My heart is with you, it's many dark corners, it's rings of smoke, it's lighted hallways. And I wish you could know all the ghosts in my bones. #letstradeskins #greatlakeswimmers #lyrics #tiedye #fishtail #ghosts #heart
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queenxxsydney : you're so pretty!!
sunandmoontiedye : You should check out my tie dye! ๐ŸŒบlink to my etsy page is in my bio or contact me for orders ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒ™
kaytieschmittendorf : Thank you so much! So are you๐Ÿ˜Š @queenxxsydney and I love it! @sunandmoontiedye
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this is my most favourite type of music. Great Lake Swimmers - Moving Pictures Silent Films #notvinyl #nowspinning #greatlakeswimmers
notvinyl - greatlakeswimmers - nowspinning -
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'Great Lake Swimmers' kind of day.
newwildeverywhere - vscocam - music - vinyl - vsco - greatlakeswimmers - analog -
youngdoo : #newwildeverywhere #greatlakeswimmers #vinyl #analog #music #vsco #vscocam
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I had forgotten about my Great Lake Swimmer shirt. That was a great show! I hope they come back to Dallas. #greatlakeswimmers #music
music - greatlakeswimmers -
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I was moving across your frozen veneer, The sky was dark but you were clear, Could you feel my footsteps? And would you shatter, would you shatter?๐Ÿ‘ฃ๐Ÿ‘ฃ Floating over your rocky spine, The glaciers made you and now you're mine
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va_lover24 : Stunning!! ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ
meganelizabethhhh : ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
shawnamtanos : Your beautiful๐Ÿ˜ #browsALWAYSonpoint #teachmeteachme #beccasgonenowineedhelp
erikacrooks : @shawnamtanos girl we need to hang.
erikacrooks : โค๏ธ
shawnamtanos : Yes we do!โค๏ธ we move into the house the 1st so well be having a new house/goodbye party for the guys deploying in February so you guys better come I'll have joule text josh and have him get me your number! @erikacrooks
erikacrooks : @shawnamtanos yessssss that would be awesome! We'll definitely go! Just have your man hit up Josh! ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ
missmarissa610 : Beauty queen
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'Floating over your rocky spine, the glaciers made you and now your mine' #greatlakeswimmers
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jtroyster : #pnwhikes #pnw #pnwcollective #livewashington #lonelyhikers #upperleft #upperleftusa #hikingisbetterthanliking #hiking #mountains #mountsi #seattle #washingtonstate #clouds #trees #overcast #specificnorthwest
goourr : nice
kat_fredericks : Beautiful!
see_ell_kay : awesome
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"Oh is this the dream I've been saving? Oh where the heart beats slower and slower To almost nothing Almost nothing #greatlakeswimmers #song #lyrics #lakeontario #colonelsamuelsmithpark #humberbay #toronto #etobicoke #yyz #416 #grey #clouds #horizon #ice #rocks #shore
horizon - lyrics - song - yyz - lakeontario - etobicoke - toronto - clouds - colonelsamuelsmithpark - grey - ice - rocks - shore - 416 - humberbay - greatlakeswimmers -
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"I Could Be Nothing" by #greatlakeswimmers
greatlakeswimmers -
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Stop . Listen. Feel. #home #rest #chill #lilies #bigcalm #greatlakeswimmers
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My wild and crazy Friday night. Cuddling up with heating pads, sleepy time tea, my puppies, mellow tunes, and reading my favorite book all over again. ๐Ÿ‘“๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿต๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐ŸŽถ #partyanimal #nerdalert #bookworm #billbryson #avettbrothers #boniver #ironandwine #raylamontagne #greatlakeswimmers
greatlakeswimmers - ironandwine - bookworm - billbryson - avettbrothers - nerdalert - raylamontagne - boniver - partyanimal -
bmetzinger : Bryson is the man... I highly recommend all of his works :)
myfeverband : Nice
abbchester : @a_travelingfish My mom is reading it now and when she's done I will be next in line! I can't wait, I love adventure books. And the way Bryson writes about him and Katz... Hilarious!
abbchester : @rubtheirsoul @bmetzinger @myfeverband He is my favorite author, I also can't get enough of "A Short History of Nearly Everything".
abbchester : @valysiakaterina I miss you so much! ๐Ÿ˜”
a_travelingfish : A walk in the woods is the book I send to any friend of mine that becomes depressed!
abbchester : It's definitely an uplifting book! Gives me the feel goods every time I open it ๐Ÿ‘ @a_travelingfish
a_travelingfish : Totally unprepared! In both books our authors were just not prepared for what a daunting task they had set before them! Couldn't stop laughing in his story and gasping in hers.
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And the mountains said I will find you here They whispered the snow and the leaves in my ear I traced my finger along your trails And your body was the map, I was lost in it Falling over your rocky spine The glaciers made you and now you're mine #greatlakeswimmers
greatlakeswimmers -
rusakot : โœŒ๏ธ
shearnanigans : Rawr
katiedeeeeeee : Three words: purple hair tonight.
aparker666 : @katiedeeeeeee girllll I got it ready for U ;)
katiedeeeeeee : SO excited!
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Respect to the Mother. 'Prayer of the Woods,' Tahquamenon Falls. #TonyDekker #GreatLakeSwimmers #fmsphotoaday #january16th "NATURE"
tonydekker - january16th - greatlakeswimmers - fmsphotoaday -
theshabbygoddess : This is beautiful!
daisybabie : @theshabbygoddess :)
chris1093 : Lovely and perfect prayer
daisybabie : i thought so too, @chris1093 :)
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"Got to live, live, live, and love, love, love. Whether you like it or not, I will love you." #riversedge #greatlakeswimmers
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Singing and picking. #greatlakeswimmers
greatlakeswimmers -
jobabes96 : I can dig
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Great Lake Swimmers • Ongiara (2007) // Artwork & Package Design
greatlakeswimmers -
mejiadesign : #greatlakeswimmers
roy_wonder -
Point’s so sharp that it cannot feel Has two sides. Which one’s real? Get thrown over and pulled from the school. Break a hand, hands of fools Should’ve known better in daylight’s burn. Restless depths, of darking yearns. Hushing words from a silver tongue. The restless winds to willing ears. #theknife #greatlakeswimmers
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spotify - sotd - vscocam - songoftheday - nowplaying - playlist - instamusic - igsg - vsco - greatlakeswimmers -
the.jukebox : your rocky spine - great lake swimmers #nowplaying #songoftheday #sotd #vsco #vscocam #spotify #instamusic #igsg #playlist #greatlakeswimmers
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#nowplaying #nowspinning #spinning #spinningtoday #playing #playfortoday #playingtoday #TonyDekker #PrayerForTheWoods #GreatLakeSwimmers #instamusic #instavinyl #instarecords #music #musiclovers #igvinylgroup #vinyl #vinylporn #vinyllover #vinyljunkie #vinylforever #vinylcollector #vinyljunkiesunite #recordcollector
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And the mountains said I will find you here. #lyrpic #greatlakeswimmers #yourrockyspine
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♥Biker Mouse / Listening to Great Lake Swimmers on Spotify ~ Your Rocky Spine #arts #illustrations #USA #Holland #picturebook #folk #rock #country #guitar #music #illustrator #IndianMotors #Motorbike #Biker #greatlakeswimmers
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tonie_burke : Super cool dude
pepijndejonge : @emmadrawseveryday ThanKs!! <||:-))
pepijndejonge : @tonie_burke Thank U! ;)))
britogtruls : Beautiful! @pepijndejonge
osanpopoota : Colored also nice! :-D
pepijndejonge : @osanpopoota T h a n k s ! ! !
jackiembeyer : Love it - might add a musical note or two-dont know what made me think that?? Just an idea
pepijndejonge : @jackiembeyer Thank U!! <||:-))
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#SongOfTheNight #GreatLakeSwimmers
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♥Sketch of a young Musician / Listening to Great Lake Swimmers, Stealing Tomorow from Today #art #sketching #sketch #hat #portrait #folk #country #beard #illustration #USA #Holland #Dutch #musicians #greatlakeswimmers
sketch - art - holland - usa - country - sketching - illustration - musicians - dutch - portrait - greatlakeswimmers - hat - folk - beard -
april16magan : Wow Pepijn! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Me like!
pepijndejonge : @april16magan Haha, thanks!
obeisantvj3 : cool photo! โ˜€
pepijndejonge : @obeisantvj3 Thank U !! <||:-))
britogtruls : Nice! @pepijndejonge
labellaanushka : good one
pepijndejonge : @labellaanushka Thank U !!<||:-))
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Hannah & I singing "For Emma" by #BonIver. #Acoustic #Folk #Indie #GreatLakeSwimmers #CityAndColour #BandOfHorses
bandofhorses - boniver - acoustic - indie - cityandcolour - greatlakeswimmers - folk -
oxblood_abernthy : @neil_arnold @surgemu03
storiesandmorals : hey my name is Anthony. I am a singer/songwriter, I have my album available for FREE download at storiesandmorals.bandcamp.com just type 0 for the Price and you'll get a download link! Also like me on facebook and sub on youtube.com/storiesandmorals
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#listeningnow #greatlakeswimmers #music #itunes #nowplaying #perfect ๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŽง
perfect - itunes - music - nowplaying - listeningnow - greatlakeswimmers -
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#tbt The Polaroid Project - Great Lake Swimmers #polaroid #greatlakeswimmers
greatlakeswimmers - polaroid - tbt -
aimeemay85 : I loooove this! X
christycloake : @aimeemay85 Still one of my most favourite days x
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Very cool!!! This is my jam: Hang a String of Lights by Great Lake Swimmers on Coffeehouse Carols Radio โ™ซ #iHeartRadio #NowPlaying http://www.iheart.com/original/481?cmp=android_share #greatlakeswimmers
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sophia__musicnz : dope picture โœจ
repsak14art - louise.ferris2014 - sophia__musicnz - kjaycavalli -
๐ŸŽถI will never see the sun Spadina, St. George, Bay and Yonge One for nothing, all for one Spadina, St. George, Bay and Yonge๐ŸŽถ Great Lake Swimmers - Great Lake Swimmers (2003) I couldn't begin to tell you how beautiful this album is. It is one of the most beautifully hypnotic albums I own. This self-titled debut is primarily the work of Tony Dekker and was recorded in an abandoned grain silo in his rural southern Ontario hometown of Wainfleet. Stark and ethereal, this was the open doorway into a future of amazing recordings. If you're not board yet, do yourself a favour and go find yourself some Swimmers. For fans of Iron and Wine, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Sufjan Stevens... Favourite track: This Is Not Like Home #greatlakeswimmers #tomsmusic #mugshot๐ŸŽถโ˜•๏ธ
greatlakeswimmers - tomsmusic - mugshot -
tommoreorless : @margbailey1 That would have been cool. ๐Ÿ‘ I hope to see them again before too long.
johnnykoop : Indeed I forgot the title but I got Tommy Boy over in Canada to help me out
pistoldave : Great album, great artist. Check out Tony Dekker's solo album, Prayer Of The Woods, if you haven't yet @tommoreorless. It's a good'n too.
tommoreorless : @pistoldave Yes, it's been on my radar for a while. I've heard it's great. I'll get on that.
the_real_angel_eyes_ : ๐Ÿ‘
lindaandluna : Found a Great Lake Swimmers Pandora station. I know digital, but it was beautiful listening while taking a four mile hike!
tommoreorless : @the_real_angel_eyes_ ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
tommoreorless : @lindajmcallister Great band to listen to on a hike. ๐Ÿ˜Š
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Les Criquets C rinqués lundi 21 à #cism893 cism893.ca #therest #thefatales #andersparker #juliedoiron #greatlakeswimmers #markrobinson
andersparker - markrobinson - thefatales - therest - cism893 - greatlakeswimmers - juliedoiron -
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#songoftheweek #thisisnotlikehome #greatlakeswimmers #indie #indiemusic #currentfavourite #musicislyfe
songoftheweek - musicislyfe - indie - indiemusic - thisisnotlikehome - greatlakeswimmers - currentfavourite -
y_inoue1970 : Check it out @Talnts
talnts : We would love for you to be a part of Talnts. We will be launching soon! Sign Up: Talnts.com
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#beads #imadethis #inspiredby #balmainparis #bracelet #cigarbox #balmainbracelet #topstich #swarovski #swarovskicrystals #seedbeads #greatlakeswimmers #yyj #atomiqueproductions
topstich - beads - imadethis - balmainbracelet - atomiqueproductions - bracelet - swarovski - balmainparis - yyj - cigarbox - seedbeads - greatlakeswimmers - inspiredby - swarovskicrystals -
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I love that record so much. #greatlakeswimmers
greatlakeswimmers -
xbadgallu : Kommst du heute abend auch?
paalhn_bisonnium : @xbadgallu ja klar :-)
xbadgallu : Ohhhh wie schön ich freuuu mich :))
paalhn_bisonnium : @xbadgallu ich mich auch. Wird bestimmt schön.
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They told me to be careful up there. Where the wind rose up there, in this rage through your hair. #fleshoutbeauty #nofilter #LAriver #wind #cityofangels #greatlakeswimmers #bridge #igersLA // BLOG: Thenewvantage.com || The stranger in my closet. @bettheknee
luxofcourse - bridge - cityofangels - igersla - fleshoutbeauty - lariver - aveda - nofilter - greatlakeswimmers - avedacolor - wind -
kgrzanka : #luxofcourse #Aveda #avedacolor
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Damien you, #DamienJurado! You magnificent wizard of song. #Sheets Always goes down smooth. #Smitten #acoustic #folk #newoldoldschool #OldOldWoodenMusic #GreatLakeSwimmers #BandofHorses
oldoldwoodenmusic - damienjurado - bandofhorses - smitten - sheets - acoustic - greatlakeswimmers - folk - newoldoldschool -
neil_arnold - thejarfamily - nickdbelievers - davidecrippa91 -
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