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My fav #HighHeelsHighGoals @msronne rocking her #GlamTote! Don't be the only #rockmom without one! #girlpower #glamaholiclifestyle
girlpower - highheelshighgoals - rockmom - glamaholiclifestyle - glamtote -
dani_dogood : I need that cosmetic pouch 😩😩😩
glamlove_life : I need a new one lol my straps are crying....I wore that bag out like it's the only bag I have lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
bombbec : I wore my bag out too lol I want the black one this time
msronne : I've gotten so many compliments on it today! I'm going to order the makeup pouch too 😘
my_savvy_sophia : DM! -lia
jay_moni : I scrolled by real quick and thought the promo code was Satana πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
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Last minute holiday shopping with @glamaholiclifestyle! Grab your #GlamTote now while they're on sale. I will not be producing these anymore and they're almost sold out. Grab yours now! #glamaholiclifestyle #holidaygift
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latonya.m : I don't see where you need to enter the code, help.
miaray : @latonya.m after you enter your info, you'll be directed back to the site to enter the code
latonya.m : Okay...thanks!
miaray : @latonya.m welcome!
prttywingz : Yay, I got mine...
dangshawtybeat : So you just gon MAKE me buy the black one 😩
miaray : @dangshawtybeat πŸ™ˆ you gotta have both! πŸ˜‚
miaray : @_killakir
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30% off!!! Check out the website!!! Buy one before they're sold out!! Got mines yesterday!! @miaray @glamaholiclifestyle @samegirldifferenthair #GlamaholicLifestyle #MiaRay #GlamTotes #LoveIt #UseIt #Support
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angie10_4 -
Had a rough day, went to the mall and saw a Glam-Aholic with her #GlamTote. Made me smile. I'm always the creep that gets nervous when I see someone carrying one. Touch always rushes to compliment them on their bag lol #glamaholiclifestyle #StillSurreal
stillsurreal - glamtote - glamaholiclifestyle -
miaray : @ashrn05 β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘
aashawna : @miaray he's the cutest 😍😌 I fell in love with his little self
jazcharonne : Yo No.1 supporter. I bet he be geeked
marvneal : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
ericajm__rn : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
just_call_her_bless : @miaray your a dope woman and i admire... Any event you are at i always try to be their thank you for being you and a inspiration to me and all the woman and young girls that are inspired by you.... S/N i was in Plato's Closet selling some shoes and clothes and a young lady love my camel glam a holic tote and wanted to by it off my arm lol umm no but i gave her your website xoxox
enhancemefancy : That's dope! You're #1 and most important fan. #Winning
miaray : @just_call_her_bless awwww thank you!!!
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I'll be home for Christmas.
family - glamaholiclifestyle - travel - vacation - flights - miaray - home - southwest -
workingas_drciru : I thought you weren't coming!
inkreddible1 : #travel #vacation #family #flights #southwest #home #glamaholiclifestyle #miaray
inkreddible1 : Wasn't going home for thanksgiving! @workingas_drciru always try to get back for Christmas!
workingas_drciru : Ok well happy new year and a merry chrismast!!!
inkreddible1 : Thank you hope you are enjoying your trip! Merry Christmas! @workingas_drciru
workingas_drciru : Sorry for the typos but yes thank you!!
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Davita and her damn "candids"! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Casual comfy style tonight | #GlamaholicLifestyle #TargetStyle #Torrid
glamaholiclifestyle - torrid - targetstyle -
owright1 : Very pretty
breemarie625 : My detroit playa 😍
miafbaby : Sooo cute!
tarynb_ : Love the hair color!
duppandswat : @msnita1 lol head to the side
divaknowledge : I need that shirt! Where can I get mine @msnita1?
msnita1 : Thank you! @owright1 @miafbaby @tarynb_
msnita1 : πŸ’ @breemarie625
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We're having a holiday sale! Enjoy 30% off today using code: HOLIDAY • #glamaholiclifestyle #holidaysale #ChristmasGift #ordernow
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fooodnista : Mines finally came yesterday
lindachiy : Hi. What's your email address please?
hippiedreamer_ : Is this offer still going on @glamaholiclifestyle
1gabbingal : Will you have another sale before the new year?
_ceray_4987 - downtown7th - lawann_33 - billiemcqueen -
Don't forget about the @glamaholiclifestyle holiday sale! Enjoy 30% off today using code: HOLIDAY • #glamaholiclifestyle #holidaysale #ChristmasGift
glamaholiclifestyle - christmasgift - holidaysale -
rosexotic : @sassybutjazze . christmas wish. #hintHint πŸ˜‰
fooodnista : Oh I need a make up bag to match
monnie_in_da_middle : Got mines 😁😁
thee__lword : @jalecia_jenae
savvyj34 : @egolden1979
sobersempire : I need one!!!!
sobersempire : @alishautopia
dani_dogood : @miaray anymore cosmetic pouches available soon?
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Another holiday sale with @glamaholiclifestyle! Order your #GlamTote today and receive 30% off using discount code: HOLIDAY • Every Glam-Aholic deserves one for Christmas! #glamaholiclifestyle #holidaysale #totebag
glamtote - totebag - holidaysale - glamaholiclifestyle -
msjoihill : I just placed my order! ☺️
starriaaa : @___nettaaa
embellishedsoul_ : This is on my wishlist
priiclassic : @starriaaa
starriaaa : @priiclassic thanks boo 😽
randeecamille : YAY thanks @msnita1
_killakir : Hey Mia. I am trying to order my bag is this discount still going on?
miaray : @_killakir yes!
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Always reppin. Work flow #bobbibrownmua #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - bobbibrownmua -
madamecurves : Good morning sunshine β˜€οΈ
orblashes2lips : Good morning pumpkin
madamecurves - carcap_ - mkfarlow - cris_cavallari -
My Friday Night = Target x @Glamaholiclifestyle | 😜 #target #glamaholiclifestyle #pink #myfridaynight #cartwheel #shopping
pink - shopping - target - cartwheel - glamaholiclifestyle - myfridaynight -
ashley_haslove4you : nice cool @davenwilson
miaray : 😘😘😘😘
shopspoiledrottyn - _lisch - empresslauren615 - rufusw126 -
Finally up. #Gm #girlsbelike #funny #memes #Potd #girltalk #girlcode #GetDolledUp #glamaholiclifestyle #live #letsgo #GirlinProgress #boss #girlboss
girlsbelike - funny - girltalk - letsgo - glamaholiclifestyle - boss - getdolledup - live - girlcode - girlboss - gm - potd - girlinprogress - memes -
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Glammin' it up even at the hospital! πŸ’Granny is up and surgery went well guys! Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes! #GlamaholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
randeecamille : @msnita1 where can I get that bag 😍😍
msnita1 : My boo @miaray makes them! Follow @glamaholiclifestyle and click the link in the bio! 😁 @randeecamille
autumn_murray12 : Sending some love and prayers to granny and you!!!πŸ’œπŸ’•
aliciapatriciaa : Turn up!
miaray : πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™
maadamcj - lisanichole_1025 - yahyah_yadi - ashleytashia -
glamaholiclifestyle -
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Jet. Set. GO!!!! #DRawaits#GlamaholicLifestyle#LOVE
glamaholiclifestyle - love - drawaits -
missnique510 : I have that Tote too waiting to receive my wallet!!
goodgirlfood : Don't you just love it!!! I don't have the wallet yet, I guess I should 😊
miaray - marcie_a_pullen - paigermreck - missnique510 -
Touch is all the way in Cali + peeped a Glam-Aholic in the airport with her #GlamTote. He was on 10 lol #ItsALifestyle #GlamAholicLifestyle
itsalifestyle - glamaholiclifestyle - glamtote -
cris_cavallari : True definition : he's BabyMomma harder than a lot of these niggaz πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…
aalona : !!!!!!!!!!!!
ariansimone : Dope and right next to a lions fan, Detroit reppin in LA!
stuffcarter : πŸ™Œ
watchme_werk_ : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
miaray : @nemocakes I got you on here too! LOL
nemocakes : @miaray I was so tired but girl!!!
nemocakes : @miaray he could be ur marketing rep... He was like that's my wife's company can I get a pic with u and ur bag..
2b_b3b3_89 - iamebonyjean - d_the_nerd - truly_yours340 -
...I'm an official glamaholic!... πŸ’πŸ’— @glamaholiclifestyle @miaray thank you for the sale and extra fast shipping! Can't wait to style this baby!... #glamaholiclifestyle #glamaholic #miaray
glamaholiclifestyle - miaray - glamaholic -
ateyarich : ❀️it
glamlife4ever : Love it! Super cute.
mschanda : @glamlife4ever @ateyarich @brwndeva 😊😊😊
msluckydee13 : @glamaholic54 you need this bag!!! #cute
glamaholic54 : @msluckydee13 I knowww I want the makeup bag!!!!
mschanda : @glamaholic54 @msluckydee13 I want it too! 😩 she just released a wallet that I have to get!!
miaray : Awwww I'm glad you love it!!! 😘😘😘
boldbeautifulone : @mschanda can you please do a YT review? 😍
boldbeautifulone - sayitwitmychest - mzthia83 - _lovelyshan_ -
It's not too late to pre-order your @GlamAholicLifestyle logo wallet at a discounted price and free shipping offer! Use promo code GLAMCASH at checkout. Link in my bio #glamaholiclifestyle #cyberWEEK
glamaholiclifestyle - cyberweek -
effortless_tay : Does the wallet come in both colors?
cakelifellc : Praise God! You and me both!
cakelifellc : @taylor.p I can't lol! I needed another stand mixer for my business! @miaray best post ever was when she invested in her business vs balling out on christmas and look at her now πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ from Gods hands to my bank account!!
beautybymalika : I need this in my life
miaray : @effortless_tay only black!
incaseoffab : I've been needing a new wallet! I gladly preordered that bad girl. Love supporting my fellow women! You keep doing your thug thizzle
miaray : @incaseoffab thank you!
ladykay1002 : You so creative @miaray
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Press Play ▢️ the #GlamaholicLifestyle wallet Preorders are almost sold out! Did you get one? Do you want one? #CommentBelow (Cash, like Batteries Not Included)
glamaholiclifestyle - commentbelow -
downtown7th : I need this!!!
chicstace - imjuststina - alphatonya - shopfearlessfix -
I just preordered my #GlamaholicLifestyle Wallet head over to @miaray's page or shop @glamaholiclifestyle to get yours now! #CyberMonday use code #GLAMCASH for Free Shipping 😊
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beewademua : I got the glam tote. Looking forward to receiving it. ☺️
fal_bulous : @luvkey327
thee_shopaholic : @beewademua you'll love it! I use mine everyday! 😊
miaray : 😘😘😘
thee_shopaholic : @miaray πŸ’‹
creatingcreativity - beewademua - fal_bulous - brookdaniels83 -
#CyberMonday purchase 😘 | as we know @miaray is one of my favorite fashion bloggers thanks for this niccccceee wallet just in time for the holidays! Now I can match it with my @glamaholiclifestyle makeup bag πŸ’„ and @marcjacobsintl handbag for Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ‘œ | #GlamAHolicLifeStyle #GLAMWallet
glamaholiclifestyle - glamwallet - cybermonday -
miaray : Thank you!!! 😘😘😘
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We are introducing our latest addition to #GlamAholicLifestyle today on #CyberMonday. Pre-Order your logo wallet now on www.GlamAholicLifestyle.com at a discounted price and free shipping offer! Use code GLAMCASH at checkout!
glamaholiclifestyle - cybermonday -
gooftroop313 : That damn Mia πŸ™Œ lol
islandnurse340 : I need this to match my tote and cosmetic bag!!!! @ambitiouzzgirl
ris.sa : @jessi_rabbitt
glamaholiclifestyle : @_marisaknows will send shipping refund!
ambitiouzzgirl : @islandnurse340 Yeah, I like that
glamaholiclifestyle : @always_bk oh no prob! Only black!
mylife_isbeautiful : βœ”got mines! #ThanksasAlways πŸ˜™ #fromGlamaholiclifestyleToDepop πŸ˜‚ #salute
stacethe_great : oooo gotta get me one!
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My #CyberMonday secret is out! Pre-order your @GlamAholicLifestyle logo wallet today at a discounted price and free shipping offer! Use promo code GLAMCASH at checkout. Link in my bio! #GlamAholicLifestyle #GlamWallet
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lajune_bhf : @miaray will this be coming in the camel color to match the bag
miaray : @lajune_bhf No ma'am
articulatefashions : This is great. Your brand is such an inspiration
miaray : @articulatefashions thank you!
iamhighsadity : @trishnhighheels
bre_conwell : I love your videos
chocchenal : "What do you guys don't do?" #BigRedvoice Keep it up Mia. Congrats!
miaray : @chocchenal LOL! Thank u!
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A huge thank you to everyone that participated in #FridayOnGlamStreet! Can wait for you to rock your #GlamTote! It's definitely a lifestyle. #GlamAholicLifestyle #PinkFriday #BlackFriday
glamtote - fridayonglamstreet - pinkfriday - blackfriday - glamaholiclifestyle -
goddess_on_fire : Thank you!!!
miaray : @goddess_on_fire welcome!
moxieeee : Hey! I bought my #Glamaholic bag back in June, and the clip to bag broke. Is there a way it can be fixed? Thank you!
miaray : @moxieeee yes! I would take it to a shoe repair shop, they should be able to fix the clasp
moxieeee : Okay! Do you recommend one? I'm from/live in the Metro Detroit area.
miaray : @moxieeee the one at Northland is awesome
moxieeee : Thank you so much! I appreciate the help. 😊
miaray : @moxieeee you're more than welcome! Let me know if you need anything else 😘
the.xii.viii.agency - syswsh_leen_latya - _cremedelabri - beautifulbeastnetworking -
Is this a good time to state that this is the last stock of #GlamTotes in this style that I'll be producing? Gotta get em before they're all gone + yall almost wiped me OUT today lol! #FridayOnGlamStreet #GlamAholicLifestyle #PinkFriday #BlackFriday #BlackOwned
fridayonglamstreet - blackfriday - glamtotes - glamaholiclifestyle - pinkfriday - blackowned -
fooodnista : Whoop just ordered can't wait 😘
miaray : @fooodnista thank you! 😘
milley_lokes : Thanks I ordered both 😍
miaray : @milley_lokes 😘😘😘
msjoihill : Will you be having another sale soon?
miaray : @msjoihill yes, tomorrow!
msjoihill : Yay!!!!! ☺️😁
msjoihill : Sale?
kleekids - myclassycloset - lindachiy - codyharker8 -
...impatiently stalking the mailman next week...πŸ“¦ we're on a first name basis... #cantwait #glamaholiclifestyle #miaray #lovethatdiscount #blackfridaysale #shopsmallbusinesseseveryday #iappreciateyoumailman
lovethatdiscount - cantwait - iappreciateyoumailman - miaray - glamaholiclifestyle - shopsmallbusinesseseveryday - blackfridaysale -
miaray : Ahhhh!! Love you! 😘😘😘
mschanda : @miaray 😊😊😘
mr_vampires - citygirlstylecake - chereabeauty - ms_lisa_wright -
FRIDAY ON GLAM STREET @glamaholiclifestyle Shop now with promo code GLAMSTREET to receive 30% OFF everything at www.GlamAholicLifestyle.com! #GlamAholicLifestyle #BlackFriday #PinkFriday #HolidaySale
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charmedimsure_ : @candi_co25
thee_shopaholic - hisblessedone12 - priiclassic - mytouchfilms -
FRIDAY ON GLAM STREET. Shop now with promo code GLAMSTREET to receive 30% OFF everything! #GlamAholicLifestyle #BlackFriday #PinkFriday #HolidaySale
glamaholiclifestyle - blackfriday - pinkfriday - holidaysale -
sumthg.abt.virgos : Hey Ms.Mia when you are you going to get more make-up pouches... I already have both glam totes...
frankie_3000 - emphasizedfeatures - mrsfabulosity1013 - fal_bulous -
Preparing to stalk the mail man 🚐 πŸ‘€ | #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
miaray : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
miaray - keisha_cold - jasmine_shaniece - merwan_k -
OG Glam-Aholic, get yours. #FridayOnGlamStreet #HolidaySale #GlamAholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - fridayonglamstreet - holidaysale -
beewademua : Hey! I just watched your "what's in my glam tote" video. That video is pretty old I see. Is the bag still that size? Either way,...just purchased mine. Can't wait to get my hands on it. ☺️ @miaray
hollywood.ri : Oh lmbo the duffle bag πŸ˜‚
miaray : @beewademua it's actually bigger now 😘
miaray : @hollywood.ri πŸ˜‚ they're available! Just refresh and you can order it!
beewademua : @miaray wonderful! Music to my ears!
thee_shopaholic : You sure you don't have another cosmetic bag under the bed 😩😫😩
krystalnometh : Just brought a tote. I can't wait to get it!
brookdaniels83 : Cosmetic bag sold out 😒😒 @miaray
kellyoliveiraa102 - iamebonyjean - _jd22 - _cremedelabri -
Are you ready to shop with us?! It's almost that time, a holiday sale you won't want to miss! #GlamAholicLifestyle #PinkFriday #HolidaySale
glamaholiclifestyle - pinkfriday - holidaysale -
dollfacelush - _quietstorm4 - unotdeprina_ - pinkwidowdist -
A sale so scary, I had to bring it back for one night only. #FridayOnGlamStreet #GlamAholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - fridayonglamstreet -
simply_ashleigh_ : πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
shadrick : @miaray #FANCY
shadrick : I love the concept!!!
beewademua : Keeping an eye out. I'm supporting black businesses this go round!
wonluv21 : mia when will you release the wallet?
marvneal : πŸ†’
stuffcarter : πŸ™Œ
msnita1 : I'm up! πŸŒΎπŸ‘€πŸŒΎ
prettygritty_ - simply.vivid - everybodyluvsjade - louisbkids -
Airport Swag... Need to be far away again. πŸ˜” #GlamaholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
shayshay628 : Sid-dung! Where you going. ... bout u need fi be far away...
thebigpictur - downtown7th - mrscareybabay - latoya_j -
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