Working on new stock..
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krislynskreations Special orders welcome...
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Do you like new set of lucite #flowers #hairsticks? Which #color is your #favourite? Each of those costs $17.60 + shipping and is available to buy at my etsy shop.
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These porcupine quill hairsticks are perfect for keeping your hair up on these hot summer days. ☀️ 💁🏽#handmade#crystals#gems#minerals#303#5280#summerstyle#style#fashion#accessories#hairpins#hairsticks#porcupinequill#porcupine#etsy#etsyseller#accessorize#denverhandmade#gypsy#gypsystyle#goodvibes#hairstyles#leather#leatherwrapped#leatheraccessories
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Check out our #meifa hairsticks at @aelldesign! #handmade #americanmade #hairstyx #shaunebazner ・・・ Think pink 😉💕🎀👍 We just received Joe Walker floral and cross back dresses! They look great with a @caitlinrossodom sunrise cuff and a Sunday Afternoon hat! #onwednesdayswewearpink #thinkpink #sunnydays #aellatelier #hairsticks
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Close to 50 hairsticks turned. I should still be turning we have a lot more to get turned. Im hoping to take close to 300 or more of these out to PEAK. We will be located in the Holliday Inn Express - Shark Bamboo Boardroom - 150 Aquarium Dr. Jenks, Oklahoma -- We are glad to be out there with our great friends @themodestpoppy @nugglesboutique #PEAK2015 #jensbydesignz #tulsa #hairsticks
tulsa - peak2015 - jensbydesignz - hairsticks -
themodestpoppy : Yay!!! I think I need one of those 2 tone browns!
beegonzo : I need a black one!!!!!
beacoolman : A Cool Man Approves!
hkprettyinpink : What date is PEAK? I have not even heard of it from our youth group . They just talk about NAYC 2015
jensbydesignz : Its July 15th-17th. At the ORU Maybee Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma @hkprettyinpink
2bagbyboys : @jensbydesignz These are so cool!! Wish I could do something with my hair is buy some!!!
ashley.young.86 - lolly_carto - ricktulsa - smiley238 -
If I can keep @pxtnsmommy out of them I'll have some #hairsticks this week. Shooting for Thursday
hairsticks -
aeballinger2012 : I'm liking those pink and turquoise on the wood sticks. Oh Lawdy, the temptation is rising.😆 @paxtonpens
christinaogle : OH MY!! I. NEED. MORE. 😁 The beaded ones are my fav!!! @paxtonpens
silverest4 : Ok, how do I order? I am loving what I see!
silverest4 : Ok, I just read up further. I got all excited. Lol
burnette_07 : @blessed_bonnie_s this is where u can get the hair sticks like I have just follow him and stalk his page Thursday!!
allstressedoutms : BEAUTIFUL!
meeq8me : Realy naice and beautiful
shannadeneegruver : Tag me please!! I'm on Vaca so don't check my IG that much until the end of the day!😁 @paxtonpens
mdcturning - custom_wooden_creations - lateliermidnightwood - keinezeit08 -
No doubt about it. Corian takes twice as long to turn and tears my tools up but I've got 1500 blanks to turn #hairsticks
hairsticks -
paxtonpens : @vikk_keith ☝
paxtonpens : @gwm1981 i do a lot of sharpening.
paxtonpens : @lokitool yes and a chuck. Different ways
vikk_keith : Sounds good! Tag me if you do 🙏🏽
brittneyjohnson85 : Eek! You know I need a few of these 😍
skirtedfancy : Small price to pay for such a beautiful item! 😍
lanell.keith : Looks like you can sell them all in Little Rock 😂 I want one too
susan_renee_1967 : 😳 that's white corian!!! I need. 🙋
amerkole - keinezeit08 - custom_wooden_creations - lokitool -
About to turn some redheart. Love the different colors in this stuff. #redheart #hairsticks #chopsticks #jensbydesignz #tulsa
hairsticks - tulsa - chopsticks - jensbydesignz - redheart -
nanatimes10 : 👍
jelynda_jo - lolly_carto - ricktulsa - pieces_of_sunshine -
More turning material. #hairsticks #pens #jensbydesignz #tulsa
tulsa - pens - hairsticks - jensbydesignz -
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Hostesses love from last week's Facebook party! I love giving away free goodies! She even earned the scarf in the background! #hostesslove #SueEllensLillaRose #hairtoys #lillalove #flexiclips #hairsticks #fbparty
sueellenslillarose - hairsticks - lillalove - fbparty - flexiclips - hostesslove - hairtoys -
tangled_frangled -
Haven't made any deer antler #hairsticks in a while but will have some more like this later this week
hairsticks -
skirtedfancy : Or can I preorder a long one?
paxtonpens : @skirtedfancy I'm making plenty this week. I cut up a bunch of antler tonight. Can you shoot me an email so I can remember. I go through emails and texts every day. Thanks
christahylen : Yes plz do sir
labellavie26 : I need some badly!!! Can you tag me please? Thank you!
caseychapman : Yes! I've been waiting on a full antler!!
lanell.keith : Bring some to LR Camp Meeting!
paxtonpens : @lanell.keith plan to have around 300. Sold out last year
lanell.keith : Great! I'll try to get up there early again
tc23woodturningz - moreza.5237.shahsavari - mdcturning - truenorthpens -
For those who asked. We will be in Arkansas this year. Got to get busy. Here is the first batch of acrylic and deer antler #hairsticks to be made
hairsticks -
tc23woodturningz : Thanks for saving em all for me Tony !
paxtonpens : @tc23woodturningz got plenty more
momof_4beauties : We'll be in Arkansas too!! 🙌
christinaogle : This year will be the first in 5 years that I've missed😭 I'm so sad!!!
tc23woodturningz : lol we don't want to start a riot on ig .......
marilyn1982 : Just know who is cooking in the kitchen & can smuggle you a plate, and who's husband ushers & can snag you a chair. 😇
paxtonpens : @marilyn1982 DEAL DEAL I love food yes it's a DEAL 😂😂😃
woodturns79 : What kinda glue do you use ? I would thing the forces they get when roughing them out would pop the glued pieces right off . Love your work @paxtonpens
kathyvw48 - mdcturning - custom_wooden_creations - pera_novak -
A Happy Birthday Custom Order By @stix.n.stones #hairsticks @sabrinaradams
hairsticks -
sabrinaradams : Love, love, love, it!!!! Thank you so much! !! You are the best! !!
jenifrancois3 - crystal.wilkinson - _whitneyosborne - _melissa.ann._ -
Nay will turn a few hairsticks and then I will. We have a few more to go. Love that my wife loves turning like I do. #jensbydesignz #hairsticks #tulsa
tulsa - hairsticks - jensbydesignz -
pieces_of_sunshine - smiley238 - ricktulsa - lolly_carto -
Mix-n - Match a pair :) #neutral Custom Order by @stix.n.stones #hairsticks
neutral - hairsticks -
sabrinaradams - jenifrancois3 - crystal.wilkinson - the.dress.closet -
Did a little re sawing tonight. Got a bunch of #hairsticks ready to hit the lathe
hairsticks -
jhhgradio : Thanks again for my pen bro @paxtonpens
mrslettyrod : @paxtonpens.... I'm very interested in buying some hairsticks!!! Can you email me with details on how to order. Thank you & God Bless!!!
paxtonpens : @jhhgradio yes sir no problem. Hope you liked it.
paxtonpens : @mrslettyrod I post on here and should have some on my website this week as well. Thank you
mrslettyrod : @paxtonpens I'll keep an eye out. If you can please tag me, that will be great!!!
_amy_grigg_ : I really need your ebony hook up😧
paxtonpens : @_amy_grigg_ lol believe me I scrape and scratch for deals. Traded for quite a bit of it
tc23woodturningz - lokitool - mdcturning - pera_novak -
New Custom Order by @stix.n.stones #hairsticks
hairsticks -
sabrinaradams - jenifrancois3 - crystal.wilkinson - _whitneyosborne -
Its been a while since I have made any hair sticks, feel a bit slow and out of practice still happy with them over all. 😁 #woodturning #hairsticks #etsy #forsale #hairstick #shawlpin
etsy - hairsticks - woodturning - forsale - shawlpin - hairstick -
corytichenor : @shelleywheeler sent the invoice, thank you! 😊
shelleywheeler : @corytichenor 😁I gave you the wrong address!! It's I'm so sorry!
corytichenor : @shelleywheeler it's ok I'll resend it. Didn't think it was right but I thought maybe you had two paypals lol 😉
stix.n.stones : Love your work! May I ask how much the pink and black is :) @corytichenor
corytichenor : @stix.n.stones thanks! They are all $16 shipping included on IG. when I put them on etsy they will be $18 because of all the fees
valerieweeks : Can I buy the 3rd one from the left?
valerieweeks : Also...#5... (The blue & white one)
corytichenor : @valerieweeks sure thing, but the 5th one is actually more of a purple. For some reason when I take pictures of those the camera reads it as blue. Just let me know if you still want it
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Bocote hairstick looks pretty neat.
bocote - hairsticks - jensbydesignz -
jensbydesignz : #bocote #hairsticks #jensbydesignz
lularoebyalicia - blessyoutoo - ricktulsa - harrisonwl.jpeg -
Hairsticks in the making. We have so many to do--- aggghhh not enough time. We will be out at PEAK. #jensbydesignz #tulsa #hairsticks #ebony #bubinga #woodturning
tulsa - jensbydesignz - woodturning - bubinga - ebony - hairsticks -
christiswitzer : I need 2 more! The lighter brown color.
jensbydesignz : Brown are $8 -- black are $10-$12 depending on length. Thats without shipping. @gouyd5 @christiswitzer
jensbydesignz : @christiswitzer im making as many hairsticks as I can to take out to PEAK. Once I a bunch made up ill message you a picture and let you choose. Im doing a variety of lengths as well.
gouyd5 : I'd like a couple! I imagine I don't really need them shipped 😉
jensbydesignz : @gouyd5 we could get them to you without being shipped. Ill get a ton made up and let you choose.
gouyd5 : Great, thx 😁
themodestpoppy : I LOVE the far right!! Is it dark brown? And the 2nd from right is gorgeous too. 😍
jensbydesignz : @themodestpoppy Thank you. It is black with some brown in it.
lolly_carto - blessyoutoo - asburymillworx - ricktulsa -
A few #hairsticks knocked out this morning shipping is $3 a package payment within 24 hours please these are the shorter sticks I will have longer ones and acrylic this week Thanks 1-2 5" ebony $11 each 3-6 5 1/2" dymondwood $10 each 7. 6" dymondwood $10 Thanks
hairsticks -
mrskelsey01 : @pruittcrystal @tera_ok
shelleywheeler : I would really like a pair of the black ones. I need the shorter sticks. If you get a chance. @paxtonpens my PayPal is
jennlhowell : I ALWAYS miss your post.😣 Need to turn my notification on. I need black 😄
paxtonpens : @jennlhowell I have tons of black cut up. Will be making them this week
paxtonpens : @shelleywheeler will do
jennlhowell : Good deal. And I've got the notification on 😊
annahollis_ : Let me know when you have more! @paxtonpens
paxtonpens : @annahollis_ will do
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Listed in #etsy shop, single citrine crystal hairstick. The gold colors in this stone are stunning and compliment the brown fishtail leather wrap perfectly. Only two available currently! #desertdaisyjewelry #crystals #handcrafted #hairsticks #hairaccessories #crystalhairsticks #handmade #jewels #citrine #linkinprofile #boho #etsyjewelry #energy #bohemianstyle #gypset #bohojewels #boholuxe
crystalhairsticks - boholuxe - energy - bohemianstyle - jewels - etsyjewelry - desertdaisyjewelry - hairsticks - crystals - etsy - hairaccessories - gypset - handmade - linkinprofile - bohojewels - boho - citrine - handcrafted -
drinktealy : 👑
ourlazylife - sweetenedsimplicity - bluebirdnights - mystique_treasure -
Had a pretty product good run. Think my feet and neck are mad at me now #hairsticks
hairsticks -
marilyn1982 : Why do you not have cups of these attached to the golf cart?! 😂 @paxtonpens
paxtonpens : @marilyn1982 I should have lol. Been so busy with other things going on
shannadeneegruver : Yay!!!! @paxtonpens
gwm1981 : My daughter want me to turn a bunch for her to show in her booth @comic-con in September.
paxtonpens : @gwm1981 awesome if you need any pointers or how I do mine just shoot me an email
gwm1981 : Thanks buddy, I am sure I will soon.
keriannedavis : Ahhhh want them all. Lol
paxtonpens : @keriannedavis I will be making plenty next week. Time to get back in the shop
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Hair*sticks #hairsticks #hairaccessories #summer #wood #shells #beachboho #hair #beachhair #need #mermaidhair #sage #blend #style #accessorize
summer - style - hairaccessories - accessorize - shells - beachhair - mermaidhair - sage - hair - wood - hairsticks - need - beachboho - blend -
tenkukat : I need a pair of those!
alllehh - laurayelpa - fascined - serensoleil -
Meine Schätze :) Dazu kommen bald noch: Zwei Flexis und ein ED Stick in Oversized :) Leider hab ich noch keinen Utensilo 😓 #hairsticks #hairfork #forke #haarforke #langhaarnetzwerk #kennensiehelmut #hairtoy #edhairstick #eaduardhairsticks #senzalimiti #ursaminor #jeterforks @_senzalimiti_
langhaarnetzwerk - eaduardhairsticks - senzalimiti - ursaminor - jeterforks - forke - hairfork - hairsticks - edhairstick - kennensiehelmut - hairtoy - haarforke -
annie_blubb : aus was für einem Dymondwood ist Deine UM Forke? Ich find das sieht mit dem blauen Dand so schon super aus! Bei mir liegt der Haarschmuck einfach in der Schublade, hab mich noch nicht entschieden, wie ich ihn dekorativ aufbewahren will
nr555 : Ich hab auch keins... Und meine Sammlung ist ja doch schon etwas größer 😜
nr555 : Aber blauer Sand... Färbt der nicht ab? Sieht jedenfalls echt schön aus!
flocke_1 : Danke, und es ist Tortoise :) @annie_blubb Also bisher hat nichts abgefärbt,hoffentlich bleibt das so 😱 @nr555
siri.lenja : Schöne Sammlung! 😃 Übliches Utensilo hab ich auch nicht. Mir ist meine umfunktionierte Teebox am liebsten.
thonimara : Ich hab auch kein übliches Utensilio für die Wand. Meine Schätze stecken in Buchweizen ;)
aiyana_778 - thonimara - lioba_m - siri.lenja -
Eucalyptus Bell Pod Hair Stick detail #kirstenmuensterjewelry #hairpins #hairsticks #hairornaments #plantlove
hairpins - plantlove - hairsticks - hairornaments - kirstenmuensterjewelry -
ksbear105 - fayelessler - campfiregallery - amytavern -
Пара палочек для волос. Одуванчики :) Наконец-то доделала. A pair of hair sticks with dandelions. Finally done. #lampwork #glass #hairsticks #dandelions #стекло #одуванчики #палочкадляволос #tatyana_boyarinova
стекло - lampwork - glass - палочкадляволос - dandelions - hairsticks - одуванчики - tatyana_boyarinova -
aleena_razumkova : @tatyana_boyarinova 👏
evgenjja29 : Супер!
bisercafe : Вот это крутота)
dandelion_hippy : "Dandelion" is such a great word😃
svetaslippers - kumipon0818 - kolmakova.yuliya - chatagood -
Hand-made hair stick topped with a beautiful quartz point. 🌞 #handmade #crystalquartz #hairsticks #peace #etsyseller #twinliontrinkets
etsyseller - twinliontrinkets - hairsticks - peace - handmade - crystalquartz -
erinmgarcia - tastykakes420 - hellolovehandmade - winshay -
New tentacle hair chopsticks just listed! @ TheBeesKeesCrafts.Etsy.Com #thebeeskneescrafts #handmade #Etsy #hairsticks #hair #hairaccessories #tentacles #tentacle #octopus #rave #pastelgoth #alternative #alt #emo #kawaii #Lolita #fairykei #cybergoth #goth #rockabilly #grunge #ursula #alternativegirl #Ursula
thebeeskneescrafts - goth - grunge - hair - tentacle - fairykei - hairsticks - rockabilly - rave - alternativegirl - alternative - etsy - alt - pastelgoth - kawaii - ursula - hairaccessories - cybergoth - emo - handmade - lolita - tentacles - octopus -
corvus_mellori_australia - suhspence_the_illest - __punktots__ - juliavstheuniverse -
New tentacle hair chopsticks just listed! @ TheBeesKeesCrafts.Etsy.Com #thebeeskneescrafts #handmade #Etsy #hairsticks #hair #hairaccessories #tentacles #tentacle #octopus #rave #pastelgoth #alternative #alt #emo #kawaii #Lolita #fairykei #cybergoth #goth #rockabilly #grunge #ursula #alternativegirl #gothgirl #emogirl
thebeeskneescrafts - goth - grunge - hair - tentacle - fairykei - hairsticks - rockabilly - rave - alternativegirl - alternative - etsy - alt - pastelgoth - kawaii - ursula - emogirl - hairaccessories - cybergoth - emo - handmade - lolita - tentacles - gothgirl - octopus -
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Better view, sorry for the mess :p #hair #hairsticks
hair - hairsticks -
kimberlimmarie - ardnasjoanhifa - theroofinghobo - shaunebazner -
I could wear it like this every darn day. #hair #hairsticks
hair - hairsticks -
shaunebazner - theroofinghobo - luca_intemerato - shazroseto -
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