an idiot and playing with that other band that isn't nearly as good.
headautomatica -
patrickmologna : Like this band and album but Glassjaw is legendary dude
patrickmologna : Unless you're talking about a different band he's in haha
cbrown2392 : I don't really care for Glassjaw :/
punkrock_vinyl - wndrlndmermaid - acronk73 - patrickmologna -
All the yellows (plus that jerk in the bottom row that is somewhere between yellow and orange) None of them glow except for the custard glass. #custardglass #milkglass #fortbragghaul #atthespeedofayellowbullet #headautomatica #seaglass *coughcoughcough* #notdirty
custardglass - atthespeedofayellowbullet - seaglass - headautomatica - milkglass - fortbragghaul - notdirty -
beachbitchseaglass : @lexxec it's not a military area like in NC. Fort Bragg in CA is an actual city.
lexxec : Gotcha!!! I totally thought it was a base. Lol Forhead smack!! @beachbitchseaglass
lexxec : I am going to have to get my butt there!! I need yellow for my mosaic table top! Found my first piece ever today. @beachbitchseaglass
beachbitchseaglass : Hehe, I saw! Woot. @lexxec you'll save yourself a lot of time and energy and money if you just buy some.
lexxec : True , but I haven't found any in bulk online. Any idea where I could get it? @beachbitchseaglass
beachbitchseaglass : Bulk? Ehhh that's doubtful @lexxec Real yellow is just so uncommon. Everyone I know personally has more red than yellow. Maybe you could settle for the yellowish quartz we have around here instead? Or you can always make fake, tumbled glass (that far too many people online like to pass off as real seaglass) ha
lexxec : Yeah, usually I see it sold as one or two pieces. I may just use less yellow on the table. I hate to use fake glass! Just feels wrong to me. Lol @beachbitchseaglass
beachbitchseaglass : @lexxec I feel you. I hate it too.
katrina747 - seaandglass - laurateran23 - frencholiver -
music don't lie. #headautomatica
headautomatica -
joeknoxvill : The razor tu macam best je lagu dia
haziqramlann : I see book of flag as welllllll
eddieedzuan : @haziqramlann my feveweeeeet
nomiee.roslan - thesprites_ - mdhrwan - vzri -
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