#DontBeMadCuzIKeepItReal #RealTalk #NoThot #NoProblem #BTru2U #Pointless #GetChoLifeTogether #GetAnEducation #YourSoCalledFriendsArentAlwaysYourFriends #BewareOfTheDangers #HaveSeveralSeats #GetRightWithGod
haveseveralseats - realtalk - getaneducation - noproblem - bewareofthedangers - yoursocalledfriendsarentalwaysyourfriends - dontbemadcuzikeepitreal - btru2u - getcholifetogether - getrightwithgod - pointless - nothot -
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Hahahaha #imeandamn #worryabouturself #haveseveralseats #0fucksgivin #lovinlife #umaddornahh
0fucksgivin - haveseveralseats - worryabouturself - umaddornahh - lovinlife - imeandamn -
mommyof2girlsan2boys - gottabustamove - me_n_maddii - familygirl_1990 -
#stopthat #aintnobodygottimeforthat #thebullshit #thedumbsshit #damn #damndamndamndamn #Haveseveralseats #sitallthewaydown #nope #icant #thetruth #thetruthmovement #wakeup
wakeup - thetruthmovement - haveseveralseats - thedumbsshit - icant - thebullshit - damndamndamndamn - sitallthewaydown - damn - stopthat - thetruth - aintnobodygottimeforthat - nope -
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Its an epidemic! These chicks kill me when they say what they "deserve". What are you doing to show a man you're worth investing his time, money and energy in? Remember, big booties will only get you so far. πŸ˜” #makeyourownsuccess #getyourlife #haveseveralseats #getYOURmoneyup
makeyourownsuccess - haveseveralseats - getyourlife - getyourmoneyup -
shonpthegreat : #facts
shonpthegreat - damonrenthrope - willc1963 -
Explanatory... #Mood #Feeling #DontNeedToSayAnything #ThanksMan #HeHelpedMeOut #ThisGuy #Hashtags #Done #StepStepSideToSide
thanksman - pleaseleaveamessage - petty - haveseveralseats - mood - goodday - thisguy - hashtags - hehelpedmeout - dontneedtosayanything - done - stepstepsidetoside - idontthinkso - notavailable - talktothehand - feeling - isaidgoodday -
blakbeautee_naturalqutee : #HaveSeveralSeats
blakbeautee_naturalqutee : #GoodDay #ISaidGoodDay #NotAvailable #PleaseLeaveAMessage #TalkToTheHand #Petty? #IDontThinkSo
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I HAD To #Rp You Made #Fun Of Me Cracked #Endless #Jokes But Now I'm The #One You After! #HaveSEVERALSeats #LastLaughOnMe #Clowns #GrownNow #SaltyOrNah #CantHaveMe
haveseveralseats - canthaveme - one - jokes - lastlaughonme - clowns - fun - rp - grownnow - saltyornah - endless -
shyguyshad : I guessssss πŸ˜’
beanie.baby1114 : Why the face? @shyguyshad
shyguyshad : Cuz i.can and u aint shit lol
beanie.baby1114 : Dtfl Rude!! @shyguyshad
eroticnae - senior2015myyear - kiwi_anda93 - lizziet2dope -
You gotta be a hoe in your pics to get the same amount of likes I get on a selfie mami ! #HaveSeveralSeats πŸ’Ί#LikesDontPutMoneyInMyPockets #GirlGetChaLife πŸ’―β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’πŸ’Žβœ¨πŸ’°πŸ’ΈπŸ’³
haveseveralseats - girlgetchalife - likesdontputmoneyinmypockets -
moneyhungry_40 : Shawty a1 πŸ’•πŸ™ŒπŸ’ @vsop.onfleek
_al38rb_ : yess
boooos_ahmed - jaf2631 - nicodomii - yashearts18 -
Happy Birthday to my homie/ace boon/road dogg @kimmeenicole87. Enjoy the rest of your day/weekend #ImDoneWithYou #OMGShaina #WhatAreYouGoodFor #HaveSeveralSeats #ComeComeNow #HadThisPictureForAWhile #ForgotToPostOnTBT #OnlySheWillUnderstandTheseHashtags πŸ˜’ πŸ˜©πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
comecomenow - haveseveralseats - whatareyougoodfor - forgottopostontbt - omgshaina - hadthispictureforawhile - imdonewithyou - onlyshewillunderstandthesehashtags -
mjackson_pyt : Happy birthday @kimmeenicole87
train2freedom : @mjackson_pyt looking like Chef Boyadee in that hat 😩😭
kimmeenicole87 : Omg I cracked up at the hash tags!!!
freshlysnipesjr - recipeaim - acm_41 - freshmula1313 -
haveseveralseats -
fabulousunicornmonkeypie : Omg whats yo snapchat name
stefanibisson : Stefanibisson - duhh
fabulousunicornmonkeypie : I added u :)
no_bizness_like_schos_bizness : Charge your phone.
fabulousunicornmonkeypie - twitchcannon - itskellzzz - ughhhmerica -
Back at it! @matthunter123 made us lunch! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
fail - tryagain - wrong - haveseveralseats -
vive_in_style : Quinoa? πŸ™Œ
visionz03 : Yup!! @vive_in_style you are correct but @k_stoaks swears he knows everything! #HaveSeveralSeats
matthuntersfans1 : I have to try some of his food! 😻
vive_in_style : lol do I get a prize? 😩
visionz03 : Get off my ig before I block u lol @k_stoaks
k_stoaks : Well quinoa and couscous pretty much look the same depending on which type. Also in some circumstances if you cook it a certain way the color does too. There are differences but one is whole grain and the other is more considered pasta made from wheat. Other then that there origins are from different countries and one is more high in protein. You have to taste both to get a better idea to say the difference other then visually looking at it. Other then that @visionz03 still a damn good guess. Lol
visionz03 : And of course! @vive_in_style πŸ™ŒπŸŽπŸŽ‰
darlabm : @visionz03 Its delicious♥
hunters_1620 - hunter_plzz_ - sharonhunter98 - yanibae_ -
My expression exactly!! #HaveSeveralSeats #Entertaining #DumbShit #SMH
entertaining - haveseveralseats - dumbshit - smh -
wayneski.mp3 : Lmaoooooo
iam.nea_badass : πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
houstonsj1999 : I can't
honeydew0527 : πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
mrskat100 : Right lol
tammylicious24 - giftedbaker - fivetenandfine - yes.en.ia_ -
Couldn't test US even if your name was POP quiz βœŒπŸ’‹πŸ’― #haveseveralseats #pow #friends #lastnight #boom #downtown #sandiego #latepost @curlykillamami @sonya_renee @tellme_ily
haveseveralseats - sandiego - pow - latepost - downtown - boom - lastnight - friends -
logan_jason : Lame lol
phydiva - sexytwhipp - wafiboy - marie_m_t -
Wha do some glass house residents lol #haveseveralseats
haveseveralseats -
_jahfirst - geedagreat - still_dat_nigga_ - polknbeans -
#necessarypost #educatedpost #truestory I've lived and experience this mess #haveseveralseats #icant #getyourlife #single #mylife #myview I'm not one to #malebash but dam #ijs this is my 1am #vent excuse me
vent - ijs - getyourlife - truestory - educatedpost - icant - single - malebash - mylife - myview - haveseveralseats - necessarypost -
aizekc_ - kim.barber2014 - gyrl_bye - devrue -
LoL #fuckedup #partyrock #pillsnpotion #Barbie #getyourlife #haveseveralseats #fridaybitch #freedom
haveseveralseats - barbie - freedom - pillsnpotion - fridaybitch - fuckedup - getyourlife - partyrock -
whenthestreetlightscomeon - devotchka666 - i_am_bitesized - harris.g -
But who asked you though??? #underhandedcompliments /#unsolicitedopinions #haveseveralseats #idowhatiWANT #lmaothough #naturalhair #ihaventalwaysrockedafade #satdownsomewhere and #mindyabusiness
ihaventalwaysrockedafade - lmaothough - haveseveralseats - satdownsomewhere - underhandedcompliments - mindyabusiness - unsolicitedopinions - naturalhair - idowhatiwant -
happilynaturallit26 - officiallynatural - natural_e_yours - neandertalinka -
#BitchesBeLike #Be #HaveSeveralSeats #JustUgly
be - justugly - haveseveralseats - bitchesbelike -
bigtxdabarber : Lmao
she__trippy : Lol
btwimangela : @brwilso84 @emiko247 @1nikkiii 😭😭😭
emiko247 : @btwimangela πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ™Š
1nikkiii : Oh hellz nah!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @btwimangela
5050nitty197 : When you just died but your funeral service after party is popping @pocahontas05
pocahontas05 : Right!!!! Dead as fuck. Just hurt. @5050nitty197
_iheartwhitney : 😭😭😭😭😭
acg_gladiator85 - _op.kvng - trully_xshakarix - winter_murphy -
Word! 😩 #TGIF #HaveSeveralSeats #EverydayIsFriday #UAintLow
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yoligirl33 - devswife413 - buttapecanchocolatedelux - anthony_s_1984 -
#that #prettymuch #exactly #freethinker #freespirited #freespirit #itslevelstothisshit #fucknormality #inmyownlittleworld #rebel #stopthat #chileplease #Haveseveralseats #sitallthewaydown #bloopbloop #nope #icant
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latindiva510 : @connniesanchezz
chellchell1986 : @milfjr85_ πŸ‘ˆ
meekallblkerrthing : Who????😈
saara_reyes : @sian_ramroop @raj_ashiv @ramlogans
sian_ramroop : 😢 @saara_reyes @raj_ashiv @ramlogans
crystyle_sexylips - legzz75 - - jlarge86 -
#loyalty is measured by #faithfulness ; no other woman should know about the private feelings of your man. Cheating is not only in sex #wisdom #wakeup #haveseveralseats
wakeup - haveseveralseats - loyalty - faithfulness - wisdom -
nanicakey - jas_mine.j - nuher__ - ginamarie914 -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜© #that #this #prettymuch #Exactly #itslevelstothisshit #igotalittletimeforthat #chileplease #ByeFelicia #Haveseveralseats #sitallthewaydown #inmyownlittleworld #idowhatiwant #rebel #nope #icant #noflexzone #loveis #love #stayinlove #mine #mineminemine #stabstabstab
noflexzone - love - igotalittletimeforthat - exactly - mine - loveis - prettymuch - byefelicia - sitallthewaydown - mineminemine - icant - idowhatiwant - stayinlove - itslevelstothisshit - chileplease - haveseveralseats - this - stabstabstab - that - inmyownlittleworld - nope - rebel -
goddess_chasity : Yup!!!
hverdagslykkeliten : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜
lamonique2020 : And in that order!!!! Lol I gotta #rp
faeriegoddess1111 : @chellchell1986 @goddess_chasity @hverdagslykkeliten @lamonique2020 they think it's a phucking game!! In crazy bout mine!! πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
goddess_chasity : Me too! I'm not jealous, I'm territorial.
faeriegoddess1111 : @goddess_chasity that!!! And selfish! I'm my momma's only child! I don't know how to share
goddess_chasity : Ha ha!!!! I feel you!
jad1ka : lol YAY You!!!
quietttt_ssstorm - hverdagslykkeliten - lamonique2020 - sweetgirl_rach -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜© #that #this #prettymuch #Exactly #itslevelstothisshit #igotalittletimeforthat #chileplease #ByeFelicia #Haveseveralseats #sitallthewaydown #inmyownlittleworld #idowhatiwant #rebel #nope #icant #noflexzone #noflexzone #stabstabstab
noflexzone - haveseveralseats - igotalittletimeforthat - exactly - prettymuch - icant - byefelicia - sitallthewaydown - rebel - idowhatiwant - precisely - itslevelstothisshit - chileplease - this - stabstabstab - that - inmyownlittleworld - nope -
m1ssjune1099 : And they should not direct these 😍 😘 πŸ˜™ 😚 at him!
faeriegoddess1111 : @m1ssjune1099 #precisely 😩😩😩
deepee717 - goddess_chasity - lynviewchick - nessanenee88 -
#bitch #dontworryaboutmylife #itaintforyou #whitegirlproblems #sipsometea #mindyourown #getyourlife #byefelicia #haveseveralseats #fallback #topicofconversation #problems #kermit #nobodyisthinkingaboutyou #doingtoomuch #idfwu #girlbye #stayinyourlane #staymad #itsreal #dontbebitter #uaintboutthatlife #stuckonstupid #irrelevant #tdfw #kbye
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How you got to check MFers sometimes! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜­ #FavoriteMovie #FOH #HaveSeveralSeats
haveseveralseats - foh - favoritemovie -
ello_178 - onlystar007 - jazzvspresh_1 -
#HaveSeveralSeats, just not with me πŸ’‚πŸ’Ί
haveseveralseats -
chulaaabby_ : 😍😍😍
eunice__chantilly : And now you won't post for another 78 weeks..
rissa_couture : I'm gonna start posting more on IG. You know I don't take pics like that @eunice__chantilly
rissa_couture : I haven't seen you since the weezy concert @chulaaabby_ πŸ˜” I need to come up to gvsu soon
shessodebonair - soulloverr - waikikiiiiiii1 - deannacarleen -
#teamnothankyou #gottabemorecareful #opps #already #pause #pineapples #haveseveralseats
pause - opps - already - haveseveralseats - gottabemorecareful - pineapples - teamnothankyou -
bimbastic_20 - andrew_nvs - arni_annika -
Unless you are a Native American your family at one point were immigrants. #GoldenRule #Loveyourneighbor #immigration #immigrationreform #immigrants #Obama #MyPresidentisaBoss #tookthemtochurch #ThatsPRESIDENTObamaNOTObama
immigrants - haveseveralseats - mypresidentisaboss - democracy - loveyourneighbor - tookthemtochurch - goldenrule - immigration - thatspresidentobamanotobama - bluemountain - immigrationreform - knowyourhistory - obama -
angussmiles : @dm_cali22 Angry much? Weak rebuttal? As opposed to your emotion based & false one? The enlightenment would be wasted. Go research #Democracy and the Boston Tea party. As I said before #knowyourhistory #haveseveralseats
flexmathews : I gotta steal this one.
delroyrickettz : Li you press a button with this one boy. @dm_cali22 and @krissyeisenhower seem to have forgotten "how the west was won" and how our great democracy was founded in the first place; Christopher Columbus was the first illegal immigrant. And there's a holiday named after him. The killing, and pillaging perpetrated by those who followed was illegal according to every law and decree everywhere. Yet here we stand on this land soaked with the blood of almost an entire race of people telling others who come here seeking a better life for themselves that THEY are here illegally!?? #lookwhostalking #gimmieabreak from the #doublestandard & #hypocrisy
delroyrickettz : #datdoespissmeoff
angussmiles : @delroyrickettz AMEN! πŸ™Œ Thank you!!!! Well said!
breesto : @delroyrickettz for the #WIN πŸ†
krissyeisenhower : @delroyrickettz please educate yourself on REAL history. Columbus was NOT the first "immigrant" nor was his goal to reach the New World. #ignorance isn't always bliss. Just because that's what you were taught in school doesn't make it the truth. Educate yourself.
krissyeisenhower : And for the record, there are ways to enter our country LEGALLY! What a disgrace to our legal system to say it's ok to break the law whether it's illegally entering our country, theft, or unreported employment.
collettewhiteman - flexmathews - oxmis - lavida_loca_dc -
vanillabean - wbf - mcm - haveseveralseats - espressobean -
chanelskisses : I started a response and thought "neeey, forget this ignorant kid, he knows no better". Furthormore its "you're" NOT "your" my "educated" brotha @onlyme_411
honeyb_bourgeois : @chanelskisses I'm trying to figure out where he even came from with that "I guess it's okay to let a white man raise a black man" like we have children lol. News flash: if I have a child by a man of ANY other race...he/she won't be black, they'll be multi-racial...So, what's the next thing you have a skewed opinion on, so we can debate on it, intellectually @onlyme_411 lol? Smh
honeyb_bourgeois : ...And then, I remembered EXACTLY why I don't really date black men lol @chanelskisses ...what a tragedy. He became EVERYTHING that embodied the stubborn, ill-willed, ignorant, super rude black male. Had the nerve to call us uneducated, because of our opinions and FURTHERMORE, implied that neither one of us were QUEENS and neither one of us was his type lol...take yo ass on erykah badu's page then, Mr. Super Pro Black and stop wasting your time "arguing" your whack ass opinion to a couple of non queens. And I'm STILL going to have my legs wrapped around a vanilla bean lol. Less time arguing and more time putting your mouth to other good uses lol. Now I see why so many of us are either turning lesbian, or going to other races Lmao
chanelskisses : Right!! I'm 27 and haven't been with a man since I was 19, so sir, you're FAR from my type yourself. Talk about angry black women what about the angry black men?? #justblowinsmoke #haveaseat
honeyb_bourgeois : And apparently angry for NO reason at all, since neither one of us is his type @chanelskisses lol. I'm all about having your own opinion, but when you belittle and bash others for not having the same opinion, you just become a meaningless bully @onlyme_411 ...#haveseveralseats
honeyb_bourgeois : He came for me and I didn't even send for him Lmao...classic
onlyme_411 : I got the message ;) lol @chanelskisses @honeyb_bourgeois when did I ever come for you? I made an opinionated just felt some type of way about it because your probably bitter or the comment struck a nerve and I wouldn't lie, neither of you are my type, I'm in neither of your inbox's. This isn't an intellectual debate either it's an opinion based comment blown out of context.
honeyb_bourgeois : Never bitter, doll. It's IG. I don't even know you to be bitter, regarding anything you have to say lol. And I'm not bitter towards black men. Would you be saying this to one of your homeboys if he brought a chick whom wasn't black to a get together, or if you saw a picture with him and a snow bunny? I feel completely disrespected, because never once did I say anything disrespectful or out of line to you, UNTIL you disparaged my intelligence...simply because I choose to date a white man. That AUTOMATICALLY led you to call me uneducated (which is one word, not two). I know my roots and I'm proud of ALL of them. You started out on a negative tip by even commenting your rude ass opinion on my photo. So, you think whatever you will about it, dislike it...makes me no nevermind. One monkey doesn't stop the show and this lioness will NEVER lose sleep over the opinion of silly assed sheep. Good day, good sir @onlyme_411
canoneic - alexsisjmua - oyiti29 - 19polo79 -
Halo Effect... What a night of networking! Chanel, chocolates, and the Embassy Theatre wine tasting fundraiser with Rana! πŸ˜‡β€οΈπŸ«πŸ’„πŸ· #HaloEffect #Chanel #EmbassyTheatre #HaveSeveralSeats
haloeffect - embassytheatre - haveseveralseats - chanel -
rayareaves : Love it!!
the_halo_effect : @rayareaves 😘
the_halo_effect - yourdystany - yesfaith2015 - niesha_the_nailvixen -
All u bitches is my pets 😘😘 #lilkim #queenofrap
weaksauce - haveseveralseats - queenofrap - lilkim -
slayingurfav : Ewww what's a barb and who's nicki idk what that is @dannyyminaj
dannyyminaj : Lol look at your pics and half of them are nicki
aleenaminaj : Lmao Kim wishes she had a body like nicki . 😭 πŸ˜‚
slayingurfav : Kim body way better
dannyyminaj : Lol lies
aleenaminaj : Nah her body sloppy & saggy. πŸ˜‚
slayingurfav : U jelly or nah
dannyyminaj : Nawww
thats_none_of_my_business_ - badboysdoitwell - wicked__words - x_get_like_me_x -
Who gone check me boo? #yup #rhoa #countrygirl #bikerjacket #bbw #plussizebarbie #haveseveralseats #sideeye #givemeareason
bikerjacket - givemeareason - haveseveralseats - yup - countrygirl - bbw - rhoa - sideeye - plussizebarbie -
bbwperfection : Liiiiiiiiesss ole nickelodeon, jelly shoe wearin, sour punch straw chewin, animaniac, parasuco ass @bosschicsdoitbest
bosschicsdoitbest : @bbwperfection where your Ole Jonny Bravo watching, Dukes of Hazzard loving ass going.
bosschicsdoitbest : Ole Rhythm Nation Ass! @bbwperfection
bbwperfection : Nowhere now @bosschicsdoitbest with your sister act 2, ren and stimpy, double bubble, whoop there it is ass
bbwperfection : Old adoption doll ass @bosschicsdoitbest
bosschicsdoitbest : Nawwwwww, that's your Ole double dutch tag me in ass! Jumping in your good church clothes. Ole Soul Glo wearing ass @bbwperfection
bbwperfection : Old press and curl with a hot comb, sponge roller bangs having, bubble gum eraser and two pieces of loose leaf paper in your trapper keeper ass @bosschicsdoitbest
jaibee24 - elijahvermillion - c_spencer91 - itsthatoneguyhere -
BYE FELICIA!!! #HaveASeat #HaveSeveralSeats #Wack #ButYouDatedHerTho #ThatMakesYouWackToo #BoyBye
thatmakesyouwacktoo - haveaseat - wack - haveseveralseats - butyoudatedhertho - boybye -
phodlite - me_myson_andi - jesus_hermes - __maryjayne -
see? *massages temples* #iCant #LiterallyIcant #Why #WTF #HaveSeveralSeats lmao
wtf - haveseveralseats - literallyicant - icant - why -
msdeevadee : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
dj_flip : Wow
msd_nice : @eazydoesit3 look at THIS! LOL smh
msd_nice : @actressnik I'm bout to repost! Rolling up on Christmas like.... HAHAHA
eazydoesit3 : But Wait @msd_nice... what socket is supplying this power? They got it hooked up to a phone charger? Whoooom has the energy for this? Sigh.
msd_nice : It doesn't matter! His car is LIT! Hear me? @eazydoesit3 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mo_bey7 : He about to hit the flux capacitor
actressnik : @ernesto331 , i got the pic from @thefatjewish 's page
kayelless_tl - gi11ianne - the_lilli_monstar - joelladuncan -
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