it was what it was
urgay - hatersbegone - : NICH you weren't supposed to tell anyone @nich_forinash
nich_forinash : The gloves came off : We had gloves on ? @nich_forinash
nich_forinash : Weiner glove/condom : Whale then 🐳🐳🐳 : @nich_forinash
nich_forinash : This got out of handβœ‹ and i dont want my sunβ˜€οΈ to cry to his mom, so have a knife dayπŸ”ͺ
ashleyamtower : Love that!πŸ’•
theprincessydney - alyssa.combs - imakedemgocrazyy - christiian_24 -
Might pull ya girl wit a head nod.. haa but im taken tho πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Š
hatersbegone -
ricekilla : Couldn't get more Lightskin for that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
branden_jayy_ : πŸ‘Œβ¬†β¬†β¬† @ricekilla
tev_radford : πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
branden_jayy_ : βœ‹#Hatersbegone @tev_radford
jonahmydude : #teamdarkskin
branden_jayy_ : Whyy jonahhh @jonahmydude
ryanjjohnson21 - cd01712 - jtuckerlogan - cltmw19 -
People can be so disgusting, Stop being such a hater #getalife #idonttakeshitfromanyone #hatersbegone #aintnobodygottimeforthat
hatersbegone - aintnobodygottimeforthat - idonttakeshitfromanyone - getalife -
karlasoriginailkolors : Hhahaha no I'll just block you 😜😜😜 @myrna_m_213
tiniliat : Whaaatt?? People are such assholes.
dollparts_13 : Really!? I can't c y ppl would hate on ur stuff.. Its always right on point
pelamchenry : Why would someone have a reason to post negatively? Wow. Sometimes I wonder...
karlasoriginailkolors : @tiniliat @dollparts_13 @pelamchenry I know right these two bitches were actually having a conversation on my last picture of the pedi. On how it looked like a 7-year old had done it lol and a bunch of bs
tiniliat : Mother fuckers. I bet they don't even have jobs.
biancasnailboutique : 😳😳😳😣😣😣
ultimate_cake : Sigh. People who feel the need to bring others down are just showing their true selves.
itslysia - mrshernandez_07 - lacquerbyk - kaylee_rae91 -
They say that this offend some ppl...In Our Own Frickin Country?!? I absolutely remember saying this every morning in school. And although in my younger rebellious years, I sometimes found it annoying, but I didn't not do it. I did believe in it. I was just annoyed because I was in the years of being a punk little kid! Sooo...all that's left to say about this proud of your country, and... WTF?!? #proudtobeanamerican #america #proudamerican #pledgeofallegiance #beproudofyourcountry #pride #loyalty #quoteoftheday #sayitlikeitis #saywhatyoumean #saywhatyoufeel #ilovemycountry #usa #notoffensive #loveyourcountry #dontsprayitsayit #arizona #takemeforwhatiam #nohatersallowed #haterssuck #hatersbegone
arizona - hatersbegone - pledgeofallegiance - notoffensive - loyalty - proudamerican - sayitlikeitis - haterssuck - america - proudtobeanamerican - nohatersallowed - beproudofyourcountry - usa - ilovemycountry - pride - takemeforwhatiam - saywhatyoufeel - dontsprayitsayit - saywhatyoumean - loveyourcountry - quoteoftheday -
sammazimmi - alafairsmom - iluvhognose - chupaacho -
#truestory #Allah #creator #sustainer #allineed #islam #muslim #bepositive #bethankful #1ummah #sunnah #sabr #hatersbegone #education #study #read #quran #dogood #loveyourbrother
bepositive - loveyourbrother - muslim - truestory - creator - read - allah - dogood - sustainer - education - sunnah - islam - allineed - sabr - study - bethankful - quran - 1ummah - hatersbegone -
mdr11hel7_free_palestine - nas_afghani - togetherinjannah -
Haha, well if this isn't true, nothin' is. #hatersgonnahate #hatersbegone #love #truth
hatersgonnahate - love - truth - hatersbegone -
lindsayb30 : Amen!
_juz_m3_ - mkgraham - vee_k89 - dee_d05 -
jealousykillsfakefriendships - wouldntwannabeya - hatersbegone -
mrs.polly : Love love love these!!!!! 😍😍😍😍High five baby!! 😘😘😘😘😘
roseyfinnbar : We did it @mrs.polly in your elegant way I sent you pictures of me trying to walk in the @gucci and before you knew me that well, you were like "hmmmm. I'm just not sure"
roseyfinnbar : Ever the lady.......but now @mrs.polly you could say "Rose take them off right now and send them back and don't send me another picture of them:
mrs.polly : Hahaha!! I would never say that to you honey... I try not to ever judge... 😊 These boots are so fabulous though and I'm not even gonna go into those super sexy legs!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
zoe_fashion_oulton : Ooohhh zips!!
lesismore63 : @roseyfinnbar - πŸ‘­
lesismore63 : @roseyfinnbar - those Chanel boots are gorgeous and different from the catalog. Love them.
fashion_up_baby : Love the boots love the legs Rosey WOW 😘❀❀
roseyfinnbar - lissygraham - shamamuk - mrs.polly -
Yeah, my mama she told me don't worry about your size She says, "Boys like a little more booty to hold at night." You know I won't be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll So if that's what you're into then go ahead and move along! #AllAboutTheBass #NoTreble #BringBootyBack #Boom #HatersBeGone #MyAnacondaDont!
boom - bringbootyback - notreble - allaboutthebass - myanacondadont - hatersbegone -
Don't listen to the NaySayers, the Negative Nellies, the Debbie Downers or the Cynical Sallys! Do your thing & DO IT WELL! #positivetip #lovemylife #hatersbegone
repost - lovemylife - hatersbegone - positivetip -
belini11 : #repost from @dlakastan
janeacollins_ : Word my Scorpio sister!!!!!!
belini11 : @janeacollins_ Scorpio Sister - we never listen to those haters anyways! HA! 😘
dar_str - westside710 - bombs_away - gloriapaulsen -
Fuck all my haterz tho. Yall aint shit. #HatersBeGone
hatersbegone -
dope_swag27 : yasss
brute_savage : Lol
marssx3 : B-
brute_savage : ...
beautty_x3 - dope_swag27 - 12_2_purty - k1ng_savage12 -
A Double Take of Pure Beauty! 😘 #Hatersbegone βœ‹ #Chilling&Working😝 #Dramafree😌 #happyChickπŸ˜ƒ #
happychick - dramafree - chilling - hatersbegone -
paperchase103 - krazy_kid_kb - therealbucket - biggs_boss -
It won't make you smarter either!!!! This made my DAY! LMAO!! #hatersbegone #hatersgonnahate
hatersgonnahate - hatersbegone -
ameszetroc : Haha love it
belini11 : @ameszetroc Sorry I missed you!!! next time for sure
ameszetroc : I'm back for a week and a half just message me........ We will catchup eventually xx
ronn_brownie - jenlu18 - teetahtee - shae73 -
On campus taking care of work!
school - campuslife - college - hatersbegone -
im_mac_u_late : #school #college #campuslife #hatersbegone
chorohancyb - geechigrind - power.of.4 - chris_dadzie -
#Quotes #haters #hate #hatersbegone
quotes - haters - hate - hatersbegone -
eggwardo_10 - g_athenaa - neliavshelly -
What divorce? #wellplayed @beyonce & @jayz #love #hatersbegone
wellplayed - love - hatersbegone -
jessicadavidson - rock_solid_kiwi - beachbaby85 - __lauraking__ -
Yup. #hatersbegone #hitherefriend #oa #olympusarmy #oaa β€’ β€’ So, the homecoming dance is tomorrow and I still don't have a date. I really want to go. At this point I won't be choosy on who it is, but they have to be from OA. (That kind of makes sense, right?) I won't put you in chains, I will be really nice, and I will even plan the outfits, all you have to do is show up. And ask. But I won't turn you guys down. Your all awesomeness and my homies. Anyways, I needed to get this off my chest. #peaceouthaters!!
peaceouthaters - oaa - hitherefriend - olympusarmy - oa - hatersbegone -
olympusarmy.zeus : Actually😊 it's next Monday. Don't panic😝
athena_4ever - did_you_say_harry_potter - olympusarmy.octavian - silly_netty135 -
Happy birthday Brianna. She's wishing away all the haters for her bday wish lol #HappyBirthday #HatersBeGone
happybirthday - hatersbegone -
morrita2369 : Tfti
gooosetavo : lmao
_mnmfam_ : Lol
r.covery - _cristna_ - _mnmfam_ - flavius_21 -
Pictureperfect πŸ“· KimKardashian β™‘ #hatersbegone #oneofmyfaves #fashionkilla πŸ‘›πŸ‘—πŸ‘’πŸ‘™ #naturallystunningβ™‘ @kimkardashian
fashionkilla - oneofmyfaves - naturallystunning - hatersbegone -
whet_bx - moshi_bro - saah_gama - katielivesinwonderland -
#word! #homophobic #lgbt #loveknowsnogender #loveyourneighbor #lovehim #loveher #supporter #hatersbegone #everonesright #lovewhoyoulove #befree #iloveyou #dontgiveup #gotyourback
loveher - lovewhoyoulove - word - dontgiveup - loveyourneighbor - befree - iloveyou - lgbt - everonesright - gotyourback - lovehim - loveknowsnogender - supporter - homophobic - hatersbegone -
emilywayisokay : Not knowing Jesus caused being gay, your right it's not a choice but knowing Jesus is
beelzebub_666 : @emilywayisokay the fuck are you talking to me about haha dont bring in your imaginary friend into this conversation lol
emilywayisokay : I'm just stating he obvious
beelzebub_666 : @emilywayisokay well obviously it's not obvious
manzanaressss : @emilywayisokay you sound so fucking ignorant.
sushayy_s_ - sebastian_1836 - dianaxespinoza - _mayrrraaa_ -
HATABLOCKAS πŸ‘“πŸ™… #hatersbegone #byeeee
byeeee - hatersbegone -
goodoluncleotis : #tagsstillon #flexing #AllFlexZone #YoingMoneyNoMoney #NahFam
goodoluncleotis - little_msmay - selfie_model89 - crucifiedniggah -
Thinking a ride down PCH in Malibu this weekend is just what the Doctor ordered!!! #lanative #hatersbegone #lovemylife #sharedpics
lovemylife - lanative - sharedpics - hatersbegone -
heatherblackart : Love it!
twenty_six_2 - mamameechi - libertyannrm - jaydeeehuntem -
Well my time line on fb and instagram in this case. Lol #hatersbegone #theeggthing #nobrujeria lol
theeggthing - nobrujeria - hatersbegone -
lunae0711 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
luseelo - dsialways_ - carmen_27alvarez - lisaandra_sauceda -
"I will do what Queens do. I will rule." ~Daenerys Targaryen #ansaveh #selfie #hatersbegone
selfie - ansaveh - hatersbegone -
andand183 - caylees_mommy - christhekoenig - itomitazodnem -
Hindi ko masasabing last time ko na tong magsasalita.. Pero di ko na talaga matiis. Everyday kong sinasabi sa sarili ko na "BASA TAWA DEDMA" pero sino ba naman ang masusunod yun eh kung lsgi nalang compare compare compare.. Puro nalang JaDine fans ang laging mali. Kahit anong gawin ng jadine mali.. Matanong ko lang, PERPEKTO BA KAYO? diba walang perfect sa mundo? Kung makapagsalita kayo para kayong mga DIYOS ah. Over na eh. Sino ba namang hindi maiinis sa mga pinagsasabing "KathNiel vs JaDine you mean… IPhone 5 vs Cherry Mobile" meron din "Diamond(Kathryn) tapos bato ba panghilod ata yun(si Nadz)" now tell me, sinong hindi maiinis dyan? Please stop comparing. Yung sinasabi ni nadz na mas mature sya maybe dun sa role nya diba? If naoffend ka din kath, sorry.. Kase puro nalang kayo compare dito compare dun.. Diba minsan tayo pagnaiinis na minsan di na natin iniisip yung mga sasabihin natin? Maybe ganun si nadz.. Please stop na.. Nakakainis na yung mga sinasabi nyo eh. Puro kayo "mayabang ang jadines" puro nalang ba nega? Kayo din eh.. Puro nalang jadines ang may kasalan lagi nalang kami! May iba pangfandom na ayaw sa kathniel di lang kami K? Isip isip din. Sabi nyo "retokado" si nadz, may ebidensya kayo? Wala diba? Eh ano naman kung siopao face sya? Atleast maganda :3 isa pang sabi nyo "bakla" si james. May proweba kayo? BAKLA ba yung sinasabi nyong halos everyday pumupunta sa gym para ma-maintain ang kanyang body? -_-! Isa pa sabi nyo abs lang binatbat ni james.. Wow ah?! Just wow! RESPECT please! Ako may respeto ako kay kath and dj kaya wag nyo kong sasabihan na irerespeto lang ang karapat dapat huh? Wag masyadong mahangin baka mabati. Yun lang! #HatersBeGone #PeaceBeWithYou #KapayapaanAySumainyo #LetThereBePeaceBetweenTheseTheseTwoFandoms
lettherebepeacebetweenthesethesetwofandoms - kapayapaanaysumainyo - peacebewithyou - hatersbegone -
_we_love_jadine_ : Sus! Gumawa pa kayo(haters) ng page! Baket? Babalik ba si Santanas sa diyos sa mga pinag gagawa nyo(haters) na mga ganun ganun ?!....agree ako sayo @jadine_kay1627 lagi na lang Jadines ang may kasalanan.. retokada? D naman nagparetoke si Ate Nadz ah, Meron syang inano sa mukha nya..pero nagpa facial lang sya, D naman sya umabot sa mga retoke chuchu #Kaloka #SakitsaHead #purocomparecomparehindinanatapos #Sarapipataponsaplanetmars
jadine_kay1627 : Kainis na nga eh @_we_love_jadine_
sam_ysha : Mga inggit lang yan kasi biglang sikat ang jadine eh ang kathniel 3 years inabot para sumikat
jadine_kay1627 : Maybe? Hehehe @eyaysha
giaaambisyosa - bhie_yanz95 - jadineloversforever - jeminaviterbo -
hatersbegone -
mayyday11 - lorettosavestheday - raymondrolla - aprigo -
🎬πŸŽ₯I have worked really hard to do what I do. I have had the #pleasure of meeting new people, new #colleagues, and work in many different places. No role is ever to small, nor do I dismiss those roles. As long as company is right and I do my job that is all that matters to me. I am lucky, I am always improving, and I am not giving up!!! Screw the #haters who try to #troll, #bully, or simply try to bring me down- listen up- I make my money, my connections, and my way of life despite what you say. Think about that! It doesn't matter what you think because you are not paying my bills. Now to the #fans, #friends, and #productioncompanies that have stuck by me- #THANKYOU!! It is the people like you who have made my life, #acting #career, and mentality better!!! I will keep #movingforward, I have accepted my new task, I am on my way up!!! Let's do this world!!!🌟✨πŸŽ₯🎬 #bosslady #actress #lovemyjob #hatersbegone #notrollsallowed #happy #positive #nosmallroles #sagaftra #union #imastarπŸŽ₯🎬πŸŽ₯
bully - actress - thankyou - bosslady - imastar - haters - friends - union - sagaftra - troll - colleagues - notrollsallowed - positive - acting - productioncompanies - career - fans - movingforward - lovemyjob - nosmallroles - pleasure - hatersbegone - happy -
azwildcatchick : ❀️
lisasoos : Here! Here!! You go girl!! Kuddos to you!! πŸ‘
13td - saxfactor75 - christian9131 - lisasoos -
Ctfu @redrobin41 this sound familiar or nah #hatersbegone
hatersbegone -
redrobin41 : @tyedyemarley you know it
lexshoutoutxo - najstar11 - eboneygordon - spaceheadmizzy -
#blonde #brown #yah #likeforlike #hatersbegone
brown - blonde - likeforlike - yah - hatersbegone -
autumn_lane14 - madisyn_emery_w - kenziegirl1913 - breezy_royal_ -
πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Š; #hatersbegone #word #quoteoftheday
quoteoftheday - word - hatersbegone -
officialkendalfallows : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
juliensmyeverything - queens0le - _pedrooo_ - officialkendalfallows -
#Frfr #PictureOfTheDay #TruthBeTold #CrabsInABarrel #OnwardandUpward #KeepItMoving #KeepitClassy #Upgrade #OnToTheNext #MissmewithTheBS #StayFocused #HatersBeGone
upgrade - frfr - onwardandupward - keepitclassy - keepitmoving - crabsinabarrel - missmewiththebs - stayfocused - pictureoftheday - truthbetold - ontothenext - hatersbegone -
amorhilton : πŸ‘
stephrocka20 : @ko_ko_mo28
coletattooer - vickyloujing - iqgwiz - nastjafiona -
The nostalgia is real on the drive home this morning. #hatersbegone
hatersbegone -
blazeskyler : Favorite HTD album
monstermercer : Dude haste the day <3
hobo13 : Take it Back is STILL good.. I remember seeing their last show in nashville.. It was so fun.. I believe Empathy played that show too.
adameasterlingx : @hobo13 yes they did. It was the humans release show. They split a set with counterparts.
orileyaaron - allenbtt - _merchxdad_ - toniccarmack -
Mandatory subway selfie lol wah koy paki #selfie #ootd #subway #wilshire #vanity #hatersbegone #instapic #instagood #igers #lol #losangeles #california
wilshire - losangeles - selfie - instapic - lol - instagood - california - igers - ootd - vanity - subway - hatersbegone -
nikkationgson : I miss you already Tita.. πŸ˜ͺ
tatianahollande : @aboutalook @tarekhijazi
iamkellycurve : I miss you too @nikkationgson mwah πŸ˜πŸ’‘πŸ˜˜
hypewellmedia : Nice photo! #hypewell #hypewellmedia
iamkellycurve : Thanks @hypewellmedia
_chingker_ - _louisabelngo - sunnymerindoimages - shopdyg -
Selfie for the hatersπŸ˜›πŸ˜‚ #sfth #s #selfie #hatersbegone
s - hatersbegone - selfie - sfth -
daltongray00 : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
katelynn_cooperr : Tbh I haven't talked to you in forever !! @fischer_elite_
ahmurican_ash - thatgeorgousthing - hannah_persell - jaycee_bryant -
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