Hayley (Maton EBG808) & Bella Donna (Clapton) by my side this Easter. All I need on feet is my phantom, Sick As OD... Irreplaceable. #VSCOcam #gearnerds #geartalk #gearpassion #gearwire #worshipgear #gtpj
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Children are totally going to have fun too this Easter! An egg-citing and egg-cellent program awaits them. Invite all the children you know and let them experience a meaningful Sunday. #gtpj #gtkidz
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felicial : @rachel_pyl
debwang - joycieeeeeeee - teikpeng21 - jasmine_0910 -
Join Trevor in his Journey to discover the hope and triumph of the Cross this Easter. Invite family and friends who need the assurance that behind every rain cloud, there is a silver lining. See you Friday! #goodfriday #easter #GTsilverlining #gtpj
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The palm branch that I waved on stage this weekend. Palm Sunday ushers in the start of the Passion Week. #grateful #blessed #passionweek Mark your calendars and make a date with us this Friday or Saturday for a special musical 'Silver Lining' #gtpj #SilverLining #GoodFriday
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Today is Palm Sunday, the day Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem and the crowds hailed him as King, blessing his name. But how quickly did they turn against him! Let this be a reminder to set our eyes and hearts upon the Lord and all that He has done for us. #thankyouJesus #sowingandreaping #gtpj
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Second last rehearsal till Easter! @gladtidingsmy #gtpj #easter
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leiayoong : πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
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Woohoo! We would like to welcome all our new members today! Did you know that as members of the church, you would enjoy certain perks? Find our more from your cell leaders! πŸ˜‰ #sowingandreaping #gtpj
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How does life continue when all hope is lost? Join Trevor in his struggle between fate and faith, in a poignant journey out of darkness into His marvellous light. #GoodFriday #gtpj #EasterSunday
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The place to be at 630am #prayer #prayertower #gtpj
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Great day last nite wi our Lord Jesus #hope #faith #love #agapelove #praiseandworship #gtpj
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jacquelyntikay : Sihat naaπŸ˜„
per_per89 : Dini dia2 pastor? ^_^
holidayforrick : @per_per89 bak PJ dtok haha aram lah join kami hehehe
holidayforrick : @jacquelyntikay ko jgn mcm2 jj hahahha minta kirim mee kolo lok hahaha
jacquelyntikay : Hahhaha kau bagi jak address klk kirim😝 Hahhhaha adoh ky kezutt ku nangga kau yang smakin sihat tok ahhha @holidayforrick
per_per89 : Jauh mai.. Hihi..
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We declare Breakthrough & Freedom for our Nation #PrayForMalaysia #GTPJ
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tehannjee : Shudve asked her to smile for the camera! 😜
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CHURCHWIDE PRAYER It's going to be a time of consecration anointing for all language churches as we pray for Malaysia and our church. Come as we also launch into a churchwide 10 day prayer and fasting leading to EASTER! Let's come together as ONE voice! #gtpj #prayer
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This weekend, we acknowledged the impact of cells in our lives. We are thankful for a family of faith who builds one another and the church. Ps. Vincent: "We must be a family. The Church is our large group, but the most powerful level of fellowship is in small groups" #gtpj #gtpjcell
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Today we rejoice with our brothers & sisters that were baptized for it is the beginning of a new journey with Christ! Truly, He makes all things new! #gtpj #gtpjbaptism
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We are Family #GTPJ #Cell #GTSermon
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darentiff : Life Together = #Koinonia They were devoted to Fellowship. - participation, togetherness, relationship
darentiff : Real fellowship develops as u "live life together" and that can happen in the cell
darentiff : We must be a family here is our large group, but the most powerful level if fellowship is in small groups #Cell
darentiff : GT : Get Together
darentiff : 3. Becoming Together
darentiff : 1 John 2:12-14 a) Children/Babies b) Teen / Young Men c) Adults / Fathers
darentiff : Grow in the Family He wants us Grow and Mature
darentiff : We are not perfect. But we are Family and we need each other!
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We are #Family #GTPJ
family - gtpj -
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Life Transformation! Woo Hoo! #GTPJ #Baptism
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tehannjee : @colinchen14 @sweetli_ding @maxleongy
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We are FAMILY!!! A CELL-abration at a place we call home! Cell emphasis Weekend at #gtpj #cell Quickly head to our website and find the cell nearest to you to be a part of the Family of GTPJ!
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We are family πŸ’›πŸŽˆ missing a couple more of them. #KDCell #cellemphasisweek #GTPJ
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soniattm : Miss you guys!
sievaswim : Beautiful! Check us out! 😘
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Wow what an experience at #WCCONFMY! God moved and spoke through every session. So much to mull over and reflect upon. The key learnings and solemn reminders: 1. Live as an example: as a worshipper. 2. A guaranteed promise of a beautiful transformation when we trust in the God of the Impossible. 3. Knowing there's Power in Worship: through Understanding & knowing a consistent atmosphere can cause the climate to change. Consistent climate can change the culture. 4. The vibrant joy of worship to resound in Malaysia and the region. so blessed and thankful! #worshipcentral #htbb #wcentralmy #churchnotes
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johnnewwe : #gtpj
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Great catching up with a dear friend @sidmohede! Blessed by your sharing... Thanks Sid. Till next year... πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ @tehannjee @jonkoojennji @hwee_yen @ongmichel #worship #worshipteam #Malaysia #friendship #gtpj #jpcc #lifthimhigh #Jesus #onechurch #wcconfmy
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rickysutanto : aaaaaaa ps @gwenchoomk @jonkoojennji @hwee_yen
tehannjee : Yes next year!! @sidmohede 😁😁😁
gwenchoomk : Aaaa @rickysutanto! Missed ya here! Hope to catch up soon again! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
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@gladtidingsmy @gtpjyouth Worship Team say Hi @ Worship Central Conference 2015! #WCconfMy #gtpj #gtpjyouth
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ejuenlee : πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
tehannjee : Hiiiii @ejuenlee 😁
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Behind this transforming man, there is a praying mother. We thank the Lord for the testimonies of the Yuan family over the past weekend, which brought about clarity to the issues of sexuality, identity and holiness in Christ. Let us always be reminded to not judge but to love unconditionally. #gtpj
gtpj -
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Dancing in worship for an audience of One. #gtpj #gtpjdance
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#FREE Internet Filters to install at home #GTPJ
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This Sunday begins our 21 Days Prayer & Fasting for Malaysia and leading up to Easter! Get your copy of this Prayer Guide by Pr Julius Suubi at only RM2.00 after service at the S-Counter. Let's join our hearts and get on our knees to pray for our nation! #gtpj #PrayforMalaysia #Easter
prayformalaysia - easter - gtpj -
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Lunch with good company after church service. Thank you, Jesus #Jesus #JesusChrist #God #Malaysia #Malaysian #food #foodie #Christ #Christianity #Christian #gtpj #gladtidings #gladtidingsmy
jesuschrist - foodie - christ - emilylimpeichi - food - god - malaysian - gladtidings - alanyun - jesus - malaysia - gtpj - gladtidingsmy - christian - christianity -
allanphang : #alanyun #emilylimpeichi
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We were tremendously blessed over the weekend, unlocking the power of effective fervent prayer. The weekend is almost over, but our renewed victorious journey with the Lord has just begun! #sowingandreaping #gtpjWe were tremendously blessed over the weekend, unlocking the power of effective fervent prayer. The weekend is almost over, but our renewed victorious journey with the Lord has just begun! #sowingandreaping #gtpj
gtpjwe - sowingandreaping - gtpj -
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Our first class of EQUIP school of ministry aka E-SOM started today! Inner Healing and Emotional Wellness with the team from Ellel! More than 200 signed up and were blessed! Excited abt the next few weeks! #gtpj #Equip #ESOM
esom - equip - gtpj -
brianczl - marilynhannahlau - eluthlee - dannykytan -
"Jesus demonstrated the power of inner healing and restoration to individuals whose needs He met." Over 200 gathered for our first session with Liz Tingman on Inner Healing and Emotional Wellness. Join us next week onwards with Allicia Bankuti. #gtpj #UnconditionalLove
unconditionallove - gtpj -
sunitaphilips : Featured in this picture is Liz Tingman (UK) who is a part of the ELLEL team :)
nicholasjanwei - dintlesandrah - the.life.lines.studio - duenyih -
With Pastor Julius Suubi. 8 March 2015. #JesusChrist #Jesus #Christ #Malaysia #Malaysian #Christianity #Christian #gtpj #gladtidings #gladtidingsmy
jesuschrist - christian - christ - gladtidingsmy - malaysian - gladtidings - christianity - malaysia - gtpj - juliussuubi - jesus -
randaquraan : ❀
allanphang : #juliussuubi
vintage1988instagram : wat a good ig!
girlfriendsconf : Love it!
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A week of amazing downloads from heaven thru this anointed man of God! Pr Julius Suubi once again rallying and reminding us about the awesome power of God and our part to do in the land of Malaysia! Malaysia for JESUS! #gtpj #prayer #prayerconference
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sunitaphilips : 'To hell with the devil, and to heaven with the people' - julius suubi
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Pr Julius Suubi in da house Word from Eph6:12 #GTPJ #GTSermon
hours - wiles - victorious - gtsermon - gtpj - flee - oveecome - juliussuubi -
darentiff : We are extraordinary people!
darentiff : Spend #hours in prayer. Tap into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. The power and anointing is for all of us
darentiff : Confession brings Possession - #JuliusSuubi
darentiff : You need to put on the FULL armour of God. You put it on out of a heart and a relationship with God. U need to nurture that relationship with God. That's the beginning of Victory over darkness. God created u to be #Victorious and to #Oveecome all things
darentiff : Fellowship with God!
darentiff : Demons shud not walk away from you. They should #FLEE / run away from u
darentiff : We should not live a defeated life. We are overcomers!
darentiff : 3 Spiritual Warfare points that we need to know 1. Deception of the devil 2. Wiles of the devil The trickery of the devil. #Wiles = gk methods
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