woot2, #grantjustin as #BarryAllen #TheFlash on #arrow this week !
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Grant Justin as Barry Allen aka The Flash in the upcoming TV series of the same name. He also starred as Barry Allen on the CW's Arrow, starting Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow #theflash #barryallen #grantjustin #cw #arrow #stephenamell
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whatnottodowhenbored : So weird... cw has not only arrow, but now flash, then gotham, and then even suicide squad. How are they gonna fit all that in with there "popular" vampire romance shows that look like garbage
thedcmarvelpage : Or Constantine @whatnottodowhenbored
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bweaver77 : Arrow flat out sucks. Really hope this flash show gets done right.
thedcmarvelpage : Nah its pretty good I like how many characters it is @bweaver77
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