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You'd think after 3 years as a scout leader I'd know the correct way to hang a flag. Not so. Thanks @scobberdoo for helping me in my ignorance. I'm all set now. #happyfourthofjuly #hategettingontheroof a second time...
happyfourthofjuly - hategettingontheroof -
buckyknow : Rolled into a ball @janaanw
buckyknow : JK. Backwards @janaanw
sicelybuxton : What did I tell ya about @buckyknow patriotism...
gigibuxton : Dad and I LOVE this flag on your home!!! Way to go Alex!!!❤️❤️❤️
lexibux - jennmeese - haley.mcm -
#hategettingontheroof #sketchyladder
sketchyladder - hategettingontheroof -
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