πŸŽ€πŸ‘‘πŸŽΆ I done did a lot of shit just to live this here #lifestyleπŸŽΆπŸ‘‘πŸŽ€ #glamAholicLifestyle 😝😌 β €β €β €β € bagπŸ‘œby @miaray β €β €β €β €
pointstoself - glamaholiclifestyle - lifestyle -
jaye.elle : 😍😍 I want one !!!
jfancy_ : @jaye.elle this one was the limited edition I think . But she has a black on that's so deadly follow her and then go get one I plan to get the black one for the fall/winter
jfancy_ : One*
jaye.elle : 😫😫 I follow her too !! I'm mad I missed the tan one lol the black cute tho too !! Oh the 😍😍 was for you not the bag πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jfancy_ : @jaye.elle see what happens when you read too hard into shit #pointsToself πŸšΆπŸ˜‚
jordy_mac_ : #flawless.
kass_mom : You hair is beautiful
jfancy_ : @kass_mom @jordy_mac_ thanks so much ladies ❀️❀️😘
april1nicole - kass_mom - mrs_caramel_ - alljekyllnohyde -
Ain't nobody fault, I made the decisions I made. This is the life i chose or rather the life that chose me. 😘 #glamaholiclifestyle | cc: @miaray
bdotvacay - glamaholiclifestyle -
brittanyshontel : #bdotvacay
miaray : Thee #1 Glam-Aholic ☺️😘😘😘
_humblebeee - tay_sdot - search4herexist - goodgirlgangreloaded -
Are you a Glam-Aholic?! Well, even if you're not you should still download these #glam wallpapers! lol! With 5 different looks to choose from, you can get yours today by clicking the link in my bio! (click 'wallpapers' tab) #glamaholiclifestyle #confessionsofaglamaholic #iphonewallpapers @glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - confessionsofaglamaholic - iphonewallpapers - glam -
ohhershoes : 😍😍😍
keni0704 : GM, I just want you to know that. I admire you. I'm just a girl from Michigan that now resides in NYC. I started following you because @cris_cavallari & Santana. and I'm obsessed with them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©. However, I just want you to know that following you and seeing you build your brand. Makes my heart melt. We have so much talent in Michigan /Detroit and it makes me happy that yours isn't going to waste. May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors. P.S. Kiss that lil Tana for me. Next time I'm home I hope to attend one of your events. I'm sad I missed that shoe swap. 😩 #Beblessed #Youareamazing #Proudmichigander #Detroitrocks
miaray : @keni0704 WOW!! Thank you thank you so much! I really appreciate those kind words! I hope to have an event the next time you're home, would love to meet you 😘
keni0704 : It's a pleasure... I'll be home in Sept I need my hair done. 😩 It's hard to find a quality natural stylist in NYC. So keep me posted. 😘✌️
glammygoddess - ekiuwa - tiahboom - parisdenise -
What I wore on my wedding day ❀️ Gina Shoes and Bag #gina #swarovski #bag #bling #wedding #weddingshoes #style #sparkle #glitter #glam #glamaholic #glamaholiclifestyle #beauty #fashion #fotd #shoes #bblogger #bestphoto #beautyblogger #beautyhoarder #shoehoarder #love #lovethis #likebackinstantly
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niamhlovesbeauty : #instalike #instastyle #instaphoto
saraha1523 : Aww πŸ’– they're beautiful! Good choices!
niamhlovesbeauty : @saraha1523 thanking you 😘
niamhlovesbeauty : @tagsforlikes #tagsforlike #shoutout
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All @glamaholiclifestyle items will be available for purchase today @pinkpump! Be sure to stop by to SHOP, swap + network! #thepinkvision @thepinkvision #glamaholiclifestyle
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its_drmedjie : Had a great time at the event...thanks again :)
miaray : @its_drmedjie it was so nice meeting you!
wunderfully_made22 - ms_ortiz_ - arjaunjubri - glammygoddess -
saw a Glam-Aholic carrying her #GlamTote while we were eating lunch! It's so S U R R E A L! I had to ask her for a pic lol @glamaholiclifestyle #glamaholiclifestyle
glamtote - glamaholiclifestyle -
sinnerinthecity : That's awesome 😁
mskrissimaria : @minashani is her name
miaray : @mskrissimaria yup! I already tagged her in the pic!
niketyi : πŸ™ŒβœŠ
themedspaparties : So awesome!
adornea : Aww!! Priceless moments
just_adrienne : Total World Domination Next.
ktartt : Yes!
mrskori - msjackie84 - sincerely_ebonee - mrsfavor -
The sun is shinny so thought I better do my own toes #lechat #lechatprofessional #swarovski #swarovskitoes #bling #black #nails #nailporn #nailtech #nailartist #nailpolish #soak_off #perfectmatchgelpolish #pedicure #glam #glamaholic #glamaholiclifestyle #toes #tattoo #summer #style #beauty #bblogger #beautyblogger #beautyhoarder #fashion #bestphoto #fotd
summer - bling - beauty - soak_off - glamaholiclifestyle - nails - glam - perfectmatchgelpolish - beautyhoarder - bblogger - beautyblogger - glamaholic - bestphoto - nailtech - nailporn - tattoo - style - fashion - toes - pedicure - nailpolish - likebackinstantly - nailartist - swarovskitoes - swarovski - black - fotd - lechat - lechatprofessional -
niamhlovesbeauty : #likebackinstantly
xoxsunshiine23 - merakibydesign - saraha1523 - takenbytheskykyky -
#picstitch Happy 313th Birthday Detroit! πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚ #detroit #detroitchic #excusethedetroitinme #glamaholiclifestyle #detroitvseverybody 3⃣1⃣3⃣
picstitch - detroitchic - glamaholiclifestyle - excusethedetroitinme - detroit - detroitvseverybody -
bee_julie : @radiance___ thanks pooh pooh! Love you 😘
crum821 : You in Detroit
1chocolatecitybaby : 😘😘😘😘
radiance___ : @bee_julie Love you ☺️
bee_julie : @crum821 no @1chocolatecitybaby 😘😍
crum821 : When u coming here
bee_julie : @crum821 idk
crum821 : πŸ˜³πŸ˜’πŸ˜”
sa_fa_wa - leeluvcash - svtin - babyross778 -
Just a #glamaholic on the run | off to Chicago 😊 | cc: @miaray
bdotvacay - glamaholiclifestyle - glamaholic -
miaray : 😘😘😘 #glamaholiclifestyle
brittanyshontel : #bdotvacay #glamaholiclifestyle
miaray - kendricklamardhq - _khaya - sincerely_nae -
Pink Swarovski toes @lechatnails #lechat #perfectmatch #swarovski #nails #toes #pink #pedicure #nailtech #nailpolish #nailartist #bling #beauty #bblogger #bestphoto #beautyblogger #beautyhoarder #fashion #style #sparkle #summer #glam #glamaholic #glamaholiclifestyle #true #honesty #holidays #readyforsummer #love #fotd
summer - fashion - love - honesty - beauty - true - glamaholiclifestyle - nails - glam - beautyhoarder - perfectmatch - holidays - bblogger - beautyblogger - glamaholic - bestphoto - nailtech - pink - style - toes - pedicure - nailpolish - nailartist - sparkle - swarovski - readyforsummer - fotd - bling - lechat -
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#MAC #NYX #SEPHORA #REVLON all my favorite lip products fit inside of my #glamaholiclifestyle cosmetic pouch! Order yours today and carry your favs in style! #lipstick #lipgloss #cosmeticpouch #alwaysred #candyyumyum #snob #myth #rubywoo #ririwoo (link in @glamaholiclifestyle bio!)
nyx - cosmeticpouch - lipstick - myth - glamaholiclifestyle - revlon - ririwoo - mac - candyyumyum - sephora - snob - lipgloss - rubywoo - alwaysred -
quotesnlipstick : U got some cute little hands...love my pouch !!
miaray : @quotes__in_lipstick LOL! Thank you!
watchme_werk_ : Just order'd me a new one this morning....i wore my last one out so bad chile you couldnt even see the glamaholic logo πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
v_the_goddess : @brienvy_215 this the bag I was telling you about
mrsnursey362u - watchme_werk_ - niketyi - iambreana -
Took a break to find out how many people have gotten their #GlamaholicLifestyle Tote Bags... Not sure how to wear them? Here are two ideas that I thought of while writing papers and sending emails. Which one do you want to buy? #SaveTheDate to see how to style them in person! #August30 Head over to @glamaholiclifestyle to order yours before they sell out again! Tell her I sent you πŸ˜‰
glamaholiclifestyle - savethedate - august30 -
cris_cavallari : Who's the leopard shoes by?
thee_shopaholic : @cris_cavallari they are by the πŸ‘‰ @shoproxx boutique 😘
miaray : Can't wait! 😍😘😘😘😘
lacaliteerocks3 - pascalalyssabeauty - imjuststina - neesoclear -
atworkstillworking - glamaholiclifestyle -
nienie_badd : #glamaholiclifestyle
__prettyjayla__ - chosen_royalty1 - applejac - yeahthats_tiff -
I just need 8 more follows will this picture help me πŸ™ˆ #swarovski #bling #beautyblogger #beautyhoarder #bossassmakeup #makeupshoutout1 #shoutout #likebackinstantly #likebackteam #lipstickhoarder #glamaholic #glamaholiclifestyle #followbackinstantly #lovemydesigners #asunailsandbeauty #nails #macbling #makeuphaul #followmeforme #fotd
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niamhlovesbeauty : #likerslikeback
xmakeup4lifex : F4f?
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"Glamazon" Get up get up and Sashay Shantay Pantha on the runway DO IT Do it oh oh All the girls say Sashay Shantay Pantha on the runway DO IT Do it oh oh All the boys say WELCOME to the jungle SHE'S So Wild so animal SHE gonna work that sey body so sexual She's like a female PHENOMENON She's a GLAMAZON Female PHENOMENON A GLAMAZON Nah Nah Nah #glamazon #glamaholic #glamaholiclifestyle #glitzandglam #style #fashion #chic #simplychic #simplychicstyle #stylish #styleup #stylishsaturday
style - fashion - stylishsaturday - stylish - glamaholiclifestyle - styleup - glitzandglam - glamazon - simplychic - simplychicstyle - glamaholic - chic -
mrzsimplychicstyleowner : @glamaholiclifestyle
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Hardly home but always reppin πŸ’‚βœŠ #detroit #excusethedetroitinme #glamaholiclifestyle #confessionsofaglamaholic #westsidemyside @miaray @houseofchester
glamaholiclifestyle - excusethedetroitinme - confessionsofaglamaholic - detroit - westsidemyside -
thapaperboi : #Eastside lolol
__taurus_bullhead__ : #detroit #westside
bee_julie : @thapaperboi πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž @__taurus_bullhead__ πŸ‘πŸ‘
miaray : 😘😘😘
mieah_ - 1chocolatecitybaby - toricookiemaker - atment_taelucci -
10 Ways To Carry A Glam Tote! It's the perfect GYM BAG to carry all of your fitness necessities! Who carries their tote to the gym? Order yours now or tag a friend that's in need of a new stylish gym bag! #glamtote #gymbag #howtowear #fitness #hrm #fitandfabulous #glamaholiclifestyle (click the link in @glamaholiclifestyle bio)
hrm - gymbag - glamaholiclifestyle - glamtote - fitness - fitandfabulous - howtowear -
stuffcarter : ☝️
gooftroop313 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ #NailedIt
wonluv21 : Will you have any next month? I'll have $ then
miaray : @wonluv21 yes! :)
rosaclarkfit : Love your pics! We should connect on FB my link is in my bio
v_the_goddess : @brienvy_215 I want this so bad
ms_indecisive_ : Im really going to need you to share your secrets for the weight loss. I feel like I have no time with my three kids on top of work. I am about to ask youto lunch so I can get some tips. Because lord I need it!!!
ncphinest82 : @stac_with_an_i we should do cut gym bags too
missunderstood2you - kierasmalls - heyyy_mscarter - actionprintingservice -
What's in your #GlamTote?! So excited about the rerelease of the #limitededition tote! If you love your tote, tag a friend that needs one as well! #tagafriend #glamaholiclifestyle #totebag #confessionsofaglamaholic
limitededition - confessionsofaglamaholic - tagafriend - glamtote - totebag - glamaholiclifestyle -
beautynbarbells : @chynaeyez71
frugalshopaholics : @dlolo get me one of these for Paris!
classyladylove - latashacspivey - mojo_22 - bap76 -
Having a glamglow night @glamglowmud #glam #glamglow #glamaholic #glamaholiclifestyle #glamaholic #beauty #beautyblogger #blogger #mua #mud #mask #face #glamour #mudmask #eyes #eyemask #lovethis #lovethemall #instalike #intagood #irishbeautyblogger #irishbbloggers #mirclesdohappen #skin #musthave #skincare
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niamhlovesbeauty : #thirstymud #mua #tagforlikes
niamhlovesbeauty : #likebackinstantly
lottes_beauty : Thanks so much, I was just about to actually
hannahabdly - fashionablyfayy - dontunder_estimateme - pinkzjems -
Essay writing and Mad Men replay. #ijustliketheshow #fanta #glamaholiclifestyle #libraryflow πŸ“šπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘œ
glamaholiclifestyle - ijustliketheshow - libraryflow - fanta -
miaray : 😘😘😘😘
bee_julie : @miaray ☺️😊
thebeautycampaign - dollish_diva_mobile_boutique - _purpleeekisses_ -
#glamaholiclifestyle #glamtote #ineedthebrownone
glamaholiclifestyle - ineedthebrownone - glamtote -
P R E β€’ O R D E R your G L A M β€’ T O T E now | F R E E shipping until July 6th using promo code: PRESHIP | WWW.GLAMAHOLICLIFESTYLE.COM #glamaholiclifestyle #confessionsofaglamaholic #GlamTote #highdemand @glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - highdemand - confessionsofaglamaholic - glamtote -
brittanyshontel : Branding 😍
cherylannc : Dope ness! You're on the money!!!!
misskala_ann : Love this!!!
pnkelephant_ : @miaray love that pic did you take it
miaray : @pnkelephant_ @mytouchfilms did lol
stuffcarter : Amazed! πŸ™Œ πŸ˜˜πŸ‘
miaray : @stuffcarter β˜ΊοΈπŸ™ˆ
fitincorsica : CAN we shipping out of America?
polished_poshqueen - v_the_goddess - marvneal - nahariyamarie -
P R E β€’ O R D E R your G L A M β€’ T O T E now | F R E E shipping until July 6th using promo code: PRESHIP | WWW.GLAMAHOLICLIFESTYLE.COM #glamaholiclifestyle #confessionsofaglamaholic #glamtote
glamaholiclifestyle - confessionsofaglamaholic - glamtote -
lovelace82 : How much is it? @honeycee87
honeycee87 : I think 60 I really like it @lovelace82
lovelace82 : I do tooo... go for it @honeycee87
miofangoke : Those sandals are STRONG. Love it!
heelzz : Loveeeee those sandals! !
fabulousity22 : 😍love the shoes!!!! @miaray
miaray : @fabulousity22 @heelzz @miofangoke details are on my blog!
heelzz : THANK YOU! !!@miaray
pitbulinaskirt - naknock - amai_allon - arjaunjubri -
@samegirldifferenthair is having a holiday S A L E! Enjoy 15% off of your entire purchase by using promo code: JULY4 now until 7β€’6β€’14! #samegirldifferenthair #confessionsofaglamaholic #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - samegirldifferenthair - confessionsofaglamaholic -
bre_photography90 : I like this a lot
miaray : @bre_photography90 thank you!
shanthesweetest : @ohladythrowed
brittanyshontel - tmwrightinc - lisababi76 - bxdime -
I use my #GlamTote to carry all of my books for research and inspiration....from magazines to style guides! Pre-Order your bag N O W, you don't want to be the only #GirlBoss without one! #glamaholiclifestyle #glam #carryall #highdemand
glamtote - carryall - glam - girlboss - highdemand - glamaholiclifestyle -
lilredreadinghoodie : I've wanted one for so long. Love it, in black. Finally, ordered it! There's just something about that tote that's so unique. And I'd rather give my money to for a quality bag to a hard working company, then an waaaay overpriced designer who couldn't care less if I bought his products or not. Keep being a GirlBoss!
miaray : @lilredreadinghoodie y'all are really gonna make me cry today, thank you soooooo much!!! I really hope you enjoy it! 😘😘😘
miaray : @_nicoleloves I completely understand! Thank you so much!
ettiket : love the video!
glammygoddess : I've had mine for almost a year and I absolutely love it. It's so sturdy and the quality is everything!!!
_kiyoto : Yay I jus pre ordered my bag, sigh of relief wanted one for forever but they were out of stock now I'm finally getting one ❀️❀️😝😝 @miaray
miaray : @sheisahowell awwww yayyy!!! Thank you so much 😘😘😘
minashani : @miaray can you tag me in that pic if you post lol! I forgot to tell you my name! 😘
uyo - meiandtrin - lioness_dae - heyyy_mscarter -
Are you R E A D Y?! Pre-Order your #GlamTote N O W just in time for your Summer looks, travels and play! Free shipping when you place your order by July 6th (promo code: PRESHIP) #glamaholiclifestyle #carryall #travel #highdemand
glamtote - travel - highdemand - carryall - glamaholiclifestyle -
faes_closet : I finally broke down and ordered one! I love you and what you stand for, so I gotta support. ;-)
miaray : @faes_closet thank you, I appreciate that more than you know ☺️
downtown7th : That commercial is fierce
soflynow32 : You ready @mrsme_ow
mrsme_ow : Soon and very soon @soflynow32
glamaholiclifestyle : @mrsme_ow @soflynow32 yayyy! Thank you ladies!
downtown7th - islandnurse340 - miniglvm - briona_shanelle -
Are you R E A D Y?! Pre-Order your #GlamTote N O W just in time for your Summer looks, travels and play! Free shipping when you place your order by July 6th (promo code: PRESHIP) #glamaholiclifestyle #carryall #travel #highdemand @glamaholiclifestyle
glamtote - travel - highdemand - carryall - glamaholiclifestyle -
glam_ac : Is the tan the exact same as the black?
miaray : @glam_ac yes ma'am
byrdisthe_word : Awww snap. I'm ready!!
cutietene : How much @miaray ? πŸ’πŸ’
sex_therapy101 : Will pre-ordering still be available for the 18th I marked that down on my calender as the day I can purchase you bag @miaray even tho I did see that shipments will be heading out on the 18th of July
miaray : @sex_therapy101 yes ma'am, you'll still be able to order!
sex_therapy101 : Oh Thank the heavens β›…οΈπŸ‘ΌπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ @miaray
jbugg_28 - honeybee_heff - antoi_nette - moxieeee -
The #GlamDuffle will be going back to black soon as well! β€’ only FOUR left in stock before they're all SOLD OUT β€’ grab yours now! #glamaholiclifestyle #confessionsofaglamaholic #carryall @glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - glamduffle - carryall - confessionsofaglamaholic -
oftheamazons : @nix_nicolette
igotface : Need one in my life!
gooftroop313 : Give them here!!!
miaray : @gooftroop313 they're on my Depop page! πŸ˜‚
brittanyshontel : can i use this as a carry on for the plane? does it fit?
miaray : Yes ma'am! It's a perfect fit @brittanyshontel
houseofevbuomwan : @brittanyshontel yes, I use mine for carry on all the time! xo Love this @miaray
miaray : @houseofevbuomwan thank you!!! ☺️
mikajoi_ - iam_capricious711 - fitforaqueenlifestyle - x5683 -
The #GlamTote will be going back to black soon β€’ only FOUR left in stock before they're all SOLD OUT β€’ grab yours now! #glamaholiclifestyle #confessionsofaglamaholic #carryall @glamaholiclifestyle
glamtote - confessionsofaglamaholic - carryall - glamaholiclifestyle -
poshvhair : Thanks Hun!! Just made the purchase!!! @miaray
pipers_mama110 : Sold out 😩😩😩😩😩
kellielindell : Sold Out. After a 15 sec clip. Started from Blogger, now she's here πŸ“
cherylannc : Love the song choice.. Well instrumental! Awesome advert. ❀️
miaray : @kellielindell πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
miaray : @cherylannc ☺️😘
watchme_werk_ : Okay Mia! I absolutely love this!!
houseofevbuomwan : love.
ashleiiris - poshekouture - jusmekamil - ishawntaed -
What's in my cosmectic bag! #shopSHEstyle #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - shopshestyle -
shopshe_ - miaray - victoriavousaime_ - taylormademua -
Come Shop w/me today! 24333 Southfield Rd. Southfield,MI Suite 202. Vintage Vest: The Style House Vintage Camisole: The Style House Vintage Earrings: The Style House Vintage Watch: The Style House Floral Headpiece: The Style House Floral Skirt: Forever 21(thrifted from the Glamaholic Style Swap) #thestylehouse #glamaholiclifestyle #vintage #thrift #floral #hippie #inspired
hippie - vintage - floral - glamaholiclifestyle - inspired - thestylehouse - thrift -
lovedanni - missgant - mz_ari24 - ladyktm -
Dont Mind Me Im just Puerto Rican for the Weekend...owwwww RIO GRANDE, PUERTO RICO for the bday boy @crollins_sr #puertorico #puertorican #riogrande #sanjuan #oldsanjuan #birthdaybehavior #teamus #teamrollins
puertorican - samegirldifferenthair - puertorico - birthdaybehavior - sanjuan - puertoricansdoitbetter - teamus - glamaholiclifestyle - riogrande - teamrollins - glamaholic - oldsanjuan -
mrzsimplychicstyleowner : Thanksss @zak_34 @yakypoo
purplekisses_28 : Enjoy!!!
mrzsimplychicstyleowner : #puertoricansdoitbetter
mrzsimplychicstyleowner : #samegirldifferenthair #glamaholic #glamaholiclifestyle @miaray @glamaholiclifestyle
miaray : Love!
mrzsimplychicstyleowner : @miaray love my bag is it still available in black or all sold out again
miaray : It's still available!
mrzsimplychicstyleowner : Yaaayyy @miaray
miaray - puusmile - shakeerahrn - simplykes -
Finally it's here.!!! After the post office played w/ my life all week. I love it and it matches my room lol #glamaholiclifestyle #whatsinmyglamtotecomingsoon @miaray
glamaholiclifestyle - whatsinmyglamtotecomingsoon -
miaray : Awwww yayyy!!! 😘😘😘
bee_julie : @miaray fits everything perfectly. πŸ‘Œ
bee_julie : I just showed my roommate from Jacksonville the bag she was like that's @miaray I said yea girl she from the D.! She was like omg I love her and her hair.!!! Lol
miaray : OMG!! Are you serious 😱☺️
bee_julie : @miaray yessss they know you everywhere.!!!
miaray - bxchicksdoitbest - tm1992 - kim_bee23 -
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