Are you ready for football???? What hot headpiece will you be wearing? Order your custom glam SnapBack at www.glittertees.con.__________ SHARE THIS POST! Tag your fav football fashionista! #glittertees #glamsnapbacks #nfl #nflwife #nflwifey
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sugatl : Yes. I want 2 order a falcons chair
mel30hall : Girl I need one!!!! I need a cowboys one. My bestie is having a cowboy baby shower and I can wear that hat
theecourtneystephens : @atrophywife aww yay! I just ordered my custom off the shoulder Ravens wifey shirt & I'd love a SnapBack to go with it!!
m.semoine - mz.jae - moes_queen - starr_charly -
Stacks of tees are leaving building! Live love _______ cheer!!! Order your custom gear at
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atrophywife : #glittertees #glamtees #glitter #falcons #cheer #cheerbling #customorder #custom #falconscheer
bigsean36 : @swtdrkpch @sunshine_gi
swtdrkpch : I want it @bigsean36
sunshine_gi : I need these in my life @swtdrkpch & @bigsean36 & @atlbigboy_4life !!!
bigsean36 : I'll make a phone call lol!! @swtdrkpch @sunshine_gi
mrswilliams65 - supermomx5 - meshortcake - hakeemsoreal -
Diva in training & diva trainer! Loves this duo for a mommy/ daughter outfit for a fun client! Ok Jeri please send me pics!!! #diva #divatrainer #divaintraining #love #glamtees #glittertees #bling #customorder #custom #glitter
bling - love - glittertees - divatrainer - diva - custom - glamtees - customorder - glitter - divaintraining -
mariethestylist : OMG!! How much!!
charming_pretty_brown_eyes - emma_hallock - creditfixer - takii38 -
Cleaning my studio this morning and found a few ready to ship things that need to go! Anybody want this "hello" tank is gold sparkly letters? Size 2t Old Navy brand. $15 with FREE shipping!
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Keep calm and sing rocky top.... #customorder #glittertees #glamtees order your custom gear at
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hiddentreasuresbtq : Please call me @atrophywife still never received my order love
thechellewilson : @atrophywife can u call me re a custom shirt order inquiry please. Thanks
atrophywife : @thechellewilson you are welcome to call me anytime at 903-705-0887 to order or to get pricing
atrophywife : @dajuiceman34
atrophywife : @hiddentreasuresbtq ok doll the 3 missing candles from your order of 36 and the free shirt will re-ship today.πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
hiddentreasuresbtq : Thanks love I will be needing some more stuff soon @atrophywife
dajuiceman34 : Does the rocky top tees come in glitter
atrophywife : @dajuiceman34 it does, this is white glitter
dajuiceman34 - msgray80 - ajswifey05 - moes_queen -
Stars for Starr Charly!!! Loved this shirt! Wish I'd ordered this color for my closet!!!! #glittertees #glamtees #getemgurlzgear
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Miami Dolphin beanies! #beAnies #miamidolphins #dolphins #miami #nfl #nflwife #nflwifey #nflwives #glittertees #glamtees #blingtees #custom #love #fashionista---------- order YOUR CUSTOM BEANIES @
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lax_arthur : Nice!
ricklewisdailybread - ayonna_sanders - iamsexyredd - gamechangers180 -
A little Glitter and Gold #ootd inspiration for your Friday!! 😍😍😍 Perfect combo for our NEW High Waisted Stripes and Dots Skirt! Tank @littlebanditosthreads Skirt @lillaineybugs Headband @rleebaby Shoes @wrensnestcreations
ootd -
lillaineybugs : Wrote you back @kimmie_shonte sorry for the delay!! 😜
kimmie_shonte : @lillaineybugs hi there , just got your email πŸ˜‹ I'll be replying soon .. I'm too excited.
songstress55 : Is the skirt available yet? How much? @lillaineybugs
lillaineybugs : @ashbrookes06 and @songstress55 the skirt is now listed yay!
farah_the_babyfashionista : Do u still have that top momma?
lillaineybugs : That one isn't mine @farah_the_babyfashionista you can head over to @littlebanditosthreads though yo snag one!
lillaineybugs : The skirt is mine @farah_the_babyfashionista
farah_the_babyfashionista : Just hun hun ty
kp_mariie - wrensnestcreations - c_underhill - dtothedanielle -
#squigglystitches #monogrameverything #glittertees #glitter #personalized
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On the run Tour gear!!! #ontherun #beyonce #jayz #glittertees #fabulous
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lindseysoko : @__cyninthecity__ I rather have this one
streetbutterflyy : Now I need one of these ... On the run Sameatra Roy lol
streetbutterflyy -
nflwifey - glittertees - nfl - glamtees - custom - dolphinsbling - miamidolphins - blingtees -
atrophywife : @mrxpress27 yes
mrxpress27 : Ok I need that varsity jacket
atrophywife : #miamidolphins #nfl #nflwifey #dolphinsbling #custom #glittertees #glamtees #blingtees
mrsstacimarie - queenofswank - bosschix381 - mrstuesdaybaby -
ASU DIVA!!!! #glittertees #glamsnapbacks #glamtees #asu #hornets
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pinkandnatural : I want one! How do I order???
cococutie76 - lexy_thorn - takii38 - pinkandnatural -
Look at this little #fashionista headed out for a day of shopping with her Mama! @sosofiacloset you are rockin' our Made of Pure Awesome skirt set!! πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ Thanks for sharing!!
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sosofiacloset : Xoxox 😘😘😘
beautiesandgents : 😍😍
candeewrappers - et1116 - beautiesandgents - detroitsol -
Sale time.... Again! Let's go! I've been getting requests all week on what's the next sale... Here it is! A 2 part sale: buy 3 get 1 free or 15% off wholesale. Order online at or call 903-705-0887 to order by phone... SHARE THIS SALE PLEASE!!! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ #glittertees #guccicandles #glamsnapbacks #glittersnapbacks #custom #customcandles #love #nfl #nflwifey #nflwives #nba #falcons #money #wifeys #oilfieldwives
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ramishapeacheshoward : @atrophywife hey I'm trying to call # in profile, but it's not going through...
a1dapromoter : @atrophywife are you from easttexas
atrophywife : @ramishapeacheshoward try 903-921-8070
atrophywife : @a1dapromoter I'm not from here but I live here now
f0otball_madness - jonnajohnson1 - turquoisemusic - ricklewisdailybread -
Theatre Camp done. "Just add ice" show ready to roll! #glittertees #showtime
showtime - glittertees -
averyreedus : Is that Emily and Madison
smaki09 : @averyreedus Nope. :( It would be so cool if they were here!
monapelland - ajwhiite - averyreedus - daniellafree -
Delta Sigma Theta candles are here!!!!! Love them? SHARE THIS POST! Want it? Pick it up in our NOW!!!! Only $34.99 for the 3pc set and ready to ship!!!! #dst #sorority #glittersnapbacks #glittertees #customcandles #custom #prettygirlsturnheads
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sugatl : Nice
southernchyck : @sweetdiva11 check these out!
poundcake8732 : @katie__did_that @drandrea12
uniquenloved : @nextyme4eva
_angela_d_dubbya : @loveellace @lasean6
drandrea12 : @poundcake8732 thx!
sweetdiva11 : Those are the cutest!!
sydneysimss - drandrea12 - bossladysg - gratiapearl -
Any other takers for the "Made of Pure Awesome" skirt set as seen on @babyellestyle?? I can still make a few more. Any size through size 6! On sale for $30 plus shipping! #glitterandgold #glittertees #awesome #custom #boutique #girlsfashion #lillaineybugs #littlefashionista #babyellestyle #trendytots #kidsstyle #ootd #skirtset #summerstyle #blackandwhite #styleoftheday
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farah_the_babyfashionista : Ughhhh i want it all but dont get paid till the 30th iam waiting on a momma to pay me so i can pay for this😩
farah_the_babyfashionista : But if she doesnt il just have to take the top πŸ˜” and wait till i get paid
farah_the_babyfashionista : U can invoice me for top now pls :) 4t
lillaineybugs : @farah_the_babyfashionista my comments keep disappearing. Hmmm.... invoice is sent and your 4t is ready to ship! πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
farah_the_babyfashionista : @lillaineybugs i was wondering why i hadnt received anything! Ok ty
lillaineybugs : And let me know if you want me to wait to ship til the 30th, I can make the skirt too or the gold dot striped one! ☺
farah_the_babyfashionista : Paid ty! If i can get the funds for the skirt could u ship together?
lillaineybugs : @farah_the_babyfashionista absolutely! Just let me know!
purdythings - digitalthread - whiter35gtr - tamaragibson_photography -
Workflow. Dodger glitter v neck. #dodgers #glittertees
glittertees - dodgers -
nancytorres36 : That's cute! Im adding that to my list lol
xenia1349 : @tanyajreisat πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
olivejuice4eva : @norcalibee_28
montesdavid : That dodger 1is coo. @choppedupcherries
choppedupcherries : @montesdavid thanks man
elainelomeli13 - lilsus80 - arie_mg - kryddek -
I love my loyal customers!!! Year after year they order their fab #newedition bling from me. Client posted this pic and I stole it!!! Thanks J for all your support! Congrats to Halimah! #newedition #game #god1st #glittertees #glamtees #fans #bobbybrown
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mahmutcaptanx - jsrobmom2ajb - gb_wyfe - msmirandamarie -
#unbothered shredded back off the shoulder tee!!! #glamtees #games #glittertees order your custom gear at
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Y'all always waiting on a sale to get your custom bling!!!! Let's go!!! 40% off makes shirts as low as low as $15.00!!!⚑️⚑️⚑️ don't wait! Share this sale!!! Order at or call 903-705-0887 to order over the phone!!! #game #glamtees #glittertees
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slspade : @briteyes1 this maybe a good route too
met180nails_realtor - jenetteimrr - princesschuntee - akasomemoney -
Pink Dodgers onesie in white glitter 0-3months and shirt in 3t#pinkdodgerst #glittertees
pinkdodgerst - glittertees -
crystalcampos8 : 😍
theresa_withanh : *3t SOLD*
tonic17 - missbalandran - arlymm - danadane2220 -
I had to do it!! #byefelicia @atrophywife YOU ROCK! #glittertees
byefelicia - glittertees -
kade0612 : @kimberly_alexander @hamiltonsneed @theclad1 @ellievisconti @atrophywife
thechellewilson : @kade0612 didn't mention to @hamiltonsneed & @kimberly_alexander my involvement in this shirt project so if more are being ordered - count me in...that is all! #byefelicia
kade0612 : @thechellewilson I got u!!!
thechellewilson : @kade0612 where u at tonight? I know you're here
kade0612 : @thechellewilson on the floor!!!
thechellewilson : @kade0612 lol so were we. Right by small stage so I thought then they didn't have our row so moved to C close to main stage but I'll have to tell you about the crazy couple in front of us that was wearing me out 😁
thechellewilson : @kade0612 this traffic is the pits
kade0612 : @thechellewilson traffic sucks!!! We were right by the small stage too!!!
atrophywife - hamiltonsneed - cam_nurse - danabware -
Flash sale⚑️⚑️⚑️40% off!!!! 48hours only!!!! Share this sale!!!! #glittertees #glamtees
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kade0612 : @kimberly_alexander @hamiltonsneed @theclad1 @ellievisconti #SALE
ivy_educ8tor - angeleyes80 - only1tl - makeupispopping -
A few of our shirts we have made this morning! #vinylmonogram #monogram #glittertees
monogram - glittertees - vinylmonogram -
_kenleypaige_ - ibleed_polo_ - http.kaylee_ - taylor_landry02 -
I Had The Pleasure Of Create The Family Ray Reunion Tees #customtshirts #raycharles #sheilaray #daughter #customwear #family #familyreunion #custom #blingteeshirts #glittertees #getSTAMPEDbyGLAMOROUSDESIGNZ
daughter - family - glittertees - custom - blingteeshirts - sheilaray - customtshirts - getstampedbyglamorousdesignz - raycharles - familyreunion - customwear -
_dacorian : I need a bday shirt done
ateamcheer2014 - weonitent - _dacorian - deedani27 -
With 3 days left before Essence, it's bad when the only definite thing you're wearing is my group t-shirt!! #glittertees #notpackedyet
glittertees - notpackedyet -
legalwizkid : Well bring me at least a t shirt back
swells94 - murphymc - aconcreterose01 - legalwizkid -
Last day for Buy 2 GET 1 FREE SALE!!! Look what @kade0612 picked up yesterday on the sale!!!! Hmmmmm... What are you waiting for? Get anything you like printed and get it for FREE!!! All 3 can be different!!!! #sale #game #glittertees #cheer #crowd #byefelicia #alilbougie #girlbye #funnyaayings #itworks
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Flash Sale!!!!! FREE CUSTOM BLING TSHIRT when you buy 2!!! 24 hours ONLY!!!! Use promo code FLASH at checkout on ______________________________ SHARE. THIS. SALE!!!! #glamtees #glittertees #nba #nfl #nbawifey #nflwifey
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msincognito4 : @atrophywife if I complete the information online, how long will it take for someone to contact me about the order. I know the two designs that I'd like to order.
atrophywife : @msincognito4 you place the complete order online and then you can call to go over it but there's a place to upload the art
nbaonnbc - jennamariethatgirl - iam_chocolatetye - makeupispopping -
Real Oilfield Wives of _________? Your city here!!! #glamtees #glittertees #oilfieldwives #oilfielwifeys
glittertees - glamtees - oilfieldwives - oilfielwifeys -
oilfieldwivessorority : πŸ’—
kade0612 - crowningqueensllc_byheatherb - clickvic - beauty5977 -
Fab tees for @mrs__young21 that turned out super cute!!! #fabulousgrind #glittertees #glamtees #nba #nbawifey #thadyoung #youngfoundation #blingtees #bling 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 order your tees today at
bling - fabulousgrind - glittertees - youngfoundation - glamtees - nbawifey - nba - thadyoung - blingtees -
shotgirlz : These look great. I will be ordering something custom soon
mrs__young21 : Thank you!!!
mrs__young21 : Hey!!! How can I check on my last order?
atrophywife : @mrs__young21 call me doll and I can follow up or email-
mrs__young21 : @atrophywife hey. I called the number of the website and left a vm! You can email me at
koolamom - divaniquee - m.semoine - mrs__young21 -
Owner rocking her Texas Girls Hustle Harder Tee! We would love to do custom work for your school, work, sport team, family reunion, or occasion you want to sparkle!! #customtees #glittertees #work #football #cheer #dance #stylists #mua #brand #texas #entrepreneur
work - dance - glittertees - brand - football - customtees - entrepreneur - cheer - mua - stylists - texas -
quaude - mandiewilliamstx - msg00die - ardysslife78 -
Head Body Snatcher In Charge... Perfect tee for those #getwaisted girls #glittertees #glitter #glamtees #ardyss #amazing #action #hbic
ardyss - hbic - glittertees - amazing - glamtees - action - glitter - getwaisted -
alicia250 : I love this one
roddiblack - alicia250 - iam_chocolatetye -
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