Under a beautiful face of makeup should be even better SKIN. I choose to use #proActive exfoliant brush with a mild cleanser to wash my face. After drying, I now use @olay facial oil and #ponds cream moisturizer. It's great for sealing in moisture especially with winter like weather still lingering. I fell in love with olay's facial oil after watching @miaray video about it & reading her #glamaholicLifestyle blog. It's definitely a god send. Check out her page for the scoop, video and review on the product and all your fashion needs. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
ponds - proactive - glamaholiclifestyle -
rizzodawolf : i see you
ciimarqui_ : And you have great skin
couture_for_the_mature : @ciimarqui_ thanks so much 😁😁 @rizzodawolf ☺️☺️
nestlayleslay - sunnynthecity - aaadcmc - ciimarqui_ -
Live this here lifestyle #glamaholiclifestyle #glamaholic
glamaholiclifestyle - glamaholic -
nika_poca - _redwoo_ -
Something I've always wanted for my Glam-Aholics. #comingsoon #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - comingsoon -
stuffcarter : Told you πŸ˜‚
beingtlong : βœ‹ Moron! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
miaray : @beingtlong πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ don't worry, I won't be sharing as a friend with you anymore 😏
beingtlong : Yes you will, you love me!!! πŸ’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
theprissyhippie : OMG
shesofly : πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’•
melodeendigaye : πŸ’ž
harlem_xchange : @coco_chell3
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Time to go home! #glamaholiclifestyle @miaray @glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
glamaholiclifestyle : Congrats!! ☺️😘
mrs_moore714 - shenisenfoote - geminijaye - dcatau -
#GlamaholicLifestyle @miaray
glamaholiclifestyle -
missraquiba : @amberlennn get me these I got u
amberlennn : I got them from Macy's a long time ago lol @missraquiba
georgiarosefashion - ljenelle - _foreverbee - isaac_allos -
casual friday:: as soon as the weather broke a little, I started wearing my flats, again. we all know that the typical ballet/smoker flat has little to no arch support (beauty really is pain). as a result I had been having pain in my left heel, possibly a heel spur. so today I broke out my Nike Training gym shoes and wore them all day. result? the pain is gone (for now, at least)! #AsToldByAntoinette #Nike #GlamaholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - nike - astoldbyantoinette -
glamaholiclifestyle - antoi_nette - glamrevolt - 23withnodegree -
Welcome Home. #IWannaThankMyMama&TheLord #MeezyTaughtMe
samegirldifferenthair - bbwfashion - cns2 - iwannathankmymama - plusmodelmag - glamaholiclifestyle - glamaholic - purse - curves - totes - miaray - effyourbeautystandards - blackfashion - celebratemysize - bodypositive - boldncurvy - fashionforwardplus - fullfiguredfashion - meezytaughtme -
boldbuxombeautiful : #boldncurvy #fashionforwardplus #fullfiguredfashion #cns2 #curves #plusmodelmag #bodypositive #celebratemysize #blackfashion #bbwfashion #effyourbeautystandards #glamaholic #miaray #glamaholiclifestyle #samegirldifferenthair #totes #purse
miaray : LOL! 😘 #glamaholiclifestyle
barb1e2u : ☺️
informal_max - pinkgoddess62 - thehouseofjd - godiva_sunnybomb -
Good morning people #helloworld #Gm #goodies #gooddays #beproductive #empirebuilder #prettygang #prgirl #glambitious #glam #glamaholiclifestyle #bosslady #bossbabe #ambitiousgirl #worksmarternotharder #worksmart
goodies - glamaholiclifestyle - prettygang - prgirl - glambitious - bosslady - beproductive - glam - gm - worksmarternotharder - bossbabe - worksmart - empirebuilder - helloworld - ambitiousgirl - gooddays -
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The only way to travel. #GlamaholicLifestyle #targetstyle
glamaholiclifestyle - targetstyle -
ashreab : Have a safe trip!
thecorporatebeauty : I NEED to get one!
latessag : @miaray
lizzie_a_brandon - kaleenaregina - scoopventures - ohiobarbie -
@glamaholiclifestyle sale ends at midnight! Don't miss out + then curse me out when they sell out LOL #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
cokainepretty : Are you not a selling these anymore? πŸ˜©πŸ™ˆ
lovelyire : Omg! I went on the site and everything sold out! Is this real!? Lol @miaray
danib_78 : Will there be anymore tote bags for sale @miaray please say yes lol 😒😒😒😒
___dominant : Pissed I missed this! 😑
misspretyhotntem10 : Hi Mia πŸ‘‹ quick question: soon I'll be flying spirit airlines and want to take my camel glam tote, have you tried to fly with it as a carry on, if so did they give you any issues?
miaray : @misspretyhotntem10 hey love! I used my tote as my personal item and my duffle as my carry on. No issue at all
misspretyhotntem10 : Thank you so much! 😘😎
miaray : @misspretyhotntem10 😘😘
4elevenfashionbar - ekiuwa - yari_sonee - tgrbayb4lyf -
bet you love to live this lifestyle. #GlamaholicLifestyle πŸ’
glamaholiclifestyle -
miaray : Ayyeeeeeee!!!!! 😘😘😘😘
arriel.laurin : Ahhhh!!!!! Ill be getting my bag soon!! 😍😍
tanad12 - 2ydneymarie - blairsgray - kevostagram -
By @miaray via @RepostWhiz app: Saturdays are made for S H O P P I N G & I appreciate all the support that @glamaholiclifestyle and I receive! • use promo code: THANKU at checkout | #glamaholiclifestyle (sale ends on 3/9) (#RepostWhiz app) #DMV #support #mommy I love my tote! #detroit #detroitlove
dmv - detroitlove - repostwhiz - glamaholiclifestyle - support - mommy - detroit -
downwithdetroit : Nice pic!
laurenmeta : Thank you!! Detroit bred Mogul! @downwithdetroit @miaray
downwithdetroit - megtecora - rokkibalboa -
Saturdays are made for S H O P P I N G & we appreciate all the support that we receive! • use promo code: THANKU at checkout | #glamaholiclifestyle (sale ends on 3/9) LINK IN BIO!
glamaholiclifestyle -
shesloel : 😱I waited to all sold
iamteelynn : Is there a date to where all your products will be restocked online? πŸ’ž
tiffsims - meiandtrin - ms_inspiredmind - mrs_durham -
Saturdays are made for S H O P P I N G & I appreciate all the support that @glamaholiclifestyle and I receive! • use promo code: THANKU at checkout | #glamaholiclifestyle (sale ends on 3/9)
glamaholiclifestyle -
tiffanyiwaddell : πŸ™Œ just copped mine! @miaray you are an inspiration! Slow but steady, check out my blog #andtiffanysaid if you find the time. Would love your thoughts!
imannmilner : Yesssssss! Finally copping. Too hype.
ariekourtney : Just ordered! Hopefully I get it before my NYC trip☺️
whitney.ohh : Just ordered 😊 I've been waiting for this moment lol
miaray : @whitney.ohh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
miaray : @imannmilner 😘😘😘
girlbuy : @miaray can't wait to wear mine ❀️❀️❀️
skylerkta_ : I heard you speak at the Young Mogul event this evening and I meant to introduce myself. But I just wanted to let you know that you're truly a inspiration. I'm a fashion design/ fashion business student in Chicago whose trying to work part-time jobs to get by & your story makes me NEVER want to give up. Thanks so much for the positive energy that you gave today. ☺️
missmoe79 - mrzsimplychicstyleowner - mytouchfilms - cris_cavallari -
#OOTD wore some of the Fifty Shades of Grey to work today... I have been loving my @glamaholiclifestyle carry all tote. I literally take it every where ☺️ and it wouldn't be me without a touch of leopard. #GlamaholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - ootd -
basicglitz - ikrav2shop - retrobii -
#yupfriday😁..... The bag that carries ALL #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - yupfriday😁 -
christinmua : Where did you get your jeans from ?
montford_paula : @christinmua old navy
christinmua : @montford_paula thanks love ! Finding jeans is so hard for me 😩
rachel_michelle00 - shuanda_bosslady - alimcasey - mariah_cno_mommy -
...7am on the blog!... #detroitlove hat #5below : sweater @houseofrehab : lips @thelipbar : earrings @girlbuy : skirt (dress) @lovelywholesale : bag @glamaholiclifestyle : shoes @lolashoetique #birthofafashionblogger
thankyou - birthofafashionblogger - lovelywholesale - detroitfashionblogger - detroitstyleblogger - 5below - houseofrehab - detroitlove - glamaholiclifestyle - lolashoetique - girlbuy - detroitbloggers -
mschanda : @thelipbar @girlbuy ☺️☺️😘❀️
modishly_yours : @miaray
forevermica : If you don't mind me asking, how long is the shipping from lovelywholesale ?
wonderlandboudoir : I still love this sweater!!!! @dgreen07_varsitynapteamcapt
dgreen07_varsitynapteamcapt : Yes @wonderlandboudoir. I can you wearing this.
mschanda : @wonderlandboudoir u better grab one! They're on sale for $20, do I'm sure they'll sell fast! 😊
wonderlandboudoir : @mschanda I bought this sweather because #MsChandaMadeMeDoIt #Lol
mschanda : @wonderlandboudoir lol you're gonna love it!!!
msmarshall27 - mochilabagaddixion - mz_qb - oatdeecees -
+ while I'm at it.. meanwhile in our more than an hour FaceTime yesterday I can say this woman @miaray is so cool & humble, blogger, mommy & more. sometimes you come across people who exude the same energy or creativity or just common similarities. if it's someone that you admire or inspired by. reach out..let them know. here's to you Mia🍷. You alright with meh. thank you! #follow #miaray #glamaholiclifestyle
follow - glamaholiclifestyle - miaray -
buckets444 : Ma gawddddd, I love her!
queencash : @miaray I will be having my session soon! Can't wait to be enlightened 😘
miaray : Awwwww it was such a joy & my pleasure! @keiraw 😘
miaray : @queencash looking forward to it! 😘
miaray : @buckets444 thank you!
vanidee6 - ceehaircreatively - thehoney215 - johnnywright220 -
Black Glam Totes are officially SOLD OUT. Will not be returning this year! • Thousands sold, such an accomplishment for me when I thought I wouldn't be able to sell ONE. Thank you to all that have purchased! Look forward to what's next for @glamaholiclifestyle xo #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
miaray : @___halfpint awwww thank you!!! 😘😘
miaray : @klynn1101 😘😘
missfashaholic : When will the wallets be available @miaray
miaray : @missfashaholic they're sold out, won't be returning in that style
iamtamishamonet : Noooo 😩
rosexotic : So glad i got mines!! :)
b_coleman : Glad I go both colors!! Sad I missed out on the wallets
creatingcreativity : @f.a.b.__
timahmonae - k_ologie - mrzsimplychicstyleowner - winterzlove__ -
Baton Rouge!!!! It Works OTOM is coming to you! If you've been wondering how you can earn the✨ $20,000 bonus✨ & securing your financial future, now is the time for you to hear about this opportunity before these bonuses end March 31st! Meet other distributors from surrounding areas and enjoy a Mock Wrap Party!! Tickets are FREE for non distributors, $5 at the door! Offer ends soon! Click the link in my bio!!!! #batonrouge #neworleans #lafayette #lakecharles #slidell #hammomd #nola #nolaevents #batonrougeevents #opportunitymeeting #girlboss #bossbabe #bosslady #glambitious #glamaholiclifestyle
slidell - bossbabe - neworleans - girlboss - nola - glamaholiclifestyle - glambitious - lakecharles - hammomd - bosslady - lafayette - batonrougeevents - nolaevents - opportunitymeeting - batonrouge -
thebossladyclub - theorganizingstore - busybnc - sugaaa_n_spice -
So thankful for my OGs & Day 1 Glam-Aholics • It's really a lifestyle. @glamaholiclifestyle #growth #collection #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - growth - collection -
eatsipandblog : Do you have anymore duffel bags available? @miaray
stuffcarter : πŸ™Œ
noigtiph : Do u have any tan bags in stock? You're down the street, I can pick it up today!
miaray : @noigtiph yup I'll be home (sorry just now seeing this lol)
noigtiph : Dm me your number, I get off at 430 @miaray
just_call_her_bless : @miaray where that hat at i need that
noigtiph : Racine! Lol..........
videolighte : Dope
glambliss - yari_sonee - amai_allon - mimi_latrel -
πŸ‘‘πŸ’• #Queen salute to lifestyle blogger, mom and self-made business woman @miaray ....her transparency, style & grind are to be continue to inspire us πŸ‘ #GlamaholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle - queen -
miaray : 😘😘😘😘
miaray - ceste_lavie -
That bag came in 😏 #secondtimearound #glamaholiclifestyle #miaray
glamaholiclifestyle - secondtimearound - miaray -
miaray : ☺️😘😘😘
ciera________ - miaray - lindachiy - 7_mile_sandman -
I am doing the absolute most right now!πŸ˜‚ Makeup, watching #TheFall and eating chips and guacamole. Multitasking at its finest! Oh and I have 5 loads in the wash right now and I have to be out of the house in an hour for a call back! 😩😳 #AllInADaysWork s/o #GlamaholicLifestyle @miaray
thefall - allinadayswork - glamaholiclifestyle -
miaray : Sounds like my day! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
norealjewelry : @miaray Girl!!πŸ˜©πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
tiffdaone - letsmakeitpretty - erin.annette84 - missbrannew -
met the most amazing and down to Earth @miaray today. & she called me King Elizabeth. 😁 #toohype #shespoppin #glamaholiclifestyle #samegirldifferenthair
glamaholiclifestyle - samegirldifferenthair - toohype - shespoppin -
miaray : I had such a good time with yallllllll! πŸ˜©πŸ™Œ can't wait to see you again! 😘
iamkingelizabeth : @miaray yeassss ! and next time we going out lol 😘
ellyyyjayyy - queen_righteous - mrskimmybh - rc_rockie -
The #ImNotSuppose2bBack2WorkYet but Im here survival kit πŸ˜·πŸ˜“ and it all fits so well into my #GlamAholicLifestyle tote πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
glamaholiclifestyle - imnotsuppose2bback2workyet -
miaray : 😘😘
rabertacavalli : 😍😍 @miaray
miaray - ms_lolalady_ - __j__yu -
Late night errands... One of these days I will have a second pair of hands... Not rush... And end up putting money in someone else's machine. πŸ˜’ #GlamaholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
ilovewhoiam : @thee_shopaholic ..where did you get the bag? Love,love it
thee_shopaholic : @ilovewhoiam it's πŸ‘‰ @glamaholiclifestyle
ilovewhoiam : @thee_shopaholic thanks luv☺
crimsonnv13 : @miaray
golddiggerrrr : that bag goes everywhere. lol
thee_shopaholic : @golddiggerrrr πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ my ride or die
princessashely - gigi_1st - sebreana1005 - dymondprincess -
My Cruz man and my lovely #glamtote / diaper bag lol by the lovely @miaray! Yea I'm a #glamaholic #glamaholiclifestyle #igotEverthingInThatTote #sippycups #flatirons #diapers #notebooks #toys #theCruzTakeOver
igoteverthinginthattote - glamtote - notebooks - diapers - glamaholiclifestyle - sippycups - flatirons - toys - thecruztakeover - glamaholic -
miaray : Love this! 😘😘😘
perfectlyme85 - yahyah_yadi - ashypooh17 - shaebutta_17 -
Glam-Aholic caught me in the club and threw her sets up 😜 #GlamAholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
latessag : Ayeeeeeeeee! πŸ™‹
fal_bulous - dee_liciouslee - lioness_dae - jrell_215 -
Swipers. #GlamAholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
blessed_ada1 : @glamaholic54 you would love the wallets
downtown7th : That looks like me πŸ˜‰
ciera________ : I need a new bag my strap 😩😫
incaseoffab : OMG can u tag me when the bags go on sale on bepop ... I saw one just now and as I put my info in it goes SOLD lolol glamaholics ain't playing
iam.queen.dee - theeebeautyqueen - cookayemonster - cissalc_ -
Staycation. #glamaholiclifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
jaylakoriyan : @_shessoprissy I know I want one 😩
uhleeseeyuh : @_shessoprissy she created them lol
jade_la_soul : These comments😭😭😳
kellielindell : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩😩
kebaisfancy : I neeeeed another duffle so bad 😩😍
timahmonae : I need one!
prettykenni : I still have my eye out waiting on the duffle & makeup bag to come back πŸ™ lol
porschealaster : @miaray Will there be a Valentine's Day Sale on any of the GlamAHolic Lifestyle Items?? 😁
bankslikeashlee - single_rob - dimeond - love16xo -
Glam-Aholic Lifestyle πŸ’– @glamaholiclifestyle @miaray #GlamAholicLifestyle
glamaholiclifestyle -
miaray : love!! 😘😘
ijazz_x3 : Cute!
hello_ladyk : ☺️😘 thank you ! @miaray @ijazz_x3
shotxdwashawn - cashmere_j - thejerseygem14 - jurphyy -
Super thanks to @styleblazer for featuring me as one of the "10 Style Bloggers With Online Stores We Love"! Appreciate this so much xo #confessionsofaglamaholic #styleblazer #glamaholiclifestyle #samegirldifferenthair
glamaholiclifestyle - styleblazer - samegirldifferenthair - confessionsofaglamaholic -
miaray : @gregory___ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ bye G βœ‹
downtown7th : Congrats!!!
ashrn05 : YAY!!!!
eyaaaa___ : Don't put this dress on depop. Just DM me when you grow tired of it. Lol
miaray : @eyaneshayvonne it almost went up yesterday but I changed my mind πŸ˜‚
eyaaaa___ : Well when you're ready, hit a sister up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
eatsipandblog : Love it, you're so inspirational!
enhancemefancy : Girl you better work! #SheDidThat
nirah_j - orblashes2lips - jw_sonja - theenvyleague -
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