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jezzzasheps - smac81 - bert_fletch - theox06 -
Well today marked the last time we will ever play together for awhile! I will never forget our first years together, going to the NAIA, wanting to be the next state champs, or… you know kinda putting a hole in the wall at Pizza Hut! We may not have had the year we wanted, even though I only got to 5 total games my 8th grade year they truly were the best! Dad, no coach will ever be able to be compared to you! You are the guy that taught me how to play the game if basketball, and made me love it more and more each year! Next year we will be hearing you yell from he stands, and will be acknowledging you for sure! Love my team for sure! #basketballbabes #teammates #family #gunnamissit
gunnamissit - family - teammates - basketballbabes -
bethanygk : Love ya!πŸ’œ
maxon1228 : 😘😘
rubie2323 - delayne_joyce - jackiemeier1 - kinseyhall22 -
Flash Back Friday. These two guys have impacted my life tremendously. If it werent for them and the Sport. I dont know where id be today. Im so thankful and now i truly understand what people mean when they say Football changed their Life. Wouldnt wanna have played for any other program. #FNL #GunnaMissIt #Coaches #Viking
viking - gunnamissit - fnl - coaches -
ezdoesit75 : This picture is hard.
andybevens14 - isabel_g0mezzzz - ahdruuh - hallieholm -
Last night at work with this bish. ☺️🍟 #mcgrind #mcdonalds #lastshift #lastnight #quality #cute #sad #gunnamissit
cute - lastshift - sad - gunnamissit - mcgrind - mcdonalds - lastnight - quality -
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Chocolates for the staff on my placement #studentnurse #placement #lastshift #gunnamissit
placement - studentnurse - lastshift - gunnamissit -
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#SelfieOnTheStrip #LastNightInVegas #Vegas #GunnaMissIt #LovingVegas #SpringBreak2k15 #GoodbyeVegas #SoGorgeous
goodbyevegas - lovingvegas - sogorgeous - gunnamissit - vegas - lastnightinvegas - springbreak2k15 - selfieonthestrip -
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Great way to end off the year with these boys #SLC #schooners #gunnamissit
gunnamissit - schooners - slc -
brodytaylor17 : Can't wait for next year!!
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Grade 12's πŸ’• Glad I got to spend the last five years playing with these girls. #loveyou #theteam #andGess #basketball #lastseason #grade12 #gunnamissit
theteam - basketball - lastseason - gunnamissit - loveyou - grade12 - andgess -
kylakohlman : Photo creds! πŸ™‹
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Just finished my last night class of the quarter and it feels great. Had to take a drive to one of my favorite spots to relax and breathe. Hopefully all this hard work pays off. #SanJose #lovemycity #gunnamissit
sanjose - gunnamissit - lovemycity -
dallyboy : Good shit bro!!!
charlestonchewws - elfig - yeabsira_tigistu - dustybeatz -
I want to thank all the players and coaches for a great season not just this year but last year also you guys are pretty cool I guess πŸ’πŸ˜‹ I'm honestly glad I got to spend my senior year doing stats for you guys even if u pissed me off some times, you guys made me laugh a lot. I'll never forget all the long rides with some weird conversations, and cheering you on at every game! For the senior boys I'm so happy I got to know you guys better cause ur pretty great and for the juniors I'm gunna miss you guys next year but I'll defiantly be in the stands cheering you on. As for the JV boys I'm proud of you and for the freshman I'm really glad I was able to do your stats for awhile you guys are kinda hilarious. I'll be watching you guys play next year! And I want to give a special thanks to Coach Nate, Wilkins, Glover, @lmcpike0320 and that other guy lol for the gifts and to of course @teamwilkins for everything you have done. And a special thanks to @calvinthatoneguy, @nigganate96 and Paco for the flowers candy and card, oh and of course to Noah Maeder for the balloons and candy ! I'm really proud of you guys, and I'm gunna miss you !! πŸ€πŸ’•πŸ˜’πŸ‘#stats #varsityboys #froshboys #goodtimes #lowkey #gunnamissit #memories
gunnamissit - stats - lowkey - varsityboys - memories - froshboys - goodtimes -
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First game of our last season! #gunnamissit
gunnamissit -
garrett_728 : Great job tonight guys way to start the season on a good note! βšΎοΈπŸ† @shaft_33
thisisbraiden - lildonze - flutzie - stars553 -
I hate to do it, but after falling last night and losing the last bit of hardware for it, I must retire this amazing WELL mbo3 vsr10. I have never had a gun long enough to retire so this is a huge thing. Also means i dont have a sniper now.... #airsoft #sniper #retire #4yearsofawsomeness #gunnamissit
gunnamissit - 4yearsofawsomeness - retire - airsoft - sniper -
jacmaster1010 : Well i CAN buy a $30 air nozzle but im not paying that much right now, and as for the screws its one in the reciever, one in the box that attaches to the hop up @camos_by_mason and idk how long they are
camos_by_mason : Dm me pics. If it's the same as the JG-Bar-10 I can give you lengths on the screws
jacmaster1010 : Im not home atm but its a Well MBO3 @camos_by_mason
camos_by_mason : Alright, I'll see if it's there's anything on any forums. If not just dm me pics when you get the chance
jacmaster1010 : Ok sure thing @camos_by_mason
camos_by_mason : The long screw is 1 1/8 of an inch long, she short screw is 3/4 of an inch long and I used a 2.5mm Allen key to unscrew them
jacmaster1010 : Thank you!! @camos_by_mason
camos_by_mason : No problem
andrewjeimusic - callsignbigfoot - callsign_tetchyyew - wilson_stead -
#daythree #class #colourcourse #meauntymandy #lastday #gunnamissit #wegotthis #davinescolour #renaissance #of #colour @almeidaaida
davinescolour - daythree - colourcourse - meauntymandy - of - colour - wegotthis - gunnamissit - renaissance - lastday - class -
davidcortese11 : Whos your teachers?
mandeekaii : Sandra and Danielle @davidcortese11
davidcortese11 : Sandra is awesome!
mandeekaii : @davidcortese11 she's very helpful !
almeidaaida - migztatz - ashburling - davidcortese11 -
Winter 2015πŸ™Œ #gunnamissit #pictures #winter #snow #5 #beautiful #greatwinter #cold #perfect
beautiful - perfect - winter - pictures - snow - greatwinter - gunnamissit - 5 - cold -
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Good way to end my lat year in minor hockey, beer league her I come! #lastyear #nomorehockey #gunnamissit
nomorehockey - lastyear - gunnamissit -
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Decided it was time for a change #black #hair 😳 #nomorered #gunnamissit #ohwell #feelinglikeanewme πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ
hair - gunnamissit - black - feelinglikeanewme - nomorered - ohwell -
ankariana : @CLICK_HERE_FOR_270_FOLLOWS
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To bad it's coming to an end #endofseason #northernriders #backcountryriding #camp #gunnamissit
gunnamissit - camp - endofseason - northernriders - backcountryriding -
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Tbh I'm REALLY gunna miss these kids. I love working with these kidsπŸ’” They made me so happy. But the adults were too much for me to handle. Friday was my last day as a preschool teachers aid. But I won't be saying bye to kids forever! A ton more kids will be in my future😘 #goodbye #gunnamissit #moveon #love #teacher #kids #edit #myfavkids
kids - love - edit - moveon - gunnamissit - goodbye - myfavkids - teacher -
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It's all over! Now time to find a job and make some money! #NLCgraduate#climbingpoles#goodtimes#gunnamissit
gunnamissit - climbingpoles - nlcgraduate - goodtimes -
adamrudd10 : Thanks man! @qallen06
lando2112 : Make some money go buy yourself a tan hahaha @adamrudd10 congrats though man
adamrudd10 : Thanks man! @lando2112
caity_love96 : I don't get it @lando2112 you are as white as him or maybe even whiterπŸ˜‚
adamrudd10 : Bam take that @lando2112 @caity_love96
caity_love96 : I got your back babe😘
adamrudd10 : 😘😘 @caity_love96
lando2112 : Have him drive over and ill take a picture side by side of our arms and he'll be white as snow lol @adamrudd10 @caity_love96
cheyfry24 - courtneyyyy06 - jazzybean11 - maroniel1992 -
Do I attend Hogwarts? You tell me ⚑️ #mcmaster #conhall #HamOn #gunnamissit #fourthyear
gunnamissit - conhall - hamon - mcmaster - fourthyear -
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Work Selfie πŸ’Ό #estateagent #sales #lovemyjob #gunnamissit
estateagent - gunnamissit - sales - lovemyjob -
charlotte_lanee - lyndon1980 -
Not quite sure I knew the meaning of 'hard work' during college, but my God has it been worth it. 3 years of insane, crazy, antics with some incredible people. Just a dissertation and a couple of exams standing in the way of me and going mental for my final month as a student. Without a doubt the best period of my life so far. #WSIHE #chiuni #timehop #loveit #gunnamissit #zeebar #drunktimes #friends #dissertation #almostthere #student #work #dontwannaleave
dissertation - chiuni - timehop - dontwannaleave - drunktimes - loveit - work - almostthere - gunnamissit - zeebar - student - wsihe - friends -
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Last sunset in Edinburgh #gunnamissit
gunnamissit -
kirstenhiho : Beautiful shot!
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So many memories made here in NYC β€οΈπŸ™Œ #goodbye #gunnamissit #valleychristian8thgradeDCtrip
valleychristian8thgradedctrip - gunnamissit - goodbye -
dfasan_19 : Coming home today! I'll be swimming on Monday!! @vict0ria.luu
bri_iric : At least we get to see u missed u 😭❀️
maggie.davis : Was it cold? I'm going next week!
dfasan_19 : Freezzinnggg!!! It snowed yesterday! Pack a lot of warm clothes! πŸ˜‚ @maggie.davis
dfasan_19 : Miss you too❀️😘 @bripop7
mackenziee.thomas : I miss it already πŸ˜‚
dfasan_19 : IKR😭 great bonding time tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ @mackenziee.thomas
kcz_33 : 😭😭😭πŸ˜ͺ
dfasan_19 - gotta_love_sasha - zachensugaroff - stanley_wu19 -
Last night in Florida 😒 #gunnamissit
gunnamissit -
boyslonghairandflow : DM me
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Final day on this beautiful beast #gunnamissit
gunnamissit -
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sharetravelpics : live to travel !
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Until next year 😒 #gunnamissit
gunnamissit -
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Fbf! Last home soccer game.. one of the best teammates a guy could ask for this kid gave his all day in and day out on and off the field! Truely blessed to have him as a teammate and a captian! Thanks Caleb! #Caleb #teammates #soccerplayers #soccer #fbf #goalie #defensiveplayer #defensiveplayers #lastgame #lasthomegame #captian #formercaptian #gunnamissit #thanksagaincaleb @_cbreneman97_
captian - formercaptian - defensiveplayers - caleb - lastgame - gunnamissit - thanksagaincaleb - lasthomegame - fbf - defensiveplayer - soccerplayers - soccer - goalie - teammates -
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Well sad day today, this was my last week in HV1000 start In a different truck on Monday#hv500 #hv1000#brass#hydrovac#firsttruckistartedin#lovethistruck#gunnamissit#learnedlots#morelearningtocome#hadgreattimes
hadgreattimes - lovethistruck - learnedlots - firsttruckistartedin - hv1000 - hydrovac - gunnamissit - hv500 - morelearningtocome - brass -
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Me and the sea. πŸŒŠπŸ’™β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄ #springbreak2015 #daytonabeach #gunnamissit #nothingliketheocean #backtothemountains
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lovemyteam - seniors2015 - academicexcellence - gunnamissit - greatseason - shadowbox - trophy - lastseason - thankyou - pictures - bow - cheer - mvc - senior - mostvaluablecheerleader - mostvaluable -
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Last night in Florida #gunnamissit #hadfun
gunnamissit - hadfun -
claudette_cort : hi jack
jacktouzin97 : Aha what's up u beauty
brynnsneek21 : Yikesssssssssssssss
brynnsneek21 : #0
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