Can't believe it's already here! I'll soon be on a plane to see my soldier!β˜ΊοΈπŸ’™ #helloKentucky#cantwait#goodbyecali#militaryball#mysoldier#army#happygirl
hellokentucky - cantwait - army - happygirl - goodbyecali - militaryball - mysoldier -
meganmitchellborgese : I am so excited for you!!β€οΈπŸ’™
meganmitchellborgese - justicenicole31 - griff_kcco - laciraysor -
Thank you to everyone who became my good friends. I love you all so much πŸ’œ enjoy the sunny days in California.β˜€οΈand don't forget about me πŸ’ #goodbyecali #iwillmissyouall
iwillmissyouall - goodbyecali -
neyva_m : 😩 ily
kaii_bay : Love you πŸ’œ
ferby92 : @betorodriguez9
alissachapa : How could I forget about you!! Have a great time up there Arielle I'll be here when you come back πŸ˜˜πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ‘― love you
venomyte : ❀️
aliadrod : I love you Arielle! Have fun and make good choices! 😘 I'll see you when you come down ❀️❀️❀️
kayla9666 : Aww all miss u!
_nenamaeyo : hahahaha why do I look like that in the middle pictureπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
aliadrod - jarom_pls - _greggo - davvvidvv_fugagt -
Our last Post Party. #mymanishot #luauparty #goodbyeCali #marriedlife
luauparty - marriedlife - mymanishot - goodbyecali -
willie.garcia2 - bonnie637 - blak_zack84 - careygenovese -
Had so much fun ❀️❀️❀️❀️ #goodbyecali #illbeback #mycalifam #mycalisista
mycalisista - illbeback - mycalifam - goodbyecali -
mr_soulard : Bring her back
missmello9285 : @mr_soulard she don't like white boys or you so blow it out your ass
lotto_bandx - dacrunch - makrcozg7501 - __julius_caesar -
Dear California, thank you for having me for the past four years. I have met people that I love and adore, that have become part of my family. I completed 4 years of Division 1 college lacrosse and never gave up. I graduated from college. I met people who have shaped me into the person that I am, the good and the not so good alike. I have been happy, been hurt, and have been overwhelmed with joy. I have grown into the young woman that I am. I have explored all over your state and I love it. I will be back soon to tear it up again. All my love to those I have met and those I will never forget and carry with me for eternity!!!! Thank you to my incredible family. Always carrying this love. Turning the page. #ohiobound #goodbyecali #seeya ❀️
seeya - ohiobound - goodbyecali -
haleighbailey : Your amazing Kara!!!!!❀️😍😘 love you sis!
kcheck_it_out : Love you sissy!!!!! @haleighbailey 😘
jordynfrew17 : πŸ’™β€οΈ love you Kara. Do big things in Ohio 🐾
marcelparcel23 : Strongest girl I've ever met. Love you so much #rolemodel 😘
ashphil5 : Such a journey!! More to come 😊love you so much!
margwolford16 : Go karabou! Come visit me....I'm officially a masshole now
carolinedineencarlson : Good luck karadactyle!!
thegreatebonie22 - apdorman - mweissenfels - alexismel -
team pic before leaving NTC #army #ntc #weareout #georgia #goodbyecali #gottaloveit #goinghome
georgia - goinghome - army - weareout - goodbyecali - ntc - gottaloveit -
olympus_outcast : Have a safe trip
mlchase14 : thanks buddy
filiboslumusa - chrisbroloelcunado - olympus_outcast - michaelmackaaij -
Leaving California and going home. Will definitely be coming back! #goodbyecali #californiadreaming #homesweethome
californiadreaming - homesweethome - goodbyecali -
klanxon - joemikey76 - enricarchivell - upamab -
August 25, 2014 | last day at home! Packed and ready to go #hikathleen #hautecakes #theyforgotaboutourfood #cousinparty #goodbyecali #selfie #dayidk
hikathleen - hautecakes - theyforgotaboutourfood - selfie - dayidk - cousinparty - goodbyecali -
kris10tsubota - whoismewhois - just_zeno - mmmarti_13 -
#lovethem❀️❀️❀️ #mycalifam #goodbyecali #sadface
sadface - mycalifam - lovethem - goodbyecali -
missmello9285 : @marce_m_p
apples_89 - itsmaryalex - ppjjp - therealist77 -
#mymainsqueeze #goodbyecali 😍#anthony
anthony - mymainsqueeze - goodbyecali -
__sameoldg : Save travels Toni ;)
missmello9285 : @__sameoldg thank you &. I'll be back soon ❀️❀️❀️
t_i_ff - ppjjp - marce_m_p - apples_89 -
Boston-bound. Called to the nations. Every step counts. ✈️⭐️❀️#forthekingdom #flyingouttonight #goodbyecali
flyingouttonight - forthekingdom - goodbyecali -
kadyfib : Bye! I'm so sad I didn't get to see you again before you left. Dinner on me in Orange next visit and you can come see my home. Save travels and cheers to your 2nd year! Xox @ebelinday 😘
wongstahh : Cya sooooom
calebt86 : see you soon sista!!!
stephlinya : Can @jasonissleepy and I come see you home? @kadyfib
ebelinday : @kadyfib bye!! Ok, until next time during winter break 😁 can't wait! Thanks and hope your year has been great so far! 😊❀️
ebelinday : @wongstahh are you here already??
ebelinday : @calebt86 yay!!! Can't wait 😁
wongstahh : I flew into boston but im at retreat with aacf until Thursday!
daniv101 - imnotdan009 - valerieliang - kamsterrrr -
Struck gold on our last night of sales! #goodbyecali #itsbeenreal
itsbeenreal - goodbyecali -
gh0st_rid3r - hdr2242 - ginakristin - woahhjen -
#lapinata #sanleandro #cali #goodbyecali 😫😫😫😫😫
sanleandro - lapinata - goodbyecali - cali -
abeale77 - inkaddict143 - __sameoldg - junethugg -
#goodbyecali #backtoreality
backtoreality - goodbyecali -
ehhh_lizzzz - tomkahre - katiemhunter924 - maddyfrazierr -
Magical day at the Magic Kingdom! #goodbyecali
goodbyecali -
I love my mommy! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜β€οΈ I'm going to miss her! #mommydaughtertime #love #goodGenes #instabeauty #caligirls #goodbyecali πŸ‘‹πŸ˜”
mommydaughtertime - instabeauty - love - caligirls - goodgenes - goodbyecali -
kachellekelly : Just saw your mom & grandmother at the family reunion! 😍
iiammorgan - icyunvsmurff - cincere415 - a_town562 -
1 more day till I see my girl!!! I've missed her more than anything #mybestfriend #iloveher #mypuppy #sheiseverything #home #letsgo #goodbyecali #backtogeorgia
letsgo - sheiseverything - mybestfriend - iloveher - mypuppy - home - backtogeorgia - goodbyecali -
army_cam - olympus_outcast - aye_imaginethat - nikola_k -
Craziest weekend ever πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ #GoodbyeCali πŸ’•
goodbyecali -
h_pusateri - camrynstephenson - cbornstein - kylecanadian -
And all things must come to an end #goodbyecali #missmybestfriend
missmybestfriend - goodbyecali -
kendraheimes - laurenfrankforter - madelynmcgowan - margaretknudsen -
Coffee stop with this fuck face 😜 #coffeebreak #longdrive #canyoutellwererelated #goodbyecali
coffeebreak - longdrive - canyoutellwererelated - goodbyecali -
lookielou03 : β™‘β™‘β™‘
_neeeeen_ - naaannnncccccyyyyyy - sex__moneyy - joshtruax -
Zone is my lucky/favorite number and I have a window seat... Oh yeah!!!! #4 #goodbyecali #hellochicago
hellochicago - myluckydaycontinues - itsonly6am - goodbyecali - faveteacherever - 4 -
jbabybear4 : Bumped up to first class, I think I'll take it!! #myluckydaycontinues #itsonly6am
janevamarie : Same favorite Disney princess and same lucky number. #twinsies Have a safe trip!
jbabybear4 : Oh goodness!! I knew I liked you when I met you lol @janevamarie #faveteacherEVER
janevamarie : 😊😊😊😊
xohaili - _bobbiebooshay - graciemarie9711 - janevamarie -
it's been real!!! 🌺🌴✌️ #goodbyecali#willbemissed
willbemissed - goodbyecali -
__gilk23 : What part were you in?
lil_blondie26 : umm we were in San Diego, L.A, and manhatten @__gilk23
__gilk23 : I just got to a town two hours south of Los Angeles! @lil_blondie26
trfurniss624 - __jackson__lds_ - _emily12firth_ - kadepupunu -
Off to Seattle ✈️ #goodbyecali #hellosouthkorea
hellosouthkorea - goodbyecali -
yanaa_baby : Good luck boo!
_pochaahontas_ : @yanaa_baby aww thank you πŸ’• good luck to you too, I miss you 😒
nessavaa_ - luh_shell - _vsainz - purple_lillies_9 -
Got to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge with this gang...gonna be sad to go home tomorrow but had such an unbelievable summer. #GoodbyeCali
goodbyecali -
aikkarumba - brooke_read - nicoledaniellerenga - sineados211 -
Hanging out in Newhall with Stephanie on her last day in Cali. She's moving on to better things. Best of luck in New York! :) #newbeginnings #goodbyecali #newyorkbound #dinnerinnewhall
dinnerinnewhall - goodbyecali - newyorkbound - newbeginnings -
lachika_16 - _akiaki - g_loop86 - itsjuliebear -
Selfie with my car full of my things! #texasbound #goodbyecali #currentlyinAZ #happy
happy - currentlyinaz - goodbyecali - texasbound -
__mangos.are.cute__ : Arizona already!
__mangos.are.cute__ : Where is Arizona exactly? @looopss123. This is why school exists
looopss123 : Lol Arizona is right next to Cali
looopss123 : Pay attention in geography!!!
rissalove19 - crystalberumen - dustirhuston - __mangos.are.cute__ -
The last time I've taken a vaca was last May! 😱 It was def a much needed vaca/get-a-way for me. I was so swamped in work all the time and noticed that I started to lose myself and became someone that I wasn't. It got me so sad because I started to feel that I've become a bad nurse/person. I think it's gotten me so sad because work is so important to me. It just took me a while to make myself believe that I can get myself back and I just needed a little break to take time off everything. The mind is such a powerful thing. Once you start to think negative about yourself you actually become negative. But now I'm ready to go back to work all refreshed and in a positive mindset! I had such a blast in Cali 🌞with people I love. I get a few more days to just chill before I return to work again. Can't wait to be back to work and do what I love most! ❀️
motivation - muscles - love - vacaisover - compassion - californiaiswheremyheartis - beyourself - girlswithmuscles - laugh - fitnurse - fitchic - instagood - girlswholift - positivemind - goodbyecali - workaholic - gotit - yay - hehe - relax - ilovemyjob - babe - positivevibes - live - lift - chill - fitrn - picoftheday - instafit - happy -
imshula : #happy#positivemind#positivevibes#ilovemyjob#workaholic#gotit#motivation#vacaisover#goodbyecali#californiaiswheremyheartis#love#laugh#live
imshula : #fitrn#fitnurse#fitchic#muscles#instafit#instagood#girlswholift#girlswithmuscles#lift#picoftheday#chill#relax#babe#hehe#beyourself#compassion#yay
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Well Cali it's been a good summer. From coming home and seeing family and friends to working at Tesla again to Disneyland and everything else in between. Good bye California until December. #GoodbyeCali #ByeHome #BackToPV #PV #ANewSchoolYear #FreshStart #BayArea #Oakland #Home #Deuces
byehome - pv - anewschoolyear - freshstart - deuces - bayarea - home - oakland - backtopv - goodbyecali -
oyes_thebarber : Pretty!
crizzybaby_ - elvzabxth_ - allenliu0221 - shrooootea -
New Country life style #kansas#countrylife#plainville#goodbyecali#home#family#livingsimple#sressfree
countrylife - family - livingsimple - kansas - plainville - sressfree - home - goodbyecali -
alexandrosaldana : Backyard
alexandrosaldana : @ok_lisandro @iiiiandresiiii @ihtzel_kike
iiiiandresiiii : Perfect for soccer
alexandrosaldana : Yup lol
ihtzel_kike : I love it I'm moving!!!
alexandrosaldana : Lol u aint down!
alexandrosaldana : @bgsecretary
alexandrosaldana : @ihtzel_kike u aint down lol
rdevenuta - iiiiandresiiii - ihtzel_kike - ok_lisandro -
I dont want to go back to reality!!!! #goodbyecali #tilnexttime #beautiful #newportbeach #idontwanttogoback #lol
beautiful - newportbeach - goodbyecali - tilnexttime - lol - idontwanttogoback -
marjorysfxz - ferperez87 - gribetwouter0871 - greentoothfoodservice -
One final cigar with pops, then back to the island #goodbyecali #eastcoasthereicome
eastcoasthereicome - goodbyecali -
tony.velasqez : Good luck my friend you be good okay instead of trouble
stephy1x32 - samiberrada - linesoverbumps - danbarletta -
As much as I love California, I'm excited to go back home to Texas, where my heart belongs. ❀️ p.s. I've been vlogging my whole trip to Cali, check the link in my bio! #TexasForever #GoodbyeCali
texasforever - goodbyecali -
saraboo95 : Loved seeing your vlogs!! πŸ˜€πŸ’•πŸ’– hope my home of California treated you well gorgeous!!
jnharris001 : Texas😍😍😍😍😍😍
proofisinthepretty : I'm hoping to attend UT one day. texas pride!
lauramichelehahn : I miss that view 😭😭 #stylehaulLA
jeanineamapola : @lauramichelehahn haha exactly where I took it from! 😏
lauramichelehahn : @jeanineamapola I interned there this summer! I miss it sooooo much!
al_braboy : Love your videos and you're gorgeous! I would love to send you some 3D Fiber Lash mascara from Younique Cosmetics to review! It's amazing! Check the link in my bio 😘
vanimonster : I love you videos and you! You are so beautyful can you follow me on instagram ? Please😍😘✌️✌️ @jeanineamapola
se.rina - fashiongirlss123 - hannahxbaee - pompa___ -
Well Cali, You've been a Slice! #GoodByeCali #HelloAlberta πŸπŸŒΎπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ˜€οΈ
helloalberta - goodbyecali -
bobbiscwagger5 : Outfit is on point πŸ‘Œ @cayley_peltz
cayley_peltz : Oh Gee Thanks Bae! @bobbiscwagger5
haleyharbinson - suegiles - cravethosecrazysquares - _madison_janzen_ -
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