#tbt #halloween setting up the #hauntedhouse miss them, can't wait to see you guys saturday. #adorableasfuck #ruby #stthomas #tomboy #handsinpocketsswag
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sydneyhealy_ : Is that st Thomas uniforms?
meg_hollz : Yep, ahahahah @sydneyhealy_
sydneyhealy_ : Wait, didn't you go to Bernie's? When I moved from dhill i went to st Thomas until i graduated last year!
meg_hollz : I went to Bernies! But these are my cousins, not me. Lol! :D @sydneyhealy_
sydneyhealy_ : Oh lol i feel so dumb now 😂 i know the taller girl OMG i think she was my prayer partner one time lol!
meg_hollz : Lol, its alright. I kind of asked for it cus the one girl isnt facing frontwards. & really? Aww! Her names Abby Ryan, if that rings a bell.. @sydneyhealy_
sydneyhealy_ : Haha yeah lol sorry for spamming you haha
meg_hollz : Its fine, ☺
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#meth #smokemeth #iphonephotos #handsinpocketsswag
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