Kæstur hákarl, fermented shark being cured at the Shark Museum. #iceland #snaefellsnes #hakarl #tastytreats
iceland - snaefellsnes - tastytreats - hakarl -
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Finally!! Fermented shark was not as bad as I thought! But everyone else hated it!!! #hakarl #Iceland #reykjavik
hakarl - reykjavik - iceland -
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dog portraiture at #bjarnarhofn in the #hakarl farm | #fermentedsharkfarm #iceland #ringroad 14 june 2015
bjarnarhofn - hakarl - ringroad - fermentedsharkfarm - iceland -
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fermenation of #hakarl | #fermentedsharkfarm #bjarnarhofn #iceland #ringroad 14 june 2015
bjarnarhofn - hakarl - ringroad - fermentedsharkfarm - iceland -
wil.see : @aprilkawaoka I'm impressed! You actually tasted the hakari?!
aprilkawaoka : @wil.see immediately after, i tried to drink water to wash the taste away but it just made my mouth an ocean!!! blaghhhhhh
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#hakarl shark teeth. they grow from the inside of the mouth and go up to the jaw line. the teeth are directional like a #bandsaw so the shark can cut apart their seal meals. the #teeth then go over the edge of the front jawline and fall off! self-maintainance to the extreme. | #bjarnarhofn #fermentedsharkfarm #iceland #ringroad #garrrrrr 14 june 2015
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ohmissco : Oh yarghh did you actually try the fermented shark meat?!
aprilkawaoka : @ohmissco yes indeed! it tasted like old cheese plus what i imagine cat food..blagh!!
ohmissco : @aprilkawaoka mmmm cheesy cat food *shudder*
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#hakarl shark pokey | #bjarnarhofn #iceland #ringroad #fermentedsharkfarm 14 june 2015
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cagedm0nkey : Eeew!!! This makes my skin crawl!!
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I wonder if they are making #hakarl here. #iceland
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In Iceland, fermented shark (hákarl) is a traditional dish. Joe and I heard it was gross but we had to try it anyways. We took a video of us trying tiny bites —here's a screen shot. Let's just say it didn't go well. #hakarl #reykjavik #iceland #shark #wheniniceland
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rottrunner : "Fermented" is a nice way to put it. Bravo, you guys. That's true courage right there.
abwalds : So adventurous!
sswinnie : Looks so good
jadmcmahon : Did u have skyr yet?
maddieanthes : @rottrunner yes, "rotten stank" is more accurate, @jadmcmahon Joe got a big tub of it and we've been having it with breakfast! Yum
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rusty and piercing | #fishhooks #bjarnarhofn #fermentedsharkfarm #hakarl #iceland #ringroad 14 june 2015
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nateisdone : I'm hooked on Iceland. Waammp Waaamp.
aprilkawaoka : @nateisdone 😄good one!!
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Fermented Shark, Hakarl #iceland #reykjavik #travel #foodporn #yummy #hakarl
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#iceland #shark #hakarl #requinfaisandé #caalairbonmaisnon
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It always reminds me of the smooth scence... #prtv_texture #iceland #hakarl
prtv_texture - iceland - hakarl -
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Bon Appétit! Hákarl - cured shark in Iceland, national dish #icetravel #iceland #niceland #travel #traveling #nofilter #исландия #ig_iceland #icelandair #iceland #niceland #travel #traveling #nofilter #исландия #icelandair #photo #shoot  #shark #hakarl
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silma.lorien : how does it taste like? i never had the courage to eat it 😂
icetravel : @silma.lorien brrrr 😵😖😝 smth like this))
pliniocaesar : Shark? Ops...
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#hakarl celo.#iceland
hakarl - iceland -
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The flavors of Iceland: rotten shark edition, featuring @wcb #Hakarl #Snaefellsness #Iceland
hakarl - snaefellsness - iceland -
nahcnivek : @wcb likes it!
wcb : I did!
mcarville : "mhm!"😍
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The flavors of Iceland: rotten shark edition #Hakarl #Snaefellsness #Iceland
hakarl - snaefellsness - iceland -
tbinspain : It's just the worst
believeinalex : Need a gif version of your sniff ASAP
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So I heard you liked rotten shark? #hakarl #icelandic #food #fermentedfoods
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The smell of #hakarl - drying rotten shark meat - #onceinalifetime in #iceland
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#eating #hakarl - #rotten #shark #meat - #onceinalifetime #experience - only in #iceland
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szymowo : #yumminess
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#hakarl ...not eating it. Just kidding. It was terrible. #yesthatsbrennevin
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malym87 : 😁
chenchjr : Just what I wanted to see this morning
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#fermentedshark #hakarl is not that bad #iceland
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Traditional Icelandic food🐏🐟🐳
hakarl - kaffiloki - cafeloki - icelandicfood -
gigig_ : #kaffiloki #cafeloki #icelandicfood #hakarl
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Блюдо-гвоздь! Hákarl (хаукарль). Очень... нет, ОЧЕНЬ своеобразная еда для настоящих викингов. На лурке достаточно подробно и красочно описано что это и как готовят. Если решитесь попробовать - только запивая крепким алкоголем. В меню одного из ресторанов было самое хорошее описание которое я видел для этого блюда - try it if you dare! #hákarl #hakarl #tryitifyoudare #rottenshark #reykjavik #iceland #caféloki
caféloki - tryitifyoudare - reykjavik - hakarl - hákarl - rottenshark - iceland -
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Recap of today's adventures! After a 3 hour ride on beautiful and unique Icelandic horses, we sat down to a homemade, traditional Icelandic lunch: hákarl (fermented/rotten shark), kjötsúpa (lamb soup) and skyr (an amazing, yogurt-like dairy product). Everything was delicious! A huge thank you to our hosts at Viking Horses, you were all so wonderful and gave us a day we'll never forget! #vikinghorses #daveandshem #daveandshemtravel #iceland #tampaadventuregroup #101honeymoons #skyr #kjötsúpa #hakarl
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This is drying Hakarl. It is a Greenland shark which is cut up, not preserved with anything, and dried for 3-6 months before cutting it open and eating it. It is the most gelatinous, fishy, aggressively amoniated thing I've ever eaten. #shark #rotting #fermenting #amonia #greenlandshark #hakarl #iceland #gelatinous #fishy #strong #peopleeatthis @chefaz
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haaaleygirl : Gabe, doing Iceland right!!!! Hope the GLs are loving it up North!!!
gabegl : You know it! We're having a great time! @haaaleygirl
hiimtorijo : So many weird ways of eating meat there. Where are you in Iceland?
gabegl : The western coast @hiimtorijo
jraymzz - shelbysinoway - faetati - maddslice -
We tried Hakarl today. It's a national food of Iceland, a poisonous shark that has been fermented for 3-5 months, usually served with a shot of Brennivín (80 proof schnapps). No wonder, it's so strong! We were not fans but I'm glad we tried! #Hakarl #Iceland
hakarl - iceland -
bstolz : My boat wouldn't accept that boat gas.
jocelynlehman : @bstolz we may be buying some to being home, must taste!
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My Eurotrip partners in crime for the next month!! And some rotten shark.....never again #iceland #wanderlust #travel #explorers #eurotrip #shark #hakarl
wanderlust - eurotrip - hakarl - iceland - travel - shark - explorers -
floydo : So glad someone else tried rotten shark! So proud of you Liz! :)
roxyfever1788 : Ahhhh you survived the rotten shark!
elizabethkdeering : @floydo @roxyfever1788 Thanks! :) It was a difficult thing to eat haha. One and done, but I survived!!
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Putrefied shark hanging out to dry. #hakarl #iceland #Pingeyri
pingeyri - hakarl - iceland -
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All she wanted for her birthday was for us to eat fermented shark and drink black death. #nbd #hakarl #brennivin #iceland
hakarl - iceland - brennivin - nbd -
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Shark Museum in Bjarnarhöfn, Snæfellsnes peninsula, Iceland #icetravel #iceland #niceland #travel #traveling #nofilter #исландия #hakarl #shark #icelandair
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icetravel : @yevgeshhhka Ну, а вы как, акулки исландской во время поездки отведали? 😀
yevgeshhhka : Нам говорили, что она продается в супермаркетах, но мы что-то не увидели. А специально прям искать не стали, потому что одна исландская бабушка уверяла, что это жуткая гадость, а ели они ее только когда голодали и больше ничего не было...
yevgeshhhka : Я имею ввиду тухлую
icetravel : @yevgeshhhka Гадость, гадость, не врёт бабуля. Берут кусочек, разжёвывают, через силу глотают, потом запивают рюмкой Бреннивина. Посмотрите на ютубе "Орёл и решка на краю света". Выпуск про Исландию. Думаю, понравится. Там и с акулой есть очень хороший эпизод.
ishmetova_sveta : Брррррр
yevgeshhhka : В общем, мы не много потеряли, что не попробовали 😊 Точно, передачу надо посиотреть, мне уже советовали, но я забыла
genadik : @icetravel мы наткнулись на музей акул на западе и там купили баночку. Не скажу, что такая уж гадость. Очень неприятный вкусовой осадок от нее- нашатырный. В больших количествах, правда, не представляю как ее есть. Да и много же нельзя- вредно ведь для организма. (Мы, кстати, запивали виски, не нашли настойки местной)
genadik : @yevgeshhhka не скажу, что очень полезный выпуск. Но глянуть можно, забавно :) В реальности интереснее :))
basenko_bakery - stuhelp - trishkanov777 -
Today I tried fermented shark meat, or Hákarl. Not for the faint of heart! It was quite pungent, and smelled like the ammonia my grandma used to mop the floor with growing up. Curiosity got the best of me, and I couldn't leave without trying it. I also got to try other Icelandic treats: rye bread topped with fish, egg, & pickled onions, as well as ice cream with caramel and crunchy bits of rye bread mixed in (that was the winner) #willtravelforfood #potatochipsarenotdinner #hakarl #reykjavik #iceland
iceland - potatochipsarenotdinner - reykjavik - willtravelforfood - hakarl -
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Hákarl - Fermented Shark - Акула по-исландски, Shark Museum in Bjarnarhöfn, Snæfellsnes peninsula, Iceland #icetravel #iceland #niceland #travel #traveling #nofilter #исландия #hakarl #shark #icelandair
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palamitseg : Ох, те самые кусочки акулы :)
alnezvanov : Fermented это эфвемизм для rotten? То есть без водки - никаких вариантов?
alnezvanov : Ачипятка - эвфемизм
icetravel : Ну, акула не просто гнилая, там действительно какие-то процессы происходили. Тухлятиной она не пахнет, только аммиаком :)
natalikarakul : С чёрным бородинским - 👌🏻@palamitseg
alnezvanov : Мы из Москвы на пару месяцев уезжали, а лимон выбросить забыли. Приехали, входим в квартиру, а там - аммиааак...
joe.n99 - stuhelp - maximilianogogo - leofresta123 -
My snack today, Hákarl (fermented shark read rotted shark) an Icelandic delicacy w/ Black Death schnapps chaser. #Iceland #hakarl #shark #nowthatspaleo #paleo #primal #fermented #mystopover
shark - fermented - primal - nowthatspaleo - paleo - iceland - hakarl - mystopover -
fire_and_flour : How was it?
coffeebaconbooks : Fine @fire_and_flour. I've tasted worse but could be because my sinuses are stuffed up.
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