One reason why I don't trust anyone!!! #Fake aka #Fact #GetYourLife and #HaveSeveralSeats!!!!
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truserenity : 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
pudge__82 : 😭😭😂😂😂😂
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This is thoroughly sickening! I have tons of food allergies and just having to go grocery shopping is too much sometimes but ALSO having to be wary of stupid people trying inflict an anaphylaxis shock on me should be a crime. I should be able to sue people who cause me to have an allergic reaction! It's attempted murder! People need to be more educated- food allergies is no joke it's life threatening! Now I'm emotionally damaged since I'll have to double check a gas handle to make sure no remenants of anything I'm allergic to isn't on it. Ugh #smh #haveSEVERALseats #soratchet #ridunkulousness #IMirritated
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#smh #intense #haveseveralseats #Repost @jocelynleydon
Steering the car so jay can do sled (car) pushes around the parking lot. #alwaysworkingout #talkedaboutabreakbutwhereishis #gottamovesomeweight
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#Family Just Me & My Brothers @ken713 @staydown713 #Rapalot #TheWorldAintEnough #ThickerThanBlood
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queen.lyfe : Pretty
iamjessicavickery : @queen.lyfe 😘❤️
omoattas : Black men's bitch
iamjessicavickery : @omoattas Awww you mad boo? You probably get turned down all day by women that look like me don't you? It's probably been happening all your life hasn't it?? How sad! It's probably not because your skin's white though it's probably because you're so ignorant you can't hold a conversation with an educated woman like me or keep an intellectual woman of my caliber interested for more than 10 seconds but then again it could just be the size of your teeny weeny penis SUCKA! 😂😂😂 #HaveSeveralSeats I'm That Bitch by the way!!!! #GetItRight
omoattas : Hahaha fuck u & let them fuck u all day & by the way i'm not white mother fucker
omoattas : I forget to say u r very old grandmother
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#sotrue #getyourlife #haveseveralseats #book #chapter
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books_must_read : :) @naked_soul_poems
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Not everyone escapes #turnaround #walkback #haveseveralseats hahaha
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If this offends you... then it's obvious that you're not part of the "color struggle" that is still very much in existence.😔 Rascism & prejudice is real, so again if this offends you... politely #HaveSeveralSeats😒 and feel free to #EffOff 😆 #RealTalk #Black #White #War #IdentityCrisis
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lukasdelvou_sosteam : This was so true
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#Repost @mickael.r #MOOD Have a beautiful day! #YouDontKnowMe #WeAreReallyNicePeople #ByeFelicia #HaveSeveralSeats #DontComeForMeUnlessISendForYou #BasicBitches ・・・
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gfriedlander : So right!!!!!!!
jenadover : Yes keep shining. It irritates them more. 💜❤️💚
mickael.r : @yesitsmetoolz have wonderful fucking amazing day baby!!!! 💥💥💥💥💥💥
crissynic : Amen to that! @sassykalil
sassykalil : Amen! @crissynic
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I CAN'T EXPRESS ENOUGH HOW MUCH KIDS BETWEEN THE AGE OF 13 AND 18 DRIVE ME NUTS THINKING THEY CAN INSERT THEIR OPINIONS WHENEVER THEY WANT ON MY PAGE. I'M LETTING YOU ALL KNOW WHO WANT TO TRY ME... DON'T! I HAVE A TEMPER! A BAD ONE AND I TAKE NO PRISONERS! I NEVER ARGUE WITH KIDS BUT YALL REALLY TRYING ME TODAY! #TryMeNot #YallTriedIt #DontPushMe #StayInAChildsPlace #GetYaLife #StayOffMyPage #HaveSeveralSeats #YouWillGetBlocked #SeveralHaveAlready #NotAFanOfUnSolicitedAdvice #IGo0To100RealQuick #OTo100 #MyThemeSong #DontMakeMeGetUnChristianLike #IKnowHowToControlMyTemper #DependingOnYou @2destructive_ let these clowns know. THEY REALLY TRYING ME! 😠😠😠 and my blood is boiling
yalltriedit - haveseveralseats - mythemesong - dontmakemegetunchristianlike - notafanofunsolicitedadvice - iknowhowtocontrolmytemper - getyalife - youwillgetblocked - igo0to100realquick - severalhavealready - oto100 - stayinachildsplace - trymenot - dontpushme - dependingonyou - stayoffmypage -
2destructive_ : They might wanna get it together
brittanny_joz : Please tell them lol @2destructive_
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I be trying be on my Dr. King vibe, yall gonna make me get on some Malcolm X #taurus shit fr! #sityoassdown #haveseveralseats with the bs! ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊ #nojusticenopeace #problack #ifyoudontlikeit #fuckyou #MalcolmX #MLK
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j_montega : Get "Greasy"!
liccmysmiles2 : @j_montega im trying not to 🙏🙏
j_montega : It's the only way they'll respect what comes out the mouth
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Aww you thought it was okay to come for me before I sent for you!?! #oopsmybad #haveseveralseats
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#ImStillAHotTopic #HaveSeveralSeats #RunTellDat #ByeFelicia #MiserableHoesOfDollarGeneral #KissingAssWontGetYouAPromotionDummy
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Welp! #Cheater #GirlBye #Karma #iCant #ThereYouHaveIt #HaveSeveralSeats #ByeFelia #YouGetWhatYouPayFor #ThoughtOfTheDay #Choices #GetYourOwn
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sh.ia : #hiGirl#HiFelicia❤️❤️❤️
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yalljustwanaactafoolforblkfriday - dontshoot - haveseveralseats - quitthatnoise -
williezworld : @sheliku
williezworld : Or most blacks anyways..
williezworld : @mariacarrillo_0 no!! =( send them again..
sheliku : I believe the hashtag is referring to this type of situation, which is starting to become a norm, a pattern.. where cops get off easily at the cost of a black life (Especially in comparison with cops confronting a white person in a similar "life threatening" situation) Where black on black crime is an irrelevant counter in THIS situation. Yes it's an issue among black people that definitely needs to be addressed, but I'm not gonna sit here and say black lives don't matter to blacks because at the end of the day you can go as far to say that all lives are irrelevant to everybody.
sheliku : Smh I'm hella late responding.. But I agree the slogan needs to be pressed among black communities as well.
williezworld : Okay u understand where your coming from now.. But even the hash tag is as hypocritical as the slogan.. Its #dontshoot with arms up.. But again.. We kill our own people, unarmed, innocent, on the regular.. I do get that justice was not served in THIS situation.. Regardless of race.. The verdict was wrong.. I'm not saying that I don't agree on that part.. I'm just saying someone gets shot by a cop n everyone wants to come together as if cops are the only people taking lives in the community when that's far from it.. People want to protest and say don't shoot and black lives matter like they are truly hurt n affected by the loss.. But where were all the these protesters, and outraged citizens when one brother killed another brother just last week?!? I'm just not buying into the hype..
williezworld : I feel like the system doesn't take our lives seriously because WE don't even take our lives seriously.. Its a joke to kill ourselves each year by the thousands n then get pressed when a cop kills one of us... I think they handle white people differently because white people handle THEMSELVES differently.. If a white person harms another white person people come forward.. Speak out.. They protest against the person..they stand outside the courthouse.. They let it be known this type of monster is not welcomed or tolerated.. Baby killers, rapists, serial killers, child molesters.. Its a HUGE deal.. But when something happens in the black community people turn the other cheek, they say don't snitch, don't help, mind your business etc. Cmon we post videos of us harming each other hourly.. But when that one cop of a different color does harm to one of our own n gets away with it we want to go crazy?!?.. They haven't done anything we ain't already done to ourselves.. Is it really about justice?!? Cuz if so why doesn't anyone think about "justice" when we kill eachother? @sheliku
falcon2018 : That is actually so true @williezworld
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I'm busy..not now. #spiceyfe #SpiceDolls #FeMZ #blog #iblog #tagforlikes #FallBack #haveseveralseats #NotToday #YouCantSitWithMe
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hotelfashionland : 😂😂😂😂😂
spiceyfe : Lmaoo
ctrizzle88 : @x_queenbreezy_x
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Bol 😂😂😂😂 I can't 😩😩😂😂 but right!! Lol This is almost as bad as dark skin dudes who only like light skin girls but then their sons come out light and their daughters dark! #backwards #haveseveralseats #whocares #imdead #foolish #iusuallydontpartakeinthesethings #tallgirlsunite #myboysaregoingtobetall 6"5+ #ijs 😩😂😂.. ✌️❤️😊
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fine_as_irvine : 😭😭😭😭😭
wtnhn : Nice cool! @VinesBeLike !
mzpootney : Bolmao too funny
chrisstinaa23 : 😂😂😂 you a fool MD! So true tho
cheddached_gemg : Omfg 😂😂😂
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😂😂😩😩😩 #that #this #prettymuch #Exactly #itslevelstothisshit #nope #icant #damndamndamndamn #stopthat #inmyownlittleworld #idowhatiwant #bitterbitches #Haveseveralseats #sitallthewaydown #aintnobodygottimeforthat
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Look Within #wisdom #humbleyourself #haveseveralseats #noshade
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casiodaze : Barf
thesastle : @casiodaze he's matured a lot since his birthday
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😑 #rp #haveseveralseats
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@carel_n_ann here you go.... #HaveSeveralSeats #YouTriedIt #GetYoLife
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carel_n_ann : I can't find anywhere to sit Lmao 😂 😂 😂 😂
theofficial_jeani : @carel_n_ann sit in all of them
carel_n_ann : Lmao now you tripping 😭😭😭😭😭
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So you want to be a #Model and #Actress but you don't respond quickly to your emails 💌📲📧 when you hear about an opportunity you say "Give me a second to think about it "... News flash : there are THOUSANDS of girls out here who are just WAITING on that ONE shot to KILL the game. So STAY Ready and make yourself AVAILABLE.. Otherwise #Girlbye 🚣🚣#GoneNow #HaveseveralSeats 💺💺#notea #noshadezone
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krry_ : Awesome @VinesBeLike
akilapetite : Girrlll let me tell you lol @goldenbarbie_xo as if people are gonna wait around for ANYONE in this business. Unless you're Tyra banks, you gotta hustle in these streets
goldenbarbie_xo : @akilapetite preach lol!
ambernicolehay : Cool!
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go ahead get angry, unfollow me, I don't care.. now back to this money #haveseveralseats
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brandon.greed : 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
loren912_ : @lola__v I love your posts lmao
lola__v : @loren912_ u know ppl annoy me 😄
_womenpouvoir : Like this has been the first unjustified case in centuries 😂 Guys come on 👏
stephboogie_11 : So TRUE!!!!
stephboogie_11 : @datruth320
pen2127 : ❤️
corporate_trapstar : happens EVERYDAY but folks only speak up when it's popular. Imagine being the parent of a child killed but the story didn't get a hashtag...people revolutionaries tho...from the safety of their homes and cubicles.
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Someone please tell me this isn't real... R.Kelly of all people is calling someone a pervert? The same man who pissed on a 15 year old girl? The same man who married an underaged girl half his age? #HaveSeveralSeats #RKelly #BillCosby #InnocentUntilProvenOtherwise
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always_arday : Right pissy ass nigga
always_arday - godsgift712 -
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misunderstood_nadi : Yes they do 😂😂😂😜
sophisticated_mel26 : Lmaoooi
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Not happy with the verdict last night and clearly this is how I'm looking at everybody at work today #spiceyfe #SpiceDolls #FeMZ #currentsituation #currentmood #haveseveralseats #NotToday
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hotelfashionland : 😤😤😤😤
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Really chick? Really?! #GTFOH #AintNobodyGotTime4That #thotful #ThirstTrap #ThinkItsAGame #itblikethatsumtimes #dontgetcaughtslippin #GotToBeMoCareful #WhoaDere #FixItJesus #HaveSeveralSeats
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#NoJustice #NoPeace #BlackFriday #BlackOutFriday #BlackLivesMatter #NoShopping #SupportBlackOwnedBusinesses #NoBlackMoney #DearFerguson #RespectUs #NotOneDime #RIPMikeBrown
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odetowoe : #alllivesmatter you racist @brittanny_joz
brittanny_joz : Actually I'm not racist! But I deeply care about my race and they seem to be the ones getting killed these days. So how about you mind your business and stay off of, oh that's right, MY PAGE! @odetowoe #Blocked #GetYaLife #HaveSeveralSeats #NoUnsolicitedAdvise #ByeFelicia
necesita_medicina : #Ericgarner
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#haveseveralseats #jessiej #swiftamine #amas
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....And how do I look my little brothers in their face and tell them to be strong when we both know black boys are murdered every day, simply for standing up for themselves? I take them by the hand, I say be strong. I say be smart. Be kind, and polite. Know your laws and Know Your Value!!- (Poem by: Javon Johnson) Sincerely, MaveriQ #Brotherskeeper #onlyinamerica #knowyourvalue #blackmen
haveseveralseats - blackmen - onlyinamerica - brotherskeeper - knowyourvalue -
rogercasado : Now you changed it
rogercasado : I saw it before
rogercasado : It said Sincerely, whatever your name js
rogercasado : Is
iamschoolboydeuce_ : It's been like that. Why you slim pressed. I never claimed it as mine #haveseveralseats @rogercasado
rogercasado : So why did you delete my first comment
iamschoolboydeuce_ : It's a thing called negativity and not seeing the bigger picture. There's a bigger issue at hand bro @rogercasado
rogercasado : I understand that, I just wanted you to give the man credit for his thoughts and words
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Friend Zone! #haveseveralseats #anddonotraiseyourhand #smh #looksgoodonyou
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mermaid_of_la : Lol
beauty_brains_brand : Haaa lmao @mermaid_of_la
calibreeze97 : #curved
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The first thing a Skinny Broad has to say to you in a Fight/Argument is.. You Fat Bitch!! 😄 Lmao last time I Checked your Man Be Cheating on u with a ("Fat") Bitch!! 🙊😂😂😂! Haaaa either way Looks like Fats Winning!! 😂😂😂💁 #GetYaWeightUp #WalkingAroundLookingLikeADeadCorpse #BonesAreForDogs #HaveSeveralSeats 😂 haha
getyaweightup - walkingaroundlookinglikeadeadcorpse - haveseveralseats - bonesarefordogs -
_mz_independent_ : Lmao You already Kno!! That's the Jealousy Talking 😂😂😂 that's all a bitch can say to me!! Haha What else you Got!?? @kianac22 Sit in all your chairs bitch haha
ricd01 : @_mz_independent_ #facts
myworldavajadajr : Woot woot to the big girls lol
_mz_independent_ : You already Kno!! 😂😂🙌🙌 @myworldavajadajr
faceitt_iimfabulous : YOU ARE NOT FAT !!! YOUR healthy AND beautiful - Dont encourage obesity. Its a spiraling epidemic thats affecting alot of the newer generation. Its not OKAY to be fat .and Its NOT SEXY to be TOO skinny either. Both sides struggle socially. Nd it doesn't help to join the war. Then noone wins. #Healthyisbeauty #notafatass #orflattummy #supporthealthy #saveyoursisters ✊✊👭👭🍴
_mz_independent_ : You already kno lil Cuz!! Words of Wisdom!! 😘😘 Love and Miss you!! Xoxox @faceitt_iimfabulous
faceitt_iimfabulous : #lmfaoo #spreadingtruth #Weallbeautiful and for the social medias idea of beauty can kiss my ass. #ILOVEYOU #superMom #lol 😘😘😘😙😄
_mz_independent_ : For real for real!! Hehe thanks Love ❤❤ @faceitt_iimfabulous
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#Rp #Dope #True #Funny #WhoReallyCares #IfyouneedLikestofeelbetter #YouhaveIssues #GetUrLife #JesusTakeTheWheel #GrowUp #HaveSeveralSeats 😂😂😂
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ezwife4life : #truth#rp
abi_monroes : This.
modestany : @abi_monroes 😂😭😂 i wanted to tag u so bad.. I knew u would like this one
abi_monroes : Girl!!!! You should have tagged!!! Hit that @ sign and don't be shy!! 😂😂😂
amocka_michelle718 : So true
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