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Sometimes the lies get loud for me too, this is how I tap back into the truth of who I am. Sometimes give it a melody and sing it till I believe it.😂😂 #Good_Girl #God_girl #don't_let_the_devil_win #God_is_my_confidence
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rawdetox : Awesome effort!!! 👋
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How can I describe a God that's indescribable, how can I explain a love that's unexplainable... My heart sings Oh... Oh... Oh... #God_girl #April_baby #Happy_woman #Role_model
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Lovely, nobody promised you that life would be easy. Nobody told you that you were going to live a life in which you only walked through rose petals. Sometimes life will have thorns, & sometimes life will have bruises, but the One who gave you this life has the control. He will not leave your side. He is with you! He will never let you go through something that is too hard for you. He has equipped you for every single battle that you will face on this earth. He has given you the wisdom to think & persevere. He has given you the strength to get back up again. He has given you the capacity to resist any wiles of the devil. He has given you knees, hands, & a mind to pray with, so that whenever you may find yourself about to give up, you would call His name. No matter at what point of the storm you are at, He will deliver you. Be strong. Be brave. Be faithful. Calm down. Leave everything in God's hands. Don't ever forget who you are, you are a precious child of the King of Kings & Lord of Lords. The enemy is not more powerful than you! Greater & more powerful is He who is with you, than the millions of demons, stresses, sicknesses, & problems that may stand against. You are not an ordinary being. Even the devil fights for your soul, but he's not going to get it now or never! In Jesus' Name, we shall overcome any hardship that life may bring! Don't give up. Don't hurt yourself. Don't try to take an easy way out. Take Jesus' hand, & you will pass this storm. #keepstrong #keepinfaith #beblessed #ilovemyGod #iloveJesus #repost #God_Girl
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"A WOMAN WHO WALKS WITH THE CROWD WILL NOT GET FAR, BUT A WOMAN WHO WALKS WITH CHRIST, WILL ALWAYS REACH HER DESTINATION"by @god_girl #god_girl #walkwithChrist #walkwithJesus #quotes #quoteoftheday #journalthoughts #success #successfulpeople #determined #determination #forward #persistance #Godismyeverything #Nike #nikeplus #nikeplusapp #nikeplususers #justdoit #run #runner #runnerforlife #lululemon #lululemonathletica #nikepacer #NikeMiles #fitandtall #fithappens #fitinspiration #fitnessjourney #christianrunner
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dimenrun : Omg I love this smile .!
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He is the very essence of my existence... #God_girl
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My ears shall not hear anything that is not of You, Lord. My lips will praise You, and You alone. I will not have my heart lean on anything of this world. You are enough for me. You are my everything. My Savior. My Redeemer. I will use every breathe of my life to give You praise. Use me, oh Lord, for your glory. Allow me to praise You every second of my life. Let my life echo Your voice. Let my actions reflect Your love. Let my heart remember that only You took a cross for me. Only You took the nails of sin for my shame. You took the price that I had to take. Only You did. So I will only praise only You. The only love story that my lips will sing about will be Ours. Because I will not use my hands to clap to other people. I will not use my knees to bow down to other gods. I will not use my tears to cry over those who hurt me. I will not give my heart to the world and to what it can offer. I will applaud, bow down, and cry out to You, my God! To the One Who changed my life! I gave You my heart and I don't regret it one bit! My heart, mind, and soul will exalt You, Lord. My heart will forever praise You, my God! 💙 #repost #God_Girl #keepinfaith
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#modest_apparel #God_Girl 🚺
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God wants to make us brave, strong, humble, loving, kind and wise. Thanks God for alwys make me STRONG than bfore.👸👼👑.#God_Girl.
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Photo credit: @aseda_oa 💃💃💃lovely photograph LIC Youth Camp 2016 was Amazing!! Spiritual growth is my ambition for the year. #GOD_GIRL 😍😍😘😘
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ezedave : 😘😘
cozzydee101 : 😘@ezedave
qwabena_anim : Duganna!!!
cozzydee101 : eeii sly @qwabena_anim
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Overdosed on confidence #God_girl 😊 #sisikingz ♛
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mbamjustine : Fine sisi
sisi_kingz : Tanchu 😊😊😊
its_tobit : Cute
sisi_kingz : Tanx @african_cutio
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There is always something beautiful in the rain!! #blessed #faith #let_it_rain #supporter #Free_State_Champs #road_racing #bmc #enduroplanet #cloudy #rainy #God_girl #happy_heart
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#god_girl #in_love ❤💎👣
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" When success comes it's not because of your hard work but because of Gods grace to enable you to succeed..." @Fuffychuwe
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fuffychuwe : Nice😆
bradleytaps : Thank you #God_girl
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"True beauty comes from God's light reflecting off of you" Bless you! #Happysunday #God_girl #Beautifulme #Instapic #Godblessyou
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#SELFIES¡¡¡!!! #beautiful_people #God_Girl :)
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Queens do exist! :)) #God_girl #Nofilter
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. .i love you so much God #God_girL
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This my friend so beutyfull me and my friend #god_girl
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good night 😋🌸 ______________ #instapic #qotd #quote #Godbless #believe #goodnight #tumblr #edit creds #god_girl
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#prov_31:25 #god_girl #Godisgood #Godsblessings #Jesuslove #blessed #HolySpiritPower #GlorytoGod #worship #jesusfreak #thankyouJesus
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* * 1年ぶりの集合~~☺︎♡ * * メグのカメラ講習会♡ メグのカメラワークは素晴らしい~~** * #quiche #pie #cake #café #sunglasses #camera #camerawork #career_woman #god_girl #pregnant_woman
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hawaiimie : @kyoooocooo 素敵!!憧れる〜!!かっこいい女子!!
kyoooocooo : @naruuu525 神様ありがとう~🙏✨✨ あの店でのトークはほぼ#上からkyocooo~だったからねwww
aco0320 : おんざ、めがねの種類増やしといて♡
kyoooocooo : @aco0320 次はドレスコードギラギラにするから♡
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#PicsArt #God_girl fine lady she is
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♡ #god_girl
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ipie_ibk : minta pin kolai bah @catherinsembiring
catherinsembiring : Minta aja pie sama si kembar :) @ipie_ibk
ipie_ibk : oke @catherinsembiring
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♡ #god_girl
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😚 #god_girl
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Dear Future Husband.. You have to go through God to get to me💭 #fromjeremiewithlove❤️...Ha! You said it all @jeremie2131 I know @naa_dahl will definitely like this one, with all her #GOD_GIRL ways. Yaay!
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nana__adjoa : Hahaha. It's beautiful that you see that...
miss.kabi : Thank for that beautiful pic!! 😍
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about last night..... loving my hair and make up #vain #glowfest #happy #glownation #God_girl #He_turned_it
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hey_its_riri : thank you hun
rass_whitey : That's my baby oop sorry
hey_its_riri : @rass_whitey lol u suck *mwahh*
rass_whitey : Same ro you my Trini Queen
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"Stupid child you were just an accident ,worthless child"that's what he says "A waste of time ,you're never gonna make me proud.And don't you cry or I'll give you something to cry about." Don't take those words to heart Know that you are... Lovable ,Beautiful ,Wonderfully made ,A child of God ,No matter what the hurt inside of them might say .So hold onto the truth -YOU ARE LOVABLE 👌-Kerrie Roberts :Lovable 🎶🎶🎶#Love#youth#lovable#God_Girl#Loved#Blessed
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_.wildchild._98_ : It's our song @_simply__mii_ 😏😂😝😂😂😂
xx_cady_xx : lol yeah...but we rock it!!!_♡* @_.wildchild._98_
_.wildchild._98_ : We sure do @_simply__mii_ 😘
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I love this one #God_girl
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#God_girl #refreshed #yesterday's situation
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#Use your womanhood for the kingdom!!!! Build and do not break. Above all never settle for less #holychic #God_girl #refreshed #earlier today #malley
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#iam_nothing_without_you #where_you_lead_i_follow #God_girl
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Love God #faith #believe #God #is #good #godisgood #love #pray #preach #praise #worshipon #worship #Bible #Jesus #Dad #Spirit #bless #remember #God_girl #God_boy
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