"...when writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen..." #ninasimone...thanks nina...#wisewords #streetart #losangelesstreetart #losfeliz #itsanewday #lavibes #giveloveaway #bustyourheartwideopen
losfeliz - streetart - bustyourheartwideopen - lavibes - ninasimone - itsanewday - losangelesstreetart - wisewords - giveloveaway -
joyfulbrowneyes : Yur the bestest posts
chuck_ppool : I might let you borrow the pen......
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Don't go hoarding all your sweetness...If you got some, give it! If you need some, take it! #thesketchkuproject #haiku #watercolor #doodle #illustration #bindle #hobo #baggage #love #junkyard #somebodywantsyou #nobodyshouldbelonely #giveloveaway
bindle - love - somebodywantsyou - doodle - nobodyshouldbelonely - illustration - watercolor - baggage - thesketchkuproject - haiku - junkyard - hobo - giveloveaway -
bstolz : Love it! Out of the park!
psshenanigans : Love this!
papamuffinfina : πŸ™Œ
sketchkuproject : Thanks everyone!! 😘❀️
thebombshellsuite : One of your best messages yet xo
rchene : Love it!
evelinacoffin : πŸ™ŒπŸ’žπŸ‘―
kassiesteen : Love these...remind me of Brian Andreas
bmonst - kspan17 - egyptiankryptian - that_d_penz -
Hearts are where all the true riches are hidden. πŸ’›#thesketchkuproject #haiku #penandink #jherbin #twsbi #mijello #treasure #gold #lips #love #sweetness #maps #breakyourselfopen #giveloveaway #finderskeepers
ideacollector - treasure - love - gold - mijello - breakyourselfopen - jherbin - thesketchkuproject - beautyseeker - twsbi - maps - lips - giveloveaway - haiku - penandink - sweetness - finderskeepers -
larney143 : ☺️😍
sketchkuproject : @bstolz thank you! My method is quite simple... I over observe everything and hoard all the inspiration I can! #ideacollector #beautyseeker ❀️
sketchkuproject : @stellasluna 😘
sketchkuproject : @larney143 πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‹
amd6284 : #sigh ❀️
thebombshellsuite : πŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜
milcman : These are all fabulous! Do you have any plans of putting them on shirts? I dont think i'd have enough room for that many mugs 😊😊 cuz I like almost all if them!!
jezebel21 : πŸ’œπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
premkaurxo - morgan_lowery_ - filippocardu - rchene -
Join the movement. #lovebeyondwalls #giveloveaway Jesus did
giveloveaway - lovebeyondwalls -
theemrsrequena : Reagyn said that u were so cute!! Lol
kara_grier : Lol tell Miss Rea I think she's cute too and growing soooooo fast @theemrsrequena
kara_grier - chrisdmoore - riiissa_lo - gray_zon3 -
Went to Moe's for lunch and felt led to pay for the guy's meal behind me. He wasn't in need, just on lunch from AT&T....When we got to the register, he was shocked and extremely grateful. He said no one had ever paid for his food and he would do the same for someone else the next time he came. #giveloveaway #lovebeyondwalls
giveloveaway - lovebeyondwalls -
trey166 : At of kindness I love it!!!
brenparson - myfabredlife - 1_spicy_gemini - savedtoserve -
❀️it! ~> by @themarshaford "Day 9! Another Facebook giveaway! My friend #SholaOni won! I hadn't seen her in ages and I saw her twice this week. She came and donated at my #KaraokeforaCause #fundraiser When you give, it most definitely comes back! Now, what to get her... #39daysofGiving #Countdownto40 #TheGivingChronicles #giveback #Givegenerously #DoMore #BeMore #LoveGod #LovePeople #Nowproveit #GiveLoveAway"
bemore - nowproveit - giveback - lovepeople - domore - lovegod - fundraiser - thegivingchronicles - karaokeforacause - 39daysofgiving - sholaoni - countdownto40 - givegenerously - giveloveaway -
sunny619 : Amazing
themarshaford - carrmoll - peachy_deveaux_ - areilove -
Be the change! Repost @lovebeyondwalls
mercy - love - helpothers - blessing - blessed - jesus - happysunday - giveloveaway - givingforaliving - grace - givebackorgiveup -
marquitaall3n : #happysunday #givingforaliving #giveloveaway #helpothers #grace #mercy #love #givebackorgiveup #Jesus #blessing #blessed
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Blessed day!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘£ Serving the amazing people of college park with @lovebeyondwalls #giveloveaway
giveloveaway -
the_official_lauren_davis - macygentile - natalia.isabel_ - lmartilito -
#lovebeyondwalls neighborhood BBQ at College View apartments. #giveloveaway
giveloveaway - lovebeyondwalls -
blooming_butterfly : Eat something while your there! !
drummaboipk29 : Haha @blooming_butterfly
menmyg3rls - seyseyn - mrmichaellpc - celebrity_locksmith -
More than 20 youth signed the basketball, and gave their life to God today! #lovethecity #giveloveaway #lovebeyondwalls
lovebeyondwalls - giveloveaway - lovethecity -
brenparson : Amen!
rsimpson_28 : Awesome! Great work...we are soul winners for The Lord! Keep up the good work!
that_asian__guy - bd_butterfly - kfburris -
DEEP this AM for the cookout! Tons of volunteers. #lovebeyondwalls #giveloveaway
giveloveaway - lovebeyondwalls -
grittiegirl - atl1diva - brenparson - _thepinkdanc3r -
We're excited to go into the College View Hills community this morning not only to serve but to build meaningful relationships. #lovebeyondwalls #giveloveaway
giveloveaway - lovebeyondwalls -
grittiegirl - kee0416 - _thepinkdanc3r - ayed1 -
Next week, we are going to resource single moms and families who have small children with over 200 pull-ups! If you know any families in need of these resources sizes 2T-5T hit us up! Huge S/O to our partner warehouse of hope for helping us make this happen! #lovebeyondwalls #giveloveaway" Follow and support the movement @lovebeyondwalls #lovebeyondwalls
giveloveaway - lovebeyondwalls -
prettiladiwhit : I need some pull ups!
gabefletcher - jacksonmyles - nottdesiree - mrslewis1204 -
Next week, we are going to resource single moms and families who have small children with over 200 pull-ups! If you know any families in need of these resources sizes 2T-5T hit us up! Huge S/O to our partner Warehouse of Hope for helping us make this happen! #lovebeyondwalls #giveloveaway
giveloveaway - lovebeyondwalls -
daptrise : I work for a special needs daycare and we could greatly benefit from them. We have children in those sizes who's parents can't really afford it.
fcboujee : I can use some. I'm trying to potty train my 3 yr old who's autistic
ms_nopressure : Yes I have twin girls I'm single parent 3t-4t
wbillings60 : @terencelester I could use some I have a 2yr old lil girl.
terencelester : @daptrise @fcboujee @ms_nopressure @wbillings60 email me at
justcallme_mrs : @tskjj22 @mrs_songbird @selina1991 @__kskyma__
jakaiimommy : I could use some I'm a single mom of a 3 ,2,1 year old
terencelester : @jakaiimommy email me ^^^^
jd524 - nell84 - urband813 - sunshine_pyt -
Next week, we are going to resource single moms and families who have small children with over 200 pull-ups! If you know any families in need of these resources sizes 2T-5T hit us up! Huge S/O to our partner warehouse of hope for helping us make this happen! #lovebeyondwalls #giveloveaway
giveloveaway - lovebeyondwalls -
drarkeriawright : @shana0819 For your daycare and parents
mizzkhara : @krafty_cre let your parents know @mzthugga_thugga
p_y_teacher : @valorie_b for your parents
briteyes1 : @slspade
shana0819 : Thanks Wright @drarkeriawright we need some
drarkeriawright : :-D Yayy! @shana0819
lovebeyondwalls : @drarkeriawright Shoot an email with @shana0819 info
drarkeriawright : Will do! @lovebeyondwalls
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#bareyoursoul #beautifuljourney #letlovein #giveitaway #giveloveaway
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" be creative means to be in love with life. love life enough to enhance it's beauty, to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it..." #osho this little one finds a stage everywhere she goes! #lovelifeenoughtoenhanceit #westcountyvibes #bodegabay #salmoncreek #shineyourlight #haradoesitbest #giveloveaway #adventureswithauntie #livdwithallyourheart #bustyourheartwideopen
westcountyvibes - bodegabay - bustyourheartwideopen - shineyourlight - adventureswithauntie - salmoncreek - giveloveaway - livdwithallyourheart - haradoesitbest - lovelifeenoughtoenhanceit - osho -
thecharitydoll : Beautiful!
oohnana : #mylight #myminime #summertime #mylove
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#giveloveaway #lifeisawesome #lifeisbeautiful
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Always. Always. Always. #giveloveaway #love
love - giveloveaway -
a_sicard - tkheilers -
#giveloveaway what else can I say?
giveloveaway -
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New shirts! Fresh off press... #giveloveaway #lovebeyondwalls
giveloveaway - lovebeyondwalls -
iamros : Gotta get one of these, bro
alexchoices : Where to buy
lovebeyondwalls : @alexchoices Go to site and click store... Link in bio
antwondavis : Who do you use to print the shirts?
lovebeyondwalls : @antwondavis I'll have @terencelester send you info
lovebeyondwalls : @iamros most definitely
lovebeyondwalls - maryamjordan - meganalodie - ahhh_okay -
New shirts! #giveloveaway #lovebeyondwalls
giveloveaway - lovebeyondwalls -
greatergivingministriesinc : Love them!!!
mscjmitchell : Still waiting on my first one! (Glancing over at ur wife) lol
themarshaford : How do I get one?!? #Loveit
terencelester : @themarshaford Go to site and click store. Link in bio.
terencelester : @cecilialester ^^^^^^^^
cecilialester : @mscjmitchell which shirt?
mscjmitchell : The very first shirts yall did. The one I dm'd my address about @cecilialester
cecilialester : Email
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The love you have inside I feel it like it's my own. It Shadows me wherever I go. But when I touch it your love shimmers away. It pulls back as if I'm trying to take it away. But our love we share is all the same. Love is love and that won't ever change. #GiveLoveAway #LoveIsAllTheSame #LoveAndLight #SharingIsCaring #CareToLove #LoveAndHug #LoveAndPeace #LoveAndChange #magikalfaery #followyourheart #GiveYourHeartAway #YouHaveSoMuchLoveToGive #ShareLove #BeLove #BeTheChange #AllWeNeedIsLove #WeAreLove
belove - allweneedislove - youhavesomuchlovetogive - sharelove - giveloveaway - loveisallthesame - followyourheart - loveandhug - loveandlight - bethechange - wearelove - sharingiscaring - loveandpeace - giveyourheartaway - caretolove - loveandchange - magikalfaery -
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For you. Each and every one of you. I see you & think you are beautiful and amazing. ❀️ #thesketchkuproject #haiku #pen #ink #watercolor #illustration #sketch #viewmaster #80s #toy #beautifulcreatures #giveloveaway #youareincredible #happytobe #people #kindness #love
sketch - love - people - youareincredible - haiku - illustration - watercolor - thesketchkuproject - ink - kindness - toy - viewmaster - happytobe - pen - 80s - beautifulcreatures - giveloveaway -
sushigirl505 : very lovely 😊
loriallofus12 : Right back atcha!❀️
yoshijudd : Love this! πŸ’—
rachelpolish : @slats723
papamuffinfina : ❀️
_vm - annegirl317 - seerat_atiqa_zaroo - kacalloway -
Come and join us as we serve the College Park community on next Saturday, July 26th. Sign up at #giveloveaway #lovebeyondwalls
giveloveaway - lovebeyondwalls -
_getwellsoon_ - atl1diva - carolflores87 - meganalodie -
I believe there are too many empty arms and not enough lonely people being sheltered. #thesketchkuproject #haiku #penandink #watercolor #sumi #detail #architechture #sketch #treehouse #cabinlove #lovefort #openyourarms #giveloveaway #freehugs
sketch - cabinlove - detail - thesketchkuproject - treehouse - watercolor - lovefort - architechture - sumi - haiku - penandink - openyourarms - freehugs - giveloveaway -
haikuforyouto : aw β™‘
thebombshellsuite : #stellagothergrooveback
miawga : Awwhh :'3 @diastasha
flipstork : Nice! πŸ‘ I look forward to your daily post.
mandyhuey : So much emotion in so little words. I love everything you post.
spacelyss : @homeless_eric
papamuffinfina : @mandyhuey I am so happy you follow @sketchkuproject!!!!! Isn't her work full of wonder and glory?!
papamuffinfina : @jlongworth1969 ❀️
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Love with the entirety of your heart. Find those walls and break 'em down! What if today was your last? How much love would you give? Come join me for class tonight <3 #yogaeverydamnday #giveloveaway🎢
yoga - yogalove - yolo - yogaeverydamnday - asheville - giveloveaway - handstand - ashevilleyogacenter -
gk1023 : #pants
maryannesmind : Gahhh those pants β™‘β™‘β™‘
un1versesoul : Love your energy! Thanks for sharing!
mellymel008 : Go girl! Love the pants too!
travisdean : There any other way?!
jujuyoga : @gk1023 @maryannesmind @mellymel008 thanks! They were a gift from @kinoyoga, brought back from one of her many trips to Thailand🌴✨ @un1versesoul thanks for appreciating!πŸ™πŸ’— @travisdean hmmmm... Actually doing it?? πŸ˜œπŸ‘ˆπŸ’ͺβ˜•οΈ
gondwana_ecotours : Cool :)
diogo.ogio : πŸ‘
sofia_mira - rlmorin - savtree - 3voleye -
Our #lovearmy consist of kids too because it's never too early to start serving! #giveloveaway #lovebeyondwalls
lovearmy - giveloveaway - lovebeyondwalls -
terencelester : Proud of my son! Raise them up!!!!
bd_butterfly - theebrielle - ladymarie4865 - jrbd73 -
Uncover yours. #thesketchkuproject #haiku #penandink #acrylic #trekell #sumiink #selfportrait #hero #braveyourstorm #innerlight #courage #fightthegoodfight #chasehappiness #bestrong #bekind #giveloveaway
hero - thesketchkuproject - trekell - bestrong - courage - giveloveaway - innerlight - haiku - selfportrait - bekind - chasehappiness - fightthegoodfight - braveyourstorm - sumiink - penandink - acrylic -
andyagua : Love this love this love this!
evelinacoffin : πŸŽ‰
cosmetica529 : ooh I needed to hear this at this time in my life!
mentalpaint - stephzelleragous - madimccloskey - kvw25 -
Such a blessed morning getting to serve in College park! With @lovebeyondwalls πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is useful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen!" -Ephesians 4:29
lovebeyondborders - giveloveaway -
key10_shirah : #lovebeyondborders #giveloveaway
trey166 : Thanks for always supporting!!! #lovebeyondwalls
saraalexis1999 - kaybug22 - katishiflett - shayna_layna -
Out with the #lovearmy this morning @lovebeyondwalls serving the College Park community. Always a fulfilling experience. #giveloveaway
lovearmy - giveloveaway -
_jazzmeup - mochalawte - bitter_n_sweet616 - nursecandacer -
Volunteers preparing to serve families in the community. #giveloveaway
giveloveaway -
breezymfjones : Where is the meet up spot
_imdonnicajames - leoism28 - middlesistermaria - chaundrasays -
@lovebeyondwalls is serving the College Park community this a.m. because we're planted here and excited about building relationships with the people of this city! #giveloveaway
giveloveaway -
panama0120 : I would like to donate some uniforms is there a contact number to your organization?
lovebeyondwalls : Awesome @panama0120! Thanks for the support!! (404)500-8112
vici_royal : How can i help
cwh25 - misstiff23 - jilleyboo - nomowaller -
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