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So proud of my big sis for receiving an anesthesiology internship! Love you #shegoinbigboiz #feedingherjuice #goodshitsis
goodshitsis - feedingherjuice - shegoinbigboiz -
mar1_mar1_mar1 : 😍😍😍
sophiagigz : you guys are so cute
trinaborelli : @celinenicolas congrats πŸ’–πŸ’–
ilanaawinter : I am proud as well ☺️
kimberlyyrockwell - lindseyyjune - juliak444 - margo0poleway -
Let's keep it g all you other girls look beautiful but #Prom2k15 already belong to my big sis πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ’―πŸ˜ #GoodShitSis
goodshitsis - prom2k15 -
_.kvvy : Tbh, she FIU For prom, but I'm your cute, seem chill, laid back, you a stranger thou, you should add me on snap chat if you have one, Name n my bio πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ‘»πŸ˜Š : Tbh. You hella coo, funny, and stay focusedπŸ“š
bswillrise : πŸ’― @_shifty1
melly__mels : Tbh? Heyyyy πŸ‘‹ you cool and stuff, we don't talk though
bigpoppa_babby - eeenitsed - _tjamill - _dishae -
I was in my selfie mode yesterday and my sis was down fa the cause. ...LOL #GOODshitSis lol #BEAUTIFULday #FIRST70+
beautifulday - goodshitsis - first70 -
borngorgeous_28 : @bowtie_dreadhead where do u get the bowties from..I wanna get some for my nephews for easter
bowtie_dreadhead : @shawnepoo25 Burlington :)
borngorgeous_28 : Thanks a mill @bowtie_dreadhead
arley_cyrus - cayden_mother - sexybird1988 - loomisboi062 -
Yeauh, An Uncle . . ! Rowen&Aliya #goodshitsis
goodshitsis -
pretty_lyssaaa - lvbaybeh -
Damn, I started my smart ass movement at a young age. Photo album kind of morning before work, kind of #motivated to get some stuff ready for this nerve wrecking sunday. #IfYouKnowAboutItComeThrough #ItsOnlyGoingToBeFiveMinutesButHopefullyItllBeAStartForSomethingBiggerAndBetter #HypeLife #ThisWholeCommentHadNothingToDoWithThePicture #SoHowBoutThemYankies #OhAndMySisterWasInTheHuffingtonPostToday #GoodShitSis #HopefullyIllGetMyNameBigAsWell #FThatNotHopefullyIWILLGetMyNameBig #ThenEveryoneCanSayOhIKnewHimWhenHeWasJustSomeIndianGuyThatTalkedToCuteGirlsAndHatedIndians #HeAlwaysWroteMotivatedForSomeDumbReasonButItLightWeightGotMeHyped
hypelife - itsonlygoingtobefiveminutesbuthopefullyitllbeastartforsomethingbiggerandbetter - motivated - ohandmysisterwasinthehuffingtonposttoday - ifyouknowaboutitcomethrough - hopefullyillgetmynamebigaswell - thiswholecommenthadnothingtodowiththepicture - healwayswrotemotivatedforsomedumbreasonbutitlightweightgotmehyped - fthatnothopefullyiwillgetmynamebig - goodshitsis - theneveryonecansayohiknewhimwhenhewasjustsomeindianguythattalkedtocutegirlsandhatedindians - sohowboutthemyankies -
yourfavgill : @stephen_schrichfield I LIED IT STARTS AT 8
stephen_schrichfield : @yourfavgill thanks my man
tonywood44 : Damn, I got a big day Monday too....better get that nap Sunday afternoon! πŸ‘πŸ‘³πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
yourfavgill : @tonywood44 gotta do what ya gotta do πŸ‘β˜πŸ‘β˜πŸ‘β˜πŸ‘β˜
maddiebarney - philwest24 - starrenightz - woody4400 -
The Doctor said my sis wouldn't walk or talk when she was born.. Welp! God thought Different! Anything is possible! #Believeevenwhentheydontbelieveinyou #GoodShitSis
believeevenwhentheydontbelieveinyou - goodshitsis - kentuckyfriednigga -
pwillisrt : Good lookin! @politics_as_usual1800 @sk0rpiankissezz ill let her lil ass know!
pwillisrt : @politics_as_usual1800 Lmao! Hell yeah she was #KentuckyfriedNigga lmao!
pwillisrt : *A
samantha_ortizzyyy : Awwe Congrats Lil Mamma :) @pwillis21
mzshanell_lynn - foxxy_baybee - __mhullevents - footz83 -
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