3 of my favourite things rolled into one! Love them! #cats #bats #purple #socks #happyfootsies
purple - happyfootsies - cats - bats - socks -
loveyourfeetsocks : Nice socks!
cerejard - alyjdavis - goikjavimadafak - samanthameowpiercer -
Got another pair for my lil footsies.. Thanks GGPEI! :D #Pink #dollyshoes #happyfootsies <3
pink - dollyshoes - happyfootsies -
maililoveee - lynmichellenebril -
Not much of a shoe fetish, but I couldn't resist these beauties 😍✨#sparklesmakemehappy #happyfootsies
sparklesmakemehappy - happyfootsies -
henz_benz - soniaaa1116 - p.vle - rpatro34 -
Beeswax and coconut oil lotion bars...in patchouli-tangerine. #hippiemomma #homemade #happyfootsies #beeswax
firstbatch - happyfootsies - whatchathink - homemade - goodideawoman - hippiemomma - beeswax -
farmgirljolie : Oh! I'll stick some of my bees' wax in your next surprise! ❀️❀️so beautiful!
alongthedirtroad : @farmgirljolie That would be a very humbling gift. β™‘ β™‘β™‘ These soften skin....amazingly well. So exciting when a DIY turns out well! β™‘
farmgirljolie : That's what I need on my man hands lol
alongthedirtroad : @farmgirljolie Lol! They were sooo easy. That is a win/win for me. :)
ginabeth06 : A muffin pan! Awesome @alongthedirtroad They look great!
alongthedirtroad : @ginabeth06 Thank you!!!
knits_with_love3 : How did they work out? 😍
alongthedirtroad : @knits_with_love3 Amazing!!!
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my babies for the day! πŸ˜πŸ‘£ #happyfootsies #gladiatorsandals
happyfootsies - gladiatorsandals -
_cass_harris_ : 😍
jess_y_bella : So cute where did you but them cousin
_patyisantos : Primaa, I got them at rue 21 😊 @jtillo101
jess_y_bella : Awe thank you!!! 😘
im.echa : So cute..i want To buy it but i live in indonesian
im.echa : Can u buy it?
im.echa : Can i buy it?
_patyisantos : Hi :-) I bought them at rue 21. And I don't sell them. I'm sorry :-) @ayeshahaiqa
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I'm so grateful... so happy! AHHH #bestboyfriendintheworld #mindblown #mindblasted #fujifilm #ka-bar #deerskinslippers #cameraready #tactical #happyfootsies #soexcite
cameraready - ka - mindblown - mindblasted - deerskinslippers - fujifilm - happyfootsies - bestboyfriendintheworld - tactical - soexcite -
queendebbie : Haha the presents we get have to with fishing or hunting lmao! Merry Christmas babe!!!!! I hope I see you soon!! πŸ˜½β€οΈπŸŽ„πŸŽ…
missaprilpark : @queendebbie lmaooo and admit it, we get so excited!! It shows they really love doing and sharing this stuff with us ;) Merry Christmas doll β™‘ it would be awesome to see you soon, indeed!
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And since they cant find Jordans in Kuwait, ikaw na lang muna. #adidas #shoes #happyfootsies
happyfootsies - shoes - adidas -
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Regram from @abivmejia: #happybuntis #happyfootsies ❀😘❀
happybuntis - happyfootsies -
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