Met some new peeps tonight at #cfhs football game. Pretty good Knight. @ryann_2swole @ryann_2swole @ellamariehh @ellamariehh @prettyinpink457 @prettyinpink457 @lesiapogorila @lesiapogorila #cfhs #greatknight #newpeeps
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Stag do!! #TBT #throwbackthursday #GreatKnight
tbt - throwbackthursday - greatknight -
kierand28 - bexmcc1 - waynerodger - token_josh -
Oh and also, happy birthday to Frederick!
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candythiefgaius : #fireemblem #fireemblemawakening #fe #fea #3ds #gaius #anime #tumblr #fireemblemgaius #candy #thief #frederick #fireemblemfrederick #chrom #lissa #lord #healer #greatknight #fireemblemchrom
sir_frederick_of_ylisse : Thank you, Gaius! It's a pleasure to know so many people remembered!
prissyneko : He doesn't look to happy about it. XD
candythiefgaius : No problem, big guy!
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Sir Cokayne of Jingle Joust πŸŽ…πŸŽβœŒοΈ#drunkshenanigans #structuralstability #jousting #greatknight
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Freddy-Bear! ((Ok! So gonna be posting bunch of rps for the characters, Anna's Child Contest closes soon! But just wanted to give everyone a heads up before the spam of open rps!)) "What happened to my shepherds..." #fireemblem #fireemblemawakening #frederick #greatknight #bears #freddybear
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((To those who left me a good message to wake up to thank you)) "As a knight I must remain diligent and gallant whilst keeping chivalry at the core. I must do what I can to help the Shepherds" #fireemblem #fireemblemawakening #frederick #greatknight #freddybear
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"Mi'lords and Mi'ladies, our admin is in quite the devastated mood" ~ Frederick "Yeah! Even Ol' Teach can't cheer him up...and I can do anything!" ~ Vaike "It's true that he has suffered many misfortunes today" ~ Lon'qu "Indeed, I mean we saw it, it was one bad thing then another then another....he had more bad things today than I have hair colours" ~ Robin "I hope the Shepherds and their Admins rally together for him...it's really dampening the mood" ~ Chrom "I...am not with you five, but this dampened atmosphere really is ruining my flames...I can't perform my alchemy in these conditions!" ~ Roy #fireemblem #fireemblemawakening #fullmetal #alchemist #lonqu #swordmaster #thewayoftheblade #chrom #lord #pathoftheexalted #robin #tactician #robinhasahairdyingaddiction #vaike #fighter #letteachrunyouthroughthebasics #frederick #greatknight #freddybear #colonel #roymustang #flamealchemist #crossovercrisis
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masks.and.shadows : I'm pretty shore we've never talked, but you're awesome and amazing and I can't think of anemone moray adjectives and I'm sorry for the puns but you're amazing okay
devils.and.fragile.dreams : You're account is amazing you are amazing everything about you is amazing
nxghtside : Yo, you're fabulous, so I hope whatever's happening gets better soon or that you feel better soon. //huggles
lets_play_life : Hi
theveryhungrykaterpiller : I'm so sad that I lost my ds :/ no more fire emblem. Be happy that you're not forgetful like me :)
nah_fea : You're freaking awesome. Remember that. :3
morgans_mother_sky : Pfft, I don't even need to leave a comment cause I tell you how amazing you are every day... But I will anyways. You're like an older brother to me. And you roleplay awesomely!! ((XD That was bad, but whatever))
mark_and_kris_fe : Hi. *huggles*
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"Mi'lady, I would feel honored to be bestowed a flower crown made by your hands. I'm grateful, I shall wear this crown all day" #fireemblem #fireemblemawakening #frederick #greatknight #love #lissa #cleric #flowercrown #freddybear
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shingeki_no_sasha : "Awww... So cute..." ~Robin
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πŸ’―βœˆοΈπŸ™Œ #GreatKNight βš«οΈπŸ”΄πŸ‘
greatknight -
dani_j5 : Did you win?
mrh2da_oback : @dani_j5 Na but ima win tonight! Lol. Wyd?
dani_j5 : Lol having dinner with my mom
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"I will use this power to protect us all!" ~~FEA Contest closes 23rd August! Be sure to enter!~~ #fireemblem #fireemblemawakening #fea #frederick #greatknight #shepherds #knightlyduty
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rostarlina : Tag mehh owo
shepherds_flame : Sure no problem @cleric.lissa :) I thought I actually did haha my bad!
rostarlina : Thank you~!
lucina_in_da_tardis : (So the contest basically ends on the day when doctor who season 8 starts XD SORRY I'M A FANGIRL AND I SOMEHOW KNOW THESE THINGS)
shepherds_flame : (I totally didn't plan that ;) @lucina_in_da_tardis )
lucina_in_da_tardis : (XD These things just happen)
shepherds_flame : (Of course it's not like I perfectly planned it at all.....*shits eyes slightly* @lucina_in_da_tardis )
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β€œI have every wish to trust you, stranger, but my station mandates otherwise.” #fireemblem #fireemblemawakening #frederick #greatknight #trust #knight #armourandtie
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#Fridaynight with my #mainsqueeze #mommyandbabytime #momlife #ustime he's my #greatknight I'm his #princess 😍
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ogrudyperez : @itsjelli lucky himπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰πŸ’―
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((So two things: First, the new character is Fredrick, incase some people didn't know! Second, if you aren't following @cleric.tactian yet you really should! You won't regret it, hell do it as a personal favor to me. "Yes mi'lord, I shall devote my all to pleasing the people" Finally....a character who isn't evil to me... #fireemblem #fireemblemawakening #fredrick #greatknight #secondincommand #lissa #cleric #newcharacter #newbeginnings
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shepherds_flame : He kissed her deeply, he rolled and lifted the clerics body on his armour @cleric.tactian
cleric.tactian : Lissa was surprised but didn't care. She continue to kiss him. No interruptions just romance this was exactly what she needed
shepherds_flame : Fredrick kept kissing deeply feeling the flowers pressing against his back. @cleric.tactian
cleric.tactian : She then began to blush her cheeks began to burn like the sun up above the sky. Shining upon the earth
shepherds_flame : Fredrick pulled her away and tried taking off his armour leaving him in his suit underneath. @cleric.tactian
cleric.tactian : ((DM? XD)) Lissa blushed more and looked at him and smiled.
shepherds_flame : ((Maybe XD ok you send it to me!)) @cleric.tactian
cleric.tactian : ((Kk))
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My great awsome hair pulled back looks good lol #Pink #greatknight #hairstyle
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ryann_2swole : Tbh bro...from a guy it doesn't suit you...I'm sorry, I'm more of a pony tail kind of guy
justinpersaud17 : Well dude I'm not u lol @ryann_2swole
ryann_2swole : Hmm touchΓ©
minkss15 : Tbh : hey hey hey
justinpersaud17 : hey hey hey text me @minkss15
_kirstenannmarie_ : Truth is I don't really know you
dezi_1 : Tbh.your a good friend someone I can go to when I need someone to all to @justinpersaud17
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Heyy yalls meet Mr James he is pretty cool and nice #James #coke #greatknight
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ryann_2swole : Gay @justinpersaud17
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My #mcm My man crush Monday, my bestfriend/brother friends 4 years. What a great day at the pool well y'all know we r close in the pic ;) #brothers #buds #bestys #greatknight
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southern_redneck : Lol
justinpersaud17 : How is it funny @southern_redneck
southern_redneck : It just is to me @justinpersaud17
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Pretty good night with some peeps, these girls right here r cute and awsome lol we all gotta chill soon, also happy bday Brooke :) love u #peeps #friends #greatknight
friends - peeps - greatknight -
minkss15 : Great night indeed. πŸ’œ
brookeemeadows : Lolz that booty though πŸ˜‰
danimac1796 : You know her?πŸ˜’
justinpersaud17 : I know who @danimac1796
danimac1796 : Brooke
justinpersaud17 : Yes I know @brookeemeadows lol y
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My graduation knight :) #cfhs #class2014 #greatknight #Clearfallshighschool
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Met a new friend last night lol, she is cool to hang with and cute great night #greatknight #texasroadhouse #peeps
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brookevaloret : dass me😏
madisonskyyy : Ayee brooke @brookevaloret
brookevaloret : ayyy guh @madisonskyyy
madisonskyyy : Ayee justin @brookevaloret @justinpersaud17
justinpersaud17 : Yes yes it is @brookevaloret :) Ayee @madisonskyyy @brookevaloret
princess.taylurr : Tbh ?idk you Rate ? 8 Text/nah ? Sure Like .β­οΈπŸŽ€πŸŒ»πŸ˜
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Roadhouse last night with these peeps, great night #peeps #greatknight #texasroadhouse
peeps - texasroadhouse - greatknight -
ryann_2swole : I look weird
justinpersaud17 : Haha its how the pic was took @ryann_2swole
madisonskyyy : I look weird too
ayee.lieutenant - amazinggashlynn - marylu217 - madisonskyyy -
Olive garden last week :) #greatknight #bestys
bestys - greatknight -
kellypersaud1995 - mann623 - samm_michelle18 - fxck.mg -
Prettyy great day today, fun ice skating havnt done it in awile but she pretty good lol love u Shannon #greatknight #iceskating #bestys
bestys - iceskating - greatknight -
shanniemae : Love ya too✌️😊
kellypersaud1995 - b_chanelle98 - dezi_1 -
Icecream with the peeps, pretty good day #icecream #peeps #greatknight
icecream - peeps - greatknight -
sunfire46 - sydniejones - shobha1971 - hatchtori -
The crew heading to tiki island earlier #greatknight #friends #fun
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jordynhayley_ - kinsleyyy_nicoleee - kaleighmagnant - kellayyy_marie -
Hell yea lol but I graduate tomorrow #seniorClass2014 #greatknight
seniorclass2014 - greatknight -
andreapeterson17 : πŸ˜‚
thischickstephm - kellayyy_marie - _shannon_loves_you_ - natalieeeanneee -
Me and this dude sharing icecream and cake together lol ;) #sharing #greatknight
sharing - greatknight -
clairelyn_17 : Gay lol @justinpersaud17
shanniemae : PC:πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
emmy_elizabeth98 - jordynhayley_ - __alexandrrra_ - a_be_be_ -
#steak #amazing #greatknight great weekend
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jeremywauls - kaleighmagnant - illbreeyourshorty -
My amazing Cobb salad lol #salad #yumm #greatknight
yumm - salad - greatknight -
zoetrang : #greatknight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I died
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Our first Knights game uptown! #greatknight βšΎοΈπŸ»πŸ‘―
greatknight -
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#NarquitaStalker #greatKnight
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yennie__ - itsmanny__ - vynguyen1996 - clrenda_17 -
#NarquitaStalker #greatKnight pretty good knight hope sleep well ;)
narquitastalker - greatknight -
laurafmaurtx - cherry_70_ - kiko9113 - yuri_uriel -
#tbt @jordanknightofficial #soundcheck #vip #toronto #operahouse #greatKnight
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jksgurlinthed : @jordanknightofficial 's so cute in that coat!
jksspicylatina - juley80 - jvanelaine_tx4 - lps_sparkle445 -
#prom2k14 #greatKnight #friends
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kellypersaud1995 - _theycallmelexie_ - kiko9113 - loveeyou_always -
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