The best tea ever♡♡♡ yerba@guayaki #yerba#healthygirl #guayaki#guiltypleasure #teatime
teatime - guayaki - yerba - healthygirl - guiltypleasure -
emmarose_momma - _renr_ - meetxjeonii - conies_18 -
Laziest lunch of all time. Rice a yakasoba bowl and broccoli. And of course #Guayaki #yerbamate #revelberry
yerbamate - guayaki - revelberry -
breanne_andrade : My husband is obsessed with guayaki ☝️🙌
breanne_andrade - summwon_seay22 - snottypippin - freethelili -
My international breakfast this morning. Swedish chocolate and South American Holly Tea. #breakfast #international #toblerone #guayaki #breakfastofchampions
international - breakfast - breakfastofchampions - guayaki - toblerone -
patrickdrakechef - chloeadel20 - softballchic00 - jomerguest -
Guayaki Yerba Mate P.C Joshua Cantu #guayaki #cometolife #amigosdeguayaki #yerbamate
yerbamate - cometolife - guayaki - amigosdeguayaki -
guayaki : @mckennafaithhhh Lovely!
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Breakfast n lunch. 🙈🙊🍌🍎 #fruit #peanutbutter #banana #healthy #breakfast #lunch #yerbamate #guayaki
lunch - healthy - peanutbutter - fruit - yerbamate - breakfast - guayaki - banana -
joshyyw0shyy : Yumm
guayaki : @adii707 And a little Halloween tablecloth to boot!
thefreshvinceofbelair - vinas_lupe - 707_rosetown_49er - guayaki -
Clutching some #Guayaki in my claw hand for some much needed caffeine and some "Enlighten Mint" for this test. #Punsforgoodgrades
punsforgoodgrades - guayaki -
bree_kov : Oh my gosh where did you get that! I drink that in tea form
breelately : Any grocery store that has a decent selection of organic goods will have it. I drink it in tea form too, wherever you get the tea from should have the Energy Drinks I imagine. (: @breannakov
_sydneyawild - syddunn10 - courtneywild15 - amylynneth -
So delicious!! #guayaki #yerbamate #enlightenment #tea #usda #organic #love #sunshineinacan
love - usda - organic - tea - sunshineinacan - yerbamate - enlightenment - guayaki -
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During my vacation last week I started drinking coffee again out of convenience. So this morning I'm back to the yerba mate. And an Apple a day keeps the doctor away!! Granny Smith's are not my favorite but I'll eat them if they are from Apple hill. #appleaday #yerbamate #guayaki #vacationdetox #breakfastofchamps
vacationdetox - yerbamate - appleaday - breakfastofchamps - guayaki -
guayaki : @findingaskinnierme Welcome back to the goodness of yerba mate. 👍
tminus75 - guayaki -
How i stay awake in my #Botany class #Movies #Guayaki #YerbaMate #LifeOfPie #SF #Affluence #Opulence #Prodigality #JaiSwift #AMG
botany - jaiswift - lifeofpi - affluence - lifeofpie - amg - movies - opulence - yerbamate - prodigality - guayaki - sf -
jaiswift : #LifeOfPi
guayaki : @jaiswift Glad we can be there to support you!
jaiswift : @guayaki 🙏
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Full shelf with organic Guayaki high energy infusion at 7/11 Thorvald Meyersgate 42. #guayaki #økologisk #711
økologisk - guayaki - 711 -
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Huuuump day lets go! #benjonson's #guayaki #yerbamate #vape #houstonvape #snicklefritz
snicklefritz - yerbamate - vape - houstonvape - guayaki - benjonson -
savageboxmods - eintkalilfg - pdxmods503 - wcclouds -
Powering up for late night rehearsal. #yerbamate #mate #chimarrão #guayaki #latenightrehearsal
yerbamate - mate - guayaki - latenightrehearsal - chimarrão -
insta_flooow : Look at my bio! :)
fingazfunk : Get it in!
guayaki : @drfuzzy23 Excellent way to Come to Life and get the creativity flowing!
drfuzzy23 : @guayaki I'm powering up the whole crew nightly as we are doing 9 hour rehearsals til 4am, and turning on lots of people to the magic of Guayaki and mate
gisellasamba - sidm_boa - cjmorgen - didaska02 -
My secret weapon! #TeamGuayaki #Guayaki #organic #organicenergy #love #Berkeley #Moffitt #librarydays #life #yl #baylife #bayliving #stayawake
teamguayaki - life - organic - yl - guayaki - moffitt - berkeley - love - bayliving - stayawake - baylife - organicenergy - librarydays -
guayaki : @apmlove Excellent! Yerba mate is amazing, no? How does it make you feel?
apmlove : Yes! I love it! And it keeps me awake without the shakes @guayaki
geeksultan_ : Who are you?
liferacer13 - dareallonewulf - dame_dash_4 - zaffique -
Fuck yah I drink them Yerba mates !! Bout 6 a dAy lmao .. #yerba #mate #guayaki #energize #stayup #workflow #notfallingasleep earlyiertoday #wholefoodsmarket #paid
energize - stayup - workflow - paid - mate - notfallingasleep - wholefoodsmarket - yerba - guayaki -
leafdale.702 : @guayaki
_elijahg45 : The late night grind must be real!
guayaki : @leafdale.702 Glad you enjoy! May the Yerba bring you the energy and focus you seek.
yourwayorganics : Love it!
theman2u - __hhaleyy - workwithruben - piercehollander -
Last day of tracking with Lucky Keith @lavenderhouserecords @angelparty777 4 song demo coming out soon!!!#logic#Guayaki#recording
recording - guayaki - logic -
guayaki : @lavenderhouserecords Sweet! Is that a Guayaki can we spot?
lavenderhouserecords : @guayaki hell ya! Love that drink! That's for existing.
guayaki : @lavenderhouserecords 👍
cassifiedd - trash_face - quambomb - alteredbymom -
I'm liking the signage on one of my favorite drinks! 👍 Preach it #guayaki! #labelgmos #healthy #tiuteam
healthy - tiuteam - guayaki - labelgmos -
nik_tiu2 : Cute nails!
guayaki : @karachooseshappy Preach! And drink deep & enjoy the yerba!
jessicafaye_tiu - amina_tiu - jmoorefit - rozalynelaine -
#guayaki #yerbamate #revelberry #organicenergy
yerbamate - guayaki - organicenergy - revelberry -
dheer_raina - sturgistyler - delowarhossain90 - xbomb0__o -
At this point my blood is probably 30% #guayaki
guayaki -
guayaki : @_deannakelly 👍
guayaki - badluckbailz - springintofall - _isaiasbarreto -
Good Tuesday everyone . It's my day off and had to start the day off right . I think I might end up in the city tonite . #cafedescrossants #guayaki #sanwich #croissantsanwich ##foodporn #proteinbeforegym #organic
cafedescrossants - organic - sanwich - foodporn - proteinbeforegym - croissantsanwich - guayaki -
noeuth : I was just there
ev20srey : 😋
zeak.larevolucion : I know @noeuth I saw ur post lol u made me crave it that's why I came
noeuth : @zeak.larevolucion lol this place is the bomb!
happeemonkee : great photo!
guayaki : @zeak.larevolucion What a cool spot. Did you play chess?
zeak.larevolucion : I didn't actually they have a lil golf area too @guayaki I know it's the @noeuth thanks @happeemonkee
lesliie_i - kalown26 - bigdaddy_707 - ev20srey -
Gotta love free samples, going to try this out today before my run. #guayaki
guayaki -
dgalvan86 : I might have to give it a shot then. No pun intended.
elizabetheleanor : @dgalvan86 I just ran the fastest 4mi in my life... Could've ran more...Shit works lol.
dgalvan86 : Awesome opossum! I'm a stim junkie so I'll try it out this weekend then. Where did you get it from?
elizabetheleanor : @dgalvan86 my corner store. it's easy to find in Austin, little harder in Houston. whole foods, central market for sure
dgalvan86 : Ah one of the perks of living in a blue city. Healthier food options. Okay thanks for the info!
elizabetheleanor : @dgalvan86 I know, why is that?
dgalvan86 : Left leaning people tend to take better care of themselves. Currently have to get river oaks area to access to healthier options.
guayaki : @elizabetheleanor Thanks for all the kind words. If you need help finding Guayaki near you, we have a store locator on 👍
drewbfresco - themarissaj - jeanpaultiblier - rynestien -
After a long night.. that #Guayaki #YerbaMate will get you right! #Organic #Energy 😉👌 Top of it!
yerbamate - energy - organic - guayaki -
theauthentic1_ : @addyizambitious lol u cant even see it.. don't judge a drink by its can 😉
addyizambitious : Can't help it lol and the name doesn't do much either 😁😁😁
theauthentic1_ : @addyizambitious lol to each its own sweety.. I dont drink it for the presentation or the name
addyizambitious : Alright next time ima do a double ima try and if it gets all weird I'm coming for u lol
addyizambitious : I do*
theauthentic1_ : @addyizambitious lol huh?
addyizambitious : That sounded weird I kno lol smh
guayaki : @theauthentic1_ Word.
bepretty_not_petty - jessecaexo - da_boss_man80 - irie_taylord -
Speedlab Wheels team rider Casey Meyer @casey_meyer Blunt to fakie at the Davenport ditch, photo by fellow team rider Greg Harbour @gregharbour #speedlabteam #speedlabwheels #ridespeedlab #assaultskateboards #gullwingarmy #knowgood_hardware #anvlbrand #guayaki #airspeedfootwear #skateworks #metrogrammed #skategram #stackinclips #hellaclips
speedlabteam - gullwingarmy - ridespeedlab - guayaki - assaultskateboards - speedlabwheels - hellaclips - metrogrammed - anvlbrand - stackinclips - airspeedfootwear - skategram - skateworks - knowgood_hardware -
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After the night I had 😜😩this is giving me life at work 💃#energydrink #oraganic #guayaki
energydrink - oraganic - guayaki -
guayaki : @cuffcity85 Come to Life!
guayaki - trootaurus - erins_modern_life -
They got Yerba Mate at Safeway now!!! @mr_mar415 #yerbamate #guayaki #organic #energy
yerbamate - energy - guayaki - organic -
cassbraz : Yes!! This is great!
guayaki : @alphavenzon Heck yah! Enjoy.
emjay328 - g_run_clegg - bytmate - crystal_april -
...and on Mondays we mate. Yerba Mate! My favorite low carb, low calorie, high natural energy tea. @guayaki is a rad company whose goals to improve the environment are as worthy as their tea is tasty. Gluten-Free and Kosher. Check them out! #mate #yerbamate #guayaki #tea #caffeine #savetherainforest #glutenfree #kosher #love #drinkitup #elevate #revelberry #manicmonday #matemonday #healthy #lowcarb #lowcalorie #yummy
savetherainforest - love - tea - manicmonday - elevate - yerbamate - lowcarb - guayaki - yummy - glutenfree - healthy - caffeine - revelberry - kosher - lowcalorie - mate - matemonday - drinkitup -
guayaki : @flow_and_glow Thanks for the love! Happy to hear you're feeling the Yerba mate vibes!
flow_and_glow : @guayaki Thank you for the goodness you give! 💜
lizzzwhite : The best!
jhonattan_villalobos - passingpeople - clarasablitzky - frankiedeane -
The addiction is real. :( #guayaki #yerbamate #gonnagobroke #wonderiftheysponsor #dgthedarkness #Austin #ATX
dgthedarkness - gonnagobroke - austin - yerbamate - wonderiftheysponsor - guayaki - atx -
guayaki : @dgthedarkness Yerba mate does something special doesn't it? 👍
dgthedarkness : @guayaki it's amazing! Do you guys sponsor athletes? I'm a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and head instructor at a gym here in Austin, TX. I do women's self defense classes and would love to get involved with you guys!
guayaki : @dgthedarkness Check out ✌️
dgthedarkness : @guayaki I'm on it! Thank you for making this awesome product that I can't stop drinking! (I'm gonna go broke! Haha) :)
packers976 : Love that stuff!!
lcgc8786 - creedy12 - shezajones - ramrod361 -
Yes. #guayaki #yerbamatte #labelgmos
yerbamatte - guayaki - labelgmos -
guayaki : Glad you like @heathereinhardt We feel strongly about labeling GMOs!
guayaki - mohfanz - followkare - notkeyshiacole -
I don't drink coffee but I drink Yerba Mate!! Loving my morning cup from the deep amazon rainforest. It's a natural energy booster, antioxidant and supports mental clarity and focus. Wakes me right up. #guayaki #yerbamate #naturalgoodness #energybooster #teatime #happiness #wakeup #organic #organictea #mate
energybooster - organic - naturalgoodness - mate - yerbamate - wakeup - teatime - guayaki - organictea - happiness -
guayaki : @naseemmurakami 👏👏 Come to Life!
guayaki - jb_rc - energyfruits - beezeeecokid -
My new best friend with 150mg of caffeine 😍 #guayaki #yerbamate
yerbamate - guayaki -
dudedecahedron : Those are my favorite energy drinks!
guayaki : @eunoxyeon Well hello and thank you bestie! Have you tried other flavors?
guayaki - yuna_aung - xjuliemin - johantheback -
I was trying to avoid purchasing caffeinated beverages before class for as long as I could. Week five with midterms approaching seems like an acceptable time to pick the habit back up. Still not drinking redbull, though. #pdx #psu #vikings #guayaki #vscocam
psu - vscocam - guayaki - vikings - pdx -
guayaki : @gypseyginger Good choice! Yerba mate will give you the balanced energy to rock those midterms.
gypseyginger : @guayaki I love it! Thanks :)
guayaki : @gypseyginger 👍
xladyairbornex - itskenzyyy - s_n_harvey - k_corn_eh -
I had the pleasure of capturing @makeupbytierra via @kuttkrewwfilms recently as she stood amongst tons of women that are seeking to make a change in their lives. Make sure you follow her and enjoy this short recap of her sharing her favorite things and healthy habits @ #ReturnToEden here in Atlanta,GA. Full recap will be featured in her site! Special thanks to the amazing @dawnmgreene for connecting me with yet another amazing woman that is an inspiration to us all. Bless you both! #TierraGoesGreen #KuttKrewwFilms #Health #Guayaki #DoWork #Atlanta #Instamercials #IGPromos #IGRecaps
igrecaps - instamercials - tierragoesgreen - dowork - returntoeden - igpromos - health - atlanta - guayaki - kuttkrewwfilms -
alucas1505 : Good work man. I always enjoy the promos you put up. Keep it up.
djacestar : 💚💚💚💚💚
twaneebaby : @alucas1505 Man thanks bro! I really appreciate it!
jess_speaks_life - fufittedme - alucas1505 - dawnmgreene -
My morning mate latte! Landon started making this drink yesterday and it is divine. I will post the ingedients soon!! #yerbamate #matelatte #homemadelatte
yerbamate - matelatte - guayaki - homemadelatte -
therestingnomad : #guayaki
guayaki : @therestingnomad Looks amazingly delicious!
emily123182 - nomadiando - wildivycreations - dre121309 -
#phoenix #guayaki #yerba #tea #new #friends #CGTV #phoenixGotTalent
phoenix - cgtv - tea - phoenixgottalent - guayaki - new - yerba - friends -
13_maja - nicoleliboiron - jahodlmg - tati_41319 -
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