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Tis the season#troegs#madelf#gophils#11%
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Decorating the tree and found this gem. Some things start early and never change. #GoPhils #Ballplayer
ballplayer - gophils -
sventology : ^_^
chris346 : You should sign with them, they need you!
mitchell_johnson10 - taarynnn - morganlitchfield17 - erikalianchen -
haaaappy holidayyysssss #gophils
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stingson : I want that
mrsmecarter11 - bam311 - kristencwalsh - sssneaky -
Mariah Carey and @mikeyftwtons in the back slapping @big_daddy_dane 's butt #doubleplatinum #dutchmaster #freealex #gophils
doubleplatinum - freealex - gophils - dutchmaster -
cjs_mom - trishy_babii - taratoxxxic - alightc -
I told @jakediekman63 I was gonna draw him something festive....thought I'd do an ode to the painting that started it all! haha used #watercolor this time to mix it up haha do you like your elf shoes!? I think you're rockin' them! who says baseball can't be played year round? βšΎοΈπŸŽ¨πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„πŸŽ…β„οΈ #buddies #gophils #jaketheelf #originalart
watercolor - jaketheelf - buddies - originalart - gophils -
arielle_christine_art : So nice!
jakediekman63 : πŸ‘
meganmarie9293 - bryen_desjardin_art - sampb26 - samnel23 -
We scored this cool #vintage poster of #phillies #legend Tug McGraw! This will be in the shop shortly! #gophils #fightinphils #philly #philadelphia #sports #fanatics #phanatic
phanatic - gophils - vintage - phillies - philadelphia - sports - fightinphils - fanatics - philly - legend -
phl.events : Nice!!!
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#nleast #bravessuck #marlinssuck #metssuck #nationalssuck #gophillies #gophils @phillies
gophillies - metssuck - bravessuck - nationalssuck - gophils - marlinssuck - nleast -
this isn't finished yet but I'd thought I'd share it. #halladay #doc #gophils #phillies #mlb #originalart #originaldrawing also I don't even know what to say about #rollins going to the #dodgers as a fan, I'm insulted he chose them....but it's his choice. ⚾️🎨
mlb - dodgers - gophils - doc - phillies - originalart - rollins - originaldrawing - halladay -
philliesmatt10 : Don't draw utley or hamels they might be with the dodgers
major_league_art : @philliesmatt10 I will SOB if chase leaves
alex_moyers : Can u david price?... and alex avila
wingshockey435 : Your a really good artist
alex_moyers : Your a really good artist ..
tfios.runner.fandom : I would too @major_league_art he is my favorite player
ryanjc22 - jorleeduf - calebsuper -
Thanks for the memories Jimmy. Greatest Phillie ever! Sad to see him go but it was time. #jimmyrollins #philadelphiaphillies #phillieforlife #08mlbchamps #bestever #dodgerssuck #gophils
dodgerssuck - 08mlbchamps - gophils - jimmyrollins - bestever - philadelphiaphillies - phillieforlife -
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Going to miss my favorite Phillie #JimmyRollins. #2007MVP #3xallstar #2008WorldSeriesChamp #4xGoldGlove #2,306hits #453stolenbases #GoPhils
2 - 4xgoldglove - 3xallstar - 453stolenbases - gophils - 2008worldserieschamp - 2007mvp - jimmyrollins -
zack.j.smith : Dodgers are bae
pmcgrail_loe : @zack.j.smith oh you're a Dodgers fan now?
zack.j.smith : No @pmcgrail_loe
brbkevin - nickybaddd - pmcgrail_loe - kevinalbright7 -
#watercolor I'm working on of roy halladay!! kinda loving these watercolor pencils! ⚾️🎨 #gophils #lovemyphils #royhalladay #originalart
watercolor - originalart - gophils - royhalladay - lovemyphils -
vettefund : Matter of fact, I think Doc retired 1 year ago today
ealexanderbakes : @vettefund really? haha that's awesome!
jigglemebelz - sampb26 - robbiestevenback_ - jdcalderone -
working on roy halladay! it's a crime he doesn't have a ws ring! #halladay #phillie #gophils #mlb #originalart
mlb - phillie - originalart - halladay - gophils -
364.baseball : When your finished you should do DEREK JETER in caps
brett.caillou : @major_league_art This one is fucking good!!!
major_league_art : @brett.caillou now you're trying to be nice? πŸ˜‚
thesportsfanclub : Your art is ugly
ryan_mitchell2000 : Are you kidding this is amazing!
major_league_art : @ryan_mitchell2000 no I'm not kidding you! haha thank you!
ryan_mitchell2000 : Oh I was talking about the comment that @thesportsfanclub said
major_league_art : @ryan_mitchell2000 haha you didn't tag him I couldn't tell!
shelbylovesdbacks - h_dog22 - emanparsons - andy_rocks_9901 -
New #phillies onesie #philly #phanatic #philadelphia #pa #midtownvillage available in-store! #kids #fashion #sports #apparel #gophils
phanatic - kids - fashion - gophils - philly - phillies - philadelphia - sports - pa - apparel - midtownvillage -
omarcrespo : Wow!
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⚾️❀️ #citizensbankpark #gophils
citizensbankpark - gophils -
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The @phillies had a lot of logo changes through the early years. Here are some of our favorites! #philly #philadelphia #gophils #phillies #ShibeVintageSports #sports #fashion #apparel and #hat #boutique #store #midtownvillage
shibevintagesports - fashion - gophils - hat - phillies - philadelphia - sports - apparel - midtownvillage - boutique - store - philly -
fithustleclothing : On a mission to give recognition, come check us out please
kellybesset : Nice!
bellanocesare : Need a 1949 for my collection. Have the 1925, 1948, and 1950-1969.
jmenk21 : @poncho717
bellanocesare - stackman49 - phillysocial - colozzlez -
this is a @phillies P I painted! 100% free hand. looking forward to baseball season! #gophils #lovemyphils #watercolor #buddies ⚾️🎨❀️
watercolor - buddies - lovemyphils - gophils -
ealexanderbakes : @jakediekman63 @aschecody @jdefratus hope you guys like it!
jakediekman63 - rissas22 - kelly_clark9 - marytan1 -
#shibevintagesports NEW HOLIDAY WINDOW 🎁#sports #fashion #apparel #store #midtownvillage #philly #philadelphia #eagles #phillies #flyers #sixers #flyeaglesfly #gobirds #bleedgreen #birdgang #gophils #fightinphils #broadstreetbullies
shibevintagesports - fashion - gobirds - phillies - birdgang - philadelphia - fightinphils - sixers - midtownvillage - bleedgreen - flyeaglesfly - philly - gophils - broadstreetbullies - sports - flyers - apparel - eagles - store -
thewraplifestyle : I hope you have a great day!
jennrose086 - livephilly215 - philadelphiaeagles2014 - thewraplifestyle -
#watercolor phillies logo! notice the baseball have hearts on them because I love my team! it's not quite finished yet but I figured I'd share it cause my sister likes it! 100% free hand ! QOTD: why do you love your team!? I mean they aren't as awesome as my boys πŸ˜‰ haha ❀️⚾️🎨 #phillies #gophils #lovebaseball #mlb #originalart #didimentioniwantbaseball ? AVAILABLE ON MY SOCIETY 6 PAGE
mlb - watercolor - didimentioniwantbaseball - gophils - phillies - originalart - lovebaseball -
major_league_art : @jaredpatane5 mets yankees nats pretty much every other team EW haha
jaredpatane5 : @major_league_art I hate a lot of teams but only because they beat the mets all the time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
major_league_art : @jaredpatane5 the pirates EW I dk I might hate them more than the nats
major_league_art : @jaredpatane5 haha sorry to the fans of those teams gotta love a good sports trash talkin' haha
jaredpatane5 : @major_league_art it's fine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Since I'm a mets fan I'm used to it but the only trash talking I do is too teams that can't beat the mets like Cubs or Marlins
shelbylovesdbacks : @major_league_art born and raised a Dbacks fan! Win or lose!! Winning record or losing record it doesn't matter to me!! I like the Nationals somewhat but I don't cheer for them! I just like them because of their manager because he was a really good diamondback before! The teams I dislike the most are the Dodgers, Pirates, and Brewers! Can't stand those teams!
corey.baseball.life : I literally can't process how amazing of a drawer you are and now you have like 1500 followers to show your work to and you r just getting better and better at drawing and this... Well this is unbelievable I just hope you can one day show your work to millions!! βœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŒŸβœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰βœ¨πŸŽŠπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
major_league_art : @corey.baseball.life awwww! that whole thing is unbelievably nice! haha thank you! 😊⚾🎨 I hope millions enjoy my art too!
tizzle_26 - jeffreyambriz - julia_delamare - the.cannon24 -
I miss baseball so much! here is a drawing for my favorite team the @phillies ! I want to go to a game so bad! there's nothing like sitting with crowd! the energy is so crazy and fun! BASEBALL SEASON COME BACK! ⚾️🎨 #gophils #lovebaseball #mlb #originaldrawing
lovebaseball - mlb - originaldrawing - gophils -
adre_05 : Could you do mike trout?!
adre_05 : @major_league_art
jacksonholbert : I've never seen anyone with such talent!!
major_league_art : @jacksonholbert aw! really!? thank you!
averwey22_ : It's really good but the brim looks a little off, but still your very good at this
mattyicebaseball - we_run_boston - christhefan3 - phillies_fan26 -
this is my ceramics final from last semester. 100% ORIGINAL DESIGN. made by hand and painted by hand. this is one of my FAVORITE pieces and I'm so proud of it! so please no copying! thank you! just thought I'd share I also do ceramics!! #gophils #phillies #lovemyphillies #originalceramicpiece #originalart⚾️🎨
originalart - phillies - originalceramicpiece - lovemyphillies - gophils -
official_dill_pickle : Can u do a giants 1 and post it on society 6 so i can buy it
major_league_art : @official_dill_pickle a sculpture? I currently don't have access to a kiln....I'll tell you when I do though
ballin4oscar : @major_league_art you should do Matt Carpenter. Please πŸ™
scpearson56 : how about one for the stl louis cardinals and post it on society 6 so i can buy it
cade_dawg02 : Wow that's goodπŸ‘
major_league_art : @scpearson56 a painting? or a sculpture? I don't have access to a kiln right now so I would have to make it out of something else besides clay if you want a sculpture or i guess I could find a kiln somewhere haha I dk
scpearson56 : yea a sculpture lol
i_petrozzi - tristan_schwartz_28 - its_ya_boy_jerome_ - kgreene_12_ -
Phillies hat + Mullet = '93 Phils. #phillies #darrendaulton #lennydykstra #dutch #nails #kruk #wildthing #bluejayssuck #gophils
bluejayssuck - gophils - phillies - kruk - lennydykstra - dutch - darrendaulton - wildthing - nails -
joshosswald : #MikeSchmidt
joanna_cas - zach_djanikian - studiomanufact - craigadams792 -
I decorated #goPhils ⚾️🏑
gophils -
samfri : #dogsofinstagram
liiiilia - catiecathy - ryancobourn - swisham23 -
in 2010 my best friend and I saw Matt and Kim for free. I would also like to say that I had a fake tooth on that retainer and I miss it.
gophils -
pelissy : #hidingfrommyhaters
taylorcullen : #gophils @pelissy
hayley_lynne - isleptwithjfktwice - lroot5 - tnelly23 -
since thanksgiving is in a few days, I thought I tell you guys how thankful I am for all of you that have followed, liked, left nice comments, and shouted out major league art. I was so excited when I got 300 followers, now I'm almost at 1.3k! which is crazy! I've been working really hard on my art and love sharing my art with you guys! I even wrote my username in the sand at the beach in hopes that I'd get some followers haha but I think your shout outs were a little more productive! haha your support is awesome! so everyone have a good thanksgiving and tell people who you're thankful for! :) I'll post more art later! ❀️⚾️🎨 #mlb #sportsart #gophils #originaldrawing #chasingmydream #determined #success #thankful #hardwork #iwillsucceed
mlb - success - gophils - sportsart - chasingmydream - originaldrawing - hardwork - thankful - iwillsucceed - determined -
baseballcards70 : Can u follow my sports account its @allsports24_7 it would mean a lot to me
itsthesoftballife : sfs?πŸ’•πŸ’•
tjamaicapogue : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ CONGRATS CHICA!!!
max_sports_cards : Could u do Tomas Tatar, for the detriot red wings, (NHL)
jsosdesign : Please can you do one last panda as a giant picture
birdscentral : Congrats!!
itsthesoftballife : check dmπŸ‘Œ
wrapnrelax : That rocks!! Looking to connect with some interesting instagrammers #followme I #followback
christhefan3 - we_run_boston - mira_skater - eadog11 -
ok so I'm up rn.....it's almost 3 am.....so I figured might as well post something! here is a sketch I did but I took the pic at an angle so it's a little distorted. #chaseutley #utley #mlb #phillies #gophils #theman #originaldrawing
mlb - theman - gophils - phillies - chaseutley - utley - originaldrawing -
jimmykimrey : Phillies
re2pect_waz_here : @major_league_art #can you please draw Mike napoli
uwannafollowme : @jstaub99 look who it is
jake.trill : Will u do sean Doolittle
jstaub99 : Haha the best 2nd baseman to play the game πŸ‘ @uwannafollowme
brianrmcbroom : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mlb.news.247 : F4F
densedigiital : The booty
harrybickings - we_run_boston - mira_skater - gavin_hollingsworth12 -
#TeamUSA #USA #JPCrawford #Phillies #GoPhils #PhilliesNation #FuturesGame
jpcrawford - futuresgame - gmoneythanksgiving - teamusa - usa - gophils - philliesnation - phillies -
turntupgfx : F4f?
tigersandphillies : #gmoneythanksgiving
trouthamilton27 - joey_18_bro -
#MLB #Baseball #GoPhillies #Philadelphia #Phillies #PhiladelphiaPhillies #PhilliesNation #ChrisNelson #LoveBaseball #MLBTopicPhillies #MLBTopicChrisNelson #InstaBaseball #InstaMLB #InstaGood #InstaNews #InstaCool #MLBNews #Sports #Sport #SportsNews #GoPhils #Phils #PhilsNations
chrisnelson - mlbnews - instamlb - phillies - lovebaseball - mlbtopicphillies - baseball - philsnations - philliesnation - sportsnews - instanews - sport - instacool - mlb - mlbtopicchrisnelson - philadelphiaphillies - gophils - philadelphia - sports - gophillies - instagood - instabaseball - phils -
sox.coverage : 1100?
agastyog : Set the record 4 most games in a season thts impressive
mlbtopic : @sox.coverage One 100 game season
sox.coverage : Oh
baseballeverything__ : What do you use to make these?? I've been wondering this for a while😬
mlbtopic : @baseballeverything__ I use Phonto!
baseballeverything__ : @mlbtopic ok thanks I'll look for it
hunterleeanderson - mac_mclinden - rcasper17 -
wasn't sure if I was gonna post this on this account but the people I showed like it so here is a #watercolor I did of a baseball I got at a game! #mlb #cantgetenoughbaseball #gophils #originalart
watercolor - mlb - cantgetenoughbaseball - gophils - originalart -
kevin_7_22 : That is boss
couldabeenacontender : This is really great. Fantastic work.
k1ng.brady : You should do more water colors. This is amazing!
_king_nolan : That's really good
mrpchill : This is awesome!!! Hella digging your watercolor work, would like to see more!
tow_michael23 : @major_league_art I just saw this and I absolutely love it. Great job. I was wondering if you could do a Ken Griffey jr in his homerun swing.
brett.caillou : this ones really good
twincity_cards : Omg I want this bad!
christhefan3 - phillies_fan26 - tntminer_flores - garrettmc20 -
2008. My man @rcmcvey13 and I when we used to party at Ivy. What a great year..... #WSChampions #GoPhils #StandardPose
standardpose - wschampions - gophils -
brynnnn : Go to bed
smelsers : Hahah aw little babes
pmcvey85 - michelle__thompson - tldoody36 - julesskakes -
#shibevintagesports located in #midtownvillage #philly #philadelphia #independent #boutique #smallbusiness #vintage #style #fashion #sports #apparel #flyeaglesfly #gobirds #flyguys #flyersgear #eagles #eaglesgear #phillies #gophils #sixers #76ers #football #basketball #bleedgreen www.ShibeSports.com
independent - shibevintagesports - fashion - 76ers - gobirds - smallbusiness - phillies - football - flyguys - bleedgreen - apparel - eaglesgear - sixers - philly - style - basketball - flyersgear - flyeaglesfly - vintage - boutique - gophils - philadelphia - sports - midtownvillage - eagles -
jenjibeme : Wow!
nemisclothing : Sweet! Check out our page :)
philadelphiaeagles2014 - freshmarketfinds - wearkreatix - feclarksonq2yyf -
today's art project= trying to paint a really cool watercolor of the ball jake gave me on my birthday! #priceless #watercolor #gophils #art ⚾️🎨
watercolor - priceless - art - gophils -
rissas22 - sampb26 - summerbabysara - chasing_utley -
so I was moving things from my ipod to my iphone and I found this 5 sec gem! filmed by @allthatjas4 haha think I like to talk? @jakediekman63 #friends #buddies #beesknees #catspajamas #fellowleftys #naturalblondes #lovemyphils #lookingforwardtobaseballseason #loveit #gophils
beesknees - gophils - catspajamas - buddies - lookingforwardtobaseballseason - loveit - naturalblondes - friends - fellowleftys - lovemyphils -
meganmarie9293 - sampb26 - mattporowski - rissas22 -
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