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Philosophy states that what takes place in a man's mind is played out in the Universe and vise versa! #whatdoyousee #roedogape #godhead #hermes #tresmagestes#macrophotography #photographylovers
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Gas giant mirrored ...these just blow me away what your able to see..#roedogape #macrophotography#mirrored#nebula#whatdoyousee#godhead
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The Universal #GodHead is everywhere and exists in everything. Most times it is subtle and therefore overlooked. For the undisciplined mind it is difficult to discern from the cacophony of everyday life. Sometimes be just have to be quiet and listen. (I don't know if this deep or I'm just making it seem that way.)
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Nuuuuh #greenlantern #greenlanternsaga #godhead #orion #haljordan #kylerayner #johnstewart #darkseid #sinestro #dccomics #urbancomics
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"If people don't like it now, they will." Postcard I snagged after being lucky enough to see a screening of this documentary back in 2008. I can't believe it's never been officially released. It's astounding, life-changing. #albertayler #godhead #genius #astounding #lifechanging
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jbohjboh : It's so great.
philippemoon : man lucky! i've been trying to catch this movie for years and still no dice!
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Anjali mudra - is a seal , opens the heart, calms and balances the mind. 'The light of me bows to the light of you' When I place my hands together I pray to my higher God. Do you just do the gesture and follow the crowed or do you have a reason for doing it. 🙏🙈#God #godhead #godheads #pray #anjalimudra #yoga
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Regardless in what you believe, everyone will meet God and will have to explain to as to why they chose not to accept Jesus Christ #JesusSaves #JesusChrist #God #Jesus #SonOfGod #Mercy #Love #FatherGod #GodHead #Church #ChurchFamily #wakeup #WakeupAmerica #JesusChristSavior #Illuminati
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vedayoga : 💞
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I know this feeling Nerveworks snap sin.apps process stimulants HELL.S.D once u take the trip down the hole the bunn hole bunghole #deepdream #710 #instaart #dabs #psychedelic #williamsburgbridge #Zipments=😵
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Roedog " my alter EGO! #macrophotography #roedogape #roedog #godhead#mirrored
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These Things Are ONLY Spiritually Discerned: 1 Corinthians 2:14 [Load All Comments For The Verses] Tag a friend and Repost!
brucelee77 : @jm_esq to be honest my friend I have no dispute with you or any Trinitarian for that matter. Whether you believe he is three or one does not change the fact that He is Father Son and Holy Ghost. I do appreciate our conversation however I believe the bigger issues are not oneness versus trinity, but they are society versus Christianity! With that said you are my brother and I will fight for you and I against the world! Many blessings my friend!
jm_esq : Lol, no. The 1st person of the trinity is not our spiritual grandfather. We are cleansed by his blood (1 John 1.7) and made new, born again. I'm not implying the body multiplied, the fruit did. You rightly said we are to be conformed to His image, but before death, Jesus was the only one with said image. He had to die, in order to be seen throughout the world in us. @brucelee77
jm_esq : Bless your heart @brucelee77
brucelee77 : @jm_esq you've still not made your point that the God within the Man was not omnipresent until He died. But that's cool.
jm_esq : That wasn't my point. And I was in no way implying that. @brucelee77
mariafgolob : Wow... People still want to understand something beyond understanding! They wanna prove God is one when scriptures constantly say God the father, the sun and the spirit. 3 different mind and beings living as 1. People dont get it because we dont think like God, we dont comprehend what we dont know. Faith people! Live by faith! God bless you @so_great_a_salvation
breathofairtestimonies : Listen to the link in this bio @heeavenscent
breathofairtestimonies : But this thread tho 😢😢😖😖
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The search is within...inside us is the spark of divinity...in order to expand that spark to bring it to maturity you have to speak to it this language of divinity language of Gods...we are the cosmos...if we are part of it we must communicate with it...by sensing..getting msgs from the wind the stars the moon the fertility of the land the birth of children etc..this is the language of nature the language of the cosmos. We are Microcosms inside this Macrocosm...we are part of it as it is part of us. 💫 💫 #Godhead #Life #Cosmos
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The masculine is just as important and divine as the feminine. Defender, protector, lover, giver of strength, counterpart, partner. Honed and humble, firm and generous, kind and powerful, He makes the Godhead whole. Worship and love each other and ourselves, for we are not separate from Holy and Perfect Universe. Gods we are.
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I wanna take you home - I won't do you no harm. You got to be all mine, all mine ... Bardo Pond - "Record Store Day Trilogy." #bardopond #record #store #day #trilogy #godhead #funkadelic #pharoahsanders #roxymusic #albertayler #brianeno #thevelvetunderground #fluteforever
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May I have your ID? #arewefree #loveeachother #wakeupworld #meditation #awaken #awakening #bealive #now #nowmaste #sunwhorshiper #tranquil #godhead
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Языческое божество - покровитель Уделки! #InstaSize#fleamarket#fair#stuff#godhead#mask#pagan#saintp#saintpetersburg
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This is more of opinion than scripture, but I believe God has placed this revelation my heart. After speaking with many oneness Pentecostals and asking God how they could be so confused on two major core doctrines- Denial of the Trinity and baptism as a requirement for salvation. It all of a sudden revealed to me that oneness Pentecostalism is from Satan, or his demons. To deny the Trinity is to deny God. You cannot be saved if you deny God. And then it hit me! OP's have a HUGE focus on speaking in tongues and a Christian may think, why? Christians too believe in tongues but they don't hold such an importance on it because scripture clearly says it's a gift, and not everyone receives the same gifts. So why would OP's focus so much on the gift on tongues? Well I'll tell you what I think. A true believer/saved person cannot be physically or mentally possessed. However Satan can possess unbelievers. Since OP's cannot be true believers/saved they can be possessed by demonic forces. Satan can give tongues to the unbeliever and manipulate someone into thinking it's from God. The reason why I think oneness Pentecostals focus so much on tongues is because Satan manipulates them and they use tongues to justify their wrong beliefs on God and salvation!!!! They think "well what I believe on the trinity and salvation must be true because I have the gift of tongues." Of course satan doesn't want anyone to believe there is a triune God! Of course satan want people to think that salvation comes from works (baptism) and is not a free gift from God! Wow! I believe the OP believes that what they think is true because their "tongues" is a sign of proof for them! Satan disguises himself as an angel of light 2 Corinthians 11:14. Demonic forces will trick unbelievers into thinking something unbiblical is from God. Oneness Pentecostals have a huge focus on tongues because the devil wants them to! Satan definitely has a strong foothold in oneness Pentecostalism. What do you think? Let us pray for their salvation.
the_bible_is_my_sword : @the_disciple_of_christ yep, idk how someone could think that Jesus Prays to Himself. Like huh? Lol
so_great_a_salvation : @aftertribulation @gerald180garcia No assumptions made on my part just wanted u both to read this. And @gerald180garcia I saw that DM with you and @thisassyrianguy, this doctrinal position is more serious than u realize. He has an intense righteous indignation against falsehood as we ALL should have. David puts it beautifully. "I love The Lord, therefore I hate EVERY false way." David's language is far from tolerant when it comes to things which are false, in fact if he were here today he would be ten times more filled w righteous indignation especially when it comes to the Godhead. Many have perished at the hands of a nice intellectually rational understanding of the Trinity. Oneness wasn't denounced and deemed as heretical for "political or ecclesiastical reasons" as you both may assert. It's really THAT serious I can't overstate it and I don't believe God requires me to have a PHD to come to this conclusion. Just sayin, so it's not against you personally but the damnable position.
jesuscaptivated : 🙏🏽 yes! Please tag them in my newest post with scripture also! @so_great_a_salvation
so_great_a_salvation : @jesuscaptivated We've gone through it and I'm tired. If the Holy Spirit chooses to remain silent these no hope. The flesh profits nothing it's the Spirit which gives life.
disciple_of_christ_77 : It's a little more laughable that you could believe that one third of God prayed to another third of Himself. Either way you look at it you see God praying to God but the way I look at it is man praying to God. Or flesh to Spirit. Or humanity to Divinity. Not a fraction to a fraction. And if you say there are three and Jesus has all power and the Father will not share His power and at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow in heaven and earth, which one is the superior? According to the scripture Jesus has all power and even calls Himself the Almighty. Can you also define the meaning of the name Jesus for me? Can you say that any of the writers of the bible were trinitarian? Or were they oneness like the jews? If I take the small amountbof verses you use to show a trinity do they not contradict with the many verses that clearly speak of God being one? Do they not also contradict with the beliefs of the men who wrote these verses. And if you look at it from a oneness veiw then there are no contradictions. Sure you can twist my words but in your heart you see it makes sense. You are not attacking me you are attacking the Word so please be careful. You know what the last verses of revelation warn about.
soldier.of.truth : @the_bible_is_my_sword wow. Lol
jesuscaptivated : @disciple_of_christ_77 The Trinity does not divide God into three parts. The Bible is clear that all three Persons are each one hundred percent God. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all fully God. For example, it says of Christ that “in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form” (Colossians 2:9). We should not think of God as like a “pie” cut into three pieces, each piece representing a Person. This would make each Person less than fully God and thus not God at all. Rather, “the being of each Person is equal to the whole being of God.” The divine essence is not something that is divided between the three persons, but is fully in all three persons without being divided into “parts.”Thus, the Son is not one-third of the being of God, He is all of the being of God. The Father is not one-third of the being of God, He is all of the being of God. And likewise with the Holy Spirit. Thus, as Wayne Grudem writes, “When we speak of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit together we are not speaking of any greater being than when we speak of the Father alone, the Son alone, or the Holy Spirit alone.”
the_disciple_of_christ : Its pretty clear you don't want to be humble and accept truth, sound doctrine. You need to repent of your pride and accept the Truth of the Bible. @disciple_of_christ_77
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As above so below principles of the micro to the macrocosm is displayed in this mirror #macrophotography #roedogape #roedog #whatdoyousee#assention #godhead#mirrored
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.. #2000yearsofhumanerror .. #gODHEAD #debut #marilynmanson #posthuman #isellsociety
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JesusMusic! RoyalKingdomMusic!
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dg415sf : fresh shit let me box that thang u gon get gelato contact lol
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Though the applause of others are good for a moment my everlasting, unbroken, unflinching love and joy is in the lord. #GodHead #GodsApproval #TheOnlyOneThatCounts
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I rescued her from an Alabama gas station and she's watched over our family ever since 😻😻😻 I love this "naive peach" we just painted on these walls, it makes for a lovely new home for her #bigcat #alabamagasstation #godhead #siberiantiger #plantsonpink @plantsonpink
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We can not divorce Jesus from the God on the left side of the Book because He is the God on the left side of the Book. #JesusChrist #godhead #Gospel #trinity #Gospel #stopplayingchurch #voddiebaucham
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bjmc153 : @mrkirby17 I can do even better. It was actually Jesus who called the fire down. read how many "Lords" are mentioned here in Genesis 19:24, " Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire FROM the LORD out of heaven." Yeah, Jesus called it down from the Father. what is even more disturbing is the fact that Jesus is who the homosexuals were trying to get at in Lot"s house.
mrkirby17 : @bjmc153 Amen and now homosexuals and lesbians are using the excuse and lie of,"well Jesus didnt say anything about homosexuality or lesbianism."
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Glorious #godhead statue rising in the #sunlight such a cool @alexgreycosm creation
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love.messenger.2 : @thelivingwaterchrist ❤️️
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