This stuff is totally underrated. It makes you energetic as heck and it makes you feel full so you don't eat as much! 😍🍡#yerbamate #yerbayes #guayaki
yerbayes - yerbamate - guayaki -
carolinebilger : Duuuuude, I loooove that crap. My family mails it to us from Argentina😁
thehippiemovement : It's sooooo good!! πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ @carolinebilger
emiliothegee : Lmao
r.ndy - _duarturo - _jerrrbearrr_ - a.kaylamarie -
Happy Mate Monday!!! Iced Mate Chocolatte latte makes me happy! #Guayaki #MateMonday #ChocoLatte #AnotherDayAtTheOffice
matemonday - chocolatte - guayaki - anotherdayattheoffice -
isamashiii - lisa_annette85 - musicriotzine - lesliebalboaengle -
Rain or shine, warm yourself up with a FREE cup of @guayaki Yerba mate! It's Monday, get that energy boost for a great start to the week. Check out our events calendar for other free mate days! #todayatthecoop #community #islavista #ucsb #goodland #goleta #mate #matemonday #energy #guayaki #yumm
guayaki - energy - yumm - community - goleta - islavista - ucsb - todayatthecoop - mate - matemonday - goodland -
kelseyunicorns - lilbabybose - bunz0 - kayla_marie1016 -
Didn't have time to grab my gourd so I'm going this route.
organic - healthy - livelifetothefullest - yerbamate - hottea - tea - matemonday - cometolife - guayaki - happiness -
swilliams307 : #yerbamate #matemonday #guayaki #tea #healthy #cometolife #hottea #organic #happiness #livelifetothefullest
michellemarigold : the tea house is near where I live! love it!
josanborn3 : Mate from a tea bag? #blasphemy πŸ˜‰
swilliams307 : @josanborn3 yeah I'm not super impressed. But I don't have my gourd right now so it's my only option drink mate?!!
josanborn3 : @swilliams307, I drink mate when I climb with JB Haab. He brings it back from South America every year. It's kind of a requirement. 😊
swilliams307 : My brother lives in Argentina!! Haha I'm a maté addict. @josanborn3 I used to drink it 3-4 times a day 7 days a week. And I'm getting back to that point now
washington.edna2014 - ehamilton082 - bkhorr - eeperjesi -
Got it before it's out #Perks #Guayaki #OrangeExuberance #Blueforia #2NewFlavors #ComingSoon to @wfmwestlosangeles
comingsoon - orangeexuberance - blueforia - 2newflavors - guayaki - perks -
oohmartinez85 - hammerwiththegrammar - katharine013 - noellv11 -
Dog too busy reaching zen than to zip some mate. #matemonday #yerbamate #mate #tea #yerbayes #guayaki #dog #zendog #hiking #exploring #nature #naturelover #norway #puttekollen #begna
yerbayes - exploring - puttekollen - hiking - naturelover - nature - begna - tea - dog - mate - yerbamate - matemonday - guayaki - zendog - norway -
thehippiemovement - akhamre - kkristiaan - saatci3434 -
Stopped into Whole Foods today around lunch. Picked this up to try with my vegan cookie. I love it! βœŒοΈπŸ’«πŸ’– @guayaki #yerbamate #guayaki #mintterere #onthego #wholefoods
yerbamate - wholefoods - guayaki - onthego - mintterere -
hora_de_chimarrao - negrete2014 - hwauc - megmurph19 -
The essentials. #PB&J #YerbaMate #guayaki
pb - yerbamate - guayaki -
smackinn_on - sunshineeray - the_grateful_shred - hora_de_chimarrao -
Making Monday mornings bearable with Guayaki's Pure Empower Mint! πŸ’šπŸ΅πŸ’š #yerbamateobsessed #guayaki #yerbamate #mint #delicious #tealover @guayaki
delicious - yerbamate - tealover - mint - guayaki - yerbamateobsessed -
mariebruserud - stephaniepescetti - siouxsieroxx - r0bby03 -
#Repost @guayaki
Free Mate Monday! When: The first monday of every month (today!) Where: At any of 230 participating locations across America! You can find the locations via a link on today's post at #MateMonday #Guayaki #YerbaMate
matemonday - guayaki - yerbamate - repost -
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I dyed these eggs while hard boiling them with a splash or two of #guayaki #biodynamic #yerbamate & a pinch of dried #organic #turmeric
yerbamate - biodynamic - guayaki - organic - turmeric -
sarahenglerxo - bagelsmith_nyc - guilas03 - hora_de_chimarrao -
Free Mate Monday! When: The first monday of every month (today!) Where: At any of 230 participating locations across America! You can find the locations via a link on today's post at #MateMonday #Guayaki #YerbaMate
matemonday - guayaki - yerbamate -
zirby_ : @holmgren.exe oh hell yuh
blaner : Not at the La Jolla wholefoods, but bought a couple! Yew
s_saldana01 : Makes my Mondays easier to get back on the grind after a narly weekend. Thank you @guayaki
cpt.tristen : @d_boyy whereeeeee
continue_reading : @aaronbengo
alaaelo : @maiaaq no way Jose!!!!!
mauratheexploraa : @hannah_newk where's that store locator now? ;) lol WE NEED THIS
clubchel77 : @puckettt_ yessss
slim_alec - totalrafaelmove - allisonafong - emmaguerrero_ -
#yerbamate #mate #guayaki
yerbamate - mate - guayaki -
sweetlifeofmalins : Coolt!
annaerikaadele : Känns tryggt, nu hålls du vaken..πŸ‘
stefanbackas : Kanske yerba mate skulle vara ett fint tillskott i sortimentet för Malins Butik? πŸ˜‰ @sweetlifeofmalins
sweetlifeofmalins : Jag har faktiskt ett med citron. Det är grymt uppiggande. Men den där....muggen... du har den är ny för mig. Vad ääär det? ☺
stefanbackas : Nice! Traditionellt så dricker man mate på detta sätt i Sydamerika. Muggen (gjord av Calabash) kallas Gourd och sugröret Bombilla. Det är ju onekligen mera spännande att ta del av dessa ritualer än att dricka det som vanligt te. Kolla videon @sweetlifeofmalins
leahkesselhon : @shawn_zuerner you need this one
guayakinorway - hora_de_chimarrao - sweetlifeofmalins - urosenda -
When your workplace has decided to stop carrying guayaki yerba maté and you're on your second consecutive graveyard shift and YOU JUST NEED IT, OKAY!? 😭😭😭😭 @guayaki #guayaki
guayaki -
crazyqponlady : First world problems! The struggle is real πŸ˜‚
lucycoupons : @crazyqponlady yup.
onlyhere123 : I seriously LOL EVERY time I look at her face. Hahaha!!!!!!
mrsdbeasley : Lmbo!
mariaines928 - flacpnlvr - claudia0321 - teamogcre0309 -
Y'all ain't fuckin with Yerba mate. #Guayaki #savingSouthAmericanRainForests #dankasstea
guayaki - dankasstea - savingsouthamericanrainforests -
bbspicee - chason_critchley - ameirahope - _kaleealexandria -
Thanks for the hot tip @galadarling this tea is deeeeeeeeeelish. #yum #tea #fairtrade #organic #iherb #delicious #chocolate #chocolatetea #mytaste #lovetea #yerbamate #guayaki #natural #relax #indulge #tryit #comfort #certified #yerbayes #teaporn #goodtea #wellspring
relax - organic - tea - lovetea - chocolate - iherb - delicious - indulge - yerbamate - guayaki - wellspring - certified - yerbayes - tryit - natural - fairtrade - chocolatetea - comfort - goodtea - yum - mytaste - teaporn -
unknowableyou : @guayaki
guayaki : Yerba heck yes! πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’š
guayaki - m.sea - - missconsciousconsumer -
Gettin' caffeinated for a day of adventures #yerbamate #guayaki @guayaki
yerbamate - guayaki -
alanisalami : yes! passion is the best πŸ™Œ
guayaki - claudettediaz - elizabeth_dee9 - steviegluck -
Nice and muddy!! Going to drink some #guayaki and hit the road home!! #ZION #SLC #goodpeople #killerriding #fullday #keepitfreeride #alldayeveryday #exploremore #demonsaves #zioncycles @zioncycles @zealoptics @deepcreekcoffeeco @demondirt @totallyradclothing @pinkbike @guayaki @jamesp33 @sandmire @helblingmtb
goodpeople - zion - exploremore - fullday - alldayeveryday - demonsaves - killerriding - zioncycles - guayaki - keepitfreeride - slc -
guayaki - thedizzlemynizzle - darius_wathen - jamesp33 -
Home bound #guayaki#yerbamate#yerbayes#SF#Goldengate
yerbayes - yerbamate - guayaki - sf - goldengate -
illusions_of_reality : Bay πŸŒ‰with the bae πŸ˜‚
guayaki - vsmalls707 - trap_zely - cecii_ruiiz -
Sunday morning @guayaki #yerbamate, and on to a new book, "Growing Hybrid #Hazelnuts." #Badgersett Research Corp. in Minnesota is using some ecologically-awesome #artificialselection techniques including "hybrid swarm," in which #nature creates #resilient cultivars, while we the humans select the productive individuals of those bunches. They're looking to shift the way we obtain #calories from an industrial, input-heavy annual system to a woody #perennial #polyculture that sequesters #carbon instead of emitting it. Growing #vegetables in your backyard is great, but this team is on the forefront of combatting #climatechange. This is Monsanto's downfall, right here. We can yell at them and protest all we want, but a viable substitute for #GMO corn and soy is where it's at. Time to learn from the best. #guayaki #permaculture #permacultura #growfoodnotcorn #hazelsnotsoy #maxpermo #yerbayes
gmo - badgersett - hazelsnotsoy - growfoodnotcorn - maxpermo - yerbamate - carbon - guayaki - yerbayes - climatechange - perennial - hazelnuts - vegetables - permacultura - calories - permaculture - polyculture - resilient - nature - artificialselection -
guayaki : Ooooh that sounds very interesting!!
bearsarefriends : @guayaki the copyright date is 2015, but they've been at it for 30 years. I just applied for a masters in agroecology to steer my career path towards the whole human/calorie challenge post-athletics.
guayaki : @bearsarefriends excellent! I'm really looking forward to catching up with you soon!
sam_greenee : Make Nutella
bearsarefriends : @sam_greenee you know it broseidon.
614life : @bearsarefriends looking toward a similar future, what masters programs did you apply to?
bearsarefriends : @614life to UVM's MS in Plant and Soil Science and to their MBA program as well.
614life : @bearsarefriends ahh nice! Best of luck and many blessings in your noble pursuits!
hora_de_chimarrao - m_carlin5 - laypo - bprsnt -
My first time ever in a halfpipe, ended with 3. place today in Norwegianchampionship. πŸ† Just two points away from the 2. place! I am so proud πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ
aeemagicam - girlpower - fpinsoles - sikkshades - swag - neversummer - aee - brettsport - guayaki -
fpinsolesscandinavia : Gratulerer !!!
sikkshadesnorge : Gratulerer!! Helt konge!
oyvindomenas : Vel fortjent, dritbra!πŸ‘
ingemarie.b : Flott gjort, Gratulerer
sk8girl4ever : Du er bessstt ass MarieπŸ˜³βœ‹β˜ΊοΈ
thomasskjaerstad : Grattis :)
kombuchabryggeriet : πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š @mariebruserud
torwb : Grattis! Bra jobbet :-)
addelo - kamillarydje - jj_pernqvist - jannemel76 -
#Minimalism #YerbaYes @austin.dixon
minimalism - yerbayes - guayakilife - guayaki - yerbamate -
guayaki : #YerbaMate #Guayaki #GuayakiLife
olivia_livi7 : Bring ur canned yerba mates to chico, ca 😒
stevenkarr : Sweet pic!!
thebarlow707 - andovernorth - jojo_dancer_82 - quessbyrd -
Got the 3. place in Worldchampionship Snowskate yesterday! Tried this for the first time the day before the competition, so stokedπŸ†
aeemagicam - fpinsoles - sikkshades - swag - neversummer - aee - brettsport - guayaki -
mariebruserud : #aee#aeemagicam#guayaki#sikkshades#fpinsoles#brettsport#neversummer#swag @aeenorge @guayakinorway @sikkshadesnorge @fpinsolesscandinavia @brettsportno @scandono @swagbyporten @swagturtlez
johannakjoelz : πŸ‘
simenaasrud : Drit bra! Du rocket πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Œ
eivhol : Gratulerer! 😊
sikkshadesnorge : Amazing! Congrats @mariebruserud !! Another Sikk Shades Teamrider on the podium this weekend! πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
btrollsas : Grattis! :D
torsteinjr : Så deg😊
scandono : Gratulerer !!!
hermanmoee - hellemeland - drumerdude1999 - addelo -
Norwegian Championship Halfpipe 2015. @oslovinterfestival @scandono @fpinsoleseurope @aeenorge @guayaki @xitomobil #YerbaYes #CometoLife #GuayakiLife #yerbamate #guayaki
yerbayes - yerbamate - guayakilife - cometolife - guayaki - oslovinterfestival -
guayakinorway : #oslovinterfestival
runekaim - petter69rover - kristine.tofte - fedemanu_ -
It's a yoga and yerba mate kind of day @alexwil7 #guayaki
guayaki -
keelanksb - emilyjestina - _ronniewilson - _itsmejo_ -
#guayaki #yerbamate #organic #blissful #coco #spices #fair #health
organic - fair - health - coco - yerbamate - blissful - spices - guayaki -
koffeeking_eric - love_sparkles12 - bieskaa - darya_maryasova -
About that Yerba life.... Addicted and don't even care #guayaki #yerbamate #yerbalife #newseasons #iphonephoto
yerbamate - newseasons - guayaki - yerbalife - iphonephoto -
vampiremermaid : @jenny_chokbengboun_photo I miss this stuff! They don't have this in London... πŸ™€
jenny_chokbengboun_photo : @aarondoesnothing I just had that one. Pretty good stuff.
jenny_chokbengboun_photo : @vampiremermaid oh no, missing the sale at new seasons then. It's $1 right now!
missknockoutbeauty : $1?! What???? We need to go stock up right now!
jenny_chokbengboun_photo : @missknockoutbeauty I just bought 30 of them 😁 go stock up!!
missknockoutbeauty : πŸ˜‹ Which location? Or does it matter?
jenny_chokbengboun_photo : @missknockoutbeauty I went to the one near Costco off Jenkins rd. I think it's cedder hill mall one not sure, I'm not really familiar with that location and I don't know if the sale is at other locations
jscustomartdesigns916 : I used drink one every single day
guayaki - vsmalls707 - hora_de_chimarrao - jscustomartdesigns916 -
Takin my #guayaki to the #recycling #recycle .... My #weekly #intake #yerbayes #yerbamate #fuego #organic #fairtrade #glutenfree #nongmo #gmo #caffeine
yerbayes - intake - gmo - organic - fairtrade - glutenfree - nongmo - recycling - caffeine - fuego - recycle - yerbamate - guayaki - weekly -
jaycee707 : @guayaki so my buddy n I went to whole foods in petaluma and they didnt have the new flavors πŸ˜’
daisydarling : These drinks are awesome
tshirtstore : Great
guayaki : @jaycee707 if you ask they might know when they're getting them in :( good luck! Or you can order them from our webstore as well
mikeyr93 - inge.wilson.r - trashionfashionshow - originalaeropress -
Working from the California 'office' today... #cali #la #rosebowl #yerbamatte #guayaki #editing #YOUGOTSHOT
rosebowl - la - guayaki - editing - yerbamatte - cali - yougotshot -
katilyn_polk - villegan - campl - stayraerae -
#Guayaki #chiefvapers #cwcphotos #goproskate #goprolifestyle
goproskate - cwcphotos - guayaki - goprolifestyle - chiefvapers -
mb_boneless : Sick!!!
masphotomi - julianleongibson - dufarge - mb_boneless -
Må si meg veldig fornøyd med 4 plass i VM etter så tøff konkurranse! Gratulerer Rune, Terje og Marius @chocorompe #scandono #scando #ssk8 #ralston #aee #footprintinsoles @scandono @fpinsoleseurope @ralstonsnowskates @aeenorge
ssk8 - aee - scandono - footprintinsoles - ralston - yerbamate - guayaki - scando -
sk8girl4ever : Gratulerer!!πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
hawk_the_bird : Takk, til deg og! @sk8girl4ever #Guayaki #yerbamate
nakedseedsco : Nice!
buzzholbrook - helenenestea - frunennes - hanifeee4 -
Come by today and get the Rainy Day Special. A free hot Yerba Mate Latte with the purchase of any size Banzai Bowls. #banzaibowls #banzai_bowls #yerba #foodspecials #guayaki
foodspecials - yerba - banzai_bowls - guayaki - banzaibowls -
_steezyg : @kareeennb_ we went one day too early lol
elainaarras : @wyumad !!!
to.the.moon.and_back : @michellechristie : Bring Banzai to St. Louis!!!!
hayley_taylor - michaelroyak - ashleiseers - jordanhemstreet -
Ok, I'm gonna try it @itouchedagoat! Anyone else have any knowledge of this tea? #guayaki #yerbamatetea #yerbamate
yerbamate - guayaki - yerbamatetea -
itouchedagoat : I love this stuff. My herbal doctor turned me on to it!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ @andiventures365
andiventures365 : @itouchedagoat What is it supposed to do? It says "dietary supplement"? I don't know if I'm a huge fan of the taste😳
itouchedagoat : Not sure of the dietary supplement part. Hadn't noticed that on my bag. The taste is different at first but i really like it. I put a few drops of licorice root in it!! Yum! @andiventures365
angmota - movetomotivate - determinedathlete1 - mrsclarkiii -
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