I think it's time for some new tires for rallycross. Anyone want to #sponsor a bad #rallycross driver to help him buy new tires? 😁🏁🏁🏁 #subaru #wrx #glenhelen #racecar #rallycar #tires #sponsorme #toobrokefornewrubber #cantwinaraceonbaldtires
toobrokefornewrubber - glenhelen - racecar - tires - subaru - sponsor - rallycar - cantwinaraceonbaldtires - sponsorme - wrx - rallycross -
jonwardlaw : @evandavis73 lol isn't just the Hans more than a set of tires?
jonwardlaw : Blizzacks are on sale for 135 each I think I'm going to try and jump on that
evandavis73 : Pshhh not s4 winning tires
jonwardlaw : Really? Should go for winter force? @evandavis73 or? I thought blizzack was the tire
swabelife : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
evandavis73 : Well wonterforce is cheaper than blizzak. I was kidding about a hans being cheaper. I have no idea which is better. Winterforce has a pretty aggressive tread, but a soft sidewall. How about get some 15's and some rally tires so that prep class isnt getting taken by a stock forester πŸ˜‚
jonwardlaw : Hahaha dude you were killing it out there. If some 15s with rally tires happened to come along at a good price I just might have to do that 😜
wheelsdirty : Lots of competitors, including Bill, run winterforce. You'll find them to be much better than your current bald tires.
tuner_shirts - shancolanero - manualzatexx - nickgeiger541 -
#glenhelen #mx #mytique #amazed
mx - mytique - amazed - glenhelen -
tarafaustina - nideserapiao - clairehmn - patricianoble459 -
Take me back to California and the sun baked tracks. At least we get an hours more sleep before going overweight feline this Sunday @matthunt496 #ridecalifornia #yzf #250 #sunny #California #GlenHelen #shift #keepit100 #srrmx #owkay #spiralgfx #bell #yamaha #holiday
srrmx - owkay - bell - shift - glenhelen - sunny - spiralgfx - california - yzf - yamaha - keepit100 - 250 - holiday - ridecalifornia -
sl301 - mroocroft - 88amyl - jacadwallader19 -
Really loving the new lens, took it for a spin with @krmsten this weekend at Glen Helen, trying to learn some different techniques for its use besides landscape shots. Also decided to start posting more of my dslr shots and break away from the iPhone only, so hopefully nobody minds if I sprinkle in the occasional #vscofilm shot. #vsco #glenhelen
yellowsprings - igersohio - glenhelen - vscofilm - exploreohio - canon - 16mm - daytoninspires - ohio - vsco -
adairbird : Amazing capture, friend!
krmsten : Love it!
orbabgirl : So fantastic!! Love this shot!!
darrenisreal : @julieboutelleturner landscape and vertigo
darrenisreal : @cferguson5 thanks man, feel like I need to just start using it more and give up on the notion ig is for iPhone
darrenisreal : @adairbird thanks my friend
darrenisreal : @krmsten love all the pixel goodness there is! Hate to crop it to square
darrenisreal : @orbabgirl thanks Kristin, trying to find fun ways to use it - emnurrenbrock - graemelikegraham - minnesokie -
πŸ’«πŸŒŒ After falling asleep to a view like this for the past two nights, I'm finding that I'm missing it terribly as I go to sleep tonight... πŸŒŒπŸ’« Photo credit πŸ“·: @lebackpacker #uluru #ayersrock #kingscreekstation #glenhelen #redcentre #centralaustralia #starrynights #sogladidecidedtotrysleepingoutside #bestdecisionever #swag #jetsetsarah
swag - jetsetsarah - ayersrock - redcentre - glenhelen - sogladidecidedtotrysleepingoutside - kingscreekstation - uluru - starrynights - bestdecisionever - centralaustralia -
carismalicious : Seriously? Wow
peekture_ : lucky you! :D
itslimmichele : Beautiful
photographyfortravellers : :)
swtquek : Yep seriously @carismalicious
swtquek : and yes it was! ☺ @itslimmichele
thatkidmonty : dope.
jasonteh19 - edwinalim - pooiyeeng - xinrou_1011 -
Undercar #rallycar #cleanup #rallyx #rallycross #subie #Subaru #warpigraceworks #Warpig #bugeye #glenhelen
warpig - glenhelen - rallyx - bugeye - subie - subaru - cleanup - rallycar - warpigraceworks - rallycross -
safetycar3710 - brenda_422 - jomne - rallicandi -
Back #rallycar #cleanup #rallyx #rallycross #subie #Subaru #warpigraceworks #Warpig #bugeye #glenhelen
warpig - glenhelen - rallyx - bugeye - subie - subaru - cleanup - rallycar - warpigraceworks - rallycross -
targatrophy07_nate : ✌️
big_breezus - safetycar3710 - brenda_422 - arlow2012 -
Front #rallycar #cleanup #rallyx #rallycross #subie #Subaru #warpigraceworks #Warpig #bugeye #glenhelen
warpig - glenhelen - rallyx - bugeye - subie - subaru - cleanup - rallycar - warpigraceworks - rallycross -
big_breezus : I didn't know you got a Subaru!!
sgutz84 : Oui, i picked it up a few months ago, now i know you dont pay attention to me anymore πŸ˜―πŸ‘‰πŸ’” hahaha jk jk... hows your ride @big_breezus
safetycar3710 - brenda_422 - angele1818 - jomne -
#rallycar #cleanup #rallyx #rallycross #subie #Subaru #warpigraceworks #Warpig #bugeye #glenhelen
warpig - glenhelen - rallyx - bugeye - subie - subaru - cleanup - rallycar - warpigraceworks - rallycross -
targatrophy07_nate : πŸ™Œ
showta_ito - big_breezus - worldwidesubaruclub - arlow2012 -
Cleaned up nicely haha #rallycar #cleanup #rallyx #rallycross #subie #Subaru #warpigraceworks #Warpig #bugeye #glenhelen
warpig - glenhelen - rallyx - bugeye - subie - subaru - cleanup - rallycar - warpigraceworks - rallycross -
targatrophy07_nate : πŸ‘
leiferikson - showta_ito - big_breezus - worldwidesubaruclub -
#zacbrownband #pit #glenhelen @toadvanduyn #frontrow
frontrow - zacbrownband - pit - glenhelen -
lochamby : We were there too!!! they were so good
shelleymeoww : Ew
toadvanduyn : @shelleymeoww you spelled wow wrong
shelleymeoww : πŸ˜»πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ touché @toadvanduyn
amac818 : Haha @toadvanduyn
thatkidmonty : your pictures are awesome
alexis.donnan - brookenyenhuis - steph_will - captainmo32 -
SpecialEdwards gets to ride this freshly tuned YZ125 courtesy of @factorysupportusa for The #Mtavetworld #worldchampionships at #glenhelen #motocross
mtavetworld - worldchampionships - motocross - glenhelen -
laurenmare - teganhall555 - mgmode540 - thirteen36 -
Take me back to Saturday πŸ˜πŸ»β˜€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽπŸŒˆ #zacbrownband #khloe #hekillsme #divas #saltnpepper #ratchet #babes #glenhelen #tailgate #dontriri
saltnpepper - glenhelen - divas - hekillsme - zacbrownband - ratchet - dontriri - babes - tailgate - khloe -
mrs_rate : Yes#
arrianyc : You always go to the best country concerts! I was just in San Diego Saturday for kson country fest
samc72988 : You look fab 😍
cheena_la : You look so great baby girl
arainwater : So jealous! & you look gorgeous!☺️
jenna_shelby : @samc72988 @cheena_la @arainwater thank you ladies 😘😘😘😘
mercedes_cruz : I love ur nails
johnjardeegriffin : Who's the want to be stud?
baileyballs - katclarklopez74 - dlizv_tale - miss__courtneyy -
Taken about a year and a half ago while hiking. #glenhelen #yellowsprings
explore - adventure - hiking - outdoors - glenhelen - yellowsprings -
whatwouldnadiado : #hiking
whatwouldnadiado : #outdoors
whatwouldnadiado : #explore
whatwouldnadiado : #adventure
rockermanx - abdul4546 - brittdaddy4994 - mziggs -
What started out as a bad weekend with my rally car motor not running right, and me possibly missing yet another race, turned into one of the most exciting races I've done. I ended up swapping my brakes and my hubs off of the rally car onto my daily driver in order to race with rally wheel at #glenhelen #rallyx. There was a lot of people there this weekend and a lot of good competition. I ended up taking #1st again and this time against someone who whooped my ass last year and happens to be a really good and experienced racecar driver. Not to mention he was driving a fully built global Rallycross car. It was one of the most fun rallyx's I have done. Thanks to the team @rallykings and @odidrift @wrxsubiemod for the support!!!
rallyx - 1st - glenhelen -
chai.masters : Good shit bruh
orangeboost : Congrats dude!! Great driving out there!
ally_justine : I was there!!! Good job!!!
karmap0lice00 : Woohoooooo!!!!!!
cambogram : Great job... You deserve it 100%
msqueenjackie : @jason.copt Mr. @cambogram got all emotional about your win he loves you lol #thatsmydriver said Cambo #mybrotherinlawisbadass
jason.copt : Lol thanks guys. We got big dreams together. @cambogram
cambogram : That we do 😎
usmcxsharp - pay.a - rallicandi - msqueenjackie -
all mudded up from yesterday. #porterfield #glenhelen #scca #rallycross #rallyx #subaru #impreza #wrx #sti #rallyinnovations
scca - impreza - glenhelen - rallyx - sti - rallyinnovations - subaru - wrx - porterfield - rallycross -
drunch : #mudbutt
worldwidesubaruclub : πŸ‘πŸ‘
sfvs_mitus : I like it πŸ‘
mattmaj27 - nsibanez - rallicandi - cmfonly -
Rallycross was fun πŸš—πŸ’¨ @sebastianmills πŸ“· #rally #rallycross #subaru #impreza #jdm #brap #hoon #wheelgap #tougerunners #wrc #glenhelen @beat_not_babied #beatnotbabied
jdm - tougerunners - brap - impreza - glenhelen - beatnotbabied - subaru - wheelgap - hoon - jackingoff - rally - rallycross - wrc -
thetallkyle : #jackingoff
carbon_sti : Awesome!
thecharliejolly : Havent seen this thing in ages lol @thetallkyle
thetallkyle : @thecharliejolly she's been busy πŸš—πŸ’¨
thatkidmonty : dope.
sfvs_mitus : Cool!
sebastianmills - worldwidesubaruclub - subarutravis - tannerrausch -
@stephanverdier came and gave some real competition in his global rallycross car at the #glenhelen #rallycross yesterday! #rallyx #subarusofinstagram #grc #rallying #globalrallycross
rallying - globalrallycross - glenhelen - rallyx - rallycross - subarusofinstagram - grc -
asingto555 - bluesubbie86 - stgusev - gaphotography2015 -
Flights booked and entry in.... The @dubyausa World Vets at #GlenHelen is the next adventure.... Looking forward to getting out there, getting on track and seeing the USA crew... @chrisdenison @mxracer618 @jonprimo @kkeefer120 @rickyyorks703 @dirtridermag @michaelallen1987.... #goodtimes #goodfriends @molson_group
goodfriends - goodtimes - glenhelen -
rickyyorks703 : See you there @sr75worldteam πŸ‘Œ
sr75worldteam : @rickyyorks703 yessir!!!!
michaelallen1987 : Oh yes!
steph_lebig : see you there!
jaznos373 : Yeah, now thats what i,m talking about !!! #deffogoodtimes #sr75worldteam
sr75worldteam : @michaelallen1987 short motos, no ironman action..... See you at some point I hope.
sr75worldteam : @steph_lebig Bonjour Steph! Swing by for a beverage.
sr75worldteam : @jaznos373 cheers Jason.
monster202 - rickyyorks703 - chris_doney - revell22 -
Rocking some awesome camber on @orangeboost @rallicandi 's car. Hah. He was driving that thing like a madman, can't wait for gopro video of it. #RalliCandi #rallycross #rallyx #glenhelenrallyx #porterfield #glenhelen
glenhelenrallyx - rallicandi - glenhelen - rallyx - porterfield - rallycross -
spartanlady324 : *pokes with a stick* hi Dan 0.0
leiferikson : @spartanlady324 O_o hi
bernal99 - rekleiner88 - sfvsubies - rallicandi -
The Dubya World Vets @glenhelen are almost here- if you wants tickets, call or email us and we will send em to you! #glenhelen #dubyausaworldvets #dubyausa
dubyausa - dubyausaworldvets - glenhelen -
motostuff_com : How about tickets to ride that Rickman at the DWV! ;-)
resortdave : Yeah four please!!
hadynweaver220 - fathead625 - sc0tt_alexander - ktm200173 -
Boy meets world. #vsco #vscocam #glenhelen
yellowsprings - vscocam - igersohio - glenhelen - exploreohio - daytoninspires - ohio - vsco - makeportraits -
i_like_boring_things : He's not so little anymore.
syncopated_rockshop : Yeah, definitely not so little anymore.
thewinkle : He really is looking grown up!
darrenisreal : @i_like_boring_things he's a redwood
darrenisreal : @syncopated_rockshop def not anymore, with as much as he eats now it's no wonder
darrenisreal : @thewinkle it's scary, he's already trying to drive.
orbabgirl : Darren this is fantastic!! Awesome shot, I just love those tones 😍
darrenisreal : #daytoninspires
isaac__thirteen - cferguson5 - dara_gilliam - aalbertson -
Look who surprised me and came to #glenhelen #rallycross with me. #futurecodriver #iloveher @kaila93
iloveher - futurecodriver - rallycross - glenhelen -
thatkidmonty : your pictures are awesome
tim_preza : Thanks @thatkidmonty !
worldwidesubaruclub : Nice! ✌
sfvsubies : Awesome!
the_hud_man_ - wheelsdirty - ebrownie94 - cstanbrough -
#glowing cat on @kurtssmith 's #GC8 #subaru #subie #rallykings #gravelmachinegun #becauseracecar #becauserallycar #scca #sccarallycross #rally #rallyx #rallycar #rallycross #glenhelen #impreza #wrx #sti
scca - impreza - glenhelen - rallykings - sti - becauseracecar - subaru - sccarallycross - rally - rallycross - gravelmachinegun - becauserallycar - subie - glowing - rallycar - gc8 - rallyx - wrx -
awd_dad : 😎
adrenalinkickar : Beautiful!
thatkidmonty : your pictures are awesome
orangeboost - amanda_copt - bobby_d1g1tal - thatkidmonty -
Small footage from yesterday #glenhelenrallyx #glenhelen #rallyX #subie #Subaru #gc #gc8rslove #MidnightRomantics #needsomewintertiresandsuspension
midnightromantics - gc8rslove - glenhelen - rallyx - 221kmilesstrong - needsomewintertiresandsuspension - glenhelenrallyx - subaru - gc - subie -
gambit86 : @littocutesnowy really? Driving?
slidewayzelvis : Haha
littocutesnowy : :X no I was watching and riding as passenger. I want to do it but I have to work on my autocross skills and steering skills lol!!! So in the future! Do you and Maria go often??
gambit86 : @littocutesnowy no it was our first time going out there. They have another one next month. I think its the last one for the year. We live like 15min away so its nice.
littocutesnowy : Nice!! How do you like it?? Yeah its on the 16, well my bf signed up for that day. Haha yeah that is nice :) now if only there's a drift track out there.
gambit86 : @littocutesnowy yeah! I thought the same thing. They need to start a program or something. There room or we can just use the training area haha. What car was he driving??
gambit86 : @subiewerks555
littocutesnowy : My bf drove on Sunday, a 86 black Saab 900. The same one you saw at Grange when you guys came to be our awesome audience :) he shared the car with his brother.
bluesubbie86 - shhh_i_am_talking - thatkidmonty - reginaldblackwood -
Had such a great night exploring Glen Helen with @krmsten @anthonywslusher and @therealdolan chasing light and stitches. What an amazing place to be and spend time getting two know them. Thanks for having us out with you guys. Let's do it again minus the falls, trips, and crazy people screaming at their kids during photos shoots. #vsco #vscocam
yellowsprings - vscocam - igersohio - glenhelen - exploreohio - livefolk - daytoninspires - ohio - vsco - makeportraits -
darrenisreal : #glenhelen #ohio #yellowsprings #igersohio #exploreohio #makeportraits #livefolk
krmsten : Had a great time exploring with you guys today--we will definitely have to do it again soon! Also, the last part πŸ˜‚
darrenisreal : @krmsten man that was crazy. If you can shoot me an email darrenisreal at and I'll send you the DSLR ones once I edit them.
janksmarc : Love it
darrenisreal : @janksmarc thanks man
orbabgirl : Absolutely stunning πŸ‚πŸ’›πŸ‚πŸ˜πŸ’œ
darrenisreal : #daytoninspires
dnmgns - brandyyyy_savage - _rebeccagrace - jerrodhale -
Awesome seeing my bro @bluesubbie86 and meeting his beautiful family, cheers compa haha #rallycross #rallykings #nofucksgiven #subaru #subie #bugeye #wrx #Impreza #rally #rallying #glenhelen #dirtyimpreza #rallyx #hesnotcrazyhejusthasbiggerballsthanyou haha
rallying - impreza - glenhelen - rallykings - dirtyimpreza - bugeye - hesnotcrazyhejusthasbiggerballsthanyou - subaru - rallycross - subie - rally - nofucksgiven - wrx - rallyx -
bluesubbie86 : Good seeing you again man @sgutz84
sgutz84 : Good seeing you and meeting your gorgeous baby girl. Tell the fam i daid hello. Ill see you next time @bluesubbie86
ablock43 - nsibanez - worldwidesubaruclub - angele1818 -
The clean side.... #rallycross #warpigraceworks #Warpig #subaru #subie #bugeye #wrx #Impreza #rally #rallying #glenhelen #dirtyimpreza #rallyx
warpig - impreza - glenhelen - rallyx - dirtyimpreza - bugeye - subie - subaru - rallying - rally - warpigraceworks - rallycross - wrx -
blainehumbles : Real Rally! #badass
sgutz84 : You should come check it out. Next one is in November.
sgutz84 : @blainehumbles
blainehumbles : Please remind me!!! Please!!!!
sgutz84 : For sure @blainehumbles ill send you a direct message about a week before the event πŸ‘
showta_ito - marioveres - thatbluewrx - worldwidesubaruclub -
#rallycross #warpigraceworks #Warpig #subaru #subie #bugeye #wrx #Impreza #rally #rallying #glenhelen #dirtyimpreza #rallyx
warpig - impreza - glenhelen - rallyx - dirtyimpreza - bugeye - subie - subaru - rallying - rally - warpigraceworks - rallycross - wrx -
subarutravis : Maybe see you out at the next event. Good times for sure!
sgutz84 : Hell yeah @subarutravis i had to leave in a bit of a hurry, but ill be there nxt month if not running to cheer you on haha. I had a blast on my squirrely tires haha . Ill pick up a set of wheels and tires as soon as i get a chance
monsters_subaru - vesper_photography - jemma13subaru - thatkidmonty -
Not the fastest out there today, but i didnt finish last. Amd i had a blast, seeing old friends and meeting new.ones. #rallycross #warpigraceworks #Warpig #subaru #subie #bugeye #wrx #Impreza #rally #rallying #glenhelen #dirtyimpreza #rallyx
warpig - impreza - glenhelen - rallyx - dirtyimpreza - bugeye - subie - subaru - rallying - rally - warpigraceworks - rallycross - wrx -
eazy_evo : Ctap I forgot it was today
sgutz84 : Yessir @eazy_evo ill let you know next time. There was a lowered and caged ten running in my class
feral_motorsports : We need to get you on the proper tires ASAP!
sgutz84 : Fuckin Ey bro @feral_motorsports thats my biggest problem right now. But thats on the list for sure. Needs to get my shit together
brenda_422 : *ignore my comment before lol
brenda_422 : Hope you had fun 😊
thatkidmonty : that's sick
thatbluewrx - sfvsubies - georgi_1997_23 - dirt_bike_projects_ -
It's weird not being in line with them πŸ˜₯ good luck to the @rallykings @jlcjr42 @cambogram #rallyKings #rally #rallyX #rallyCar #rallyCross #grc #glenHelen #awd #subaru #wrc #wrx #awd #drift #offroad #race
wrc - glenhelen - rallykings - drift - offroad - subaru - race - grc - rallycar - rally - awd - rallyx - rallycross - wrx -
fo_ood : 😍
adept_adrian : @estevanita
feral_motorsports : @natesevoviii who won?
natesevoviii : Will find out in 15min, but it looks like @stephanverdier or @jlcjr42 right now @feral_motorsports
feral_motorsports : @natesevoviii Subaru for the win! , the evo needs to break' em off proper, hahaha
natesevoviii : @jlcjr42 won bro @feral_motorsports
feral_motorsports : @natesevoviii thanks for the broadcast!
michaelxdagama - karina_rally - sfvs_mitus - mr.henrix -
Even tho the tranny is at the shop, got some cool shots yesterday by the homie @dcsubi . I'm hoping for the best on my transmission and I'll know more tomorrow... Super bummed I couldn't race today πŸ˜” #subaru #subie #subielove #rally #rallyx #rallycross #glenhelen #scca #jwilkydesigns #simplysubaru #jmfg #108 #wrx
scca - glenhelen - rallyx - subielove - simplysubaru - subie - 108 - rallycross - jmfg - rally - subaru - jwilkydesigns - wrx -
taylormthrfknbourne777 : Dope shot dude
driver831 : We still killed the course yesterday @jwilky108 we will get it next race!
_chananimal - nsibanez - x_calimade_x - sneaky_ray -
Even tho the tranny is at the shop, got some cool shots yesterday by the homie @dcsubi . I'm hoping for the best on my transmission and I'll know more tomorrow... Super bummed I couldn't race today πŸ˜” #subaru #subie #subielove #rally #rallyx #rallycross #glenhelen #scca #jwilkydesigns #simplysubaru #jmfg #108 #wrx
scca - glenhelen - rallyx - subielove - simplysubaru - subie - 108 - rallycross - jmfg - rally - subaru - jwilkydesigns - wrx -
nsibanez - worldwidesubaruclub - matigraam - sfvsubies -
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