Yerba Mate obsession, born. Culprit, @hazypaisley. Another reason to check her out. I love her artwork and she just so happens to be a fellow witch and tea lover.
goddess - yari - saverainforest - ilovetea - magical - mate - hazypaisley - tea - yerbamate - guayaki -
eccaetchings : #yerbamate #tea #hazypaisley #ilovetea #goddess #yari #magical #saverainforest #mate #guayaki
rainbowshockti - choochootroy - rfavelaphotography - teatuliateas -
#guayaki #yerbamate #fairtrade #organic #nongmo #energy #life #5lb #traditional @guayaki
life - organic - fairtrade - nongmo - traditional - 5lb - yerbamate - guayaki - energy -
recoverrebellion : @guayaki Thanks for the Mate! Im not an ambassador yet but I'll get there sure enough!
guayaki - fearlessvegetablekiller - garbojones - nanni_a -
when you have a cold AND it's shark week, chocolate mate lattes in the tub are absolutely necessaryβ˜•οΈ #guayaki #yerbamate #chocolatemate #matelatte #healing #warmth #bath #tea #fucksharkweek
yerbayes - matelatte - chocolatemate - tea - vegan - bath - fucksharkweek - healing - coconutsugar - yerbamate - almondmilk - guayaki - warmth -
evradayartist : #coconutsugar #almondmilk #vegan
artandsoul322 : This looks amazing and I'm so jealous!
guayaki : @evradayartist We couldn't agree more! Have you tried our terere (cold mate in a can or bottle) too? And we dig the picture, big time. If you'd be ok with us sharing on our social, please respond with #YerbaYes ; )
evradayartist : #yerbayes!!
evradayartist : @guayaki you guys are the best
guayaki : @evradayartist πŸ™
b_loved_earth : Haha ^
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Getting shit done with that #Guayaki #yerba mate #gourds
yerba - guayaki - gourds - apple -
schutaboots : #apple
rsas162 - cheese_krackers - warriorflyemb - lboggs7 -
What gets me through my day of work! Staying hydrated and some #GardenOfLife Perfect Food Energizer! Live everyday with water and some Raw Organic Green Super Food🌿 #DrinkRight #LiveHealthy #Vegan #Veganism #VeganDiet #VeganLifeStyle #Organic #NonGMOProject #Guayaki #DairyFree #SoyFree #PerfectFoodRaw
soyfree - veganism - perfectfoodraw - livehealthy - veganlifestyle - nongmoproject - drinkright - vegan - vegandiet - organic - gardenoflife - guayaki - dairyfree -
belovedblends : πŸ‘Œ @thatspaleo
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#dinner #shopping #marianos #guayaki #yerbamate #now
coffee - taste - shopping - delicious - wholefood - nojoke - diet - one - raw - marianos - yerbamate - now - guayaki - weird - expensive - awsome - instant - weightloss - bag - dinner - leaf - firsttime - 7 - skinny -
kindle_possible : Thanks! I'm so going to try this.
chaisnob : @kindle_possible #wholefood or #marianos i like the #one with cans as well but i have feeling the #bag works better u can buy regular one in bigger pack different companies but i like this #taste
chaisnob : @kindle_possible check other post which one if u want u can see different brands i test let me know
kindle_possible : Definitely :D
chaisnob : I like #yerbamate @kindle_possible coz u not hungry even half day so its awaome
chaisnob : #awsome
chaisnob : @kindle_possible yea this one has 20 bags i acctuly expensive but if u 100% interested in weightloss u might like to try the argentinian brands no bag i had one after breakfast and havent eat anything till now loll @kindle_possible
chaisnob : #raw
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60 hours the next 3 weeks in a row requires #guayaki for my 45 minute commute home so I won't fall asleep
guayaki -
stewlo : @beermeesh you can always call me :)
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Looooving this Yerba mate drink, when coffee just doesn't do the trick. ⚑️ #yerbamate #pickmeup #guayaki
yerbamate - pickmeup - guayaki -
guayaki : Come to Life with Guayaki! And did you know that with every purchase, you help us on our mission to steward and restore the South American Atlantic rainforest? Good for you and the planet!
guayaki : @itsnessasaurus Oops! Forgot to tag you in our response. : )
itsnessasaurus : @guayaki thank you ! Your company is doing a great thing for our planet. I drink at least one every day, my favorite is classic gold. :)
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Owning the pool today is @bearsarefriends who has figured out how to keep his energy up and reward himself after every lap with #Guayaki #YerbaMate. Well played Harry! #swimming #freestyle #teamusa #ComeToLife #Winning
teamusa - swimming - freestyle - yerbamate - cometolife - guayaki - winning -
dawnmgreene : AWESOME
ablovin : bAM
pbwco - kayiitaaa - joshuagenito - sgtmadcatz -
Speedlab Wheels team rider Casey Meyer @casey_meyer FS flips the gap, photo by fellow team rider Greg Harbour @gregharbour #speedlabteam #speedlabwheels #ridespeedlab #assaultskateboards #gullwingarmy #guayaki #knowgood_hardware #anvlbrand #skateworks #skidmarkskatemag #confuzine #stackinclips #skategram
skidmarkskatemag - speedlabteam - gullwingarmy - ridespeedlab - assaultskateboards - speedlabwheels - skategram - anvlbrand - stackinclips - confuzine - guayaki - knowgood_hardware - skateworks -
cameron_escovedo : good photo
canyonskates - brittney.kizewski - worstsort - mama_grace16 -
I don't understand why my coworkers think I'm a shady character. #yerbamate #guayaki #guampa #gauchodoctor
yerbamate - gauchodoctor - guayaki - guampa -
guayaki - teamelodies - beckyibahedrick - wendywinona -
Best way to get energy in the morning haha #Guayaki #YerbaMate
yerbamate - guayaki -
guayaki : @hwhit513 We agree! Come to Life!
guayaki - haralambosbev - morgankilbeyk - brandoneiges -
Working under the Milky Way last week in Joes Valley. Shooting our next series about Joe's so I'm pretty stoked. #climbing #joesvalley #milkyway #bestoffice #epictv #bouldering #productionlife #guayaki
bouldering - epictv - joesvalley - bestoffice - milkyway - climbing - guayaki - productionlife -
c_healy : Cannot wait to see it!
jdeleonr16 : Excellent photo!!! Congrats @threepeakfilms
threepeakfilms : Photo cred: @derricklytle da man from japan
threepeakfilms : Thanks @jdeleonr16 @cockfarmerfrank @thedudeabides95. @derricklytle took this bad boy
bekaburton : Are you sitting in a @travelchair ?
derricklytle : Campfire office is the best office.
threepeakfilms : @bekaburton I wish it were a @travelchair. If I could get my hands on one
maysuncallher : This needs to be our office @matthlambert
originationfilms - sherpathedog - igadventuresports - georgebrucewilson -
Speedlab Wheels team rider Casey Meyer @casey_meyer BS Heelflips the gap, photo by fellow team rider Greg Harbour @gregharbour #speedlabteam #speedlabwheels #ridespeedlab #assaultskateboards #gullwingarmy #guayaki #anvlbrand #knowgood_hardware #skateworks #skidmarkskatemag #confuzine #skategram #stackinclips
skidmarkskatemag - speedlabteam - gullwingarmy - ridespeedlab - assaultskateboards - speedlabwheels - skategram - anvlbrand - stackinclips - confuzine - guayaki - knowgood_hardware - skateworks -
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My addictionπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜ #Guayaki #YerbaMate
yerbamate - guayaki -
guayaki : @parkerbrigette It's glowing! Is that your favorite flavor?
cameron_escovedo : 🎢
parkerbrigette : @guayaki Yes it is my favorite!😍
scumlord_ - tjm707 - michaelb707 - btankg -
Does anyone else at pre workout to their Guayaki? No! Guess that's a good thing because the hype just got more real! Couldn't be on a better day! #CHEST day! Time to throw some iron around. #chestday #gymlife #gym #preworkout #guayaki #yerbamate #bulking #gainz #trainhard
trainhard - preworkout - gymlife - gym - gainz - chest - bulking - chestday - yerbamate - guayaki -
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So from around town? ;) WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?! πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ’– #guayaki #yerbamate #delicious
yerbamate - guayaki - delicious -
sdgerry : Every time you open one you have to yell "GUAYAKIIIIIIIIII!" in I high pitched voice.
daisykittenn : Lol I'm pretty sure everyone in the store would think I'm weird if i did that xD @sdgerry
guayaki : @daisykittenn Revel in that berry yerba mate goodness! Have you tried other flavors?
daisykittenn : No, i haven't lol i saw it, was curious, and now i don't regret buying it lol :) @guayaki
guayaki : @daisykittenn Well we're glad you tried it and liked it! It gets better--with every purchase you help us on our mission to steward and restore the South American Atlantic rainforest. So thank you!
daisykittenn : Really? thats awesome! No problem :) I'll be purchasing πŸ‘ @guayaki
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... I have an addiction.#yerbamate #kombucha #theBu #naturalcrack #yayenergy #guayaki #mmmmm
naturalcrack - mmmmm - yerbamate - kombucha - thebu - guayaki - yayenergy -
svstn_ : woah @VinesBeLike
guayaki : @magnetic_hannahxo Ice cold refreshment! Have you tried other flavors of Guayaki?
magnetic_hannahxo : @guayaki yes I'm conpleltey addicted. You guys are my favorite stop at Expo :)
guayaki - imitate_art - thepaleomarket - danniieellee__ -
My daily in Kauai 🌴 #guayaki #yerbamate #revelberry #family #kauai
yerbayes - family - kauai - yerbamate - guayaki - revelberry -
sincerelykathryn : πŸ˜‚ where did you find them?!
that1artist : @sincerelykathryn at "food land" ;)
k_grace_ramos : Looks like an ad!
guayaki : @that1artist Looks perfect in paradise! We agree with @k_grace_ramos looks like an ad! Can we share on our social? If yes, just respond with #YerbaYes : ) Aloha.
meowrisaaaa : Ahh look so nice :-)
that1artist : @guayaki #YerbaYes
dharmastuart : Ahhhh, I see your name now....that1artist. That explains your creative eye. nice shot. #modeldharma
guayaki : @that1artist πŸ™
guayaki - meg_cameron44 - lusetti - meowrisaaaa -
#guayaki #gelsonsmarket #healthy #greatdeal
healthy - greatdeal - gelsonsmarket - guayaki -
guayaki - maissenite - naturally_nora - cameron_escovedo -
Yerba gettin me through midterms, as usual 🍡 #yerbamate #guayaki #organic πŸ‘Œ
yerbamate - guayaki - organic -
mollybaileyy : Jesus Mariah
mariahhark : Christ @mollybaileyy
noblesski : Do you even matte?? Yerbetcha
arianeamanda : HA^^
guayaki : @mariahhark πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Yah Mariah! Representing!
guayaki - javigalindez11 - codybeckerhere - dperky -
#vscocam new favorite drink #engrydrink
vscocam - guayaki - engrydrink -
ghostmarine1 : #guayaki
_style77 - thachnguyenn - rhysscully_ - ninabreeza_dbsj -
Good morning πŸ’›βœ¨πŸ’š #guayaki #yerbamate
yerbamate - guayaki -
cameron_escovedo : Dope
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I've been going to Joes Valley for almost 9 years. The development in that time has been amazing and continues to grow. I love seeing and meeting people from all over the world the times that I've been there. Here is Ivo working a project in the heat. Word on the street is that A new guide book is in the works. Get excited. #joesvalley #climbing #bouldering #threepeakfilms #epictv #guayaki #thesolarlife #getoutstayout
bouldering - getoutstayout - epictv - joesvalley - threepeakfilms - thesolarlife - climbing - guayaki -
alex_manikowski : This is barely legal v11, griffin put it up maybe 1-2 yrs ago
derricklytlebts : Sick shot
threepeakfilms : Ha ha thanks @derricklytlebts
mtobsession : Awesome shot. We really dig your profile. Would like to feature you on the home of the Global Mountain Tribe, Email us at if interested! Cheers and stay wild!
threepeakfilms : Yeah I'll shoot you guys an email @mtobsession
jennuhmcv : Omg 😍😍
stevenjefferyclimbs : Old line
threepeakfilms : Apparently this came out the wrong way. I meant it was Ivo's personal project. Not an undone project.
rachelsarahelisabeth - sherpathedog - igadventuresports - jiin_soon -
Speedlab Wheels team rider Casey Meyer @casey_meyer BS flips the gap, photo by fellow team rider Greg Harbour @gregharbour #speedlabteam #speedlabwheels #ridespeedlab #assaultskateboards #gullwingarmy #guayaki #anvlbrand #knowgood_hardware #skateworks #skidmarkskatemag
skidmarkskatemag - speedlabteam - gullwingarmy - ridespeedlab - assaultskateboards - speedlabwheels - anvlbrand - guayaki - knowgood_hardware - skateworks -
speedlabwheels - hxbxaxnob - mattrewski - alexkuep -
Speedlab Wheels team rider Casey Meyer @casey_meyer BS flips the gap, photo by fellow team rider Greg Harbour @gregharbour #speedlabteam #speedlabwheels #ridespeedlab #assaultskateboards #gullwingarmy #guayaki #anvlbrand #knowgood_hardware #skateworks #skidmarkskatemag #confuzine #stackinclips #skategram
skidmarkskatemag - speedlabteam - gullwingarmy - ridespeedlab - assaultskateboards - speedlabwheels - skategram - anvlbrand - stackinclips - confuzine - guayaki - knowgood_hardware - skateworks -
jloyd18777 : @sickb_ @babes_kid
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Healthiest snack in way too long. #WholeFoods #fruit #healthconscious #cheese #Guayaki #Sebastopol
cheese - fruit - sebastopol - wholefoods - guayaki - healthconscious -
reanna_luyster : So nice!
4tolers : Love yerbamate!!
guayaki : @troyboy_jr Good for you! Have you eaten at the Guayaki Cafe? Just around the corner at @thebarlow707. Mondays they serve up free mate!
troyboy_jr : @guayaki I haven't! But you can count on me to be there next Monday!
ellawang85 - lissachristiansen - missfioriii - _justjas___ -
What do ya know.. Of course I'm back in #Fremont to see the wife after a silly night // partial day with @thisisdwight in zeeee city! 😁 #shesaysicanhaveboth #bestofbothworlds #lawlz #wifelifeneverdies #selfie #lagunitasipa #rosieriott #altmodel #tattooedwomen #altgirl #inkedandfit #dollswithdye #inkedgirls #tattoos #girlswithtattoos #yerbamate #favorite #guayaki
tattoos - rosieriott - inkedandfit - selfie - fremont - shesaysicanhaveboth - altmodel - lawlz - bestofbothworlds - yerbamate - guayaki - dollswithdye - inkedgirls - favorite - lagunitasipa - tattooedwomen - altgirl - girlswithtattoos - wifelifeneverdies -
3ev_la : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @brainandmouth @rosie_riott πŸŽˆπŸ•
mf_werke - xvxh - 411theyknowmyname - rosiebellexoxo -
Shout out to @guayaki. Trying to cut out synthetic caffeine. This tea is great! #Guayaki #YerbaMate #Detox #Organic #Caffeine
yerbamate - detox - organic - caffeine - guayaki -
guayaki : @geekliftus Coming to Life! Glad you like it! And with each purchase you're helping us steward and restore the South American Atlantic rainforest.
geekliftus : @guayaki It's also great that you guys are close to my hometown. Definitely need to go visit you guys in Sebastopol.
guayaki : @geekliftus Heck yeah! The Cafe is open during the week. Come for lunch and a mate!
swaggyp_33_ - lauren_tom08 - maaritzaaaa - giorgiommg1 -
We have ourselves a @guayaki cypher going down at the Dojo! #SipSipPass
brazil - rapgame - cypher - ninjaturtle - freestyle - donatello - mate - rap - sipsippass - guayaki -
goldyeller : #brazil #mate #guayaki #freestyle #rap #ninjaturtle #donatello #cypher #rapgame
bryceheninger : Things are getting serious.
breakingbadfunfacts : Awesome!
goldyeller : @bryceheninger I even put in the gold teeth for this one. So yeah...I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious!!!!
goldyeller : @breakingbadfunfacts just wait till you see Curls all decked out in his out fit. It's the cutest thing in the world. I'll DM you a video of it.
bryceheninger : You can't go around lookin like Peter Pan.
breakingbadfunfacts : @bryceheninger lol!!!
breakingbadfunfacts : Omg that vid..,,
guayaki - chopnblog - lesliejeanjacobs - lovekrissy -
#yerba #yerbamate #weightloss #fit #work #office #guayaki
cb2 - office - fit - yerbamate - yerba - work - guayaki - weightloss -
chaisnob : #cb2
chaisnob - everything_tea - homeplanetarium - pripagnussat -
Good morning! #smoothiebowl, #guayakiyerbamate, #guayaki, #sodelicious, #tea, #breakfast, #kindgranola, #lifeisbetteronyourownterms
smoothiebowl - lifeisbetteronyourownterms - tea - sodelicious - guayakiyerbamate - breakfast - guayaki - kindgranola -
guayaki : @anorthwind Looks delicious!
please_dont_say_foodie - martinaturally - violalila - florencemtl22 -
Please give me the strength I need to finish this shift 😫 😴 #guayaki
guayaki - bitchyoubettawerk -
alexisivonne710 : #bitchyoubettawerk
escandalosaa : I'm going on my 11th hour 😴😴😴😴😴😴
alexisivonne710 : 16 hour shift? @escandalosaa
guayaki : @alexisivonne710 Did it help you Come to Life?
_ale06 - foreverbe__blunt - epadilla022 - aprilynne_grace -
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