Ok not even trying be funny but wtf is this? i've never seen this someone plz help. I had to #repost so i wouldn't gt it lol. And to find out what it is. Can someone plz tell me. #Grossedout
grossedout - repost -
princess____lexi - jxcelyngavalx -
Gum wall. #seattle #smelly #grossedout
seattle - smelly - grossedout -
ashleykiddsurf : Did you put a piece of gum on it? Haha
sheshredsco : Don't stand too close !!
mr_hudson13 : #ewww
mrsohio13 : Awww. I remember that! 😊
mckatiej - carla_gibson - _allysos - littledebbiedawn -
STOP IT! Anyone who knows me well knows how I feel about the "m-word". Bleeh uuuuuugh barf. #mword #grossedout #ecard
mword - ecard - grossedout -
livvielou1126 : Such a nasty word!!!
liz_nahorney - latinprince08 - crystal_leann221 - jefe1113 -
It's me against the parasites. Who will win?? #grossedout #BetOnTheGermaphobe
betonthegermaphobe - grossedout -
pauldorrjr : Yummy! Thank you for ruining my lunch break!
liztbarone : At least I didn't say what parasites. I could've REALLY grossed you out!
michellemdozois - pauldorrjr -
The coffee lover within me just HAD to pick this up.. Don't make the same mistake! :| #grossedout
grossedout -
ayshac9 : How bad is it ?
hasithakari : Imagine drinking sweetened and carbonated espresso.. Kinda like a mix of coffee and mountain dew
yaswanth1 : It sucks. 😳
roy_an5 : Ewwww :P
darknglremorseless : Completely agree wid u
hasithakari : Victimized as well? :P
ayshac9 - shru_thi_krishna - vineethsunkara - babitha_palla -
Picnic day W/Mii babe @tynishablanco πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 😘😘😘😘😘😁😁😁 #look#hideous
look - nutella - bubblegum - strawberry - sucha - grossedout - hideous - withmiilovelypan -
_pow17 : @tynishablanco I did most of it, Ana couldn't handle it XD love you more
_pow17 : 😘😘😁😊
dat_taco_eating_foo : You loser lol jk @_pow17
_pow17 : @dat_taco_eating_foo want another ass whooping boy?? Hehheh. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ jkjkj
dat_taco_eating_foo : Foo I never got one I gave it to you guys mostly Ana @_pow17
dat_taco_eating_foo : Ill give to you guys Lol jk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @_pow17
_pow17 : @dat_taco_eating_foo eeeeeeh, ya, for sure an ass whooping boy...ur done XD heheheeheeh. Lol jkjk
dat_taco_eating_foo : I'm looking forward to it πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @_pow17
simplyirais - breanna_joanne_32 - juan_arana - ms_gabriiela -
What dont lil boys understand...?? Im gay dude. Even if i was straight i would date a lil 17 year old boy. #grossedout #IMGAYOK?? #wheresyourmotherat? #isntitpasturbedtime #smh #lol #stalker #lesbian k #gay all day
isntitpasturbedtime - gay - grossedout - wheresyourmotherat - imgayok - lol - smh - stalker - lesbian -
mem0riiez : Dude even if u weren't gay... What the fuck!!!!! Fucken straight weirdo...
cherrybomb_paige : @mem0riiez right! Lol i have like 55 likes from him and comments so gross
junior_sssj_weezing : Cuz u seccssy
cherrybomb_paige : @junior_sssj_weezing lol thanks love
ahhsaah : Why did you accept him? Is your profile private?
cherrybomb_paige : @ahhsaah no its public. But thats never happened to me. I blocked his ass
ughcamryn - b_rad_roo - mem0riiez - cbjf215 -
Being 12 hours apart will not stop us from partying together! πŸ˜‚πŸŽ‰We stayed up chatting through Kik as I ate Ramen Noodles 🍜and finally fell asleep for about 6 hours. Then this afternoon we called each other back and decided to eat stuff we do not like in front of each other. Like how YouTube has challenges. We drank a glass of milk. πŸ„(NEVER AGAIN) 😡 After that I ate raw carrots.🐰 (I died)😲 Then to top it all off we both ate a spoon of peanut butter. (I have the worst fear of peanut butter) 😬 This is why we're bestfriends. We can act completely crazy with each other, but still make memories out of all this stuff. #BestFriend #LongDistanceFriendship #DrinkingMilk #Carrots #PeanutButter #ThingsIHate #GrossedOut #Yuck #Skype
skype - longdistancefriendship - yuck - grossedout - drinkingmilk - carrots - peanutbutter - thingsihate - bestfriend -
uhmfvckyou : oh godπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’• I love you!
super_beach_kid_rae : @uhmfvckyou I love myself too! πŸ’ JK! I love you too bestie!
kambry__ - uhmfvckyou - unicornchode69 - king__swagga -
As I'm working I hear a screech n its this creepy motherfcker! #bat #babybat #batman #batboy #itsbatboy #itsbatman #itsafuckingbat #grossedout #grossedthefuckout #creepy #creepedout #creepybastard #unsafeworkingconditions #wetbacklife #whenbatsattack #whyamistillatwork #animalplanet #painter #painterlife #notyourordinarypainter #cantdeal #holyshit #holyshyt #howdidhegetinhere #thefuck #thefuckdidthishappen #thesenikkaszcantholdhimback
wetbacklife - cantdeal - batman - thefuckdidthishappen - creepybastard - thesenikkaszcantholdhimback - thefuck - itsbatboy - immakingacomplaint - holyshit - unsafeworkingconditions - creepedout - whyamistillatwork - imgoingtowritealetter - itsafuckingbat - bat - notyourordinarypainter - itsbatman - holyshyt - animalplanet - whenbatsattack - creepy - howdidhegetinhere - painter - grossedout - painterlife - babybat - batboy - grossedthefuckout -
jayclap203 : @elmono203 he's on the floor outside lifeless he got chucked from the 5th floor bruh man lol @copykinkos_ he was biting my Popz gloves tht little fucker lucky those are thick ass gloves
copykinkos_ : Wow that description of his death though .. Too much .. That's sad he coulda just flew away
jayclap203 : @copykinkos_ naw they didn't work still he was crawling when I first seen him...fucker ain't crawling nomore
elmono203 : Damnn that's was up ya should of cut his wings off tho then he anit never flying aging lol or yu should of ate his head off
jayclap203 : @elmono203 damn b I ain't wanna torture him just wanted him as far away from me as possible lol
elmono203 : Lmao fuck tht nigga
whosesco : U aint dump him in the tank!!
jayclap203 : @whosesco lmao ima walk wit a bat from the apt to the tank to torture him more?! Lmao sickos b
elmono203 - copykinkos_ - sizlyyy - __alexanderrr -
#myfacewhenilookcuteanditstarrstorain #grossedout #booyouwhore
booyouwhore - myfacewhenilookcuteanditstarrstorain - grossedout -
nickae86 : Hold on, let me take a half faced selfie πŸ˜•
_nicolegarlitz : Actually it's "but first lemme take a selfie." Get it right. Best selfie you've ever seen haha. πŸ˜‚ @nickae86
nickae86 : Idk, that's a pretty bold statement lol🍭
_nicolegarlitz : Well maybe not this particular selfie but definitely one of me in general. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ¦
callsignninja : πŸ‘πŸ‘
blackbarbie114 - nickae86 - jfrohnapfel - charzard1515 -
This sequence is very rare yet disgusting, even a Rasklapanje dragged Leon on a meat grinder...and both ended up ground and mashed into mincemeat. Helena yelled "LEON!" after her partner got minced into ground meat. Played as Leon in 4-3 via Veteran for recapping. #residentevil #residentevil6 #capcom #youaredead #leonscottkennedy #helenaharper #bioorganicweapon #china #ps3 #psn #pwned #ouch #matthewmercer #laurabailey #epicfail #youmakemesick #recap #grossedout #rare #tagsforlikes
leonscottkennedy - psn - residentevil - ouch - epicfail - capcom - china - recap - ps3 - helenaharper - rare - residentevil6 - youmakemesick - matthewmercer - bioorganicweapon - pwned - tagsforlikes - laurabailey - grossedout - youaredead -
thecowgirl15 - sfxatlas - ts_splint - spencermensah -
Yay for tragus piercing! #18Birthday #Ouch #GrossedOut 😱😱😒😊
18birthday - ouch - grossedout -
kelsey_miller1997 : Did u get yours done????
kelsey_miller1997 : @sophiepage
sophiepage : No.. I wish my friend did though! @kelsey_miller1997
bebewalts - alichiabrooks - lulusanders12 - monkeymia998 -
Umm.. can someone please tell me what I am witnessing here?! Wtf is this thing?! A morph between a rat and a golfer or a baby porcupine and a mole rat?? Either way yikes! #utterly #confused and #grossedout #wtf #itwasjustswaying #creepy #weird #animorph #animal #thing #snapchat #thismorning #atthepark #yikes 😳😡
yikes - utterly - animal - animorph - confused - creepy - thismorning - itwasjustswaying - thing - snapchat - wtf - grossedout - weird - atthepark -
piercedbykarma : What the fuck?!
msjessbomb : @piercedbykarma haha right?!
gurlholdmyearrings : Wtfff
live_life_wild34 : It looks like a chinchilla
brittaney_rose : Holy shit! @msjessbomb
chatous_stories - casey_lou22 - brittaney_rose -
Do you expect me to sit on that..???? Uhh I think not#disgusting#grossedout#no#yuk#brokentoilet#omw
yuk - brokentoilet - no - omw - grossedout - disgusting -
cassidy_claire : Someone took a dump on the floor in the other bathroom...whoever did that obviously agrees with you @caity_d78
caity_d78 : Agreed
domziee - amziebumz - danicaravic - marcio_de_aguiar -
One of the many useless cats that live on the trash in our neighborhood. They just lazy about and let the rats take over the town. So much so that FAT @$$ rat πŸ€ just ran across both my and @rossiam's foot as we came home from a movie. I hate you cats and rats. #gross #uselesscreature #useless #cats #gross #grossedout #ineedtoshower
gross - cats - useless - ineedtoshower - uselesscreature - grossedout -
gmytton : Thats a cool lookin cat, you should adopt it.
dontgabalot : @fatrianazukhra They don't do their job. I'm happy to have them wander about as the wish but At least they could eat the damn rats.
dontgabalot : @gmytton I agree that it's a cool looking cat. It has pretty eyes but you can't tame a wild one. It belong with it's other street cats. It started cowling it's back when I was trying to get in our house.
danamalkhalifa : Gabbie I would have died!!!! Cats AND rats!
dontgabalot : @danamalkhalifa our neighbors trash is as you can see exposed... And I'm too grossed out to clean it and cover it but it attracts rats and cockroaches. The cats aren't so mad except that they are so lazy, that they don't eat/attack the rats!
dontgabalot : @danamalkhalifa *aren't so bad
fatrianazukhra : Hahahahahaha! πŸ˜‚ i think you watched too many tom & jerry gabbyyy, its not their job to eat rats πŸ˜‚
dontgabalot : @fatrianazukhra in California my friends' cats catch creatures all the time and bring them home as presents! Like birds and gophers and mice! I swear!!!
michelle.romeo - archibaldaquin - mightyluna - carmenbeeword -
Bad day. #badday #wisdomteeth #ew #blood #pissed #hasbro #er #grossedout
wisdomteeth - hasbro - badday - blood - grossedout - ew - pissed - er -
wnpilot101 - emijuli - izzydigregorio - valdez_jamie -
Legend says 6 to 10 inch cricket spiders live here! Hmmm all I saw was tp n beer cans! Sometimes adventures are not so adventurous #GrossedOut
grossedout -
devine308 - cahsudee -
Wh-wha...? Wh-why? What did I just... *shudders* #kik #didijustseeamans...? #funny -ish #Ciel #CielPhantomhive #grossedout#ew
kik - funny - ciel - didijustseeamans - ew - grossedout - cielphantomhive -
celia.phantomhive - rp.blackbutler - love_my_baby_eminem_ - xx.headphones.xx -
Keith is getting his chickens ready to grill. #grossedout #grilling
grilling - grossedout -
sonya_curl : Maybe he could teach
makatras : I bet they will be good though!
connie_c_hines : Sydney and me were getting grossed out when he was doing this! She was cracking me up! @sonya_curl
connie_c_hines : We need your good veggies to go with this! @makatras
makatras : They are in the oven. I went to the farmers market this morning.
simplehouseware : @connie_c_hines I like this! Have you taken a look at our new website yet?
lorifgreer - sonya_curl - simplehouseware - crownoverk -
#bae #morning #hesboutaplaydarksouls #praisethesun #craigory #licks #grossedout #meh #love @creeg_yo
hesboutaplaydarksouls - licks - love - praisethesun - craigory - meh - morning - bae - grossedout -
motherfaucher : Dark Souls 🌞
creeg_yo : #doyouevenpraisethesunbro
tegustapaulito : #craiggottalongtongue
itsleciababbyyy - nicholemichellelynn - angela_divicino - kevin_ryno -
#day26 homemade facials by my 12 yr old cousin makes me #grossedout #stillhappytho #11calitime #soitsstillfriday #happydays #facials #spa #relax
facials - relax - day26 - 11calitime - stillhappytho - happydays - grossedout - spa - soitsstillfriday -
rostomsantiago - konatans - virgiecapeyiy - luxuryskulls -
Unexpected scrambled egg and yogurt this morning. We were out of almond milk and our regular milk bad. Tried to make the smoothie anyway and the yogurt I added was expired. And grocery shopping must wait until payday tomorrow #needgroceries #missmysmoothie #breakfast #healthyeating #healthy #foodisfuel
missmysmoothie - grossedout - healthy - needgroceries - breakfast - healthyeating - foodisfuel -
naynayunderwood : I would gross you out..I eat Greek yogurt a good month after the date on the container. #notscared
caseyrivette : Ewwww #grossedout
livinghealthysimona - bonnieblueb - taylorkief22 - jaclynturnerfitness -
Saw marathon with @curtis_lunny11 and @matthewc1515 #saw #horror #imscared #freakingout #grossedout #blood #whyamiwatchingthis #marathon #movies #funfriday
whyamiwatchingthis - horror - imscared - movies - funfriday - marathon - grossedout - saw - freakingout - blood -
curtis_lunny11 : #greatestmovieseriesever #golden #cinematicmasterpiece
faustesquivel : #Iwishiwasthere
katiecockrell - rachel_crandall - xdepressionheavenx - meganator92 -
Is it gluten free...? I don't have the nerve! #octopus #grossedout
octopus - grossedout -
kali_small : πŸ˜·πŸ‘Žβœ‹
alyjo15 : Octopus Salad is not my idea of yummy...πŸ˜–
bvanvacter : Braaaghhhh! Gasp!
mslivvyj - robin_isntabird -
This was the sticky note we found on the headboard of our bed at the hotel. I feel sorry for the rooms that didn't get one. 😳
grossedout -
tanfran710 : @cindbill I bet that made you feel alot better! #NOT πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
cindyagregory : @tanfran710 you know me too well. #grossedout
tanfran710 - lauralouhatcher - kytrailrunner - faucet11 -
Anyone else find themselves in this situation ? Haha #Grossedout
grossedout -
k_g_h_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
bacco_orange - kelseydisanzo - anthony_martinez231 - isaac.rediger -
Highly doubt he's dead 😟😟😟
fear - spider - grossedout -
jessicalouison : #spider #fear #grossedout
nett_e : Hahahahaha your little scream... Such bravery, wow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jessicalouison : I sure showed him πŸ˜‰ popped my collar and everything as I left my place @nett_e
nett_e - tfacexo -
This guy was SO cute...until he peed and pooped all over my hand!!! #turtle #grossedout #countryliving #campagna #sardinia #arzachena #italy #summervacation #instaitalia #bitesforbabies
turtle - summervacation - countryliving - bitesforbabies - arzachena - sardinia - instaitalia - grossedout - italy - campagna -
nuraalsaddah : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mqassisiya : Turtle Gazpacho?
bitesforbabies : @mqassisiya eeeww! Lol!
aaronyu620 - tastefullyfrugalblog - annadore69 - nuraalsaddah -
#impressed or #grossedout ... Not sure lol #lizardsecks
impressed - lizardsecks - grossedout -
edcrnj : Skills
pinkladycakes : Ewww
island_girl_k : @pinkladycakes LOL πŸ™Š
ohmymeg_8 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
emma_bridgeman : @jeeennaaaa
brandonjcoleman - jake_trx500 - caliking650 - matt_mf_ham -
#boyfriend#girlfriend#spiders #tarantulas#reptilepark#holiday #grossedout
reptilepark - spiders - grossedout - girlfriend - tarantulas - holiday - boyfriend -
gabbs140 : You guys are mad (-_-)
yesitsmrkeuler - estellejvwr - shaunbissett0 - spanish_94chica -
This visual gave new meaning to the term #StreetMeat & lil homies gave was mirroring mine. #GrossedOut
streetmeat - grossedout -
pudgemental : Lil homies *face...
jaysicko : @pudgemental Damm that's sickening... They probably won't be cleaning that cart either
heatherthwing : Wut. No.
elizabeth1985val - travey_blake - trillydwilliams - alfienumeric -
He was probably telling me about his arm pit hair😜 #grossedout
grossedout -
melimaesmithy : @mds1313 you're so purty in your glasses!
lealamonica - melimaesmithy - jennabella66 - nattty_light -
Alone in the office means reading time πŸ‘Œ #skinnybitch #grossedout
grossedout - skinnybitch -
prefontainee : Omg we can be veggie together now. Read the food revolution next 😷
xosherr : @prefontainee haha yeah ! I'm honestly so Grossed out . I want to ! You should let me borrow your copy lol
prefontainee : I have it on e book. Could I send that to you?
xosherr : @prefontainee yeah there's a way you can email it I think
prefontainee : I heard that the beauty detox solution was really good. Gunna read that next. I'll try emailing it to you tho
prefontainee - _janemichelle_ - vicky.mariani - jesslapuz -
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