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Oh! Please... #Craving #FoodPorn #KitKat #Chocolates #Deli #Yummy #BestFoodEver #GrabMeSome
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Big news folks! Saturday, February 15 11am-3pm (or until it’s gone.) at Pilgrim Park and Railroad Street in Waterbury (the old station lumber site; next to the train station) Focal Banger- an American IPA , hopped judiciously with Citra and Mosaic, 7% abv $12.50/4-pack- inclusive of state tax ($11.80 + 6% tax) $75/case- inclusive of state tax ($70.75 + 6% tax) Petit Mutant- an American Brett ale fermented entirely with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis; this rustic ale contains almost a pound of Montmorency cherries in each 16 ounce can. $6/ sixteen ounce can inclusive of tax ($5.65 + 6% tax)
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eflynnbot : #craftbeer #craftcan #thealchemist #vtbeer #ipa #hops #GrabMeSome
toppyheader : Wtf brett cherry ale from the Alchemist? Booya!!
eflynnbot : @toppyheader i had to read it twice to make sure I was accurately comprehending what was being said. Didn't see that one coming.
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To all you Texas guys, Prairie Bomb! just hit your state! Grab as much as you can, it's damn good. And if you want to throw it in as an extra on our next trade, I won't be upset :) #craftbeer #oklahoma #texas #prairieartisanales #bomb #stout #delicious #grabmesome!
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beer_and_music : I'd stab someone's mother for it, not my own... But someone's.
brocksuede : @bearded_beer_guy Woah. It is just beer. No need to get all stabby!
citizen_monroe : @noisefights @janitorjerm @sixshotsinge
thejukes : Not sure I'll see it down here in Laredo. All the spoiled city folk will buy it all up. Fingers crossed, though!
brocksuede : @thejukes they shipped a bunch of cases so in sure you will see it! Happy hunting my friend :)
the_craftbeerdsman : I'm def gonna have to get some!
brocksuede : @the_craftbeerdsman Should be all around you as we speak! If you grab any extras, I'll trade you for them with some awesome new releases hitting very soon :) Good luck and happy hunting!
the_craftbeerdsman : Thanks man! I'll be on the look out. BTW Lakewood Brewing is bottling their Bourbon Barrel Temptress and it is hitting the shelves this month. It is so good! I'm hoping to grab plenty of it.
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shogun_stickxg : #teamlazy
mario_magooster : haha...aye you goin to gvg lml
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Oh helll no now I done seen eerrrthang #TF #Cheetos #Ratchet #GrabMeSome
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bayareamami : I love Winco!
ara_bruh7 : Wtf
bmojo : I'd put my face in there and motor boat it
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