Throwing it way back to last night grillin wangs and livin the dream. Thanks for the sweet photo @garry_182 #simplertimes #gophils
simplertimes - gophils -
br_swagz : good boy
susannabuckley : Best. Wings. Ever. @pfdartagnan
hayward51 : U need a miner"s hatπŸ”¦
mtitone : Luh me a grilled wangs batch... It's a wing off! @mdouble @larrystablehand @samirlyons
audiorehabproject : ditto what @mtitone dun said. grilled wangs, nothin makes me happier @pfdartagnan
kured_right - daneshazzle - eleanormargaret - larrystablehand -
Winter Jam #gaslightanthem #walkthemoon #coldwarkids #andrewmcmahoninthewilderness #1045winterjam #gophils
walkthemoon - gaslightanthem - 1045winterjam - andrewmcmahoninthewilderness - gophils - coldwarkids -
westcoastchia - baeleyyboo - keks000 - kaja7285 -
philly stadiums #gophils
gophils -
girlz1withcouch - ginnnnnnny - godzilla_vs_elvis - muchluvfor1d -
Beware of the shadows #phillies #gophils @piratechef86
phillies - gophils -
tgallo085 - littletommycurtin - home_onthe_range - amusingmybouche -
drawing #colehamels ! love my lefty pitchers! #gophils #phillies #originaldrawing ⚾️🎨
phillies - colehamels - originaldrawing - gophils -
blakecook52459 : Im a lefty its a gift
jackt_edm : He doesn't play for the Phillies
major_league_art : @corypaulgriff thank you! that's the goal to improve!!!!!
major_league_art : @jackt_edm yes he does
abbeymisk : Them eyes thoπŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
major_league_art : @abbeymisk πŸ˜‚ ikr haha I'll try to get to to yours tomorrow!
abbeymisk : OkπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thank you
jackt_edm : Nah he doesn't
buckeyesfan01 - jeffreyambriz - jackson_snyder_27 - nicky_gsquad -
#baseball #Phillies #gophils
phillies - baseball - gophils -
sam_kogan - tinabyphone - lindsaymadeleine - mattcales -
#gophils #philadelphia
philadelphia - gophils -
itsmejessiica : Lmfao
julldaddy : When I see this I want you to be my grandpop πŸ’—
jesuisdru - itsmejessiica - banerin - rubylopes -
No Hawaiian vacation is complete without a little morning pitching practice with Cole Hamels #gophils #pitchperfect #ilikethehighones
pitchperfect - ilikethehighones - gophils -
mischief_lisa : I am so jealous of ur life @ewixted
stephanieslotkin : Tell @elizcwix to let you read out txt messages about this pic πŸ˜„ @ewixted
elizcwix : I made @chritteeenn read them we were dying and I'm making Eileen read them as soon as I see her!! I don't know anyone in the world who loves be Phillies more than Craig!
elizcwix : @stephanieslotkin
ewixted : @stephanieslotkin I had tears in my eyes!!! Tell Craig I'll make sure he knows he loves him, but that I love him more and wish his wife didn't exist!
moti0130 - santoshalper - sveltemetals - devdotcom -
Monday hikes πŸ’šπŸ’š #kapalua #hikingchronicles #mauilivin #gophils
hikingchronicles - mauilivin - kapalua - gophils -
professorlau : How was the hike?
blueanneee : It was so amazing! @professorlau great views and tons of fun things to look at and see, wild pineapples fun red dirt that we painted all over us haha it was really long though
professorlau : @blueanneee that sounds fun. I need to make it out there and visit you guys :-)
blueanneee : For sure! Take ya in hikes :p @professorlau
mermaid_belle27 - professorlau - itsajackal101 - 40sorority -
#whattaview of the #skyline in #philadelphia from the #ballpark 😍 missing my roots! #ballpark #phillies #gophils
skyline - whattaview - gophils - phillies - ballpark - philadelphia -
bocapova - khandeesweet78 - ccphilly - fatiiimama19 -
This is fuckin stupid. #toocold #iwantspring #cantwaitforbaseballseason #gophils
gophils - toocold - cantwaitforbaseballseason - iwantspring -
zachmilly124 : @taxman_2008 I'm ready for beach and bikinis. Cmon summer!!
diabeetusman - zachmilly124 - lanunzill - paulyboy_54 -
#MLB #Baseball #Phillies #Philadelphia #PhiladelphiaPhillies #GoPhils #GoPhillies #AaronHarang #CitizensBankPark #MLBTopicPhillies #RubenAmaro #MLBTopicAaronHarang #InstaMLB #InstaNews #InstaSports #InstaBaseball #InstaGood #News #Blockbuster #OnTheMove #HotStove #MLBNews #Sport #Sports #SportsNews
hotstove - mlbnews - instamlb - phillies - onthemove - mlbtopicphillies - baseball - citizensbankpark - news - sportsnews - instanews - sport - rubenamaro - mlb - blockbuster - instagood - gophils - aaronharang - philadelphia - sports - gophillies - mlbtopicaaronharang - instasports - instabaseball - philadelphiaphillies -
zhhcx23 : They are getting younger by trading away Utley
zhhcx23 : Rollins*
jp_bazzano : Wtf happened to reset button for them
c_smitty77 : Ruben Amaro is a fucking idiot
astros.only : Dm me @mlbtopic
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curbside - sickphoto - datenight - gametime - phillies - gophils - philadelphia - instaphillies - lucky - sunset - citizensbankpark -
fightinforphilly - volpeeexperience - miss_gulay - adriiii_leeee -
i wanna meet #bradlidge one day! him and #chooch hugging after they won the #worldseries in 2008 might actually be one of my favorite baseball pictures ever! #gophils #phillies #mlb #watercolor #originalart ⚾️🎨
worldseries - mlb - originalart - chooch - phillies - gophils - watercolor - bradlidge -
dallas_suckz : Probably the nicest player I've ever met! Yea I'm doin better it was back it 2009 the year after the World Series win thanks for asking!
major_league_art : @dallas_suckz good to hear that! I love him so it would be awesome to meet him! and good that you're doing better!
major_league_art : @dallas_suckz also coming from someone who has had health issues keep keepin on!!!!
dallas_suckz : True dat!
instacrev : I was there πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜ @major_league_art
pure.edits.son : Carlos Gomez?
major_league_art : @instacrev that's awesome! I'm sure cbp was insane haha
roncasaurus : @rc356
sf.giants.55 - mxjensen34 - imjuliang - friend_falcons32 -
Sunday morning brunch dates. #gophils
gophils -
bobdobbs65 : LURVE
mas_reen : Bleacher creature!
zacharysergi : Surely that's a cousin of plopsy.
cpry14 - pamela.t.banks - rodeh30 - nnekamitchell -
so here is a drawing of #davidbuchanan he pitched an AWESOME GAME on my birthday this year! def think he's gonna be a good part of the phils rotation next year! #gophils #lovemyphils #phillies #originaldrawing ⚾️🎨 I know it's not perfect!!!!! haha
davidbuchanan - phillies - lovemyphils - originaldrawing - gophils -
major_league_art : @alliisyn thank you! and sure! which player?
major_league_art : @alliisyn thank you!!!! glad you like it!
fightinphils : @davidb831
m_mikoda13 : Can you do Carlos Gomez?
hank_the_tank7 : Do the cards logo
major_league_art : @hank_the_tank7 already did! gotta scroll!
kidperfectig : Carlos Gomez!
rc356 : @roncasaurus
devon.nippins - benj0204 - calebsuper - pittsburghkids18 -
realized I never posted the whole pic of my #bradlidge drawing! #lidge #gophils #lovemyphils #phillies #wschamp #loveeeeeehim #mlb #originaldrawing ⚾️🎨
mlb - loveeeeeehim - gophils - lidge - originaldrawing - wschamp - bradlidge - phillies - lovemyphils -
rc356 : @roncasaurus
cards_for_sale5 : Awesome!
vobaseball12 : Please don't take this the wrong way as I love your drawings, but I would like you to take longer on your drawings, making them perfect. I understand you want to get content out there for your followers, but I'd rather see less drawings with more detail, rather than more drawings with less detail. Please don't get mad, I'm just giving my opinion on what I would do if I was you. Otherwise, great job! πŸ‘
lukerussell15 : #LightsOutLidge
nick_is_boss_23 - benj0204 - mira_skater - andy_rocks_9901 -
#NewYearSameAsshole #MummersParade #Mummers2015 #okPhilly #GoPhils
okphilly - newyearsameasshole - gophils - mummersparade - mummers2015 -
february_storm : Happy New year :) β™‘@tprickett7
stef0nee : Love that smile! πŸ˜‰
hockey484 : I was at Mummers this year too! @tprickett7
sea_jay_berg - baxter14 - ashdrive - painslee21 -
Still one of my favorite players #newjersey #isitbaseballyet #hatergonnahate #benrevere #gophils
isitbaseballyet - benrevere - newjersey - hatergonnahate - gophils -
sp7eleven - havenvip_greg -
inspired by this baseball card! not finished yet! #watercolor #gophils #formerphillie #mlb #originaldrawing ⚾️🎨
watercolor - mlb - formerphillie - originaldrawing - gophils -
therealcarsonseeber11 : Awesome, tony Gwynn jr is one of my favorite ball players, when he was a brewer he signed a ball for me and talked to me a bit, class act
detroitlions_mobile : @therealcarsonseeber11 isn't he dead
therealcarsonseeber11 : His dad is unfortunately @maddenmobile.elite
rohan_rumalla : @maddenmobile.elite his dad (tony Gwynn) is
isbp_83 : Gonna #misshim he was one of the best Phillies of the dynasty 07-11 hope Thor dodgers treat u well @jrollins11
major_league_art : @isbp_83 that's tony gwynn jr
isbp_83 : Oops lol
isbp_83 : Looked like a jimmy card
s.y.d.n.3.y___ - nick_is_boss_23 - calebsuper - h_dog22 -
He's got Eagles green behind him because his room is Eagles green and silver... But he's ready for the Phillies!! #gophils #coop
coop - gophils -
dogie51 - mywifeandismoke - mom4eva1 - mandytresidder -
We got a Phillies gnome a couple of years ago from my sister and the SoCal sun had faded it really bad. We got a new one just like it from my folks. I decided to let the kids paint the old one so we can put him with the new one. I think they did a good job. I hope everyone is having a great Sunday morning! #proudmomma
iphoneonly - proudmomma - instaddict - vscoaddict - gophils - vsco - fightinphils - iphone - vscocam - instagramjustforfun -
nikmock : #gophils #fightinphils #vsco #VSCOcam #vscoaddict #iphone #iphoneonly #instaddict #instagramjustforfun
verna21here : Wow like it! Check out my bio ;)
bonoeno - waxxman - 90msk - ze.vanya7 -
gotta get back to drawing!!!! This is brad lidge! I just loveeeee him! one of my favorite baseball players ever! #gophils #worldseries #bradlidge #lovehim #originaldrawing ⚾️🎨
worldseries - lovehim - bradlidge - originaldrawing - gophils -
futuremlbplayer44 : How about Derek Jeter @major_league_art
kingwasian : #fallingoffalidge
major_league_art : @kingwasian ws 2008
kingwasian : Regular season 2011 and regular season 2012
major_league_art : @kingwasian don't be mean
kingwasian : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
buckeyesfan01 - ianchillz - pirates.only - kathfelix1618 -
#Repost from @yogawithjake with @repostapp ---being very humbled this Christmas! The little guy was speechless when he opened his gift - a signed bat from #phillies #pitcher David Buchanan. Thanks @davidb831 for making a die-hard phillies fans #christmas! #gophils #phillyyoga #phillysports #realathletesdoyoga
phillyyoga - gophils - phillies - pitcher - realathletesdoyoga - phillysports - christmas - repost -
super_man_gowen - payupmat - joshwebb99 - kellie7511 -
The little guy was speechless when he opened his gift - a signed bat from #phillies #pitcher David Buchanan. Thanks @davidb831 for making a die-hard phillies fans #christmas! #gophils #phillyyoga #phillysports #realathletesdoyoga
phillyyoga - gophils - phillies - phillysports - pitcher - realathletesdoyoga - christmas -
erin_nowak - domepiscopo - emsteinnn - leosala -
Gotta rep our Philly gear. Win or lose. Rain or shine. Go Eagles and go phils!!!! @philadelphiaeagles @phillies @jaws_nflmatchup #philadelphiaeagles #eagles #phillies #fightinphils #phils #goeagles #gophils #winning #puppy #doggy #mansbestfriend #adorable #beard #noshave #grizzly #beanies #philliephanatic #sports
mansbestfriend - phillies - goeagles - fightinphils - philadelphiaeagles - eagles - beanies - sports - phils - puppy - gophils - grizzly - philliephanatic - winning - noshave - doggy - adorable - beard -
guiltyconscience73 : dope. check us out!
mandeep23240 - not1hat - emilyadd0090 - bluevelvettattoo -
the evolution of my chase utley drawing! not done yet but I haven't posted much so I figured I'd share! #utley #gophils #loveeeeeeee #originaldrawing ⚾️🎨
utley - loveeeeeeee - originaldrawing - gophils -
awesomenick92 : That is amazing! Omg you are truly great at drawing it's not even funny! I love all of these and keep drawing and don't give up! Your gonna be someone special one day! I can just tell!
major_league_art : @awesomenick92 omg I was just gonna post something about not giving up because I feel like I'm struggling with the drawing lately! that's so nice ☺️ thank you! aw I hope I'm someone special! haha
awesomenick92 : Yeah no problem! Your drawings are amazing and don't let no one tell you any different! You really got a gift here and don't let it go!
tritter15 : Your drawings are great!
major_league_art : @tannerr__15 thank you! :)
macy_schnapp_56 : @major_league_art it would make my day if you drew joe kelly from the Boston Red Sox. It would mean the world to me. If you draw him please tag me in it. Thank you so much if you do!❀️😘😍⚾️
h.t.f : Really good
jack_34shaw - re2pect_waz_here - bochythefrenchie - nlb_awesomeness_213 -
THE BIGGGGG PIECEEEE! #ryanhoward #howard #thebigpiece #lovemyphils #gophils #mlb #originaldrawing ⚾️🎨
mlb - howard - thebigpiece - gophils - ryanhoward - originaldrawing - lovemyphils -
unknownartist_chloe_ : Hey you are such an amazing artist! But I've noticed on your graphite pieces the pencil seems to smear over the paper. What I do is put a folded Tissue or piece of paper over where I've finished. It helps keep the drawing clean! I hope you find this tip helpful and I think you're going to go so far in the art business!😊
major_league_art : @unknownartist_chloe_ thank you!!!! and yeah I'll definitely try that'
major_league_art : @unknownartist_chloe_ thanks for the tip! πŸ‘πŸ˜„
unknownartist_chloe_ : Glad I could help😘
major_league_art : @unknownartist_chloe_ your arts awesome! what materials do you use?
unknownartist_chloe_ : Thank you! I use Prismacolor colored pencil and just normal paper but sometimes I use Smooth Bristol because it blends the pencil better, and to blend I use a white colored pencil. I really recommend the colored pencil, I think you'd like them if you're ever looking for something new!!πŸ’•
rc356 : @roncasaurus
fightinsfanatic : Very nice
baseball_is_life_216 - re2pect_waz_here - adrianv_13 - baseballgod_ndd_20 -
early morning #walk/#jog #stayactive #getfit #weightloss #healthandwellness #gophils
walk - stayactive - getfit - healthandwellness - gophils - jog - weightloss -
healthbenefits101 : This is fabulous, I love it! I think you'd love our page, give it a follow :) Stay healthy!
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#firstclass #rollins #gophils #teamtobeat
firstclass - rollins - teamtobeat - gophils -
matty_kel_e - thejamiefox - blaisereifer - amandac1410 -
Tis the season#troegs#madelf#gophils#11%
11 - madelf - troegs - gophils -
callmekellyt - christineallen28 - luvleelife22 - terruf -
phillies - 215 - philly - citizensbankpark - gophils -
erin040412 - tuckcolt - crazychele1 - fatiiimama19 -
Decorating the tree and found this gem. Some things start early and never change. #GoPhils #Ballplayer
ballplayer - gophils -
sventology : ^_^
chris346 : You should sign with them, they need you!
taarynnn - erikalianchen - morganlitchfield17 - chris346 -
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