#HappyBirthdaySHANE @sdaniels009 from your favorite dog! #PattyTheShihTzu #HappyHappyHappyBirthday
happyhappyhappybirthday - pattytheshihtzu - happybirthdayshane -
sdaniels009 : Omg!!! Please send me this photo! Ty! I love and miss U guys
eillem13 : yeah suree! we love and miss u too!
sdaniels009 - ixavmitra -
This snowstorm ain't stoppin' us from celebrating this ladies birthday!!! The Chinese even told her have a nice day #happyhappyhappybirthday #haveaniceday
happyhappyhappybirthday - haveaniceday -
elektramae - isa_bell_y - nikkimousexo - nezzie______ -
Happy birthday dree dree! I remember like it was yesterday us playing dress up and school at your house and wearing your moms heels to make us feel older! Or making bets at softball tournaments! Well I hope you have the most amazing day ever! May all your wishes come true :) #happyhappyhappybirthday #shesgettinold #oldtimes #loveyougirl #beautiful
loveyougirl - beautiful - happyhappyhappybirthday - shesgettinold - oldtimes -
dree2014 : Thank you Grayson!!! Miss you so much! Hope you're doing well! 💜
cierraaskyee - tiffanie_edwards - loveofcorn_tsu - dylanwyatt_12 -
Happy birthday, #JasonAldean ! #yes #happyhappyhappy #happybirthday #yeeyee #country #countryboy #countrygirl #countrymusic #redneck #hillbilly #hick #jaarmy #birthday #blessed #favorite #happyhappyhappybirthday #picoftheday
jaarmy - blessed - hillbilly - happyhappyhappy - birthday - redneck - yes - countrygirl - hick - happybirthday - jasonaldean - yeeyee - country - favorite - happyhappyhappybirthday - countryboy - picoftheday - countrymusic -
chief5bow : 👍
harmony.jones.n - they_call_me_chewbacca - southernfriedchics - nicolemihacsi -
#happyhappyhappybirthday 🎂🎀🎈
happyhappyhappybirthday -
merveseherkutlu : Çok şekermişş adı ne buranın :)
senabercin : Seratonin mervecim @merveseherkutlu
birazseyirlik - aysenurayz - unsuzharff - iskbrc -
Yesterdays cake war! #happyhappyhappybirthday #junyotsFeb27
happyhappyhappybirthday - junyotsfeb27 -
Хочу сказать всем огромное спасибо за теплые, добрые, искренние слова, которые я сегодня читала и слушала в поздравлениях! Каждое пожелание заставило меня улыбнуться, и я искренне счастлива, что у меня есть такие чудесные родители, друзья и коллеги! #HappyHappyHappyBirthday
happyhappyhappybirthday -
alankalanka : 🌟🌟🌟🎊🎈👻🎉🎁
juli_julskaya : С Днем Рождения💃 реализуй весь свой потенциал🙌😘
luckyiren : @victoria_vd @juli_julskaya, большое спасибо!)
albina__ms : @luckyiren 😘❤️
dasha.filina : Ира, с прошедшем тебя Днем Рождения💋пусть все,что ты хочешь сбылось)))что бы даже трудности были в радость💋побольше счастья и успеха))))здоровья тебе и твоим родным❤️
luckyiren : Спасибо тебе, маленькая Дарька!))
tanysha91 : С днём рождения :*
luckyiren : @tanysha91 спасибо, Танюш)
dasha.filina - nastyapeshehodko - janna_prokopeva - e.khaybulina -
Happy birthday to me👌❤️💯 #15 #happyhappyhappybirthday
happyhappyhappybirthday - 15 -
michellecorona18 : Happy Birthday Mendiga!! 😍😘❤️🎊🎉🎈🎁
_itzyyyyy : Thank you 😘👌❤️💯 @michellecorona18
natalie_romannn : Happy birthday ! 💝🎉😘
_itzyyyyy : Thank you 😘😈❤️ @natalie_romannn
big._pappa : Happy birthday🎁🎂
vickygee789 : Happy birthday girl 🎈🎊🎉
always_loving_the_bae : Happy birthday have fun 💙🌹🎂🎁🎊🎊🎉🎈
ruth.gm_ - x.09.22.14.x - queen_jaay__ - yamilet_reyes10 -
Happy 16th birthday to my ride or die! 👊 you're my best friend, and the little sister I never had! I love you and I sure hope you have a wonderful day because you deserve the best ❤️ I love you so much and we'll tear shit up this weekend for your birthday 💥🎉🎁 #happyhappyhappybirthday #sweet16 #ILoveYou
happyhappyhappybirthday - iloveyou - sweet16 -
anthonymarcarella : Sick
davis__18 : I love you so much!!😘😘 Thank you so so much!!❤️❤️ You are the best and I hope this weekend is the funnnn!👊👌
brendan_2 - montesballer55 - benett1620 - jacqperk -
@mgoodstein it's not Thursday but here's a little throwback in honor of your birthday. #freshmen #sundayfunday #happyhappyhappybirthday 🎉🎉🎉🎂🍺❗️
happyhappyhappybirthday - sundayfunday - freshmen -
paige_fernandez : Oh hot damn
atcohen__ - twgfinton - afishbin - halle_gus -
happyhappyhappybirthday -
ivanteaz - blog.instafoto -
HUGE Happy 25th birthday to this awesome guy!!!!!! 😆 Enjoy it, Jimmy! 🎁🎊🎈🎣🏄🍺🍻🎂 #HappyHappyHappyBirthday #HopeItsTheBest #LadiesHesSingle #SorryBoutTheCreepPicture #OnTheLeft
hopeitsthebest - happyhappyhappybirthday - ladieshessingle - ontheleft - sorryboutthecreeppicture -
mackenziedjohnson - hannah_marie1221 - liz_stacks70 - brianna_massey -
İyi ki dogmus emrah! #happyhappyhappybirthday @azadzeydi
happyhappyhappybirthday -
uveysmmt : İyiki doğdun Emrah
mskva_bozo : Hani bize pasta :-(((
jonnysnow - uveysmmt - azadzeydi - kubilaynohutcu -
#happyhappyhappybirthday #Prince #eighteen #18years #growingup #MichaelJackson #Michaelsperfect #DebbyRowe #fatherandson #fatherday #wemissyou #nowicangetmarriedwithyou #ilovehim #glasses #blondehair #instalove #followforfollow #likes #instafather #instadad #thisislove #byebyeMichael
instadad - debbyrowe - wemissyou - fatherandson - instalove - thisislove - michaeljackson - eighteen - 18years - likes - byebyemichael - prince - michaelsperfect - growingup - nowicangetmarriedwithyou - followforfollow - instafather - happyhappyhappybirthday - ilovehim - blondehair - fatherday - glasses -
ester_gallina : "This love is the answer to all that I am. And I'm a better man. Since you taught me by sharing your life" -Michael Jackson❤
mbanduka58 : The best father ever ☺
ester_gallina : Of course @mbanduka55 :)
gretaterradura - marghe_wp - princejaxnrp - alexfloca -
My sweet friend Jessica :) I've never met a more hard working person. I've never met a more giving person. You are supportive, beautiful, funny, kind, strong in all endeavors, full of faith and O soooo magical. Im blessed to call you a friend and MEGA excited to celebrate your existence!! #HappyHappyHappyBirthday #CantWaitToSeeYourEpicDanceMovesTonight
cantwaittoseeyourepicdancemovestonight - happyhappyhappybirthday -
jskelton2011 : Hhahahaha. I love you reags!!! I'm very blessed to call you a friend!! 😘
jskelton2011 - xkatjia - celestialjune - marci.melkun -
Happy Birthday... walaupun anakmu ini nakal dan malas, tetapi ibu doa-doakanlah supaya anakmu ini rajin... kui kui kui.. chewah.... Semoga panjang umur & dimurahkan rezeki.... aminn. #LOL #HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYBIRTHDAY
happyhappyhappybirthday - lol -
nrlailaaa__ : birthday mak kau ke nayo ??
nanienayo__daxcik : Sebenarnya,,, 10 febuary,,, hahaha @nrlailatahir_
faridahhanim - praviiin_kumar - nur_syaza17 - iejadeejaa -
😍❤️😍ugh. One of my ultimate favorite photos of my beautiful husband. Ugh baby you are so beautiful. I. Love. You. #happyhappyhappybirthday #gorgeous
happyhappyhappybirthday - gorgeous -
courtneykayla87 : You two are the cutest couple ever and I aspire to be like you ! You compliment each other. You bring out each other's beauty and the world sees it.
ohwerdsonxx - twistedmisfitxiii - amistydawn - reborn_absolute -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ROOMMATE/bff/soulmate. So freaking lucky to have this girl in my life. #happyhappyhappybirthday
happyhappyhappybirthday -
courtneystroh : THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️
_emnguyen : 😍 love you two
yymartin58 - nickfrench2014 - aowen13 - jaymehhsmith -
Happy 13th Birthday Julian! Happy Birthday to my wonderful son! I am so proud of you. I love you so much. Have a wonderful day! #happy birthday #happybirthdayjulian #julian #happyhappyhappybirthday #bestsonever @julian12m
julian - happyhappyhappybirthday - happybirthdayjulian - bestsonever - happy -
natalierenfro - monicahhhhh_ - xx_x.nick.x_xx - cynsuis -
Baby boy,you have grown up so fast and i cant wait to see what you will accomplish in life and im glad that i can call you my nephew and i live you so much and your growing up so fast that i cant keep up i remember this time about 1 year ago i was at the hospital waiting for u to be born and you were the cutest thing and i love you so much baby boy we had great times together and i know u cant wait to see your auntie again i love you baby boy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! YOUR 2 NOW!! You grow up so fast😘😘😘💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕#bignumber2 #mylittleman #HappyHappyHappyBirthday. LOVE YOU ANDREW!! 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈
happyhappyhappybirthday - bignumber2 - mylittleman -
hockey_fan_forever_ : Happy birthday to him
kharden21 - hockey_fan_forever_ - sommer.wilson - wack_jarmann -
Η Γκιώση να ειναι ωραια ... 😹 #happyhappyhappybirthday 💝🎈🎉🎋🎊🎂
happyhappyhappybirthday -
_gkiosi : Το ρεζιλι των γενεθλίων 😹😹😹 @rania_thw
parisgewrgiadis : Ρεζίλιιιι ❤❤ @_gkiosi
kikitsa32 : Πιτεςςςςςςςς 😆😂😙😙
_gkiosi : Χαχαχαχα💛💛 @kikitsa32
kikitsa32 : 😂😂 @_gkiosi @parisgewrgiadis
stamatis33 : ZZzzz......-_-
_gkiosi : Τουρκοοος 😍😍 @stamatis33
stamatis33 - spiros_jor - panagiota_meleti - kleiw_ktousta -
Happy happy birthday to one of the kindest, funniest, most talented, most wonderful and lovely people I know! Thank you, Megan, for sticking by me so close all these years, even now after you've gone away to college. I've said it before, but I honestly do not know how I could have made it without you. You are one of the most important people in my life and I'm honestly so incredibly blessed to be able to call you my very best friend. I hope you have a spectacular 19th birthday!! I love you so much and miss you like crazy. 🌸🌷🎆🎊🎉🎇❤💚💞🎀🎶 #bestfriendsbirthday #happyhappyhappybirthday #youreold #iloveyouuu
happyhappyhappybirthday - bestfriendsbirthday - iloveyouuu - youreold -
kev_theawesomeone - myreasonstowalk - tatianasanders2 - tesla_tha_trademarc -
Родная моя, с днем рождения тебя еще раз! Хочу, нет, требую, чтобы ты была счастлива! Каждую минуту! Отказ не принимается!!! @verademina88 #happyhappyhappybirthday!
happyhappyhappybirthday -
verademina88 : Спасибо огромное! Отказа не будет, ты же знаешь как я тебя люблю!!!!!!! :)
lovely_lucky_girl : @verademina88 Веруня, с днем рождения!!! 💋💃😘
donskaya5 : @verademina88 с Днём рождееееенииияяя Верунчик🎉🎉🎉
verademina88 : @lubimaya_papina_do4e4ka Спасибо большущее)))
verademina88 : @donskaya5 Анечка, спасибки! :)
lovely_lucky_girl - fereferova - klassik999 - verademina88 -
So du Arsch, ich wünsch dir nochmal alles alles Liebe & gute zu deinem Geburtstag!❤ Ich weiß, dass du's nie oft genug hören kannst😂👌 Hab ein schönen Tag und fühl dich fett gedrückt von mir🙊 Danke für alles & vor allem für die schönen Momente, die wir immer gemeinsam haben!😊💕 #Happy #birthday #happyhappyhappybirthday 🎂🎁🎈🎉
happyhappyhappybirthday - birthday - happy -
selinasuzan : Aww Dankeschön🙊 ich liebe dich brudi💝
larooox : Bitte bitte😙 Ich dich auch Pupsi❤ Morgen fette Umarmung du weißt 😍🎉 @seeliiii_
lisaaaa_________ - alineschaal - theresa_9.02.2015 - sara____aa -
Muchos masssss! #teQuelo #happyhappyhappyBirthday #felicidades #felizCumple #letsCelebrate #lovuuuu #friendsForLife 🎂🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎁🎁💝💝 @victoriaalopezg
letscelebrate - happyhappyhappybirthday - friendsforlife - felizcumple - tequelo - lovuuuu - felicidades -
marioaguirre1 - palomadealbaj - zanchez_88 - librasky -
Happy Birthday to the best dad anyone could ask for! I love you dad! You are such a great role model and you leave a smile on the face of everyone you meet. #HappyHappyHappyBirthday
happyhappyhappybirthday -
avamanao : 😍 say happy birthday for me!! Miss you guys!
priscillaeromo : Tell my uncle I say happy birthday!! We miss you so much
davidadwan - nenanelson - anna1330 - its.edna -
#Faltamdozedias #Joycinhasoprarvelinha #HappyHappyHappybirthday
joycinhasoprarvelinha - happyhappyhappybirthday - faltamdozedias -
rogerjoicelove - thaissa.cris - camilam2 -
#happyHappyHappybirthday #iiKiDogmusLalekom #kalbiGüzelinsan #çoközleniyosunburalarda #niceSenelereee 😘😘🎉🎊🎈🎁🎂💕💕💕💕💕 @laleakin
iikidogmuslalekom - happyhappyhappybirthday - çoközleniyosunburalarda - nicesenelereee - kalbigüzelinsan -
laleakin : @basakkparlakk Canim cok tesekkurler 💗💗💗💗💗🙏🙏🙏 Bekliyorum Dubaiye hadi gelin @eddaergn @anlanlc @mervesismanoglu @bettyroseeee @senabaas
bettyroseeee : @laleakin lalekoooo iyiki doğdun iyiki tanıdım seni özel ve güzel insan😍neden olmasın bi bakmışsın biz geldik demişiz😄😘 @mervesismanoglu @anlanlc @basakkparlakk @eddaergn @senabaas 👯👯👯🙋
laleakin : @bettyroseeee Guzel Bettyrosee sicaklara kalmayin nisan cok guzel olur ! Bende cok sansliyim seni tanidigim icin gozlerinin ici gulen arkadasim 💗💗💗
poshhhprincess : Alkisss👏
bettyroseeee - fatosocall - hairdesign_adem - 10tuta -
20150204 - ハタチハタチハタチ - 佐々木選手ことあーさ - おやすみんこらどっこいしぇしぇしぇのしぇ - happyhappyhappybirthday - やめろっち - これからもばちばちによろしくっ - だいすき - ちょっと寝んとヤバイでよ - そして今日はテスト1日目 - 20th -
2525_yucao : @noooozzzzm 無料のアプリよ!!Flipagramで検索やけどオザワにはまだはやいカモねカモね#(^-^)にこ
ta_kyama3 : 佐々木選手☜ 可愛すぎですおめでとうございます😭💕💕💕
s1030ho : あーさちゃんおめ♡
genki04130413 : 佐々木選手おめでとう!
tetsurosu23 : おめでとう!
tetsurosu23 : ゆきゃおミスって承認しないにしてしもた! もー一回申請してちょ^_^
2525_yucao : @tetsurosu23 ばかちんやな
tetsurosu23 : iPhoneかえたばっかで全然わからん!テストがんばるぞ!
na___mb - m_902.a - yuka.mtg - s1030ho -
Happy 1st Birthday to my little brother Trigger #Trigger #happyhappyhappybirthday
happyhappyhappybirthday - trigger -
fox_doggy - rennywade - kimlwheeler - laurynkimberly -
#happyhappyhappybirthday my dear #Friend @uh_oh_its_jojo #Cheers!
cheers - happyhappyhappybirthday - friend -
shenyda_jonama - kalboholic81 - cw3502 -
So many awesome memories with lil sis! 👯🎀💛🎉Yay for 17! Had to make it Instagram official lol #happyhappyhappybirthday #shecanbuyratedRmovieticketsbyherselfnowlol #isayloltoomuch #lovehertopieces
shecanbuyratedrmovieticketsbyherselfnowlol - lovehertopieces - happyhappyhappybirthday - isayloltoomuch -
yvette_belem : Thank you again!!! lol I love you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
diana82997 - mariselaflores__ - __karinax3__ - jesssica02 -
L'anniversaire de la plus belle #mycrazylove#mine#happyhappyhappybirthday 💕✨
happyhappyhappybirthday - mycrazylove - mine -
lau_fio : La première photo 😂😍
sachasebagh : L'amouuuuur 👌👸😍
leora_d - etiennep_stone - its_jiing - chachou_rc -
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