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Safety first kids. πŸ‘
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rey.know.so : #FBF
rey.know.so : #GOODDADS
palacin_ : You look like jim Carey lol
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Y are my kids cheaters in every game #juslaughs #daddyissues #ratchetpeoplemeet #tagafriend #doyouknowsomeonelikethis #gooddads
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lovin_me_nene : Smh
tokyo_rose127 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰
pretty_l : FOOL !
3xallpub : Ctfu @that_haitian_nigga @og_digg
adamlcvine : @mrscarlilexo
wonderfullymade22 - mzaida_71_unique - themrzeigler - kandyapple -
#teamnotoplip do I look like a MF that play games.... Look at me lol #fearthebeard #spyda #gymrat #goodmorning #gooddads #godbeard #vikings #lumberjacks
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littlelove_ : Dont forget about us son!!! Gym time, next week. Or did she say next month? I forgot
stayfocused_215 : #Kimboslice
_spyda : Next week she said lol I got y'all you knowwww I'm gone be there lol @littlelove_
_spyda : Mannn it's either him people give me or Ct Fletcher lol @stayfocused_215
littlelove_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ight
muggshots : Nigga I thought u was kimbo slice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜­
_spyda : Man people giving me him and Ct Fletcher lmao @muggshots
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S/O @realsnowgoons Representing That #GoodDadGang Movement Over In Europe!!!! #GoodDads #GoodDadsUnite #FathersRights #PositiveMaleRoleModels #KidsNeedTwoParents #BeAFatherToYourChild
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tchilds.tc : I need one of those
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S/O @realsnowgoons Representing That #GoodDadGang Movement Over In Europe!!!! #GoodDads #GoodDadsUnite #FathersRights #PositiveMaleRoleModels #KidsNeedTwoParents #BeAFatherToYourChild @gooddadgang
kidsneedtwoparents - gooddadgang - gooddadsunite - positivemalerolemodels - gooddads - beafathertoyourchild - fathersrights -
joe_neg777 : @mel_rizkalla I want
brandonakabday : Yo how do I get me a shirt
dubsack20 : Where do I find these @termanologyst
blacc_ellington : What they said - Bless @termanologyst
miccheck1ru : Got mine posted up too.. Proud Representative #GoodDadGang @termanologyst
the_new_sperks617 : Need one of these,Fam!
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Seeing This Pic it was Only Rite I r/p it.. It speaks so personal on what I instill in my Own .. love your Brothers & Sisters it's a Reflection of the Parenting . Besides the No brainer of These Handsome Babies , Regardless it Shows Pure Genuine Love I STAND BEHIND THAT 100% .. @mendeecees & Family This is Amazing On all Scales .. #positive and #Love RESPECT .. 🌹 #The8th #Family #loyalty #goodkids #fashion #Pictures #ghbkids #gooddads #goodmoms
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unitedwewin1 : πŸ’―
gohardboyznyc : Flat out the boy @mendeecees is dope w/ his boxy & family for sure this pic Priceless but only speaking from Reality Not a show πŸ’―
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TRUTH!!! πŸ’― Ladies put your selfish feelings aside and let your child have that beautiful bond that he/she deserves with their father! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— #gooddads #fatheranddaughter #fatherandson #daughtersfirstlove #toronto #love #life #bond #parents
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persian_sheik : πŸ’―πŸ’―
vishal911187 : πŸ’―
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Got My Little Guys Covered From Warmth To Play This Christmas. Love Em Both. Happy Holidays Peeps. πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ‰ #Christmas2014 #Christmas #Gifts #Fatherhood #Dadsthatlift #Dadswithtats #Gooddads #Happyholidays #Forthekids
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R/P @3goics #GoodDadGang #GoodDads #SupportTheMovement
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termanologyst : Clavo!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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R/P @t_money_420 #GoodDadGang #GoodDads #SupportTheMovement
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hukfinnn : @filthyrich_85 @davidnuno80
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#GoodDads #dramA #executiveproducer
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Boys still be in #gangs like #thuglife #ibe #likedadlife #manslife #man #bestlife #grownupshit #keepacting #daddy #fatherandson #loveofmylife #baby #gooddads #beards #inked #tattoos
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beard_monster : Nice! Come check us out?
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#BlackDads #GoodDads #DatBootyBaby
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Being a #dad is the #greastest thing #ever #daughter #daddyslilgirl #colorado #coloradolove #coloradoinstagram ##gooddads #greatkids
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delilahdaleyco : 😍❀️
alina_jody - carter.rachel2014 - jessica_lynn_26 - mr_getiturself -
@ the end of the day, my beautiful daughter keep me going, Ion trust nobody that don't take care of they're seed ! You a 🐍#4eva! S/o to da #GoodDads holding it down! #GodWatchin
godwatchin - 4eva - gooddads -
angeleyez2828 : Cutie
1rushmoney : My son still gone be dunkin on her
butterflystar1 - modpromo - og_muffin85 - lexxibanx -
I don't see anything wrong with these photos, people are mentally ill... That's the problem ----- > "By @theshaderoom via @RepostWhiz app:We have received this photo in our inbox so many times. People wanted us to put this Father on blast for posting "inappropriate" pics with his child online. Honey, did these people grow up with a good Father in their home? We see nothing wrong with this picture! Only thing we are blasting him for is appearing to be in his child's life! #GoodDads #PositiveImages"
gooddads - positiveimages -
melly_mck : Its only because she appears to be topless which is probably why ppl voiced their "concerns"
tsadiva : Ppl are so beggin for drama now a days its sad #girlbye
mrs_kirksey_the_catlady : My dad me and my sisters have pictures similar to this. Nothing wrong with dads in the picture. People always want something to complain about
alyssaamylopez : I can't even believe that ppl are entertaining the idea that there is something wrong with these pictures! This father is having fun and taking goofy pictures with his daughter. Some of these ppl need to stop hating on this man and go see if the father of their child plays an active role in their child's life. #sitdown #turningnothingintosomething
thatgirltishica : Smh bullshit ppl are mad annoying
laurenelizabethxxoo : Absolutely nothing wrong with this
kingkevluv : @simplycomplexq
ms_love16 : @hexper.sj what u think
miss_nic_cosmic - tikavstheworld - dickinsonlady - sean_efosa -
#Repost @theshaderoom .
"We have received this photo in our inbox so many times. People wanted us to put this Father on blast for posting "inappropriate" pics with his child online. Honey, did these people grow up with a good Father in their home? We see nothing wrong with this picture! Only thing we are blasting him for is appearing to be in his child's life! #GoodDads #PositiveImages"- damn ppl are so negative
gooddads - positiveimages - repost -
brittanyimadiva_2013astgrad_ : Their is nothing inappropriate about these pictures.
toe_knee_oh : @brittanyimadiva_2013astgrad_ nothing at all. Ppl just want something bad to be going on so they can talk ish.
lavish_ley : People will find anything to complain about. I think the picture is a beautiful thing. Some people only wish they could take pics like this with their dad.
toe_knee_oh : @lavish_ley RIGHT?!
lavish_ley - m_perla7 - kandi_kurl - _kevcouture_ -
When can you say you feel successful? When does it all really matter? What is it all really for? When can you actually rejoice and feel like everything was all worth it? From my experiences I have to say that no joy, gain, money, toys, no popularity or fame or you go boy can compare to the feelings I have when I look at my kids and see the love in their eyes. How much they appreciate me. How much they have grown. And regardless of my flaws, mistakes and or progress in life I've done a pretty good job being a dad. That to me is complete satisfaction not only to my flesh, but to my spirit as well. It's worth more than range rovers and diamonds. Huge houses and boats. Woman and fame. This is life. This is success. This is love... #blessed #blacknred #daddydaughter #joy #peace #success #gooddads #loveneverfails #lovenote #purebliss #love #december #family
love - success - family - daddydaughter - joy - peace - blessed - gooddads - purebliss - blacknred - december - lovenote - loveneverfails -
itsspapoo : Amen to that papo... ✌️beautifull family
jojodabarber : @_phillyinmiami @itsspapoo @melly_thatsme @melimel1288 thank u all.
mrslovelylorena : Beautiful photo!
dapeanut305 : Dope pic my G
crystalswass : Be mine forever???
jojodabarber : @crystalswass done!
jojodabarber : @mrslovelylorena @dapeanut305 thank u guys
jmammarelli21 : @jojodabarber πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠ
_phillyinmiami - jen_kiko - telmatellez - heavenly_evelynn -
We have received this photo in our inbox so many times. People wanted us to put this Father on blast for posting "inappropriate" pics with his child online. Honey, did these people grow up with a good Father in their home? We see nothing wrong with this picture! Only thing we are blasting him for is appearing to be in his child's life! #GoodDads #PositiveImages
gooddads - positiveimages -
blknwhyt : 😍 selfies wid daddy #cute
browwnnn : Really? That's his baby @lonners_
lonners_ : @browwnnn these pictures are sooo cute!!! He is a good daddy
ohhthatsrayray : Thats a fckn boy
privatemisfit : @badgalasiaaa that's a boy
badgalasiaaa : Then why are ppl so mad ? If it's a boy ! @privatemisfit that's crazy I thought it was a girl when I first seen it but now I see but that's crazy that ppl think this picture is wrong
privatemisfit : @badgalasiaaa exactly i slept in the bed with my father until i was 13 idk who df they deal with but everyone isn't a pedo and some ppl aren't used to seeing a boy and his father so close
dwiltze : Thats his child.
ya_favorite_basicbitch - xxostephaniee - svrey1 - tuned_inn_kiyy -
Without a father, the bloodline dies! A lot of men are far better than we would have been because of a significant male role model in our life.. #showlove #Fathers #gooddads
fathers - gooddads - showlove -
soosufisticated : @icemikeloveasia
djmacmane574 : @djmacmane574 thanks!! And U®πŸ’£ yourself ;))
educator_doc : ^^^ @sweet_ladii87_xo ^^^
inlovewithknowledge : @kimbrough53
datonefatkid : @guitarplayingguitarist97
guitarplayingguitarist97 : @thecowsaysbacock
thecowsaysbacock : @lilathebasedgawd
lilathebasedgawd : @gabrielweekly
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✳️ATTENTION✳️ Does anyone know @bottzilla ??? Well he has an amazing blog so go check it out. I was so moved by the story and words. Proud to have this big tug boat captain in our family! The link is on his page and printed on this post. ❀️ #RadDadsUnite
greatread - motivation - love - inspire - tugboats - fathers - greatdads - inspiring - tuglife - readthis - fatherhood - dadblog - dadblogger - kindness - tugboat - raddadsunite - kingzklub - dadblogs - dadstuff - gooddads - dads - goodfathers - dadlife - gooddad -
rad_dads_ : #kingzklub #fathers #greatdads
hey_cupcake_ : @bottzilla I read a bit of your blog yesterday, you are a great writer!!
bottzilla : @hey_cupcake_ thank you doll... I put a new entry up this morning
oh_its_kelseyyy : @bottzilla I had no idea big homie, I love it!
rad_dads_ : @oh_its_kelseyyy it's really good I was impressed @bottzilla
bottzilla : @oh_its_kelseyyy girl I don't just use my brain to send you ghetto snaps lol
oh_its_kelseyyy : @oh_its_kelseyyy hahahaha I know this, I'm still impressed. I had no idea! @rad_dads_ I'm impressed too!
faithfullyfree : Nice!
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She missed her dad a lot today #qualitytime
qualitytime - gooddads -
yosoywitness : That's how me and my daughter and son be lol
cnwallace : She's getting so big. I can't believe Saturday makes 3.
bellazy : Precious moments β€οΈπŸ’™
jaycabassamusic : @cnwallace yup she is man.. @yosoywitness #gooddads @bellazy miss u man
bellazy : It was great seeing you Sunday! Let's hang out! I miss you guys
jaycabassamusic : @bellazy hit us up
jayyserrano._ - mynameisrev - naporincon - aja_3_ -
Menswear. 1970s. Dad was always a pretty bold dresser:). #vintage #toronto #menswear #vintagephoto #vintagefamily #1970s #gooddads
toronto - menswear - 1970s - vintage - vintagephoto - vintagefamily - gooddads -
printvintage1 - joanzer - kashiki_buckwild - officialevyn -
Oh gosh...what did I open her eyes to...#run#climb#jump#dontgetcaught#dogsbite#copscantclimb#rolemodel#JK#HAPPYHOLIDAY
copscantclimb - run - rolemodel - dogsbite - greatmoms - gooddads - jump - dontgetcaught - jk - climb - happyholiday -
mtxplore : Your talented :)
fitdj22 : Ha lol thanks(I think)!
abalarin : Lovely!
fitdj22 : Yes she is... Thanks guys
dimples11886 : @fitdj22 love your #...lol
fitdj22 : Shay, I be tryin...I be tryin @dimples11886
dimples11886 : @fitdj22 lol well I'm proud of the father that you've become! #TeamGoodDad #SaluteYouInMoreWaysThanOne #LoveYouScooby
fitdj22 : We #goodDads gotta keep up wit you #greatmoms... Thanks luv
aye_gonzo - jeffrey_nielsen001 - cwdegraw - lesyasova -
#papasalpoder #gooddads #papi
papasalpoder - papi - gooddads -
marimar2022 - jenjen_15 -
Love when we match #gooddads #leathercoats
gooddads - leathercoats -
lyndseyilene : I miss you, bitch.
ceebaleeba : This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I miss that little guy, ❀
lishapearl - ceebaleeba - lyndseyilene - janelle_leigh11 -
would be to much like right!! The day that happens, I'm a believer that the world will be ending in the next 24hrs!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ #goodfathers #fathers #pops #gooddads #rp from @bfc_ent
pops - fathers - goodfathers - rp - gooddads -
suavae322 : Amen
fitnessjunkie1220 : @saabrinaiv
1djrich - sasha_fierce88 - bizzle_dirty_money - suavae322 -
respect - men - gooddads - luckydaughter -
mzxmelody - tu.majestad - marinabyankina - shut_it_down08 -
#fbf looking through my phone at old pics I never posted!!! These moments melt my ❀️!!!! #curlhead #daddydaughter #daddy #love #family #hair #dadsinthegame #raddad #gooddads #igdads #father
igdads - love - family - daddydaughter - dadsinthegame - father - gooddads - hair - fbf - curlhead - daddy - raddad -
colormeebaddd : Awww now that what u call a great daddy this is so cutee @raejones06
capableflatiron : Cute
true__mulatto - capableflatiron - yourfriendlyneighborscloset3 - charmed60 -
Been in enough relationships to know this to be a real thing. I tip my hat to the good fathers out there. They're watching us. Stand tall so they know what to look for #daddysgirl #gooddads
daddysgirl - gooddads -
printvintage1 - dijah_dijah_ - gold_gummy - theblackfelixungar -
Proud to see so many fathers at my lil cousin skewl today #GoodDads
gooddads -
whyuss : Wya @iam11aleven11
iam11aleven11 : Da library now
iam11aleven11 - arcane_poet - luvin_zahyair - 2fly_cam -
I LOVE THIS! It couldn't be more true! To all of you men out there with daughters stop abandoning them! A healthy father & daughter relationship will change her life! #ilovemydad #gooddads #goodfathersraisekids #daughtersexpectations
ilovemydad - daughtersexpectations - gooddads - goodfathersraisekids -
imd_lo - sarinateng - mista.markus - karlitaaah -
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