Hate to see you go Cuz but can't wait to see you Tuesday, when you actually start coming around πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ I love you to death, ride or die πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ Much love and safe travels my dude πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’‹β€οΈπŸ™‹ @herbalist_og #cuz #cousinlove #rideordie #myblood #lovehim #goinbacktocali #coleandmeghan ✌🏼️
myblood - coleandmeghan - lovehim - cousinlove - goinbacktocali - rideordie - cuz -
brittney_noel_w - - madikwebb12 -
Vacation has officially started! 😁#vacay #bloodymary #goinbacktocali #workingoutmypartypants
vacay - bloodymary - goinbacktocali - workingoutmypartypants -
brandoncbudd : Can't wait!
abbylicious22 : Yayyyyyyy!!!!
jmanmomma - brandoncbudd - fleurdelindy - kellyjoyce831 -
Road trip selfie 😘 #goinbacktoCali
goinbacktocali -
anderson_joey6 - fakaleiti - csiofele - mightyjoyung916 -
#DilatedPeoples' (#DJBabu #Evidence #raakairiscience) salute to #LLCoolJ's 1988 classic song. #HipHopLegends #goinbacktocali #directorsofphotography #lyricist #polojeans #polo
djbabu - hiphoplegends - lyricist - dilatedpeoples - evidence - directorsofphotography - llcoolj - polo - polojeans - goinbacktocali - raakairiscience -
k_dot_owana - oldmansaxon - funkyfunfresh - kittygirl84_29 -
Back to work, #LDW events start tonight in Pasadena at Barcelona w/my brothas @medek @dj_butch on the wheels, ms partition please @erikamedina hostin, and @frankcortez getting me after hours tacos!!!
imissmydog - imisshome - imisskingofdiamonds - pasadena - ldw - ldw2015 - goinbacktocali - teamlightskinreturns -
mrwalkerlive : #pasadena #ldw2015 #TeamLightSkinReturns #GoinBackToCali #IMissHome #IMissMyDog #IMissKingOfDiamonds
erikamedina : Reunion tonight weenie πŸ™Œ
mrwalkerlive : @erikamedina u should wear the green jumpsuit from your action figure doll. Thanks youre the best haha
erikamedina : @mrwalkerlive how about YOU wear it... And zip it down for me πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‚
mrwalkerlive : @mrwalkerlive if someone would make an action figure of me id be down. But im just a regular guy 😩😩😩
deerawk : Lmao you "@" yourself Benji. @erikamedina
erikamedina : @deerawk πŸ˜‚ i didn't even see that! @mrwalkerlive you wear it and I'll draw you like on titanic πŸ˜‚
dflowers_ : Might come thru Sunday.. I need to get your # again
giamasodfu.fu - moth.mothispconli - apollobootcamp - cillajessie -
Oh yeah, did I mention that I quit my job and I'm spontaneously going on a cook journey for the next 20 days? Im leaving in like 6 hours. Haha #BestFriendThings #WeOut #Bye #GoinBackToCali #JustForAMinuteTho
bestfriendthings - goinbacktocali - bye - justforaminutetho - weout -
spawnofmedusaa - jkgreenbean - diddles710 - molinaloveskush -
Headed to the #OC this holiday weekend! // Check out my #LDW obsessions in the blog today! // Link in bio! // #goinbacktocali
ldw - goinbacktocali - oc -
mcdowns - kellypotts14 - jackiecopp - kvankambam -
Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am? I woke up to these cute little notes today. Oh? And did I mention I'm going to CALI tomorrow?! I love you Gary. #hesperfect #lovenote #boyfriend #iloveyoumore #cali #california #goinbacktocali
cali - california - iloveyoumore - hesperfect - goinbacktocali - lovenote - boyfriend -
itsreynenmen - snailwerx - mini_farrar - micaella_brown -
Just a few more weeks - I can't wait to be back! #throwbackthurs #socal #whereibelong #goinbacktocali #beachbum #californiadreamin #instalove
throwbackthurs - californiadreamin - beachbum - goinbacktocali - whereibelong - instalove - socal -
keyslumbi - p_estepani - laurenthegr8 - amaya_c1985 -
#californialove #goinbacktocali
californialove - goinbacktocali -
mrs_champagnejack : You look 14!!
wendyannjack : Thank you @mrs_champagnejack!! It was two days ago!!! :)
kaa_la - brownkjb5 - skalal - michaelpessagno -
I wanna give a big thank u to the whole motorink crew for having me and giving me the opportunity to work all u amazing people. It was a pleasure working with each and everyone of u....And id like to give a special thank u to my good friend @jeffreyrodriguestattoo words can't explain how grateful I am. Thank u for everything brotha πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½.....till next time everybody ✌#goinbacktocali #goodbyeAmsterdam
goinbacktocali - goodbyeamsterdam -
paweldanielltattoo : It was a pleasure to meet u guys. See u next time!
ju4nup : Ohhhh bro!!! Hope to see you next time. Take good care of yourself
jut.en.julia : Aaaaand you're back πŸ˜‚
celiozzi : gonna miss you all
gramaloka : Whatupppp πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸΌ πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡«πŸ‡· it was. Great time ... See you soon Bro' @lucci_mayne @gonzoetattoos
ju4nup - gymrat4o8 - c_macho510 - kagu1ar -
Flight club member decked out in all pely eeerythang. NYC ✈️ LA. (Flight crew plz prepare for take off.) #airplanemode #travelfashion #pelotonboutique #pelyhead #flying #skyhigh #homewardbound #goinbacktocali
flying - travelfashion - pelyhead - skyhigh - airplanemode - homewardbound - goinbacktocali - pelotonboutique -
jonjond999 : #westcoast #bestcoast!
whitneekunschik : I wanna see yooooou!
lboozy2463 : @whitneekunschik baaae!! I'll be in the Dena as of Sunday fun day! :)
kristine_irene - sargentk17 - ever_improving - t_saif_ -
My new lovemyself shoesβ€οΈπŸ‘ πŸ‘ #shopping#newlove#shoes#dolcevita#goinbacktocali#calihereicome#leavethistown
leavethistown - calihereicome - shopping - dolcevita - shoes - goinbacktocali - newlove -
chevvy__ : These heels just gave me #LIFE πŸ™Œ
clairebearcme : So cute!! Nordies??
k_labeee : Yabatcha prettyπŸ’˜ @clairebearcme
mikimousey - jazzyb_laaa - chevvy__ - _kimmylicious -
goinbacktocali -
_kara_sea_ - livlivlou - tcyho - ogxsnaps -
Camp and dawn #hike in the canyon with #el_mama. Last day of our 30 day #roadtrip Sep 1, 2015 #goinbacktocali #sfz #nofilter
sfz - hike - goinbacktocali - nofilter - el_mama - roadtrip -
the_cigala : Lil mama
danyellnss - pearson_helen - on9thstreet - travelgoals.101 -
Homeward bound. It was a fun first time in Wisconsin!! #wisconsin #goinbacktocali #southwest #thanksforthegoodtimeswisconsin #homewardbound
homewardbound - goinbacktocali - thanksforthegoodtimeswisconsin - wisconsin - southwest -
allisonmduke - willits24 - onerevn7 - rivengear -
Till next time. #bye #brb #newyorkcity #jfk #delta #goinbacktocali #LA #eastcoastin #hellatired
jfk - newyorkcity - la - goinbacktocali - eastcoastin - delta - hellatired - bye - brb -
guesswh00 - panhawk - elisathegreat1 - jonnywalkersf -
April 19-20, 2016- concealed pistol in NORCAL October 1-2, 2016- carbine in OKC #defoorproformanceshooting #goinbacktocali #okc #damnnearcentermassofusa #frisco #okiefrommuskogee
damnnearcentermassofusa - okc - okiefrommuskogee - frisco - goinbacktocali - defoorproformanceshooting -
stefandaustrian : Where do I sign up ??
maama_jama : What about that PNW ! ID, WA or MT!!! @defoorproformanceshooting
dwikkles : SoCal has a ton of shooters too. And growing
audaces1977 : Please don't fill up before I can sign up
jacedaniel83 : @defoorproformanceshooting Yessssss! Welcome to Oklahoma in 13 months. I'll be signing up. Thanks for coming to the Sooner State!!
defoorproformanceshooting : Got a bunch of emails from different people- yes you can run a normal pistol setup for the concealed class. You'll get more reps of your draw and manips while the rest rep it concealed.
rojocorsa : Im glad I saw this post. See you in April!
rojocorsa - joshua_casta - colt45irish90 - sjp178 -
So happy to have my partner in crime back#goinbacktocali #oceansten#south beach
goinbacktocali - oceansten - south -
carlypuzniak : Come visit me soon please! I miss you guys so much ❀️❀️❀️
thelastdirienzio : ^^What she said^^
lindsaypolk - jillrod78 - kalizach1 - maryyryy -
Saw this sweet bus at a rest stop this morning. It had a bunch of great Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss quotes! #GoinBackToCali
goinbacktocali -
happyheather24 : Um it's the real life Magic School Bus! Was Ms. Frizzle driving?!
lilbeestie - renaleemua - araceliortiz1018 - rudebwoy93 -
My Love is Real for this One #KatsBachBlastπŸ’ #Vegas #IDoRadu #Real #* we survived! #goinbacktocali
real - goinbacktocali - vegas - katsbachblastπŸ’ - idoradu -
coolchxck : Haha aww! I was there this weekend too 😍
marissarose.e : Ooh my gosh! Really?! I wish i would've known!!! We totally should've got together! We needed a reunion in Vegas for sure! @coolchxck
kaelynn_neesan - lildebbxoxo - valb1010 - swartzman24 -
Early morning road trip essentials! #GoinBackToCali
goinbacktocali -
jaspernewton420 : Drive safe you guys and enjoy every minuteπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜¬πŸ™βœŒοΈ
s_pomp : @wizkaliko safe travels to you and Sara!!!!
rosebell115 - raaggie - baumgartnernic - araceliortiz1018 -
Spending the night at McIntyre Farms before our journey to California! #GoinBackToCali
goinbacktocali -
rosebell115 - igotnofx - callirheasunshine - raaggie -
On the Beach with my BESTIE! 😍 Yea, there's a drink in that cup! It ain't KALE or SPINACH or nuthin' like that! That's real ah-cohol in it! (for those of you who know us to be SUPER HEALTHY will get that!) 🍸🍸🍸#drank 😜😜😜😜😜😜 #drinkinmycup ! ~~~~~ I got one too (of course we brought our own CIROC and put some of 'dat in 'dere, tooooo! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹)! Mine's some thang called Winnie-the-Pooh. I had four of them and I'm startin' to feel a little more like Tigger than Pooh up in here! #itsabouttogodown ! Imma jump up on one if those tables in the club a few feet away and start doin the TEQUILA DANCE!!! Heehee! Last day to have fun #goinbacktocali #backtothegrind #backtoworkigo See u soon! 😘😘 #cabo #beachlife #lovinglife #sun #sunday #fun #inthebeach #instadaily #instalife #instagood #fitlife #sandandsun #love #loveit #lifeisgood #swim #summ#summertime #vacation #love ❀️
swim - backtothegrind - instalife - love - cabo - loveit - lifeisgood - inthebeach - summ - drinkinmycup - itsabouttogodown - lovinglife - instadaily - beachlife - backtoworkigo - sun - vacation - instagood - fitlife - sunday - drank - summertime - fun - goinbacktocali - sandandsun -
chanelp82 : Glad your having some well deserved fun!! We miss you two back home big time!!!! Love you fabulous ladies! Can't wait to get back to it! 😘
rpmfitnessstudio : @chanelp82 -see u soon 😊
lisamariebooks - kc_staples - mmelendez23 - rpmfitnessstudio -
Until Next Time Austin πŸ˜˜βœˆοΈπŸ’™ #wereOff #GoinBackToCali #seeYaAgain #Texas #itsBeenReal #familyFun #lifeIsBeautyFull #adventure #LIVElife #LOVElife
livelife - seeyaagain - lifeisbeautyfull - wereoff - lovelife - familyfun - adventure - itsbeenreal - goinbacktocali - texas -
nalam_ - creelynjoy - veerabianca - lovemaegan -
Loves of my life. We're all super high after a great #SatNamFest weekend. On our way home after a month away. #goinbacktocali
goinbacktocali - satnamfest -
daniellemercurio - jojofrye - karinminkin - om_om_uma -
#movingoutday #goodbyegreenpoint #goinbacktocali
goinbacktocali - movingoutday - goodbyegreenpoint -
wlkr_iii : Wow. Beautiful place. Has that LA look from here. Safe travels tomorrow love. All the best and can't wait to hear about it all once you're settled. You will be missed for sure, already have been. Thank you for taking time to see me before you departed. Many kisses. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
shanweidel : @wlkr_iii thank you!!! xo this is our place in greenpoint...we may return someday 😘
wlkr_iii : LOL. Yes, in BK, but 'looks' like LA. I did not forget my lady was leaving today. Nah, you won't be back. At least to live. Haha. I'll be seeing you in Cali someday. Safe travels today lovely. Can't wait to see the new diggs.
djinbetween - joshdamongoldberg - wlkr_iii - moongo54 -
🎢 Oh my my my, I'm feeling high, My money's gone, I'm all alone, The world is turnin, Oh what a day, What a day, What a day, PEACE AND BLESSINGS Manifest with every lesson learned🎢 #goinbacktoCali #earlybird #earlyflight #excusethesleepyeyes #newbeginnings #newhair loll DC ✈️ Cali 😊😊😝😝😁😁 #alwaysingymclothes #gottabecomfy
newhair - earlyflight - alwaysingymclothes - excusethesleepyeyes - earlybird - goinbacktocali - gottabecomfy - newbeginnings -
loveleyce : Good luck girl
j.trenae : @cothran_3ra πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ don't move nothin yet!! Loll I love you too!! Thanks Pooka!
j.trenae : @tee_eye_aye6 lmao you're hilarious...thanks Sis!! Wish I had gotten to see you first!
j.trenae : @sharde_blue Thanks so much Court!!
j.trenae : @sincerelyskyy I'm going out here for another interview...and on a wish and a prayer! Lolll πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ
j.trenae : @loveleyce thanks boo!! :)
sincerelyskyy : What's yours is yours. Know that!
j.trenae : @sincerelyskyy AMEN!! πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ
lovemy_flo - sharde_blue - matt.gade - modestjon -
#inflight #roadtrippin #onvacation #goinbacktocali #nature_rsa #natureshots #naturallybeautiful #redwoodsnationalparks #pacificocean #California #orickca
onvacation - redwoodsnationalparks - orickca - nature_rsa - inflight - naturallybeautiful - california - roadtrippin - pacificocean - goinbacktocali - natureshots -
allawii69 : Quite and lovely view πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
anitagyllkrans - allawii69 - namast64 - chrizzy69 -
See ya Vegas. #vegas #aerial #southwestairlines #goinghome #sanjose #lasvegas #saturday #summer #vacation #nevada #california #byefelicia #goinbacktocali
summer - aerial - lasvegas - vacation - sanjose - byefelicia - vegas - california - goinghome - goinbacktocali - nevada - saturday - southwestairlines -
chrislemanz : cool!
juanslemon : @chrislemanz thanks!
dmitrycoolcoconut - ryanalana - jen_helton - yukiiisss -
I killed the running man on this one! #RapAndSax #GoinBackToCali #NuffSaid #OldSchool #Rap
rapandsax - goinbacktocali - nuffsaid - oldschool - rap -
kingcai112 - kimo_therapy - darkmiahzimuscleup - johnminwa -
Today I didn't even have to use my A.K ... I gotta say, today was a good day! #Mood #NotTooEarly #RapQueen #PlayList #IceCube #GoinBackToCali #Chill
rapqueen - playlist - mood - nottooearly - icecube - goinbacktocali - chill -
johnj_758 : that's my favourite track #westside
thedappergentleman.slu - fintonl - johnj_758 - ferrel2.0 -
California bound! #disney #california #goinbacktocali
goinbacktocali - california - disney -
j_lovings : #Warning, Its roasting out πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @zazle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
j_lovings - gmacias06 - rona84may - vmw2006 -
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