My #teenagemutantninjaturtles look from a couple weeks ago. :) #tmnt #mybeautyaddiction #glamourdolleyes #bhcosmetics #eyeslipsface #bfte #sleekmakeup
teenagemutantninjaturtles - glamourdolleyes - tmnt - sleekmakeup - mybeautyaddiction - bhcosmetics - bfte - eyeslipsface -
#progress made but still so much left to do.y #essentials #organizing #makeup #makeuproom #overwhelmed #mua #makeupartist #makeupgeek #anastasiabeverlyhills #urbandecay #viseart #toofaced #glamourdolleyes #OCCMakeup #litcosmetics #wetnwild #guerlain #lauramercier #nyxcosmetics #bennye thekatvond #limecrime #thebalm #givenchy #themakeupstory #mydesk #makeupdolls
urbandecay - glamourdolleyes - lauramercier - mydesk - limecrime - makeup - themakeupstory - givenchy - guerlain - makeupdolls - bennye - organizing - overwhelmed - essentials - makeupartist - nyxcosmetics - thebalm - occmakeup - viseart - makeuproom - litcosmetics - mua - anastasiabeverlyhills - toofaced - progress - wetnwild - makeupgeek -
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All my swatched @glamourdolleyes #beauty #GlamourDollEyes #eyeshadow
eyeshadow - glamourdolleyes - beauty -
imlikeapaperbag : So much eyeshadow
princessamazon : It's like a treasure trove <3
space0queen - tkanary - terriadrienne - snowsparklegems -
Pretty easy #fotd . I used a combo of 2 colors from the #revealed2 #coastalscents palette (on the lid and crease). Also used undead by #glamourdolleyes to darken the crease. Mascara is #perversion from #urbandecay . Lips are an ombrΓ© nude using #maybelline lippies ! #woc #makeupjunkie #purpleandpinkeyeshadow #darkskin
coastalscents - urbandecay - glamourdolleyes - purpleandpinkeyeshadow - revealed2 - fotd - darkskin - perversion - makeupjunkie - maybelline - woc -
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MY DEADLY HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION ARRIVED TODAY πŸ’€ am literally so excited, cannot wait to review and do a look with them tomorrow :) #glamourdolleyes #deadlyhollywood
deadlyhollywood - glamourdolleyes -
glamourdolleyes : I found a monumentour blue label today. I think I forgot to label one lol
smh_xo : Oh my goodness. Must try! @victoriadonelda & @glamourdolleyes
maritzacourneya : i got the sample package :) and a blush
victoriadonelda : @glamourdolleyes hahaha I forgot to change the name of my glitters!! I loooooooove it all :)
ashesofablackrose : Yay! Can't wait for a video!
freddyamber - mercyluvs - kenzieemusic - laurendolores -
In LOVE with these eyeshadows from @glamourdolleyes! They're crazy pigmented and I've never seen any color eyeshadows like theseπŸ’™ These are very affordable and I recommend you all to try them out! The eyeshadow names from right to left are; Mingles, Tattoed, Pistol Pistol, Sterling Glitz, Angel Wings, Girlfriend SweaterπŸ’œ The eyeshadows are very opaque without a base! A little goes a long way, they're easy to blend, and do not stain your skin like most highly pigmented eyeshadows do, that's what I love about them! I love to use Sterling Glitz or Angel Wings in my inner corner for a pretty highlight to open my eyes, Girlfriend Sweater is gorgeous in the crease! So far, Tattoed is my favorite out of all 6, it's the 2nd eyeshadow from the right! It's a blue/purple eyeshadow with a pink sparkle to it, it's beyond gorgeous! Trust me you will not be disappointed if you order some of their eyeshadows!😍 β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ #lauraapadillaa #glamourdolleyes #eyeshadows #pigments #makeup #shimmer #matte
matte - pigments - glamourdolleyes - eyeshadows - lauraapadillaa - makeup - shimmer -
nickola_m : Tty klara cosmetics. 100% pigment in everything. Theyre amazing! 😍
jvivero24 : @lauraapadillaa where do I order?!
lauraapadillaa : Go to @glamourdolleyes and click their website it's in their bio😊 @jvivero24
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Swatches from today's #glamourdolleyes order!!! Including the #deadlyhollywood collection.
deadlyhollywood - glamourdolleyes -
missmurder_221 : Heedless heart and celestial whatever are NEEDS
glamourdolleyes : OMG I just busted up laughing in outback over celestial cow haha
liantelisay : OMG.....@glamourdolleyes.....CROW. Not Cow. Oops.... >.<
glamourdolleyes : Haha you have me a good laugh! It's all good!
liantelisay : @missmurder_221 also, yes, those two are amazing!!! Husband was impressed with the sparkle in so many of these!
liantelisay : Overdose is my top fav. Silver with a pink/blue sparkle
missmurder_221 : Espionage is awesome too.
liantelisay : @missmurder_221 espionage is amazing, I wore it today to define my crease and holy heck do I love it!
glamourdolleyes - likeolikeh - chelsrwieny -
Filtered and non filtered. Eyeshadows from the #glamourdolleyes #deadlyhollywiod collection. I used "Overdose""Espionage" and "Celebrity Sighting" on the lower lash line. I also used #gdeglitter "victim of deceit" on my outer lid to the V. LOVE this glitter!!! These colors are amazing!! I also tried the Urban Decay Perversion mascara and I like it, not my fav but certainly one of my top 5. :)
deadlyhollywiod - glamourdolleyes - gdeglitter -
kaylen41 : Hmmm. Your lashes look great, but I thought the Perversion mascara would be more plush. I don't know if I'm sold. Maybe I'll stick with my UD curling one for now, or try Benefit's They're Real. My very favorite mascara ever is by Hourglass, but I just can't justify $30 for mascara. :/
kaylen41 : Also, I'm loving all of your indie shadows!
akasarahtyler : What filter are you using? P.S. I love your freckles.
liantelisay : @kaylen41 thanks! The Perversion is an okay mascara by my book (which is hard to get my approval on) but it isn't a holy grail mascara by any means. I have a hard time spending a lot on mascara too >.<
liantelisay : @akasarahtyler I used the app WonderCam on the left photo. The "smooth" filter can often catch sparkle and duochromes and I only hide my freckles sometimes to keep them from distracting my makeup. Thanks Hun, I love my freckles too :) <3 the left photo is unedited outside of cropping
glamourdolleyes - gemini_king_kam - saintclaireadings - likeolikeh -
The whole order! Samples of the deadly Hollywood collection + glitter, I got a sample jar of "urban trash" (The black) and the full sized Golden Halo was my free GWP + two sample bags! Yay #glamourdolleyes
glamourdolleyes -
missmurder_221 : The top two on the right look awesome!
missmurder_221 : Also, I wonder what people at work would say if I decided not to tone down my gothy self starting tomorrow...
liantelisay : Do it! @missmurder_221 I love your makeup looks! I'm sure they will too! If not, they are dumb.
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I can't get over the names of the new Deadly Hollywood Collection from #glamourdolleyes time to repot my pretties!!
glamourdolleyes -
faeirieheather - mishelebarnett - saintclaireadings - fridablue07 -
Hello lovelies!! I have a new video up on my YouTube channel!! I I filmed a haul before leaving for Texas and this is it! Come by and check it out!! #youtube #makeup #haul #itsuhyanamua
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itsuhyanamua : #queenofblending #eyebrows #iheartmakeupart #palafoxxiamakeup #prettylilmzgrace #anastasiabrows #annwabisabi #ssssamanthaa #dressyourface #dirtymelodies #glamourdolleyes #girlswithpiercing #kimjluv #concreteminerals #naye0na #makeupart
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Can we take a moment and take in how gorgeous Prankster is OMG... *PRANKSTER on the lid I used it wet *PICTURE WHORE on the crease also wet *SUPER NOVA in the outer corner *TATTOOED on low lashes *GIRL NEXT DOOR cheekbone highlight (This completes all 4 looks for August) @glamourdolleyes #glamourdolleyes #nofilter #soinlove #lookoftheday #pranster #mauvelips #makeupjunkie #gold
nofilter - pranster - glamourdolleyes - gold - makeupjunkie - lookoftheday - mauvelips - soinlove -
uphier : Prettt
glamourdolleyes - amgonzalez_ - mrsmartinez_xo - lovelyleslie89 -
My first #faceoftheday ! Lovely smokey purple. Lid color is @glamourdolleyes pigment in victorian. Crease and highlight color are from the #revealed2 palette. Great pigmentation and lasted all day!! #fotd #brightamdnude #makeupsamples #purplesmokeyeye #glamourdolleyes #coastalscents #makeupjunkie
coastalscents - glamourdolleyes - revealed2 - makeupjunkie - fotd - makeupsamples - faceoftheday - purplesmokeyeye - brightamdnude -
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Sparkle mail of awesomeness!!! Love getting pretty things in the mailβ€ΌοΈπŸ’‹πŸ’„πŸ‘πŸ’ƒ#beauty #makeup #indiemakeup #bfte #shirocosmetics #glamourdolleyes #lipmonthly #beautyaddict #beautyblogger #bbloggers
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Got my #August #OTM from #Glamourdolleyes. I love it! Go to my #blog to see what got. Link in pro. #makeup #beauty #monthly #subscription #beautybox #makeupporn #beautygasm #happyplace #blogging #2014 #beautybag
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Hey that's me! @glamourdolleyes is using my makeup look for some of their business cards! I'm super excited!!! Thanks Vee!! #glamourdolleyes #gleamogirljoelle
gleamogirljoelle - glamourdolleyes -
cosmeticscounsel : that's awesome!!!
alicesunxo : You go gleam-coco haha get it
glamourdolleyes - assassinsuicidee - cosmeticscounsel - josal12 -
For @missmurder_221 in mutual goth protest for Autumn and the death of Summer! πŸ’•πŸ’‹Eyeshadows: #geekchiccosmetics "far over the Misty Mountians cold", #myprettyzombie "blue fungus on corpses", #shirocosmetics "riddles in the dark" over #glamourdolleyes "foil me" and #NYX "Milk" base. Lips: #ecolips "push red" Skin today is #starlooks
myprettyzombie - glamourdolleyes - geekchiccosmetics - starlooks - ecolips - nyx - shirocosmetics -
missmurder_221 : I like! I think I'm going to try Heir of Isildur over the green NYX crayon I got for the Timbers game and see how it blends with it. I want to find ways to bring out more of the green side of it.
liantelisay : @missmurder_221 do you use e.l.f glitter glue? That helps with duochromes like Heir of Isildur. Let me know how the NYX works! I use their white crayon as a base for most my looks to get super vibrant colors. Darker bases look good too. I've seen a lot of people turning Heir of Isildur into an eyeliner too and it looks amazing! Good luck and have fun!! <3 can't wait to see!
missmurder_221 : I used it over my urban decay as a smudger and it worked awesome. I haven't found the glitter glue anywhere and I've been looking for it.
liantelisay : @missmurder_221 also I'm sure you know this but make sure to pat on duochromes like Heir of Isildur vs swiping it across the lid. Swiping loses all the green. I'll keep my eye out for the GG next time I'm at Target :)
missmurder_221 : Yep. It also gives a stronger effect that way
liantelisay : @missmurder_221 πŸ’œ ....I'm still deciding how to do my eyes today lol
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#givingface like it's my job...which is doing my job. #glamourdolleyes look using shades #premonition and #sterlingglitz IIA totally inspired by @jkissamakeup but need more practice on this technique! #mua #makeupaddict #beatface #beatthatface #indiemakeup #iloveindie #ilovemyjob #work #face #femme #hunty #fashion #makeupdolls #themakeupstory #batalash #bossassmakeup #makeupmobb #fierce #fiercequeen
beatthatface - fashion - glamourdolleyes - givingface - themakeupstory - bossassmakeup - fiercequeen - makeupaddict - fierce - sterlingglitz - makeupdolls - face - femme - indiemakeup - batalash - work - iloveindie - ilovemyjob - beatface - hunty - mua - premonition - makeupmobb -
amtron3000 : So gorgeous! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
oatberrymua : @amtron3000 thank you dahling and most beautiful outer space queen!!
jkissamakeup : Loove! And your hair is to die for!
oatberrymua : @jkissamakeup gaaah yay thank you Sooooo so much! You're amazing for so many reasons but especially your uniqueness and realness!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰
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Sunshine :) #sugarpill #glamourdolleyes #makeup #sun
sun - sugarpill - makeup - glamourdolleyes -
glamourdolleyes - carolinamiguel_ - glitterinhereyes -
Today's look for the day. I used four new items I got in the mail yesterday. Shadow of the month: Cement Heart Extra gift #1: shadow by #darlinggirlcosmetics Teal Me Lies Extra gift #2: Hydra Glaze (liquid lipstick) Homicide Extra gift #3: blush sample in Ms.Monroe #glamourdolleyes
1 - darlinggirlcosmetics - 3 - 2 - glamourdolleyes -
glamourdolleyes - chels.palmer - kaitalexis_x -
#motd using #glamourdolleyes Golden Halo, Ancestry, Undead, and Lover's Lane! #eotd #mua #makeupbyme
mua - makeupbyme - eotd - motd - glamourdolleyes -
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Ok, and the makeup info. Eyes are #glamourdolleyes colors: Malicious, Typical Girl, Mushroom, and Provocative. My liner was #gdeglitter My Dismay over #foilme I am going to have way too much fun when school starts!
glamourdolleyes - foilme - gdeglitter -
emi_romanova - likeolikeh - fridablue07 - eclatpurplelili -
For the record I Reeeeeeeeeally like my makeup today <3 #glamourdolleyes #gdeglitter
glamourdolleyes - gdeglitter -
glamourdolleyes : It looks awesome!
liantelisay : Thank you @glamourdolleyes! And thank you for the wonderful prize! I am truly thankful and totally in love!
princess_violet89 : Pretty
toasthands - bree_1287 - missfaery - emi_romanova -
#fotd #eotd #motd make up of the day. Using corrode, frat boy and sterling glitz from @glamourdolleyes over @nyxcosmetics milk jumbo pencil. Eyeliner is immortal from @makeupgeekcosmetics #makeup #makeupaddict #makeupjunkie #eyeshadows #vegan #veganeyeshadows #glamourdolleyes #makeupgeek #nyxcosmetics #nyx
veganeyeshadows - nyxcosmetics - motd - glamourdolleyes - fotd - makeup - nyx - makeupaddict - tagsforlikes - instabeauty - vegan - makeupjunkie - eyeshadows - eotd - makeupgeek -
bitchandthecat : #instabeauty #tagsforlikes
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Finally got my haul from @glamourdolleyes !! I'm super excited to try these out =D #haultime #makeupjunkie #somanycolors #glamourdolleyes #makeupsamples
haultime - makeupsamples - glamourdolleyes - somanycolors - makeupjunkie -
pokeapook86 : Yay!!! Love me some pigments
ladynay_13 : @pokeapook86 they are sooo nice!!!
glamourdolleyes - _michelle_cole_ - jennymsan - cdllents -
Holy new obsession Batman! Last Thurs I won a #glamourdolleyes giveaway and my prize was 3 glitter tubes of my choice! Not only are these colors AMAZING but she also threw in her "foil me" (foiling medium/liner base) as well! "foil me" has been out of stock online and I've been itching to try it! I freaked out when I saw it in addition to the glitter! Seriously, #glamourdolleyes fan for life this is $20 with of glitters and foiling stuff I won for free! #gdeglitter #foilme #gdewinner #gdeaddict
gdewinner - gdeaddict - glamourdolleyes - foilme - gdeglitter -
kylamorganlee : Gasp!!! GLITTERRRRRR
liantelisay : @kylamorganlee you would freak, these are amazing. I have a deep need to own them all now...
kylamorganlee : @liantelisay you're gonna have to be my indie makeup guide when my spending money amount increases lol
liantelisay : @missmurder_221 these are totally you colors too.
liantelisay : @kylamorganlee I will guide you on the path of sparkles, that's for sure! Lol
missmurder_221 : Hahaha! You know me so well! Purple and green is my favorite shadow combo, aside from black and silver! And glitter? GIMME! #sparklegoth
glamourdolleyes - kylamorganlee - likeolikeh - mishelebarnett -
I love this makeup company!! Super affordable, highly pigmented shades, and crueltyfree! πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ’šβœ¨πŸ’„πŸ’•πŸ’ @glamourdolleyes #glamourdolleyes #crueltyfreemakeup #veganfriendly #makeup #love #makeupaddict #hydraglaze #frankenglamour #goldenhalo #sexappeal #nouveauriche #powderedblush
veganfriendly - love - glamourdolleyes - hydraglaze - makeup - makeupaddict - goldenhalo - sexappeal - powderedblush - nouveauriche - frankenglamour - crueltyfreemakeup -
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πŸ’₯Close upπŸ’₯ Details on previous post #motd #sugarpill #shrinkle #wakeupandmakeup #vegas_nay #pipsqueeak #maquiagemx #makeupbymia #makeupgeek #glamourdolleyes #missadorolashes #missadoro #anastasiabeverlyhills #chrisspy #colorful #bright #benefit #iloveigmuas #igmuas #instamakeup #instabeauty #fcmakeup #falsies #blendthatshit #eyes #eyelook #mua #eotd
eyes - motd - glamourdolleyes - colorful - iloveigmuas - sugarpill - maquiagemx - pipsqueeak - bright - missadorolashes - igmuas - eyelook - fcmakeup - chrisspy - makeupbymia - instamakeup - wakeupandmakeup - instabeauty - vegas_nay - benefit - mua - anastasiabeverlyhills - falsies - blendthatshit - shrinkle - eotd - missadoro - makeupgeek -
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Stupid faces from Saturday! #selfie #glamourdolleyes #luckypiper #lashes #liner #eyeshadow
eyeshadow - glamourdolleyes - lashes - selfie - luckypiper - liner -
oatberrymua - beardedbeastly - neonxxlovee - muhdhoney -
Going grocery shopping. Let's see how many people stare today lol. #eotd #motd #glamourdolleyes #houseoflashes #MUFE #brightmakeup #makeup #makeuplooks #instamakeup
motd - glamourdolleyes - houseoflashes - instamakeup - makeup - mufe - makeuplooks - brightmakeup - eotd -
eileen_dannie : Love it
xflossy : That's why I don't wear Makeup anymore.
makeupbyangelb : @eileen_dannie thank you :)
makeupbyangelb : @xflossy really?!! Don't let rude people stop you. I just laugh because in the grand scheme of things, it's only makeup ;)
xflossy : I get paranoid about people looking at me.
kuttyphotography - dimplesjja - colorsinbeauty - makeupbylexiie -
⏫ Cut Crease ⏫ Products; Lid || @glamourdolleyes "lovers lane" pigment. Crease || @bhcosmetics 88 matte palette "black & burgundy". Eyeliner || @maybelline gel eyeliner. Brows || @anastasiabeverlyhills "brunette". Lashes || @punggung bohktoh "P-031".
sarahsteller - makeupporn - motd - glamourdolleyes - cirquelady87 - _claudiayvette - neztheartist - universodamaquiagem - makeup - beautybyafsoon - instabeauty - labella2029 - bhcosmetics - maccosmetics - auroramakeup - universodamaquiagem_oficial - instamakeup - the_beauty_parlour - batalash - wakeupandmakeup - mac - vegas_nay - anastasiabrows - bestoftheday - anastasiabeverlyhills - makeup_bylupe - maquillaje - sarahc_29 - tatianaofficial -
punggung : ❀️😘
alimdulh : 😍
aerosq : so vibrant.
sollybby_ : Girl when ever u want ... am always home @tutibaybee_x33
sollybby_ : Thank you 😘 @alimdulh
sollybby_ : Thanks hun 😘 @aerosq
aerosq : of course. i need to start following your skill. beautiful choice of colour. fierce and poppin'
jojo_glam_beauty : I beautiful love
jojo_glam_beauty - curlygirl20 - hsan2005 - glambysteph -
Who says gold, orange, red, and purple eyeshadow isn't a totally wearable look for work! Psshh! #makeup #cosmetics #eyebrows #eyeshadow #motd #fotd #hellowaffle #glamourdolleyes #gold #orange #red #purple
eyebrows - eyeshadow - motd - glamourdolleyes - gold - purple - fotd - makeup - cosmetics - orange - hellowaffle - red -
daniexpertmua - betweenseasons - nabilaalkatiri - glam_gam -
FINALLY I have got my review of several @glamourdolleyes eyeshadows on my blog. You guys have seen the looks here but what did I think of them in the end? Head over to my blog to find out😊 πŸ‘€ Link in the bio πŸ‘€
bblogger - review - beautyblogger - glamourdolleyes - pittpantherelle -
pittpantherelle : #review #beautyblogger #bblogger #glamourdolleyes
pittpantherelle : #pittpantherelle
jaysinnerdiva - amazingisntonfire - brenda_makeupartist - mistashadesu -
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