"Birdland" mini-skein set in 100% merino for a total of 400 meters. They're, well, a pain to reskein but what fun playing with the color sequences :-) #indiedyer #indieyarn #dyersofinstagram #knittersofinstagram #knitting #chiaroscurodyelab #handdyedyarn
indiedyer - knittersofinstagram - dyersofinstagram - chiaroscurodyelab - knitting - indieyarn - handdyedyarn -
Plantefarver uld med lyng, stenlav, perikon/blåbær over brændekomfur. Langsomhed og farvemagi. #handdyedyarn #plants #handmade #boho #unplugged
plants - boho - handmade - unplugged - handdyedyarn -
__.kali.__ -
Genseren av håndfarget merino er ferdig. Fort gjort med dobbel tråd. #strikking #håndfargetgarn #egetdesign #knitting #handdyedyarn
hΓ₯ndfargetgarn - strikking - egetdesign - knitting - handdyedyarn -
una04 - murphy46designs -
OMG this just arrived from @greenabubs 😍 It was supposed to go into #Indigosky2Knit stock yarn for custom #nappycovers but it's such a #perfectmatch for my #girasol wrap I'll have to use it for my smoosh! πŸ˜‰ #handdyedyarn #yarnaddict #greenabubs
greenabubs - nappycovers - yarnaddict - girasol - indigosky2knit - perfectmatch - handdyedyarn -
For a special friend across the ocean whose favorite color is blue. πŸ’™ #BAERENWOLLE #handknitsocks #sockknitting #handdyedyarn #knitting
sockknitting - handknitsocks - knitting - baerenwolle - handdyedyarn -
dubaimel : πŸ’™
melligiehle : Beautiful colour and I loooove your needlesπŸ’™πŸ’•
lilon : Feels like I need those needles... πŸ˜πŸ˜„
susedavis : That's lovely πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
littlebobbins : In love with the whole colour combo of this picture πŸ’“
pamelsaurusrex : Love the yarn. And those amazing needles! What are they?
quiltnknitgirl - anja.meyer - s.t.r.i.k.k.a - -
My name is Nicolala and I am a colour-whore. #handdyedyarn #handdyinglegends #allthecolours
allthecolours - handdyinglegends - handdyedyarn -
bigbagmomma : Hey Nicolala, me too!
smallsmiley : From one Hoe to another! πŸ˜‰
kizzynibbs : Me too...this is total #yarnporn πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
thenuttyknitter - bakewell.tart - mrsblatter - magiccat_loves_yarn -
With the launch of blanket club 2 fast approaching I thought I'd show you the beautiful Abi's progress on the current BC... She decided to stick with motif one and has chosen her own layout and I have to say that it's turning into a stunning OOAK blanket :) Keep your eyes peeled for sign up for the new Blanket Club, there will be more options available than ever!! #blanketclub #handdyed #idyedthis #handdyedyarn #ftloy #fortheloveofyarn
ftloy - fortheloveofyarn - blanketclub - handdyed - idyedthis - handdyedyarn -
lalotjeotten - scrumbleweed - littledragonjewellery - readysetstitch -
I just discovered @jillian.gabrielsen account (aka more yarn to drool over and covet) and it's easy to see why she has so many followers--her yarn is beautiful! #MothyandyheSquid #Repost @jillian.gabrielsen with @repostapp. ・・・ Yarn giveaway! To celebrate reaching 1k of followers I would like to thank you lovely folk by offering all of this yarn as a giveaway. It will be shipped worldwide for free to one lucky person drawn at random. β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ There is an "Ocean Waves" wool/nylon 4ply sock blank (100g) shown at the top of the picture. Below that, from L to R, there are two skeins of DK weight "Sparkle Rainbow Cotton" (total 100g), and one skein each of "Flames" merino/nylon 4ply sock yarn (70g), "Duckegg Grey" baby weight extrafine Merino (50g) and "Lilac" chunky weight silk/mohair blend (100g). β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ To enter, all you need to do is like this photo, share it with the hashtag #MothyandtheSquid and follow me @jillian.gabrielsen. Entries close at 12 noon GMT on 28/07/15. No giveaway accounts please. Shop purchases will gain an extra two entries per skein bought. Sharing on FB or tweeting will also count as additional entries. If your account is private please add a comment to this picture so I don't miss your entry :) #yarn #garn #yarnporn #yarnaddict #yarnlove #yarnstash #indiedyer #instadye #dyersofinstagram #yarngiveaway #yarnstagram #etsy #handdyedyarn #indieyarn #yarnsnob #yarnstagram #sockyarn #rainbowyarn #operationsockdrawer #knitting #knit #yarniesofinstagram #freeyarn #crochet #knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #knitspiration #instaknit
garn - knitting - yarnsnob - yarngiveaway - indiedyer - freeyarn - yarnstash - yarnporn - yarn - knitspiration - crochet - instadye - yarnlove - etsy - knitstagram - sockyarn - repost - mothyandyhesquid - dyersofinstagram - yarnaddict - knit - instaknit - mothyandthesquid - indieyarn - handdyedyarn - yarnstagram - rainbowyarn - knittersofinstagram - yarniesofinstagram - operationsockdrawer -
puppylove_miniseries - kobe.corgi - corgikuriandfriends - craftcurate -
Silver Skies Rainbow Sparkle Sock . . . it's Grey Skies Rainbow with silver stellina. I've seen the clouds over Kirkintilloch this morning and I need them to have silver linings just like this!! #yarn #garn #yarnaddict #yarnporn #yarnlove #sparklesocks Don't forget to enter our giveaway *right now* if you haven't already as there are only six hours left! #indiedyer #instadye #dyersofinstagram #MothyandtheSquid #etsy #handdyedyarn #indieyarn And my sock pattern for hand dyed yarn lovers is now available :) #sockknitting #yarnstagram #sockyarn #rainbowyarn #operationsockdrawer #rainbowsocks Boo! It's raining again :( #knitting #strikking #stricken #tricoter #crochet #knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #knitspiration #instaknit #knitallthethings #knittingaddict
garn - yarn - knitting - sockknitting - indiedyer - tricoter - yarnporn - sparklesocks - knitspiration - crochet - instadye - yarnlove - etsy - knitstagram - sockyarn - strikking - dyersofinstagram - rainbowsocks - yarnaddict - knittingaddict - instaknit - mothyandthesquid - indieyarn - handdyedyarn - stricken - yarnstagram - rainbowyarn - knittersofinstagram - knitallthethings - operationsockdrawer -
notanotherhat : His image reminds me of my cat curled in her bed 😊
jillian.gabrielsen : How cute @notanotherhat!
shino_fujii - bestemorskills - notanotherhat - yarnovernewyork -
So these are a few examples of my luxury summer boxes. Each one was tailored to the recipient's likes/dislikes and contained a handpainted sock blank, a cashmere or baby camel skein, a freshwater pearl stitch marker, a pearlescent fleabubs hook and a ballotin of chocolate pearls from Artisan Du Chocolat. #yarnclub #handdyedyarn #indiedyer
indiedyer - yarnclub - handdyedyarn -
fibremaid : The baby camel is sooo soft!
dyecandy : Stupid soft!
apronaddict : Amaaaaaaazing!!!! ❀️
robyn.higgins.9 - wolwaas - kawaiiito_sari - punk.ass.stitch -
😍😍😍 love your wee Pond sock, @minaphilipp πŸ’™ To everyone interested in joining the #pondalong fun - please comment if you'd like to be added to my notification list for the next update w/ Pond (most likely next Friday) - the #pondalong runs until September 15th, so there's still plenty of time left πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌthe next batch will be an extra big one to hopefully provide a skein for everyone interested. πŸ’™ #BAERENWOLLE #handdyedyarn #indiedyer #iloveyarn #sockyarn #sockknitting #merino #knittingexpatpodcast
sockyarn - indiedyer - sockknitting - pondalong - handdyedyarn - baerenwolle - merino - knittingexpatpodcast - iloveyarn -
vicky_jb : And you are @aaamyosaurus πŸ‘πŸΌ thank you!
kineticaestheticknits : I'm thinking some sort of hat, and maybe a matching one for my little guy. πŸ’—
dubaimel : I'm on the gusset decreases of my first sock - will post an update pic later. May have to try and snag another skein in a future update ;)
apronaddict : Yes!! πŸ’œ
vicky_jb : Sounds like a neat plan πŸ’™πŸ’™ @kineticaestheticknits
vicky_jb : πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ @apronaddict
bellasocks : Yes, please!😊
vicky_jb : Added! @bellasocks ❀️
enchantingewefibers - kpeck1916 - thesweaterco - -
Preparing to dye some cashmere-soft ultrafine Merino πŸ‘ BAERENfluff 😍❀️ #BAERENWOLLE #handdyedyarn #indiedyer #yarnie #iloveyarn
yarnie - indiedyer - baerenwolle - iloveyarn - handdyedyarn -
izamight - exiled.muse - psychoknitter - -
Spinning some of my "Rainbow Brite" colorway on Sparkle Fiber. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– #vividyarnstudio #indiedyer #handdyedyarn #spinnersofinstagram #igspinners #nofilter
igspinners - nofilter - indiedyer - vividyarnstudio - spinnersofinstagram - handdyedyarn -
azaheer1415 - shireeblyde - thesweaterco - lux_london -
Now available in the shop, link in bio. Luscious Merino and Tencel.
yarnporn - merino - sapphiresyarn - yarn - handdyedyarn -
sapphiresnpurls : #handdyedyarn #yarnporn #yarn #merino #Sapphiresyarn
mamafree : Soooooo lovely!
luxnesma - katsutoshitsunoda - drycountrygirl - mashabach -
Now available in the shop, link in bio. Wonderful Targhee wool in jumbo skeins.
yarnporn - stashenhance - sapphiresyarn - wool - targhee - handdyedyarn -
sapphiresnpurls : #Targhee #wool #handdyedyarn #stashenhance #Sapphiresyarn #yarnporn
luxnesma - likeadream - drycountrygirl - mashabach -
New #yarn ! 4 new skeins spun up. #knit #crochet #handdyedfiber #handdyedyarn #merinowool #spunsugaryarns #squishyyarn #thickandthinyarn
squishyyarn - yarn - handdyedyarn - handdyedfiber - merinowool - spunsugaryarns - crochet - thickandthinyarn - knit -
whimsicalwool - rachysellsstuff - hoggwildfibers - dibadu_dyeworks -
Photography happening. Yarns will be available on etsy from as early as tomorrow as I add them! #yay #handdyedyarn #handmade #buyme
handmade - buyme - yay - handdyedyarn -
knitpurlhook - joelletiffin - gc_hughesy - jlz51 -
#knitstagram #yarniesofinstagram #yarn #garn #yarnaddict #yarnporn #yarnlove #yarnstash #indiedyer #instadye #dyersofinstagram #handdyed #KnitKnerdYarn #etsy #handdyedyarn #indieyarn #yarnsnob #yarnstagram #sockyarn #operationsockdrawer #knitting #strikking #stricken #tricoter #crochet #knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #knitspiration #instaknit #knitallthethings
garn - knitting - yarnsnob - indiedyer - tricoter - yarnstash - yarnporn - yarn - knitspiration - crochet - instadye - yarnlove - etsy - knitstagram - sockyarn - strikking - dyersofinstagram - knitknerdyarn - instaknit - indieyarn - handdyedyarn - stricken - yarnstagram - yarnaddict - knittersofinstagram - handdyed - yarniesofinstagram - knitallthethings - operationsockdrawer -
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#yarn #handdyed #handdyedyarn #sparkleyarn this #yarnartist is amazing!!! #nicolefrost @nicole.frost it's so beautiful thank you!!!
yarnartist - sparkleyarn - handdyed - nicolefrost - yarn - handdyedyarn -
nicole.frost : It's so bright is making me squint!
yarn_art : I pumped up the color a little! ☺️ @nicole.frost
corina_94g - newton_and_mandy - nicole.frost - bulakyarns -
@knittedwit Victory Sock-We Can Pickle That (#Portlandia) and @holidayyarns Flockstock Fingering-Stars Hollow Blues (#GilmoreGirls) #yarn #handdyedyarn @jimmybeanswool
gilmoregirls - yarn - portlandia - handdyedyarn -
jimmybeanswool : Beautiful pic!!
nancyswart - iwonaer - jimmybeanswool - meaghankalisch -
New color in the shop! Bruised, on Twisted sock, two skeins ready to ship! #sockyarn #handdyedyarn #indiedyer #dyersofinstagram
dyersofinstagram - sockyarn - indiedyer - handdyedyarn -
betterwithyarn : Very pretty
dyedinthewoolyarnco : Thanks @betterwithyarn - we like it! So pretty in person!
knitpiccy - stashandknit - stitchedbliss - uglysweateryarns -
☁️ so soft Available soon in Australia @littlewoollie #vinniscolours #vinnisnikkim #knitting #crochet #handdyedyarn #impossiblybeautifulyarn #intambo
vinnisnikkim - impossiblybeautifulyarn - knitting - vinniscolours - intambo - crochet - handdyedyarn -
intambo_yarn : Thank you @mobiusgirl for your enquiry. Please contact Michelle @scaapi she will be able to point you in the right direction in regards to obtaining Vinnis in the U.S. πŸ™‹
mobiusgirl : Perfect! Thank you!
myordinarydays_ann : Your crochet is really lovely! Very nice colours, they look wonderful together. @intambo_yarn
knitpurlhook : This is stunning 😍
intambo_yarn : Thank you @knitpurlhook and @myordinarydays_ann but it's not me, it's all in the yarn! 😘😘
melissa.freebodymellie88 : Just so so prettyπŸ’•πŸŽ€
intambo_yarn : Thanks Melissa 😘 @melissa.freebodymellie88
winterbeachbymab : Stunning texture!! Love Vinnis!
luvwul - jardana_uy - treble_stitch - nebiye_coskun_ates -
'Ziggy' on 4 ply merino now available in my Etsy store as part of this weeks re-stock. #handdyedyarn #indiedyer #yarndyeing #yarnartist #knitting #crochet
yarnartist - yarndyeing - indiedyer - crochet - knitting - handdyedyarn -
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regram @maverikyarns Once I reach 1,000 followers I will pick two lucky followers at random here on Instagram and send them each a skein of yarn :) You only have to do two simple things .... 1. Follow @maverikyarns 2.Repost this image by either tagging me @maverikyarns or by #maverikyarns Visit to take a look at the colorways. #yarn #yarnaddict #knitting #indieyarn #sockyarn #sockknitting #operationsockdrawer #handdyedyarn #dyersofinstagram #knittersofInstagram @maverikyarns
knitting - sockknitting - yarn - handdyedyarn - yarnaddict - indieyarn - knittersofinstagram - dyersofinstagram - sockyarn - maverikyarns - operationsockdrawer -
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Oh, Sampler Cowl of happiness!!! Get $5 off this kit at our online store when you use code YUM13 at checkout. #indiedyer #handdyedyarn
indiedyer - handdyedyarn -
smithnc999 - rubygarnetrose - knittingleft - stillawake17 -
Dyed a bunch of yarn at #funtimefabriccamp! πŸ’Ÿ #handdyedyarn
funtimefabriccamp - handdyedyarn -
mybricole : They are gorgeous!!
sunflowergirlsquilt : Looks like Easter colors-so pretty!
duringquiettime : Beautiful! !
owensolivia : Umm, fun time camp sounds pretty awesome.
baker_brianne : oh they are perfect! πŸ’Ÿ
jenib320 : So good!!
thecraftjunky : Love!!!
emily_dennis_ - my3chunkychickens - hettiesmum - almostdomesticmama -
Fresh from the dyepot...errr, microwave. #handdyed #yarnporn #handdyedyarn #yarn #knitting
yarnporn - handdyedyarn - knitting - yarn - handdyed -
marissa839 - theyarncouch - craftierbyb - laraneel -
Bucket o' yarn! I'm pretty excited about how these sock blanks turned out. #sunrisefiberco #indiedyed #handpaintedyarn #handdyedyarn #yarn #yarnporn #sockblank #sockyarn #ooakcolorways #newcolorways #summer2015collection #indeliblesockblank
sunrisefiberco - indeliblesockblank - ooakcolorways - yarn - handdyedyarn - yarnporn - indiedyed - handpaintedyarn - sockblank - summer2015collection - sockyarn - newcolorways -
spacebirdyarnery - knittsandneedles - harknessangels - feats_in_socks -
Last sneak peek of this weeks update!
guyswhoknit - art - moreyarnplease - igknitters - neeedleworks - knittingsocks - superwashmerino - knitsagram - yarnporn - fiber - yarn - crochet - yarnsale - handknit - etsy - knit - hauteknityarn - nc - handmade - indieyarn - handdyedyarn - ravelry - yarnaddict - knittersofinstagram - crafts - knitsocks - operationsockdrawer - crafty - neverenoughyarn -
numb3rsfanforever : 😍
cinziadp : That looks like my order! 😍
mama_haas : What's the middle?
kokomire : Love the yellow ones!
hauteknityarn : @mama_haas sweet treat! 1/2 is for @cinziadp half is for the shop!
hauteknityarn : @kokomire thank you!
stitcherin : I bet you've gotten good at preventing tangles. πŸ˜‰
cosmocomposure : @ladyashley83 @toshikee
narcissusmohammed - emilymadsews - hazel_elm_crochet - handmadecraftpassion -
As close as I can get to a styled photo for now. My first Flawed shawlette. In love. My next one will be bigger though. Now to put this baby in the closet until the Texas sun goes down for a rest in the Fall.. Inching closer to my goal of having a nice shawl/cowl/scarf wardrobe for Fall. #flawed #nbk4life #nbknitting #knitstagram #handdyedyarn #shawlknitting
shawlknitting - flawed - nbk4life - knitstagram - nbknitting - handdyedyarn -
hi_ko_zo : This is beautiful, Rachel!
texasdyedwool : @hi_ko_zo why thank you!
hite6421 : Love it! Lisa's designs and yarn are the best!
conversebear : Beautiful, I'll have to look up the pattern! I also love the idea of having a shawl/cowl/scarf collection for the upcoming cooler weather--makes buying all the patterns and yarn for them much more acceptable😏
mirabelandme : Gorgeous!
lajoyagirl : It's beautiful!
entangledforest - flatfacefelts - stitchcrafty - joannematw -
Old Man's Study #indiedyer #handdyed #handdyedyarn #brown #gold #yarn #etsy #knit #crochet #speckled
brown - indiedyer - gold - speckled - yarn - handdyedyarn - crochet - handdyed - etsy - knit -
sara.tracy - concept_ct - siobhanscrafts - baigesdesign -
Super subtle seafoam to grey gradient. I can't tell which one is my favorite! These skeins are for @quillskill and his family.
knitting - imdyeing - indiedyer - yarndyeing - crochetersofinstagram - yarn - crochet - dyersofinstagram - babyblanket - etsy - boraknits - gradient - handmade - grey - indieyarn - handdyedyarn - ravelry - yarnaddict - green - diy - knittersofinstagram - crafts -
thamo_is_craf.t : Love the whole set!!!
boraknits : Thanks @thamo_is_craf.t! I never get sick of playing with these colors
luv2knit63 : The green on far left is my fav! 😍
boraknits : Thanks @luv2knit63! I still can't pick. For now I get to look at them all until they're made into a gift
luv2knit63 : They are all absolutely gorgeous, but that one color is one of my all time favorite shades of green!
boraknits : I'd agree that one was not a bad color to start the gradient at 😊 these will be listed as dyed to order, individually or as a set, once they're all dry enough to skein and photo. If you're interested I can let you know when I list them!
shawniesmalls : Thank you!!! These are perf for the nursery - were using gray and green for our accents!! ❀️
boraknits : @shawniesmalls You're welcome! The baby is going to have a pretty nursery in that case 😊 and I tried to tag you too, turns out I wasn't spelling your username name right. But we got there in the end.
_.roots._ - anastasia_govorkova14 - ryderg123 - -
Hippo & Dolphin made with #kaleidoscopedyeworks cotton/silk yarn in Blue Bubble Gum. πŸ¬πŸ’— #crochet #crochetaddict #crochethippo #crochetdolphin #dolphin #hippo #hippopotamus #handmade #crochetingdivamp #cottonyarn #handdyedyarn #kaleidoscopedyeworks #bluebubblegum
hippo - cottonyarn - dolphin - handmade - crochetaddict - kaleidoscopedyeworks - crochetdolphin - crochetingdivamp - bluebubblegum - crochet - crochethippo - handdyedyarn - hippopotamus -
crochet_nut : Adorable! β€οΈπŸ’™
crochetingdivamp : Thank you Denise! 🌷 @crochet_nut
kaleidoscopeali : I love them! You are so talented my dear. 🐬
crochetingdivamp : Thank you Ali! πŸ’•πŸŒ·πŸ’• @kaleidoscopeali
vampyr1764 : So sweetπŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ¬
yarning_over - mgpcreations - crazed4crafts - ddebat77 -
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