Don't dive in pools when your tall #tallproblems #poolfail #gooseegg
tallproblems - poolfail - gooseegg -
m_c_hanna66 - rlala - norrismg_ - kendraalexanderr -
Within 5 min it started to bruise! #gooseegg #tubing #lakekoocanusa #stillfun #gonnahurttomorrow #kneetotheface @marileep88
gonnahurttomorrow - gooseegg - stillfun - tubing - lakekoocanusa - kneetotheface -
carabarnes86 : Ouch!
alexashli : Ouchie
carabarnes86 - marileep88 - meganflannery24 - alexashli -
This is what happens a when you get a toy popcorn chucked at your head by a 1 year old. #gooseegg #thanksson #sterlingshenanigans
sterlingshenanigans - thanksson - gooseegg -
nhaagen25 - macadyhaws - hair_by_jes_ - treupena24 -
#Gooseegg #LoyaltyoverRoyalty #StillaHeatle The cavs are gonna win as many championships as they did before when they had Lebron.
stillaheatle - loyaltyoverroyalty - gooseegg -
brodentheaussie : Leme guess your faverout team now is Cleveland
brodentheaussie : **in advance spelling mistake somewhere probs**
therealrenlouie : Screw the cavs. Winning championships isn't in they're vocabulary. They only can win the Lottery... And Lebron sweepstakes. I'm still a heatle @brodentheaussie
devinwilll - condog_millionaire29 - cannobre - jakobpurdy -
FuckYea People KERSHAW up 2-0 need the sweep #brews #bowls #bbq #ilovecooking #goblue #gooseegg
brews - ilovecooking - goblue - bbq - kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk - kershaw - gooseegg - bowls -
ag1981sun : Giants Suck Ass #kershaw #kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk #goblue #gooseegg 5-0 dodgers WIN CHEeRS
xmeouttheebs - trane_oner - al12jz - trueronron -
This is what happens when you play with a 5 year old #gooseegg #auntferfer
auntferfer - gooseegg -
elliemaeadams - fightmastermike -
It's a war zone #renos #homerenos #gooseegg #rookie #newhouse #diy
newhouse - gooseegg - diy - homerenos - renos - rookie -
allyjanie - bradho14 - pimmtography - liamseamusmurphy -
Monster goose egg for late lunch. Chicken egg next it for scale. Talk about a summer of unreal food. #day72 #gooseegg #100daysofhappiness
day72 - 100daysofhappiness - gooseegg -
melwulalala - la91na91 - carasgarden - 123alliec -
Flashback to almost a week ago when I got hit at the Bmets gameπŸ‘ got a pair of batting gloves from Trenton and a ballπŸ‘Œ @ehrets56 #foulball #bmetsgame #makingprogress #gooseegg #bruise
bmetsgame - gooseegg - makingprogress - foulball - bruise -
mara_kohlbach19 : Oh my gosh!!😱
ktraver5 : Looks much better can't wait to see ya in myrtle!
tremorsbabe10 : Lolol it's alright! @mara_kohlbach19 and thanks mama! @ktraver5 same here!
kelly_saroka : Omg that looks so gross!!
tremorsbabe10 : Yeaaah it's better tho @kelly_saroka
jennbulford - _hey.its.maya_ - tannerao21 - alexthoman89 -
Non WW related post. Sorry!! Did great all day... Then this! Lesson? Don't jump from coffee table to rocking recliner when mommy and daddy already told you no!! This huge goose egg lead to me eating left over pizza. Sounds so stupid, but when I get stressed/scared/upset, eating makes me feel better. :( #poorbaby #gooseegg #listentomommy
poorbaby - listentomommy - gooseegg -
hollybelle_m : Totally understand that! He's very handsome :) goose egg and all!!
ww_hollyhicks1 : Ouch!!
rachaelandsteven : Ouch! :(
mom2angels27 : Wow! Poor baby. I get worried also when my kids get hurt...
juicylucy75 - ww_lauren0602 - rainyallen - ww_hollyhicks1 -
First of hopefully not too many πŸ˜¬πŸ˜–πŸ˜’ #gooseegg #bump #walterw #ouch #poorguy #learningtowalk #9months
learningtowalk - poorguy - walterw - gooseegg - bump - 9months - ouch -
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Took a ball in the face..... From my own bat! #softball #gooseEgg
gooseegg - softball -
hockeyloverr26 - kelseyhogan19 - softball.moments - softball.pix -
Head of broccoli. #literally #beatsabagofice #gooseegg πŸ˜”
literally - gooseegg - beatsabagofice -
rachelfarganis : Boys. πŸ˜•
turner828 : Did he bang his head
atbitting : @turner828 yup. Took quite the tumble πŸ˜•
annetteteeter : Poor baby:(
emjesserer - tracihuffmanphotography - alicehooksmith - karlucci00 -
My baby girl ran right into the bannister today and instantly had a huge bruise/goose egg. 😒 I knew Helichrysum essential oil is great for bruises, pain, and the healing of SO many things. It's very mild so I knew it was safe to apply even on my littlest gal. With ONE application you can see the drastic difference in the bump and bruising!! This makes me so happy because in the past I would of tried to ice it and knowing my baby girl...that would NOT of happened. The oils are so fast, easy, and simple! Only TWO drops of Helichrysum oil right on the bump worked like a charm! Oh and let me tell you that for nose bleeds this baby is GOLD! The husband and my 6 year old get the worst nose bleeds that used to go on forever! Not anymore! ONE drop of Helichrysum on the bridge of nose or directly under the nostril always stops the bleeding within SECONDS! Yes!! It's THAT amazing!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ™ #doterra #essentialoils #drmom #allnatrual #nosebleeds #bleeding #bruise #bump #gooseegg #firstaidkit
bleeding - doterra - essentialoils - bruise - firstaidkit - nosebleeds - bump - gooseegg - drmom - allnatrual -
ncarner : My little one has her very 1st cold! She made it almost 15 months without so much as a sniffle😒but now has the summer time crud. Any suggestions for some natural essential oils for this munchkin?
ampeoliving : @ncarner oh my yes!! There are so many options! That's why I started using the oils in the first place. I wanted something more natural and safe to use on all my babies. Doterra has been amazing!! Email me ahaaubs@gmail.com and I would love to give you some ideas and a list of oils that I would recommend!!
ridethebeave : WOW! 😲
motherfromtheheart : Undiluted? Just pure essential oil? That's amazing!
ampeoliving : Yes!! @motherfromtheheart Doterra's oils really ARE amazing!! A big game changer that's for sure! :)
keeli_nicole - damorekylie - etsyminkymakes - get_doterr_leads -
Someone is popular with lifeguards at public pools! He's been pulled out of the pool in Cedar City, Seven Peaks, and today we add Washington! Hit you head on the rail before you enter the water slide and there's paperwork and everything. #thereisonlyonesully #thankgoodness #gooseegg @tucklamoreaux @robynlam
thereisonlyonesully - thankgoodness - gooseegg -
paigeana : Oh sulls!
glammajannie : Just glad he's ok
sallymack4 : Poor little guy..
pameladawnw : Sully boy...mind your head, will ya?
kennanelizabeth : i love him.
brookejack : His black tooth says it all
sallymack4 - ashlinn_emily - darekrob - cherylbbullock -
#love. Wyldes got a #gooseegg #toughguy #family #mybabies
gooseegg - toughguy - love - mybabies - family -
trhyason : Omg I think that's the exact same spot Laeden had one, lol I'm so not surprised :(
maromaine : Lol we went to emergency room for 5 hrs last night to find out he's fine...
leighannemariee - sarahprince13 - tabby78 - kaleighjacq -
Head trauma is a great way to spend the morning. 🚢πŸ’₯🚴
cyclist - accident - thestruggleisreal - hospital - problems - ouch - broken - fml - bike - gooseegg - waitingroom - gimmemeds -
sperdakos : Uh oh! πŸ‘€
zod0g : Hope all is ok Mara-it's Gail Nat's Mom.
petitelaulau : πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
alyssajgoodman : 😘😘😘😘
kaylacastle_ : Feel betta love 😘
mandahhjuliann : God damn! Feel better πŸ’—
reeraw : 😿😹😿😹😿
shadowsandcookies : That's your arm.
petitelaulau - alyssajgoodman - fixed_motion - emma_stecki -
#bathtimebubby #crooners #babelincoln #dreamalittledream
crooners - gooseegg - bathtimebubby - dreamalittledream - babelincoln -
mamacarobell : #gooseegg
slippywho : Great pic!!
cateped - slippywho - partypardon - hannymelendez -
I am going to miss being with the Nighthawks this year for football. This is a rough decision I have to make that I desperately wishing I did not have to.πŸ˜₯ Thank-you coach Hank for coaching me these past two years and starting up this program. I will support Nighthawk football till I die. Thank you to everyone who understand. I know God will bless you guys this year and and the years after. I will never forget any of you. #nighthawks #football #bestfootballteaminmemphis #gooseegg πŸ‘Œ
nighthawks - football - gooseegg - bestfootballteaminmemphis -
madelyn_winstead : dude. where you going?
carterwps : I will miss you 😒
chriswheeler20 : @madelineh98 to focus on basket ball and school. @madelyn_winstead I'm not going anywhere. I'm just not playing. I know I've played football my whole life. @carterwps I will miss you too!πŸ˜₯ I will still be supporting you tho! Hopefully we can still hangout.
nathaniel_baddeley : why chris why
wyattgh24 : Bro u were actually going places with football
username_calebmack : Yeet
trex_tillman : Still not too late to play 😏
wyattgh24 : Still don't get y u would quit a sport u had potential in bruh
username_calebmack - alexthestovall - brittanytolliverr - anna_olberding -
#firstgift #bday #sweet20 #gooseegg #7colours #190714
190714 - gooseegg - sweet20 - 7colours - bday - firstgift -
chiwi_corner - nguyenngocmaii -
My Egg Art. Use goose egg and Swarovski. Jewelry box. #egg #eggart #art #goose #gooseegg #swarovski #decoratedegg
eggart - goose - swarovski - art - gooseegg - egg - decoratedegg -
fiftyaunt : Awesome!
monsterenergyliz : Beautiful❀
chefdavidgo4th - kippy_arnando - underbiteunite - iulaibabee -
This kid I swear is gonna be in the emergency room soon! I like to say hes a climber + a faller! This was the result of falling off the desk and hitting his head on the bottom molding of it. It swelled immediately and he was pissed! Surprisingly he had another goose egg eerily similar to this one around the same time last year when he ran into the corner of a wall! #thiskidwillbethedeathofme #scarymommamoment #climber #faller #boyswillbeboys #gooseegg #poorbaby #mommasboy #latergram
faller - boyswillbeboys - mommasboy - gooseegg - poorbaby - thiskidwillbethedeathofme - scarymommamoment - climber - latergram -
butterflysnbees : Eek! Poor baby. I just hate it when they get hurt. It's a wonder I am not a bundle of nerves πŸ˜³πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
villedamad : Oh my god!!! He okay?😰
photofan124 : I know right?! I remember before I had him I thought "gee I think it'd be fun to see the differences between raising a girl and a boy" now im like no thank you!! This kid is so reckless I swear he scares the crap out of me on a daily basis! NOTHING like my daughter! ! @butterflysnbees
villedamad - kassy_plus2 - themotleytwins - erinbyrne2 -
Biggest win in club history! #notbad #gooseegg #swannies #bloods #footy
footy - swannies - notbad - gooseegg - bloods -
royer_ky92 - margotmoore - lildrusko - nicstevo28 -
@%#*! #gooseegg #fourletterwords #homereno
fourletterwords - gooseegg - homereno -
kirstenpiccini - emycooks - mommypalooza -
Took a tumble. This is our biggest ouchie to date #milestones #gooseegg #babydown
babydown - milestones - gooseegg -
marygeorge : 😬Ouch!
megmormel : And right in the middle of his precious little forehead. Poor guy.
mystitchstory : Oh no. I'm glad it wasn't worse.
mandyanns : Poor little woo... What did he smack his head on?
darlingjillquilts - eearens - itssewana - mandyanns -
This is what happens when you're so #clumsy you fall out of bed while you're dead asleep #omg #hurtsobad #gooseegg #lol #corypushedme
corypushedme - clumsy - hurtsobad - omg - gooseegg - lol -
mariadefouw : Ouch!!
njaleck : Domestic abuse!!! @cory112 @tshananigans hahah jk πŸ’œ
ruthsunshine : HAHAAHAH
ruthsunshine : HAHAHHHAAGAHAH
missvik12 - nicodefeo - maycockj - joecauston -
Defiantly gonna bruise, shout out to Jevin for hitting me with my rifle! #colorguard #gooseegg #dizzy #pain #injury #colorguardwound #spinning #cut #hurtssobad #majorheadache
cut - pain - spinning - dizzy - gooseegg - colorguard - colorguardwound - injury - hurtssobad - majorheadache -
momina1988 - punkrockirving - kylieskye02 - katlyn_marie04 -
No more monkeys jumping on the bed! #gooseegg #jumpingonthebed #ouch
gooseegg - ouch - jumpingonthebed -
whitneyndevin : Poor baby!
kristijune : :(
cottmanmadalene - jessicarabbit33 - dalektible - jordan_rebekah -
#Gooseegg #toughasnails #4thlinefighter? #cornerofthewallcameoutofnowhere #hedoesn'tseemtomind
toughasnails - cornerofthewallcameoutofnowhere - hedoesn - gooseegg - 4thlinefighter -
jessicadyck14 : Cute kid!
joerigger - joelafulton - adammaglio - jessicadyck14 -
Not even 10 months and he's already got his first goose egg. #bruiserboy #gooseegg #notevenatoddleryet #itsgonnabealong18years
gooseegg - itsgonnabealong18years - bruiserboy - notevenatoddleryet -
ineedamani : Ouch!
repaintremoverepeat : Awww, poor little love! And poor mama! Those first noggin bonks are just awful. :(
ktsmanimania : He cried so hard and then thirty seconds later his sister, who's three, tripped and fell too (no head bumps for her thank goodness).
ktsmanimania : It's been a long night haha
thepolishedperspective - roxy3giraffe - sweetpolishandshine - repaintremoverepeat -
Action shot! #nevahcaughtnattin #gooseegg
nevahcaughtnattin - gooseegg -
kimcheechee : πŸŽ£πŸ˜πŸ˜…
clkubota : Great form! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™
most_hated_808 : Never catch!!but u make fishing look good!! @kimcheechee try dress more like a fisherman than going shopping lol
kimcheechee : @most_hated_808 it's got called fashionably fishing 😜
jenna_michiko : @kimcheechee definitely fashionable fishing πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
justthejames : Who goes fishing in uggs? Lol
kimcheechee : @justthejames I do I do!πŸ™‹πŸ’πŸ˜
eee_n - lindskealawong - lands1 - joeknee45 -
Got hit in the forehead throwing batting practice #GooseEgg
gooseegg -
_squeaks__ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ who hit it
_sleepybear_ : @_squeaks__ my little brother lol
rendanumba9 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mr_awwesomeee - dannymaxwell5 - lindsaywojtaszek_ - rendanumba9 -
So. This happened today. πŸ˜©πŸ˜”πŸ˜’ #FirstHugeKnotOnTheHead #TripToTheDoctor #AllBoy #DidntEvenCry #GooseEgg
triptothedoctor - allboy - gooseegg - didntevencry - firsthugeknotonthehead -
mahavens : πŸ˜’πŸ˜”
kayshae42 : So hard to look at the goose egg, those eyes are captivating 😍 @lexieross1
amj615 : Poor little guy! Good running into you
haleyruiz309 : OMG poor baby. But that face is so cute lol
clbassett : Erik had this goose egg look when he was 2. Leaped off the kitchen counter. I think he thought he was superman. One of many Dr & E-room visits sigh... You're only starting ;)
racheldfox : Awww poor thing but yes I agree with everyone those eyes are stunning!
mr_boomtoown : What happen? @lexieross1
zarazoss : 😭😭 poor lil guy!!
_ohmsrawr - melgribb - miss_lacy - leclar02 -
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