#BackToHogwarts ⚡️❤️ Happy first day of school James Sirius Potter! And Congrats to Teddy Lupin for being Head Boy of the AMAZING Hufflepuff house! Wearing my #Hufflepuff leggings and showing my #HufflepuffPride in honor of the first day of school at #Hogwarts (not that I need an excuse to wear them!!) Today for #DumbledoresArmyOfYogis we were hit by a stunning spell! Let me tell you, a 4-minute #cobrapose is no joke. My wrists were so mad at me after, and I didn't realize how bad my back would hate me until I went to counter pose into child's pose! My arms were shaking SO bad, my neck was tired, my wrists were tingling... Goodness!! It was fun though! Chose cobra to rep the Slytherin house to show love to my Slytherin friends! 💚 (Don't worry, I love my Ravenclaw and Gryffindor friends too!) now time to lay down and not move for 4 minutes... 😴 @jillbells @throwin.shapes @yogapantsbohoclothes @shaiunleashed @heartland_charm
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kate_and_dennis : #yogaeverydamnday #yogachallenge #yogini #yoga #igyoga #instayoga #iloveyoga #igyogafam #myyogafam #strength #fitness #fitgirl #fitfam #flexibility #yogisofinstagram #harrypotterchallenge #iloveharrypotter #ilovehp #bendyyogi #backbend #HufflepuffsRule #harrypotter
throwin.shapes : YAYYYYY I LOVE THIS AND I LOVE YOU!!!
throwin.shapes : Good choice of pose too!!! I kinda want to do cobra now! Lol
fumi_soul : nice👍💕
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Day 1 of #dumbledoresarmyofyogis is #petrificustotalus so I got stuck in #headstand for 3 minutes. 😂😂 I was busting up laughing at the last 15 seconds. You can tell I'm not against the wall because my feet are moving all over the place lol. So apparently the spell was only head to ankle 😂😂 #harrypotterchallenge #harrypotteryoga #petrificusyogi #yogisofig #yogachallenge #yogisofinstagram #harrypotterlove #headstandseveryday #yogaeverydamnday #inversionjunkie #inversionseverydamnday @jillbells @throwin.shapes @sam_ferry7 @undead.yogi @yogapantsbohoclothes @shaiunleashed @heartland_charm
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undead.yogi : Ooh, I'll do headstand too!!
throwin.shapes : Hahaha this is great!!!!!
embraceyourgaia : @throwin.shapes thanks 😂 I was laughing so hard!
misspaigedee : I did a headstand for 3 minutes too! I could hear all the blood rushing back down afterwards 😂😂
embraceyourgaia : @misspaigedee ha ha yes! I was all wibbly wobbly when I got up
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Harry Potter challenge day 6. Favourite professor- Mcgonagall #30dayharrypotterchallenge #harrypotterchallenge #harrypotter30daychallenge #minervamcgonagall #professormcgonagall
30dayharrypotterchallenge - minervamcgonagall - harrypotterchallenge - professormcgonagall - harrypotter30daychallenge -
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Hello! I was nominated to do the Harry Potter Challenge by @lightwoodlove ! Here are my Answers: 1: Favorite Book? Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 2: Favorite Hogwarts Class? CHARMS😍 3: Quidditch Position? Chaser or Seeker. 4: Patronus?: A Phoenix. I would want a dog but my family says its a Phoenix. 5: Your Wand? 12 1/4 In Ash Phoenix Feather And its Quite Bendy (Results from Pottermore 6: Favorite Movie? Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 7: Job after Hogwarts? Probably a Person who works for the Ministry or a Hogwarts Professor for Charms 8: Favorite DADA teacher? LUPIN DUHH 9: HP OTP? ROMIONE❤️⚡️❤️ 10: Favorite Spell? Expecto Patronum! 11: Your House? GRYFFINDOR! 12: Animigus Form? A dog probably 13: Blood Status?: Half Blood. *Seamus's Voice*Me Mums a witch, dads a muggle. Bit of a nasty shock when he found out. Lol 14: Most Attractive Cast Member? Ehh prob Matthiew Lewis 15: What would your boggart be? A SPIDER. I HATE SPIDERS. *Ron voice* Follow the Spiders why couldn't be follow the Butterflies? 16: Favorite Good Character? Hermione Jean Granger-Weasley 17: Favorite Bad Character? DRACO 18: Least Favorite good character? IDK 19: Least Favorite Bad character: UMBRIDGE 20: Sum Up HP in 1 Word: POTTERLICIOUS, AMAZING, HEARTWORMING, INSPIRING, AND LIFE-CHANGING. Those Were my answers. I nominate the People Tagged❤️⚡️❤️ #harrypotterchallenge
harrypotterchallenge -
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I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good! 😏 Hello fellow potterheads of the bookstagram community! It's the 1st of September today which means that young witches and wizards are already on the Hogwarts Express on their way to Hogwarts! 😄 So in light of that I thought it was time I shared a little something I made with you. Just like many of you, I practically grew up with Harry Potter. I was seven when the first movie came out and read the books shortly after, waiting and waiting for years for the next installments to come out and reading them practically in a day. When the eighth and last movie came out I was so sad that this magical journey had come to an end. And I guess I'm still not ready to let go which is why I've reread the books and rewatched the movies more times than I can count. HP was the first fantasy series I ever read and it will always be special to me. So I created this little challenge called #hpmagicalbookishweek and I hope you will all join me in expressing our love for the boy who lived and J.K. Rowling's magical world. You can start this whenever you like and it's only for a week so it shouldn't be too hard. Just remember to use the hashtag so I can see your posts! 😊 Mischief managed! 😀⚡ P.S. Sorry for the super long caption 😅 #books #booklover #bookworm #bookstagram #challenge #bookchallenge #harrypotter #harrypotterchallenge #hp #potterhead #potterheadforlife #jkrowling
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theb00kbug : I love this!
demmi_writist : @theb00kbug Thank you! I've wanted to do it for a while! 😊
livelaugh.read - thestoryofabookreader - hushangels - foksha_1996 -
⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ AVADA KEDAVRA to the #HarryPotterChallenge cuz I KILLED IT!!!! 4100 pages, 31 days, 7 books... and one tired reader!!! Thanks to all who sent their support and words of encouragement. Super special shout outs to @babsibou66 and @bekah_yogini_mama for taking the Challenge with me!! And as the #HarryPotter series ends with these words, I shall also end the Challenge with them... All was well! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
harrypotterchallenge - harrypotter -
sharonspaeth : Love it!!!
sagepporter : Amazeballs!
froyogutierrez : CONGRATS!!! no wonder you're such a good writer!
spencersmithart : Wow! Hardcore.
shane_lincoln : Now on to September, which is Tolstoy month!
bekah_yogini_mama : ⚡⚡⚡😍
matt_cornett_ : WHAT?! Amazing!
officialnickalvarez : Go Jay!
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Remember this September 1st every wizard and witch have to wear something with the color of your house!!! With this we will can discover another Wizards!! If you find a potterhead, send a photo!! #harrypotter #harrypotterchallenge #hogwartsismyhome #shutupanddrinkbutterbeers #potterhead I'm ready :D ∆Ironclaw∆
shutupanddrinkbutterbeers - potterhead - harrypotterchallenge - hogwartsismyhome - harrypotter -
slytherin_pride0813 : I'll be there! :)
_theblueberry_ : Follow back?
slytherin_for_always - __crazymofo - alis.ways_ctm - lou.polleux -
Harry Potter challenge day 5. Favourite villain- Umbridge #harrypotter30daychallenge #30dayharrypotterchallenge #harrypotterchallenge #umbridge #doloresumbridge
30dayharrypotterchallenge - harrypotterchallenge - doloresumbridge - harrypotter30daychallenge - umbridge -
kayleedoylex : I hate her!
beccimon : @kayleedoylex that's why she's the best! She was like a real person you could know and hate
kayleedoylex : I can't watch her in any over film now either haha
khadz55 : This bitch @msr93_
msr93_ : Ohhh shit i remember that kuthi!! Nah i cant believe you called me her 😒 that crossed the line 😓 @khadz55
shut_up_and_drink_butterbeers_ -
Desafio Harry Potter 30 Dias (31/08/2015) 4. Membro favorito da Ordem da Fênix (sem repetições). Arabella Figg Papel quase de figurante com duas ou três aparições pontuais nas quais - ao meu ver - ficou clara a necessidade e a importância de seu papel. Arabella vigiou Harry e nutri profunda estima por Harry. Mais tarde pedindo desculpas por tê-lo tratado mal nas vezes em que este havia visitado sia casa. Tudo fazia parte do plano para ter a vida do menino "sob controle". Ajudou no ataque dos dementadores, defendeu o menino no ministério. Não acho que seja o papel mais importante dentro da Ordem, mas com certeza é a minha preferida. #harrypotter #harrypotter30daychallenge #30daychallenge #harrypotterchallenge #orderofphoenix
30daychallenge - harrypotterchallenge - harrypotter30daychallenge - orderofphoenix - harrypotter -
_argonauta : Eu também gosto dela kkkk
_argonauta : Apesar de mal ter prestado atenção nela, acho ela demais
bookfanqirl - _dianesc - carrylopes - poly_andradess -
Desafio Harry Potter 30 Dias (30/08/2015) 3. Estudante favorito de Hogwarts no período de Harry (sem repetir) Simas Finnigan. O menino que vivia explodindo as coisas e fazendo tudo "errado". Feitiços não era bem a praia dele, mas era vista como a disciplina essencial para todo bruxo. O Simas tem dificuldade de aprendizagem e as pessoas riam dele por isso. Mas ele é muito mais do que o menino que explode coisas. Ele é o menino que continua tentando independentemente de quantos erros ele fez. O menino que não desiste e que na batalha final foi muito útil por saber explodir as coisas. Simas tinha dificuldade de aprendizagem, mas ao mesmo tempo anseava por aprender, tinha sede de conhecimento. Eu gosto dele porque diferentemente da Hermione que tinha sede de aprender, mas também muita facilidade... Simas tinha mais obstáculos e isso nunca o parou. #harrypotter30daychallenge #30daychallenge #harrypotterchallenge #harrypotter #30daychallengeharrypotter
harrypotter30daychallenge - harrypotterchallenge - 30daychallengeharrypotter - 30daychallenge - harrypotter -
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Harry Potter challenge day 4. Favourite member of the Order of the Phoenix- Hagrid #harrypotterchallenge #harrypotter30daychallenge #30dayharrypotterchallenge #reubiushagrid #hagrid
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Ultimi video caricati per tenere una bella estate up come si deve*&* Sul mio canale youtube Dadarose ;) #love #amazing #dadarose #youtube #news #harrypotterchallenge #video #harrypottervideo #jellybeans #challenge
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roby_1d : Lo andrò subito a vedere
bea_2e : Ho visto l'harry potter challenge.Troppo simpatici e divertenti.Ti adoro @dadarose_official 🐬💋
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So we shot my episode this week and I was supes busy... and then I went to the after parrty... and then the after after party... now I'm supes behind. Only 2 days left and 430 pages to go. Will I make it?? Luckily I have my Aromas to get me through! Home stretch, people!!! #HarryPotterChallenge #TheDeathlyHallows #Aromas ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
harrypotterchallenge - thedeathlyhallows - aromas -
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Harry Potter challenge day 3. Favourite Hogwarts student- Neville Longbottom #harrypotterchallenge #harrypotter30daychallenge #nevillelongbottom #harrypotter
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stephanieperring : Now known as Neville slongbottom 😉🍆
denisecocker - shut_up_and_drink_butterbeers_ -
When @maryamwoozguide and I are eating Harry Potter's candies... 😷😂 #HarryPotterChallenge
harrypotterchallenge -
juju.wzw_fr : Maryam, c'est des gentilles putes 😂😂😂😂 @maryamwoozguide
martienne_girl : Aha j'adore 😂😂😂 Trop chouu vous 2 👌💞💞
lapinou_woozworld : Merci @martienne_girl 😂❤️
phoenix.__.wooz : 😂😂😂😂👌 Lesquels as-tu goûté @lapinou_woozworld ? 💕
lapinou_woozworld : Vomis, bouffe pour chien, crotte de nez et lingette 👌🏼😂💗 @phoenix.__.wooz
phoenix.__.wooz : Ça à l'air délicieux 🙊
lapinou_woozworld : Viens goûter avec nous tu vas voir @phoenix.__.wooz. 😂❤️
phoenix.__.wooz : MDR j'suis à 6h de chez vous en avion 😂✈️ Mais ça m'aurait fait plaisir de goûter à ces jelly beans 🙊 Tu les achètes au dépanneur ?
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Desafio Harry Potter 30 Dias (29/08/2015) 2. Qual seu personagem preferido? Luna Lovegood. Escolhi essa foto porque qualquer outra retrataria apenas a Luna "aluada", "esquisita". Essa imagem mostra uma Luna extremamente forte, que continua sonhando e perseverando nas piores situações. A Luna que luta pelo que acredita e não se envergonha disso nem ppr um segundo ainda que todos caçoem daquilo que acredita. A Luna que sofreu precoceito, bullying... Que surgiu no quinto livro e transformou completamente a saga, a que pintou os amigos no teto do quarto e que me fez fechar o livro nessa parte e chorar uns 5 minutos inteiros. A Luna fiel, leal, corajosa, muito inteligente, amistosa, generosa, altruísta, verdadeira... Alguém que eu gostaria de ser. Obrigada, Luna, por me inspirar a ser uma pessoa melhor. #30daychallenge #harrypotter30daychallenge #challenge #harrypotterchallenge #harrypotter #lunalovegood #day2 #desafioharrypotter #desafio30diasharrypotter
desafioharrypotter - challenge - harrypotterchallenge - day2 - lunalovegood - harrypotter - 30daychallenge - desafio30diasharrypotter - harrypotter30daychallenge -
hermione.emma.1979 : F4f
killemftw - y_madson - remcr_ - capitutraiu -
Harry potter challenge day 2. Favourite character- Voldemort. Controversial choice but I adored the back story and the character development. #harrypotterchallenge #harrypotter30daychallenge #lordvoldemort #harrypotter #jkrowling
harrypotterchallenge - jkrowling - harrypotter30daychallenge - lordvoldemort - harrypotter -
lyssainaa_ - southerncultureofficial - clarabell48 - justsarahb -
Late call today means I get a little catch up time! The challenge continues!! 4 days left!! #HarryPotterChallenge #TheDeathlyHallows #Aromas ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
harrypotterchallenge - thedeathlyhallows - aromas -
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Desafio Harry Potter 30 Dias (28/08/2015) 1. Livro preferido da saga. #30daychallenge #harrypotter #harrypotterchallenge #harrypotter30daychallenge
harrypotterchallenge - harrypotter30daychallenge - 30daychallenge - harrypotter -
anesantiago_ - _dianesc - renanrcaldas - emilyhorton2759 -
Harry Potter 30 day challenge. Day 1- favourite book. #harrypotter #halfbloodprince #jkrowling #harrypotterchallenge #harrypotter30daychallenge
halfbloodprince - harrypotterchallenge - harrypotter30daychallenge - jkrowling - harrypotter -
bermuda_blue - stephanieperring - melsevieri - justsarahb -
Harry Potter challenge day 3: Favourite Hogwarts student during Harry's time at Hogwarts? Luna Lovegood because she's smart and funny and doesn't give a damn what anyone else thinks of her #harrypotter #hp #potter #ronweasley #hermionegranger #nevillelongbottom #lunalovegood #ginnyweasley #f4f #fandom #itsbellalestrange #bellatrixlestrange #harrypotterchallenge #30daychallenge #30dayharrypotterchallenge #harrypotter30daychallenge #harrypotterchallengeday3
nevillelongbottom - 30daychallenge - harrypotterchallenge - itsbellalestrange - hp - potter - fandom - harrypotter30daychallenge - hermionegranger - ronweasley - lunalovegood - harrypotter - ginnyweasley - bellatrixlestrange - f4f - 30dayharrypotterchallenge - harrypotterchallengeday3 -
jewelofapril : I love Luna Lovegood too!!!
porpentinascamander - aluka_lestrange_official - bellatrix_for_ever_the_best - mr.dracomalfoy -
This is it!! The home stretch!! Book 7, bitches!!!!! 3341 pages down! 759 pages to go!! And just 6 days left!! Will I make it????! #HarryPotterChallenge #TheDeathlyHallows ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
thedeathlyhallows - harrypotterchallenge -
littleredanna : Of course you will. Yay you!
sagepporter : Holy cow! 6 days?! Get reading!!!!!
officialnickalvarez - ollie.simmons - sharonspaeth - margielolaanna -
Day 2: favourite character: Me, obviously! But Luna Lovegood is a very close second #harrypotter #hp #potter #ronweasley #hermionegranger #nevillelongbottom #lunalovegood #ginnyweasley #f4f #fandom #itsbellalestrange #bellatrixlestrange #favouritecharacter #harrypotterchallenge #harrypotterchallengeday2 #30daychallenge #harrypotter30daychallenge
nevillelongbottom - favouritecharacter - 30daychallenge - harrypotterchallenge - itsbellalestrange - hp - potter - fandom - harrypotter30daychallenge - hermionegranger - ronweasley - lunalovegood - harrypotter - ginnyweasley - bellatrixlestrange - f4f - harrypotterchallengeday2 -
scared._.potter : Did you draw that?
scared._.potter : If so it's amazing
thegreekwizards - mr.dracomalfoy - hermionegranger05 - hiddleston.and.loki -
È appena uscita su @pillsandbullshit l'#harrypotterchallenge che abbiamo registrato a Londra settimana scorsa! Hope you like it 🇬🇧 #pillsandbullshit #londoners
harrypotterchallenge - londoners - pillsandbullshit -
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Fuori ora la nostra #harrypotterchallenge a #londra #london2k15 #harrypotter #youtuber #challenge #squirrel #londoners
londoners - squirrel - challenge - harrypotterchallenge - harrypotter - london2k15 - youtuber - londra -
deedeeartair : 👍 amazing #Post!! 🙌
milatyo - stasy_cliff - cookie_oder_so - _alekseeva_anastaseu_ -
È uscita la nostra #harrypotterchallenge sul nostro canale 🇬🇧 ( Link del video nella Bio ) #pillsandbullshit #londoners
harrypotterchallenge - londoners - pillsandbullshit -
claky23 - greoltre_ - londonontheinside - tulips_boy -
Giorno 3 Della #HarryPotterChallenge PERSONAGGIO CHE TI PIACE DI MENO (UMBRIDGE ESCLUSA) RITA SKEETER LA odio tanto ma tanto dio vorrei ammazzarla Miss sono una pera con la pelliccia e i bottoni mi urtano perché sono grassa Porco dinci cicciolo la stupro di notte Scusate lo SCLERO ma i need it Il vostro chi è???? ||Tris👑
harrypotterchallenge -
federitaa : Sclero time troppo funny laula😹😹
eribell_neferty : Chi
eribell_neferty : Cho
distretto_dei_nephilim : Rita e Cho😒
ale_urby : Rita skeeter e cho, ma cho solo nei film, e anche fleur mi sta antipatica
now.fand0m : Se non devo contare la Umbridge dico anch'io la Skeeter, la odio con tutto il mio cuore.
viviamo_nei_libri - divergent_.demigod_ - tributo.divergente.di.idris - barnes_and_noble.isbaes.house -
Shoutout to all #harrypotterfans! Vote for our team by liking our photos. We need your like here------>@theharrypotterteam #harrypotterfan#dsc15#danasummercup15 #harrypotterworld#harrypotterstudios #harrypotterforever #harrypottermovies#harrypotterbooks#harrypottercollection#harrypotterdiy#harrypotterchallenge#harrypotterfandom #harrypotternerd #harrypotterseries#harrypotterlove#harrypotterfunny#harrypotterglasses#harrypotterreplica#harrypotterfreak
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annksorensen : wow, hvad er det her for noget spændende shit ? det ser godt ud ?
lixysixx : @annksorensen vi havde sådan en cosplay konkurrence på arbejdet 😂
annksorensen : ej hvor fedt !! din snape er lige i skabet <3
diyshirtsnstuff - grandmaspeedracer - martynex17 - calllmekatycat -
Day 26 Scariest part of the film: ok so I went to the cinema to watch half blood prince. And I swear to God scared me so much everything harry went in the pensive. The noise of it at the cinema did honestly scare me. Such an odd ball me #harrypotterchallenge
harrypotterchallenge -
shut_up_and_drink_butterbeers_ -
#beanboozled #dontlove #challenge #friends #bloopers #vtk #xd #бобыизгаррипотера #harrypotterchallenge
bloopers - beanboozled - vtk - harrypotterchallenge - xd - dontlove - бобыизгаррипотера - friends - challenge -
omg.asi - lialt.11 - hazza_666 - shuvaeva.diana2014 -
Ciaooo 2' giorno di #HarryPotterChallenge PERSONAGGIO PREFERITO: I GEMELLI WEASLEY . loro👆🏻 sono i miei preferiti perché mi hanno insegnato che nella vita bisogna fare tutto con spensieratezza e senza pensare al giudizio degli altri e che sopratutto dobbiamo divertirci in questi anni perché sono urli in cui possiamo fare di più E nulla loro sono i miei idoli di Harry Potter da sempre #domandola il vostro personaggio preferito? E perché? A dopoooo ||Tris👑
harrypotterchallenge - domandola -
booksteachyoutodream : Anche i miei✨❤️
originalstwilightvampire - _themaraudersmap - f.as.fandom - _chiuso_i -
Earlier this evening, I sat here in my reading chair and finished Book 5. I could stop as I am a bit ahead of schedule... but I'm just DYING to jump into one of my absolute favorites. Book 6!! The challenge continues!!! 2689 pages down! 1411 to go!! #HarryPotterChallenge #TheHalfBloodPrince ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
duh - thehalfbloodprince - harrypotterchallenge -
bekah_yogini_mama : I finished five tonight, too!!! ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
riley1701 : Does watching all the movies in one month count? Just asking. 😁
idemops : @bekah_yogini_mama Yeah ya did!!! Fifty points for Turner House!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
idemops : @riley1701 Would you hate me if I said I was doing that too?? Along with reading all the books?
bekah_yogini_mama : you kinda have to watch the movies after the books, right??
idemops : @bekah_yogini_mama #Duh 😍
quesadilla20 - sharonspaeth - perrocorrea5 - cool_chick3344 -
Primo giorno di #HarryPotterChallenge Faremo per ogni giorno un post a testa ❤️ La tua casa SERPEVERDE🐍🐍🐍🐍 La vostra? ||Tris👑
harrypotterchallenge -
valed2002sinc : Serpeverde🐍🐍🐍
pagemultifandom : Grifondoro
tumblr.quality.quality : Grifondoro 🎀
ale_urby : Tassorosso
maila.fedez - fandoms.save.our.life - the.half.blood_princess - libri.nel.sangue -
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