I make precisely zero apologies about how crazy excited I am to see this on Wednesday, and how much I plan to gush about it during and afterward. Following JCM is no easy feat, but I think... No, I *know* he's going to surprise everyone. Especially given the fact that JCM, Steven Trask and Michael Mayer have stated several times how much they wanted him specifically in this production. And not just to see dat ass fill out those little black shorts. #darrencriss #haterstotheleft #hedheads ・・・
the new eyes of #HedwigOnBway @darrencriss going up at the Belasco
darrencriss - hedwigonbway - haterstotheleft - hedheads -
milanos_bar_nyc : Love it!-alie
nell_no.5 - elsanto72 - milanos_bar_nyc - steph_anie_shollenburg -
Hoy estoy muy del humor de mi camiseta. #haterstotheleft #frikiteemonday
haterstotheleft - frikiteemonday -
shaila30981 : Entonces mejor no molestarte....
eescamirosa - escapar_nos - edu_planeta - jafurcol -
All shapes and sizes and shades. Being human isn't black and white and transcends anything else. #haterstotheleft #brucejenner is a #bauss and #brave and before anything else he's #human and no less or better than me and you. I refuse to let my judgement come from religious texts before it comes from a solid foundation in science and reason.
brave - brucejenner - human - haterstotheleft - bauss -
gemmajordan93 - tayypikee - eslibossie - sma8858 -
The idea that teachers make no money is clearly a myth... #payday #freshlyminted #startedfromthebottom #haterstotheleft
startedfromthebottom - payday - freshlyminted - haterstotheleft -
ianiank : 😶
stuuuuuuu89 : 🍃
kilometersw - kupkat27 - bengeiss - teresailardi -
I can't stand people rn. 😒😒😒 #haterstotheleft #thenoffacliff #byebitch #adoredelano #rupaulsdragrace #rupaul #rdrs6
byebitch - haterstotheleft - rupaulsdragrace - adoredelano - rupaul - thenoffacliff - rdrs6 -
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🍥He belongs in the trash honestly🍥
pastel - tsukiyamashuu - tokyoghoul - qt - edit - tokyokushu - trash - tsukiyama - edits - bby - tg - haterstotheleft -
mochi.milk : #tsukiyamashuu #tsukiyama #trash #bby #tokyoghoul #tokyokushu #TG #qt #edits #pastel #edit #haterstotheleft??
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Today is an obnoxious Sweater kind of day. #haterstotheleft
haterstotheleft -
meg.leathard : ❤️
stasibrown : So Kate was flipping through my IG and stopped on this picture and said, "mama, that girl (everyone is a girl or boy regardless of age) is pretty!" then I said, "yes she is, she has a pretty smile, doesn't she?" Kate started scrolling through IG again, but then said, "wait wait, I go back... (scrolls back to your picture) and says again,"mama, she's so happy and pretty!" Just thought I'd share :)
melsadavey : Well Kate is totally my new best friend. I love her @stasibrown
nick.ditchburn - addavey - chrissyb1404 - veritymurphy -
I have had this happen twice! The first time was very unusual because the girl first started following me and was very nice to me- then all of a sudden she blocked me. .. i hadnt posted anything that day so i know i didnt offend her. And today the same thing happened with one of my favorite swatchers. I have no earthly idea why she would block me, i havent said anything to her recently and when we did have exchanges- they were always pleasant! Have you had this happen? Is there a reason for it? Just curious! Let me know your experiences!
byefelicia - haterstotheleft -
life_love_lacquer : That's crazy! You're so nice! Lol well, what the heck do they know, we're both awesome so it's their loss! I guess it was most upsetting because I supported both of them. I try to make an effort to be supportive/active with people and it bites me in the butt. But the weird thing is- I didn't say anything to either of them in recent memory! Anyway I agree with you, I blocked their butts too lol @kwishinsnails ;)
kwishinsnails : I know! I may not be super active like many others and I may not post and comment as much as others but when I take the time to do so for someone that's when it bugs me most, that they unfollow you. It's like 💔 then I'm like ✋ byeeee. Lol geez. People these days. Oh well we still have each other 😊
life_love_lacquer : Exactly!! That pretty much sums up how I felt! @kwishinsnails I'm feeling much better now, bc now I'm just like #haterstotheleft please 👈 lol 😘😘😘
kwishinsnails : 👌 hugs 🙆🙌
polishmewithglitter : I was just blocked by lacquerloon too. For no reason at all. I'm kinda bummed out about it because she was one of my favorite swatchers... 😰
life_love_lacquer : Omgosh!! What the freak? Whyy? Doesn't totally suck to not even know why? :/ sorry it happened to you too, I'm sure there is some weird unknown reason she is blocking random people, but it actually makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one (hope that doesn't sound horrible) oh well, I guess it's time to say #byefelicia to her... @polishmewithglitter
life_love_lacquer : And btw she was one of my favorite swatchers too 😒😒😒 @polishmewithglitter
polishmewithglitter : I think it may have been because I commented on a post about someone stating why they don't like ads especially the fit tea and diet ones. But all I said was "well put! I totally agree with you!" so I don't know if she just blocked everyone who said they didn't like ads? I don't know. At least there's a lot of other awesome swatchers and nail accounts on IG! 😉
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Never forget that Mother Earth already provides exactly what we need to thrive without the need for destructive societal practices. Today, let's do our best to not just post a picture of our planet, but educate ourselves on what we can do to make a tangible difference every day for this majestic oasis we call home. If you are skeptical about the impact your food choices have on the planet, what better day to research and decide? Today I'm grateful for beautiful views, delicious plant based foods, endless opportunities for adventure, and every unique being on this planet. A huge mahalo to our eternal Mother 🙌🏽•🌎 #eatfortheplanet
eatfortheplanet - earthday - organic - plantbased - worldwatchinstitute - farm - vegansofig - vegan - imhilarious - planet - healthy - earth - haterstotheleft - leastlikedpicture2015 - nature -
caitlinac : #worldwatchinstitute #vegan #earthday #planet #earth #vegansofig #nature #farm #healthy #organic #plantbased
jessileejones : You are an inspiring voice for Mother Earth gurrlll 🙌🌍🙏
caitlinac : That is so sweet and nice to hear. Thanks girl, I know people probably get annoyed with me haha! @jessileejones
caitlinac : #leastlikedpicture2015 #haterstotheleft
caitlinac : #imhilarious
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Selfie time #selfie #hearts #smile #haterstotheleft #bitchbetterhavemymoney #pretty #awesome #happy #cute
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lianapreble : <3
adam_giola : You seem cool!
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Screw haters! Just because they think they are better than you doesnt mean they are. #haterstotheleft #stopcyberbullying #peace #nomorehaters #nomorehatersinmylife Im such an idiot for letting a complete ass rule over me when i know how to stand up for myself.!
stopcyberbullying - haterstotheleft - peace - nomorehatersinmylife - nomorehaters -
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Oysters on the water. #Atlas #haterstotheleft
atlas - haterstotheleft -
kims0915 - graciejo41 - sixftgoldenlady - meld11981 -
Aha #HarryPotter #haterstotheleft
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.....truth 👌🏼 #perfection #HillaryClinton #DrizzyDrake #likeaboss #Hillary2016 #shesready #keepingit100 #aintnotellin #HillaryForAmerica
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After ten days of resting my back, I'm finally returning to the saddle, just in time for my final preparations. Ceremonial #selfie muna. #NaUnFollowMoNaBaAko #HatersToTheLeft
shamelessselfie - runner - halfmarathon - selfie - sundayrunday - ithoughtsi - running - naunfollowmonabaako - recoveryrun - recovery - feelinggood - weekends - weekendrun - sunday - noobierunner - haterstotheleft - whatdoyouwantfromme -
paodeguia : #running #runner #halfmarathon #weekends #sundayrunday #noobierunner #recoveryrun #recovery #sunday #weekendrun #shamelessselfie #whatdoyouwantfromme #feelinggood #ithoughtsi
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Proud #Sagittarius #hatersgonnahate #haterstotheleft
hatersgonnahate - haterstotheleft - sagittarius -
annelouise_h23 - czar.1 - miishabangiya - desperateonwisterialane -
For all the haters. 😘😘❤ #haterfuckoff #haterstotheleft #hatersgonnahate #lilyallen #fuckyou #fuckyouverymuch #likeforlike #like4like #likeforfollow #like4follow #followforfollow #follow4follow #instagram
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Home in time for A Current Affair. Haters gonna hate. 💜📺 #acurrentaffair #aca #haterstotheleft #fastfood #pyjamas
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katiebesgrove : You are my favourite on social media
pixie_234 : 🙈
gemmawaltersneil - msvintageclothing - misserinkay - katiebesgrove -
【Black & White】 Wow. I must say.. People really like Unfollowing me. /⬅/HatersToTheLeft/⬅/ #anime#black#white#pale#tumblr#haters#haterstotheleft
tumblr - haters - black - anime - white - haterstotheleft - pale -
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So I realized today if I ever broke my right hand I would be ok... on the left is written with my left hand, right is right hand. #HandwritingGameOnPoint #skillz #HatersToTheLeft #CantStopAddictedToTheHashtag #AtThisPointImJustBeingAnAsshole #OneMoreForTheRoad
handwritinggameonpoint - skillz - atthispointimjustbeinganasshole - cantstopaddictedtothehashtag - haterstotheleft - onemorefortheroad -
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I stole my coworkers sunglasses... I make them look good. #haterstotheleft #swerve #badass
swerve - haterstotheleft - badass -
ej8zero - fflily - kristie23_ill_make_you_rich - hanabekele -
#Stay #Strong #Staystrong #StaystrongPCY #PCY #Park #Chanyeol #ParkChanYeol #EXO #EXOK #EXOM #EXOL #EXOLLovesChanyeol #Hatersgonnahate #Haterstotheleft #Indonesiameme #Meme
meme - staystrong - indonesiameme - park - stay - exok - chanyeol - exol - exom - strong - parkchanyeol - pcy - exo - hatersgonnahate - staystrongpcy - haterstotheleft - exolloveschanyeol -
e_shiners : Follback
arba_aar - exol_ef88 - missweirdlol - xolovestephi_ooh -
I see that April 13th is National Lineman Appreciation day! Thank you for working so incredibly hard every day, for keeping peoples lights on, and everything you do for us. All of you other lineman out there are very appreciated as well! #ibew #ilovemylineman #journeymanlineman #nationallinemanappreciationday
ibew - journeymanlineman - haterstotheleft - ilovemylineman - nationallinemanappreciationday -
mattyboy8 : Thank you!!
ddmacattack : Sticks national lineman day is the 13th everyone else is the 18th. Stick is special. Lol I appreciate you
evafeeva : @ddmacattack You're the second person whose told me I had the day wrong! I swear I saw other people posting about it. But whatever I write my own calendar anyways #haterstotheleft
ddmacattack : Haha yea jenna said pintrest had it wrong too. #linemanappreciationweek
nick_albright : Hey stick what's up ?
lsj85 - tina_7blue - singleterry25 - margaret_chavez -
front & center, as per usual. even at chella, i dont play. #beatthemhoesdown #moshpit #brandnew #coachella2015 #haterstotheleft #peanutbutterandjealous
brandnew - moshpit - coachella2015 - beatthemhoesdown - peanutbutterandjealous - haterstotheleft -
shopbiblela : God bless you this weekend! 🌟
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Natural Black curly hair #proud #natural #calivibes #haterstotheleft #myhairdoesmorethanyours #mixed #interracial Cali people love curls lol #tip
myhairdoesmorethanyours - natural - interracial - proud - tip - calivibes - mixed - haterstotheleft -
hellolana : Love it!!! I always did❤️
lizzielovvve : @hellolana thxs ☺️
neauxlalocs : You cut ittttt
thephoebe_wilson : Love love 😻😻😻
lizzielovvve : @neauxlalocs no fool it's just curly lol
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love this show. #netflix #daredevil #haterstotheleft
daredevil - haterstotheleft - netflix -
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Sunday morning decadence to prepare for Derby Day. RED is the colour for today! 😏 #MatchDay #IAMRED #PeanutButterIsTheOnlyConstantInLife
peanutbutteristheonlyconstantinlife - matchday - haterstotheleft - iamred -
anithrasrismellyburps : This looks like....the monthly affair plus a bad tummy ache, if you get what I mean. A very artistic picture with diff perspective. #pleasesensethesarcasm
v.sahadevan : @anithrasrismellyburps #haterstotheleft
anithrasrismellyburps : To the left, okay. I'll just moonwalk myself there then.
kennerve89 : #GGMU
robbobbs : Does nasi lemak with chili count?
v.sahadevan : @robbobbs as long as the rice wasn't blue, bro.
rosamundsoh - reuben.sivadas - damianyzc - lijoehi -
Some late evening racing and looks like I still got it :) #needForSpeed #racing #random #gaming #noFilter #coffeeIsAmazing #theRun #hatersToTheLeft
gaming - haterstotheleft - random - needforspeed - therun - nofilter - racing - coffeeisamazing -
brilliance_auto - lmaogamingmemes - robsellig - arvind__ak -
Happy 8th birthday Monkay! #yesImawareImaloser #haterstotheleft #corgination #ilovemycorgi #kolohe #sproket
sproket - kolohe - haterstotheleft - ilovemycorgi - corgination - yesimawareimaloser -
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jealousy is just love and hate at the same time. #drake #proseccopapi #haterstotheleft
haterstotheleft - proseccopapi - drake -
thishumanlife : 6🙏🏽
mistersparkle : @thishumanlife you know how that shit go.
evan_peak : So sick
manyxloves : 😍
thewrightallen : 👋😜
mistersparkle : @thewrightallen 😝✌🏼️
followtheformat : Need this shirt.
vincentmutzfeld : Can't wait to see you soon!
rayisthereason - orangetint09 - dickpicnic - acresofgold -
Haven't worn #redlips for quite some time 😏 I feel just way more bitchy when I wear it, and because I knew I'll have a not so pleasant boss on this day I decided : awww fuck it I'll be in bitch-mode today and wear bright red Lips 💋💁🏼 #bitchbooster #haterstotheleft #etudehouse #makeuplover #muotd #Mac #fashiongram
etudehouse - bitchbooster - muotd - makeuplover - fashiongram - mac - haterstotheleft - redlips -
fanuxsiri : Uh wow schönheit!
egobutt : Hey Torte *~* <3
lilychan97 - santascum - maripyen - aufgeruescht -
rocking the hot pink and gold glitter shadow today with matching lips and pants. #feelingit #haterstotheleft #takeitupwithmyselfesteem
takeitupwithmyselfesteem - nogmo - feelingit - haterstotheleft - allnatural - grewthemmyself -
michnic : dem eyelashes doe #grewthemmyself #allnatural #noGMO
beekers03 : Dem lashies!!!
edmundam - maeganvance - char_manda - beekers03 -
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