Halal rack of lamb with 2 sides add on shrimp. Open til 9pm tonight. #goodfood #halalrestaurant #paprikaphilly
halalrestaurant - goodfood - paprikaphilly -
veni.vidi.vici7 : My family and I loved your food
msphil_more : @_last_uva_dyn_breed @purple_river_ I'm tryna go here๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†
_last_uva_dyn_breed : Did we just go from brunch to dinner!? Lol @msphil_more @purple_river_
purple_river_ : @msphil_more @_last_uva_dyn_breed I can pretty much do both bc this right here looks awesome! Lol!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
bah_gethers : @beautifulyann we there tomorrow InshaAllah this looks so good ๐Ÿ˜‹
beautifulyann : Naam sis I need like 2 platters tho ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ @bah_gethers
geek_a_nista : As salaamu Alaikum If im on the 23 what stop do i.get off in shaa Allah
paprikaphilly : @geek_a_nista Juniata~ address is 4167 Germantown ave.
kalimmuh - carlylejames - keydoingme - hayaatassalaafiyyah -
Wonderful #collage of our #Food and #restaurant by @goofysciencenimja โ™ก #HalalRestaurant #HalalFood #Halal #hfsaa #SheezanClub #MangoSprite #fusion #100PercentHalalOrNothingAtAll
instadrink - sheezanclub - restaurant - collage - hfsaa - foodporn - fremont - fusion - instafood - food - halalrestaurant - 100percenthalalornothingatall - california - halalfood - mirchi - mangosprite - cafe - shoutout - halal -
mirchicafe : #shoutout #food #foodporn #instafood #instadrink #fremont #California #mirchi #cafe
goofysciencenimja : @mirchicafe how cool! Thanks for the shoutout! Love your halal food! ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ’–โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ”๐Ÿน
komail.haider - leema_ashna - sabrinutt - dulhanwear -
#myfamjournalaa #myfoodjournalaa #halalrestaurant
myfoodjournalaa - halalrestaurant - myfamjournalaa -
ana.sef.79 - haydari110 - yousef0402 - araespada -
Garlic naan !!! #myfoodjournalaa #myfoodjournalaa #halalrestaurant #myphotojournalaa
myfoodjournalaa - halalrestaurant - myphotojournalaa -
amiilaaaa_99 - eliscanicole - haydari110 - yousef0402 -
#myfoodjournalaa #myphotojournalaa #myfamjournalaa #myfirstcourseFoodAA #mySnackJournalAA #snack #firstCoursemeal it's was veggie pakodha!!! Was amazin ! Yes we I know it's fried ! Once I a while it's ok!!! Yumm! #halalrestaurant
mysnackjournalaa - firstcoursemeal - myphotojournalaa - halalrestaurant - snack - myfoodjournalaa - myfirstcoursefoodaa - myfamjournalaa -
ana.sef.79 : ุนูˆุงููŠ
ana.sef.79 - amiilaaaa_99 - yousef0402 - mohd007xgmailcom -
#myfoodjournalaa #myphotojournalaa karai chicken and chilli chicken naan ooooo was yummy Sunday dinner out with kids was planning to take them to the city but because of the earth quake stayed inland!! Chili chicken reminded me of the one under in India!!!!! We have an halal desi restaurant here in town !!! #halalRestaurant #myentrejournalAA
myentrejournalaa - myfoodjournalaa - halalrestaurant - myphotojournalaa -
lay7oooshk : ูˆูŠู† ู‡ุฐุง ุงูŠ ุฏูˆู„ู‡
sarah_atieh - araespada - yousef0402 - myrakdesigns -
Sementelah pulang sebentar ke Australia, saya dan suami telah dijemput oleh sahabat kami yang juga pengusaha serta salah seorang rakan kongsi PappaRich Australia iaitu Andrew untuk hadir pada hari pertama pembukaan restoran Papparich cawangan Perth pada 15hb Ogos yang lalu.ย Kami bersahabat dengan Andrew dan menjadi pelanggan tetap sejak beliau mengusahakan Old Town Kopitiam di Melbourne sekitar tahun 2010 dan seterusnya Old Town Kopitiam bertukar kepada PappaRich. Untuk melihat gambar-gambar lain dan cerita penuh, sila ke, artikel disiarkan pada 24 Ogos 2014 dengan tajuknya 'Perasmian Pembukaan PappaRich Di Perth, Australia Barat'.
westernaustralia - northbridge - papparichaus - papparich - instafood - halalrestaurant - istillcallaustraliahome - perth - halal - aussieblogger - halalfood -
blog_th2010 : #papparich #papparichaus #perth #northbridge #westernaustralia #halalrestaurant #halal #halalfood #aussieblogger #instafood #istillcallaustraliahome
doiseaux - rubyyonghwa - radzjo - noreeni -
Mac and cheese fresh out the oven, sweet potato cheesecake, steak with mash and string beans and mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat. #thebestsweetpotatocheesecakethatihaveevertasted #halalrestaurant #goodfood #donteatleftovers #paprikaphilly
halalrestaurant - goodfood - thebestsweetpotatocheesecakethatihaveevertasted - paprikaphilly - donteatleftovers -
mzbeautifuldanny : @sweetmomentscupcakes_herbafit
mrs_brunson : Why u close today?? @paprikaphilly
paprikaphilly : @mrs_brunson We are closed on Sundays. Soul food Sunday starts on Sept 14th.
mekiyahmom30 - houseofnebo - lirosh - mobreezy -
Hello IG friends, we have opened our doors in Orlando! It was a long journey but we are finally OPEN! Our GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION will be Saturday September 6th, 2014 but you can join us any day before that. Our hours of operation are Sun-Tues 11:30am-12am; Weds-Sat: 11:30am-3:00am. We have a variety of middle eastern dishes to choose from, ranging from a juicy Beef or Chicken Shawarma to even our own Signature Burger! #sultanaorlando #sultanarestaurant #nowopeninorlando #nowopen #sultanamiddleeastern #halalrestaurant #halal #chickenshawarma #beefshawarma #signatureburger #orlandoeats #orlandorestaurants #halalorlando #eathalal #foodie #igfoods
orlandoeats - sultanamiddleeastern - chickenshawarma - igfoods - eathalal - beefshawarma - halal - nowopen - foodie - sultanarestaurant - sultanaorlando - signatureburger - halalrestaurant - halalorlando - nowopeninorlando - orlandorestaurants -
sultanaorlando : We are located at 5689 Vineland Rd Orlando Fl 32819
moalammari - halal.intimacy - gosacreative - camila__beatriz -
Simply perfect โ™ฅ a cup of chai and a creme brulee. A #shoutout to @zburney_786 for the #wonderful #FoodPic. #Chai #tea #cremebrulee #SweetTooth #instadessert #instadrink
sweettooth - foodporn - food - tea - chai - momandpop - cremebrulee - fusion - california - halal - teatime - foodpic - fremont - halalfood - cafe - instafood - instadessert - halalrestaurant - wonderful - dessert - shoutout - instadrink -
mirchicafe : #fremont #California #MomAndPop #Cafe #fusion #halal #HalalFood #HalalRestaurant #food #foodporn #instafood #dessert #TeaTime
zburney_786 : Great end to a delicious meal! Thanks @mirchicafe
komail.haider : I am stopping by today for this one :p
itsifrah88 - webiittoo - slld45 - georginaprentice -
Lunch portion-Halal ribeye steak, mac and cheese and broccoli Repost from @koolkyle23. #goodfood #halalrestaurant #paprikaphilly
halalrestaurant - goodfood - paprikaphilly -
historyinthemaking2013 : Looks delicious
dee_kardashian826 : What u have ready now
somebodyseverything : @nyatimes4
nyatimes4 : Yessss @somebodyseverything
missthickbones : Do u still hve ths? @paprikaphilly
paprikaphilly : @missthickbones Yes, we have a larger dinner portion.
stallionettefashionjewelry - dwizzy_35 - tyeallday - carlylejames -
Chicken Alfredo w broccoli We are open til 11pm tonight. Located at 4167 Germantown ave #halalrestaurant #paprikaphilly
halalrestaurant - paprikaphilly -
mu_sabr : @paprikaphilly thanx 4 all of the love you showed us today. We will be back soon Insha'Allaah!
andycapp1966 - mu_sabr - carlylejames - abdullah_tractortralier_driver -
Halal lamb chops, string beans, mac and cheese with an order of shrimp. Open til 9pm tonight. #MakeYourStomachHappy #DontEatLeftovers #MakesYourMouthWater #halalrestaurant #paprikaphilly
halalrestaurant - paprikaphilly - makeyourstomachhappy - makesyourmouthwater - donteatleftovers -
paprikaphilly : @outa_control We do not have delivery yet.
keyron19121 : @paprikaphilly them lamb chops the truth I will be back soon
outa_control : @flockythedon ayo.. we gotta hit ths spot b4 you leave... #MotherInLawsAlwaysKnowTheFoodSpots
mzbeautifuldanny : @svance1
missme48 : @sassydawyn @foreverdej
mzbeautifuldanny : @liyahboo108
ms_rita__ : I need thissss I been dreamin about this
mscastro_ : @niyyah9105
porcelainpretti - atreazure - missme48 - kev.215 -
Not fast food but good food. #CheesesteaksNotOnTheMenu #GoodFood #HalalRestaurant #Paprikaphilly
cheesesteaksnotonthemenu - goodfood - halalrestaurant - paprikaphilly -
msjnz : You Neva lied @paprikaphilly good foodโœ”๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฏ
oldheadyungbul : @paprikaphilly i need one of them platers tonight homie.......
hafeezahblack : @tekarim @dahnisha_
uptown_e215 : @jaybleach3
mzashleyk84 : I have to come to Philly @just_jontae
jaybleach3 : @uptown_e215 today after work
bunky33 : The food is worth the trip
paprikaphilly : @bunky33 Thanks!
ladybugmoe - featherjohnson - only_1_esh27 - bnel30 -
Are you ready for @thefinestteashop? My favorite dish: Nutella Cheesecake ๐Ÿ˜‹ you have got to try it..!! #thefinestteashop #halalrestaurant #singapore #nutellacheesecake
nutellacheesecake - thefinestteashop - 01 - halalrestaurant - singapore -
zizaaziz76 : @noorcz @niedjaaziz @srhx.x
zizaaziz76 : @mazzystripeydotz
sharifahradhiah : @hafhmk hehe Alhamdulillah ๐Ÿ’• I can't wait for you to be here too ๐Ÿ˜ hope you and family is doing well insyaAllah โค๏ธ
sharifahradhiah : @daintypaisley insyaAllah ๐Ÿ’• thanks for the wish and see you soon ๐Ÿ˜
daintypaisley : InshaAllah @sharifahradhiah Nadiah keeps talking about you! So we have to one fine day..hehe
nadiahf : Sayangku @linazainalhadi restaurant @thefinestteashop belum buka tapi in sha Allah sebentar lagi, alamatnya di Blok 4 Changi Village Road #01-2060
nadiahf : My sis @hafhmk when you come to Singapore we should go together in sha Allah๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
linazainalhadi : Makasiiy mbq kuw
luluazqiyah - zaralvio - hoodjabiii - mat3251 -
Thanks for supporting us tonight. Open til 11pm. Eat in or take-out #halalrestaurant #supportsmallbusiness #paprikaphilly
supportsmallbusiness - halalrestaurant - paprikaphilly -
astoldbybrittany : @mslenon360 thanks for supporting my cousin
mslenon360 : @astoldbybrittany this food was so good.I'm going back to bed after this
coveredcutie : I was looking for this earlier but couldnt find it, do you guys have a sign @paprikaphilly
paprikaphilly : @coveredcutie There is an awning with the address but not the words Paprika.
thickboss26 - free_phatz - andycapp1966 - mstwenty -
Dinner at Paprika. Shukran for supporting us today. #goodfood #nocheesesteaks #halalrestaurant #paprikaphilly
halalrestaurant - goodfood - nocheesesteaks - paprikaphilly -
nadiahmajeed : @paprikaphilly Ahumduallah the food was excellent we will definitely be back Insha Allah๐Ÿ˜‹
thickboss26 - free_phatz - andycapp1966 - puns_wife -
Having dinner at Paprika tonight. #goodfood #supportingsmallbisiness #halalrestaurant #paprikaphilly
halalrestaurant - goodfood - supportingsmallbisiness - paprikaphilly -
tahirah_is_pretty : Where r u located?
diamondwhyte : @nailahbagtique
paprikaphilly : @tahirah_is_pretty Address and hours are in bio- 4167 Germantown ave.
nailahbagtique : I luved yall food thx it was good
paprikaphilly : @nailahbagtique Shukran for supporting us.
nailahbagtique : We will definitely be back soon โ™ฅ
alexanderfootcare : Hello where can I contact your company? I am interested in mutually beneficial promo. We are a brand new company in Mt Airy, Philadelphia.
nanny_raes_life - cchellyrose - mstwenty - sister_khadijah -
Customer creation-Ribeye with Alfredo sauce, broccoli and mashed potatoes. Open until 11pm tonight. #alfredomakeseverythingbetter #halalrestaurant #paprikaphilly
alfredomakeseverythingbetter - halalrestaurant - paprikaphilly -
dink05 : You should put up a price list of all ya foods @paprikaphilly
paprikaphilly : @dink05 Thanks for the suggestion. We are working on a website.
tyhisha_vs_bahiyyah - andycapp1966 - smileygs - endless_possibilities23 -
Persiannn ๐Ÿ‘…
nottinghill - foodgasm - fatty - foodporn - hungry - halalfoodlondon - persian - halal - hafez - foodie - halalway - grills - halalfood - persiangrill - persianrestaurant - halallondon - eats - nomnom - instafood - halalrestaurant - londonrestaurants - foodinlondon - kebabs - hafezrestaurant - yummy -
mauood33 : ุงุงุงุงุงู‡ ู‚ู„ุจูŠ ู…ุฑูŠุช ุน ุญุณุงุจุฌ ูˆุงู†ุง ุตุงูŠู… ูˆุฌูˆุนุชูŠู†ูŠ
fattytwinsss : @mauood33 ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ ู…ุนู„ูŠุดุŒ ุฒูŠุงุฏุฉ ุญุณู†ุงุช:p
fattytwinsss : #nomnom #yummy #foodporn #foodgasm #foodinlondon #instafood #eats #hungry #fatty #foodie #persian #persianrestaurant #londonrestaurants #grills #persiangrill #kebabs #hafez #nottinghill
bestlondonrestaurants : Super!
fattytwinsss : #hafezrestaurant #halalrestaurant #halal #halalfood #halallondon #halalway #halalfoodlondon
omgeat : try behest!!!!
fattytwinsss : @omgeat will do, inshallah ๐Ÿ’ช
dounyyaa - theycallmekandi - sabrinutt - sashnyc -
Sweet potato cheesecake Just delivered! It sells out fast. Paprika Halal restaurant is Open til 11pm tonight 4167 Germantown ave 215-455-GOOD (4663) #sweetpotatocheesecake #halalrestaurant #paprikaphilly
halalrestaurant - paprikaphilly - sweetpotatocheesecake -
carmelkrox : @dave_e215
ladybugmoe - beautiful_daph1 - houseofnebo - andycapp1966 -
Halal ribeye steak with teriyaki glaze, roasted potatoes and broccoli. Open until 11pm tonight. 4167 Germantown ave 215-455-GOOD (4663) #tendersteak #halalrestaurant #hungry #paprikaphilly
halalrestaurant - tendersteak - hungry - paprikaphilly -
najmah_40 : @japan29d we need to go here
sirai_mom : @breezielv we need to visit๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹
breezielv : @sirai_mom wats da location
breezielv : @sirai_mom oh yeah we there hmu tomorrow
queen_jessica0101 : @kiya_loving_life yummy we eating here soon or naw?
kiya_loving_life : @queen_jessica0101 yes cuz yes
msgames2 - andycapp1966 - mrs.durham_925 - lovevercie -
Got me some Malay/Thai food #dinehalal #halalfoodie #halalrestaurant #malaysiagrill #rotiandcurry #tamarindchicken #lunchdate
lunchdate - halalrestaurant - dinehalal - malaysiagrill - rotiandcurry - halalfoodie - tamarindchicken -
thegoldenruels : Sa7tein love
habeeba_b : How was it ?!?
gastropost : Hi @missmogra we love your food photos and would like to try to feature them as a part of Gastropost in the National Post. If you're interested can you shoot a quick email to Thanks!
missmogra : @habeeba_b It was good! You should try it โ˜บ๏ธ I prefer the tamarind chicken over the roti and curry though
nafeesa06 - aysha_love2000 - margiii__ - _forhad_ -
China In Bombay Restaurant, Ballwin, Missouri, USA. #halal #restaurant #halalrestaurant #halalfood #chinainbombay #china #bombay #ballwin #missouri #mo #usa Semasa berada di negeri Missouri, saya dan suami telah berkunjung ke sebuah restoran halal yang terletak di Ballwin, iaitu lebih kurang 30 minit pemanduan dari bandar St.Louis.
ballwin - usa - restaurant - mo - missouri - halalrestaurant - china - halalfood - chinainbombay - bombay - halal -
elle_beel - fi_melbourne - radzjo - shah_indra -
Halal Ribeye steak, mashed potatoes, string beans. 4167 Germantown ave Open til 9pm tonight. #notfastfoodbutgoodfood #halalrestaurant #paprikaphilly
halalrestaurant - paprikaphilly - notfastfoodbutgoodfood -
jauhara1 : This food looks so good!! Come Friday I'm ordering the exact same thing, because I know it taste as good as it looks. @paprikaphilly
jazzy2685 - fahtima_braidz - ms_stack - kie42 -
Birthday dinner at Paprika. #catering #halalrestaurant #paprikaphilly
halalrestaurant - paprikaphilly - catering -
beautiful_muslimah82 : @ms_mrs @luvlikenotha @striving_muslimah83 @hairhabitssalon @missbluvshair @_sawdazah @loveurhair wassup w/ a muslimahs in the city part 2 this food looks good
t_hunter30 : @simply_na27 those are buffalo wings we also have teriyaki ,General tso , jerk and BBQ
simply_na27 : Ok looks so good I'm coming around to order i just don't know what i want lol
striving_muslimah83 : @beautiful_muslimah82 yesssss
mrs.eaddy1_ : Everything looks good
ahsewkaute : @undefined_beauty_brittbrat I cNt believe we really didn't go here ๐Ÿ˜ฉ I want some
danni829 : @addicted2heroine
addicted2heroine : Yummy ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ @danni829
khadijahmayesnher5 - wish_72 - itsteeeee - lirosh_sweets -
Just left Paprika Halal Restaurant and I'm stuffed...everyone follow my man @paprikaphilly a Great Chef who just opened his very own restaurant. Proud of you Homie @t_hunter30 I can't think of anyone who deserves it more than you ๐Ÿ’ฏ #paprika #halalrestaurant #germantownave #philly #greatfood #greatchef #eatwell #livewell
livewell - greatfood - paprika - halalrestaurant - germantownave - philly - greatchef - eatwell -
t_hunter30 : My man thanks for the support it means a lot man you definitely a class act one of a kind @bsimpson34
ivette_75 - messyfingers - jw27_np - laurenapn -
Breakfast at Paprika! Thanks for supporting us. #breakfast #halalrestaurant paprikaphilly
breakfast - halalrestaurant -
elleboogs24py__sph - biracialangel61 - saeed_wife_ - hayaatassalaafiyyah -
Dinner: Rack of lamb, mac and cheese and broccoli. Open til 9pm #thatlooksgood #halalrestaurant #paprikaphilly
halalrestaurant - thatlooksgood - paprikaphilly -
smartypantz007 : @mrtravcoleman I know u prob already tried this lol
mrtravcoleman : @smartypantz007 not yet but I need to get there
daonlywabbie : And I'm on my way
trxggmajor : Is your meat zabihah?
paprikaphilly : @trxggmajor Yes!
wandaaa1 : @luvnme321
allahknowsbestt : I need to take a road trip & eat !! Omg looks amazingly delicious
jsnoopy1744 : @veilboutique @shanicek0606 @mesham_3 @puttykake
crystal_kelley - miss_psu - ericabailey_x3 - allahknowsbestt -
Pink flowers on leafy green trees, aqua blue chairs, beautiful view of a park. This is the alfresco area for 21 On Rajah. It's going to be a wonderful day if you are dining in sucha lovely environment. Our buffet lunch is back, every Mon to Fri, at $32++/adult and $16++/child. Resv: 68086846 #sgfood #halalrestaurant #halalfood #buffet #hotelbuffet #buffetlunch #shiok #sedap #instafood
hotelbuffet - sedap - shiok - buffet - instafood - halalrestaurant - halalfood - buffetlunch - sgfood -
hobomobo - stephielove - ctraudz - yvnkan -
Dinner: Tender ribeye steak with mash potatoes and string beans. Open until 9pm tonight. #halalrestaurant #paprikaphilly
halalrestaurant - paprikaphilly -
pyt_jones : @annisaaummnajlaa we should go hear
annisaaummnajlaa : @pyt_jones here u go, it looks delicious though. We can try them one day.
t_hunter30 : @pyt_jones i think you should come here insha Allah you'll be satisfied @annisaaummnajlaa
chinawhyte80 : What nd germantown ave? Cross street?
paprikaphilly : @chinawhyte80 Gtown and Juniata-one block away from Hunting Park ave
cchellyrose : @c_stylezsb ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹
c_stylezsb : @cchellyrose that looks good
_yonni_ : How much is this?
nylahandnina_mommy0914 - just_a_me86 - bishh_u_trydme - lirosh_sweets -
Another amazing #FoodPic from @humzilla โ˜†โ˜† Come on in and grab a #CrispyChickenBurger for yourself. You know you want to #MirchiCravings #burger #Halal #HalalRestaurant
spicy - foodporn - food - fremont - crispychickenburger - mirchicravings - fusion - 100percenthalalornothingatall - california - halal - foodpic - cafe - burger - instafood - halalrestaurant - mirchi -
mirchicafe : #Mirchi #cafe #fusion #food #foodporn #instafood #spicy #Fremont #California #100PercentHalalOrNothingAtAll
humzilla : Deliciousness!
hamedmoshref : I'm deprived, reminded me what I want for dinner tonight ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol
halalfest : Come enjoy some Mirchi burgers at #halalfest2014 this Saturday Aug 9th in Newark, CA! Get your tickets at
grassrootsdtlv : โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ
sabreen86 : Craving this so bad!!! But sick in bed :( inshaAllah when I'm better!!
y0shuaaa - zaboomafoo786 - bilal621 - jpapilionemk -
Some Friends n Family Time..Makin Somi's dad Try KARAMIA #FoodPorn #DesiThings #PakistaiItalian #HalalRestaurant #steakSaffron #RosePicanteChickenPasta #PeppercornPoutine #YummyInTummy #Mississauga #Vaughan #Cravings #LongWeekendFun #AfterShisha #Mazaj #SsaugaLife #WestBound #905 #416 #Instalike #Instafood #Like4like #Like4fun #BrownBoyDrop #Punjabi #Qatar #Punjab #Rajputz #PeaceOut
rosepicantechickenpasta - mazaj - halalrestaurant - steaksaffron - desithings - instalike - rajputz - peppercornpoutine - punjabi - aftershisha - longweekendfun - vaughan - ssaugalife - qatar - foodporn - 905 - yummyintummy - punjab - peaceout - like4fun - instafood - brownboydrop - 416 - cravings - pakistaiitalian - like4like - mississauga - westbound -
safiyap : Aw that's cute
officalpunjabivines - adonisbab76 - tanni_taran - marbleslabmississauga -
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