This is why I follow Michael Gungor. #gungor
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Gungor and I are best friends! #michaelgungor #gungor #calvin #calvincollege #ffm #musicfestival I love @calvincollege #chapel #bff #bestfeiends #beautifulthings
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gserstad : I got to do sound for him, but hey no big deal;)
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"You make beautiful things, out of the dust." #gungor #beautifulthings #nature #wow!
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ellizo : nice
pyccachka : I wish I could take credit. But it's not my photos and it's not my creation. Lol @ellizo
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I am SO excited ... Great way to start my weekend #hillsongunited #zion #gungor #vinyl
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christianclothing : 👍😳had no idea that gungor album was on vinyl! Have to grab it!
vanessam127 : @christianclothing the vinyl is see through! It's sweet !
christianclothing : Nice! I am a vinyl lover so now I'm excited! @vanessam127
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I am mountain, I am dust Constellations made of us There’s mystery in the dirt The metaphors are breaking down We taste the wind and sight is sound #vscocam #gungor #iammountain
iammountain - vscocam - gungor - : Thanks bae😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😵✌ @nicole.winchester
kellyokane13 : You're perfection. : Omg, thanks girly😘✌That's all you tho😜💕😊 @kellyokane13
nicole.winchester : fam u r so cute ✊💓💓💓 : Thank you FAM! So are you!😜✌😘 @nicole.winchester
10.21p.m : 😍😍😍 : 😘✌😜 @10.21p.m
sargam_ : 😍😍😍 #goals
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"This is my Father's world. O let me ne'er forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet. This is my Father's world: why should my heart be sad? The Lord is King; let the heavens ring! God reigns; let the earth be glad!" Chapel was led today by Gungor. #calvincollege #ffm2015 #gungor
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Our chapel is cooler than yours #Gungor #beautifulthings
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gr8lakebebe : You make me new
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"He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away. And he who was seated on the throne said, 'Behold, I am making all things new.'" •Revelation 21:4-5• The beach is far from our home...EIGHT hours by car far...but all I know is that I had a strong determination to get there, driving my three littles by myself because the beach was calling my name. Of course I was seeking the relaxation of a beach vacation but I felt a stirring in my heart that there was more to why we needed to go. I struggled the entire drive and most of the trip, dialoguing with the Lord about this life my kids and I now live. As we approach my husband's Heaven Day (it will be 2 years in May since he passed away) it is a struggle. In many ways we live a lovely life that we like very much but it in many ways too resembles very little of the life we had when Mike was alive. There was something that I had to remember and that only walking on the beach could trigger so deeply. • I don't think I've ever truly forgotten but maybe I just couldn't hear God speaking to me with the busyness of everyday life. What I heard so clearly walking along the washed up shells on the shore, the cool waters covering my feet was that like the beach Our God creates so beautifully from broken rocks, minerals, shells that were once whole & served a different role, He too takes us, broken, and gives us new life. He makes us beautiful. Beautiful in our brokenness. • As I walked along the shore the lyrics from "Beautiful Things" by Gungor flooded my mind. Another reminder, a lyrical worship, that He makes beautiful things out of! We might appear and even feel broken and like our good days are behind us but His plan for our lives are continual, restorative, hopeful. He gives us eternal hope but also hope for this world as we press on, seek him, obey him, as we are his hands & feet. He will use us to create beauty in this broken world.
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mkcox : #1000gifts #gungor @gungormusic #beautifulthings
ashleydumler : You are incredible. He radiates from you. I love you. I'm in awe of what God has shown you! Beautiful...And we miss Mike too...I'll text you later...from our study there was some truths I wanted to share with you.
susypants : This is good- so good. So thankful you heeded His calling to drive to the coast and for what He has shown and reminded you of while there. Thank you for sharing from your heart that God might encourage us through what He is teaching you! 💗
tigercatchick : Beautiful. I love you, Krystal and I miss you!!
nicnjeff2006 : Krystal, your heart for the Lord and obedience to Him continue to be an inspiration to those near and far. I think of you often and pray that you continue to feel God's presence. I love you and miss you! - jblack_3812 - rachelizwilliams - leigh_fisher4 -
Added to this mamma jamma tonight. You know the finger painting process is getting serious when the pinky finger gets involved. Should be done soon. •You make beautiful things out of us. All around Hope is springing up from this old ground. Out of chaos life is being found in you• #vsco #vscocam #bestofvsco #picoftheday #photooftheday #9finds #socality #fingerpainting #painting #vscoart #gungor
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Talking on the intersections of youth ministry, developmental psychology, and super out-there critical theory with Michael Gungor! And also a sneak preview of what to expect from the new Gungor album, NO BIG DEAL AT ALL. The Lord takes you to incredible places sometimes. He really does. I am eagerly anticipating what else the 2015 edition of the Calvin Festival of Faith & Music has in store. #Gungor #CalvinFFM #meetyourheroes #spiraldynamics #postpostmodernism #intersubjectivity #nerdingout #nerdalert #youthdevelopment #iguessimgreen #thankyoujesus #hashtag
nerdingout - thankyoujesus - iguessimgreen - spiraldynamics - gungor - postpostmodernism - intersubjectivity - hashtag - youthdevelopment - nerdalert - calvinffm - meetyourheroes -
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Busca mi cover en SoundCloud #beautifulthings #gungor #music #worship #acoustic #homemade #love #God with @nene_mojica24 & @cvlstorm
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2filoz : @rafel_m tremendo mi hermano! 👍
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I got to work with @cof_kidz over the weekend and I absolutely loved it. I had about 5 minutes to paint on stage and the kids were excited. A few kids came over to give me a hug and talk to me after. They were so great, they made me feel cool😎. Lol The main point if the price was that God make beautiful things. God will turn your worst storms into the most magnificent sunset.🌞🌈💥🎨🌅 #Paint #2Twenty2 #Sunset #Gungor #BeautifulThings #Paint
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archaic_fun : @maggieyllan Thank you for letting me use Alicia!
jim_ross_the_boss : Keyword they made you feel cool...truth is you are cool mijo lol @archaic_fun
sunflowerness : Love it!
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#dert #enes #melih #gungor
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#Gungor #hocayla :D
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Varmt välkommen till oss på Nordiska Trädgårdsmässan. Ni hittar oss på plats C12:41 #mässa #nordiskaträdgård #stockholm #älvsjö #orangerier #växthus #steampunkbord #eld #fontän #gungor #gjutjärnskrukor
fontän - gungor - eld - nordiskaträdgård - växthus - steampunkbord - mässa - gjutjärnskrukor - bossons - orangerier - älvsjö - stockholm -
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Goodnight! Ps: Remember to #pray a little prayer before bedtime. #Gungor #Music #BeautifulThings
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rachelfortney : #drawing #sketch #sketchbook #asketchaday #wip #typography #art #lyrics #youmakemenew #gungor
typographytshirt : Nice picture, I adore it!
lettersfrommadison : This is great! 😍😍
seansie6 : You make beautiful things.
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"creation sees you and starts composing, the fields and trees they start rejoicing" #billyd #trees #oak #sky #bluesky #beautiful #green #gungor #nofilter #noedit #nature #scenic
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trenton_steiert : Was this at billy d today? Lol
merlinmoonlasvegas : Smiley Face @merlinmoonmusic
dannysunstein : Yea son @trenton_steiert why
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An early #tbt of my homies @gungormusic and @kolusola SHREDDING in the kitchen at my house. #goodoledaysatNside #Pentatonix
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haileykiteley : Crazyyyy
johnwildsmusic : Whoa!
msmiq07 : This is sick!!!!! I mean that in only the best way!
johnwildsmusic : @nickondrums92 @mikebajaliamusic @b_musiq25 @amosdpierre @eugenes_ghost @mmattheww
heathhollensbe : I remember that night!!!
christinechacko : @docaji what are u waiting for?!?!
nyasha_b : @timothythampy @nathan20_02thampy
timothythampy : @nyasha_b 😳👌👌
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#tbt to when our pastor and group from church went to Long Island on a missions trip to help after hurricane Sandy hit. 💗 The church we stayed at played this beautiful song, it will always hold a special place in my heart! 💛 #MissionTrip #LongIsland #HurricaneSandy #Gungor #BeautifulThings #RememberingMemories #ReadyToGoAgain ☺️💞
longisland - beautifulthings - gungor - tbt - hurricanesandy - readytogoagain - missiontrip - rememberingmemories -
hopeinhearts : It's an early #tbt but I don't care, lol. 💁💜
erichamlin : That was great!
hopeinhearts : It was! You're a great Pastor! ☺️
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So please be my strength//please be my strength//cause I don't have anymore//I don't have anymore. #nofilter #gungor
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cat_smithcox : This is crazy, did you take this with a phone?
alextaliaferro : Yup! Just the camera on my iPhone. @cat_smithcox
hannahmariehicks : I feel like a UFO is about to fly out of those clouds
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#skog #forest #huskvarna #tree #träd #grass #gräs #gungor #swings
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🎼🎵🎶 Creation sees You and starts composing. From the trees a song is rising. 🎵🎶 #creation #trees #tree #leaves #nature #view #wonder #earth #lyrics #gungor #theearthisYours #music
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Love this song! @gad_castill0 beautiful ambient tone!
This song never gets old.. #HowHeLovesUs #JesusCulture #JohnMarkMcMillan #AmbientNotes #GearTalk #GearPassion #GearWire #GotTone #Strat #BulletStrat #Fender #GregBennet #TcElectronic #ElectroHarmonix #BossEffects #CryBabyWah #Behringer #BethelMusic #UN1T3D #Gungor #PeaveyAmps #BethelWorship #Worship #WorshipGuitar #SaintPope #BobbyStrand #JeffreyKunde #NigleHendroff #Stugio #WeWillNotBeShaken
crybabywah - geartalk - gottone - bethelmusic - stugio - saintpope - strat - gungor - electroharmonix - howhelovesus - ambientnotes - behringer - gearwire - worship - jesusculture - gearpassion - bulletstrat - tcelectronic - fender - bethelworship - un1t3d - bobbystrand - bosseffects - wewillnotbeshaken - jeffreykunde - gregbennet - peaveyamps - niglehendroff - johnmarkmcmillan - worshipguitar -
gad_castill0 : Thanks for the feature man! : @gad_castill0 : No problem! Love your desire for worship!
gad_castill0 : Thanks.. Always on the search to improve my sound to provide a better worship experience. : That's the only one to go! Stay tuned for this weekend at gonna be an amazing gear and worship experience! Thanks for the support!@gad_castill0
maxdrozhzhin : nice!
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All around Hope is springing up from this old ground Out of chaos life is being found in You You make beautiful things You make beautiful things out of the dust You make beautiful things out of us ❤️ #gungor #beautifulthings @itskristinekaye @jasluntian #passioncards #pursuitmanila #pursuitcommunity
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ellebattung : :) #passioncards
maan_nueva : @ellebattung was about to put that but couldnt find the photo from the roll of gazillion shots. Hahaha
ellebattung : @maan_nueva hahahaha I love this song! I first heard it from you!
maan_nueva : @ellebattung seriously? awww beautiful thiiiiings ❤️❤️❤️
ellebattung : @maan_nueva yeah! I think you were jamming backstage or something!
jasluntian : Aww... I miss this song! Indeed, He makes beautiful things :)
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Part of a short little time lapse video I made to show my love of sunsets. Filmed and edited on an iPhone 6 Plus. #sunset #darkness #timelapse #clouds #cloud #spring #gungor #light #iphone6plus
clouds - darkness - spring - timelapse - gungor - sunset - light - iphone6plus - cloud -
theglobeisdope : lovely sunset!
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I'll capture all moments. Even if in the future I drown in tears wanting everything from the past I just want to be sure that once everything was real... Once. #focused #jaipurlove #jaipurdires #gungor #instagramers #instameet #canon #canon_t5 #igersjaipur #wwim #thirdeye
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This is not the end This is not the end of this We will open our eyes wide, wider This is not our last This is not our last breath We will open our mouths wide, wider And you know you’ll be alright Oh and you know you’ll be alright This is not the end This is not the end of us We will shine like the stars bright, brighter #gungor #thismorningssunrise #perfectsongforthisday #sadthingshappenbut #thisisnottheend :) #afterlight #believe
afterlight - perfectsongforthisday - sadthingshappenbut - thismorningssunrise - thisisnottheend - believe - gungor -
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Austin life. #gungor shirt
gungor -
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If You Dont Know Who #GUNGOR Is... Gooo find out who they are!!! #DopeMusic #Truth #Gospel
dopemusic - gungor - gospel - truth -
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@gungormusic is 1 of my fav bands #gungor #cover #acousticcover #acoustic #manbun #babybun #whyareyousidewaysbro #sadbcnovsco
babybun - cover - sadbcnovsco - gungor - manbun - whyareyousidewaysbro - acousticcover - acoustic -
white_lightning16 : Dude I love Gungor
calebwyrick97 : Sammy Wammy can sing
wingdynasty87 : 👍👍🙌
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Pretty excited I was able to find a copy of this record. @gungormusic @the_moments_we_cherish #gungor#ghostsupontheearth#vinyl
ghostsupontheearth - gungor - vinyl -
the_moments_we_cherish : No way!!!! That's awesome! @mauriciogx
mauriciogx : @the_moments_we_cherish you can still find a copy on discogs for $32 if you haggle with the guy he will include free shipping lol.
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This song never gets old.. #HowHeLovesUs #JesusCulture #JohnMarkMcMillan #AmbientNotes #GearTalk #GearPassion #GearWire #GotTone #Strat #BulletStrat #Fender #GregBennet #TcElectronic #ElectroHarmonix #BossEffects #CryBabyWah #Behringer #BethelMusic #UN1T3D #Gungor #PeaveyAmps #BethelWorship #Worship #WorshipGuitar #SaintPope #BobbyStrand #JeffreyKunde #NigleHendroff #Stugio #WeWillNotBeShaken
crybabywah - geartalk - gottone - bethelmusic - stugio - saintpope - strat - gungor - electroharmonix - howhelovesus - ambientnotes - behringer - gearwire - worship - jesusculture - gearpassion - bulletstrat - tcelectronic - fender - bethelworship - un1t3d - bobbystrand - bosseffects - wewillnotbeshaken - jeffreykunde - gregbennet - peaveyamps - niglehendroff - johnmarkmcmillan - worshipguitar -
toxicmonkey91 : That tone is almost spot on to Jesus Culture's version of "How He Loves". Sounds good
gad_castill0 : Thanks man! @toxicmonkey91
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