"The only BS I need in my life are BAGS & SHOES!"....the perfect carry-all for every occasion. #GlamAholicLifestyle @glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
shop_lafemme : @sakaree yet another
aaries4u : I so love this, such an inspiration πŸ™Œ #miaray
alleyprettyrose : This is sweet. Perfect song for this!!!
miaray : @lil_leroynikkib 😘
v_the_goddess : @anomalexy something like this. All of that
alisfashionsense : Awesome!!!! Get it girl
jfancy_ : Dope 😝✊
polished_poshqueen : The Cosby show... Lol I love it mia.. Way to put your twist on it
classisophisticate - piscesqueen22 - got_bundles - latonya.m -
Hers & His . #glamaholiclifestyle #herschel Thanks @miaray .
glamaholiclifestyle - herschel -
miaray : L O V E
elliesplace - specialkizzy - yahyah_yadi - __thedani -
Sold out in 5 mins 😳 I'll be adding more soon! #GlamAholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
miaray : @krystalnometh @just_jlobaby @glam_ac just added 3 more
shaunat : I think her phone is dead! 😫 this can't be life!!!
iamkingelizabeth : I'm so mad I was at work and running to my car to get my wallet
hausofky : But they're all gone again 😩
krystalnometh : Missed it again πŸ˜” but I can't even be mad. Lol. How fast they've sold out is impressive!
theirqueen__ : I got mine πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
gooftroop313 : Yea my phone died lol @shaunat
eclass_32 : I always miss the Jordan's
ebonycochran - smoothecoco - brittanyshontel - alishataylorhair -
miaray "The only BS I need in my life are BAGS & SHOES!"....the perfect carry-all for every occasion. #GlamAholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
bellaecienna : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
ayyeyoored - zahiirah - valleyval510 - godmakethrich -
βœ¨πŸ’ livin this here #lifestyle , #glamaholiclifestyle that is ☺️
glamaholiclifestyle - lifestyle -
glamaholiclifestyle : 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
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"The only BS I need in my life is BAGS&SHOES" Get your perfect carry-all for all every occasion. www.glamaholiclifestyle.com #GlamAholicLifestyle 😁 via @miaray
glamaholiclifestyle -
ullloveher : that bag!
tatalapeachez : @ullloveher get you one. They're awesome.
itsmissdean - marytolulope - msdmosley - let_me_bee_great -
"The only BS I need in my life are BAGS & SHOES!"....the perfect carry-all for every occasion. #GlamAholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
miaray : @watchme_werk_ πŸ˜˜πŸ™ˆ
miaray : @mocha.xo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
miaray : @b_coleman awwww so happy to hear that! Thank you!
miaray : @mschanda ☺️😘😘😘
saddity_hair : I still don't have a bag😩😩😩
cementchrissy : I knew it @miaray
miaray : @brimarley I emailed you a few days ago!
bee.heff : I want one of these bags! @sec_xyrenee
nickiantoinette - skinnywithnature - sheisdre - b.lucasta_ -
I'm usually pretty quiet about the businesses/charities i support but i guess this time around i wanna acknowledge that this black girl rocks indeed. I bought this bag because i honestly can see that the vision this girl has is HUGE ( reminds me of a young June Ambrose). Truly something to watch someone grind for the past 3 years before your eyes and you witness the fruits of their labor. Im a supporter of the brand @miaray . I'm rooting for you. Its late. I need to be asleep. Pardon the typos. #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
miaray : Girl you bout to make me shed a thug tear. Thank you SO much!! Means the world to me!
ashleyofyork : @miaray Gotta give credit where its due. xo
niketyi : Yes! SO proud of her! @miaray 😘
miaray : @niketyi 😘😘😘
monnie_in_da_middle - charsway - _shs__ - timahmonae -
It's a lifestyle. #GlamAholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
glambar : I'm gone hit u Sunday & give u the info once I stopped running for #glamuniversity
miaray : @glambar I just love you! πŸ˜©πŸ™Œ Thank you so much, I wish I could be there to attend!
chicfierce_ : Did you get my email love @miaray
jsandlain : Where is tana's car seat lol
marvneal - center_stage_party_planning - yari_sonee - lioness_dae -
don't count my packages, count my blessings. #glamaholiclifestyle #samegirldifferenthair
glamaholiclifestyle - samegirldifferenthair -
miaray : @articulatefashions 😘😘😘
miaray : @missklassi_1 😘😘
polished_poshqueen : One of those are mine!!!
questdriven_lhall : Received and absolutely love!
miaray : @questdriven ahhhh!! So happy to hear that!!!
miaray : @polished_poshqueen can't wait for you to receive it!
polished_poshqueen : I got it today.. I love her.. yes the bag is a her..lol
miaray : @polished_poshqueen LOL! So happy to hear that!
marvneal - yari_sonee - lioness_dae - fashionablyl8asusual -
Enjoy our #LaborDaySale with all #GlamTotes priced at $50 for today! Order now by logging onto www.GlamAholicLifestyle.com! #glamaholiclifestyle #confessionsofaglamaholic
glamtotes - confessionsofaglamaholic - glamaholiclifestyle - labordaysale -
therealvegadoll : 😨😨😨😨 where was I when this memo came across the desk?!
fashionablyl8asusual : @afashionbroker
citygirlstylecake : Ugh! So mad I missed this!
naturallyfab_busybee : Ugh how did I miss this?
baddones_ : just came across the page ! I love the bags ! When will their be another sell @glamaholiclifestyle
mssmith223 : By any chance are you still honoring this sale?? Just found your page;) Love it.. wanting them all ;) @glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle : @mssmith223 Thank you! Unfortunately, the sale has ended.
blackdiamondgoods : Will you be having a sale for sweetest day l know the Holiday Is for men but l need to order the big tote and cosmetic bag thank you
polished_poshqueen - tghawk_78 - mzmaros - lacarriel -
Enjoy @glamaholiclifestyle's #LaborDaySale with all #GlamTotes priced at $50 for today! Order now by logging onto www.GlamAholicLifestyle.com! #glamaholiclifestyle #confessionsofaglamaholic
glamtotes - confessionsofaglamaholic - glamaholiclifestyle - labordaysale -
questdriven_lhall : Ordered!
sonjahunnie : I just ordered one a few days ago is there anyway i could get it for this sales price?
miaray : @sonjahunnie no problem at all, but you'll need to email me your info
miaray : @b_coleman @questdriven thank you!!!
sonjahunnie : I just emailed the contact us email. Thank you so much. ☺️
jfancy_ : @miaray I'm pissed I missed this πŸ˜ͺ
ashleyofyork : Dang i missed the sale.... bought the limited edition anyway. #shopaholic lol
miaray : @ashleyofyork πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
v_the_goddess - sooclothesminded - jasmin_janae - fashionicondrea -
sisterly love. #GlamAholicLifestyle x #ShopHandMeDown
glamaholiclifestyle - shophandmedown -
itsjusjam : Where did you get Tanas binky
miaray : @itsjusjam Buy Buy Baby
cris_cavallari : 😘
itsjusjam : Thanx
justbeingkae - _boobiessss_ - artzmel - shellywoo722 -
Enjoy our #LaborDaySale with all #GlamTotes priced at $50 for today! Order now by logging onto www.GlamAholicLifestyle.com! #glamaholiclifestyle #confessionsofaglamaholic
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jazcharonne : πŸ˜πŸ‘
sinnerinthecity - ms_wilson35 - _therapeuticjazz_ - brittanyshontel -
Enjoy @glamaholiclifestyle's #LaborDaySale with all #GlamTotes priced at $50 for today! Order now by logging onto www.GlamAholicLifestyle.com! #glamaholiclifestyle #confessionsofaglamaholic
glamtotes - confessionsofaglamaholic - glamaholiclifestyle - labordaysale -
m__keys : How do we access the wallpapers?
alisadiva : @phucksaunique
kimkimberlykimmy : Thank you!
crissythedoll : Let me get that duffle bag sale!
miaray : @crissythedoll πŸ˜‚ i only have 2 of those left!
crissythedoll : I'm heading to check it out now
glam_on_the_go : @miaray finally purchased my bag.. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
dollbabee82 - downtown7th - queen_good - niketyi -
Fashion Journalist! πŸ’…πŸ’»πŸ‘œ#PeopleStyleWatch #GlamaholicLifestyle #WhereSexyMeetsClassy #FashionBlogger #Starbucks
glamaholiclifestyle - fashionblogger - wheresexymeetsclassy - peoplestylewatch - starbucks -
annielatrice : I have the same magazine! πŸ˜„
iamsunnid : ❀️ it!
locsetc : KUTE
prettydamamazin1 : Does your boutique has an all white pencil skirt?
mar21fitness - gracedinglamour - classbycharles - _pbel -
...did a lot just to live this here lifestyle. #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
arjaunjubri : πŸ™Œ
glambistro - k_ologie - adina_howard - brownstoneclosets -
It's not Wednesday but I don't care. I love what I know about her. She holds it down. That's all I wanna do. @miaray #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
hairmoodbychafon : She's a sweetie...
boxingchamp - baiilleeyyy_ - _loveniiaaa - fyoreese -
Love myself some @miaray #glamaholiclifestyle #confessionsofaglamaholic #glamaholicgiveaway #kyliejennerinspiredlips
glamaholiclifestyle - kyliejennerinspiredlips - confessionsofaglamaholic - glamaholicgiveaway -
miaray : Thank you for watching!!
miaray - its_mr._williams -
@miaray I can always count on yOu to dish out the goods. I will definitely be trying this! #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - confessionsofaglamaholic -
xperiencethis : #confessionsofaglamaholic
miaray : Thank you for watching!!
miaray -
If you know me notice that my feng shui Certified leopard, ain't gotta print my resumeπŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’›πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜© #ILoveLeopard #TheRemix #FightNight #OnlyFewWillUnderStand #glamaholiclifestyle
theremix - fightnight - onlyfewwillunderstand - iloveleopard - glamaholiclifestyle -
ms_prissy_2u : @miaray πŸ‘πŸ˜β€οΈ
miaray : @taymarcel @ms_prissy_2u ☺️😘😘😘
taymarcel : πŸ˜˜πŸ’žβ€οΈ @miaray
motherof3kings - patricehudnell9 - _kiara_jae - kardy_25 -
Quality. #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
miaray : @kebadoesfancyhair yes!
keiraw : 😊
miaray : @mulattoimposter @msnita1 what am I missing? πŸ‘€
mulattoimposter : πŸ˜‚ nothing!
_nostylistneeded : How can I order ? @miaray
miaray : @itsaaliyahg www.glamaholiclifestyle.com (or click the link in @glamaholiclifestyle's bio) 😘
tawnysworld : @miaray I spotted one the other day at the airport but my phone was at checkpoint so I couldn't get a photo πŸ™Œ
miaray : @tawnysworld 😱 OMG!
lil_ole_t - hollewoodlegend - allabout_mariah - heyyy_mscarter -
Shoutout to @crissythedoll @miaray @bossbabealex... I love their blogs, posts, and REALNESS...If you don't follow these ladies....You're TRULY missing out...Yup! I was SOUPED!!! #FollowThem #Ilovewhattheystandfor #GirlPower #EmpoweringWomen #Motivation #GlamaholicLifestyle #Samegirldifferenthair #unbotheredbellyandall #teambossbabe
girlpower - motivation - unbotheredbellyandall - teambossbabe - ilovewhattheystandfor - samegirldifferenthair - empoweringwomen - followthem - glamaholiclifestyle -
miaray : Awwww thank you so much!!
crissythedoll : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•thank you for the love!
justbeingkae : No problem Ladies.... :) @miaray @crissythedoll
misscleo22 : Love it!
justbeingkae : Thanks @misscleo22
miaray - shaunaraisch - themuabox - nakednergy -
Only the Plain Chicks Say She's A Vain Chick, I Just Like Taking Pics, Scroll To the Bottom & Just double Click #MeSheHer #winning #twinning #glamaholiclifestyle #glamaholiclifestyle #glamazon #shecute #shewon #churchflow #churchchic #churchgirl #prettygirlspraise #ilovegod #godlovesme #godsdaughter
shecute - churchgirl - glamaholiclifestyle - churchchic - glamazon - mesheher - ilovegod - twinning - godlovesme - shewon - prettygirlspraise - winning - godsdaughter - churchflow -
pretti_brwneyez128 : Me 2 Tae
mrzsimplychicstyleowner : And like really is that a crime jeez @pretti_brwneyez128 they just don't understand us
pretti_brwneyez128 : If it's a crime we will be guilty of breaking that one all the time lol
sweetphotoeye : Your hair is fabulous
mrzsimplychicstyleowner : Yesssss @pretti_brwneyez128
mrzsimplychicstyleowner : Thank you @sweetphotoeye ;-)
prettygirlspraise : 😍😍
mrzsimplychicstyleowner : Thankss @sweetphotoeye @prettygirlspraise
taymarcel - javarusthomas - chidibang - olski_lbfr -
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaye! #YallKnowThatsBae #ImAboutToStartSquattingInPublic #NeverKnowWhenIllRunIntoSno #IllBeReadyEitherWay #GlamaholicLifestyle #SquatAndSqueeze #MeezyTaughtMe 😏
squatandsqueeze - imabouttostartsquattinginpublic - meezytaughtme - yallknowthatsbae - glamaholiclifestyle - illbereadyeitherway - neverknowwhenillrunintosno -
kokoapearls : Yeeeeeees!
_marisaknows : @kokoapearls Girl, I'm excited. There's a blog @glamaholiclifestyle and the creator @MiaRay came up with this #SquatAndSqueeze challenge, every time you use the restroom, you have to do 25 squats! Time to get to peeing! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
colourbynumbr : You better Squat MoMo!!!!!
_marisaknows : Anything for Bae πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @colourbynumbr
kokoapearls : LOL! That is a good idea
miaray : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
jfancy_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜­
j_mone22 - kokoapearls - gorganus - dhowardd21 -
#denim #ootd #jeans #glamaholiclifestyle #girlunfiltered #fashion #hair #detroitgirl #313
girlunfiltered - thankies - fashion - detroitgirl - glamaholiclifestyle - denim - jeans - hair - 313 - ootd -
beaurayp : She thick πŸ’‹
chenelleno5 : She fine πŸ’‹
taylor.p : Lol yall BOTH silly! #thankies @chenelleno5 @beaurayp
tiare_sade : Sissy ☺️😍😘
taylor.p : Mwahhh @tiare_sade
negashdetroit : Like it!
foeliferiko - mreigo - smilez.p - 67pissxcellence -
Finally werkin' on a new blog post! #watchmewerk #bayarea #style #blogger #glamaholiclifestyle
bayarea - watchmewerk - style - glamaholiclifestyle - blogger -
mrsabdullah - kerriemburke - imaniiddeen - didiabdul -
Workout and meal plan set in motion, plus gonna try these out to see how they work since I've been hearing good things. October is just around the corner, gotta look good for that 25th! @nerissanicole84 time to hit the gym πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ lol #fckbeingfat #glamaholiclifestyle @miaray
fckbeingfat - glamaholiclifestyle -
laws_liberation : Let me know if you like it
brittanyraschale : I will @laws_liberation
brown___beauty - livingfree12 - facesbymonet_mua - shawlife4313 -
❀️my tote bag from @miaray she has a great fashion blog#fashion#glamaholiclifestyle#detroit#glam
glamaholiclifestyle - fashion - detroit - glam -
miaray : 😘😘😘
bee_julie - miaray - shanellica_luv - bossydulcediva -
@shopshe_ is living the #GlamAholicLifestyle ☺️
glamaholiclifestyle -
tmi_jaz : That chicken tho πŸ˜‹
downtown7th : @tmi_jaz right! 🍴
louisbkids : All day everyday πŸ™Œ
mrsg911 : 😳😳😳 now I'm hungry
shopshe_ - creatingcreativity - rookierougee - vintage.pinup -
It's the weekend! It's time to pack your #GlamTote and go! Mine is always packed full of my favorite books Super Rich by @uncle_rush Effortless Style by @juneambrose Fabulosity by @officialkimora and It's Not Really About Hair by @tabathacoffey! #WhatsInYourGlamTote Order yours now and join #TeamGlamAholic (link in @glamaholiclifestyle's bio!) #InsideMyGlamTote #GlamAholicLifestyle #russellsimmons #juneambrose #kimoraleesimmons #tabathacoffey #totebag #glambag
insidemyglamtote - rachelzoe - totebag - teamglamaholic - glamtote - tabathacoffey - kimoraleesimmons - whatsinyourglamtote - glambag - russellsimmons - juneambrose - glamaholiclifestyle -
miaray : @alist_hair thank you! www.GlamAholicLifestyle.com
miaray : @mzskittlez my bf shot & edited it love! @mytouchfilms
vikingfinancialservices : Love your brand! Will be ordering a bag very soon!
fitincorsica : @miaray do You délivrer in France
joneswithme2 : LOVE me some Tabatha!! She wears nothing but black and kills it all the time !!! And her attitude is the best !
_mymy94 : @miaray I ❀️My Bag!!!!!!
miaray : @_mymy94 awwww so happy to hear that!! 😘😘
billiemcqueen : @kieraellis
joesconeyisland - briona_shanelle - _laquita_ - aphroditemarley -
2 glam totes + 2 laptops = a lot of work to be done today #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
miaray : @cclavish_lovely12 www.GlamAholicLifestyle.com
miaray : @esimone_ I would suggest taking it easy on em lol
coldestbrandi : These bags are sooooo freaking cute!!! I can't wait to get my first check so I can buy one!!!!
miaray : @coldestbrandi awww thank you!!
brittanyshontel : what book is that purple cow? noisy
_justnell : Do you still have any more glam tote bags in stock online?
miaray : @_justnell yes ma'am!
watchme_werk_ : GO HEAD MIA!! #BossMomBehavior
_boobiessss_ - nikkiacarriebradshaw - verbalcymphony - rheasharaeakakaryssaryh -
Vintage meets Glam #shopSHEstyle #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - shopshestyle -
bee_julie - shelovealyse - ta_sha_28 - krystaldt79 -
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