#TryingToCumLaude #Physiology #Textbook #TrustingHim #LoveHasAName #Jesus #LoveNeverFails #AfricaDay #GodIsStillTheSame 🐘🌽
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thandombonani : Psalms 52:8 @mnlesego
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In love with myself & life! #Godisgood #lifeisgreat #peoplechange #Godisstillthesame #Saturdaynight #bless
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eumache_fighter : All is great God is good can't complain @wildgunz1
wildgunz1 : That's cool beautiful I'm happy u are doing well
wildgunz1 : God is a blessing to our life
eumache_fighter : Thanks luv be bless @wildgunz1
wildgunz1 : 🙏I'm always am ma and one day u can find that right person in ur life to love u just as god do ma
eumache_fighter : Aw thanks those words are so sweet and powerful @wildgunz1 ;-)
wildgunz1 : My words are powerful because it come from the heart and I see ur a good woman I wish I can come around a woman like u these days it's so hard to find ms right
wildgunz1 : Anyways this is my number 347 741 1186 u can hit me up when u want to talk or when u feeling down love
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Spending some time at my favorite Lake. Can't believe it's been almost 3 years since I sat on this bench while the flood waters rose around me while the rains poured down. Lots of memories here. It's still beautiful and holds a special place in my heart. #anothertime #anotherplace #GodisStilltheSame
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david_karen_b : Gorgeous!
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