No class??! Girl bye. Lol. Some Ariana Grande fans are a bunch of haters...ijs. #nayarivera #santanalopez #glee #gleememe #ryandorsey #nayariveradorsey
santanalopez - gleememe - ryandorsey - nayariveradorsey - glee - nayarivera -
gleeonlyyy : @auntysnix LMFAO that's probably it. im pretty sure that this is Ariana's 6th boyfriend in the span of two years? lol they'll be done in no time
auntysnix : When he's done stretching her out then he'll move on to the next girl that features him on a song. Lol. And as for her, jus, I can't. A diva and a rapper. That just, haaa. Who they tryna be ? Beyoncé and jayz? @gleeonlyyy
gleeonlyyy : ya figured it out! hahahaha but at least beyoncé and jay z actually love each other and it's not just a publicity stunt. it's cute that both of the cheaters are now dating!
auntysnix : @gleeonlyyy she cheated on her last boyfriend?! Lol
gleeonlyyy : @auntysnix yup she cheated on jai brooks (a youtuber and singer) with nate bennett (guy from the wanted) notice how ariana only dates famous guys? last time i checked i didnt think that ryan was famous
auntysnix : She's just terrible wtf good that she's with big shit then ughhh @gleeonlyyy
mase_craze : @gleeonlyy and @auntysnix Hahahahahahahahaha U guys are so right xD
natalieanderson_ : Preach! :)
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If you think you HAVE to get drunk every birthday to have a good time, then that really sucks. I enjoyed my day, I relaxed and wrote fanfiction. And I don't care what anyone says about it😁 #nayarivera #santanalopez #glee #firehouse51 #readmyfanfic #gleememe
santanalopez - readmyfanfic - glee - gleememe - nayarivera - firehouse51 -
riverastagram : get drunk on everyday BUT your birthday. drink when sad, party when happy.
brittanaandglee : Whale then ^^ lol
gleeismyforeverandalways : I totally agree
rottweiler001 - reinedesputes - livkris28 - gianina70 -
This is too funny πŸ˜‚ #marksalling #puck #noahpuckerman #glee #gleeaccount #gleememe #corymonteith #love #ripcorymonteith
corymonteith - puck - love - noahpuckerman - glee - ripcorymonteith - marksalling - gleeaccount - gleememe -
rachelforever_ - klainers.gonna.klaine - gleekmas - suicidalteen5 -
#gleechallenge #day23 #gleememe #glee
glee - gleememe - day23 - gleechallenge -
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This person has a problem. πŸ˜’ + Good morning loves! ❀😘 + #gleememe #glee #gleecast #noahpuckerman #marksalling
noahpuckerman - gleecast - glee - gleememe - marksalling -
athenajuliett7 : @freddtinaa6797
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• Time for some new/old edits πŸ‘Œ • QOTD: When does (did) school start for you? AOTD: It starts tomorrow and I'm already so done with my life.. • #glee #klaine #gleememe #chriscolfer #kurthummel
chriscolfer - glee - gleememe - kurthummel - klaine -
umklaine : Wanna host?
glee_n_glee : September 1st
colfersexgod : @umklaine Sorry, going to sleep soon
umklaine : That's ok!πŸ˜„
gleekublanhu : On tuesday 😒
struckbychris : August 19 or something like that.
martoleision : On tuesday 😭
allybryce : @marshmellow013 mhmmmmm
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My #meme :) #vanfulpen92 #glee #gleek #gleememe #gleememes #marykateandashley #iamthecuteone #ryanmurphy #nyc #nyada #college #broadway #broadwaybaby #leamichele #rachelberry #darrencriss #blaineanderson #blainewarbler #warbler #warblers #daltonacademy #mckinley #limaohio #newdirections #funny
nyada - warblers - darrencriss - marykateandashley - daltonacademy - ryanmurphy - gleememe - vanfulpen92 - ashleyolsen - college - broadway - limaohio - meme - funny - gleek - glee - newdirections - warbler - rachelberry - blaineanderson - gleememes - blainewarbler - broadwaybaby - mckinley - nyc - iamthecuteone - marykateolsen - leamichele -
92fandoms : #marykateolsen #ashleyolsen
crazy_for_tv_series_ : F4f?
92fandoms : @crazy_for_tv_series_ did and done :)
cal_meister : @loisxantonia
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Glee meme! #gleememe #gleeawsomethreesome #brittana
gleememe - brittana - gleeawsomethreesome -
monchele_4ever : Matt bomer 😍
gleeawsomethreesome : He is so sexy!! @monchele_4ever
monchele_4ever : He's my male idol
loveglee_gleek - flawglee - mahomienation - gleeisthekey -
#gleestreetmemes #gleestreetedits So school is tiring...and this hiatus is slowly killing me.....I need a nap
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thegleekspage : F4F? @gleestreet
gleestreet : #glee#gleek#gleememes#gleememe#gleeaddict#gleeonfox#quinnfabray#diannaagron#dianaagron#newdirections
kates2001 : @ohsaamantha
gleestreet : @alohaglee I think it was just her singing homeward bound
shankrunners : true omg i didnt like the new cast at all and i found ryder especially to be extremely annoying I MISS THE ORIGINALS AND THE GLEE CLUB
gleestreet : @shankrunners you like TMR and Glee? Can I keep you?
_c_h_a_r_l_i_e_x - darrensbum - magicalgleeks - thegleealbum -
+ THIS IS SOOOOOOOO ME! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ME! πŸ˜‚ -β™‘- I'm gonna make edits tomorrow if I get time😊 -β™‘- Good night lovelies, never stop believing in yourself, and never give upπŸ’• Good night ily 😘 -β™‘- qotd #2: Favourite song atm? - aotd: "Shake it off"-Taylor Swift. It's just so catchy! πŸ‘ŒπŸŽΆ
gleek - 2 - gleeks - gleecast - glee - gleememe -
sweetgleeks : #glee #gleek #gleeks #gleememe #gleecast
popcultureslays : I'm Not The Only One
howtogirls : like five different songs: chandelier // stay with me // she looks so perfect // boom clap // i forgot the other one lol
indistinctperfection : Sam smith. lay me down
mallory_cmt : Bang Bang πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ
harry.freakin.potter : On my Own from Les Miserables, I haven't actually seen the musical, I just love the song.
glee_cheerios_forever : Don't rain on my parade
brittanaberry - nicky_fr_1309 - marie1604 - thegleeleanatic -
Me.πŸ’ ~ I survived the first day of school, yay! πŸ˜‚ πŸ’ͺ
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sweetgleeks : #glee #gleek #gleeks #blaineanderson #darrencriss #gleememe #myedit
tildewahlbeck : I survived too! Let's celebrateπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
twilightfanny : Det är du @noovaaa3
noovaaa3 : -.- @twilightfanny
sweetgleeks : @tildewahlbeck Woooo! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜„ #partayyy
sweetgleeks : #sg_memes
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+ *bitch please* -β™‘- Ugh, my school starts tomorrow. I'm pretty happy with my summer break. I had a great time in Paris, and even I wasted the time when I were on my cabin, I feel like wasting the time and just eat and watch movies & TV (& Glee!) is kind of the meaning with summer. To just relax 100% before the new school year starts. So I'm pretty happy with it. -β™‘- QOTD: When do you start school?
sg_memes - gleek - amberriley - gleeks - glee - myedit - leanatic - mercedesjones - gleememe - leamichele -
myheartbeatsmichele : Tomorrow aswellπŸ’•
rainbowgleeks : September 1st
harry.freakin.potter : August 26th
gleeks_are_cool : Two days 😭
gleek_ladydi : September 15th :)
brittanaglee_ : F4f?
sweetgleeks : #sg_memes
twilightfanny : Det är du @noovaaa3
mariafernandae06 - karotte_ - nicky_fr_1309 - thegleeleanatic -
Me when my friends asks me too hang out with them on sundays 😏
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sweetgleeks : #glee #gleek #gleeks #gleememe
dianna_is_glee : Ahahahaha always
hai.noelle : @mimzy_person
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#memeoftheday #memes #meme #gay #gaymeme #lololol #lol #loveit #thetruth #instafunny #instahumor #instagay #justsaying #lesbian #lesbians #lesbianmeme #lezbehonest #glee #gleememe
meme - gay - justsaying - loveit - gleememe - gaymeme - lololol - memeoftheday - lezbehonest - lesbian - instagay - glee - lol - thetruth - lesbianmeme - instafunny - memes - instahumor - lesbians -
kaylajeanleach : @anita_kj
anitakayte : Hahahaha @kaylajeanleach
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#glee #Gleeks #gleecast #gleememe #Gleefamily #Beth #daughter #myface
gleefamily - gleememe - daughter - gleeks - gleecast - glee - myface - beth -
zauditu_unicorn : They are not real gleeks. Because real gleeks would never hate on the cast
teamof_gleek : Exactly πŸ‘ŒπŸ’œ @zauditu_unicorn
amberprileysfanpage : Omg i always say this u cant call urself a gleek if u dont like the whole u can like one a little more then the others Bc there more ur style but u cant dis like a part of the cast. i love eveyone there all talented in there own way so u cant compare them. i love lea and ambers diva offs bc there amazing together but you cant say on is the winner other the other they dont all sing the same thats what makes them a team not competition
teamof_gleek : Preach @amberprileysfanpage πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ
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Not my best edit but does make me laugh :) - QOTD: whats your favourite/funniest/best hockey memory? - #fieldhockey_perks #fieldhockey #fockey #fhockey #hockey #astro #hockeyfield #quote #fieldhockeyproblems #fieldhockeyprobs #hockeysticks #perks #hockeygirls #win #glee #finn #rachel #gleeks #meme #gleememe #gym #hockeyiseverything #athlete #team #s4s #shoutout #sfs
meme - gleememe - gleeks - win - gym - rachel - fieldhockey - sfs - astro - fhockey - hockeysticks - finn - hockeyfield - hockeygirls - fieldhockey_perks - athlete - glee - perks - shoutout - quote - hockey - s4s - team - fieldhockeyproblems - fieldhockeyprobs - hockeyiseverything - fockey -
hockeygirl139 : @trayer3
zaraashley : My favourite hockey memory is when we won our division a couple of years back. But my funniest is the summer hockey season i played with my brother and his friends
fockey.goalie : My favorite memory is when we lost our last game but actually won our division
sashae.jpg : My favorite memory is when we only had one game left and we already had 90 goals scored in the season so we had to win 10-0. And we scored the 10th goal in de last 3 minutes of the game! : Shoutout for shoutout?
_maeghan_69 : 6th grade my first year playing my coaches we're yelling pick up the ball go go pick it up! And I just stood there bent over and picked up the ball..
manhas_97 : hahaha
lotteha99 : @nina_klnsch #foreveralone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
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#gleestreetedits || Basically.....
gleememe - tinachang - blainewarbler - glee - newdirections - tinacohenchang - gleememes - kurthummel - gleestreetedits - blaineanderson - klaine -
glee_simply : I hate Tina in Season 4
gleestreet : @glee_simply Ikr? I understand the fact Tina needed to gain more confidence but she just got out of control
glee_simply : @gleestreet her self-pity was annoying
gleestreet : It was and the way she threw herself onto Blaine
gleestreet : @glee_simply
glee_simply : @gleestreet I agree. and then her impossible behavior Kurt over
gleestreet : @glee_simply Glee should learn that there's a difference between character development and changing the character all of the sudden
jasmine_milktea : @sarahmosqueda
nayasarmy - martoleision - awesomekid471 - carmenbilbao_13 -
• Okay, these are the edits I talked about earlier. I have, like, 5 so far. Do you like them? Should I make more? • Also, please go to my last post and vote for me! Cwd for a surprise 🌚 • QOTD: Fuck, Marry, Kill. Chris, Kurt and Carson 😏 (Not really a question, but still) AOTD: Fuck Chris, Marry Kurt, Kill Carson (I love Carson though and angry sex would be a thing 😭) • #glee #klaine #chriscolfer #kurthummel #gleememe
chriscolfer - gleememe - glee - kurthummel - klaine -
ohilele : I voted for you love❀️ and YAS make more of this edits,they're beautiful! I would fuck Kurt,marry Chris and kill Carson (but I love Carson lol)
klaine_perfection : Fuck kurt marry chris kill Carson eventhough I love Carson but he does actually die sooo
colfersexgod : @ohilele Thank you! πŸ’•
_vica1 : FUCK chris , marry kurt , kill Carson πŸ’”
struckbychris : But I love Carson so much probably out of all the book characters. Eh, he does die in the end anyways...
simplylilyanne : I refuse to answer this question because I'll feel really guilty about it later πŸ˜‚ But I love all of them πŸ’œ
hrh_violahjorteseth : Fuck Chris, marry Kurt and kill Carson (but i still love Carson) ❀️
ely_fernandez88 : Hajajaj
pwer2thelocaldreamer_ - awesome.spagetti - ferrivera22 - 1ddarrencriss -
I'm SO sorry for not posting yesterday night, but my parents keep oblying me to socialize. Ugh. • I hate Spain, seriously, I hate Spain with all my heart, I cant fucking wait 'till I get graduated and move very far away from here.
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sexyklaine : #glee #gleeks #gleek #klaine #handsome #klex #iloveyou #leamichele #kurthummel #blaine #blaineanderson #kurt #crisscolfer #darrencriss #chriscolfer #cute #love #gay #perfection #otp #tumblr #instacute #Tagsforlike #instalike #f4f #infinity #beautiful #fake #gleememes #gleememe
gleekurtcoblaine : I wish sebastion was back on the show. I don't ship them I want him on the show again though. And I want karofsky back on the show!
sexyklaine : I want sebastian back to glee too! But ever since he is not messing up with Klaine. I would love to see him dating someone else and hanging out with Klaine, that would be just adorable @gleekurtcoblaine
gleekurtcoblaine : Imagine is sebastion came back and dated karofsky. That would be weird
___davidramirez : @jennifer.mendez15
disneyloverr__xo - myprincessmina - htessenia - lisa_de_greyt -
Okay, so the Klaine memes spam has begun! • I will just be spamming you, my dear followers, with a lot of dirty/bitchy klaine memes, hope you enjoy!
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sexyklaine : #glee #gleeks #gleek #klaine #handsome #klex #iloveyou #leamichele #kurthummel #blaine #blaineanderson #kurt #crisscolfer #darrencriss #chriscolfer #cute #love #gay #perfection #otp #tumblr #instacute #Tagsforlike #instalike #f4f #infinity #beautiful #fake #gleememes #gleememe
mimi_davis_of221b : @consulting_timelord221b
lax_flow21 : I hate when people say you can't ship them because dareen is straight but people ship Heya and both women are straight
sexyklaine : Oh jesus i know! Ppl ship a lot of cpuplws that are not dating in real life and fandom say nothing but then you say something like I do ship Crisscolfer!!! And you get like a kilo of hate @lax_flow21
flame334 : @unique_fish14 we've talked about this too much! I totally ship itπŸ’–
lovinggleedaily : Yes @inezfryburger
kates2001 : @ohsaamantha - disneyloverr__xo - colferandmichele - lisa_de_greyt -
Seriously though Tina is so emotional! #glee #gleek #gayglee #gaygleek #gleecast #gleememe #gleequotes #gleequote #tinacohenchang #jennaushkowits
gleequote - gleek - gleequotes - gaygleek - gleecast - glee - tinacohenchang - gayglee - jennaushkowits - dontcryformeasiantina - gleememe - dontcryformeargentina -
gaygleekgoddess_ : #dontcryformeargentina #dontcryformeasiantina
_c_h_a_r_l_i_e_x : I laughed harder than I should have
gleestreet - gleefetish - brixnnaaaa - blondeevicki -
One of my favourite moments on Glee. #glee #gleek #gleecast #gleememe #gleememe #gleequote #gaygleek #gayglee #leamichele #rachelberry #corymonteith #finnhudson #matthewmorrison #willshuester #gleenationals #gleesectionals #gleeregionals
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juanother - meech.big - __cxnnieyates - gleefetish -
Rachel be jealous πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ #leamichele #rachelberry #darrencriss #chriscolfer #blainewarbler #kurthummel #gleek #gayglee #gaygleek #gleecast #glee #gleememe #gleequote #gleequotes #corymonteith #finnhudson #cheerleader #gleeseason2 #gleeseasontwo
corymonteith - blainewarbler - gleememe - gleeseasontwo - kurthummel - cheerleader - darrencriss - gleek - gleequotes - gaygleek - gleecast - glee - rachelberry - chriscolfer - gayglee - gleeseason2 - finnhudson - gleequote - leamichele -
lottie.featherston : @kathrynyancy
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#darrencriss #blaineanderson #blainewarbler #coughsyrup #glee #gleek #gleecast #gleememe #gleequote #gleequotes #gaygleek #gayglee
coughsyrup - gleek - gleequotes - darrencriss - blainewarbler - gleecast - glee - gaygleek - gleequote - blaineanderson - gleememe - gayglee -
glee555 : Help me to 1.6k followers❀️
gaygleekgoddess_ : Sure! Can you help me too please?❀️
rylee.jayee : @corijones_6
monii8982 - ferrivera22 - lew373 - nayasarmy -
Always happens! ;) #gleek #glee #gaygleek #gayglee #kurthummel #chriscolfer #gleememe #gleequote #gleequotes #gleecast
gleequote - gleek - gleequotes - gayglee - gleecast - glee - chriscolfer - kurthummel - gaygleek - gleememe -
bentleeeyyyyy : @coramayyyyy when people say bestie or love loveπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
claudialexandraviles - lew373 - __cxnnieyates -
Being part of something special, makes you special. Right? - my all favourite quote of The entire Glee seasons. #glee #rachelberry #gleek #leamichele #being #part #of #something #special #makes #you #special #right #gleewisdom #gleequote #gleequotes #gaygleek #gayglee #gleecast #gleememe #gleek #gayglee #lovingglee
gleequote - right - being - gleememe - part - something - lovingglee - special - gleewisdom - gleek - gleequotes - of - gleecast - glee - rachelberry - gaygleek - you - makes - leamichele - gayglee -
glee.hq : Follow me? Maybe check out my photos β™‘
factsaboutglee : πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ’™
gaygleekgoddess_ : Sure πŸ’‹
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#loveglee #glee #gleek #gaygleek #gayglee #willshuester #finnhudson #matthewmorrison #corymonteith #gleecast #gleequote #gleememe
corymonteith - matthewmorrison - gleek - loveglee - gayglee - gleecast - glee - gleememe - finnhudson - gaygleek - willshuester - gleequote -
factsaboutglee : HahaπŸ˜‚
gaygleekgoddess_ : :')
gleestreet - gleefetish - __cxnnieyates - karen_doesnt_even_exist -
+ This is so meπŸ’ ~ So yesterday I left Paris and now I'm back in Norway. It was sad to leave, but at the same time it feels kinda good to be home. But starts in 1 and a half week for me😭 Well, least I can shop school supplies...
sg_memes - gleek - amberriley - gleeks - sgto100 - glee - mercedesjones - gleememe - helltothenow -
msgleek : ^^ I'm french :) you were just un Paris or an other place ? <3
msgleek : In*
sweetgleeks : @msgleek Only in Paris. Where in France do you live? β™‘
msgleek : In the south ^^❀
sweetgleeks : @msgleek Cool :)
msgleek : Yeah πŸ’•βœŒ
sweetgleeks : #sgto100
milaklimt : @karotte_
milaklimt - ferrivera22 - livwheeler27 - thegleeleanatic -
+ Did anyone actually ship Brochel? πŸ˜‚ ~ QOTD: When do you go back to school? ~ AOTD: 2 weeks😭
sg_memes - corymonteith - gleek - kadamsucks - gleeks - gleecast - glee - finnhudson - myedit - gleememe - brochelsucks -
gleekingdom : I agree with the fact that Rachel broke up with him, but if he promised he wouldn't continue I think rachel should have given him another chance since he wouldn't be throwing himself around. And I like putting myself in other people's point of view before hating on them.
crichele_fanatic : I actually liked brochel :). He was nice to Rachel and he seemed down to earth :). And I start in school next week πŸ™ˆ
sweetgleeks : @gleekingdom Yeah, it's a good thing to do that, but I've always loved Finchel the most and they are my OTP so...
gleekingdom : Finchel is cute, but I find hot better than cute, and brochel, and paetzchele are really really hot, which is why I ship them more than finchel/monchele
glee.facts.confessions : In a month
sweetgleeks : #sg_memes
klainerforklaine : Hahaha same thing!
klainerforklaine : 6 day before school
klainerforklaine - magicalgleeks - nicky_fr_1309 - angelajoyyyy -
+ 😁 πŸ‘ŠThe cast REALLY can sing, they're NOT ugly and Glee is the best TV-show everπŸ‘Š ~ QOTD: What are some TV-shows you dislike? ~ AOTD: Idk, I haven't watched Pretty little liars, but I honestly dislike it just because my friends says it's so much better than Glee.
sg_memes - gleek - gleeks - gleecast - glee - gleememe - kevinmchale - myedit - artieabrams -
sweetgleeks : #glee #gleek #gleeks #artieabrams #kevinmchale #myedit #gleecast #gleememe
klainergleek1 : Big Bang Theory
sweetgleeks : #sg_memes
geeky_qxeen18 : Omg my baby is mad
milaklimt - yassitsglee - geeky_qxeen18 - kimmiepte -
+ I thought I could make this my 600th post because Lea Michele is my idolβ™‘ ~ In "Brunette ambition" I read that some people said Lea wasn't pretty enough to be on TV, and that a lady told her she should get a nose job if she wanted to get a role. I really can't believe that! Lea Michele? Lea Michele isn't/wasn't pretty enough to be on TV? What is wrong with this world? So if you don't look like a super model, if you have a nose that's a little bit different from other's you can't be on TV? Is all that counts being beautiful? How can LEA MICHELE not be pretty enough for TV? Isn't it good to not look like everybody else? ~ But anyways, this shows that Lea isn't one of the stupid celebrity girls. A lot of people would probably have done the nose job, but Lea didn't. Even she started believing the stupid people a bit, she kept believing in her self the most. In the end of the book she also says that one of the reasons she has got her roles and became successfull is that she looks a bit different from a lot of other girls. After that, she also writes: "So here's a big, fat middlefinger to the lady who told me to get my nose done." πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚You go Lea! ~And that people: Is ONE of the reasons to why Lea Michele Sarfati is my idolπŸ™Œβ€~
sg_memes - gleek - brunetteambition - gleeks - glee - rachelberry - louder - myedit - leanatic - gleememe - leamichele - leanatics -
sweetgleeks : #glee #gleek #gleeks #gleememe #leamichele #rachelberry #leanatic #leanatics #myedit #brunetteambition #louder
straybunnyalois : That is so heart touching *screams* GOTTA GO BUY HER BOOK TAT
gleek42 : Preach!! πŸ™Œ
sweetgleeks : #sg_memes
03hvio - milaklimt - nicky_fr_1309 - thegleeleanatic -
Am I right or am I right? πŸ’πŸ˜ ~ This will be me 😭
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sweetgleeks : #glee #gleek #gleeks #gleecast #gleememe
kurtisonthetop : You're right
gleeisthekey : SO accurate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sweetgleeks : #sg_memes
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myhusbanddavid : F4F? ❀
ripp_finn : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
ripp_finn : Amazing edit
23treehill : Please follow my page as I'm following you? @92fandoms
92fandoms : @ripp_finn Thanks so much! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™ @23treehill Already am :)
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