Hello Mr Spidrr...FUCK you Mr SpiderπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #WorstBehaviour #jussayin #IDontGiveAFuck #Haha #ihatespiders #spider #insect #hatebugs
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I almost FREAKED when i saw this outside my house! Never saw these ugly things anywhere other than in a glass box at the zoo ewwww @praymantis #hatebugs
hatebugs -
lukesinsta -
Coming back home after a long day of work to that. Yes hard to say but still a f**king mini Praying Mantis. #HateBugs #HateRaffle
hatebugs - hateraffle -
kellyminns : Im so glad matt picked a thermometer thing lol just something to add to his tool box. Cant be doing with creepy crawlies! ! Xx
rominou63 : I knew this would happen so I thing I prepared myself mentally. I wish he chose something else aswell. Lol. xx
rn_douche_bag : @rominou63 if I was you in would evict it from the big brothers house! 😁
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I just wanna go to the bathroom in peace. #cantgetaway #poisonbaitswork #cockroach #hatebugs #sydney #Australia #creepycrawlers #hesstilltwitching #imisscanada
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Trying to kill a spider late at night... #spiders #scared #hatebugs #collegeprobs #help
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Found this little (big) guy too..... #hatebugs
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hatebugs -
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22/365 A poorly madam 😣😷 #365 #hatebugs
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lolly.forbes : @mrsloui awww get well soon Ava
nathaliegibbonsmua : We have one of these too πŸ˜•
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Just shoot it #spider #gun #ew #hatebugs #gross #followme #ifollowback
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__ktg__ : @_elenaxmarie_
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Soooo gross!!! After living in an apartment that was infested with roaches a few years ago, I cannot stand thinking the things exist anywhere near my house. I found this one right outside the garage this week. Soooo yucky!! So, naturally I had to share the grossness with you. Lol. 😁😜 #insects #nature #yuck #hatebugs #phobia
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i enjoy mowing the lawns.sunnies on, hat on, headphones on, music cranked. #cruisin #lawnmower #sunny #notachore #outside #gardening #ilovemusic #hatebugs
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indiemusiclives : Dope! I see you workin. I'm a talent scout for #IndieNation You should post on our blog! Submit a post at
muggshot81 : Dope!!!
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Omg their a cricket in my bathroom omg r u serious thank god my babe @dan_dabs_a_lot here to save me haha #hatebugs #looklikeabeautydablikeabeast #215 #420 #710 #bho #concentratedhoney #bongbeauties #thatstheshitidolike #onebakedbetch #keepitchronic
looklikeabeautydablikeabeast - onebakedbetch - 215 - bho - keepitchronic - hatebugs - 710 - concentratedhoney - thatstheshitidolike - sorrynotsorry - bongbeauties - 420 -
dab_bitch710 : #sorrynotsorry I'm good thank u thoughπŸ‘πŸ‘‘πŸ˜‡
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After opening the door it flew in after me and i almost broke everything in the laundry! #hatebugs #homealone #neveragain
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Damn mosquito bit me next to my belly button. #mosquitobite #hatebugs #itchybite
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#BeachHouse🌊🌴🌞 #BeachFront🌊🏠 #HateBugsπŸ›
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aidaybyday : #puertorico AWESOME! Enjoy and have a blast!!! It beautiful there! oh and the guy😱😘oh thee party night life too!!! lol
bhdez8 : So jealous!! Remember to have lots of fun! You deserve it!!
jackie_mylife : @chanellyboo have lots of fun, you deserve it! I am super jealous. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜±
mgg10_05_13 : Have so much fun. And don't get to drunk. Lol enjoy your vacation @chanellyboo
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #screamteam #hatebugs
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#kill_lice_naturally #hatebugs #poorkid #comb4days
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emshearer1 : #errybuddy :)
symbolics : Ugh, we had a visit with these little bastards last year.. I also used mayonaisse hair mask.. and white vinegar to help get the nits.. Good luck.. Tea tree is amazing
emshearer1 : Coconut oil is nice, it cAn be left on for hours/overnight without going rancid. :) my method worked too! Everyone is back to school & work now. 🌳
Just sitting here thinking in a few days I will be in the hot and humid Amazon jungle all calm and scared of the bugs... Hahaha! #hatebugs #amazon #traveler #atleasttherewontbesnow #messyhairdontcare
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nairoquinha : "Viajo, logo existo" :)
tessa_gallo : Have a great trip!
travelingmillionaire : So nice!
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Omg this. This is me πŸ˜‚ #IfOnly #InAPerfectWorld #LoveTheOutdoors #HATEbugs πŸŒ³βœ–οΈπŸœπŸ
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ezwiebs : You hiking up a mountain was made more hysterical because of this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
abigtone : Never inviting U or @kirstinn_marie camping ever again lol
brittneyy_rosee : @ezwiebs lmao glad I could entertain you πŸ˜†
brittneyy_rosee : @abigtone @kirstinn_marie lmao we were a joy to have around πŸ‘
abigtone : Lol yes it was a good time @brittneyy_rosee can't wait todo it again with all of us
kirstinn_marie : Uh I'll admit I was a grump since I was on the verge of death and it was freezing πŸ˜‚ @abigtone @brittneyy_rosee
abigtone : @kirstinn_marie next year I'll bring u a smaller tent ok not that mansion U call a tent
kirstinn_marie : Lmao please do, never again will I use that tent @abigtone
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Summed up scenario (minus prince charming) when you are woken up at 3am by something sounding like a helicopter flying over your head... And of course it HAD to be a huge praying mantis.. Not scared of those AT all... 😨😨😲😱😣😭 Downsides of African summers... #hatebugs #help #getmeoutofhere #imaydie
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Seriously..... πŸ˜πŸ‘ #ineedit #HateBugs #Ishouldnthavetotouchaspider #everyoneneedsthis #lol #forreal #bestinventionever
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Absolutely addicted to this song @machinehead #TheSentinel #UntotheLocust #GrossAlbumCover #HateBugs
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Yepp this would be how i am lolπŸ˜• #quotes #funny #diabetes #diabetic #type1diabetic #hatebugs
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alison_rose00 : @kerihampton91 😹😹😹
krazyrocker : Haaahaaa heck I'm like that if I see a freaking mouse lol
gerirayburn_xo : @krazyrocker me too eww😣haha i hate rodents, bugs and snakes yikes! Lol
krazyrocker : They were laughing at me at work last time they caught one in a trap and I was jumping away from the room,told them I'm not getting bit by that nasty rat haahaa!
gerirayburn_xo : @krazyrocker haha i dont blame you!! Yuck lol! I caught one in a sticky trap once and it didnt kill it so i set it outside and it froze lol:/ i felt a lil bad but theyre so nasty haha
krazyrocker : I wouldn't have even touched the trap that how much I'm scared of rats haha
gerirayburn_xo : @krazyrocker i used tongsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ hahahahahahaha
krazyrocker : Baaahaaaaa πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„
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#truth ,#hatebugs
hatebugs - truth -
diggsandco : Bruhhhhh
sweetestsongbird : Bwahahaha
jullezz1 : More like I ain't evn Goin inside the house 😏
jullezz1 : #DisLikeBugs
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πŸ™‹ but this is usually followed by locking myself in a room and calling my mom or Chris to kill the demon bug because if I kill it then it might comeback to life and kill me or its family will know and have a hit out on me πŸ™ˆ #irrationalfears #bugmafia #hatebugs #imsuprisedihaventcalled911yet
hatebugs - irrationalfears - bugmafia - imsuprisedihaventcalled911yet -
vxxen23 : @d_block686 you girl lol
d_block686 : F you look through my pics I posted this already lmfao! You know me so well!!!
d_block686 : @vxxen23 if****
vxxen23 : LMFAO! I need to catch up on on stalking u girl slipping on my pimping. Lol when I read the 'f you' thing I was like, 'what I do? Why she cussin?' Lol
ashleyann2986 : You're gonna set the house on fire one day over an ant lol @nikkiespo
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Lapping up the outdoors with @archaboldchuckawhitehorse #campseninis#fire#kids#funnykids#bevs#relaxing#freshair#hatebugs#kidslovedlife#children#myloves#bliss
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒThis is me all day! Once it moves gotta yell for someone to come kill it! #lmao #rp #hatebugs #chicksbelike #petty
hatebugs - petty - rp - lmao - chicksbelike -
josh__official : lmao πŸ˜‚
_boricuapreciosa : That looks like @_radontgiveaf_ don't be knowin how to act when a spider comes aroundπŸ˜‚
_radontgiveaf_ : I don't look like that @_boricuapreciosa πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
_boricuapreciosa : @_radontgiveaf_ lmao don't lie to yourself
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#PussyProbs #HateBugs #DontJudge
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Haha This would so be me! I'd have a panic attack and pass out! lol #HateBugs #GiveMeThatBugSpray
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jacquelinexo_7 - maryyxkayy - cathynguyen25 -
#MadeMyDay #Lol #True #SoTrue #FuckingMosquitos #HateBugs #SoAccurate #FunnyAf
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ionanicoll : @_nicolexsmith
_.yaoi._.rp._ - yugi_moto_official_ - vanilla_toxic - robin._.k -
Goodnight from Zuzu bear. Poor thing can't catch a break from bug bitesπŸ˜” #poorbaby#benadryl#druggedup#hatebugs#greatdane#greatdanesofinstagram#greatdanesunleashed#greatdanephotography#greatdanebaby#loveadane#dogsofinstagram#petsofig#bestfriend#gentlegiants#mommasgirl
benadryl - greatdanesunleashed - druggedup - dogsofinstagram - mommasgirl - gentlegiants - hatebugs - greatdanebaby - greatdanesofinstagram - greatdanephotography - poorbaby - greatdane - loveadane - bestfriend - petsofig -
channy_jerry : 😘😘
dominothedane : 😍🐾
sullivia : Amazing!
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Anyone know WTF kind of bug this is?? We bought a Xmas tree yesterday and ever since there are ladybugs, beetles and these fuckers everywhere! Grrrrrrrrr. #hatebugs @tlmr
hatebugs -
lardbyron : "Stink bug". Squash them and they put off a lovely fragrance! And ladybugs do bite. I learned this in Ohio. Though I've never been bit by one.
rayrsean : It's a pine beetle @knucklebusterclint
acslaterzombieslayer : They smell like green apples. It's totally fucked. Touch it then smell your finger ;) @knucklebusterclint
knucklebusterclint : No.
4skinbruce : that's your Christmas present don't kill it
knucklebusterclint : Too late. Put it in the toilet and pissed on it.
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