Alm.H.Umar Hasan & Alm.Nurhayu #grandpa #grandma #EdisiNostalgia
edisinostalgia - grandpa - grandma -
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Caught her slippin #NobodysSafe #Grandma #MyHowILoveHer
nobodyssafe - myhowiloveher - grandma -
juh_lon_duhh -
Got our hair did #gram #crazysal #grandma #hair #pantene #irunanoldladysalon
hair - irunanoldladysalon - gram - grandma - pantene - crazysal -
My #mcm ❤ the fact that he has met most of my #family and then last night he met my #grandma ❤ no boyfriend of mine ever met my grandma & the fact grandma likes him is #amazing! #makesmehappy #mylifeiscomplete #mybaby #hesthebest #hesamazing
hesthebest - mcm - hesamazing - mylifeiscomplete - family - grandma - amazing - mybaby - makesmehappy -
Grandma and Avery 😊 #loveher #grandma #greatgrandma #love #thatsmile
thatsmile - loveher - love - greatgrandma - grandma -
klaaarose -
Came together in honor of my grandmothers home going service, always good to be around family #indeed #grandma watson #WatsonBoys #loveislove
indeed - loveislove - watsonboys - grandma -
_dopekicks5 : Sorry for ur loss bro
hampthestampede : Thanks bro
hampthestampede - ms_powpow - lashaewilds - king.jusss -
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janet_r1ascos : #latina #motivationalmonday #grandma #quitisnotanoption #nevergiveup #chocolate #brooklyn #nyc #instadaily #fitmom #cleanse #ladiesnight #coffeelovers #armymom #changinglives #peanutbutter #workout #bellyfat #incheslost #workingmom #wife #family #weightlosstips #healthygoals
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Finally found my grandma guys!!!! All thanks to @kellyannzissler #reunited #wat #grandma
wat - reunited - grandma -
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He's so #precious. #BabyJulian #sleeping #baby #grandma
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More than anything she's all I want right now. I am so grateful for her making me who I am. I am compassionate because of you. I am kind because of you , and I still believe in treating others the way I wish to be treated because of you. God I owe my life to this woman and so often we don't show the people we love the most how much they mean to us or how big of an impact they have made in our lives. So often I stop to think as to why am I so different from others , and I remember because I was raised by a saint. I love being able to say I was raised the old school way and I value so much all the little things I've never thought would mean so much. My values and morals I owe it all to you. Till this day I have never disrespected an elder and when one is talking be quiet. Listen with your ears not with your mouth. Everything has its time. A lady loses her beauty while cursing. 1 more month until I am in your arms and we are reunited again grandma . Just 1 more month. ❤️👧👵. #ForeverYourDoll and you are forever #MyQueen #Cherish #pureHeart #Grandma
foreveryourdoll - myqueen - pureheart - grandma - cherish -
a_naxs - jujuhcrocha -
💥🌴💥🌴💥🌴💥🌴💥 #PONCE PR! #MY #GRANDMA #69yrs old #mama is the best!!😘😘😘❤️❤️
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I absolutely love this captures so many feelings..the most important 💛 #grandma#grandson#cancersucks#familia#chepa @zachmagana_ #1corinthians13:13
cancersucks - familia - grandson - grandma - 1corinthians13 - chepa -
tia_klaudia - natz67 - anarsls - p_cardona -
Aki and nenek went for a jog earlier. Aki sent pictures of them wearing couple sport shoes ♥ They even took selfie ♥♥♥ #endlesslove #grandpa #grandma #love
love - endlesslove - grandpa - grandma -
pryxm - ___ntasha - waa_20th - a1i8z1a2t -
90 anos da Dona Emilia Hasse #grandma #abuela
abuela - grandma -
ludorezende : Hajahahahahahahahahaha d+
dubessonego : Agora entendi. Hehehe bj
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Y al Bombón también. #grandma #love #homesick
homesick - love - grandma -
#selfie #grandma #mamimago #guerrero #brothers #nigh #zocaleando
guerrero - zocaleando - brothers - nigh - grandma - mamimago - selfie -
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Extraño a mi abuela. #grandma #love #homesick
homesick - love - grandma -
#grandma #babe having an intense #convo #family #babyshower #rp
babyshower - rp - family - grandma - babe - convo - : Cool!
pbias_xo -
My grandma is better than yours💁 #best #grandma #favorite
favorite - best - grandma -
kaytee.rayann - greciaguillenn -
With my grandma on the brooklyn bridge !! 😍❤️🌀☀️🌉🗽 #me #grandma #newyork #ny #brooklyn #happy #love #holidays
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beciotti : Que lindo bella!
rofedullo : (: ohh gracias ! Mira quien habla 😮 @beciotti
manulagf : Lindas !! (:
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Haven't painted, but desperately needed to hang my new artwork. Painted by my grandma Nona ❤️ #handpainted #grandma #kitchendecor #childhoodmemories
handpainted - kitchendecor - childhoodmemories - grandma -
solomiyaaaa : So cool!😍
carlistevens_ - solomiyaaaa - flockjos000 - vmatt850 -
The world lost a very special woman today. You were truly one of a kind, you'll always be missed and forever loved. Rest peacefully Grandma ❤️ #loveyou #grandma #forevermissed
forevermissed - loveyou - grandma -
courtneybeerthuizen : Sorry to hear about your loss❤️❤️
_deidram_ : Thank you Courtney ❤️ @courtneybeerthuizen
ryanperformance : I'm sorry for your loss :( I lost my uncle today as well, thoughts and prayers to you and your family @_deidram_
brookiehuston : Sorry Dee love you ❤️
_deidram_ : Thank you so much Ryan, I'm sorry for your loss as well! Thanks Brookie 😘 @ryanperformance @brookiehuston
ericalois_ : 💜💙❤️
courtneybeerthuizen - fortinbras55 - cmerkley85 - kimzyla -
My grandma is one of the most important people in my life, tomorrow she is going in for surgery. I have a positive feeling about her surgery and really hope everything goes according to plan. Love you grandma💝 { ❤ #repost #grandma #family #pale #brunette #adorable #cute #dork #staypositive ❤ }
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Mi abuela pasando frio con nosotros :) #abuela#grandma#snow#frio#nieve#
frio - abuela - snow - nieve - grandma -
gnsisal : Donde es?
ramon_epo : Georgia @gnsisal
jorgeoropeza24 - gnsisal - mannyoropeza25 - lugo_manuel -
Always stealing my dinner 😑 #foodfriend #grandma #eggsandpapas #mexican #povertymeal lol
eggsandpapas - povertymeal - mexican - foodfriend - grandma -
abovenbeyonddd - angelicacompean08 - mel_zelaya - vsvp_mao -
3 years already....I will never forget. Around this exact time, I was parking at Pho Company getting ready to eat. All day I felt sad just didn't know why...then I parked and I felt like crying and again I didn't know why. I remember being asked what was wrong and I didn't know what to say. Minutes later I received a call from my sister...grandma was gone. My heart was destroyed, my world collapsed and a part of me left that very hour. I suppose it was my soul or my heart saying goodbye to hers. I wanted the earth to eat me alive and I felt like I couldn't deal with life because she wasn't here anymore. 3 years and it's felt like an eternity, especially when my days are tough and I can't find a way I wish with my every heart beat that I had grandma to run to, to talk to. Because only they can make the world a happy place, a safer place. I miss her with everything in me, the person I was before her will never be again. I love my grandma and i pray that wherever she is, she knows how much we love her and how much we need her. The rock of our family, The Boss, la Jefita, the woman who endured, sacrificed everything to raise 10 children on her own. The woman who lost her husband in her early 30s, the woman who leaned on nobody except God to pull her through. the woman who overcame evil. That woman is MY GRANDMA❤️ My grandma was a warrior, she was an angel on earth and I'm so proud that her blood runs through my veins. She lives on in this life through her 10 children her 40+ grandchildren/great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. She left a huge legacy and it will be tough to live up to her name but I hope that she is proud of me and is watching over me everyday. Today I celebrate her life and even though I can't help but tear up, I'm happy because my grandma is at peace, she's ok, and most importantly SHE WAS MINE❤️ #ripgrandma #3years #abuelita #iloveyou #imissyou #myforeverlove #mitesoro #grandma #strongestwomaniknow #theougrueloveiknow #dep #family #love
myforeverlove - love - family - dep - strongestwomaniknow - ripgrandma - mitesoro - iloveyou - imissyou - grandma - theougrueloveiknow - 3years - abuelita -
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Abuelita. #Abuelita #grandma #VSCO #film #Canon
grandma - vsco - canon - film - abuelita -
indue - jul__yaa - colin_patrick - benjihom -
my grandma #grandma #restinpreace #lovingmemory
lovingmemory - restinpreace - grandma -
samxvaz - michael.centeno - lesly_gonzalez___ - pedro_morales11 -
We are so blessed to have this amazing woman leading our generations! #grandma 👵 #mom 👩 #daughter👧 #threegenerationsstrong 💖
daughter - threegenerationsstrong - mom - grandma -
scott_js -
#latepost #grandma😘
latepost - grandma -
marwanajalah -
Happy Birthday Emily🎂💕 You're growing up too fast :') #grandma
grandma -
em.bu : More like #grandpa
bailey.renee_ : 😂 ily man @em.bu
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My grandma is a fighter haha giving dirty looks and trying to kick and take the tubes out. This woman is the reason I think and believe in the things I do. She is the reason I am so passionate about animals and protecting the environment and loving our earth. New cats every other weekend, giving medicine to the trees, beach and zoo trips all the time. I love this woman so much and am not ready to let her go. Me and my family appreciate all the positive thoughts. #thelemondoesntfalltoofarfromthelontree #grandma #positivevibes #myhippygrandma #fighter
positivevibes - myhippygrandma - grandma - fighter - thelemondoesntfalltoofarfromthelontree -
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