Saying goodbye to our sweet Shawna, rip beautiful woman! We will always remember and love you! #gooddieyoung #lifestooshort #thesepeopleareamazing
gooddieyoung - thesepeopleareamazing - lifestooshort -
gustoash - oregon_lady86 -
One of the coolest brothers to walk this earth. A brother lost too soon. Robbie you are never forgotten. Your laughter lives with me everyday. Hold on to the ones you respect everyday. One love. #lafamilia #homeboy #nigeria #perth #goodfriendsarehardtofind #1113 #lost #badboysforlife #gooddieyoung #pastneverforgotten
gooddieyoung - badboysforlife - lost - homeboy - lafamilia - 1113 - perth - goodfriendsarehardtofind - nigeria - pastneverforgotten -
ancientprimate : Was so shocked when you said he passed, was such a great guy when we hung out in WA
chapter_1113 : True story. Always be missed
cheekwednesdays - ramynajia - halsultan_ - fatherofperth -
#foreveryoung #barberlove #southieangels #gooddieyoung
barberlove - gooddieyoung - foreveryoung - southieangels -
big_booty_bob11 - peterock85 - taylormade_312 - mrfisk617 -
gooddieyoung -
la_india_de_papi - pastambitiousnoelle - aohradio - erasfleu84 -
#GoodDieYoung LOVE you nefew β—οΈβ—οΈπŸ™
gooddieyoung -
erasfleu84 : Sorry about your loss
wisegirl_1 - mskitty13noworries - shifting_life - _keishel -
This picture was taken almost a year ago, my sister on the left me in the middle and fiona on the right, fiona was 16. Last night (01-23-15) at 10:49 pm she was pronounced dead. 3 days ago she was in a crash on a moped with one other person. A truck hit them, neither one had helmets on, fiona is now dead. The other person is in critical condition but will make it. PLEASE BE CAREFUL ON THE ROADS AT ALL TIMES!!!! RIP baby doll, you had a hell of a life, you can rest now. #RestInParadise #GoneToSoon #GoodDieYoung #HogWaller #HogWallerMudBog #TheGoodTimes #BitterSweetMemories #RIP #RestInPeace
gooddieyoung - hogwaller - rip - restinpeace - restinparadise - thegoodtimes - hogwallermudbog - bittersweetmemories - gonetosoon -
destiny_leighan97 - _justinbieberswifex - montanavito - thatonehaitianchick -
We gone miss you nef nef I promise IMA see you when I get there β—οΈβ—οΈπŸ™ #GoodDieYoung #4YearsOldOnly
gooddieyoung - 4yearsoldonly -
kingscorpio.305 : #PaynefulFacts
redbottomsentertainment - wisegirl_1 - a2v2emafia_black - kingscorpio.305 -
Today is going to be a rough day. Today is the day I say goodbye to a great friend, someone I have known for years and have a lot of great memories with ones that I will never forget. His life was taken to soon and I still want to wake up hoping that it never happened and that it was all just a bad dream. Forever missed and never forgotten rest easy brotha going to miss you. @pictorialmusician I will see you again and when I do we will party it up.#RestInParadise #friend #LastGoodbye #heartbroken #GoodDieYoung #AlwaysMissedNeverForgotten
gooddieyoung - restinparadise - heartbroken - lastgoodbye - alwaysmissedneverforgotten - friend -
ihatethatmattkid - sammykatelyn - istabpeopleforaliving - xoxamberbambi -
From meeting you in camp bourndale and rocking all the church dances together to writing eachother all these letters in 6th grade. Now recently lighting up the field this year with an almost perfect season with you really makes it hard to believe you're actually gone forever..looking through these old letters and all the crazy stuff we used to talk about like girls and stuff. Now scrolling through pictures of our football team hurts man. I really cant get over the fact that you're gone. Our team lost a brother and believe me well will get a state title for you and our team will play even harder now. Go on and tear it up up there because i know you will. The team loves you. Watch over us on and off the field bro. Rest easy Devon, you will be missed. I Love you homie!πŸ‘Όβ€οΈπŸ˜” #73 #gooddieyoung
gooddieyoung - 73 -
cody_laviolette : Rip ):
lizzayxoxadams : ❀️
reckless_ayotte : πŸ‘Όβ€οΈπŸ˜ž
jayneviolet : RipπŸ™πŸ‘ΌπŸ˜”
acamp_100 : Stay up bro, I'm here
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#rt #gooddieyoung #toosoon #RIP
rt - gooddieyoung - toosoon - rip -
list2lessons : beautiful photo! β˜€
princenassim - jaytogetherstaytogether - la_drakula -
Two of my favorite people ever. I didn't get enough time with either one of them. I'm happy my grandma and father are together again but I wish we could have all had more time together πŸ’” #januaryphotochallenge #day24 #someoneyoumiss #gooddieyoung
day24 - gooddieyoung - januaryphotochallenge - someoneyoumiss -
ishmiil_linds : Aww always remember they are in a better place! I only have one grandma left @rburke318
ishmiil_linds - anchorsamourx3 - yadirar011 - nvoit14 -
Listening To My Old Shit R.i.p Nutt #GoodDieYoung @weallwegotbg Keep Ya Head Up Lil Homie
gooddieyoung -
slick_da_ruler1 : Check ya email bro @weallwegotbg
weallwegotbg : Ain't nun in dere
slick_da_ruler1 : Send me yo email I got da yung5 one @weallwegotbg
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#gooddieyoung #badpeople #oldpeople #peoplearepeople #funnyshit
gooddieyoung - oldpeople - funnyshit - peoplearepeople - badpeople -
krystlelyzation : πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so fukn true
thehersheysquirts - mikejthefixer - mr_rich_tycoon - richardlimasdotcom -
gooddieyoung -
w0uldntchang3shit : What happened to her
fatface305 : SIP cuzo we gonna miss you expescially around are birthday
ladyshaylivin : S.I.p I'm always miss u luv u cuzzo
ray_allhips - joycooper1 - _lioness04 - his4everwife_papomy4everlife -
Can't believe it's been six years big homie... We miss & love you Chris... Always will remember you & the smiles you gave us... R.I.H #ChrisUlmer #MurrahMustang #BallWasLife #GoodDieYoung
gooddieyoung - ballwaslife - chrisulmer - murrahmustang -
younglino__ - datniggabonez - fa2maa - eduardo_gta -
Trust none 🐍🐍 in the grass always be yo day 1 niggas! I don't know this Gwalla nigga but I know the Shooter he wit in the pic smh always thought he was fishy #GoodDieYoung #RIPROB
gooddieyoung - riprob -
lenahearts_ : @mzbeauty20 smh that's crazy dude
wy_24 : That's fucked up @mzbeauty20
dannydizzle24 : #smh Rest Up Boii
here_4_jaleel : Man what I know 1 of them too he was never about that life niggas Man
here_4_jaleel : Fuck ears
wy_24 : Yeah ears planned to kill em he was telling ppl about it before it happen shit sad af man @here_4_jaleel
here_4_jaleel : That's fucked up & I just seen the boy rob about two weeks ago
wy_24 : Yeah it's soo crazy I never knew the Gwalla Nigga but he was loved by many ppl I know it just hurt to see the snakes is really yo day 1 niggas @here_4_jaleel
vonnaboo2 - tmac22_ - _kingkaykay - king_theez -
Meant to post this yesterday. #rip#gooddieyoung
gooddieyoung - rip -
jesuscrystler : Introduce a little anarchy. ✊
lizshelar - morgannnskiii - mattkreyyy22 - k_cassara -
When my time comes around, Lay me gently in the cold dark Earth. No grave can hold my body down. RIP LITTLE MAN β™‘ #boy #lost #rip #gooddieyoung #dyingyouth #messedupworld #love #miss #heartbroken #sad
boy - love - dyingyouth - lost - messedupworld - rip - sad - gooddieyoung - heartbroken - miss -
emmabitchz_ : Beautiful little boy. So sorry πŸ’”πŸ’”
filippifranco : @emmabitchz_ β™‘ Thanks x
luca_digiovanni : Here for you boyo😘😘
filippifranco : @luca_digiovanni β™‘
basicmieke : Beautiful kid πŸ’• RIP to him πŸ˜‡ Stay strong @filippifranco ❀
filippifranco : @basicmieke Much love xx
stonefstone - basicmieke - mattjohnston7 - hk_carson -
Tommy Darcy Jr. 07/01/1977 ~ 01/21/15 We all wish we had a chance to say good bye. Thank you Tommy for the memories and all the hard work. We are all shocked and beyond words. Funeral will be held at Buyus Funeral Home on Lafayette St. On Monday 01/26 from 5-8pm. The Tavern will be CLOSED in his respect. #rip @tommygunssss #gonetoosoon #gooddieyoung #grillmaster #willbemissed #foreverinourhearts
gooddieyoung - willbemissed - grillmaster - foreverinourhearts - rip - gonetoosoon -
iamnieto : Rest in Peace πŸ™
spanktastic_1 : My deepest heartfelt condolences to his family, krugs family and friends. Still in shock!
allyouneedis_sun : Saw your post and had to say im so sorry for you loss. I lost my grandma 2 years ago and it was very hard. She was an amazing woman who loved her grandkids and great grandkids so much. But what brought me comfort was knowing that i would see her again. The bible promises us the there will be a resurrection -Acts 24:15. Our loving creator also promises that "He will swallow up death forever, and the sovereign Lord Jehovah will wipe away the tears from all faces"- Isaiah 25:8. I hope this brings you comfort as it has me.
brandon0902 : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
bycoreboy : I really am at a loss for words, but Tommy you will be missed you were loved and respected by many. I will never forget all the laughs and great times I have had growing up with you and your family. Truly a blessed bunch that I am honored to know and love. My condolences to all effected by this sudden tragedy. See you soon enough my brother and Plz watch over us. @tommygunssss @krugstavern #rip
mrs.j.rosas : My condolences to his family and friends...
mattmadeira : Had the pleasure of working with Tommy at the truck center..he will be missed by many
bigbald.head : condolences to family & friends... great guy
jerseygirl003 - lopes72 - jackta5922 - paparazzibitch -
#Ijs #RealShit #Addiction #DrugAddiction #FuckDrugs #RIP #GoodMorningTho #GoodDieYoung
gooddieyoung - ijs - rip - fuckdrugs - drugaddiction - addiction - goodmorningtho - realshit -
janyce0503 : It is a killer please just say no
bmorejonny89 - staywithafleacollaron - mommy_devean_simon - nickij._ -
#Inkd #tattoo #Sleeve #GoodDieYoung
tattoo - inkd - sleeve - gooddieyoung -
corks_x - wicksmarkiton - laurenswilliams95 - ola_rodak -
Rest In Peace Ray, you were an amazing friend and iam happy i got to meet you, your at rest now no more pain :( ill see you at the gates of heaven ; January 22, 2015 #rip #forever #gooddieyoung #missyou
gooddieyoung - forever - missyou - rip -
fcukloove - hernandez.beverly2014 -
#RipCanserbero 😭😫😩 #GoodDieYoung #Rip
gooddieyoung - rip - ripcanserbero -
1303pama : Esa si esta buenisima
kairameran_ : Ahora fue q te enteraste?
frankbrito93 - viannel_herrera - cathy041197 - dalilah222 -
On November 2 @ 843pm i got the worse news i could ever imagine. My kinfolk Dari'yon "Poe" was gone. Till this day it fucks me up inside. We was like bonnie N Clyde when we was little. We grew up and went our own ways but when we seen each other, the love was shown. I miss this nigga more than anything. Gone so young, leaving questions in my head. All i can say is he accomplished what he had to do on this earth and soon we'll all be together kinfolk. I love you & miss you so much kinfolk! #poeworld #RIPPOE #GOODDIEYOUNG #FOREVERHOLDYOUDOWN #MYNIGGA #SHORTER #DARIYON #POE
gooddieyoung - mynigga - poeworld - shorter - foreverholdyoudown - dariyon - poe - rippoe -
sarahitasmommy - chelseyyylynne - toliverclifton - shyshy361 -
gooddieyoung - 27 - niggaimadeit - imthankful - butichangedthat - stillyoung - imadeit - livinformyniggaz -
mrfeb1_ : Happy g'day
90bloccrio : @mrfeb1_ good lookin brogod
flamboyant_ezy - prospectking34 -
R.I.P DUBZ #gooddieyoung
gooddieyoung -
ur_favorite_keish - mzpretty_98_ - team_tabor - _neek26 -
R.I.P TJ Murphy. I miss you my brother!! #gooddieyoung #bigheart #guardianangel #rideordie
gooddieyoung - rideordie - bigheart - guardianangel -
macgirl44 - feliciadills - kaleykenzie - justin_lee_hubbard24 -
I swear! #RIPSkitza #GoodDieYoung #HeSpokeTheTruth
gooddieyoung - hespokethetruth - ripskitza -
daniib220 - so_saduktiv - bella_red - 2_kings_2_queens -
R.I.P TJ Murphy. Bro I love you with all my heart. I will miss you terribly. You have been my brother for 15+ years. Your absence is felt everyday. #gooddieyoung #bigheart #brother #rideordie #imissyou #guardianangel
gooddieyoung - bigheart - guardianangel - imissyou - rideordie - brother -
macgirl44 - skinofporcelain - feliciadills - kaleykenzie -
One of the coolest niggas I meet. Always showed me loved at my events even thought he always wanted to get in after doors closed lol. I used to call him Oye cuz he called Spanish ppl that and I would always find him in at roxy dancing batchata lol #GoodDieYoung #RIPVon πŸ’”
gooddieyoung - ripvon -
bedfordj85 : 😒 smdh #ripVON
aboogie.sdl : @pfunkdabeast call me
mrwes77 : #RIPVon
colombiana_calle83 : Sorry for your loss adam
sosa_fly_champ : Smph im lost for words shocked‼️ To close to home such a good and humble dude RIP @von155
amberleigh___ : so sad
nessag13 : Im sorry for your loss he was a great guy
gissell27 : What happen to him @aboogie.sdl
jahninacip - ecardoso2 - jan27_1982 - _amanda_r90 -
Damn bruh shit brazy. Imma miss you. We don't have a lot of memories but we have some and they will forever live within me you will live within me bruh. I just seen you. This is sad blood, I'm crying. Rest in paradise homie πŸ™ #gooddieyoung #rip
gooddieyoung - rip -
nystunna - m.alexandriaaa - liddo_layah - sierratoddly -
#CozyGirlz #RIPYams πŸ’‹πŸ’¨πŸ™πŸ’œ "Purple Swag, that Purple all up in my Clothes" #AsapYams #ASAPMOB #PurpleSwag #Angel
ripyams - asapyams - cozygirlz - angel - asapmob - purpleswag -
r0b_lo : 😘
papav_gigi : πŸ’―
cityofangelsclothing : Hey checkout my clothing line #cityofangelsclothing hit me up if your interested in modeling I'm in the Los Angeles area
guzelgogusler_dmye : Dm me please send me your boob photo :))
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Gone 2 Soon πŸ˜”πŸ™πŸ’―...#yams #asap #gooddieyoung #why #yamborghini #alwaysstriveandprosper #realG #restinpeace #longliveyams #nyc #moblife #respect #keepitlit #ASAPMOB #youth #cozyboyz
restinpeace - moblife - yamborghini - asap - yams - respect - longliveyams - why - gooddieyoung - alwaysstriveandprosper - cozyboyz - asapmob - keepitlit - youth - nyc - realg -
iamkrowncity : Always rocking the @kcroyals hat tho! πŸ™ŒπŸ™
thejstyles : Right! Stayed showin love! @iamkrowncity
iamkrowncity : @thejstyles Yup!
skuf_ykk - partyilluminati - tinazlata - sunnieee_ -
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