Stole this pic from @suspirialand of our collabo yesterday. My client saw the one we did last week and requested this watercolour/mandala 1/2 sleeve from us. I'm so glad all our schedules allowed this to happen on short notice and was stoked to work with suzi again, more to come on this piece next month. @neotatmachines @silverbackink #eikon #ems420 #neoflex #dotwork #mandala #goodpoint #goodpointtattoos
dotwork - goodpoint - goodpointtattoos - eikon - mandala - neoflex - ems420 -
__andy__ : @starlabuh
__bleu__ : Fuck yeah!
newbreedufc : I would love to have a collaboration piece with you and @joshfields_art we need to make it happen
kuganlawl : @bubskit
coryferguson : @newbreedufc that sounds awesome : ) I'll be there in November we should make it happen then!
akbeck98 : Thank you both @coryferguson and @suspirialand !!!! We made it back across the border....again they couldn't believe we'd come all this way! When the artists are good you do whatever you can! See you guys again soon!
newbreedufc : Boom I'm in! I'll let josh know
mlongboat : @tase23 this looks like both your arms mixed
chainman - ajcollyer789 - _be9_ - lumpy113 -
Cory Ferguson of Good Point Tattoos in Oakville Ontario, Canada will be tattooing out of the NeoTat Booth at Hell City Phoenix. @coryferguson @neotatmachines #hellcity #hellcity2014 #hellcitytattoofest #hellcitytattoofestival #Phoenix #phx #Arizona #Biltmore #resort #tattoo #art #convention #festival #vacation #liveart #hell #neotat #neotatmachines #coryferguson #goodpointtattoos #goodpointtattoo
liveart - arizona - art - phoenix - convention - festival - phx - hell - hellcity2014 - neotatmachines - goodpointtattoo - tattoo - biltmore - hellcitytattoofestival - hellcitytattoofest - vacation - hellcity - resort - goodpointtattoos - coryferguson - neotat -
sidro_steel : That dude is bad ass!
offthemaptattoo : @sidro_steel you took the words right out of my mouth!
even_flow_art : @bigk_art Hey BK! check this page
rawkaholicc - theoneandonlyjohnnyb - retiredladyexec - jenev__ -
Latest addition to the ink collection. Reminder of healthy habits #Tattoo #Apple #Wings #Health #LegTattoo #D4L
tattoo - goodpoint - goodpointtattoos - health - apple - d4l - legtattoo - wings -
jaydas88 : Credits to Caroline Tattersall @evilcko of Good Point Tattoos and Piercings, Oakville #GoodPoint #GoodPointTattoos
sharkbaiittt - linshefer - kjohn2174 -
@neotatmachines @silverbackink #goodpoint #goodpointtattoos #mandala #geometrictattoo #eikon #ems420 @dotsandpatterns
mandala - goodpoint - goodpointtattoos - eikon - geometrictattoo - ems420 -
fburau : @coryboersma_art oooo I like... Might have to add something like this to the arm :)
anselmo_bernal : Fuck yeah!!
zombiegoboomrick : Gorgeous line work
jessmarieab : Soooo nice
rique420 : @kvemm
rique420 : @lberto
joaoxakaxtatu : @rasleo1
rasleo1 : @joaoxakaxtatu πŸ‘Š
danielcgiuliani - jennycide - eddyavilaart - scifimom -
A few more final touches to go, but pretty much finished. @neotatmachines @silverbackink
dotwork - tattoos - goodpoint - goodpointtattoos - eikon - sacredgeometry - ems420 -
xkaluluwax : @damncabs
dab_easy : πŸ”₯
deezerdee : @grwedwards
tattoobymaika : Wouaaaahhhhw!! :)
jrtattoo : G'day mate I'm josh from Hellfire tattoo and piercing in Hobart Tasmania Australia. We are looking for talented guest artists to come down and spend some time with us. We have a large studio and are very accommodating. With your talent and enough notice we could book u solid if you didn't already have clients organised. Hobart is an amazing place if you haven't already experienced it there is a lot to see so I recommend making some time to explore also I can also show you around and have accommodation for you. Please if you are interested don't hesitate to call me on 0408276393 or email is fine also. Regards Josh Hellfire tattoo and piercing @jrtattoo
vivianatrosscab : Bello!!!
karig26 : Super excited for my appointment...
adamcrossmanmusic : πŸ‘Œ
neotatmachines - garthstone - sillyhumantricks - lukajack -
Repost from @coryferguson Fun day at the shop today, collaborating on a native themed sleeve with my friend @suspirialand, she paints she tattoos and she makes rad horror toys called @terror_tots go check her out. #tattoocollaboration #coreyfergusontattoos #goodpointtattoos #nativeamericantattoos #dotwork #tattoostoronto #torontotattoos #canadaink #torontoink #suspiriaart #suspirialand
torontotattoos - dotwork - suspirialand - coreyfergusontattoos - tattoocollaboration - suspiriaart - goodpointtattoos - nativeamericantattoos - tattoostoronto - torontoink - canadaink -
_smoke02_ - california_living831 - sammer7 - dmilyeuncan -
Fin. #tattoo #goodpointtattoos #sleeve
tattoo - goodpointtattoos - sleeve -
julieheather12 - teddywilkie - thearmstrongkid - yarery231 -
Got this one all finished up on @pariahink last week. @neotatmachines @silverbackink #goodpointtattoos #goodpoint
goodpoint - goodpointtattoos -
mtny : Goddam thats sexy!
worldofone : @dayin2nite
jahs10 : 'm/
robdeut.tattooer : Nice swirllll !πŸ‘
zanaca - newdreamlife - thearmstrongkid - djinnvoxx -
Here's a sneak preview of the finished tattoo. You'll get to see the rest when @coryferguson posts his pics of it. #tattoo #polynesiantattoo #tribaltattoo #goodpointtattoos #coryferguson #sofuckinghappywithit
tattoo - sofuckinghappywithit - goodpointtattoos - coryferguson - tribaltattoo - polynesiantattoo -
zanderthorn : Killer
m.i.a.collective - tats_chics_cars - msjessemae -
I also finished up this cover up I started back at #goodpointtattoos The photo is pretty shitty but @mattself13 will be back. Thanks dude. #speakeasy #speakeasy #torontotattoo #tiger #coverup #armpussy
tiger - goodpointtattoos - torontotattoo - speakeasy - coverup - armpussy -
jason_x_holley : Nice!
cdanroth : Nice work @aaron_hill
mattself13 : My double chin looks awesome, thanks for capturing that. Love the tattoo man @aaron_hill
adamsage13 : Siiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccckkkkkkk!!!!!!!!
murder_q : Noice!
aaron_hill : Thanks dudes! @jason_x_holley @cdanroth @adamsage13 @murder_q
aaron_hill : @mattself13 once you get big tattoos you don't need to worry about double chins!
revmatt73 - colinhigginstattoo - mathias9202 - risingwhitetiger -
Finally finished this one up yesterday on @djflair #goodpointtattoos #3dtattoo @neotatmachines @silverbackink
3dtattoo - goodpointtattoos -
silvercity : So very well done Corey!!
migsvasputen : @wstmarquez
newbreedufc : That's such a sick sleeve!
__jpsy__ : Elbow is sick
napalm1000 : Mfin dope...
deezerdee : @grwedwards fuuuuuuuuuuuck!
samgryn : @avidan667
_fr3ck5_ : @eltraviezo305
searchandrescuedenim - makinucci - karig26 - hazem_mahdy -
Year and a half later... #sleeve done. @coryferguson #goodpointtattoos #loveit #tattoo
loveit - goodpointtattoos - sleeve - tattoo -
jayel83 : Looks good!!
hambambiggalo : Dope
zackprohaska : Pa pa pa pa pa! Looks cool buddy
abstrakt_geminii - bar_alacarte - mchaulk44 - mel_1113 -
@coryferguson drawing the last bits of my half sleeve in. #goodpointtattoos #polynesiantattoo #tribaltattoo #freehandtattoo #awesome
freehandtattoo - tribaltattoo - awesome - goodpointtattoos - polynesiantattoo -
pariahink : Please excuse the blurryness: it was a hard position to get a shot of.
msjessemae - inkjb - m.i.a.collective -
Just got this finished yesterday, big thanks to @tamarakingtattoos at #goodpointtattoos for bringing this beautiful piece to life on my arm. It really is better than I could have imagined and I'm proud to wear it for the rest of my days. #tattoo
tattoo - goodpointtattoos -
millerite : Wow! And the pink is a very nice touch.
sjhuether : Thanks @millerite i think so too
tylorkc : Did you cry? Don't lie
sjhuether : ONE single tear @tylorkc ONE dammit!
carlihuether : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— love it!
tylorkc : It's okay @sjhuether I cried a single tear too... BECAUSE ITS SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL
kenwren : Wow - it is awesome!
sjhuether : Thanks @kenwren
josepaulod - thesofster - allyjwilliams - xtinnie -
Black and grey bass with pink cancer ribbon. Done at #goodpointtattoos #oakville #tattoo
tattoo - goodpointtattoos - oakville -
ashthecrash : Wow! Thats amazing!
sjhuether - ashthecrash - elassso - mrgrahamsmith -
100 Mandalas by @coryferguson is now available! #eikon #eikondevice #coryferguson #goodpointtattoos #mandala #tattoomandala
goodpointtattoos - eikondevice - coryferguson - eikon - tattoomandala - mandala -
cyklone : @xalexsierrax
mikemarceltattoo : @chris_tat2
dmt_attoo : @jasonktattooing
tattoosby_cam : How much is this book
tattoosby_cam : @abraham_i_cruz
abraham_i_cruz : Whaa dope!
chris_gilvarry - andersonblueanimaltattoo - capitaltattoo780 - silverbackink -
Our newest addition at #goodpointtattoos bear with me, I'm sure I'll think of a pun soon...
goodpointtattoos -
tyrannosaurusmike : 😍
aheilbron : I simultaneously love and hate this
joshuakane365 : Bearly caught that one.
thenik_og : That is impawsibly life like. #iseewhatyoudidthere
pitoris : Wait for @coryferguson . The pun master
mostradamus : @pitoris I'm sure it'll be a grizzly scene!
pitoris : Amazing hahahah @mostradamus
gooleegin : Beary nice, be carefull u may get into some hairy situations having him around
gooleegin - liamq - whitneyblanche - boodieroo -
Collaboration project myself and the talented @coryferguson put together. Cory's first "actual" colab and my first completed collaborative piece. 24 hours worth of skin time, 12 hours per and done at #goodpointtattoos Client's first tattoo! Patrick sat like a super human boss. Let's all try to be like Patrick! #patrickstrong
patrickstrong - goodpointtattoos -
bmerck_ink : I think I peed a little when I saw this @joshfields_art
mostradamus : #stopcollaborateandlisten
luketattoos : Turned out awesome!
emiliofrom408 : @msskin
michellemoregore : Fucking incredible
stevefrench14 : Nice work bra!
jenfields1028 : BAD ASSπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
kate_1207 : Amazing!
andrefcangussu - dmitrigriffin - tatabadesso - _planetcaravan -
@coryferguson and @joshfields_art taking their relationship to the next level #collaboration #tattoo #goodpointtattoos #nextlevelshit
nextlevelshit - tattoo - collaboration - goodpointtattoos -
jennycide : How romantic
evolutiontattoo - brittanypierce94 - davemorden - kierabonifacio -
Getting ready for the insane colab project with good friend and talented @coryferguson super stoked...Cory will be my second. Cory's first colab my second...cross your fingers!;) #colab #tattoos
tattoos - bigtattoos - colabswithfriends - pintrestisforrecipes - losingmymind - goodpointtattoos - neotatteam - floratattoocare - colab - ttechtattoo - tattoocollectors - neotatmachines - platinumrosestudio -
joshfields_art : #tattoocollectors #bigtattoos #colabswithfriends #neotatmachines #neotatteam #floratattoocare #platinumrosestudio #goodpointtattoos #ttechtattoo #losingmymind #pintrestisforrecipes
chrisvonskop : Can't wait to see the outcome!!
leftybastard : Ummmmm, so my wife's back/arm isn't a collaborative tattoo? I'm kinda sure me and Cory have done colab stuff before this.... Not trying to be a ball buster....
kaceygal2004 - edoardo_sun - binspired82 - ninjewtattoo -
Really fun tanager bird...( me bird man).lol. Thanks @tiff_a_nay81 done during my stay #goodpointtattoos
tattoosdotcom - tattooartist - pintrestisforrecipes - portraits - tattoocollective - fusionink - goodpointtattoos - wip - tattoocollectors - birds - colorful - truetubes - neotatmachines - tattoospotlight - platinumrosestudio - tattoo_freakz - ttechtattoo - floratattoocare - tattoosandtravel - realism - tanager -
joshfields_art : #wip #neotatmachines #ttechtattoo #fusionink #truetubes #tanager #birds #realism #colorful #portraits #tattoosandtravel #tattoocollectors #tattoocollective #tattoocollective #tattoospotlight #tattooartist #tattoosdotcom #tattoo_freakz #platinumrosestudio #floratattoocare #pintrestisforrecipes
kate_1207 : I need a fields birdie!!
ry_2019 - michellemoregore - stukaytattoos - butterflygirl218 -
Did this really fun artistic version of #maleficent she sat like a boss thanks @mostradamus
tattoosdotcom - pintrestisforrecipes - artnerd - tattoocollective - fusionink - goodpointtattoos - wip - maleficent - tattoocollectors - neotatmachines - truetubes - guestspotvisit - tattoospotlight - platinumrosestudio - tattoo_freakz - ttechtattoo - tattoosandtravel - floratattoocare -
tattoosbyjesus : Phenomenal
jinxi : Sooooo love it @joshfields_art πŸ˜ˆπŸ’™πŸ’œ
jasonangst : Fucking right. Awesome man.
joshfields_art : @missusmolina @tiff_a_nay81 @mattaberi @tattoosbyjesus @jinxi @jasonangst thank you πŸ™
vulgar_vanity : It's so cool. So sad that everyone likes her now that Angie plays her. Not the classic evil maleficent. πŸ˜”πŸ’€ @divinedelightss
pitoris : Can't wait to see it! Came out wicked @mostradamus @joshfields_art
luketattoos : Awesome!
michellemoregore : So amazing
javiertattoos - theallenherman - kate_1207 - curlyvision -
Some people go above and beyond to prove how devoted they can be to something! Strike the Storm officially has its first round of tattoos done by the amazing Chris Hall! Our logo and lyrics to a song written by me called "The Hollow Grave" #strikethestorm #sts2014 #sts #stsband #strikethestorm2014 #metal #metalcore #metalhead #thehollowgrave #tattoo #goodpointtattoos #tattoos #inked #newtattoo #strikethestormtattoo
tattoo - thehollowgrave - tattoos - inked - metal - sts2014 - newtattoo - strikethestorm - metalhead - goodpointtattoos - sts - metalcore - strikethestormtattoo - strikethestorm2014 - stsband -
ezdabasshead : #followback
timeneverlasts : #epic
mikethestorm02 : @timeneverlasts thanks man
hail_constantine : Wow. This is awesome!
mikethestorm02 : @hail_constantine thanks :)
so_skerry - amandawhitwell - ezdabasshead - timeneverlasts -
I still have ONE opening on Monday at Good point tattoos available. Contact me ASAP before it fills up! Hope to see you there!!
toronto - tattoos - pintrestisforrecipes - torontoarea - oakville - guestspotvisit - bookings - goodpointtattoos - platinumrosestudio - colab - tattoocollectors - floratattoocare -
joshfields_art : #goodpointtattoos #tattoocollectors #tattoos #toronto #torontoarea #oakville #guestspotvisit #colab #bookings #platinumrosestudio #floratattoocare #pintrestisforrecipes
baisersrouges - emily_love981 - mandijo316 - kaden_fields -
A work in progress featuring two of Canada's best. @coryferguson from #GoodPointTattoos and @stevepeace666 from @ictattoo. #nix16 #nix2014
goodpointtattoos - nix16 - nix2014 -
houdini321 : Sick!
godsandpunks - misschantelharris - alandawe - waynekickerytattoos -
@evilcko made me pretty again! Thanks so much girl! #tattoos #tattoo #goodpoint #goodpointtattoos
tattoos - goodpoint - goodpointtattoos - yourethebest - tattoo -
horsethieves : #emotionalsupport
lateishalee : @danielannis #yourethebest
nickk_nirvana : Youre tattoos are just so perfect Lateisha!!!
lateishalee : @nickk_nirvana thanks bebe!!
cigarettejuice : Gorgeous
lateishalee : @cigarettejuice thanks dear!
ihoneysf - imonlyafox - brandonboris - nickk_nirvana -
Outlined these last night. #swallows #roses #birds #tattoos #Professorchrishall #professorhall #goodpointtattoo #goodpointtattoos #oakvilletattoo #torontotattoo #Burlingtontattoo #miltontattoo
tattoos - swallows - birds - roses - goodpointtattoos - oakvilletattoo - burlingtontattoo - torontotattoo - professorchrishall - goodpointtattoo - miltontattoo - professorhall -
jannisperras : Love!
questlake : Love!!
tyrannosaurusmike : I thought you were focusing on me in the back!
shayt143 - tattoosbycamnorris - brandonandmavis - texas1swtheart -
Pre-tattoo selfie! So excited!! #goodpointtattoos
goodpointtattoos -
ksbingham - shanteena22 - maryagnesconnolly - paramjitranu -
Ever curious what a Cory Ferguson and Josh Fields migration would be like? Myself and #coryferguson are looking to collaborate on someone. We both have openings either at #NIX or at #goodpointtattoos in Oakville, Ontario. Appointments for the NIX #Northern Ink Xposure In Toronto on Saturday, June 14th or on Wednesday, June 18th at his studio good point tattoos. Just days away so contact me ASAP before availability vanishes! (319)550-6186 Hope to see you there!!
tattoosdotcom - tattooartist - pintrestisforrecipes - nix - goodpointtattoos - neotatteam - nix16 - tattoocollectors - neotatmachines - toronto - northern - torontoarea - oakville - tattoosandtravel - coryferguson - platinumrosestudio - joshfields - floratattoocare -
joshfields_art : #coryferguson #joshfields #neotatmachines #neotatteam #torontoarea #tattoocollectors #tattoosandtravel #toronto #nix16 #oakville #tattoosdotcom #tattooartist #platinumrosestudio #goodpointtattoos #floratattoocare #pintrestisforrecipes
jenfields1028 : AWESOME!!!!!
treemanstickpole : @dllnbck
_danielm : Hey Josh :) I sent you an email. Hope you still have time available. Thanks -Daniel
stinny73 : I wish! That would be pretty fucking SWEET!!!!
bmerck_ink : I just popped a chub
krebopolis - tonyctattoo - josiejette - vrendobruno -
I am taking appointments for my guest spot visit after the NIX #Northern Ink Xposure In Toronto. Monday-Wednesday June 16-18th at #goodpointtattoos in Oakville, Ontario. (319)550-6186 Hope to see you there!!
pintrestisforrecipes - torontoarea - bookings - fusionink - goodpointtattoos - tattoocollectors - neotatmachines - toronto - northern - truetubes - travel - tattooappointments - oakville - guestspotvisit - platinumrosestudio - ttechtattoo - contactinfo - tattoosandtravel - coryfergusonisabaddassandasexybeast - floratattoocare -
joshfields_art : #toronto #oakville #torontoarea #goodpointtattoos #guestspotvisit #tattooappointments #tattoocollectors #neotatmachines #fusionink #ttechtattoo #truetubes #bookings #contactinfo #travel #tattoosandtravel #tattoocollectors #coryfergusonisabaddassandasexybeast #platinumrosestudio #floratattoocare #pintrestisforrecipes
burgerj : How's it looking. Any openings? @joshfields_art
sethhinestattoo - jenfields1028 - chrome_toaster - kingcavataio -
Backwards #script walkin #professorhall #Professorchrishall #goodpointtattoo #goodpointtattoos
goodpointtattoo - goodpointtattoos - professorchrishall - professorhall - script -
goldendane : kreator! \m/
gunner_onnerz - keiralee91 - samfidlin - rottingshark -
Tattoo done @queenmary for the #inkniron tattoo festival. On my way towards the #nix16 tattoo fest. I still have openings for #nix as well time open for my guest spot @coryferguson #goodpointtattoos email me at: for booking information. See ya soon.
inkniron - tattooconventions - tattoosdotcom - tattooartist - fusionink - nix - goodpointtattoos - tattoocollectors - neotatmachines - canada - truetubes - tattooappointments - nix16 - ttechtattoo - tattoosandtravel - coryfergusonisabaddassandasexybeast -
coryferguson : @joshfields_art I can't believe that hashtag you facka! Hahahaha see you soon man! #maybeifyoureluckyiwillfillyouropeningwhileyourehere
tattjitsu : Hell ya @novemberalphatango
katecrane : It was good to see you for 5 seconds!
joshfields_art : @katecrane the pleasure was all mine...for 5 seconds. I owe ya❀️
joshfields_art : @tara_fusionink_ca pleasure to meet you in person. #fusionink
tara_fusionink_ca : @joshfields_art you too!!
bmerck_ink : World class!
kate_1207 : Perfect! !!
kendalharkey - cesargoncal - nandopiranha -
Shark & anchor by @tamarakingtattoos! So awesome! Thanks @dreskii for the design! #goodpointtattoos
goodpointtattoos -
dreskii : @nikk0 OMG- it looks sooooo badasssss!!!!!!! I love it!!! #badassery
cdn_angel - sosupra - gregcarrasco - jennst1977 -
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