I was not looking forward to my workout today until I realized it was a heavy lifting day and the workout was less than 30 minutes long! YAAAAAAAS! I can handle short, sweet, and HEAVY. I had several excuses I could have busted out, but instead I found just ONE good reason ---> I like this short workout. BOOM. Checked that off my list and what a relief that sense of accomplishment brings. Feeling energized and ready to take on the day! P.S. I tried to get Levi to flex with me. He looked at me like 😒 and went right back to his kids game on the iPad. Mom is not cool. #threenager #itshappeningalready #goodmernin #findyourwhy #reasonsnotexcuses #dowork #getitdone
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What a beautiful snowy Friday it is. #wanttobewherethemermaidsare #somewhereovertherainbow #hangtenbitches #tgif #snowday #goodmernin
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Finding motivation can be tough sometimes. You will bargain with yourself, tell yourself you'll do it later, argue that one day won't matter, argue that you don't really need to do it... You can spend a lot of time talking yourself out of things. When your mind starts to go there, STOP. Why did you start this journey to begin with? Forget your excuses and focus on your reasons, instead. ❤️ (P.S. My lip isn't bleeding, it's the filter! 😂)
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kristadabel : #vitalbehaviors #getitdone #dowork #reasonsnotexcuses #findyourwhy #goodmernin
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#keepitalltogether #priorities 👑❤ #goodmernin
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Live free and stand out in this cookie cutter world. Don't live your life being basic, emulating others. Find your own happiness and what makes you dope and enjoy it. #beyou #livewildandfree #dontworryaboutwhattheworldthinks #onelove #goodmernin #ilovemesomelucy #uninsplainable
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fritzb__amzng : I like this #rp#
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Always always always work hard for your vision and to grab your goals - wherever you want to be. Give positive & you shall receive positiveeee ✌🏼️☕️ #GoodMernin #MorningThoughts #PlatinumPatioDesigns
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👸🏻👑💋 #goodmernin
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SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES. There are certain habits that almost all top performers in their respective fields share. One of those is regular daily exercise, usually in the early morning hours! Regular exercise is proven to: 🔹Improve your learning ability and grow brain cells 🔹Alleviate stress, anger, anxiety, and depression 🔹Increase focus, attention, and alertness Improve mood 🔹Build self-control, resilience, and motivation 🔹Boost confidence and social activity 🔹Reduce the risk of age-related disorders such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other forms of dementia I have been working a really long time to cultivate this habit of early morning exercise, and it's still a daily struggle, but the results are SO worth it! If the most successful people in the world are doing it, it must be part of the "secret sauce" to success! Don't you agree? What motivates YOU to exercise? #vitalbehaviors #personaldevelopment #hammerandchisel
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kristadabel : #exercisereleasesendorphins #endorphinsmakeyouhappy #happypeopledontjustkilltheirhusbands #goalgetter #secretsauce #success #goodmernin #totalbodychisel #hammerandchisel
laurahearn : Ugh I just wish I liked it. I literally dread a workout. 😣 it's gotta be done, that's the only motivation I have. Haha
kristadabel : @laurahearn haha I feel ya! I don't like it either but it's like ripping off a bandaid every morning, just get it done then move on with life! Lol
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~Sunday morning vibes~ with French toast, caramelized pear, and honey. Fried egg with pesto. And some dark Colombian coffee in our @apheliondcollective mugs. 😍 #goodmernin #wakeandbake
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littlelov : that egg/pesto combo looks AMAZING!
laurenwithluna : So good! I want to cover everything in pesto. @littlelov
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Hahahahahaa!! 😂😂😂😂 #GoodMernin
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dominique_monroe : @neseybaybee23 😂😂😂
h00ps_m1nd : @i3r0wnsuga
whatittakestraining : @catojune 😂😂😂😂
catojune : 😂😂😂😂😂😂 man! @whatittakestraining
whatittakestraining : @misstiffparker
1l2l_mike : @love.malb
love.malb : @1l2l_mike lmaooooooooo that should be your pic there
i3r0wnsuga : @h00ps_m1nd 😂😂😂😂😁
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home sweet home 💞🏠 #goodmernin
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btauz : cute!
mgiam : omg that is one cute baby
blserpas : Aweee so cute !!
livipriola : aw thank y'all!! @btauz @mgiam @blserpas
leannahiggins15 : Omg I'm in love😍
livipriola : well thanks missy :) u looked gorge for that ball @leannahiggins15
leannahiggins15 : You're the sweetest😘 @livipriola
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#MoodAf #mmmkay #goodnight #GoodMernin #lmfao #NotToday #iDontWantYou 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁💀💀
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BARELY MADE IT butt #goodmernin #hellur #madea
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g.dubzzz : #flawless
leowoee97 : Thank yaa😳☺☺☺😘😘 @g.dubzzz
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#GoodMernin #obsessed with #BlackAndWhiteFilters #haveablessedday #Muah 💋💋💋💋
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Currently 💪💪💋💋 #gettingit #GoodMernin
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I still have a really hard time getting out of bed at 5am, so I'm always trying new tricks to get my sleepy self up and moving. I heard from someone (Gosh, I sincerely can't remember who it was, so if you've heard this too, let me know from whom) that if you say to yourself "I'm up. I'm up. I'm up," as soon as the alarm goes off, it signals to your brain that... Well, YOU'RE UP! I tried it this morning, and while I still hit snooze once, I did end up popping out of bed with surprising energy before it went back off. I was up and at my workout faster than average! Give it a try and see if it helps you. What other tricks have you tried to get yourself out of bed for an early workout?
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kristadabel : #goodmernin #maxhammerstrength #liftheavy #10minabhammer #imupimupimup #day17of60 #fitmom #fitlife
kmomfit : Chalene Johnson said that from Melanie M. Speech:)
ele.carbonell : I need to try this!!
kristadabel : @kmomfit YAAAASSS!!! THANK YOU!!
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DON'T BE A QUITTER! Did you know that after the FIRST week of the New Year, 25% of people who made resolutions have already QUIT?? That breaks my heart a little, because I know some of those people NEEDED that change in their life. Change IS hard, you guys. But when it's important to you, it's WORTH IT! I mean this ESPECIALLY for your health goals. This is your year to be your healthiest, happiest self. Don't give up on that! You have not failed until you've quit, so get up every morning and give it your best effort, no matter how that looks! A few tips that will help you stick to your goals: 1️⃣ Write them down! You're 40% more likely to hit a goal SIMPLY by writing it down! Crazy right?? It's got to be pen to paper, though, so WRITE THEM DOWN! 📝 2️⃣ Review them. Once they're on paper, hang them some place you can see them and review them EVERY DAY. I have mine on my mirror in my bathroom. Can't miss them, even if I wanted to. 😜 3️⃣ Get some accountability! You need a supportive, encouraging person or group of people to hold you accountable and help you show up when it's hard. Who can help you be accountable to your goals?? 👯 Make it a great day. Only 347 more left to make it an amazing year!! 💪🏼 #lifestylechange #dontquit #masterscardio #newyearresolutions #dowork #goodmernin
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shanti_love10 : Loveee 💗💙💛
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So grumpy 😒 @leia_the_victorian_bulldog . . #besties #bff #victorianbulldog #flatnosedogsociety #bully #bulldog #bulldogdays #bulldogsofinstagram #dogsbeforedudes #dogsofinstagram #goodmernin #goodmorning #soprecious #hello #puppy #cutepetclub #bulldogstuff #theworldofbullies #betch
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This keeps happening... I woke up like this! #dab #dabbin #lookatmydab #fresh #goodmorning #hoodmorning #goodmernin #goaldigger #swag #follow #Monday
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nytia.nikole : She looks more like me! 😆
mannyjordan614 : That Dab though! @nytia.nikole
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#GoodMernin #HappyMonday
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#sundaymorning #coffee #goodmernin
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vdunn1 : #facts
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I woke up like this! #dab #dabbin #lookatmydab #fresh #goodmorning #hoodmorning #goodmernin #goaldigger
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sbeezylights : 💯 🙏 🔥
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#GoodMernin #ShePretty #BigLips 💋💄 #lippie #obsess #liquidmatte #boblife #banggang #haveablessedday #Muah
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#goodmorning #goodmernin #ilovemyprincess #offtoday #iwokeuplikedis excuse my hair 😂#wewokeuplikethis
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ME, like everyday!!What is your favorite Go-To Core workout??? #Abs #TheyElludeMe #HardWork #GoodMernin #CoreWork #Dedication #BuildYourBody #Goals #TheyMakeYouWorkHardForIt #SummerBodyMakingAnAppearanceInWinter #CantStopWontStop
theymakeyouworkhardforit - goodmernin - buildyourbody - cantstopwontstop - theyelludeme - hardwork - abs - goals - corework - dedication - summerbodymakinganappearanceinwinter - : @biofit_riska I see you, ma'am!! Thank you for all the support and also, thank you for all of the motivation! You are beautiful! In & Out!! Keep Pushing, Chica!!
biofit_riska : 😘😘😘
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#NoFilterNeeded #GoodMernin #WeWokeUpLikeDis #LittleLove
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Dang, she pretty yeah! #IWokeUpLikeThis #GoodMernin #2016 #YearofTheRedFireMonkey #ThisIsMyYear #EverythingWillGoMyWay
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julesham : Heck yeah!! Go getem Chelle!!
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#good #goodmernin #morning #صباح #صباحوو #صباح_الخير #فطوري #لايك #كومنتات #likeforlike @tarafh_m @een_badr @krysta_jessca @hsoosh_15 @hyoon_999 @haylatv like plees
كومنتات - good - لايك - فطوري - goodmernin - صباح - likeforlike - صباحوو - صباح_الخير - morning -
hsdhbcss : ضيفيني
afrah.1423 : جميل
janoo_n_ : جميييل
wo_x711 : جميل
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"..Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right.." #goodmernin #sunshining #grateful #nofilter #scarletbegoniasandatouchoftheblues
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Happy Monday babes!! #newweek #newpossibilities #monday #quotes #happy #blessed #thankful #inspiration #livealifeyoulove #positive #staytrue #fitchick #fitlife #whistlewhileyouhustle #goodmernin #makeitagoodone ✌❤👽
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gogirlbodytransformation : Nice Photo!
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Wouldn't want to be anywhere else #Decemberboating #portlandmaine #scalloping #goodmernin
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megmcandrew : jealous
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Gonna be that kind of day ☝🏾️☕️
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niasnangel : #goodmernin #weekendsaremyfav #keurigisasuperhero
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