HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻💕🎉🎊🎈🎁 #happybirthdayjamie#weloveyou #happyhappyhappybirthday
weloveyou - happyhappyhappybirthday - happybirthdayjamie -
child.of.a.nephilim - jag_julia - elprice - amitycarstairs -
okay so today is the right day😊 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAIME!❤ Stay the same because you are amazing just the way you are!😘 #happyhappyhappybirthday #thelylas #jaimekailani #loveher
thelylas - happyhappyhappybirthday - loveher - jaimekailani -
hoolie_cat : Happy birthday beautiful womannn 😙😙 @jaimekailani
elcaptainbruno : Happy birthday to @jaimekailani! ❤❤❤
j_money1982 : @jaimekailani happy birthday may your day be great =)
passionofbruno : @jaimekailani 😘😘💕
lysmfr : @jaimekailani
amarsing_hooligan : @jaimekailani
amarsing_hooligan : @jaimekailani please look at this!😔
amarsing_hooligan : @jaimekailani you notice everyone but me😞
brighteyedhoneys - demi0103 - _yourtypicalhawaiian - lysmfr -
would like to wish this hot momma a happy birthday___ she doesn't look a day over 21💁 I can't even put into words how much I love this woman and how much she has done for me growing up| we've had our ups and downs but no matter she will always be my role model even though I don't think I could ever come close to being as great as a mother or woman like as she is. she's what keeps our family together and works harder than anyone I know. I love you momma T 👭❤️ hope your day is as special as you are 💋 #happyhappyhappybirthday #mommaT #loveher #thebest
thebest - happyhappyhappybirthday - loveher - mommat -
skinnymajestic - tylerbryantt1 - rileylovan - dkjudy -
♡2014.11.19♡ ちょこ8歳になりました♬ #HappyHappyHappyBirthday
happyhappyhappybirthday -
chocorin2 : @daifukumochiko ありがとうございます♪本当ですか😍嬉しい♪老けないように頑張りますよ♪
chocorin2 : @oreomama3 ありがとうございます੯ू❛ัू ໒꒱✨
chocorin2 : @yuki_renakiku れなきくママさん♪ありがとうございます( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡
chocorin2 : @honey_room ありがちょーん😍うへへへへ😍Happy*.⋆( ˘̴͈́ ॢ꒵ॢ ˘̴͈̀ )⋆.*
chocorin2 : @kurosaku222 ありがとうございます੯ूᵕ̤ू U॒॒॒॒॒୭ღ⃛ 本当に♡ご縁を感じますね♪これからもどうぞよろしく😊
winkywwy : 激似 @jacqjacqchan @woi_eva @cher.v
chi_cchong : 遅くなりましたー☆ちょこちゃんお誕生日おめでとぉー♪ちょこちゃん熟女だったんだねー☆まだピチピチだと思ってたー♡
chocorin2 : @chi_cchong ぺろママ〜♡ありがとうございますぅ♡あらやだ😆何気に熟してるのよ (∗ᵒ̶̶̷̀ω˂̶́∗)੭₎₎̊₊♡これからはお色気路線でがんばるわ💋💋💋
winkywwy - bg_tania - silviavenanzi - black_red_jp -
Happy Birthday 😘 we celebrate Arab style soon ;) #loveyou #hooters #missyou #happyhappyhappybirthday
happyhappyhappybirthday - missyou - hooters - loveyou -
mkhan26 : Aweeeeee @3rum thank you hun!! 😍😙😗❤💋
mellymaygirl : Super!
king_darius_vii : Nice Post!
haroonm_ - anthonyicherry4632 - disgusting_1ya - sarahgray5034 -
Happy Birthday sayanggg:* semoga birthday di tahun ini kadonya menang di @sctv_ AWARDS 2014 nominasi aktor pendamping paling ngetop! Aminnn♥ dan semoga di thn selanjutnya masuk nominasi pemeran utama yaaa syg:* smoga apa yg disemogain gk cuma jd semoga tpi bisa tercapai:) amiiinnn♥ selalu diberi kesehatan, dilancarin buat segala sesuatunya, lancar buat shootingnya, lancar buat kuliahnya, sukses buat skripsinya dan sukses terus buat karirnya:) makin dikenal sma banyak masyarakat:) makin disayang sama semua org:) ttep jdi idola yg membanggakan, jangan prnh sombong sma fans, selalu rendah hati dan ramah:) makin sayang sama #TeamBilly :* dan Teambilly makin kompak! Amiiiin♡ love you my boy:* @billydavidson_ #HBD23thBillyDavidson #happyhappyhappybirthday #myidola #vote #SA2BILLYDAVIDSON #LikeThisYoo #likeforlike#likeforfollow
sa2billydavidson - myidola - likeforfollow - likethisyoo - teambilly - happyhappyhappybirthday - likeforlike - hbd23thbillydavidson - vote -
nurfadyl : De km td ktmu koko?? Syooting nya skrg msh di oso?? Apa dmna??
nurfadyl : De infonya dong lokshot dds
lufitasari_ - nurfadyl - putriramadhanti_ - desinanda_ -
Well... I don't know where to start from haha. Today is your birthday, so I want to say Happy birthday to you! Not everyone is lucky to have a true friend that I could call my brother. From the moment I was three or four years old until today we have been best friends and will always be best friends😊 we made many memories since the day we met😂 we have our ups and downs, but the good part about it is our good things go on eternally, but the bad things go away in a blink of a eye. One of the hardest things in the world will be finding someone with same personality as you😆 no one could ever replace you as my best friend/ big brother. You have been always there for me and Thank you. Your a big brother to me and a blessing from God☺ Thank you and once again Happy Birthday🎉 I hope you have a great day😉 #happyhappyhappybirthday #everyonewishJoonahappybirthday
everyonewishjoonahappybirthday - happyhappyhappybirthday -
jsoolee23 : Everyone wish @joon_chang a Happy Birthday! THANK YOU
daniel.jinkwan.kim : Cheesy but still cheesy
alexa.barbosa : Happy Birthday Joon ! 😊💗 @joon_chang
jojo_bedrow - brookie.cookie14 - christian_healey - lily.chavez -
#birthdaygirl #partnerincrime #rideordiechick #bestfriend #memoriesforalifetime #happyhappyhappybirthday
happyhappyhappybirthday - bestfriend - birthdaygirl - rideordiechick - partnerincrime - memoriesforalifetime -
fitcoachloren - realseanj - irenaprnjat -
you're gonna hate me for posting this but idrc bc I just want to show everyone my beautiful best friend on her birthday 🙈 I love you immensely. U is good, u is important, u is beautiful ✨ ily ily ily #thatqtiptho #HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYBIRTHDAY
happyhappyhappybirthday - thatqtiptho -
_alexis.eledge_ : OMG 😂🙈 ilysm boo 😘❤️ @mollie.kate
maryyhousman : HBD ALEXIS 🎉🎉 @_alexis.eledge_
_alexis.eledge_ : Thanks!! 😊 @maryyhousman
outside_beauty_ : What to be one of the first shout outs on my page?!
mollie.kate : Ya got money? ;) @outside_beauty_
outside_beauty_ : Uhh no? But once this account gets bigger you'll gain more followers plus I would love to have your beautiful looks to be the first picture on this account. If you want you could be the profile picture to!
milly.h - cjensen11 - zaethebae - mellis0n -
Happy Birthday! A birthday is a new beginning, a time to start new endeavors with new goals. Forget the past, look forward to the future for the best things are yet to come. I hope you have the greatest day and birthday of your life☺ May all your wishes come true🎉 #your1inaminion #itsyobirthday #happyhappyhappybirthday #candycorn
your1inaminion - candycorn - happyhappyhappybirthday - itsyobirthday -
lovely_madison_ : Thanks
lovely_madison_ : :)
jsoolee23 : Foshoe No problem
shelby.mcnabb - lizbbethhhh_ - olivaixsurette - lovely_madison_ -
Can't let the day go by and not S/O my ride or die friend (cause you only have a few if you lucky) And this one I know has my back!!! @lovinmesum_dricka we been doing this for a minute now and to share the birthday month with you is even better!!! I know your celebration will be on deck this weekend!! I hope today and the month is treating you well!! Much Love and Hugs my girl!!! #TurnDownForWhat #ThatBootiseChick #BrownGirl #LoveYouLots #HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYBIRTHDAY
thatbootisechick - happyhappyhappybirthday - browngirl - loveyoulots - turndownforwhat -
lovinmesum_dricka : Thx friend!!! 😘😘😘
butterflybeauty21 - vowedvisions - victoriaabbott2981 - lovinmesum_dricka -
#doublecelebration🎂🎂 🎀🎀 #happyhappyhappyBirthday🎊🎉💝👏
happyhappyhappybirthday - doublecelebration -
happytg -
Happy Birthday to this Amazing Woman. :) 💕 I hope you have many many more to come inshallah, and all the happiness and Chanel this world has to offer :P 😙 #birthday #20 #Missyou #someoneisgettingold #ILY #Happyhappyhappybirthday #nomoreateenager #❤
happyhappyhappybirthday - birthday - 20 - missyou - someoneisgettingold - nomoreateenager - ily -
raeesakootbodien : Happy birthday beautiful!! ♥@nishaadn
nishaadn : Thanku pretty ladies @raeesakootbodien @miishkaparker and thanks alot @zafar_75
azfaar_gaffoor : Happy birthday my friend @nishaadn. Enjoy it. 😉👌🎂🎁🎉🎊
nishaadn : Thank you my friend:) @azfaar_gaffoor
khadija_hoosain21 : Happy happy birthday my darling 😃😃😃😘😘😘🎉🎉🎉💛💙💜💚 @nishaadn
thaakir_h : Happy birthday @nishaadn :)
nishaadn : Thank you sweety @khadija_hoosain21 and thanks thaakir long time no see @thaakir_h
zayaanh : Happy belated birthday my love♥ miss you so much! Hope you enjoyed your day♡
dooz5rox - azfaar_gaffoor - thaakir_h - khadija_hoosain21 -
#happyhappyhappybirthday to this dude! hope it was a good one 👌🎈 #birthdayboy #partystrong
birthdayboy - happyhappyhappybirthday - partystrong -
dandrusiak : Yee size!
dandrusiak - mlneighbors - thejuliannjubilee - sadiestrakowski -
My sweet melissa spent lunch with my on my birthday! Love you girl! #drunkkenna #shots #ohlord #birthdayfun #dgaf #24 #gettingold #happyhappyhappybirthday
24 - ohlord - drunkkenna - dgaf - gettingold - happyhappyhappybirthday - birthdayfun - shots -
mckennajoy90 : *me
cpayne76 : Happy birthday girlie, hope u have an amazing day
_dmayfield_ : Rock star it up 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
lauren_nicole127 : Happy birthday beautiful 😍😘 @mckennajoy90
mckennajoy90 : @cpayne76 thank you!!!!
mckennajoy90 : @_dmayfield_ man i sure did💪😝
mckennajoy90 : @lauren_nicole127 thank you love! 💋
travisstephenson91 - amac1989 - h_b213 - muscular_lumberjack -
We'll be Friends Forever, won't we, Pooh?' asked Piglet. Even longer,' Pooh answered. Thank you for making me feel special! Youre such a good friend and an amazing person! #surprise #happyhappyhappybirthday #sillystringwar #attack! #pinkcowgirlhat #awesomefriend #bejealous #loveyougirl #arkansas
awesomefriend - attack - bejealous - pinkcowgirlhat - happyhappyhappybirthday - arkansas - loveyougirl - surprise - sillystringwar -
haleigh.faith - lindsey_rose0625 - trisha12585 - _dmayfield_ -
#LaMigliorBuonaNotteDelSabatoSere #GrazieGrazie #HappyHappyHappyBirthday #classmates #vivogliobenebenebene #♥
classmates - happyhappyhappybirthday - lamigliorbuonanottedelsabatosere - graziegrazie - vivogliobenebenebene -
laurabuasso : Che serata! ♥
serenacalliero : Abbiamo i compagni di classe migliori del mondo :P *.* @laurabuasso
laurabuasso : Vero:) qualcuno vuole della vodka all'uovo? @serenacalliero :D
serenacalliero : Brutta storia xD @laurabuasso
_tucccia - fruschi_97 - gloria_daniele - laurabuasso -
🐥🐣 #happyhappyhappybirthday💝🎂🍰
happyhappyhappybirthday -
anastasiadamovich - lerapozhyganova - annburhelo - ulana1234 -
Happy birthday to my best friend and my brother!!!! I love yo to the moon and back tan tan!!!!❤️❤️❤️ #18th #MyBrutha #HappyHappyHappyBirthday
happyhappyhappybirthday - 18th - mybrutha -
minerballer45 : Thanks Candace!! @candy_lynn_01
kendylchartier - breezie_culver - austynstorm - carlypaterson43 -
Happy birthday to the best dad out there!! ❤️🎂🎉 #happyhappyhappybirthday
happyhappyhappybirthday -
yellowcatlady : Happy birthday Dad! :)
lindsey_burnsed : Uncle bobay!!!
gryffinlyd - donnatropa - charlenelynn99 - aliciadolata -
#mybaby #happyhappyhappybirthday #icecreamcake
icecreamcake - happyhappyhappybirthday - mybaby -
gabrielletara - rcampbell1510 - mackyvalgard - alanadalziel -
Happy Birthday Jewels ♥ @jmccjewels Many years ago two little girls met forming an amazing indestructible bond! We may live miles apart but our hearts are connected forever. Im sending you best wishes & love today. Have a piece of celebration "cake" for me! #Cheers #bestfriends #bond #muchlove #birthday #besties #memories #laughs #frienship #cake #presents #ItsYourDay #happyhappyhappyBirthday
presents - besties - itsyourday - memories - frienship - laughs - happyhappyhappybirthday - birthday - cheers - bestfriends - muchlove - cake - bond -
numbr1flamesfan - bohemian_me - bethmcclsk2 - mjanko3800 -
Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby daughter that is now all grown up. Happy 26th. Love you so much. You have become a beautiful woman and a amazing daughter. Have a great day, you deserve it. #happyhappyhappybirthday#it'sgreattobe26
happyhappyhappybirthday - it -
caseyjo_3 : Thanks momma! I love you!
michellee_wall : Happy birthday to you!!
kandiclark12 : Beautiful!!
koriesplin : She was a doll then and still is now! Happy B-day beautiful gal!
caseyjo_3 : Thank you! @michellee_wall @kandiclark12 @koriesplin
tijuanafan : Beautiful Gals!!!🎉
gangster_golfer - jamiewharris - scottb_62 - suswood14 -
Happy birthday HURTS! 5 years! #HURTS #hurtsfamily #hurtsband #blackandwhite #music #edit #pic #hamburg #harbour #hurtsbirthday #happyhappyhappybirthday @theohurts @adamhurts Hey, we are waiting for the next album Hurts-Guys :D ♥
blackandwhite - hurtsband - edit - pic - hurtsfamily - harbour - happyhappyhappybirthday - music - hamburg - hurtsbirthday - hurts -
zzukhiri - plant__1 - icnoc_27 - _niesprytna -
Happy birthday to the most handsome man on earth 😘😍🎉🎂 #viratkohli #happyhappyhappybirthday #handsome #dreamman #hottie ❤️❤️#dream #husband #love #forever
viratkohli - forever - love - happyhappyhappybirthday - hottie - handsome - dream - husband - dreamman -
abhishekt633 : 😒
saak_she : @abhishekt633 you forgot this year to annay 😱
abhishekt633 : 😜
not_abrar : Wow!....pic👌
priyankajay - srush_narkar - taraaaaaaaaa - dona_belle_ -
■Hi bhudy Happy Birthday. For my favorite friend, I wish you all your favorite things on your lucky day.The perfect recipe for your year ahead should be 20 percent love mixed with 30 percent luck. Add on top 20 percent courage and garnish it with 30 percent health. Say cheers to life and have a Happy Birthday!Special friends are a rare find, but am I glad that you are one of mine! Happy Birthday to a friend I’ll never forget! Hopes and dreams I’m sending your way. May all be good and all come trueOn this very special day for you!Do you know why I never need to ask for any blessings from God? That’s because He has given me friends like you! Happy Birthday to YOU BHUDY.You are such a special friend,Who deserves a special day,For being who you are and Bringing joy in every way.You make me smile and laugh,with everything you do,So today be happy as always no matter what happen. Okey God Bless you Bhudy. #happyHappyHAPPyBirthday. :) ♡♡♡♥♥♥
happyhappyhappybirthday -
sesebeach -
Happy birthday to this beautiful woman. Which i am proud to stay who helped raised me. Had my back like back pack. And who helped me beat up my older brother which is your typical older brother that loves to pester his younger sister. Jenn I pray the best for you and your family. Your so amazing and a hard worker. Thank you for your support. #iloveyouate #happyhappyhappybirthday #happybdayJenn
happyhappyhappybirthday - happybdayjenn - iloveyouate -
mrszlynzee : Smaaaaaaaaall world!!
bernabeez : Lol yeah? @mrszlynzee
nancyreal_619 - natalee_8 - meesa_soup - kjbenard -
#HappyHappyHappyBirthday!#@mspoohbeb #@aidaunica_jane #@johnraypia #LabLab
happyhappyhappybirthday - lablab -
mikkoasentista - ywah143 - laa.eel - _elloisaxx -
hbd - happyhappyhappybirthday - muchlove - tomylovelybrother -
quamie_last_baby : Hbd bebe
ice_prinxex : @quamie_last_baby 😘
quamie_last_baby : Hello @ice_prinxex
ice_prinxex : Hi @quamie_last_baby
boystickz - isme_major - amour.chelsea_ - sokuul12 -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite person who came and sat next to me on the first day of biology... It was a blessing because we have been inseparable since•we are two peas in a pod•she is my late night diet coke run buddy•my sister•my roomie•my once upon a time,she's the man, one tree hill, Sydney white, and a Cinderella story buddy• but most of all MY BEST FRIEND!!! #bestfriends #bestfriendsandsisters #myfamilyadoptedhercauseherfamilylivesinAZ #chios #wehavedietcokeaddictions #happyhappyhappybirthday #loveyoutons!!!
loveyoutons - bestfriends - wehavedietcokeaddictions - chios - myfamilyadoptedhercauseherfamilylivesinaz - happyhappyhappybirthday - bestfriendsandsisters -
montanabach : @anniedanie oh yes we will take her as a sister!! Love you Annie! Happy Birthday!
kaia_mendenhall : Love you guys 😍😘
ak_erickson : Happy birthday @anniedanie!!! Also this is precious @emiliebach24
ryannncoooley : So pretty! Happy birthday @anniedanie
amanduh101 : My little and her best friend are the cutest! 👏👏HAPPY BIRTHDAY! @anniedanie both of you are so 🔥🔥🔥!!!! ❤️💛❤️
brindhoe : Happy birthday love!!!❤️❤️ @anniedanie
anniedanie : Thanks guys!!! Love you all!!! ❤️🙈 Xoxo @emiliebach24 @mechalelauren @tiffanyandvo @montanabach @kaia_mendenhall @ak_erickson @ryannncoooley @amanduh101 @brindhoe
totalsuzy : That just melts my heart💗💗💗 such a Blessing Annie sat next to you Emily!!!! We sure 💗 you!!! Thanks for being such a great friend to Annie. 👯
zach.morris - maveric77777 - riccardo_gq4 - totalsuzy -
I still can believe how fast time flies when you're having fun!!! Can't believe Buddy (Trey) is 18!!! 🎉🎁🎂 #happyhappyhappybirthday!!!
happyhappyhappybirthday -
thegooserunner1 : Can't
thegooserunner1 - trifflin289 - predestined_greatness17 - yagirlkayyy -
Fucking 18!!! It's my birthday!!! I cat believe I've made it this far! I have a great boyfriend, great mommy, great life going for me! I'm fucking happy to tha max! I love all my friends who have stuck by me. Through these horrific 18 years! Thank you all I love you and to you babe ILoveYou #happybirthday #18 #fuckyeah #omf #fuckingright #legal #happyhappyhappybirthday
happybirthday - happyhappyhappybirthday - fuckingright - omf - fuckyeah - 18 - legal -
hunterkalyn : Happy Birthday! Love You Dork!!
biggies.stoner.babe : Thank you @hunterkalyn
karirinmonroo : Happy birthday😍😍👏
shhh.j3nj3n : Happy born on date baby girl..I love you
biggies.stoner.babe : @nigg.im.the.queen well happy birthday to you
biggies.stoner.babe : @karirinmonroo thanks
biggies.stoner.babe : @shhh.j3nj3n thanks mommy i love you
baylee_williams_14 : Where am I at?
baylee_williams_14 - irachelbree - monsters_xo - ilovesoftball4422 -
Well I'd like to say a very #happyhappyhappy birthday today to my Tia Gracia 🙉 @g_lagunas #followher #birthdaygirl #teamfollowback #happyhappyhappybirthday #likeforlike #recentforrecent #rowforrow #follow #followforfollow - Break Free (feat. Zedd) made with @flipagram
followforfollow - teamfollowback - happyhappyhappy - happyhappyhappybirthday - rowforrow - likeforlike - followher - follow - recentforrecent - birthdaygirl -
lucas_pageu : #recentforrecent ?
marineems : Recent for recent ?
marineems : @lucas_pageu me
lucas_pageu : Like back @marineems
g_lagunas : thank you! ❤️
spicyjalapenoking7777 : Your welcome Tia 👌😄 hey you wanna go eat next Wednesday since its early release? @g_lagunas
g_lagunas : all depends if I'm going out to eat!
spicyjalapenoking7777 : Okay 👌 @g_lagunas
daniel5bowen - moriah.hh - judyc0809 - hesther34 -
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